10 Statements That Make You Want to Whup Somebody’s *ss at Work!

November 5, 2010  |  

Although I do believe in handling antagonistic situations in the workplace with professionalism and tact, the following list of statements from your boss may lead one to think about keeping it real.  Although this is not an all-inclusive list, these negative phrases do represent some of the worst-crap statements that bosses can tell their employees:

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  • Evilena

    Anthony Jerrod you are the worst writer ever-why are you here? You need to go back to the cotton fields–and all that other dumb ish you comprised into one of the worst articles I have ever read. This sounds like ish your white girlfriend said to you last week during an argument. Please don’t write anything else…unless it’s on toilet paper.

  • luckystar393

    These stupid auto-play ads and interviews. i listen to music on other tabs and i get tired of having to pause my music to listen to a kraft mayonnaise commercial or something. AND they come on BLASTING!!!

  • Honeylove

    you forgot #12 –  When they smack you and call you kizzy and your momma aunt jemima just five minutes after you refused to share your lunch bag o chitterlings. I HATE THAT!!!!!!!

  • I was told that I needed to be put on a leash.

  • “Has any of your bosses said this mess to you?” What is this. Awful article. Come on Madame Noire. Do you care about your readers?

  • Most of this has been said to me by my black managers. Sad but true.

  • avi

    sounds like the stuff i hear black folks say to each other – work n family – every other day

  • Tyanna Merritt

    I found the article to be lighthearted and comical. I don't know of racist type statements personally. Would think that those are over except for small and family business like some bloggers have commented. Sexual harassment is definitely a problem. There is no sexual harassment in America…LOL???? So to deny that any of the 10 does not happen at all shows mass ignorance.

  • deelucious

    I can't relate to any of these and I only got to page 4. I realised that this is garbage. Statements that make ME wanna whup somebody's as$?? I don't think so. They are statements that only YOU (thye person who wrote this article) can relate to.

    I'm sensing that you really are the worst employee your manager has ever managed, and that you work with racist perverts. lmao!

    Get a better job mmkay? lol

  • true

    A lot of this type of abuse does happen mostly in small n family owned businesses. Those are the worst places to work for but with jobs being so hard to find in this stressful economy some people rather turn the other way n ignore this kind of abuse then risk the chance of losing their jobs.

  • College Intellect

    People do say this type of stuff- that’s why there are so many workplace-related lawsuits. People go to court over this type of stuff everyday. Great article!!!

  • Kells

    I'm not a rocket scientist, but everybody workplace is not the same. It's funny when people ask, where do these people work? Just because you work in a certain type of work setting does not mean that everyone else does. If you work in a strict work setting, then good for you. Being from another country, there are people who can't simply leave their jobs and not provide for their families because of tirades.

  • karamel kisses

    Lmao. Where do these people work? Who wrote this and why? So stupid. LOL

  • thetroot

    Other than calling someone by the wrong name and firing somone, the rest of that ish is grounds for an easy lawsuit. And if you let somone talk to you like that and get away with it then YOU ARE WHAT HEY SAY YOU ARE!

  • wow

    Thankfully, I have NEVER heard any of that type of crap at work. I thought I hated the passive aggressive stuff, if people are really saying junk like that, I'll take the mealy mouthed passive aggressive stuff any day!

  • Yesterday

    Ummmm who in their right mind would take ish like this! I would leave

  • bossip

    This was soooooo stupid

  • imcafeaulait

    Seriously? SMH

  • Morris

    Great article. I do believe somehow that people still like to abuse their power knowing that they can get fired.

    Workplace discrimination and harassment is a very relevant topic.


    Where dey do dat at? I would whoop some ass, leave, not feel bad, and never look back. OR, I would try VERY hard to not go ballistic, be smart about it, bring a tape recorder, get EVERYTHING on tape, give it to the head of HR, leak it to the media and GET PAID! I wish a boss or anybody would say some of that Sh%t to me.

  • dcfashionista

    where do these people work?!





  • Derek

    I have dealt with a screamer and y'all all look alike in the past. You would think that with labor laws that these things would not go on.

  • Nicole


    Examples are terrible, are beyond hyperbole and if ever said to an employee, they probably should be fired—like the person who wrote this article.

  • Michele

    Even w/ company policies, some people don't care and take it too far. Especially sexual harassment.

  • TooMuchTimeSpentAlre

    So true.

  • pixie

    This "article" was a waste of internet space.