Love in Hardback: 15 Of The Best Relationship Books On The Market

February 13, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin


Most dating and relationship books today are just regurgitations of what you could read in any eHow article, simply repackaged in a cute, well-branded way. But we’ve done our research to find which relationship books actually offer innovative, helpful theories, exercises and tips for finding and maintaining long-term love. Check out our picks:

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  • JustSayin

    I feel like this list is missing Hill Harper’s “The Conversation.” That book is really accurate as far as how men and women view relationships. It is honest and it is the opinion of real men & women. It really shows how communication is effected by pride, lack of affection and/or first impressions. That book is highly underrated and should definitely be on this list.

  • AmyFinehouse

    The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman is AMAZING. It teaches us that everyone wants to be loved in a different way and sometime the way you give love, isn’t the way your partner feels loved. There are 5 different languages of love and once you decipher what yours is, and which one your partner is, you can communicate love better.

    For example, if your language is Physical Touch, you might show love by being touchy feely but your partner might not feel loved through touch. They may be a person who feels loved by Quality Time, Words of Affection, Receiving Gifts, or Acts of Service. VERY INTERESTING AND EFFECTIVE !

    • Nikki

      Mine is quality time! Even if it’s just the two of us walking the dog for 10 minutes, that means SO much to me!

      • kierah

        Mine is Quality Time but my husband’s is Acts of Service. I think if we had realized these things about each other earlier, we could have reduced some conflicts.

  • kierah

    I can not say enough about The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. My husband and I were introduced to this book at a retreat. Within minutes of deciphering our individual love languages, we learned something new about our relationship. It is relatively easy to understand; however, it does take practice to implement it practically.

  • kay

    I am sorry but I am not the biggest fan of self help books. I am a huge lead by example kind of girl. If i need advice on dating i normally go to people who have been married for years. Sometimes those books are so general. It really depends on the realtionship you want.