Put Some Clothes On That Girl! 9 Young Celebs Who Dress Way Too Hot

November 14, 2012  |  
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They’re young, beautiful and filthy rich. They also seem to have trouble finding clothes that use a reasonable amount of fabric. These celebrities, while uber stylish, are dressing way too grown for their age and we think they need to rein in the sub-21 sex appeal a bit. Maybe their parents think it’s cute, but we’re definitely thinking it’s a little much. We check out the worst young celeb offenders out there.

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner
Yet two more members of the Kardashian klan who kan’t seem to keep their klothes on (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves with the extra ‘k’s). The daughters of Kris and Bruce Jenner have certainly taken a page out of hot sister Kim’s book in flashing their under-21 goodies all over the Twitter-verse. From barely-there bikinis to super skin-tight Herve Leger bandage dresses, these girls aren’t shy about showing what genetics has done for them. Though, thankfully, the two have flown largely under the radar, avoiding scandal or plain oh-lawd-what-is-my-child-doing embarrassment, we certainly wouldn’t mind them dressing a little less Pretty Woman and a little more age appropriate.


Bobbi Kristina
So using the term celebrity to describe Bobbi Kristina might be a little bit of a stretch in and of itself, but she is in the spotlight for one reason or another. But her ridiculous antics and questionable romances have only helped to draw attention to her rather risqué fashion choices. Look, we know it must be trying to grow up as a celebrity kid, especially when your parents are Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, but come on, girl. Bra tops, skin-tight dresses and hot candids with Nick Gordon aren’t what needs to be going on right now. A little class will take you a long way, Bobbi, so might we suggest a more mature look that shows substantially less boobage.

Judy Eddy/WENN.com

Miley Cyrus
Miley, Miley, Miley. Liam Hemsworth may be close to making an (honest?) woman out of her, but bride-to-be Miley Cyrus still hasn’t shed her jailbait sex appeal. When she first busted onto the scene back in her Hannah Montana days, Cyrus was yet another cute, innocent Disney creation. But it wasn’t long after the show wrapped, that Cyrus decided to break out a “mature” look. And by mature, we mean less clothes, of course. From awkward photoshoots with her dad Billy Ray to writhing around on beds in music videos to braless candids, Cyrus has definitely crossed the line between appropriate and just down-right uncomfortable.

Josiah True/WENN.com

Courtney Stodden
The biggest offender of the bunch for a number of reasons, Courtney Stodden first came to our attention when she decided to raid the nursing home and marry 51-year-old Lost and 24 actor Doug Hutchinson. Yes, 51. She was 16 at the time. If age didn’t throw flags all over that play (it should be known her parents approved of the union), then Stodden’s straight-from-the-strip-club style certainly did. Lucite heels, cleavage spillage and lady parts nearly hanging in the wind are among Stodden’s signature looks and at the ripe old age of 18 years they’re totally, absolutely inappropriate. That chick obviously has more issues than Vogue, but that still doesn’t excuse her ridiculously raunchy attire.

JLN Photography/WENN

OMG Girlz
In case you were wondering what the OMG stands for in the OMG Girlz, it is Officially Miss Guided. While there could be an entire gallery devoted to how stupid of a group name that is, let’s just focus on the topic at hand. While the OMG Girlz might be way more toned down when compared to the likes of some of the questionable young ladies on this list, I still have a difficult time believing that they are really dressing their age. Super short skirts and heavy make-up (on Nicki Minaj level) definitely doesn’t scream teenager.


Selena Gomez
One of the more reserved ladies on our list, but nonetheless, Selena Gomez has never been shy about upping the underage sex appeal. Gomez started off as a child star, but it wasn’t long before she took her chances on the big screen and began to make a name for herself outside of Disney. Though she managed to keep it classy for a good minute, she has definitely had her more revealing moments. Will her recent breakup with the Biebs push her into uncharted, half-naked territory?

