Preach A Word: Video Of Texas Student Schooling His Teacher Goes Viral

May 10, 2013  |  

Source: YouTube

It’s no surprise that in many instances across the country, the American school system is failing our children. There are administrators who are only concerned with numbers and protecting their salaries. There are teachers who come to school just to collect a paycheck. And unfortunately, this apathy ultimately ends up affecting students, especially students who are already distracted by problems at home.

Well, in Duncanville High, a school right outside of Dallas, one student is tired of it. And decided to speak to truth to power. In a video, uploaded to YouTube, an unnamed student, who was later identified as Jeff Bliss, is asked to leave his classroom. But he doesn’t go quickly. In an exiting rant, he firmly, yet respectfully tells his teacher that her teaching methods aren’t working.

“If you would just get up and teach them instead of handing them a freaking packet, yo… There’s kids in here that don’t learn like that. They need to learn face to face. I’m telling you what you need to do… You want kids to come into your class, you want them to get excited for this? You gotta come in here, you gotta make them excited. You want a kid to change and start doing better? You gotta touch his freaking heart. You can’t expect a kid to change if all you do is just tell ’em.”

During his speech, the teacher can be heard in the background, telling him he was “wasting [her] time,” “bye,” and “get out.”

As he walks out the door he mentions the fact that the teacher told her students she’s there to collect a paycheck and suggests that since all she did was hand out packets, she shouldn’t take any credibility for teaching him anything.

She said she won’t. Shame.’

Check out the video below.

While we can probably assume that this teacher won’t be receiving any educator of the year awards any time soon; this is only a 1 and a half video. But even if his comments are completely false; and I doubt they are, his comments still represent a problem persistent around the nation. So we need to listen.

Later, in an interview with a local Fox affiliate, Bliss said he had a reached a boiling point when his teacher gave him a test in her World History class, claiming that she didn’t give the class enough time to take the test. When he complained, Bliss said she cursed at him, sending him over the edge.

Watch the video of his follow up interview on the next page.


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  • ased

    Are you serious, this 18 year old is in the 10TH grade giving advice to an ADULT. Really! For him at this point, he should be taking his own advice and motivating himself to graduate from High School. Teachers in general can do but so much, if the child does not want to learn its their loss not the teacher. This boy is an example no a product of laziness.

    • JZ

      He’s 18 because he dropped out and CAME BACK. He did exactly the opposite of what you’re accusing him of. He came back to get an education and finish high school where most kids would have simply given up thanks to the embarrassment of being 18 at such a young age.
      He’s way ahead of “motivating himself to graduate”

      • JZ

        *18 and surrounded by peers of such a young age

  • ChiTown Princess

    Sorry, but the young man is right, as a computer lab teacher at a high school, I lecture computer skills to the students and , interact with them and motivate them to do better, I want them to succeed because they are the future, just like that young man said in the video. It’s also the parent’s job to educate the kids at home as well so they can come to school and learn. Kudos to this guy.

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  • While there is nothing wrong with what this young man did, in fact I applaud him, I wonder why the media is giving this young man high honors while at the same time there is another man who rescued three young women and a child from their 10 year captivity and the news media is falling all over themselves trying to dig up as much dirt as possible on him.
    How fair is that? One man is an African-American and the other young man, a minor to be sure, is white. News Media, whats going on?

  • While I have no doubt the young man is being honest and serious about this situation, I have a problem nonetheless. I believe that if this young man was African-American and would have spoken the exact same way to a white female teacher, he would have been handcuffed and led out by police officers with guns drawn He would in all prpbably been suspended or expelled from school. But because this is a white young man with long blond hair,his concerns are taken seriously, he is giving interviews and the teacher in question is on administrative leave while school officials investigate. Check out the New Jim Crow…uuummmmmmm.

    • Yanez

      I agree with you. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the video, and before the video panned over to the teacher I was hoping that he or she was not black. I’ve seen all kinds of comments on different sites calling this kid a hero but if this kid was black i’m sure people would not be happy with the fact that this kid disrupted class. He could have taken his issues up with the principal instead of causing a scene.

  • hollyw

    Woooow. Well he is right, I work w/kids and these packets that they get are RIDICULOUS. The standardized testing, all of it.

