What Makes Mimi Worthy Of Getting A Rolex? Nikko Speaks Out

June 26, 2013  |  

Aaahh a little bit of fame will have you doing all types of crazy things to keep. And really, talking slick about your ex isn’t all that uncommon; but talking about your ex, on the radio just reeks of desperation and drama. It’s messy and really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But when you realize your time on a hit show is running out folks start acting out.

To me, even before this interview, it was very clear that Nikko used Mimi to promote his music. And his comments during this interview certainly confirmed that. See what he had to say about the fake rolex claims, Stevie J’s brokness and K Michelle’s claims that he’s gay.

The watch he gave Mimi

Presidential rolex, used. I got it for some stacks. But what man, what guy you know that’s going to give a woman a rolex six months into a situation that you knew that she was still caught up on her past?

No disrespect but I gotta keep it real, what makes Mimi worthy of getting a rolex?

I gave it to her out of the kindness– because that’s what I wanted to do. Because I seen her homie wasn’t giving her nothing expensive. Soon as I came into the picture he wants to get her car. Now he did the whole last year with her and years and years, never gave her anything. Now you gonna give her a car because I gave her a rolex? What you gonna buy her next? A house?


On Stevie Calling The Gifted Rolex Fake 

In the first season, he was wearing Joseline’s boyfriends clothes. Let’s keep it real. Puff had you in an abandoned building in New York and you had to circumnavigate to Miami, to go sleep in Benzino’s office, the offices he had in Miami. You just started getting money six or seven months ago. You were broke taking the bus in Atlanta. I’ve been getting money all my life and you know it. You just started getting money, you haven’t had money since ’95. If you wanna take it there and talk about tic toc, it’s TV tricks. It’s all entertainment. Were ya’ll not entertained?


The Gay Rumors

Absolutely not. I’m all man. Ain’t no down low with me. Ain’t nothing gay about me. I got two beautiful ladies in the studio right now that’s looking right at me. If ya’ll feel I’m gay… I’m straight street. I’m who I am. I’m Nikko. I don’t know K.Michelle, I met her one time.

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  • mlw1924

    gay 4 sure..

  • KamJos

    These people act like a bunch of fourth graders that have been handed money.

  • Ms. Kameria

    It might’ve been real, but it’s tacky that he is talking about it after the fact.



  • roflmao@haters

    Nikko gave her a folex talking like he’s relevant nobody knew about him. Mimi so slow she went off on K.michelle at the video shoot that she was in for 2 sec smh. Nikko is just a Stevie J stunt double, then he got the nerves to ask her about a 3 some with Karly Red wtf he so grimmy. An his “music video” was WACK nobody bumpin that mess.

  • Trisha_B

    When Mimi felt so entitled to diamonds in her watch, I was like girl stop lol. Kind of shows she loves being bought.

    • hollyw

      You are absolutely right, first season she was trying too hard to distinguish herself from “those h*es”, but this season, she’s just showing more and more how a part of that lifestyle she truly is. When she started calling HERSELF a b*tch, saying what she’s worth in relation to material things..??? Girl, shut yo mouth and raise yo daughter lol!!

  • guest5

    You know Stevie is struggling (not making much money) when He/She Joseline is his main client! If Stevie still had really good connections in the music biz he’d be working with K. Michelle…the REAL talent! Stevie was the man back in the 90s!

    • bigdawgman

      Heh, I almost died when he told Joe he didn’t have no deal!

  • MrsFoley

    If you don’t think I’m “worth” anything of real value–that’s fine! Just don’t give me anything fake!!… That’s like a slap in the face. I’d rather have NOTHING, than NOTHING with a fake shine!…. smh!!

  • Kharisma Ewing

    Seriously!!! All I know is Stevie Wikipedia page looks a lot better than yours. We can respect u if u just say, u stepped into a situation with a lot of baggage and wish Mimi the best. Stevie J did buy Mimi a house the first season. She didn’t except it. We didn’t even know who you were until Love and Hip Hop#avoidReboundRelationships!

    • kathicks01

      Girl That house was a front too!..Mimi never moved in it!…Last year Stevie didn’t even have a car (by his own admission on the reunion show), how could he buy that house??? It was staged for the show….Mimi was living in Stevie’s place this season and “just” got a rented apartment!!…They all front on their money!.. I like Stevie but Nikko was right about his hard times…Stevie was the man back in the day when he was a super producer but he fell off for a min. I’m glad he’s up now bcz I like him acctually lol..but he really needs to check himself and stick to the music and not the drama so he can get his money right again. Both Mimi and Joseline are sad…they get in where they fit in..They’ll ride the stevie j train until it completely breaks down

      • Kharisma Ewing

        Thx Girl Sixx, I like Stevie J, too I wish them the best of luck. Nikko is just consumed with Mimi, Its tacky, I lost respect for him.I love Love and Hip Hop ATL, its one of my guilty pleasures! Does Stevie J even drive, never see him driving, he is always with someone!

        • Na Na

          Yes! and last season when Mi Mi put him out he start walking down the highway! Uh un!

  • GirlSixx

    He wasn’t trying to give MIMI no damn REAL Rolex… That watch was fake – it was all for the storyline – remember she invited Stevie J to come to the party, and I bet you next season MIMI will not have that Beamer.. That car was rented for filming.. What happened to that truck she was driving the 1st season?. #FrontingSoHard…


  • Maria

    Totally AGree Mimi is not worth a rolex all Mimi needs is a good kick up her A@@

  • hollyw

    …but wait…so did he just admit to the Rolex being fake or not lol?

    • mlw1924

      no real baller will buy a fake roley..