Aint Nobody Tryin’ To See All That! Celebrities Who Think They Have Great Bodies But Don’t

December 11, 2012  |  
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Fame can make you delusional. With so many people gassing you up all the time, it’s easy to lose touch with reality. We’d like to dedicate this gallery to those celebrities who don’t know their true clothing size or who take every opportunity they can to show off their bird chests as if they’re really working with something. We love the confidence these celebs display but sometimes we just want them to cover it up a bit, know what I’m sayin’?


We don’t know why, but Fantasia tends to looks ratchet in just about whatever she puts on. This bikini is certainly a major offender, but the singer can’t even seem to manage rocking one-piece pant suits or dresses without trouble. We know you’ve got back baby, you don’t have to wear ill-fitting clothing to show it off.

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Steve Harvey

Remember Steve Harvey’s shirtless pictures back in 2011? We’re glad he worked up the confidence to take off that wig but this is ridiculous. In the words of Jamie Foxx: “Steve Harvey’s body looks like a busted hot water bottle.” He knew he was wrong for getting oiled up and posing for these photos. Please put a shirt on sir, you’re embarrassing your grandbabies.

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This is Steve Harvey’s body guard. He’s not famous but he deserves to be put on blast for the busted photos he took when Steve Harvey took his. He is half naked and on top of a lion. And that lion looks like it’s screaming for help. And why are his man boobs cross-eyed?



Nobody likes to take their shirt off more than Usher and when he recently posted these pics all over Twitter showing off what he thinks is a chess onset for his role as Sugar Ray Leonard we couldn’t help put think where’s 8701 Usher? We remember when he had a six pack and didn’t have to flex quite so hard to show it off. Maybe it’s time to play for the shirts team.

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Nicole Ricci

I know that this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten on Nicole Richie about her weight. But every time I look at her I want to go in the kitchen and make her a plate of food. And she’s always showing off those twigs on the red carpet. Put on some pants or eat a sandwich.

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 Justin Beiber

Will someone please tell pasty white to put the bird back in the cage? That is all.

Trey Songz

His voice may be silky smooth, but his body is lumpy. Trey Songz needs to pull it together if he wants to keep posing with his shirt off. We appreciate the fact that he’s trying to bring R&B back all by himself, but if he performs at the 2013 Grammys, we hope he may as well keep it buttoned up.

Lena Dunham

When Lena Dunham, star of the HBO hit Girls showed up on the red carpet not wearing any pants, this photo blew up all over the tabloids. I’m not so mad about this, but she makes my list because she never has any clothes on. She’s naked on almost every episode of Girls and the truth is she’s not making women more secure about their different bodies. She’s making us all uncomfortable.

Lil Bow Wow

Bow Wow is never going to live down that “lil” part of his name if he doesn’t bulk up a bit. At 25, his body hasn’t changed much since he first stepped on the scene at 13. That’s a problem.

Jason Derulo

You’d think someone who spends so much time dancing would have a little more definition going on up top. Jason Derulo may think he’s the Sexiest Man Alive but he’s confused. We know Jordin Sparks likes it but we think he should keep his shirt on  when he’s not in the bedroom.

Khloe Kardashian

We feel bad for Khloe Kardashian. Her petite sisters get all the love while she’s sometimes treated like the red-headed step-child, but some of it is her fault because Khloe still tries to rock the fashion that the other Kardashian sisters do even when she is busting out of it. Someone should send Khloe a Tweet and point her in the direction of the big and tall store. She’s got a lot of good stuff to work with, she just needs to know how to dress it.



Let’s all take a minute to talk about Drake and the big deal he made about Tweeting the pics of his “new body”. Is that it? We don’t see male modeling in Drake’s future. He should stick to making music. We can’t wait to see what comes out of his new label.
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We blame this on the women who have somehow decided that something about Rick Ross bouncing back and forth on stage with no shirt on is swexy. We’re pretty sure Ross knows he doesn’t have a great body, but that hasn’t stopped him from believing people aren’t opposed to seeing it. Wrong!

