For The Fellas: Signs A Woman May Be Totally Crazy

May 21, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin
Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

We women know we can be a little emotional, and we can see how that can make it hard for men to discern the truly crazy ones that will engage them in a Fatal Attraction situation from those of us who are just displaying typical female behavior. But you need to know, because filing for a restraining order is a motha. Here are the signs.

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  • Guest

    Soooo I’m low key crazy lol smh

  • edwardgore

    That first Black Chick is gorgeous with silk-smooth brown skin!

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  • Show Me the Receipts

    1. Her self esteem isn’t lowered because you’ve degraded her.
    2. She won’t pay your bills aka ‘holding you down’
    3. She won’t trade a meal for sex.
    4. When you finally do have sex, you must wear a condom and keep it on.
    5. She expects you to be monogamous.
    6. She believes in logical dialog.
    7. She’s not interested in gangster rap come-ons, slang or courtship.

    Total signs that a women is crazy so stay away.

  • Picky

    #2 sometimes guys do hang out with some fools that get them into fights and trouble when they go out though.That’s not NECESSARILY crazy to suggest that you axe your fool friends.

  • Bee

    If it wasn’t for me counting his condoms, I would’ve never known that he was cheating on me. I don’t think that is cray cray.

    Then I hacked his computer. Now that’s cray cray.

  • Ladybug94

    Hmmm, I know a lot of guys who do these same things.

  • Reading prescriptions might not be that bad of idea. You dont know if he is CRAZY or he could have an STD. Better safe than sorry…..

  • Candacey Doris

    Not all of these are signs of being crazy. Most are just the signs of insecurity, immaturity, or just plain selfishness. Inappropriate behavior is not crazy.

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  • really?

    @ted A divorcee or single mother is someone to avoid! How shallow is that. If this is the way you think you won’t have to worry about a girlfriend in the future truely. Being either one doesn’t mean that the person is not worthy of love. Thank God all men aren’t so shallow!

    • Herm Cain

      Nothing shallow about it quit projecting as we get older people know what they want and what they will accept plenty women don’t want either of those as well

    • Dragonlady

      He’s probably some super educated man that thinks he more than what he’s actually worth. Having degrees doesn’t make you a good man.

  • chanela

    shows up at the job?!!?!?! THE HELL!?!??! smh why do THESE chicks always end up with a boyfriend? SMH

    • Ladybug94

      These are the women guys treat like gold and the ones who actually act like decent women get treated like old burlap.

      • Dragonlady

        Preach. I see this type of situation all the time. Black men are so two faced. A lot of them really do like the drama queens. But when you treat them like a human being they get bored. Sick. Smh.

  • Brittany

    this article is hilarious! especially since i know these girls are out there. thanks for the laugh!

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  • ted mikeal

    Well. if i went by this criteria, i would never had a girlfriend or will i ever get on in the future.

    The thing is; if you like someone enough and they have other good important qualities, you can tolerate some of this things! No one is perfect and we all have done some of this things. Better focus of the important stuff !

    Here are the real women, men need to avoid; Gold diggers, feminists, Elitist women, Argumentative women, Divorcees and single mothers, cheating Women, reform hoe’s, Desperate Chicks, The Club Girl and violent women !

    • Dez

      Divorcees??? Single mothers???? What kind of garbage is that? Yes I’m a single mother and it’s because I’m widowed. So should females stay away from single fathers? That was a very ignorant comment.

      • ted mikeal

        well, i was speaking behalf of single, unmarried, childless and professional men !

        Black men and women need some standard, the lack of standard between bm/bw is big part of our problem !

        • mrshart2hart

          I get what you are trying to say but as Dez stated she is a single mother because she is widowed. How is that below a Black mans standards? Plus some Divorcees are divorced because the husband cheated; was physically abusive, how is that a black mark for her? Same as if a man divorces a woman because she is fricken nuts, does that mean he is damaged goods? I’m really really not being combative or snarky just looking for your point of view since you listed these two.

    • Herm Cain

      +1000 dead on

    • Bella

      Not all feminists are anti-men. Women should fight for equality in a world where they are treated as second class citizens. It doesn’t take anything away from a guy if his girlfriend/wife is for women’s rights.

      • general

        It matters when its one sided. …like reproduction rights……how come if women are able to “fix”a problem she gets in if she doesn’t like the perspective father,school,wants a different men,or just wants to party ,then why cant a man have a way out too………??????…..I thought you were all about fairness?

  • Tehani

    I would call these behaviors repulsive and inappropriate rather than referring to a woman as ‘crazy’.

    • Guess

      i agree except i would probably call them “impulsive” behaviors… repulsive is a bit of an overstatement

  • Nope

    She over-analyzes text messages she sends and receives…