‘I Didn’t Like It At All:’ Wale Responds To Kelly Clarkson’s Sideways Comment To Miguel During The Grammys

February 12, 2013  |  

Source: WENN, Johnny Louis

During Sunday night’s airing of the Grammy Awards, eyebrows raised as Kelly Clarkson mounted the stage to accept her award for Best Pop Vocal Album and delivered a rather awkward acceptance speech that many considered to be slighting to R&B vocalist, Miguel.

“Miguel, I don’t know who the hell you are, but we need to sing together. I mean, good God. That was the se*iest damn thing I’ve ever seen,” Clarkson said, refferring to Miguel’s sultry performance of hit single “Adorn”.

Although many didn’t think much of the singer’s comments, others found them highly offensive and slighting to Miguel. While Miguel has yet to come out to express whether or not he felt shafted by Kelly’s comments, friend and peer Wale had a few words to say about the comments.

“I didn’t like the Kelly Clarkson back-handed comments to Miguel. I didn’t like that at all. I just feel like our urban music is belittled, a little bit. Not trying to offend nobody on the committee, but for a record as big as ‘Adorn,’ and it to not be presented as a real performance onstage; it was almost like a segue to an award. Again, I don’t want to offend anybody on the committee, but that wasn’t a very good representation of our music because ‘Adorn’ is gonna be around for the next 30 years,” Wale expressed to MTV following the awards.

What makes Kelly’s comment even more interesting is that she and Miguel are actually label mates over at RCA Records.

Check out Clarkson’s full acceptance speech on the next page. Is Wale being sensitive or does he have a point?

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  • Nikki

    Just because they are label mates, doesnt mean shes familar with his music. She loved his performance!

  • latoya

    I dont no who ole boy is either and I’m black

  • guest

    estgYall talking about migul he was fantastic. He should have done the whole song by hisself there was no reason to have wiz up there he was a distraction. Please someone talk about how horriblwe frank ocean was. He looked awkward and sounded worse . I don’t lnow what he was trying to prove, but if i had to pay to see that i would have asked for my money back.

  • Babydoll 70

    I don’t think she was belittling him. She probably just had never heard his music but obviously likes it if she wants to do a song with him. Geesh. Sensitive folk.

  • IAJS

    Most of you guys are coming to her defense, but the fact is they are label mates so she might have been throwing real shade

    • Guest360

      How did she throw shade when she COMPLIMENTED HIM and said they needed to make a duet? I swear some took the first part of her sentence and ran with it as if she didn’t immediately state that his performance was amazing and they needed to do something together. Some shade throwing that was lol

      • IAJS

        Depending on the person it could be a back handed compliment which is shade!!! We don’t know Kelly personally she could be slick at the tongue. It’s irritating how our ppl are quick to jump to the rescue for a person of another race but are quick to jump on our own. What Wale said was not disrespectful, it was the truth and mannerable but yet people on here are commenting about him being irrelevant and what not.

        • Guest360

          I’m sorry but it’s hard for me to see “back handed compliment” when a) it was the absolute truth considering people on his own label didn’t even know who he was due to his lack of notoriety and b) she asked him to work with her during an acceptance speech where she didn’t have to include him at all but in fact, is the reason why ALOT of people are talking about him. No we don’t know Kelly personally but after 11 years on the scene, I think you can assume she’s not the type to give back handed compliments or throw shade, considering she’s never done it to anyone else. But ok. She threw “shade” by offering to work with him. Wish all shade throwing was that benevolent lol.

          • IAJS

            good day

    • pretty1908

      i work with a lot of people.. we work at the largest pyschiatric facility in our state… so if i say i don’t know sheila but she does great work is that shade…. no !

      • IAJS

        If you are a sly person, yes it is.

  • SexNdaCity

    I admit I cringed when she said that, because it almost came off as if she’s this huge star and he’s just this random singer that only like 5 people listen to. It was a little rude in my opinion. Just because it ended up in a compliment doesn’t take away from the way she said the first statement. However, it was clear she had been drinking, so it really should be taken with a grain of salt.

    • Guest360

      But it was the truth. I’m sorry but Miguel is just NOW getting attention after spending a great deal of time as an underground artist. He is a random singer who literally came out of no where (to some) and blew many people away with his performance at the Grammy’s. I don’t see anything wrong with someone who has never heard of him before saying so and giving him his props and in fact, offered to work with him right there on the spot after that ONE performance he did. Hell, I didn’t even know who he was until a few months ago and only because Madame Noire talked about him being prettier than his girlfriend lol.

  • And Miguel won’t be saying anything either. He too busy counting his itunes sales. Thanks Kelly.

  • Sagittarius81

    Shoot, not everybody know who the he!! Wale is, I don’t even find Kelly’s comment offensive at all.

  • You go ahead Kelly girl

  • Kahekili

    I can see how some people make take her comment offensively, but one thing that is for sure – Wale is one of the most annoying people ever!

  • Shaybaby

    I don’t think Kelly was trying to shade Miguel. Besides I have to take Wale’s criticism with a grain of salt considering he has a problem with women in general anyway.

  • yeahdat

    Kelly could have easily left the whole” I don’t know who the he’ll your are ” out of the speech and just have him a compliment…and Miguel is more relevant than Kelly anyways

  • With all these stupid rap beefs you mean to tell me Wale Kelly Clarkson is of big concern.

  • Bahamamama

    I was pretty annoyed by her statement as well. Then again pretty much everything about Kelly Clarkson rubs me the wrong way.

