Where Are They Now? Real R&B Divas/Soul Singers Who Deserved More Shine

April 18, 2013 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines


I’m sure you were somewhere getting in your feelings to the jams of these ladies. If not, you were pretending to be more cultured because you knew the words to Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason,” either way, the women behind some of our favorite emotional jams had more talent in their pinky fingers than most singers had in their whole bodies. Many achieved a pretty good level of success, and some are happy just making music, but they’re very underrated to us.

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  • Tru Words&Wisdom

    Me’Shell ‘Fool of Me’ broke my heart when I heard it again while going through it….damn, then watched SYTYCD Sasha and Kent dance to it, it tore me up inside…..that is music, that is legendary! Wish these ladies all the best and hope they keep making music…

  • Theresia

    Lawd these ads!

  • only1angelia

    Me’Shell Ndegeocello is a bad chick. If you’ve never seen her live, you’re missing a real treat. She is the truth!

  • Christen

    Me’Shell is THE most underrated artist out there. People need to stop sleeping on her.

  • Jacquiline Perkins

    Tracy Chapman fast car & for my lover…what a voice come back Tracy…..

  • Tommy

    Real music is when an artist can take you to another place, make you remember a moment in time, captivate you with out gimmicks, & auto tune. They use their sultry voice and a nice beat! Like en vogue tlc swv 90’s Janet Jackson salt n peppa

  • Me’Shell makes the best boot-knocking (yes, I said it) music around.

  • Jamma

    Most of these women have lick-er licenses

    • Cali

      what a truly dumb*ss comment – I thought we were talking about their MUSIC?? Is that not what matters????

      • Jacquiline Perkins


    • Jacquiline Perkins

      ”What dose that mean???????

      • Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis

        They own cafes that cater to lovers of the ethyl…

        • sheane

          They’re lesbians.

  • Cali

    soooooo glad to see MeShell as the first mentioned on this list! She’s crazy talented, one of the most underrated artists EVER. See her live if you haven’t already. & Alice Smith is my girl! That voice, my Gawd – cop ALL their albums, seriously 🙂

  • Peaches

    Whatever happened to Vivian Green? Emotional Rollercoaster is such a tune!!!!!!

    • islandlass

      She had a new album that was released last year.

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  • good list

    • Jacquiline Perkins


  • could someone please explain what is “REAL R&B” or as a matter of fact “REAL MUSIC” is.

    • ilovemy hairANDskin

      I can tell you that it’s not this crappy music they play on the radio now!

    • maggie

      there are several factors that will help you get a better picture of real R&B: the singer has vocal range, the singer doesn’t need the latest voice-altering technology to have correct pitch/tone/note, the singer may be apart of the creative process, there are arrangements/layers in the music, etc . . .

      • thanks you.

      • Tru Words&Wisdom

        Well said I would have just said Whitney Houston (Healthy Whitney) vs. Cassidy????? Comparison, there really isn’t any is there?

        Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight vs. Ciara, Rihanna, Ke$ha…I know I took it waaaaaaay back but that sums up the differences between great music and just awful!

    • Nope

      “Real Music” = people who complain online but are too lazy to search for music that’s more to their liking (which is available online), yet would still dance to the very music they complain about at a bar and/or club.

  • Breeze

    I LOVE CORRINE BAILEY RAE!!! I swear she makes me wish that I could sang. I put on performances in the shower to her whole album. She has the most amazing voice. It’s sweet and simple. Her songs make you feel like you personally know her and she has a song for every mood you’re in.