Celebrities Whose Big Butts Come With Big Brains

November 29, 2010  |  

The age old ‘hood’ adage goes, ‘you can’t trust a big butt and a smile’; but what if the big butt comes with big brains? In Hollywood, where most are judged by their physical appearance, we sometimes forget that there are a few intelligent celebrities, who just so happen to possess curvaceous backsides to compliment their talent and brains.

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  • Ms.Blue

    WTF? Who the heck put Beyonce on this list!? Are ya’ll serious!? Beyonce is beautiful and talented(somewhat). But my girl can’t even talk.

  • Sandra

    Beyonce does not have a degree in anything……

    • lavendarbloom

      and neither does Bill Gates… but she definitetly is not in need of money (making it and keeping it takes brains) from anyone on this blog. Stop hating so much !!!!!!!! 

  • SmartOne

    Seriously, Madame Noire? What about Regina King?? She’s more intelligent than most of your list, not to mention a nice big butt… do over!

  • Meanchick

    Beyonce? Brains?

  • Analyst

    How is JLo NOT on this list?

    • Debra Williams37

      Analyst — why are you worried about a woman who is not black — I feel sorry for a lot of black women you love to promote other races of women and hate the women in your own race — that is why the masses, along with your men do not have respect for you.

  • maggie

    People sleep on Janet Jackson’s behind . .and I am kind of happy seeing this article b/c I am tired of non-black women getting praise that is always on the sistas w/ height AND curve

  • CA Pullen

    Not only Alicia Keyes does not have big butt, but Tracee Ellis Ross (please be for real!), Beyonce, Regina Hall no way.  None of these women have no booty.

  • Sooooo…allowing a White magazine to dress you in Black-face = intelligent? Um, I must be dumb as a box of rocks then because I know better.

  • according to Fadzi

    Lol this article should have just been titled “Celebrities who we think have big butts”!

    • Vee

      I so agree

  • Chanda

    They should’ve traded Alicia Keys for Janet Jackson. I never associated Keys with having a big butt, all hips.

  • Trishbrown71@hotmail.com

    Her butt is not big ctfu

  • dreamer40

    Phaedra Parks should be on here. Being a JD and studying at the LSE is commendable.

  • The Phantom

    It seems like close to the end of the list they started grasping for straws in the big butt with brains department. I live down south and someone like Alicia Keys wouldn't fit the bill as having a big butt. And lately her actions haven't shown too many brains either. Just because you went to college doesn't necessarily make you smart (if you know what I mean).

    And that photo of Serena Williams was from like a decade ago. Yes, she has a big booty but I don't consider you smart if you're having temper tantrums and threatening the line judge at a tennis match.

  • Dr. Tiffany

    There could have been a better title for this article…. and… …Why is Beyonce on this list again????

    When she speaks in interviews she sounds so unintelligent and just dumb.

    Im not hating..Im just saying

  • Jo-Jo

    #1 – Don't confuse wide hips with a big butt.

    #2 – I'm so sick of celebrities and the media being obsessed with big butts. Who cares? It makes me feel like people get their self-worth from their looks. A big butt is a dime a dozen on a black woman–most of us have one–so why do we make such a big deal of it?

    • HansiCabo

      I have to agree.  Personally, I can’t stand my big butt and believe me when I say “big butt”. Even being thin, it still draws way to much notice for my comfort level.  I so wish I had a normal average butt.  Finding adequately sized pants is so darn hard.  I always end up with bigger pants to fit my butt, but then the waists are always way to big.  Oh well!

    • SmartOne

      I agree about “who cares?’ Pretty silly isn’t it all? One point I want to make though Jo-Jo… big butts are a dime a dozen on ALL women, not just black. I have seen just as many black women with “no a** a-tall” and just as many white women with big butts… I am American of Irish descent and have a head-turning big butt. Just sayin’.

      • CoCo

        Lies and Scandals!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!

  • Perhaps its me but it seems like only of these women actually it the criteria of "big butt and brains"
    -Kanye Shrug-

    • internalbeauty


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  • Rose

    Oh!!!! hell no that is not Beyonce Butt . have u notice its flat when shes not n concert on stage.

  • Brooklyn

    The title is misleading. If it were true Beyonce would not be on the list. She can't even speak intelligently.

    • internalbeauty

      i have to agree…

      • HansiCabo

        Ditto!  I can’t even bear to listen to her in interviews.  She should have stayed in school because she just sounds so uneducated and illiterate! smh

    •  lol i was thinkin she the only one on the list that didnt have an educational background… Y’all slippin…

  • sheIS

    I think its a fun post but a positive story. I don’t think the site is offensive. Lighten up!

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  • simone

    I'm beginning to get suspicious as to who's words and thoughts are behind some of these articles. If I was one of these beautiful intelligent women would I want to be mentioned in an article with such a head line…..no thanks and I'm sure they would think the same. And not only Alycia Keys but a few of the women named do not have big butts but maybe it's because they are black women it goes along with the stereotype……it just goes to show that sometimes we are our worst enemy and critics

  • teras23

    The title of this blog post is soo wrong ….Alicia Keys does not have a big butt

    •  Regardless, I’d splatter manmilk all over that.