  • ksmall

    as another poster pointed out, the problem is much more systematic than “teachers who just want to collect a paycheck.” teachers, who rely on their salaries just like the rest of us, aren’t being measured on how well they teach. they’re being measured on standardized tests, evaluations by adminstrators who r being measured on ensuring that each classroom is full so they get all their monies from the state, and other BS that’s conducive to neither teaching NOR learning. top that all off with parents who think a teacher’s job is to babysit and not supplement/complement the teacher’s work in the classroom AND low pay, what else can they do? if u can c why the students are dispassionate about learning, try applying that same lens to the teachers and you’ll see my point that the problem is at the top, not the bottom. and until ppl start demanding that public education is run less like a corporation and more like the foundation for our future that it should be, the problem will only get worse.

  • iT3ach

    I have such mixed feelings about this article. While I understand where the student is coming from…I also understand where the teacher is coming from. Now…I probably wouldn’t have handled the situation in the exact same way…but while everyone discusses how a teacher doesn’t make learning “fun”…no one discusses the STATE MANDATED TESTS that are FAAAAAAAR from fun. Also…who knows what transpires in this classroom day-to-day? When I was in school…it was a TREAT to have a “fun” lesson. Other days…I came in, sat down, and listened to my teacher’s LECTURE. Being a 7th grade math teacher I understand, more than most, that this generation of children is VASTLY different from my own. That being said, I strive to develop engaging and entertaining lesson plans…but most of the time, I just need to convey some information and you need to receive it. I mean…the formula for surface area of a cylinder is always going to be two times Pi times radius squared plus two times Pi times radius times height. How “fun” can I make this concept? I may be only 29…but children these days have too many “rights” and have too many venues to express their disdain with people “denying” these “rights.” I love my babies, truly I do, but when the state tells me that I have 25 EXTREMELY SPECIFIC goals to cover in a 9 month period…and MY JOB depends on whether my STUDENTS pass…I am less inclined to cater to their requests for “fun” lessons and more apt to develop lessons that clearly explain concepts and give them the knowledge they need to be successful.

  • Candacey Doris

    Unfortunately teachers not teaching is not a new problem and won’t be resolved while teachers feel that they can get away with it. For every good teacher there are 2 that only care about getting a paycheck. Students are the ones who pay the price but when they speak up they lose even more.

  • I’m on this young man’s side 100%. It was the same deal with me when I was in school. Even though I stayed above a C (had no choice, didn’t wanna get a whoopin’ lol), I did wayyyyyyy better in the classes where the teacher was more engaging and exciting. And i’m forever grateful. Some of them I’m still in contact with to this day.

  • SMHgurl24

    I had a teacher who threatened to make our lives a living hell if he heard any rumor that he wasn’t teaching because it would ruin his chance at getting a tenure. Of course the only teaching we had from him came from a book while he sat in his chair and played computer games.. And this is why if I ever have children, I would want to homeschool them.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    I don’t blame him, I showed this video to my aunt who has been a teacher for 33 years and she even agrees with him as well. I was one of her students back in the 7th grade and my aunt is an exciting teacher and she motivated me to learn algebra and poetry, no kid wants a teacher who don’t give a f**k but a paycheck in their pockets.

  • OliveValleydotnet

    I can relate. I remember being given busy work in high school. They were worksheets and assignments that didn’t teach me anything but gave me something to do.
    I have a friend who began her first year teaching special education at a middle school. She says it’s not the students, but her co-workers that irk her the most.
    Although a lot of teachers are underpaid, you shouldn’t become a teacher for a paycheck. You should do it because you care about the education of our youth and have expertise/knowledge in an area they don’t already have.

  • ATF

    This happened in a town outside of Dallas. On the news last night, the superintendent of the school district said that they appreciated the student’s enthusiasm for his education. Teacher is on paid leave and the student will know about his disciplinary actions today.

  • Nicole

    My hat goes off to him. He had a point and he expressed his point respectfully. Hopefully the school and local board of education will take his remarks seriously and react positively.

    • Respectfully. No vulgarity or profanity. Obvious passion and sincerity. *Standing ovation*

  • IllyPhilly

    Well, he had a freakin’ point.