30 Going On 13: What I Learned From Being In A Relationship With An Immature Man

December 24, 2012  |  



In any relationship, there are going to be problems. You and your man are going to argue from time to time and experience rough patches, but when you’re dealing with an immature guy, you can bet that you’ll not only have disagreements, but you’ll definitely go through some unnecessary drama. I’ve been there and done that, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it, but if you must, here’s what you can expect.

For one, the chances that you’ll be able to take him seriously will be slim to none. I once talked to a guy and basically everything out of his mouth was a joke, and he just didn’t know when to stop. I would be speaking on an important matter, trying to get serious answers or advice from him and he would barely be able to keep a straight face. All he would do was laugh or respond with a joke. Extremely frustrating.

But not only will he not handle serious conversations well and not know when to stop playing, a childlike man is going to most likely be irresponsible, petty and too busy being a kid to fully commit to you like he should. I can’t count how many grown men I know that would rather go out with their friends and play video games all day than to take their lady out and spend some QT with her. Or whose women have to argue with them to pay their bills on time as opposed to spending money on frivolous things. Imagine dealing with a man who blows an incredible amount of his cash on strippers, Madden for Xbox or bottles at the club trying to stunt for his boys, and running to you to catch his a** when it’s time to pay the rent. Not a good look, but that’s what you get often times when you’re dealing with a kid.

And let’s speak on the pettiness. Someone I know, who I’ll refer to as Steve, is the perfect example for this. Steve is damn near a half a century in age, but acts like an eight-year-old elementary school boy when it comes to his maturity level and respect for the lady in his life. Whenever his woman talks to him about what he needs to do or work on fixing, he always gets defensive and comes back with a completely unnecessary or unrelated remark. For instance, she’ll say, “Steve you really need to go take out the trash because it’s starting to stink up the house.” He’ll retort with something like, “You’re always complaining about something, but your a** ain’t say nothing about the trash stinking when I drove you to buy those fishy a** shrimp whose shells you put in the trash to stink it up in the first place.” Yes, he’s that silly.

She’ll say something about his bad breathe after eating a garlicky meal and he’ll comment on how he doesn’t like her hair or the outfit she’s wearing. She tells him to wash his hands before he eats (yes, his lady really has to force him to do that) and he’ll tell her, “Why don’t you go wash your face?” If he asks her to do a favor that she doesn’t want to do for whatever reason, he’ll throw up the time that he drove all out of his way to loan her sister a few dollars to get her nails done when she was low on funds. It’s ridiculous, but I have to admit, it’s completely entertaining. Beyond hilarious. How much more childish can you get, really?

But Steve is just one example of many. There are a lot of 20, 30 and 40-something-year-old men out there who are still stuck in the playpen. If you choose to deal with one, just be prepared for a whole lot of headaches, “I-wanna-slap-his-face moments,“ and stress. Oh, and I can’t forget about the jokes— both literally and figuratively. ‘Cause he sure will have a lot of those.

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