NO You Did Not Wear THAT In Public: 9 Things You Shouldn’t Be Wearing Or Doing At The Gym

December 1, 2012  |  
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Working on your fitness? Pat yourself on the back boo, because it takes a lot to find the time to hit the treadmill, the weights, or the elliptical rather than opting for the easy option to eat Cheetoes on the couch. Seriously, you’re a champ. However, as you get your body and mind right at the local fitness center, know that you can’t just walk up in that joint doing just anything and wearing just anything either. Too many get way too comfortable or use the gym experience as the opportunity to see how many numbers they can get. Hey, do what you do, but know that somebody (like me) is giving you the side eye if you do the following…

Working Out In Uggs And Boots

Kid you not, I was just in the gym on Tuesday and saw both a woman in Uggs and a man in boots pretending they were working up a sweat when they knew damn well they could have broken their necks (or scuffed the hell out of the floor) in their footwear. I mean, homegirl was on the treadmill next to her girlfriend running in the tall gray joints (and may I add, with her stomach out and the tightest tights on–ever), not knowing that those things didn’t have good support and just looked crazy on in the gym once you get past the door. And even though the fella was just lifting weights, where did he think he was going dressed in boots, shorts and a cutoff shirt? A Jodeci 4Ever Fan Club meetup? Payless has some gym shoes for the low low if you really can’t make it to the saddity sneaker shops, but for your sake, I would recommend leaving the ug-mug Uggs in the locker room.



Pretending You’re Working Out When You’re Really Just Being A Creeper

This could go for either men or women, but honestly, it’s geared mostly towards the fellas. I see you watching me and other women as we enter the gym and walk to the locker room. And once we’re dressed and ready to work it out, I see you sitting on the leg press, once again watching me and other women as we go to our respective piece of equipment. The saying goes, you can look, just don’t touch, and even that’s a hell no. I don’t come to the gym to be ogled as I do squats by a man pretending he’s working out but doesn’t have an ounce of sweat on his brow. Nor do I want to weight lift and see you watching me in the mirror. You might think all that is innocent, but it’s sending off the weirdest creep vibe ever. There are men who do this all the time outside the gym, and they’re called peeping Toms…

Acting Like You’re At Club Gym

In the same vein, both men and women should save the macking attempts for when they’re in the proper place for something like that–not while someone is sweating up a river on an elliptical machine just trying to focus on their health. If you just so happen to click with someone you meet at the gym and wind up exchanging info, good for you. But I wouldn’t recommend making it a habit to go to the gym hoping to run into Mr. or Mrs. Right.


Dressing Like You’re At Club Gym…

And to add to that, please remember that there is a time and place for everything m’dears. I get that tights are supposed to be the resurrected workout gear of choice, but why are you clearly (as in, your tights are not opaque) walking around (or running around) with no underwear on with them? What’s up with the baby T and the face full of makeup? Are you coming to work out or are you coming to get “chose”? I’m just saying, you just might be doing the most.


Acting Like You’re At Home Alone And Getting Naked

Sure, a locker room is private to the public, but there are still a gang of men and women in their respective dressing areas. Maybe that’s why, for the life of me, I can’t understand why some people like to be so free with their nudity in front of everyone. Seriously. I don’t want to get dressed and try to sit down to put on my kicks only to look up and have you bending down butt a** naked to get something out of a bottom locker. I don’t want to go wash my hands and see you bent of over the sink in your birthday suit trying to hand wash your gym clothes (I’ve seen it…). YOU’RE NOT AT HOME, and while the naked body is “natural,” if it isn’t my own, I don’t want to see that mess.

Hogging Machines

If you’re not working out at the most spacious gym, you probably understand the struggle to get to the machine you want and keep it moving. Want the StairMaster? Homegirl has been on it for 45 minutes already climbing down to a size three. Want to pick up few weights? Somebody has taken them all and walked to another area of the gym. If you don’t have a private little workout room at home, then everybody needs to do a better job at NOT hogging up all the machines and tools. And on a side note, tell your friend not to stand in the way of the machine I need to use so she can talk to you about what “he” did last night. Sharing is caring, ya’ll.


