When Cornrows Go Horribly Wrong: 9 Celebs Who Never Should Have Messed With Braids

March 15, 2013  |  
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If you’re still wearing cornrows on a consistent basis in 2013, I’m not saying you’re dead wrong, but you might want to think about letting all that go. How about a haircut? Locs? Hell, even Snoop Dogg had to move on to a new style at some point. In all honesty, we all have sat in someone’s chair or between someone’s legs and let them give us an Alicia Keys makeover circa 2001. And maybe we didn’t look as good with them as we thought we did (I for one have a head too damn large for that look and learned that it wasn’t for me with the quickness…), but at least nobody had to see them but a few of our friends and family. Sadly, we all had to see these celebs and their braid fails over the years, and while some tried to hold on as long as they could, they all eventually left the style behind…Good move.

Kanye West

Way before he was the king of rants, messing with Kim Kardashian and getting on everybody’s damn nerves, Kanye West was just a producer wearing cornrows and some clothing that he probably wouldn’t be caught dead in nowadays. He doesn’t look terrible, but if I was to look at this photo with a quick glance, I wouldn’t think it was Yeezy. He definitely looks better with the regular bald fade (thank God he left the designs behind), but those braids were clean though…just not on you, bruh.

Christina Aguilera

I would say something about this whole look, but I’ll just focus on the hair. This was around her Stripped days when she was trying a few new things with her look. But she shouldn’t have necessarily messed with braids. The designs were a bit all over the place! And even though the baby hair is poppin’, the extra bright hair color in the confused braids with the extra colorful makeup is an absolute no no.

Lil Kim

I know Lil Kim thinks someone always has something to say about her plastic surgery changes, but her face actually looks great here! The hair? Not so much. It’s very Lockup San Quentin with a side of the early ’90s thanks to the baby hair. The braids are a tad bit chunky to be paired with the smooth edges, but I’m assuming she was digging this edgy look. Let’s just never do that again.

R. Kelly

While they might be neat braids, did anybody else notice that the R-uh’s braids never grew for real? I mean, honestly, I don’t think his REAL braids moved past his nape, and when they appeared longer than usual, he was weaved up. I’m sure you’ve seen the “Hair Braider” video…He had a good run, but eventually he saw the light and went to a regular fade. I guess after years of doing the bald thing in the ’90s he just really wanted to have braids, but they just weren’t meant for him.

David Beckham

Such a good looking guy with a nice head of hair making an extremely awful hair decision. Certain braids are banded together for no reason at the ends, and altogether, Beckham was just doing the most. Long hair, short hair, the guy usually looks delicious no matter what, but this? No, sir.

Kim Kardashian

Going for the Bo Derek look, Kim tried to show that she was in touch and could rock any style with this beads and braids look. She was wrong. Looking like a rejected member of the group Taste of Honey circa ‘1974, she tried to make these braids work. Stick to what you know, dear, stick to what you know–and it’s not braids.


Justin Timberlake

Back in the day, when I was digging ‘N Sync on the low (family members were hating), I used to think Justin Timberlake could do no wrong. Even when he wore these braids with pride WITH the studded bandana look. But now that I look back, JT should have just stuck with the curly fro. I know he does what he can to try and stay close with black folks, but trying to do the Allen Iverson wasn’t the right look for him. I mean, just look at his face. He doesn’t even look comfortable, son.

Shemar Moore

While I know these braids didn’t grow out of Shemar Moore’s head, but I just had to say something about them because they were killing me softly all up and through Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Why Tyler Perry made him wear these braids I don’t know (it was not a stage play which requires a microphone to hang from somebody’s wig), maybe he thought he would best embody the U-Haul truck driver look if he had some raggedy (and we mean RAGGEDY) cornrows chilling on his head. Horrible idea. That guy is too good looking for that.

