Ready for That Finger Bling? Subtle Signs He’s Proposing Soon

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Ready for That Finger Bling? Subtle Signs He's Proposing Soon

When you’ve been in a relationship with the same man for awhile, you will more than likely start thinking ahead to the future: marriage, living together, kids, and so on. Your mind is bound to wonder when he is going to propose with the ring of your dreams. If you’re wondering if your guy is ready to pop the question, here are 14 signs that he’s going to do it really soon!

He's asked you your ring size

He’s asked you your ring size

When your man starts getting inquisitive about your ring size, it’s a huge sign that he’s looking to propose soon. Usually when a guy asks about the size ring you wear, he’s either already got one that needs to be resized, or he wants to ensure that the one at the store that he has eyes on will fit your finger. So, if he asks, don’t be afraid to tell!

He's taken you ring shopping

He’s taken you ring shopping

If there is any tell-tale sign that your man is going to propose, it’s this. When your guy takes you ring shopping, he is definitely in the mindset of making you his. Accept the trips and be sure to let him know what rings really hit your fancy.

He's started calling you by his last name

He’s started calling you by his last name

Have you noticed that recently he’s calling you by his last name? This is probably one of the cutest signs that your guy is looking to propose to you soon. He’s just testing out the waters and soaking in the happiness of you having his last name, even before it happens!

He talks about getting married

He talks about getting married

Not many guys will talk about marriage, as a lot of them don’t want to give up the life of a bachelor. So, when your man starts to mention marriage and a future between you two, it’s a great sign. A ring is definitely on its way to your finger.

He's asked about your dream proposal

He’s asked about your dream proposal

Not all guys are super creative and overly imaginative, so you may find that your man has started asking about a dream proposal. This shows that when he does propose, he wants to make sure that it’s the proposal of your dreams. Don’t hold any details back!

He's started focusing on saving money

He’s started focusing on saving money

A guy can’t buy a nice ring without some decent money! If your guy has become a lot more frugal and wise with money, he may be saving up to buy you an engagement ring. When a guy starts saving money randomly, there’s always a chance that he’s looking to go ring shopping.

His vocabulary has changed

His vocabulary has changed

Another strong sign that your man is going to give you a ring is when his vocabulary changes. He no longer uses the words I, my, or me as often. Instead, they’ve been replaced with us and we. Tell-tale signs that he’s thinking about a future with you.

He's been acting a bit nervous around you

He’s been acting a bit nervous around you

When guys have something to hide, they often become really nervous and weird. If your guy has been acting a little weird when around you, it may be because he’s hiding a ring and doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. This is especially true if he’s shown some of the other signs as well.

He asks to spend time with your parents

He asks to spend time with your parents

Call it cliche or tradition, but when your guy is thinking about proposing to you, he’ll want to make sure that your parents approve of his decision. If you’ve noticed that your guy has pulled your parents aside to have a little talk, he may be making proposal plans. When mama and dad agree, it’s a great sign of things to come.

He's set a random date in advance

He’s set a random date in advance

Usually your guy isn’t one to make future dates, at least not weeks or months in advance. However, this time he has decided to plan a date for you two that will happen in the future. At the same time, details are pretty scarce too as he wants to surprise you.

He's cleaned up his act

He’s cleaned up his act

In the past he used to go out a lot with the boys. He wasn’t the greatest with money. However, now he’s cleaned up his act. He’s making and saving more money, he’s spending a lot more time with you, and he’s even cooked you dinner. All signs that he’s ready to be a better guy so that you’ll accept his proposal.

It's become a flashback to the old days

It’s become a flashback to the old days

You’ve come home to random roses at your house. He’s taken you on some extremely fun dates. Recently if your guy has started to pamper you and treat you like he did when you two first met (ie. the honeymoon stage), he’s definitely got something up his sleeve, or should we say in his pocket!

He's started quizzing you

He’s started quizzing you

He wants to know your favorite cut of diamond and how big of a carat you like. He asks whether you prefer gold or platinum. He wants to know what your favorite spot in town is. These are all questions that a man will ask when he’s plotting to plan to perfect proposal.

He plays with your left hand

He plays with your left hand

When you’re at dinner he intentionally holds your left hand. He often looks at your ring finger a lot. Though subtle signs, your guy is trying to let you know without saying or doing too much that he wants to put a ring on it.

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  • speakeroftruth

    This is bullshit, most women want it to be a surprise, so discussing marriage or kids is a big turn off and we want him to pick out the ring not ask for assistance, also at a romantic setting never at home or somewhere boring, if you’re gonna pop the question at least give us a fairytale we can brag about geez.

  • S

    How are any of these subtle? They seem pretty direct to me……

  • Kath

    How is any of those subtle?

  • Tee

    I don’t even have a man, let alone a possible fiance, but I don’t see how any of these things are “subtle”, they seem like green flags to me!

  • Reese

    Oh how I wish… :-/

  • Stanley 001

    If she didn’t have to earn the marriage, she won’t honor it. Do you guys agree with me here?