Not Cleaning Up After Yourself

Bodily fluids of any kind that don’t belong to you are gross and should only be handled and cleaned up by their owner. But who am I kidding? In the world we live in, people piss on toilets and leave it, wipe boogers on walls and leave their children’s dirty diapers in dressing rooms (once again, I’VE SEEN IT). But at the gym, I would love if I didn’t have to get on one of my favorite machines and see that the hand rails are covered in a damp mist and that the place where you enter the speed you want wasn’t covered in the sweat of someone else. Same goes for benches with your sweaty a** crack ingrained in them. Do us a favor and just take a paper towel with you and do a quick swipe before walking away. And oh yeah, THROW THE TISSUE PAPER AWAY WHEN YOU’RE DONE. Don’t just leave it at or on the machine. Thanks!


Coming To The Gym Smelling Like Pig-Pen

I get it. Working out is hard work, and you’re never going to end your exercise smelling like a bed of roses or Love Spell (throwback!). But I’ll be damned if you should be coming in smelling worse than when most folks leave. When you decide to bench press across the room, I shouldn’t be able to smell your lack of deodorant when you raise the weights up, and I shouldn’t smell you when you’re working it out at the squat machine. A quick wipe down of the important places before you come in would really help actually, but please don’t ignore, and also, don’t drown the funk in perfume or colognes either. That’s much worse.

Some Things You Just Need To Leave At Home (Or In the Locker Room)…

Lengthy phone conversations? Save that for the crib. Rollers? Uh, I would save that for the crib as well. And while I know most people will continue to hate us for saying this, it’s just got to be put out there: bonnets and shower caps should be for the bed…and the shower. Not for the gym. A decent hair scarf or cap can help with most hair worries when going to the gym, but honestly, some things just weren’t meant to leave the confines of your home. Now that you know this and more, do better…and have a great workout!


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  • rainydaze80

    see…this is why I workout at home! lol

  • Actually, I thought it mostly the black women that smell or are unclean, didn’t flush or left the public bathrooms destroyed.Geez Louise, racist much? Or did you think YOU were somehow entitled to it?

  • owner

    Other than wiping down the equipment and stalking in the gym what someone else does or wears or does’nt wear is none of your business Victoria. If these nuances bother you so much, stay the hell home.

  • TeeKay Tadow

    blah…I’m a repeat offender of wearing the headscarf to the gym. When I go to the gym for my HIIT workout and weight training I go all the way in. 85-90% of MHR for long jaunts. With that being said, by the time I’m done I’m pooling sweat and my once laid kinky-curly coiffure is now all over the daggone place. I keep the scarf on to stave off the sweat from getting in my eyes and to keep my hair in situ. *kanye-shrug* Honestly, shouldn’t we just be happy to see other black people actually in the gym taking an active role in their health with so many of us dying due to unhealthy lifestyles? This whole idea of ‘what you shouldn’t wear” to the gym is trivial – I mean, as long as you aren’t naked, that is. Its the same ‘church clothes’ mentality that the black community has perpetuated. If someone doesn’t have the money to cough up money for UA or Nike gear – but they got a pair of admittedly sheer leggings or dusty old sweats and a 20/month planet fitness membership – who are we to judge?

  • Vandellish

    Ok so the gym is out, church is inappropriate, NEVER at the job, bars and clubs are too loud and everyone thinks everyone else is a scoundrel (which is equivalent to laughing and saying you saw someone in Kmart when your azz was in there too), not at your niece’s day care, not in your apartment building and not from your car window…JUST WHERE IN THE HELL CAN WE

    Could it be anywhere where we see someone we may like????
    Fk the rules!

  • What i hate the worst is to see people get up off equipment and not clean it. And i had to laff at the one about flirting at the gym. There is this creepy old dude at my gym who literally makes rounds to all the women for at least 20 mins before even looking at the equipment…Im sure he isnt a personal trainer.

