Somebody Had To Say It: 5 Reasons We Love The Very Underrated Jeffrey Wright

March 7, 2013  |  

Jeffrey Wright, in my eyes, is one of Hollywood’s hidden gems. Why is he “hidden”? Probably because when I talk about how awesome Jeffrey Wright is, I basically have to draw a sketch of the brother or pull up a YouTube clip for people to be on the same page. Why is he a “gem”? Have you seen any of his movies? He’s an amazing character actor as well as an incomparable biographical film role actor. Plus, for the most part, he’s pretty easy on the eyes as well. Here are just a few reasons we have love for Jeffrey Wright, a very underrated yet amazing actor who’s having a great week…

Wright as Basquiat

He Can Play Just About Anybody

Seriously, have you seen him as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Boycott? Or how about crazy a** Peoples Hernandez in Shaft? Colin Powell in W.? Or Jean Michel Basquiat in Basquiat? Jeffrey Wright has crazy range, so much so that even if he doesn’t look exactly like a real person he’s supposed to be playing, he still embodies their voice, mannerisms and everything that makes them…well, them. How many folks (aside from an Angela Bassett or Morgan Freeman) can you say actually do that?

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  • Mocha

    I’m a big fan of Jeffrey. I really enjoy him as an actor. Excited for him to be Beetee in the hunger games. When I pictured Beetee in my mind, he had Jeffrey’s face. I loved him in Cadillac Records, I definitely felt like he and Columbus Short did not get enough shine from that movie, their acting was incredible.

  • sammi_lu

    Love his acting range,definitely extremely underrated and overly talented. I can’t tell you why but even though the movie Lackawanna Blues tells the story of over 10 characters, his role is my favorite by far.

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  • WhodaMan!

    Can’t wait till he hits the screen on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire!

  • GeekMommaRants

    Jeffrey Wright is the best actor alive. Anyone who make Merlyl Streep and Al Pacino look like props, is a genius.

  • EASILY the Best Dr. King of ALL TIME!!!!

  • bigdede

    I love him. I really loved him in Cadillac Records. He’s one of those actors who will never be a huge name but because of his great acting skills, he will always get quality roles. He will never have to give interviews saying how one movie ruined his career. Terrance Howard needs to look at Jeffrey as an example of how to have a career in Hollywood.

  • cool

    I loved this article and i must agree. I did see him in all those roles mentioned and some. I was especially in awr of his performance as Dr. Martin Luther king jr. In “Boycott”. This was before Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles..yet after Denzel as Malcolm X yet just as riveting and captivating as either. Still he did not and has not gotten the accolades as the more well known actors of his genre. The aforementioned along with Forest Whittaker and and a few others are highly underrated. Thank you for this refreshing article.

  • AJ389

    Thank you so much for this article! I’m not even at the end and I whole heartedly agree 110%. I’ve felt this way for Mr. Wright for a very long time. He is ultra amazing and versatile with his acting. I can very easily say he belongs in same the category with Denzel, Samuel, Don, Fishburne and all the others that are so fantastic and have longevity. What a range he has! Lackawana Blues, Shaft and Cadillac records (just to name a few) show the impeccable skill this man has is totally underrated.

  • I adore this man, not only is he extremely talented but I think he is very handsome. He is highly underrated. Such a shame.

  • kierah

    I really enjoy his work. Jeffrey chooses some really solid, high quality projects.