We Got Now, We Don’t Care Who Got Next: 9 Black Women In Starring Roles On Television Right Now (And They’re Killing It!)

March 13, 2013 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

Divas on TV

We’re finally having the type of positive success on television as black women that we’ve been looking for, for many years now. Or at least, since reality television took over scripted comedies and dramas. No longer do we have to just sit and accept that there are black women on TV fighting, arguing and acting a damn fool, because we finally have the option to change the channel on any given day to watch other beautiful black women in leading and strong supporting roles on many television shows. While we lost Tia Mowry-Hardrict on The Game, we’re gaining Issa Rae soon, as she’s working with Shonda Rhimes on a new series, and we have these nine other beautiful sistas who are changing the game as we speak.

MadameNoire Video

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  • ziggy

    of course all the shows i had no clue about had no show name in the title.

  • Nastassian

    The blurb did not mention the name of the show that Regina Kings stars in

    • Ilana

      The name of the show is Southland. It’s on TNT Wednesday nights.

  • Christiana

    Where is Danai Guirea tho? She’s on the highest rated cable TV show ever… And a starring role. Talk about shadeee

  • Lioness domain

    Gina Torres is not black, she is a Latina. No disrespect but acknowledge what she really is.

    • Uuuh…

      Latina, or Hispanic rather is not a race, but an ethnic group. She is actually a black Latina. In fact, she identifies as a black woman who is a Latina.

      • Rodriguez

        Latinas are white.

        • Rita

          There is no such race as mixedrace. Gloria Torres could never get a job playing a Latina because society and the world expects Latinas to look like Sofia Vergara.

          • Ray

            Not true. Just from the top of my head, the chick that plays the young cousin in Fresh Prince plays a Latin chick in a beauty shop movie.

      • Ray

        Black is not a race either, neither is white. As a matter of FACT, race doesn’t exist, and that’s a scientific fact. The only race that exists is the human race. But if we were to use “races, “everyone is mixed now anyway. Most “black” actors, celebrities, etc. are mixed, just like “white” ones.

  • roughcutdiamond

    2 are hispanic and 1 is half white. I am neither. I don’t like being baited into a list about black people and then there are mixed race people on the list.

    • Uuuh…

      Mixed race people are considered black in most circles. It’s only been in recent years that any other racial group has proudly accepted anyone who has African descent. My grandmother was biracial, but for every year of her life she proudly proclaimed that she was a black woman. What’s your problem with multiracial people being black anyway?

    • Rodriguez

      The two Hispanics are black they would never be considered as Latina. And there is no such race as mixedrace.

      • Rodriguez

        There is only one Hispanic anyway Gloria and she is black she certainly isn’t close to being white.

      • Rosales

        I don’t see a single Latina in the pictures even if I squint. Sorry, but Latinas don’t like to be grouped with women like Gloria we prefer the Selena Gomez type.

    • Ray

      I bet you aren’t 100% “black” because everyone is mixed nowadays.

  • Ms.Brilly

    I agree. And I LOVE Laz… but his acting on Deception is deplorable. Meagan won’t be getting any awards for her acting either. I’d be surprised if the show had a second season. And yes, Suits is AMAZING. Torres is about her business on that show!

  • Archelle

    Are you kidding me!?! WHere is Danai Guirira from The Walking Dead? Her charachter Michonne was one of the most hotly anticipated charachters on this highly rated show and she’s beautifully dark skinned with natural hair. Who makes these lists? White folks?

  • demarkuslove

    Man, who gives a damn!!!, I’m black, and i say show me some Hispanics who are hard working also in the industry, black women aren’t the only ones

    • Kenya

      We aren’t talking about Hispanics right now. We are talking about Black women. Hopefully the conversation about Black women getting ahead in Hollywood will continue. I’m sure somewhere on some Hispanic blog they are talking about Hispanic women in Hollywood. I suggest you go there if you are so concerned about Hispanic women, but his is BOSSIP!

      • demarkuslove

        I know wht we are talking about, but my point is when w the last time the black women was truly behind, so black women doing lead roles is nothing new, just like black women serving on the front lines of the military, that’s not new either!, so lets talk about another ethnic group that u don’t see in the fore front, lets see another group get a fair shake, then the real competition begins like that.

        • Rodriguez

          White Latinas are on television all the time and they are making it big in Hollywood only the black Hispanics aren’t shown.

