Something In The Milk Ain’t Clean: Basketball Wives’ Gloria Govan Rumored To Be Sleeping Around (Again)

November 14, 2012  |  

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Man I don’t know what it is about the Govan women, but rumors of infidelity always seem to stick to them like flies to a horse… (excuse me). Our friends over at The YBF got the inside scoop on the “Basketball Wives LA” reunion show taping, which took place over the weekend and let’s just say, the newlywed Mrs. Govan-Barnes wasn’t depicted in the most  flattering light.

The way it’s being reported, Malaysia Pargo’s BFF and aspiring rapper, Bambi is the one who started pulling cards and attempted to expose Gloria for being a bit on the promiscuous side. In an effort to prove that she wasn’t just pulling these accusations out thin air, Bambi proceeded to expound on her “credibility,” stating that she “knows people in the hood” and that Govan is loving the crew and  has been rolling around in the sheets with multiple members of Black Wall Street, which is a Los Angeles based record label whom rapper The Game happens to be a part of.

If you remember back when Glo and Matt broke up back in 2011, Matt claimed that the reason the two split was because of Gloria’s infidelity. Barnes’ accusations were followed up by cryptic tweets from The Game, which many felt were an indicator that he was the guy Govan had been caught cheating with. Considering what has gone down in the past, these new accusations don’t look so good Gloria. It is reported that Bambi was relentless calling the mom of two  a “straight Wh*r*”.

What is most interesting about this entire exchange is that mouth-all-mighty-tounge-everlasting Gloria who always seems to have something to say about everything under the sun simply responded with, “True or not True….I’m in love with Matt and nothing else matters.” There could be some validity to Bambi’s statements or she could be pulling a Nia Crooks and trying to make a an impact so that producers may consider taking her from a mere accessory character to a main character. Who knows?

Unfortunately for Gloria this wasn’t the only rumor making its way around the reunion set. According to The YBF, word on the street is that Gloria is also rumored to have allegedly been sleeping with her sister Laura’s fiance’, Gilbert Arenas, before the two hooked up and that is ultimately what put the strain on the sisters’ relationship that we witnessed this season.

One can only hope that these rumors are not true.

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  • Ummm… Bambi need not call anybody a Wh*re because quiet is as kept I heard that b i t c h was in Atlanta suckin d i c k for dora the explora coloring books and a happy meal. Regardless what Gloria did, and I highly doubt that she slept with Gillie Da Kid Arenas or cheated on Matt, Gloria ain’t never really did nothin’ to Bambi for Bambi to even come at her head!!!

  • leanne

    Jackie outed Gloria and the whole Arenas situation at the end of last season, it was muffled out. Watch the show and you hear Jackie say something about messing with Laura’s man. That’s why Laura is acting the way she is towards Jackie, and why she didn’t talk to her sister.

  • I really hope that she didn’t sleep with Gilbert. That’s a hard pill to swallow even if it was before Matt.

  • missydsunflower

    If you’re in love with Matt why are you sleeping with everything else, even your own sister’s man? (And I could care less who Matt has slept with, you chose him so you live with it.) Sad what today’s mothers have sunk to, and what our children have to be raised by.

  • I wonder how many times he’s cheated. But that’s to be expected huh? Yeah but sleeping with your sister’s man . . . . that’s low.

  • Ann

    Who cares? They need to take all the foolish reality shows off the air.



    And what would prompt this information fact or fiction. Bambi and other what if someone felt the need to tell a fact or fictional account of who and what you slept with. In my opinion are you jealous of her and her sister. Gloria is really trying to distance herself from all the crap that keeps going on and on and on. Why bring her into all of you guys mess. She is hardly in any scenes. Go find something constructive to do. WHY OH WHY are we always tearing each other down. Gloria go live your life and leave this Reality TV alone before it breaks up your home. Grown women rise above this type bottom level thinking and acting.

    • tiredOFtheMEDIA

      I concur, but at the same time these women put their business into the media. So don’t get mad when the public start to bad mouth them. I wish them best though. Lol, i’m working on trying to get a boyfriend, so they must be doing something right.

  • Yamini

    Birds will be Birds….

  • JaneDoe

    Can’t turn a ho into a housewife

    • sabrina

      h*es don’t act right

  • SoozyScrew

    Yea, she told on herself… Instead of saying “no,” she instead says “True or not true, I love Matt, blah blah blah” ….. Don’t care how much you love the peen, you’re a mom. Come on now

  • Tamz


  • beautiful mic

    once a hoe, always a hoe. If she slept with her sister’s fiance, she’ll do anything.