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  • nadirahangail

    Most of these people don’t look bad at all. I hate articles like this. It encourages people to focus only on the physical. That’s why so many people are screwed up now. Eating disorders, starving themselves, taking steroids. So what if they dont have what you consider a perfect six pack. Should they be put down for that?

  • Toni Xing Wanliss

    I find Lena Dunham refreshingly Secy..any person who is more selfconcious about their body clearly has confidence issues that have nothing to Do with Lena Dunham and her role on Girls. Yours Truly #averyskinnygirl

    • Toni Xing Wanliss

      that being said she could tone her legs a wear a little Skin bronzer on the legs…I recomment Scott Barnes Body Bling

  • LaToya T.

    I think Steve Harvey looks perfectly fine, especially at his age. Look at the average guy over 40 with pot bellies hanging over pants. I mean he ain’t no MODEL, but he’s alright. Jamie Foxx is gonna get old one day…..

  • Ray Jefferson Jr

    I should be in he bed, but I got up to get something to drink, checked the Trending section on Yahoo and I ended up here first of the “10 Where are they now…” articles. I must need sleep bad! lol lol

  • DL

    No Justin Bieber fan, but must his “color” be brought into it?

  • Tellyawut

    Ok, madamenoir, some of these bodies have valid reason to poke fun at. However, not all of these celebs have bad bodies. The editor actually let this fly? A few are actually good physiques, but your “writer” Meg still managed to hate on them anyway. What does your body look like Meg Butler?

  • harveryhighorse

    This article is superficial trash. No one should ever be put to shame over their physical appearance. We should embrace all body types as beautiful, whether or not they fit into the ideals of conventional magazine-cover attractiveness. We each only get one body in this life, and many things about our bodies are beyond the control of the individual, so why not go ahead and let them feel good about themselves since life is so short and full of too much crap already. Ya know? Black women who understand prejudice, and the harmful impact of Aryan standards in the entertainment industry should be more sensitive in these matters, instead of being so hypocritical. Stop letting magazine covers do your thinking in these matters. Beauty standards must continue to be diversified so that no one feels left out and can still see themselves as beautiful. What if a reader feels they have a body that looks like one of these people listed in this article? Then you’ve impacted that reader’s psyche and sense of self very detrimentally. Come on, we can do better than this. Re-post this article as celebratory of these body types and then we’re all winning. We can train ourselves to see each of these people as very beautiful if we just start doing our own thinking. Amen.

  • KDub

    crossed man boobs…I CAN’T!!

    • KDub

      *crosse-eyed Man Boobs

  • GlaciersofIce

    How did chris brown not make this list?

  • chase tyler (LadyJ)

    fantasia actually looks great now

  • Aquaprincess

    If someone is really skinny they could have a fast metabolism. I can eat every thing and not put on weight.

  • Cheryl

    I mean Usher may not be as cut as he used to be but dang, he still looks good without a shirt on, Madame Noire. You can’t be putting him in the same category as Rick Ross!

  • christinia

    I would love seeing some pics at y’all. Bet some of y’all making these comments body tore up from the floor up!P.s meg butler always hating and writes the stupidest blog post ever!

  • unque43

    The article on celebs who think they have great bodies and don’t was a low for you guys. More and more I see the media kicking older people off the page. They are not supposed to do this or that, not supposed to wear this, not supposed to dance like that. I have much respect for Steve Harvey for showing his body and taking the step to become healthy. He is proud of his accomplishments and he should be. He looks great. How old is the person who wrote this article, you will be lucky to look as good as he and the others do. I love mature people keeping healthy.

  • Mia Mama

    I thought we were trying to help build self esteem not tearing it down.

    • Jonesie

      This is Madamenoire, the “female friendly” equivalent of bawship.

  • Alexisbiyatch

    Ummm…Usher, Jason DeRulo and Trey Songz definitely shouldn’t be anywhere on this list..

  • Seriously, tho… Justin Bieber needs to find himself a sweater and keep it on! I have no clue why Selena Gomez would’ve wanted a piece of that anyways…


  • DRAKE!!! YAL CRAZY!!!!


