What’s Really Going On In The World? 4 And 5 Year Olds Caught Up In Oral Sex Scandal At California Preschool

February 4, 2013  |  

According to ABC News, a preschool in Carson, Calif. will be closing its doors in the next week or two after being rocked by a sex scandal–sex between four and five year olds. According to reports from The Huffington Post and ABC News, two young boys, one a four year old, found themselves at the receiving end of oral sex from a 5-year-old girl. The students were engaging in this activity during what was supposed to be naptime, while on the playground in a tunnel slide, and while in the bathroom. The school, First Lutheran Church of Carson School, says it’s closing because the director of the school is resigning and no teacher wants to take over the job, and they claim it has nothing to do with the sexual allegations, which they said were investigated and concluded already. However, the California Department of Social Services has written up the school recently over one of the sexual encounters between this young girl and boy, and also because of an “improper student-teacher ratio.” And now there are claims that there are more victims.

The lawyer for four students, Greg Owen, blames careless teachers for these incidents, which could have a life-changing impact on these kids who have been sexualized at such a young age. He’s hoping to sue the school, the church, the principal, a teacher and more. He told ABC News, “There were times when teachers would let aides in the room for hours at a time to watch the kids. During naptime, the aides would be sleeping and the children would have been molesting each other during this time.”

A father of one of the victims, in an interview with an ABC affiliate in LA, got emotional when speaking of the sexual abuse his son had gone through, and how he worried it would change him. Even going as far as to call his own son a “predator.”

“He told me about all the bad things that girl had been doing to him…I just told him, you’re never coming back here for these people to do this to you. But there’s no way I can just take him to another school and be that parent that just lets a predator loose.” The father, Richard McCarthy, says his son became troubled after engaging in the acts with the girl. “The two boys that had been introduced to this…”feeling” that they don’t know how to process, are still looking for it…and trying to make it happen.”

But in another interview with that same ABC affiliate, the mother of the young girl, who didn’t want to be named, also shared her disbelief about the occurrences and says her child is a victim as well.

“I said, ‘Where did you see this? How did you know that this was something to do? ‘She said, ‘I saw another little girl do it.’ I said, ‘Well, where?’ ‘Here at school.’ ‘When?’ ‘During nap time…The way that she explained it, it was kind of like it was an everyday thing…from pulling the pants down to exposing themselves to, you know, trying to get somebody to put their mouth on the privates.”

And because of this, the mother pulled this young girl out of First Lutheran Church of Carson School in October, has put her in public school, and though she says that she still can’t wrap her head around how this happened, the child is doing better. But how this will affect all the children involved in the long run remains to be seen. Check out McCarthy’s interview with KABC-TV below.

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  • That’s obviously not the 5 year old in the pic you retards.

  • Ryan

    Totally agree. 100% the schools fault it is their jobs to watch the children so that this kinda stuff don’t happen. Or worse.

  • notagoodtime

    Speaking as a person who has experienced something very similar in childhood, this may affect those children badly. A girl I knew as a child continuously made me do sexual things. I was very young and confused. IM now 22 and grew up to be sexually confused and traumatized. I hope these children get therapy like I did.

    • IdBess

      This happened to me too. I can’t even function as an adult.

  • nlur

    I agree that the teachers should have been vigilant enough to prevent children from doing something so inappropriate at school, but I’m not convinced that this is a sexual scenario. I have a hard time believing that the 4 and 5 year olds involved had any understanding of the sexual nature of what they were doing. Kids that age are curious and don’t understand appropriate behavior. They love to take their clothes off, examine their body parts, and talk endlessly about their genitals and bodily functions. It can be hard work to reign in the crude behavior of just one or two kids let alone a classroom full. Granted this is outside the usual suite of crude behavior so investigating possible abuse is important. But if you can rule out abuse, I think its best to not harp on the incident. They will pick up on the shock and outrage and feel confused and ashamed. If it had no meaning for them, then have a talk about bodies and privacy and leave it at that.

  • Janelle

    This story is obviously disturbing. It’s also disturbing that the photo of a child, whether she is associated with the story or not, is being used with the article. There must be countless stock photos out there that don’t show a child’s face that could have been used. There’s a reason why ABC news blurred all the kids faces at the school. Journalistic integrity clearly went out the window here. Do better, Madame Noire.

  • Maggie

    The fuss being kicked up about this is absurd. Children have engaged in sexual play or exploration since… always. Think about it– how many times have you heard about kids playing doctor or doing a you-show-me-yours-I’ll-show-you-mine kind of deal? Its not necessarily something thats taught, its an inherent human curiosity Now, it shouldn’t be happening at the school BY ANY MEANS, but children have always been intrigued by genitalia in a totally natural way. Think of Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World,’ where children are given the free reign to explore their sexuality from a young age. Yes, it should be investigated and the teachers certainly punished, but dont blame the kids. Its natural, and its the fault of the teachers for not keeping an eye on them.

  • Candacey Doris

    So who showed this little girl that? Or worse, who has been making her do it to them? Why is there no abuse investigation?

