Dose Of Reality: NeNe Leakes Loses Job As “The New Normal” Is Cancelled!

May 11, 2013  |  

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Well, this is actually a bit of a surprise.

As she continues to make her mark in Hollywood, Nene Leakes has hit a bit of a stumbling block: NBC has decided to cancel The New Normal after just once season. Nene has been part of the cast from the beginning.

This does come as a bit of a shock because not only had it received critical and fan acclaim, it wasn’t doing horribly in terms of ratings. The Huffington Post reports that while ratings did consistently drop, they maintained about 3.39 million viewers. Yes, it debuted to more than six million viewers but new shows almost always hit highs and lows.

Leakes played Rocky Rhoades, a former production assistant of one of the main characters, as well as all her family members when they popped up on the show.

While she is most likely very disappointed, Nene kept it very professional by tweeting:


That’s right Nene, say all the right things because we know she’s a hustler and her next opportunity might be right around the corner.

For now, she still has her recurring role as “Coach Roz” on Fox’s Glee which has been renewed for another two seasons. We don’ t know if her character will be around that long but she can ride it until the wheels fall off. Plus, we know she isn’t going anywhere as HWIC (Head Wife In Charge) on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Good luck to Nene and the entire cast as they make their next moves!

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  • me

    I am not mad at Nene. White women have taken 15 minutes of fame and stretched it for YEARS … I ain’t gonna knock her hustle.

  • gooley4

    what does it say about us as a society that the ‘prime’ sources of entertainment is from people that actually have no talent.

  • Guest

    All “ahctahs” get cancelled at some point. I’m sure she had a contingency plan. Who knows? The next opportunity is likely around the corner if it isn’t in the planning stages already.

  • Guest

    Maybe now she will get off her high horse and grow some humility. No one knows tomorrow.

  • kickash

    I liked the people on the show but, I mean Nene kept bragging like she was the star of the show when she clearly wasn’t and having a small role on sitcom basically playing yourself doesn’t make someone a real actor. I mean, out of all the new shows that come on each year very few survive. I’m just saying if I were her that’s something I would’ve thought about before running my mouth.

  • Bee

    Who roots for someone’s downfall? lol Bitter folks, indeed.

    • krystal johnson

      You people love this old loud mouth moose. Isn’t she the same person that sat on Andy couch a week ago and said everyone on Orange county housewives should be replaced so why can she say people should be fired it’s okay but when reality is in her backyard everyone says poor Nene. Get off her bandwagon.

      • Guest

        True that!

      • Bee

        Nene’s antics are hers .. I don’t agree with a lot of the things that she does, but I don’t feel the need to insult her and wish bad things on her. Karma is a beautiful thing. If she has some bad karma coming to her, it will .. but I don’t need to waste my breath or cramp my hands lashing hate at her.

  • Darling

    She was smart to stay on Housewives. I probably would have dropped it, but she had a backup plan.

  • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

    You a very unemployed it itch-b…!!!! Boop! That ring gone get down sized so I can pay ur house note…

    • Ladybug94

      She’s still on Glee and RHof ATL.

      • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

        i kno. im just mad cause i aint got it like her… i admit it…

  • scandalous7

    saw it commin. No one watches scripted stuff anymore. Hard to get some fans behind a scripted series unless there is spectacular writing and it hits the ground running from the pilot episode like SCANDAL!!

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  • Tehani

    Nene got lucky by being picked for RHOA…

  • hollyw

    *gasp* What?! Not for Nene, but I actually liked that show lol =/

    • bigdawgman

      I liked it, but I think it was a little ahead of its time, and controversial. I don’t think it was promoted well either. Reminds me of “Arrested Development.” They’ll wish they had kept it a few years from now.

      • hollyw

        You are so right!

  • krystal johnson

    Thank you NBC, this show sucks. I think Nene is a bad look for any show. She is loud, ghetto, and most of all a big bully that sends the wrong message. She is not a real Hollywood actress and should never be compared to any real actresses. She is too full of herself.

  • Music

    This woman just lost a job and people in the comments are jumping for joy. This just goes to show how bitter some people can be whenever it comes to other’s success. I wish Nene well and I’m sure she’ll be blessed with another opportunity SOONER than later.

    • hollyw

      I’m sayin. Besides the fact that the lady has come faaar from where she started, character- and financial-wise, who roots for another’s downfall in the job market..? Esp. in this economy??

      • Tehani

        You can’t compare a realty TV celebrity having a show they are on being cancelled to the millions of Americans who are unemployed and struggling. Nene losing the job isn’t going to hurt her.

        • scandalous7

          that does not mean people should feel good about her loosing the gig, it may not hurt her, but it is a lost opportunity which is nothing to celebrate ,period.

          • Tehani

            I never said or implied that people should feel good about it.

        • hollyw

          Really I can, b/c a lost job is just that; a lost job, and you cannot in any way know that this loss of a job is going to hurt her. Just b/c she has more money than most does not justify the act rejoicing in someone’s individual struggle…though that’s why most reality tv is successful, some folks just like to see others losing…

          • scandalous7

            thank you , thats what im sayin.

          • word

            It is hard to feel sympathy for someone who is arrogant especially when it comes to finances. That is where this whole…”i’m happy she was fired” is coming from…I thought that was logic.

            • hollyw

              It’s not. Feeling sympathy is actually on the other end of the spectrum of getting joy from someone else’s misery. That is envy. The medium is not caring either way.

    • JRoc85


    • MsLadyE

      Thank you for saying that. I totally agree!!

    • Danceroflife

      Nene’s “blessings” to receive a role on the New Normal, must have had a time and date stamp.

  • Laide Lawal

    She needs to disappear from TV altogether. Her arrogance is annoying. She thinks she’s the queen of ATL housewives when she’s not. Delusional.

  • Prissy

    Im glad it was cancelled. Nene is the spawn of satan.

    • Mrs. Michael Darrin Vance

      And only another spawn would know that. Blooooooop!

      • JRoc85

        NeNe’s chances of getting another show ARE FAR BETTER than Sheree’s “She by Sheree” seeing the light of day, LOL!!!!!!!

        • Guest

          What has Sheree got to do with anything here? Chill with the hate.

        • Danceroflife

          It sounds as though you, like NeNe, are obsessed with Sheree. IJS

          • JRoc85

            it was just a joke people, lighten up. God Bless