Digital Creations/WENN.com

Demi Lovato
We’re going to cut Demi Lovato some slack. Homegirl has been through a lot over the years. But we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t been worried about some of her fashion choices. From plunging necklines to come-hither looks and uber-form fitting dresses, Lovato definitely wasn’t afraid to show off her curves. But, we must admit, with age and experience has come some maturity. Lovato has pulled the reins in on her overall look, and has recently opted for colorful rather than bust-ier looks. Good for you, girl, good for you.

Rick Sonnemann/WENN.com

Taylor Momsen

This one is definitely going in the hot-mess category. Unequivocal, undeniable hot mess. Things started off relatively well for actress, singer and 90’s baby Taylor Momsen. I mean she was Cindy Lou Who, for crying out loud. You’d like she’d be able to keep her cleavage at a respectable level. Alas, that was not the case. With barely-there ensembles and super goth, heavy makeup, Momsen the sweetheart has turned into Momsen the wannabe-badass. Look, we’re all about promoting freedom of expression here, but hot damn. Can we please put some pants on this one?


Vanessa Hudgens

Huggie Bear, Huggie Bear, Huggie Bear. Why do you hate clothes so? We first got a glimpse of Vanessa Hudgens when she was prancing around, singing her heart out in High School Musical alongside Zac Efron. Sure she may be just a hop, skip and a jump away from Social Security at an elderly 23 years old, but just a few years ago Hudgens had some serious trouble keeping her goodies under wraps. Sure, she tried to toe the line with the whole boho chic, I-don’t-wear-pants-look, but naked is still naked. But we, at least, applaud her for getting a little older and therefore making her nakedness slightly more acceptable.

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  • Adam

    Looks like a bruise on Courney Stodden’s left arm…heroin much?

  • Nobody

    Dang, she looks in her 40s!

  • Jamaia McAllister

    Not a good picture of this Courtney Character, She clearly look 50ish herself.
    People trying to growup too fast.

  • barbaraebj

    In the 1st pic with the Blonde in the super-tight super-mini, what is wrong with her arm? The inside of her elbow area has a huge red blotch on it. That is way more unusual than the dress which actually doesn’t look much worse than some of the micro-minis we wore in the 70s. Maybe it is psoriasis, or what?

  • tempguy

    I got this far (#3) Not even risque, let alone scandalous. You are a snarky thing. I suspect you make a couple of hundred bucks a month out of this. IIf that is true, then you are being overpaid.

  • Angyl

    Poor Courtney Stodden, 18 really? At 37 I look much younger than she does… I have no problem with her or her choice of dress but damn the cake makeup she wears adds 30 years to her look.

  • Darth Rant

    That picture of Courtney Stodden made me throw up in my mouth. Thanks for that. She looks like an old, used dishrag.

  • Darth Rant

    Lovato is a desperate-for-attention headcase with a new shocking story every other day. Pathetic.

  • nightfury85

    Have you noticed how dark the inside of the child bride’s elbow is?

    • Beka

      self tanners get stuck in areas like that…the back of her ankles are probably hella dark too.

  • anon

    Here is my issue: half of the girls on this list are either 22-23 or older, in their particular cases, yes, maybe sometimes they show some skin…but they are full-grown adults. and honestly, the world has no say in what these ladies put on their bodies. In the Jenner girls case, yes, I believe they dress more revealing than they should, especially at the age that they are; also in the case of Miley Cyrus, I very much prefer when she dressed in more of an elegant, classy style; however she is a 22 year old woman and can make her own outfit choices. If you ask me, she has quite a nice body, as does Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, so if they want to wear a shorter dress to show off their legs or a mid-drift top to show off many hours of gym work and dancing, more power to them.

  • TheOutSider

    Personally, I think Selena Gomez should not be on this list, and Gaga should be…

  • Jasmine

    If you are over 18 you should feel free to wear whatever you want. If people have a problem with it, who cares? People are far too sensitive. I know 15 year olds who are not celebrities who dress way worse than anyone on this list.