      • demarkuslove

        Clearly i support black women, i workrd well for them and only date them, BUT!!!, I’m still saying i would like to see more diversity on prime time.

    • Rodriguez

      No, you are not black because black women would appreciate seeing black women making it big on TV for a change. If you want to talk about Hispanics go to Lossip don’t stop here.

      • demarkuslove

        And for you, what do mean black women are just starting to make it big, Queen LATIfah, pam grier, and a host of others been doing it big!!, so what’s ur statement aboit just starting to, explain plz?

  • M.Beg

    Jungle fever

  • M.Beg

    Jungle fever

  • hollyw

    Ok I admittedly don’t watch Persons of Interest, not b/c I don’t love Taraji, but the premise just doesn’t pique my interest, and also didn’t watch Deception past half the first episode; not b/c I dislike the premise, but I still dislike Meagan’s acting lol. All others, I fully support. Wish I could see Thandie’s (they really don’t want American Blacks to support overseas Blacks, just like w/Luther), and I’m excited about Wade’s future bab mama’s hit!

    True Blood, True Blood, True Blood!

  • Person of Interest Fan

    WOW! Is it THAT serious? I posted a comment suggesting the person who wrote the “blurbs” do a little more fact checking since the info about “Person of Interest” was wrong but THAT comment was deleted while my original comment still stands. It was not a “diss” just setting the record straight since the info WAS incorrect and you are trying to get people to support these ladies and their shows. If that’s the goal then it make sense to give people the correct info so their interest is “piqued”. The show comes on Thursdays not Tuesdays, Taraji’s character is called “Carter”. She’s never called “Joss” and there’s not been one episode where they have had any terrorists. The other stuff was the author’s opinion which they have every right to have. Wow, I was told this could happen but never experienced it myself until tonight. Same thing happens on the other sites under this umbrella. Sad thing is comments from “ghetto” folks calling people names and insulting them are welcome but others are removed. Either the program auto deletes comments with certain words or phrases or there’s someone who gets paid to just look at comments and delete any that in any way criticize the author. Again, WOW! smh!

    • Sonya

      Actually you should check your facts. There was a bomber, i.e. terrorist, in an episode.

    • MNEditor2

      Greetings, if your comment is a bit long as it says in the comment disclaimer above or it has certain words that sound the alarm for WordPress (there are many, specifically ones of a sexual manner), your comment isn’t deleted, it’s just grabbed by the system and requires approval before going up. Nobody deleted your comment for speaking your mind…

  • P.O.I. Fan

    And no offense to the person who wrote the “blurbs” about Taraji and “Person of Interest” but the info is ALL wrong. She’s never called “Joss”, just “Carter”, the show date was wrong and the author does not seem to know much about the premise of the show since they’ve never had a “number” turn up that involved terrorist activity at all. If you’re going to encourage people to watch at least get the facts straight so people will WANT to tune in. Just saying…

  • P.O.I. Fan

    “Person of Interest” comes on Thursdays, not Tuesdays and they don’t catch “future terrorists”, they get a SSN from “The Machine” and then have to figure out if the person is the victim or perpetrator. No matter which, they get involved and either save the person or catch them. It is a GREAT show and as Carter, Taraji more than holds her own as the main female lead. If you have not seen it, you’re missing out – SERIOUSLY! JIm Caveziel (Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ”) is John Reese the main character who works with and for Michael Emerson (“Lost”) who portrays Finch, a secretive, genius billionaire who built the machine for the government after the 9/11 attacks but uses the data the government did not care about to assist those in need of help OR catch them and makes them pay for their crimes. Carter was after Reese but now she works with them along with her partner Fusco, an ex-dirty cop who was ordered to kill Reese in the first episode but Reese let him live and now he works for them as well as has redeemed himself. This is our “can’t miss” show each week followed by “Elementary”. Check it out if you’fre looking for a great show to get hooked on 🙂

  • Mel

    Regina King is probably the best working actress on tv right now, black or White. And everything in between.

    Gina Torres on Suits is really a vision. She’s stunning and she completely embodies that character. I’m not a fan of Scandal and I don’t really watch Taraji on Person of Interest. In fact, I’ve always found Taraji to be a really stereotypical actor. A bit one note.

  • I can’t wait for ‘Rogue’. Thandie Newton has mad skills as an actress.

    • Keisha Samoht

      i wish it came on a national network…

  • Nick

    Loved them ALL