  • jj

    i kinda cringed when she said it but she seemed a lil tipsy and i didnt think she meant harm

    HOWEVER they could have let him perform that entire song by himself,wiz khalifa coulda sat down somewhere

    i would love to see soul performances showcased at the grammys more or at least as much as country is

  • Tamiami

    Being sensitive…. Ummm she wants to work with him… No harm meant if anything now she knows who he is and so does everyone else.

  • Deeluvly33

    Kelly didnt mean any harm. Wale needs to stop being SENSITIVE. It was a compliment! Hard working people like Kelly dont have time to listen to the radio, she is in the studio grinding.

  • Kelly seemed really excited and nervous that night. I was taken back from what she said but I knew she meant no real harm. An apology and duet would suffice. 😉

    I still don’t know who Wale is or have listened to any of his music. #sorrybutidontknowwhoyouare

  • Reese

    I definitely don’t think she meant any harm like someone else said a lot of people don’t have eclectic taste in music and she wasn’t familiar with his music. But obviously she liked what she heard.

  • Mia

    I can’t name one of her fat az songs and I’m sure Miguel can’t either, so I guess they are even.

  • realadulttalk

    Oh for goodness sake! Is he serious!! I think this dude needs a doggone hug!! I’m sure Miguel found that to be complimentary. He hasn’t been around that long and his talent is undeniable.

  • Trisha_B

    No artist wants to feel like a nobody lol. No artist wants to hear “oh, i never heard of you…” Especially one that is nominated for a grammy. So i can understand how her saying “I don’t know who the hell you are but…” could be seen negative. But it was clear Kelly didn’t mean harm by it. She was just rambling on & was excited. She could have just left out the part of not knowing him. Or changed up the words like “i haven’t heard much of your songs but…”…But Miguel is a talented man. The few seconds he was up there, he had the whole audience on their feet enjoying his set. So hopefully he gets some recgonition soon!

    • Kahekili

      “i haven’t heard much of your songs but…” – I don’t think that would work. It sounds grammatically incorrect and indicates that she has heard some of his music, when she stated that she didn’t know who he was.

  • Anonymous

    I think she was just excited that she’d won and wasn’t really thinking about how her words came across, although I didn’t find anything offensive in what was said. I think it was clear that urban music wasn’t being treated the same because most of the urban music awards were presented before the show aired. It was clear to me that the intention of the Grammy producers and CBS was to make the show appeal to white viewers.

  • Guest

    Really nothing to fume over. On the other hand, I thought it was rude the way the Dream told Frank Ocean to back off when they both made an attempt for the mic at the same time for their acceptance speech……..but then i’m sure that was nothing. So see, nothing to fume over.

  • SheBe

    I think Kelly was tipsy and was just talking too much out of excitement. And just because they are on the same label doesn’t mean they will know each other.

  • I don’t think Kelly Clarkson meant harm (although I thought she’d been drinking or something-but don’t believe she intended any shade, etc.). However, I agree with Wale’s point about the Academy’s slight of Urban Contemporary music. I believe a performance by Miguel versus Frank Ocean and that Forest Gump song (I was confused) would have been a better representation as far as new artists in the genre.

    • kierah

      Miguel was invited to performed. He declined and changed his mind at the last minute. That’s why we got the snippet.

      R&B is not what’s hot in the world. That’s why you have Usher, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Beyonce doing dance music. The Grammys give Urban about as much play as the rest of the listening world does – very little.

  • Kiss

    It was a bit awkward but I don’t think she meant any harm. Its Kelly Clarkson, for petes sake.

  • I agree she sounded real dumb and drunk. She should have accepted her award. Gave her speech and sat down. If it wasn’t for American Idol nobody would know who the hell she was. She shouldn’t let a little fame, money and a couple of awards go to her fat head, and NO he won’t be working with her. He don’t need her. The nerve!!!!

    • Tanjai

      He might work with her. Plus if she doesn’t know who he is why lie? Heck I have only heard of him within the last few months. I doubt if he has heard of her. Like someone said if you do not listen to that particular brand of music then you do not know the person.

      • Me

        She sang at the inaugaration. I hope he knows who she is.

  • Wale. Have several seats. _/_ _/_

  • Me

    I love Kelly and I think it was a compliment. She wasn’t being mean so it’s okay. H ell, I wouldn’t have known who Miguel was if not for Bausip.

  • Smh

    I don’t think she meant harm but she definitely could’ve been more tasteful with her words.

  • kierah

    If Kelly Clarkson didn’t know Miguel, she fo damn sho don’t know Wale. Why would she care about what Wale got to say? Please go quench your thirst elsewhere, Wale.

  • pretty1908

    oh God hush ! kelly wasn’t being funny, come from underneath those rocks people. just like some us aren’t checking for Fun or Miranda Lambert…people listen to what interests them. Kelly got a chance to witness true soul and eclectic music…miguel showcased his talent. stop being so sensitive… now if you wanna talk about belittle let’s take about your music and how it reinforces cheating, loveless relationships , and the continuing trend of degrading women so wale don’t get political when you and countless others are apart of the problem

    • Lana

      Say that Soror!!!

      • pretty1908

        *flips hair* lol

      • BahamianEmpress

        *DEAD* PREACH! And the church said…..?!

    • Cha Cha


    • pretty1908


    • Kenedy

      Exactly! I really don’t think Kelly mean’t anything bad by her statement….Wale is just reading too much into it…maybe if his urban music didn’t consist of lyrics telling strippers to work it, the grammy committee would pay more attention to him


    Dont crucify her. Who knows if Miguel knows any of her songs….lol Am sure she didnt mean any harm.

  • Dee

    I think Kelly suffered from word diarrhea that night. I honestly thought she was hitting the sauce hard. I don’t think she meant it as an insult, she was unprepared and everything just came tumbling out.