    • TheOutSider

      No, I don’t believe people should feel free to wear whatever they desire… Everyone carries a responsibility. Why should I be placed into a position of seeing a ladies bits hanging out all over the place when I have no desire to do so? All that encourages is an abuse of sex, and sexuality. Then people wonder why there are so many teen and underage pregnancies, because folk push envelope all the time on what is and is not acceptable, under the guise of freedom to wear what we like. People have no longer got a sense of shame, they have lost their decorum, and respect for their own bodies. Think next prior to writing.

  • emma

    I dont agree with demi or selena being here very much, espcially demi as she doesnt flash her assests like the others

    • TheOutSider

      …then do more research on lovato!

  • Wixell Bickford

    One on the left is greasy, one on the right looks sturdy

  • Mary Dailey

    I have friends who are 45 and don’t look that old. I can’t believe she is only 18 and has already had a boob job. She could be pretty Yes, she would turn heads, but for all the wrong reasons.

  • guest

    Most, if not all, of tyem are adults. U cld see if they were like 13-17 but most of them are 18 and older. Before u judge, get ya facts straight.

  • anne

    I honestly don’t see anything wrong with these pictures. But since they are all women, we must assume that it’s fine to pass judgement on them. because I assume if men where to be in provocative clothing or shirtless, we would have nothing to say. So stop passing judgement and let them be and let them wear what they want!

  • philip long

    Forget the righteous indignity. The femme libbers have taught the young ladies that they can be anything, do anything they want. And they don’t ake advice. the short dress has been in style for 25 years. The fashion industry have tried to bring back long skirts 3 times, but with no luck. 50 years ago, women wore what they were told to. Sex sells; the average 16 year old teen knows if she wears long thick dress’ to school, she doesn’t get invited to the prom. Clothes are going to get shorter, thinner, and lighter; get used to it.

    • TheOutSider

      Why should I get used to it? Why must I change for those who seek to have less respect for themselves?

  • Tired of crooked cops

    She might be young but she sure looks like she has a lot of miles on her, hard miles

  • Sean Kelly

    Stop in the name of American squeemishness!!!!

  • Randall Flagg

    Selena looks like a little girl. Maybe in ten years she will be hot but when I see photo’s of her it does nothing for me.

  • Guest

    Funny how freedom/free will equates to irresponsibility nowadays

  • feminist11

    So where are the males on this list? Interesting how it’s all females.

  • Jess

    Half the girls on here are in their mid 20’s! lol they’re grown, get off their back!

    • TheOutSider

      NO, they need to learn to have respect for themselves, because without that they have no respect for anyone… and their twitter accounts substantiate that…

  • Pam M

    forget about her clothes what about those track marks on her arm??

  • kiki j

    I see it differently. These are all young ADULTS over the age of 18. I’d rather see them dressing s e x y than these girls in their 30s and 40s with children and grandchildren at home. When you are a young adult that’s when you’re supposed to do it. The idea is to mature out of that age not into it. What age MN do you ladies think it’s appropriate?

  • HoosierMommy

    How ironic – she looks like a washed-out 40-year-old trying to look young. Pathetic.

  • lyndagrand

    Is she shooting drugs? Look at the middle of her arm. She obviously used make-up to try to cover something. Then look at her eyes – she looks drugged.

  • sentinelswarm

    At Courtney Stodden’s young age, she sure has a road weary face and body. Looks as if she in in her late 30’s.

  • orobyn

    Sure they don’t look different from the average “fashionista”: fashion began to decline in the mid-60s, with the advent of the woman-denigrating miniskirt. After the media had shoved this travesty of style down everyone’s throats, it has reigned supreme as the ugliest, most destructive use of smaller and smaller bits of materials ever thought of by socially perverted “minds”. If it’s so wonderful, then why do men still wear pants and why are they all covered up from neck to shoes? The mini was another way to put women down and in their place when they were reviving womens’ liberation. There was a time when women wore beautiful flattering clothes for a decade or more — the late 70s to the 90s and some smarter women beyond that time, but in the last 10-15 years women have been forced to fight among themselves for male approval and attract men dressed as what used to be called sluts. Of course now women don’t expect to get paid for sex, but maybe catch a man who will support for a longer term until he gets tired of her and goes on looking for oher women. Women have not been released from male stereotypes, they are chained to the male rulers of society more than ever.