  • Justin

    Why do women want to control men. You can’t look at them or talk to them. If you have a problem make it all women or all men otherwise get out of the way and stop this nonsense. Looking at women is not creepy -it is natural.

  • get real

    Ladies, rocking the yoga tights with the camel toe blazing in the gym, justs makes my heart melt. Camel toe is gods best creation. Absolutely beautiful. Lol

    • chanela


  • curlyk

    and im not sure how public gyms are but my university gym provides wet wipes as well as dry paper towels throughout the gym. Like there’s probably one sanitizing station for every 5 or 6 machines you see. So there is really no excuse to not wipe down after you finish but ignants continue to workout and leave with the seat and handles wet smh.

  • curlyk

    this list is so on point! lol. Uggs are a first. The worse thing I’ve worn were some shell toe Adidas on the treadmill my freshman year of college. I dreaded it too. But I didnt have any running shoes or the transportation or time to go buy them because my friends decided to randomly go to the gym and I was down. At least they were sneakers but I was still a little embarrassed.

  • Cola

    I’m sorry I disagree with your view on tights and underwear. I am an athlete and most women i know generally do not wear underwear under their tights. It can be quite uncomfortable especially if you are moving a lot and doing something aggressive. I dont like to feel like my privates cant breathe. However wearing a nice loose pair of shorts over them should do the trick.


      I agree with you, while wearing proper workout attire-leggings intended for activity. Underpants can be problematic for some during vigorous activity. I believe she was referring to those cheap $5 & $10 leggings girls purchase 2sizes too small.She made mention of them not being “opaque” which makes all these girls business visible to the public. That type of ratchetness is all too common nowadays. I cant understand the see through tights for pants phenomenon. Not to mention the see through tights with white or multicolored granny panties beneath! Ok I digress lol my bad 🙂

  • Smiley

    Sounds like hood gym 101 to me lol.

  • Negress

    They used to laugh at me at the gym with my can of Lysol. I did my changing in the bathroom and showered at home.

  • Cleo

    That man in the opening pic is looking all types of zesty

  • ANTMilf

    I was at the gym yesterday and this woman wore nurse scrubs and clogs, kid you not! Me and 2 other women was talking about that lady while she was running on the treadmill.

    • TheLovliest…

      Omg, I’ve seen that myself. This lady was dripping sweat in her scrubs & *never* wiped down any machine she was on. Mad me mad. I hoped she didn’t go to work afterwards…

  • Allie

    Not cleaning up after yourself is huge, I cringe when I see people use a machine or a mat without wiping it down afterwards

  • Miss D

    I can’t stand lazy people at the gym. If you’re going to walk 0.5 mi/h on the treadmill and talk on the phone, you need to leave. I also cannot stand people with their goodies out in the locker room. Yea we’re all women and we have the same parts, but I don’t want to see your chi-chi’s and your cha-cha while Im bent over trying to get my stuff out the locker. UGH.

    • ANTMilf

      I see that a lot and I agree what you said.

      • just me

        Its a locker room made for changing clothes. Don”t look if you dont want to see their privates. Unless they are invading your private space, whats the problem?

        • get real

          The problem is we are changing clothes and you have nothing but a towel (after showering or something) trying to talk about the Lakers or who’s going to win the Superbowl. And I’m like “playa talk to me when we get out here on the gym floor”. Idk about women locker rooms but there’s a lot of dic* watching going on in the men’s. That’s the problem

        • Bill

          Being naked for too damn long is the problem.

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    So true about that bonnet crap

    • sticktoaheadband

      AGREED! Ugh. IT is so HOOD! pleaaasssseee don’t leave the house with a bonnet on! Even a scarf wrapped around your entire head is doing too much. I get it about protecting the hair from sweat, I really do. But it is not a good look!

      • xxdiscoxxheaven

        Even worse, these chickens try to color coordinate them with their outfits!