  • Bryan

    usher, Justin, Bow Wow, Jason Durela, doesn’t belong here!… Neither does Trey because ain’t nothing wrong with that round man butt he However Rick Ross and Drake ought to be ashamed of themselves! Drake always uploading those pics to twitter and he don’t have any muscles so I don’t get what hes showing off. Rick Ross? Self explanatory You can see the stretch marks in his Tattoo above George Washington’s Head!

  • Bryan

    usher, Justin, Bow Wow, Jason Durela, doesn’t belong here!… Neither does Trey because ain’t nothing wrong with that round man butt he However Rick Ross and Drake ought to be ashamed of themselves! Drake always uploading those pics to twitter and he don’t have any muscles so I don’t get what hes showing off. Rick Ross? Self explanatory You can see the stretch marks in his Tattoo above George Washington’s Head!

  • Bryan

    usher, Justin, Bow Wow, Jason Durela, doesn’t belong here!… Neither does Trey because ain’t nothing wrong with that round man butt he However Rick Ross and Drake ought to be ashamed of themselves! Drake always uploading those pics to twitter and he don’t have any muscles so I don’t get what hes showing off. Rick Ross? Self explanatory You can see the stretch marks in his Tattoo above George Washington’s Head!

  • Mori

    Stop body Shaming!!!!!!!

  • Mori

    Stop body Shaming!!!!!!!

  • Mori

    Stop body Shaming!!!!!!!

  • What a shallow article.

  • Yuck

    Lena Dunham is NOT attractive. She could stand to lose some celulite.

  • Jennay

    I don’t see the point in ridiculing these people for their bodies. I don’t know why you have the idea in your head that only people who fit society’s standard of beauty are allowed to dress the way they want. We should be encouraging people to love their bodies and be comfortable in their own skin instead of picking them apart for the most minor of flaws.
    Articles like this are the reason why people are stricken with diseases like bulimia, anorexia and body dismorphia. Nobody is perfect and they shouldn’t have to be. Maybe we should all just have our brains implanted in to super-sexy robots… Quit being so hateful, quit body shaming and instead of tearing people down try building them up.
    People have the right to wear what they want without someone picking them apart. I’m sorry if someone’s unsightly extra bit of pudge or lack of muscle definition offends you. I’m sure that you’re not quite perfect either. Hop down off that pedestal and join the real world.

  • Chevonne22

    Okay, why are Usher and Jason Derulo on there? So what is Usher is flexing a bit much? That is not a bad body (he’s has worse during his “Papers” moment). I don’t evn know who Jason Derulo is, but he seemed to have a nice body to me in that pic.

  • MImi

    Hold up…Steve Harvey was wearing a wig all of those years? Where the hell have I been…to have missed that. LMBO!!! But seriously I always thought his hairline was always to perfect and seem to never ever ever have a bad hair day. I should of known. LOL

  • nitrodrip

    I have never read anything that resembled a news worthy story on MN. Bossip was program problems and this site lacks credible writers.

  • Hollywood

    Steve Harvey looks like he might have a pretty decent body. But he needs to put a bag over that dog-hound face of his. He is one unattractive, well dressed black man. But I guess his wife ain’t looking at his face as much as she’s looking at his bank account. LOL>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Mr. Silk

    Funny article, but there are serious typos. These articles really should be proof read before made live.

  • Alan

    WHY aren’t Tyrese and Chris Brown on this list. Bodywise, they have both been coasting for YEARS, now.

  • sugacan

    LMAO @ lion screaming for help! OMG!

  • ElvisWasAHero2Most

    This is pretty negative. why can’t people just be comfortable with their bodies? I don’t have a problem with that.

  • Ewwww @ Fantasia. But some guys like that hood rat look attire on women. To each his or her own I guess.

  • Steve has a nice chest, it’s that big koolaide grin that I can’t deal with lol. And his bodyguard looks a hot mess. Looking all ‘Green Mile-ish n sh*t lol. Michael Clark Duncan, hurry, somebody trying to steal your light lol !