  • Dara Nicole Boyd-Galleguillos

    They don’t look any different than the rest of the young American/UK population.

  • Tijera08bh

    This is not showing a lot of skins this is normal so nobody wear shorts now a days y’all need to cut it out if you knew better you would know they are tall girls with long legs anything gonna look short on them I know

  • Lamont_Madison

    clearly MOST OF Courtney Stodden IS MAN MADE. – FAKE

  • Shay

    Wait a minute…this chick is 20-something?!?!?!?! I thought she was mid-50s before I read the article. She looks like she has lived a hard life.

  • Dionne

    Who are you to tell people how to dress? Wow!! Really???

  • John Browne

    How did Courtney Stodden get rug burns in her elbow crease? Was she sand-papering her Tracks? ^..^

  • Tamara Hart

    well, bobbi Christina did marry her brother….adopted or no, that’s too woody allen creepy to me.

    • kiki j

      Her adopted brother. He and Bobbi Kristina were best friends and when he was a teenager Whitney adopted him. It’s not like they grew up from diapers as adopted sister and brother. The tabloids just had fun with that story.

  • Sammy

    Don’t listen to them Bobbi Kristina, more boobage, more I say.

  • impeach obama

    taylor looks like shes ready for a B & D video

  • impeach obama

    demi you look like a street walker cover up

  • impeach obama

    selena better not bend over in that dress or shell moon the world

  • impeach obama

    OMG girl look really young the one in the red pants looks like shes ready for the street corner

  • impeach obama

    miley is no better than a street walker it sad that this has become a role model for our youth

  • orion01

    I dont see a damn thing wrong with what they are wearing. Go to your local mall and you see the same thing. Nothing new and nothing wrong.

  • AyeScarlett

    I’d never heard of Courtney Stodden but 18? Really? She looks like a badly used 50 yr old! Not good!

  • tamrachelle

    Courtney looks 45 in that picture. I saw that and was like who’s mom is this?

  • RRH

    Leave Bobby Kris alone! She is over 18. She can wear what she wants!

  • Miss Shonda Baby

    Stupid list…these girls aren’t dressing too revealing and that one that is supposed to be 18 looks 60, ya’ll sure ya’ll got the right person??

  • Pseudonym

    Some of these women are 21 and over. Do your research.

    • TheOutSider

      Who mentioned age?

  • guest

    this juz sounds like u’re out of articles to write. what happen to not judging women/girls by their cover? maybe it’s time we blasted ur pimp’ess’ name, ‘madame noire’ just as well. jeez!

  • gabby

    this is stupid and the writer is an idiot

  • Britt

    Don’t say the girls are too young…because some of their clothing can be considered inappropriate for any age. They
    aren’t teens, so when is it okay to dress in such a way? Never,show some class.

  • Daniel Dannen

    This is stupid. Miley Cyrus needs to put on some clothes? Selena Gomez? How about the 40+ year old women trying to act like they’re 20–THEY’RE the ones who should put on some clothes.

    • TheOutSider

      …yes that too…

  • Captain Dave

    Well stated, education and class have become “bad” things in our society lately it seems.


    LOLOLOLOOLOL you call these skimpy, must be other pics of them waaaaaay worse or the people who made it are in there 70s again LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Dee

    she looks like she’s been shooting up!!

  • alexia

    if’s sad to say this, but the way these celebrities dress is nothing short of how girls dress in real life.

  • Danalexa

    Bobbi Kristina is a young woman in need of guidance & direction from mature/clear thinking/ secure adults. You can see from her choices that she has had very little guidance/attention from her parents. One telling(odd maybe to some) is the state of her teeth. Most parents attend to their child’s oral health & orthodontic problems if they can afford it. Her parents did not. She needs braces immediately. I don’t mean to be petty, but a child’s teeth speak volumes about potential neglect.


    Why would you say that? There young an you used to be young too! Some of my best friends are hookers an they take me out for dinner!


    Well here my Phrase ;The less worn, is the best seen, an flaunt it if you got it!

