About That TLC Biopic…A Few Actresses Who Maybe Might Could Possibly Pull Off These Roles (But We’re Not Co-Signing)

November 27, 2012  |  
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Disclaimer: This post is entirely for s**ts and giggles because we have no idea how this movie is going to work.

This morning we came across news on VH1’s blog that casting for the network’s upcoming TLC biopic is about to begin and immediately all of our hearts sank. At first, the full-length TV feature sounded like a good idea but rarely, matter of fact very rarely, is casting for a movie about a singer ever well done, excluding Ms. Angela Bassett as Tina Turner of course. We racked our brains for a long time trying to figure out who could even possibly play the very Crazy, S(w)exy, and Cool Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, and honestly very few ladies hit the jackpot. But hey, it’s a job and somebody’s got to do it, so here are our best guesses for ladies to take on TLC on-screen.


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Keyshia Cole

Keyshia sort of favors T-Boz doesn’t she? The singer may not be anyone’s favorite (biracial) girl right now, but if it came down to wanting someone who not only looks like T-Boz but can actually sing (although for some the latter is up for debate), Keyshia is your girl. I don’t know that we can vouch for her dance moves but it shouldn’t be too hard for her to pick up that Waterfalls shoulder bounce.

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Antonique Smith

Antonique already proved she can pull off playing a singer when she took the role of Faith Evans in Notorious. People may not have been a big fan of the movie as a whole, but her resemblance to Faith Evans was undeniable, and we’re pretty sure, all she needs is a short quick weave to transform into T-Boz’s twin. Add in a little lip-syncing — or Antonique’s real voice since the actress has had stints on Broadway — and a raspy talking voice and voilà.


Bria Murphy

Bria’s known as a model as opposed to an actress, but trust us there’s a little acting going on in those Dark N’ Lovely commercials, plus the teen beauty has that cute, short hair edgy look to her that’s perfect for a young T-Boz. We’re pretty sure her daddy could give her a few tips on the acting front as well.

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 Carmen Ejogo

Though this British actress has been acting and singing for some time now, most of us recognize her from her part as one of the Anderson sisters in this year’s Sparkle remakeLike Antonique, Carmen seemed to have a decent role in a not-so-decent movie which overshadowed some of her talent. Hopefully her fate in the TLC biopic wouldn’t be the same should VH1 decide to cast this young lady for the part.


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Kyla Pratt

Something about Kyla Pratt is just so Left-Eye on film to us. Kyla has the perfect kiddie face and baby voice to pull off Lisa Lopes’s playful nature and she’s been known to belt out a tune or two back in her Disney Channel days. If there’s any obvious casting choice from all of these options, it’s definitely her.

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Lil Mama

Granted, she would probably annoy the hell out of anyone watching the movie, but Lil Mama still seems to embody the spirit of Left-Eye. Lil Mama doesn’t really look like the fallen member of the trio but she’s got the rap thing down and clearly isn’t opposed to being the center of attention despite great opposition (see MTV VMAs when she bum rushed Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ set). Something tells us she could do this part justice.

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Raven Symone

We know, it’s a stretch, but variety is the spice of life. One thing Raven Symone does have is personality and what was Left-Eye if not personality? It’s a tad hard to envision the 26-year-old as a rapper, but lets not forget she used to bust out the flows briefly as a little girl, and her baggy pants game was on point. There’s possibility here.

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Angela Simmons

This is another wildcard choice we know, but there’s a slight resemblance between the two ladies who share the glam tomboy gene. We can’t vouch for Angela’s singing or acting ability but she comes from a family of talented rappers and it would be nice to see her doing something other than taking pics on the red carpet.


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 Rachel Nicks

Though Chilli could probably play herself since the 41-year-old doesn’t appear to have aged a day since she was on tour with TLC, we have to throw in some options for her as well. When it comes to Rachel Nicks all you have to do is add in a little baby hair and she could easily pass for Chilli’s sister. Rachel is most known for starring alongside Queen Latifah in the TV movie Life Support and we bet she could do this TV flick justice as well if she can get her dance moves right.

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Teyanna Taylor

Though Teyanna Taylor has a very distinct look, there could be a little Chilli in there. Plus, we all know the singer is very proud of the fact that she brought the tomboy look back into style so she should have no problem donning baggy jeans and fitted caps in this role. And should the producers decide to not just dub in Chilli’s voice but use actual singers in the flick, at least we know Teyanna Taylor has the pipes for the part.

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Vashtie Kola

This East Indian and Afro-Trinidadian designer and director is another woman who could pull off the physical similarity to Chilli. The 31-year-old  attended film school at The School of Visual Arts and studied cinematography so we’d expect her to give this part it’s due diligence, but we can appreciate if she rather put her talent to use behind the camera rather than in front of it.