  • Jennifer Cobb

    Psh. You can throw Bow Wow my way any day. I’d hit that. :9

  • The majority of this list was just rude for no apparent reason. What gives you the right to ridicule anyone’s body or style of dress?

  • tvbabb

    Steve Harvey’s photo was a bet between him, his nephew and his bodyguard. it was motivation to get into shape and loose weight. He was turning 50 I believe and didnt want to become one of those ol man who dont care about his looks or who accepts the “beer belly”. He was nervous about doing it but wanted to inspire other men of a certain age.

  • JT

    I remember when Steve Harvey was having the fitness challenge last year with Nephew Tommy and his bodyguard Boomer (I think that’s what his name is) and the pictures were showing their results. I might not think they’re aesthetically stimulating but I certainly applaud their efforts.

  • LaShara


  • Steve Harvey looks like a rotisserie chicken. lol

  • me

    Who wants to see a kinda nice body with an awful looking face…talking about Steve in that pic with the guy with man boobs.

  • Thank you, If Rick Ross can walk around breastfeeding the thirsty,I should be able to nurse in public too! Double Standard.

  • You guys were reaching.
    Some of these people have great bodies
    especially when 70% of the country is obese
    Don’t contribute to the damn problem

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    Okay this article is pure crap. With the except of Steve’s bodyguard and Rozay (that ish cray) Everyone else on this list is fine. This article is just plan meanspirited.

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      Oh and Khloe is only 5’7. She can clearly go to any store she wants. She is at the most a size 10-12 which is small enough for the majority of regular stores

  • keesha

    I’ve always wondered how someone can know what someone else is thinking (referring to the title of this article). Anyway, this was a funny article, although I only found myself laughing at the men on this list (and the woman with no pants).

  • LT

    You are dead wrong about Jason Derulo!! That boy is fine!!

  • S Whiteman

    Rick Ross is like 50 years old and needs to be comfortable in grandpa mode. LOL!!!

    • Ray Jefferson Jr


  • SHA

    And why are his man boobs cross-eyed?


  • God and Jesus loves me cause the only pic that didnt show up was Rick Ross! Thank you!

  • unque43

    If I could hear the person who wrote the caption under Nicole Richie’s picture I bet they sould like they got a mouth full of crap. I am done with MN for a while.

  • unque43

    Thumbs up for Steve Harvey and his body guard, they both look awesome. Lets give them a hand for doing what most wish they could.

  • unque43

    The article is pointless the story line is of poor taste and make you look desperate for a story, any story just to make press time. Anyway Steve Harvey looks great for someone who has grand babies, as you put it. I find it in poor taste to make fun of people. I am happy they are happy with what God has given them.

    • Ray Jefferson Jr

      I dunno…there are men and women out there 20 years older than Steve that are great-grandparents and look a hell of a lot better than Steve.

  • BP

    *don’t want to see flab
    *to have them

  • BP

    Agreed about Rick Ross! If men don’t want to flab & stretch marks in music videos,and video models are expected not have them, then Rick Ross shouldn’t get a voucher to do it either! He needs a Playtex 18 hour special & Spanx Higher Power Panties

  • msgeegee

    and the author is clearly a “big girl”…throwing shade at all the slim people on this list…..girl bye!

    • phat504

      just to say real quick i’m a big girl and i give props where they are due and honestly half the ppl the writer called herself trying to ridicule on this list dnt look bad…. i say that to say this though “small girls” throw just as much shade so sit that mess down please and thank u

  • msgeegee

    LMAO@ “booger body”….seriously????

  • Blam!

    Groupie chickens got rozay head gassed plus his money.

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    I don’t see nothing wrong with Usher’s body. He’s not 21 anymore.

  • Lmao! This article was straight up hatin’

  • Ronilove

    OK, if you are over forty or never had a waistline under forty: Put your damn shirt on! Don’t nobody want to see all of that…But that man on the lion is just suspect!

