Good Reasons To Keep Your Relationship Status Off Facebook

March 25, 2013 ‐ By Ashley Page


Social networking is no longer about getting back into touch with people we haven’t talked to in years. Instead, it’s become a platform for people to spill and share their life on a 24/7 basis. You see people Facebooking their relationship, Tweeting their work day, and Instagramming their dates. When you’re in a relationship, it’s likely that you feel the need to tell everyone about it. However, there are some positives to keeping your relationship on the down low. Like these:

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  • For the life of me I will never understand why people post ANY of their personal business on-line in the first place! Ah, the perils of being young….., and not so smart!.

    • miap990

      if i could go back i would have never joined any of those social networks.

  • Sagittarius81

    Last year, my cousin was dumped by his girlfriend on FB when I saw when I saw that she is “In A Relationship” with another man on the newsfeed and I told him about it. He totally closed his FB account afterwards. Since I’m married, why not let the world know about it?

  • Akiko

    No need for a list. Unless one is married, there is no need for others to know your relationship status. Oh, and it is so funny how when you change your relationship status (for pretend), people come out of the woodwork wanting to know your business.

  • Chey

    Let’s not forget the people who put their insecurities on full BLAST on fb, and then wonder why people look at them crazy in person. Like, don;t do do that to yourself. Save it for people who actually acre about you and have your best interest at heart. those other people you call “friends” are probably just laughing at you.

  • Amber

    I really try not to complain about this site because I enjoy many of the articles but the layout is pretty bad. Please reduce many of the clicks in your articles, it is annoying and prevents me from reading the full piece. I know why you do it…for the clicks and advertisers but it makes the site less reader friendly.

    • Chey

      Lol, how many times will people have to say this before they change things?

    • Charla

      Or how there’s only about 3 articles on the (mobile) home page so you must click on page 2. But page 2 only gives you 4 articles, 3 of which were on the first page. {sigh} Anything for more “hits.”

      • yeppers

        I was WONDERING why they did that, and probably why articles like this dont get many comments… I dont even click thru them I just comment on the topic at hand. And its usually 1 completely unrelated RANDOM picture with 1 sentence under it. YET I HAVE TO CLICK OUT OF 5 ADS BEFORE I CAN READ THIS 1 SENTENCE….Chile Are yall serous MN???

  • YES gAWD

    I will not be airing my laundry clean or dirty on any social networks… Its not a lick of these strangers business what is going on inside your home. If you have kids, share pics, vacations etc. But who I am dating, marrying, breaking up with. ETC is nobodys business, nor is our date nights or anything else personal. I want to keep somethings for myself ONLY. Its not just a celebrity thing its real, those social networks can take over people lives. I know people that live so much for what people on TWITTER have to say about them THAT THEY HAVE NO LIFE OF THEIR OWN…OR THEIR OWN LIFE IS IN SUCH A SHAMBLES THAT THEY LIVE OUT THIS AMAZING LIE ON THESE NETWORKS AND THEN HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT IF YOU KNOW THEM. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP…. ITS GETTING OUT OF HAND.


    Facebook is the devil’s playground, I swear

  • Melyssa

    No need to click on all 15 reasons as to why… I am sure we have all witnessed and read people relationship statuses on FB and watched them play out from “In A Relationship’ to “Single” to “it’s Complicated” and comments from people wanted to know what happened, wh,y who, and what..* smh* I left that part blank.. social media is not your personal diary or journal although alot of people seem to use it as such, it’s sad because social media has wrecked havoc on alot of relationship in one form or another but in the end you only have yourself to blame because you chose to put whatever out there inviting other into your space.

    • Kenedy

      Preach. People use facebook as their personal therapists…but unlike therapists, facebook tells everyone and their grandmama your business….which doesn’t really help you get over issues…unless you’re attention seeking

  • pickneychile

    When I started dating my husband he sent me a request to change our status. I was like sure, I have nothing to hide. Lahd Jesus, everyone had something to say! From some guy who was not so secretly pining over me back in JA, to random people I forgot I was even friends with. Then some chick who used to talk to my husband way back when got upset and tried to add me so she could check me out…wth. It was a high school hot mess and we weren’t even in high school! I have a tolerate/hate relationship with facebook lol.

    • yeppers

      YESSS GIRL!! OMG I actually was minding my business and the new WIFE of a dude I had not talked to since college and mind you we are well into our 20s almost 30s, and she befriends me on facebook out of the blue the day after they got married, I DONT EVEN LIVE IN THE STATE, have NEVER sent any public or personal message to this dude…only thing she knew was that we had this love/hate relationship thru high school/college. But I moved away and never looked back SINCE. Plus if i happen to visit the state and see her out she gives me dirty looks! GIRL, WHY DID YOU REQUEST ME AS A FRIEND IN THE FIRST PLACE?? social networks bring out the crazy in people. I WILL NEVER TALK ABOUT MY RELATIONSHIPS ON THESE NETWORKS…..NEVER.