You’ve Made Your Bed, Now Lay In It: Men Who Cheated & Had To Admit It…Publicly

February 25, 2013  |  
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You know when Chris Rock says, men are only as faithful as their options. (Maybe Chris Rock was speaking from experience since he ended up cheating on his wife.) Well, these men not only cheated they had to admit their infidelity to their wives, the nation and in some very high profile cases, (looking at you, Bill), the world.

David Letterman

Not only did David Letterman cheat, his infidelity came to a head when a man blackmailed him, saying he was going to write a screenplay and a book about his indiscretions if he didn’t pay him a large sum of money. This is illegal by the way.  In an attempt to protect the women he slept with, Letterman decided to press charges and testify in court. The man who blackmailed Letterman was arrested; but in order to be the first person to speak about the incident, so the media wouldn’t distort the facts, he spilled out all the messy details on his show.  For the first few minutes of the video he refers to his infidelity as doing “creepy things.” And then, perhaps because the audience didn’t recognize the severity of the situation he says bluntly.

“I have had sex with women who work for me on this show.”

It seems like this would be an embarrassing conversation and incredibly awkward to listen to but instead David did what he does best  and was able to squeeze a couple of jokes in there.

“Would it be embarrassing if it would be made public? Yes it would. Especially, for the women.”

After that 10 minute announcement, when he said he wouldn’t address it again, Letterman had to come back and again and address the fact that though he had slept with staff members in the past; he is not currently bonking his current staff.

Kinda awkward.

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Had Kobe not been accused of forcing his mistress to have involuntary sex, chances are he would have never admitted to it, to the public and probably not to his wife either. But unfortunately for the Bryant family, that’s not the way the cookie crumbled. Kobe was accused of forcing this woman to have sex against her will. And had to stand trial for all of it. And naturally, the fact that he had sex with someone other than his wife had to be explained to the public. It was a rough time. And watching his press conference, you can’t help but feel sorry for the man. It’s really embarrassing to have to acknowledge your weakest moment in front of news cameras, even if your wife is sitting beside you providing emotional support. Sadly, even after all of that, there were rumors that Kobe was still out here laying it low and spreading it wide. Whether it’s love, money or a little bit of both, Vanessa has decided to stick it out.

Elliot Spitzer

When it came to the admission of his infidelity, Spitzer kept it brief and vague. He asserted that the issue he was addressing were private matters that [violated] “the obligation to my family” and “violates my, or any, sense of right or wrong.” Before even a minute and 30 seconds had passed, Spitzer had tucked his notes back in his jacket and wrapped the conference.

Anthony Weiner

If there were an award for the dumbest cheater, Anthony Weiner would certainly take home a medal. Trying to keep up with the youngins, Weiner thought it would be a good idea to send a picture of himself in his drawers to one of his little girlfriends on Twitter. He meant to send it as a direct message but instead posted it as a tweet for the entire world to see. Whoops! In a panic, Weiner tried to say that he had been hacked. All of the lies came tumbling down though and he eventually had to admit that he sent the pics, and that he was maintaining inappropriate online relationships etc. Weiner held off from issuing his resignation for a long time; but eventually that Twitpic of him in his drawers cost him his job.

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Bill Clinton

The sex scandal that rocked the nation and I’m sure other countries were tuning in as well. The Clinton sex scandal dominated the news cycle back in 1998. And there’s a reason why they call him “Slick Willie.” Though he originally denied having “sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” There was physical evidence (remember that blue dress) to prove otherwise. Yet, because Clinton was a wordsmith, he was able to avoid impeachment. If anyone came through the sex scandal “unscathed” it was Bill Clinton. He ended his second term with one of the highest outgoing approval ratings any president has had since World War II.

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John Edwards

It’s one thing to cheat on your wife. It’s another thing when you cheat on your wife as she’s battling breast cancer for the second time. Who would do such a thing? Enter North Carolina Sen.  John Edwards. Initially, just like the rest of these politicians, Edwards denied allegations that he’d slept with his campaign worker, Rielle Hunter. When he could no longer front, he admitted that he’d slept with Rielle but didn’t father her child. Well…that too was a lie. When all of this came to a head, his political career was pretty much over.

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David Petraeus

On the heels of a promotion to director of the CIA, David Petraeus’ had an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell. The affair leaked after the FBI started investigating a string of suspicious e-mails from Broadwell to Petraeus. When the ish hit the fan, Petraeus had no choice but to resign, after only a year on the job.

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Tiger Woods

Just like, Weiner, Tiger Woods was also one of the dumbest cheaters out there. First there were way too many women to keep track of. Secondly, the type of women he was messing with weren’t the type to keep their mouths closed and then to top it all off, Tiger was sending sexually explicit text messages. No bueno. The funny thing about this situation was that when wifey found out, she came for him…probably with one of his own clubs. When the number of women he’d actually slept with came out, Tiger admitted to having a sex addiction.

Jesse Jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson shocked a lot of people when he admitted that not only did he have an affair with his staffer Karen Stanford, he fathered a child by this woman. When the news broke in 2001, the baby was only 20 months old; meaning that he was likely having an affair with her, around the same time he was counseling President Clinton during his Monica Lewinsky scandal. Birds of a feather? When the affair surfaced, this is what Jackson had to say:

“This is no time for evasions, denials or alibis. I fully accept responsibility and I am truly sorry for my actions.”

“My wife, Jackie, and my children have been made aware of the child and it has been an extremely painful, trying and difficult time for them. I have asked God and each one of them to forgive me and I thank each of them for their grace and understanding throughout this period of tribulation. We have prayed together and through God’s grace we have been reconciling.”


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