  • D Man

    Hey Steve Harvey is old. Give him credit… for an old guy – he’s in decent shape. Most guys as old as Steve Harvey are in a LOT worst shape. That’s all he’s saying!

  • Dee

    Trey Songz body isn’t bad and neither is Ushers. It’s the pics ya’ll choosing..But chillleee Steve Harvey needs to have a seat lol *my eyes*

  • Miss_Understood

    The pics of Steve Harvey and his bodyguard are just dreadful! WHY oh WHY does his bodyguard have on cut off jeggings and a cowboy hat?? He leaves nothing to the imagination-not as if any of us would care to imagine anyway…

  • ANTMilf

    Okay…..where are the females that said Rick Ross’ body is swexy and enabling him to run around without his shirt so I can smack the living s#!t out of those hoodrats!

    • Miss_Understood

      You slap em to the right & I’ll slap em to the left!

      • ANTMilf


  • Omg I dying over here! Steve’s Bodyguard is a mess!

  • IAJS

    Half of these people shouldn’t even be on the list… slow day or writers block huh

  • miemie

    Steve Harvey looks like a christmas pig, he just needs an apple in his mouth to finish of the look.

  • Rick Ross scared the ish out of me!!! Yuck!!

  • Trey Songz….I would not kick him out of bed….Ghost Rider out!

  • Disagree with Usher being on here! He may have lost 2 of his 6-pack, but he is still better than average!!

  • Steve Harvey’s bodyguard need to quit! What, did they have a bet or something? His man-boobs look like Homer Simpson!!

  • dddooonnnttt

    Yall got a pic of Nicole Ritchie (not Ricci..) covered head to thigh. Seems like yall wanna put her on blast more than shes ‘showing off’. Just sayin..

  • umm?

    usher, trey, jason, and drake don’t look bad. not necessarily my cup of tea but their physique isn’t bad at all. The girl from the show Girls I applaud her. We are always talking about the super skinny images the media presents as the perfect size and when she goes out on a limb our of her comfort zone to take a stand for regular sized women she’s met with criticism like this the very people that complain. this article was a waste of time and negative. You better have a body of a greek god the way you criticized the simplest flaws on this list

    • bunnybunny

      Im sorry but she didn’t finish dressing. How can u finish yo makeup but not yo outfit…??? She claim 2 b a role model but she running around with her azz out! Really???

  • Fantasia looked good at the Soul Train Awards a few weeks ago, i admit. I just wish she hadn’t put all those tattoos all over her body. It looks tacky on women to be all tatted up like that. But as long as she covers up, she looks fine. Steve Harvey is too old for this nonsense, as is his bodyguard. Rick Ross is just nasty-looking, and this pic is the first time i’ve ever seen him without the sunglasses,lol….put them back on and never take them off again!!!

  • JustSayin

    Steve Harvey looks like a bbq hot dog fresh off the grill. With that velcro mustache and saggy 6 pack. WHY do men & women take relationship advice from this man?

    • Guest

      Velcro mustache! OMG, I just can’t!! LOL!

  • Girl5

    If you’re going to throw shade at Nicole Richie, you could at least spell her name correctly. I’m not a fan of her’s but I’m also not a fan of pointless articles just to make fun of people.

    • bee


    • toya


    • I agree! That’s like the worst possible misspelling of her name I’d ever seen. lolol. Did anyone proofread this article?

      • IllyPhilly

        I know, I thought she got married or something. Lol

  • bay_220

    Steve & his body guard look like YMCA- senior edition. Usher looks like he’s constipated. Bow Wow is never going to hit puberty and Rick Ross should be charged for indecent exposure… I feel so violated.

    • Tamz

      YOU. MUST. GO. Lmao!!!!

    • bullheadedtaurus

      WOOOOOOOW!!! So wrong but so right…Steve and the bodyguard?? PUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    • Ray Jefferson Jr

      “YMCA- senior edition”??? You must not go to the Y? The Y seniors look a whole lot better than Steve and his bodyguard! Steve need to be getting workout training tips from them! lol lol lol

  • bee

    The writer must’ve just needed some extra people to talk about .. and add commentary to. Why is MN hiring these bossip writers? Like seriously? All this negative crap for some clicks? I appreciated MN a little more when there was less shade.

