‘Stop Spreading It!’ Erica Mena Comments On Tahiry’s STD Rumors And Joe Budden Love Triangle

February 13, 2013  |  

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When there’s drama, everybody and their mama usually has a cent or two to contribute to the conversation. The latest contribution in the weird 3-way relationship between “Love & Hip Hop” cast members Tahiry Jose, Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia is resident hothead, Erica Mena. The aspiring singer recently chatted it up with the YBF about all things “Love & Hip Hop” and of course, the interview couldn’t end without discussion of the show’s popular love triangle and those harsh rumors that Tahiry has herpes. Check out what she had to say.

On why Tahiry is jealous of Kaylin:

“Um… I think Tahiry needs to admit to the fact she is in love with Joe, and kind of acknowledge the fact that she is a little bit jealous of Kaylin. I think honestly Kaylin is playing her position the right way, Joe puts Kaylin on a different pedestal than Tahiry, and I think that’s what kind of bothers Tahiry, and that’s what made her react the way she did.”

“He kind of brags about Kaylin more ( as far as social networks). He’s quick to put out there that he’s in love with this woman. She’s young, she’s intriguing, she’s fresh, and aint nothing like good meat. Ain’t nothing like good fresh meat.”

On rumors of Tahiry having an STD:

“God bless if that’s true and definitely stop spreading it. If you’re a walking disease you should put yourself in a bubble and stay there. I think that could be true though… but then it may not but if it is she should definitely slow her roll.”

Interesting enough, Tahiry and Joe were recently spotted at her single release party together looking rather cozy.

Source: Bossip

What do you think of the constant back and forth between Tahiry and Joe? Is she jealous of his new lady?


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  • Luis N Crystal

    who is erica to say anything she spreads it for everyone around guy or girl she is a hoe to

  • Cassie

    Btw the person referring to as she is “Erica mean” not Tahiry, so if anyone needs to talk about being in a bubble and not spread anything is Erica because she far from being a clean person.

  • Cassie

    Some people know her say she’s been having sex since she was 13, at 15 she was in young Gunz “Can’t stop, won’t stop” music video. And bragged at her school that she sucked “beanie seagal”. She was 16 years old living in Miami with Raul Conde from Terror Squad & when she was 17 she was in fabulous breathe video and had sex with him while he was involved with someone. And she some how ended up in Miami again… With hip-hop producer Scott Storch & probably living off him until all his legal issues kicked in. Then when she got on Love & hip-hop, she was messing with DJ Envy knowing he had a pregnant wife & thought he was going to buy her a condo. And then she got involved with Rich…
    If she doesn’t already have something she will eventually if she continues at the rate she’s going. The only thing she knows how to use is her body & she’s makes the excuse that her being abused and molested growing up is why she acts the way she does but there are women who have been raped that turn out to be successful teachers, doctors & lawyers. Maybe, having sex is all she knows and really doesn’t care especially since that’s she supported herself. She needs to go to therapy and focus on her son because she’s not going to be young forever and the only “man” that should matter in her life is her little boy that she’s supposed to be raising to be a “good man”. No excuse for her behavior And embarrassment to women & especially her “Latin” culture.

  • GlassButterfly

    Excuse, but I got a problem with the above pic cah when did this dusty b! tch roll through my town??

  • yes LAWD!!! I would PAY to see THAT!!! eitha Tahiry or Chrissy (Jim Jones girl) – everytime i see this erica bytch on the screen i be WISHING someone would just GIVE IT TO HER & not let up – i really REALLY hope someone whips this girl’s AZZZZZZ!!!!

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  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    Erica Mena giving Tahiry sex counsel is like Donald Trump trying to dish out hair secrets.

  • If anybody needs to be in a bubble, it’s Erica’s crazy tail! And Joe brags/bragged about all his chicks up until it was over, then he dogged them out. Only one I didn’t see him go ALL THE WAY IN on was Tahiry, so there has to be some love there, or he just know that she don’t play that! Clearly, Joe still got a thing for Tahiry, because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be constantly reaching out to her for help instead of his GF…. but anyway, I’m with @disqus_0ieE0lPtUW:disqus, when ATL coming back??

  • Breezy

    That is why Erica will never make it in the business! She doesn’t know when to keep her comments to herself! She could have simply said she doesn’t want to comment but no Erica being the Ratchet girl that she is she had to say something! So i think Tahiry should check her for her comments!

  • JustSayin

    Erica is right. If you have an STD I don’t think the best thing to do is spread it. If you have it. But in other news I want to know what happened to Single Ladies.

    • single ladies started taping already I believe, but I know it comes on in may or june..

  • pretty1908

    Anybody with eyes can see Tahiry and Joe still care about each other. And erica sweetie, you are jealous of tahiry…. did you see the footage of your boo fawning over tahiry. kailyn is young and dumb…joe knows that so he uses it to his advantage. are any of these women educated or have goals that you beyond being of tv and showing off their bodies?

    • mrs. rose

      Tahiry did go to college whether she finshed I have no idea and I agree these two are not over each other he considers her the closest thing to a wife….but u have a girlfriend what about her

      • yeah, tht comment there is outragous. I wonder how did his “girlfriend” feel abt that..

  • Reese

    This chick is messy but I think that is a prerequisite to be on one of these reality shows.

  • Yaya <3

    This is why no one wants to work with Erica, whether it was true or not she said way too much; I just don’t like that girl lol.

    • guest

      I was thinking the same thing if you don’t know the facts keep your mouth shut.

    • she is always in some ish..

    • Yeah, she’s always stating her opinion when it’s not needed… she needs to focus on trying to get her life because that child has issues!

    • i dont like her either. i HATE her

  • guest

    Erica the proper response would have been no comment.

    • Kenedy

      Ain’t nothing proper about her

      • Tudbee

        Damn……had me tearing up laughing.

      • BedStuyBklynChica

        You got that right Kenedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This girl is messy!!!!

    • Me

      She’s trying to drum up business for her show!

  • Me

    Anybody know when LAHH ATL comes back on?