‘I Wouldn’t Care If You Were A Prostitute, And You Hit Every Man That You Ever Knew…’ Celebs Who Don’t Care About Their Woman’s Past

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Women like to shade other ladies with questionable or busy pasts, but it’s clear a lot of men don’t feel the same way. These 15 celebrities didn’t care where their boo-thangs had been before they dated, slept with,  or married them — and they don’t care what we have to say about it either.

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Lil Wayne

We couldn’t start this list without acknowledging the man who inspired the headline. When you come out with a song titled, “Prostitute Flange” and announce, “I Wouldn’t Care If You Were a Prostitute and You Hit Every Man That You Ever Knew. See It Wouldn’t Make A Difference If That Was Way Before Me And You Girl,” you can only assume he’s living what he’s rapping about. We can’t say if he was literally speaking on the past of ex-girlfriend Trina, who joined him on that track, but every now and again Weezy’s face pops up in an Instagram pic with a random groupie, and that special relationship he has with Superhead is oh so suspect.

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Kris Humphries

I don’t have any sympathy for Kris or his 72-day marriage. Kim Kardashian has been around the block so many times she could draw you a map. And she’s not shamed to put it on film.

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The only thing crazier than Kris Humphries marrying Kim is Kanye wanting to come right through the door behind him. At this point she’s like sloppy thirds and everyone else in the industry knows exactly what it’s like to be with your chick. But Kanye apparently doesn’t mind.

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Tiger Woods

We all know by now that while Tiger was married, he was hitting anything with a pulse. That included adult video star Josyln James who he had an on-going affair with.

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Matt Barnes

How many times does Gloria Govan have to step out on Matt Barnes before he wakes up and leaves her alone? Apparently at least one more because he married Gloria’s (rumored) habitually cheatin’ self in September. Good luck with that bruh. I hope she doesn’t sleep with anymore of your friends.

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Charlie Sheen

Some dudes seem to like a girl that’s been around the block — even if she’s done it professionally. Do you, I guess. But what I can’t understand is why Charlie Sheen would move one of those scandalous “goddesses,” i.e. Capri Anderson, into his house. He almost lost his kids behind that move.

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Ray J

Brandy’s little brother not only doesn’t mind a woman with a past, he kind of likes ’em. Though Kim Kardashian’s slate may have been a lot cleaner when they got together back in the day, he’s still willing to date “Basketball Wife” Draya Michele and we all know her list of male suitors isn’t short.

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Darius McCrary

Why would you wife a woman known to eveyone else in the world as Supahead? I just don’t get it.

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Some men like to shop for women on the pole. Tyga not only met Blac Chyna in a fully nude strip club, she’s having his baby and the two are still together.

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Sometimes I think skripper saving is Drake’s real day job. He’s dated King of Diamonds stripper Maliah Michel and round-making hip-hop groupie Dollica Bryan. Need we say more?

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Sean Kingston

Sean doesn’t care where his beautiful girls have been. He came right behind Drake and The Game and scooped up Maliah Michel pretty round brown. I hope his new flavor of the month, barely-legal Shaniece, is staying safe.

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You ever see a real scandalous chick in the club and think, “Ew. Who would date her?” The answer is Ice-T. All day. I don’t think the traditional “good woman” holds any interest for him. Before he wifed CoCo, he entertained a string of groupies and vixens, including Supahead.

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Bow Wow

Ladies, raise your sons right or they could end up like Bow Wow. He claims he lost his virginity at age 16 to video “vixen” Esther Baxter, although that’s up for debate. One thing he can’t deny is having a baby with Joie Chavis who is rumored to be a rather known groupie.

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Tommy Lee

Some men like their women in shiny spandex. Pamela Anderson was Motley Crue founder Tommy Lee’s most famous round the way girl. But he dated a string of strippers and prostitutes before he met her. And he took another dip in that same pool right after he was done with Pammy.

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Kid Rock

Kid Rock doesn’t just date groupies, he has a thing for Tommy Lee’s leftovers. He dated Pamela Anderson and at least two other women that Tommy Lee has been with. That would explain why those two can’t get along.

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