True Life: I Couldn’t Leave My Ex Alone

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Source: Shutterstock

Most of us have been there. We break up with a man and vow never to speak to him again. But in the back of your mind you silently hope that he still wants you. And proves this fact by trying to get in touch with you. That may be what you want to happen; but it’s not going the way you planned it. Homeboy has not reached out. You’re wondering if he still cares, if there’s a chance you can make it work etc. So what do you do? You call him. We asked our Facebook followers if this story sounded familiar to them. This is what they had to say.

Tia: Yes I have.. No regrets but I should have kept my word to myself

Lina: Yes but I came to my senses and left him alone but still love him

Damita: I ended up regretting it because he has issues he has to fix on his own. Plus, I found out he had a hidden addiction! #OnlyGodCanFixHim!;(( very sad sight!

Brenda: I didn’t go back 2 him but I slept with him & I felt so dirty so NEVER EVER AGAIN.

Myisha: Just reached out to my deadbeat baby daddy today. Smh, why!? I don’t know. Got me nowhere!

Nita: Yep called him today. Picked back up like we never left off. Can’t help who your heart loves.

Alicia: Yes I have and no regrets. He is my husband now and we are happy together.

Tezra: Yes I did. I explained I just wanted to be friends but he couldn’t respect that so I cut the cord. Never again I told him that I should have stayed away but my heart wasn’t clear but when I expressed my feelings I ended it forever.

Monique: I have someone now I would like to call but.. .it’s not going to happen. I learned my lesson. But I miss the person I fell for…not the person he proved himself to be.

Samantha: Yup. a few years ago I was in a verbally abusive relationship & broke up with him. Thought I made a mistake, then reached out to him and made up with him. The relationship got worse & almost became physically abusive then I ended it for good. I can’t say that I regret it because if I never had that experience I wouldn’t be able to recognize red flags in future dating situations. Besides when Mr. Right does come along, I’ll be that much more grateful for him!

Jasmine: Yes. Can’t help what the heart wants but our only issue is we were too intense to be so young and it didn’t work. Sure, at least once a week I am shaking my head at him but we love each other, are great friends and find it hard to be away from each other too long.

Jacqueline: Yes…when I did let him come over after 13 months of being apart, he got drunk and peed on my floor….

Aj: Nope, I’m like Rosa Parks….I refuse to go back

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  • Marina Calis

    You can leave any man alone…she must not want too….I left mines alone…

  • Solo

    Yep..still want him back too..smh. I broke up with him when I was peeved, woke up the next morning mad at myself. it was indeed a lesson though, to not make decisions when I’m mad lol. He was hurt so he is making it haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard for me to apologize!

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    LOL yes I did, and I got my feelings hurt too!

  • cheekee baby

    Ladies if you do want him back just make sure its done on your terms and the issues and reasons you broke up over are satisfactorily addressed.


    It happens. I just texted my ex the otherday “I miss you but f*ck you!”

  • Heyna

    Y’all on it today. I too have been here for the past two and a half years. I realized that when people say don’t go back to exs for a reason. You broke up with them for a reason. Although many of us have spent years with the wrong person. I believe that the best thing to always so is take every single lesson and cherish it. Some relationships are meant to teach us and prepare us for our true love….because it does exist. From my ex, I learned that when someone shows you who they are EXCEPT IT and let them go. If someone loves you, truly loves you they will treat you as their main priority and you will reciprocate it. I hope everyone who feels stuck can move on and accept long lasting, beautiful love

  • Guest1002

    Yes I did it and regretted it. It only made me remember why I broke up with him in the first place. I cut off all contact with him changed all my numbers and live my life like I never knew him. Some times you have to go back to go forward.

  • bigdede

    In this situation now. I want to connect back with him but my ego won’t let me. Also my grandmother always told me to never go backwards. She said relationships are a learning experience. So if you learn something from it, you don’t go back to learn the lesson again. But he keeps popping up so I can see him. Or he goes out of his way to walk by me so I can say something to him. I want to say something but I don’t.

    • hollyw

      …or maybe it is your brain that won’t let you lol. That is where the lessons are learned. Your grandmother sounds very wise :)

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