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Zoe Saldana

Hey, she’s been cast in stranger things (ahem). At the end of the day, Zoe is a lot closer to Chilli in appearance than Nina Simone and she is a dancer first and foremost, having studied  ballet, jazz, and modern Latin dance before embarking on an acting career. The Avatar actress is probably way too big to ever take on this Made-for-TV role, but if she considered it we wouldn’t be mad.

Who are your picks for T-Boz, Left-Eye, and Chilli in their VH1 biopic?

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  • Pholosify B

    Monica McSwain would have been perfect as Left Eye in regards to her looks

  • kiki766

    I should play chilli I look more like her in the face and body

  • kendra nicole

    Tatyanna ali or keisha knight pullium for chilli kyla pratt or a new face for lisa n ke ke palmer keisha cole for tboz but tbh i think all new face would b great

  • Murray

    Keke Palmer should play Chili. Hands down. Acting, Singing, Dancing. She’s got IT.

  • Well, since we’re just throwing out names, I nominate myself to play chili. #POW

  • Ms. Bee

    ANANDA LEWIS as Chili.

    Keyshia does resemble T-Boz though. As far as casting Left-Eye, yall better call tyrone because no one knows.

    • sammi_lu

      Ananda Lewis..blast from the past! But I always thought she favored her a little and Tatyana Ali.

  • Guest

    I go with NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!

  • scandalous7

    T-Boz- Antonique Smith…..Period
    Left Eye- Lil Mama…………Period
    Chili- Rachel Nicks…………Period

    Tiana Taylor…..yal stupid fer that one

  • I’m sorry MN the only two casting choices I agree with is Kyla Pratt and Lil’ Mama even though they are both for Left Eye, everything else was based off of similar looks. Maybe this movie will give some unknown actors some shine, you don’t always have to find an already known actor to play in a biopic for it to be a success.

  • Suchalady

    I could see Kyla Pratt as Left Eye and Vashtie as Chilli but the rest of this list is bullocks.

  • BP

    I agree, Chili could just play herself lol. Out of this list, the only individual I could see nailing the role one of these ladies is Kyla Pratt. Leave Little Mama & Teyanna where they at, please! And being that this a made for TV venture, why not seek out some fresh talent?

    • BP

      *is a made for TV venture.

  • AJ389

    Whoa! This is going to be extremely hard to cast & I don’t know if I would be completely satisfied no matter who is chosen being that all the members of TLC were so unique. If I just had to pick here goes. Tatayana Ali or Keke Palmer = Chilli, Lil’ Mama,Taraji Henson or Lauren London = Left Eye, and……the jury is still out for T-boz even though Pam from the group Total ran thru my mind.

    • Miss J

      I was thinking Keke Palmer as Chilli and Lauren London as Left Eye too!

    • enlightenment

      Definitely Lauren London for Left-Eye! Except…she REALLY would need to step up her acting chops

      • Pholosify B

        I think Monica McSwain would have been perfect for Left Eye in regards to her looks

  • dalia

    What about Tatyana Ali for Chilli?

    • Tamz

      Thank you!!!!

    • lateshia

      That is a good one I think Tatyana Ali look just like Chilli. I can see Kyla Pratt playing Left Eye she do have the eyes. Keyshia Cole I can see her playing T-Boz. T-Boz she did have a rough edge to her so I can definetly see Keyshia pulling off playing T-Boz.

      Just to add in the article you said Chilli aged gracefully I also think T-Boz aged gracefully as well both ladies are very pretty individuals.

    • Chilli is a pretty women & Tatiana Ali is UGLY…SOrry hun…*lol*

      • Nicole Little

        You’re smoking. Tatiana Ali is not ugly. Not by a long shot. She will be perfect as Chili.

  • sassybuttclassy

    Ya’ll are dead wrong for having Lil Man on the list. (nope, not a typo)
    Most of these people I’ve never heard of, and then and the ones I do know of are no goes. Good Luck VH1, you definitely have your work cut out

    • sassybuttclassy

      Oh it was Kyla Pratt as Left Eye that I thought would be a good fit

    • LMAO @ lil Man… You kno u wrong for that… Lil Mama may be cryin cause of that

  • Cleo

    I’ve always been told i look like chilli lol I can play her same height, same build, sign me up!!

  • Beejcee

    I think KeKe Palmer as Chilli, Teyanna Taylor as Left-eye and Solange (sp?) Knowles as T-Boz, if Keyshia Cole was chosen she would need diction class(es) she is not very easy to understand.

  • Well

    I am by no means denying the success of TLC but let’s be real…strong voices are not really required of the actresses to play them.

    • nigel

      I think Faith Evans, Chante Moore or Lisa Raye were better choices to play the role of Pebbles, Karache Tran would be a good fit for Chilli, there should of been other choices for T-Boz character.