  • FedUp

    Their just blaming the teachersand the school, BULL!!!! The parents are responsible for their behavior, thats exactly why I don’t want to have kids, the world is so disgusting now

    • FedUp

      Meant they’re

  • Guest360

    Where were the teachers?! Where was the adult supervision?! How do little boys and little girls take off their clothes and do sex acts on each other and not a single adult soul is around to stop it?! I just can’t even understand it all. And I’m not going to just blame the teachers for this one. Parenting has a great deal to do with it too. Not teaching your kids about “good touch/bad touch”, not paying attention to what they see on tv, in the movies. And hell. Maybe some of these kids have seen their parents, their siblings do this stuff and think it’s ok to do. The whole thing is just sick. Absolutely sick…..

  • sabrina

    Calm down people, that is not the actual picture of the little girl. It is illegal in all media to show the face of victims/perpetrators that are under 18.

    But this is truly disturbing. I can’t even wrap my head around this myself.

  • Esquire

    I hope the parent(s) of the little girl you are showing in this picture sues Madame Noire. This is totally inappropriate. You NEVER show a 5 year old in this context.

  • JaneDoe

    Jesus take the wheel for real

  • Why are they showing that little girl face,Madame Noire should take that little girl down before she be sued. That child face should not be shown!!!

  • DDaniels

    Okay – this is just SICK. That poor little girl needs to be talked to – where did SHE learn that this was acceptable behavior? All the children involved need therapy – their sense of right and wrong is going to be challenged for a while. WHERE was the supervision? And – to the administrators of this website – WHY did you choose a photo of a little black girl to illustrate this story??? Was the child involved black? It would seem from the interview that the boys involved were white – why not picture THEM? SMDH – I really hope I’m off-base on this, but dang…

    • I totally agree why is this little girl face being shown, I hope a lawyer see it and bring legal action.The little girl is not old enough to give consent about her picture!!!

      • FromUR2UB

        OK, now I get what you mean…that someone might mistake the model in the picture for being one of the actual victims, which at first, I thought you had done.

    • York

      That pic bothered the hell out of me, too! MN, PLEASE use discretion when children are involved, that was just plain tacky! The pic sets the tone for the article, sometimes it says MORE than what is written! I can’t even believe that one left the desk!

  • Meyaka

    I’m angry but not surprised. Quit playing the violence and sex in the media and in American families is real. Children copy what they see as accepted behavior from adult,what’s worse? The system is so broken even removing them from the home might not help… Wherever this God people worship is at,he needs to get our collective lives…

  • SMHgurl24

    The little girl that started it needs to be questioned then removed from the home! There is absolutely no excuse for children knowing this and all adults involved both in school and at home are at fault!

  • SMHgurl24

    The little girl that started it needs to be questioned then removed from the home! There is absolutely no excuse for children knowing this and all adults involved both in school and at home are at fault!

  • Trisha_B

    4 & 5 year olds shouldn’t even know what sex is. That little girl had to have seen someone do that in order for her to go to the school & do it to those boys. She needs to be questioned. & Why were they on the playground during nap time? Shouldn’t they have been in a classroom? Smh kids are doing adult stuff way to early.

  • KJ23

    I hope all those children get counseling, because if their parents just treat them like victims, then there’s a possibility the kids will just grow to perpetuate their actions all by thinking: “Well, if it never happened to me, then I wouldn’t do that to other people.”

  • bluekissess

    I can’t even stomach this story. The teachers aren’t the only things to blame. Those children have parents and you’ll be surprised what those children have seen.

  • Nikki

    all the bad things the girl did to him? I bet the father has had those things done to him multiple times. It would be better to teach these kids about sex and why they should wait to experiment instead of condemning the acts. These 4 and 5 years olds had to get this from somewhere. The little girl that started the whole thing needs to be questioned. They need to figure out how she was exposed to that.

    • Sex education at 5…are u serious… They need 2b learning how to tie they shoes, not pee on theyself, n bring mommy good grades. These ratchet a** night clubing b4 work napping instead of parenting “adults” are the culprits…now these kids NEED counseling…because they moral base is all messed up. And yes his father as an teenager and adult has most likely got his share of oral sex. NOT AT 5 THOUGH. That is molestation and very sickening.

      • Ona2684

        It’s never too soon for sex ed. The moment kids can start imitating adult actions is when it should start. Waiting until they are teens is too late.

      • Nikki

        Yes, I am serious. If they are doing these things and don’t understand, they need to be taught about them. I learned about sex when I was 7. I guess I don’t see it as molestation because it was 2 children doing things that they probably didn’t understand to each other.

    • MlS2698

      Someone may have been doing that to her. Social workers need to investigate quickly.

      • mac

        i’m floored. You are absolutely right. That never even occurred to me

      • Nikki

        My point exactly. I had a little girl come up to me and try to touch my private areas and tell me not to tell anybody. Needless to say, I told her dad. She stays with her mom and I was floored as to WHY she would be trying to touch me like that and WHY she would tell me not to tell anyone. 0_o These kids see and hear everything. That’s why I say early education is best.

        • MLS2698


          • Nikki

            Yeah, I am hoping that she just heard/saw her mom say/do that to somebody (her mom is an “undercover” bisexual) and that nothing has been done to her.

    • MlS2698

      Someone may have been doing that to her. Social workers need to investigate quickly.