  • Eady123

    I didn’t think drake and Justin have bad bodies.

    • rhiyonceline

      Yesss Drake looks nice & fit

  • Say What?

    Rick knows he’s dead wrong for letting them thangs hang out on the regular. His mom needs to have a talk with him about proper breast support. Steven looks like a rotisserie chicken with the face of Mr. Potato Head and why is his big @ss bodyguard dressed up as a cowboy and wearing booty shorts? I just can’!

    • Na Na

      lol, I was wondering if they posed for them pics at the same time? Like what exactly were they thinking when they took them pictures!

    • Tamz

      You starting again this week @disqus_HXYrVfDFAN:disqus !!!! Lmao!!!

    • Ambitious12

      lmao you have me rolling

    • Nopealope

      Omg i just fell out of my chair ! Lol lol !

    • bunnybunny

      I need my asthma pump!!! Im dying!!!

  • samantha

    I laughed out loud through this entire piece! It was so funny, but TRUE!. I agree with all of it, lol!

  • pickneychile

    Those pics with Steve Harvey and his bodyguard…LOL!

  • Tamz

    Rick Ross and Steve Harvey’s bodyguards both have cockeyed moobs. How you gonna take pics shirtless and you look like a bag of melted molasses? There is a fine line between confidence and craziness. Beefy Kardashian ain’t an ugly girl, but she does have to realize she can’t shop in the same stores as Kourtney and Kim. And I’m convinced Trey Songz has the recipe for bourbon chicken tattooed on his chest.

    • Calm_you _down

      Lolz @ moobs and bag of melted molasses.

    • GirlSixx

      *PushingUpDaises* @Trey Songz has the recipe for bourbon chicken tattooed on his chest.. I feel so bad for Khloe at times she SHOULD NOT be posing next to her sisters for pics because people will always ridicule her.

      • pretty1908

        WHY ?! LMFAO bourbon chicken

      • unque43

        She can and does pose next to who she want too. I don’t see your problem. You must be a child commenting. I don’t see why adults would make fun of others. Got to be children.

        • TheLadyEbony

          Why are you here? Didn’t the title of the article tell you that it wasn’t going to be a fan letter?

        • Tamz

          Oh chile please, just like I don’t give an -ish about your opinion, you should feel the same about mine.

      • bunnybunny

        The neighbors may know Trey name but I’m sure they tired of listening to all them bird calls coming frm his house!

    • Ladybug94

      Tamz, I’m going to have to ask you to behave on here. lol

  • Calm_you _down

    My eyes! my eyes! Steve harvey you know u are dead wrong

    • exactly!

    • IllyPhilly

      I know, it made me go and play Biggie Small-Dead wrong.

    • ashamed

      That’s some Eddie Long posing there.

  • Britt

    Where’s LeAnn Rimes??? Where’s Sherri Shepherd?? Where’s Terrance J??!! O Lawd, yall slipping today…

    • Miss_Understood

      KE$HA! The human reversible coat-you cannot tell her front from her back! She is shaped like a ruler! Btw…Sherri is shaped like a slice of pizza, why does she always strut out like she looking good when she REALLY looks like the witch in the wizard of oz after the house fell on her!

      • You wrong as hell for that. LMAO!

      • kaysing

        “shaped like a slice of pizza”….You are SO wrong for that! *swan dives into casket*

      • LOL!!!

      • Girl your whole thang got me dead over here! but ‘… always strut out like she looking good when she REALLY looks like the witch in the wizard of oz after the house fell on her!…’ Omg! I pictured the wicked witch from the Wiz… but you are dead on for that!

      • looooool

      • Guest

        The human reversible coat? OMG, you are so wrong @Ms_Understood:disqus lmao!!!!

  • shenai

    That justin Bieber comment thou, ya’ll a damn wrong about it ha ha ha ha

    • Tush

      They aint lyin tho lol