Jim Jones

Jim Jones didn’t necessarily look bad like that, but there were too many times when I would see Jimmy with his braids on furry mode. As if he was a kid who played around way too much with his friends on the playground and jacked some fresh braids up. He’s too good looking to look so…unkempt. And Chrissy must have talked to him about it, because as we all know, he ditched the braids for a curly low cut, and hasn’t looked back since. I think we can all agree that he looks so much better…BALLIN!

I had to do it.

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  • Iya Eko

    You can’t really f*ck with R. Kelly and his braided hair… I mean this fool made a song titled “Braid my Hair”… lol

  • Diveta Cranford

    Lmmfao at the white folks with braids!!!!! OMG!!! White ppl PUHLEEZE stop doing that ish!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  • Kim K you get a big NO MA’AM for looking like Rick James (rip)!

  • Rose

    Lil Kim with that cornrow lace front tho?…….I CAN’T…


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    condition and high quality. Someone suitable is here waiting for u.

  • LeeLeeC

    Jim Jones always looks like he missed a few showers….barfing

  • Cinnamon71

    I think cornrows should be worn only by women and preferably as a protective style under a wig or beanie hat.

  • nicolette

    Usher should have been on here I remember in donell Jones video with left eye they showed a random clip that had no relation to the concept of the video I remember thinking NO. His head shape was like a lemon also glad he stpped the du rags, though if I had to choose it would be the du rag look. Mario also I never liked his braids when he cut them it made him look cuter in an adult way, handsome. Nick cannon too I mean his hair isn’t even a good grade on wild n out they made so many jokes he finally cut them by the show stopped running. Alicia keys I still always thought those braids with the beads was a bit much.

  • iHM

    They all look great. Cornrows are just braids, get over it. They look nice, while you’re busy trying hard to be trendy.

    • mohawkfalcon

      Next thing said , ” its 2014 and [enter race here] men still rock locs. Off with his head !” So glad that God created a broad color palette and gave us the ability and freedom of choice.

  • “On furry mode…” DEAD!

  • Carmen

    Lil kim messed up Se7ens video with that hair lol. Love you kimmy 🙂

  • Evie

    ROTFLMAO at this post, especially R kelly, Shemar moore (ROTFLMAO), and Jim Jones.

  • Melissa smith

    Ha! I was thinking of Shemar from the first click, I knew he had better be on ths list. Tyler perry knew he was wrong on that one lol

    • Trini Girl

      Me too!!! As I was clicking through, I was telling my husband he better be on that list! I still laugh at his hair every time I see “Diary Of A Mad Black Woman.”

  • Shemar’s hairline is practically down to his friggin nose, LOL He looks like Eddie Monster, LOL.

  • LOL, Did Kim Kardashain Change races or something. Tell me I’m not seeing what I’m seeing, lol. She looks like Cleopatra on Crack. What is up with David Beckham and those wooden beads,LOL Kim’s face looks Oblong in this pic and it looks like they spray painted liquid bronze across her face. She looks like Shanequia from the hood, lol.

  • You’ll is wrong, my sides is still cracking from reading about R. Kelly’s braids not growing past the nap of his neck, lol. Lil Kim looks like she is preparing to go for a ride in a space ship, lol. That baby hair, come on who does that anymore. That was a bum job along with the plastic surgery. Lil Kim, don’t do yourself like that, cause you were perfectly pretty just the way you once was, like back in the 90’s. If I knew you would have taken a turn for the worse from being around so many white people, I would have told you that you would have been better off staying in the hood and keeping it real. No more Lil Kim, please no more.

  • Ms. Kameria

    Lil Kim with that cornrow lace front tho?…….I CAN’T

  • cornrows on men need to be banished to the 7th circle of hell!

    • Kenedy

      THIS! And even on little boys, on any male, it just looks….bad

    • tysandsnyc

      Men still rock ’em, though?

      • Yes chile, yes they do. Seen a man pushing mid to late 40’s with the thinning receding hairline with some fuzzy azz cornrows. Just tragic

        • tysandsnyc


        • mo

          you obviously have not seen them on bow wow