14 Crucial Things To Think About Before You Go On A Date

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First dates, or dates in general, can be nerve wrecking, anxious, and exciting all at the same time. For many of us, we are going out with a guy we are actually interested in and want to make a good impression. For the rest, maybe it’s just for a free meal. Either way, there are always a lot of things to think about before you go out on with someone. Like these 14 things.

What Clothes To Wear

Choosing what to wear on a date is very crucial. You always want to pick something that leaves a little to the imagination but shows off your best assets. Whether that’s your chest (show a little cleavage) or your butt (wear tight pants), the key is don’t show too much. That’s never a good look because your date may assume something about you that may not be true.

How To Fix Your Hair

Hair is another crucial thing to think about before you go out. Whether you wear it up in a ponytail, straight down, in a weave, curls, fro, twist, braids whatever, just make sure it looks decent. You don’t have the hit the salon and get it done, but do not throw on a hat to mask what’s going on on top of your head.

Do You Have Money?

Don’t be naive and think you’re going to leave your wallet at home. No no no no!! Please bring some money with you. What if he acts like a jerk in the middle of the date? At least you have money to cover your half of dinner. It’s a date but look out for yourself and don’t expect anything. He may think you are going dutch because it was never asked if he was treating. Be Smart!

What To Eat

As funny as this sounds, some of you ladies will starve yourselves all day if you’re going out on a dinner date. Then, there’s the ladies who will eat before the date so when it’s time for their date, they don’t look like a fat girl while ordering. I say eat what you want while at dinner — just as long as it’s not too messy or ridiculously expensive.

Pumps Or Flats

Next to hair and clothes is your shoe game. Of course, you want to impress your date and show him that you have style. However, wearing pumps to an active date isn’t a good look because he may think you’re too busy trying to be cute to have fun. You may think flat shoes may cramp your style but find out what kind of date you’re going on first so you can be prepared.

Questions To Ask

Be prepared with questions to ask your date. Having something to say other than ordering your food is a turn on. Ask him things you really want to know, not just to hear yourself talk. Ask about his work, his goals, his family, hobbies etc. Stay on the light side if it’s a first date. Some questions may be more personal than others but if he’s open to answering any questions, go for it!

How To Get There

If he’s a gentleman, he may offer to pick you up, but that’s only if he drives. If he doesn’t offer, plan your route to and from — just in case the dinner goes south and you need to bail — ahead of time. You also want to make sure your transportation is in tact so you’re on time.

Dependable Babysitter

If you have children, you need to make arrangements for them to have a baby sitter. Make sure you keep in communication with the sitter to let them know what time you will be back. Nothing sucks more than having the sitter blowing up your phone rushing you back. It will definitely ruin your date. So make sure that’s in order.

Completing work duties

I know, it’s a bummer to think about, but if you are a working woman or have some kind of responsibilities, make sure you take care of your business before your pleasure. Remember, money before honey. Take care of what needs to be done before your date. If it’s not, you are going to be thinking about it the whole time and that’s no fun for anybody. Go on your date with a clear mind knowing you did everything you were suppose to do. If you don’t finish, postpone the date. He should respect that.

Should You Drink?

We all like to have a drink or two but if you’re driving to the date it may not be wise. Also, you know yourself better than anyone else. You know how you act when you are feeling good, tipsy, or just plain intoxicated. If you know you act like a fool or will drink to the point you don’t remember what happened ask for a glass of water. Don’t let your alchy-ways affect what your date may think about you. If you guys hit it off, there will be more chances to drink. For safety reasons, you don’t know your date that well so you need to be extremely cautious anyway!

Did You Tell Anyone?

Getting back to safety, you always want to make sure someone, whether it’s your best friend or a family member, knows where you are. Tell them your date’s name, send a pic, and keep them informed of where he’s taking you. No, you’re not giving them a full rundown of the date but be smart and make sure someone knows that you are safe and not in danger.

Have Your Speech Ready

I know some of you are like huh? When I say, have your speech ready I mean the things you will tell him when you are not interested in what he wants you to do. We have all been on a date and they request for us to go somewhere or do something and we know it’s not a good idea. Yet, we do it because we don’t want to look lame. My suggestion is have your speech down pact and stand your ground. It will make you look strong and he can’t call you lame. If he does, he wasn’t the one for you.

What Pace Do You Want To Go?

This date may be with the guy of your dreams, which means you probably already picked out your wedding song and dress… in your head. As cool as that is, remember that you must take things slow. He hasn’t gotten that far yet. Don’t let your expectations affect your date and what you may think of him. Take it one day at a time and learn what you need to learn about each other before you start planning ahead. And think about what you really want out of this and how you want to approach certain milestones like the first kiss and other unmentionables.

Be Confident

This is the most important thing to think about before a date. Make sure you are confident in what you are wearing, what you have to say and what you bring to the table. If you’re lacking confidence, this date may not go the way you want. So get your mind right and make sure you are in a positive and confident mood. If not, find out what it will take to get you there.

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