  • roguemodel .

    Hey Stodden, nice track marks at the elbow!

  • Jackie Janes Loveless

    Courtney was 16 when she married a 51 year old…. that’s okay. the picture looks like she is a 51 year old trying to look like an 16 year old, rather than the other way around. it will be interesting… when that man reaches 71, Courtney will look like she is 91.

  • joe b

    Now I understand what my dad meant when he used the word “Bimbos”

  • Jerry

    Look closely at Cortney Stodden’s ‘left arm.’ Looks like a ‘Pin Coushin’ to me… Just Sayin!

  • craigthephil

    ‘Uber stylish’? You mean, ‘Uber trashy’! Just the the ‘uber rich’ who wears the crap!

  • Jefferson Scottland Munoz I

    I thought that first lady was in her late 40s.

  • EmeraldEyes1

    Courtney Stodden can’t be 18!? In this picture she looks about 40 or so, and not in a good way. Her dress is too clingy; she is way too tanned; her hair is colored in a horrible shade of platinum blonde; her dress is too clingy; she’s wearing too much eye makeup and her liptstick color is awful. Much too light and it does nothing for her. Even her expression is dead. It’s a shame that she’s so young and looks like this.

  • Emma Hunt

    girl my ass…she’s a old hag

  • J

    People in the US are so insecure with their bodies. I will never understand the culture where sex is everywhere yet if you are being sexual or sensual it is condemned. Maybe its just because I’m from Brasil that I don’t understand. When you are a teen or in your 20s that is when your body looks its best, why wouldn’t you want to be comfortable in your own skin and own your beauty and sensuality. It is what makes you a woman. I can only see that insecurity would make someone condemn another female for being one with their sensuality and not being afraid of the power they have as a woman.

    • Jackie Janes Loveless

      it is okay to be young and look good in your own skin… but that doesn’t mean you need to show your skin to the whole world… are Brazilian women so insecure they need positive feedback from total strangers?

  • Questeon

    STOP putting these young girls down. If they are old enough to vote then they can make their own decisions. We send 18 year old boys to fight our wars DONT WE? Damn media want to get in the news just like politicians want to get into our pockets

  • Miguel Angel Sosa

    these aren’t even bad

  • earnurownway

    Sorry but these “girls” look like they are at least 30 or older.

  • dakotalin

    Rape is a violent crime, and rapists don’t know the difference between a woman who respects herself and dresses half-naked on the streets, and one who doesn’t respect herself and dresses the same way. Either way, the dress is meant to titillate, and when you do it on public streets you put yourself at obvious risk. The fact that it is the rapist’s “fault” and not yours doesn’t make the pain any less (if you survive). It’s ignorant to pretend it’s safe.

  • You just seem jealous of these girls, get a life!

  • Mel

    Your ads make this crap unreadable. SHAMELESS.

  • Wendy Anne Randall

    Shamers???? its called..MODESTY. it used to be taught to our young ladies, it was a common place as napkins in our laps and forks on the left. its sad that our society no longer looks at little girls as PRECIOUS enough to teach self worth and VALUE. that their beautifl bodies have percious value, and not something to be thrown to the first guy who will never marry her or even say their the dad.the de-vauling of our daughters has taught them they dont have anything precious eough to save for someone who is worth a commitment. i wasnt taught modesty or self woth in churc. i was taught it IN THE HOME!
    the lady in the picture looks pathetic ,and i would NEVER want that example in front of my precious daughters!
    if you dont think that outfit is SOLEY meant to “entice sexually” you are living i a fools paradise mydear!
    i wonder who would get raped first…her or a nun???

    • Lizardlady

      And then one day women started thinking for themselves! Your uncomfortable feelings you get from seeing these pictures are a reflection of yourself, not anyone else. Your values are your own and should not be thrust upon anyone else. Your post made you sound like a fool. And as far as your “who will get raped first” comment- you are just encouraging rapists to believe that they aren’t really rapists. If you think the victim was asking for it, you are perpetuating rape. Congratulations.

  • Land Shark

    She may look 40 or more, but how many guys on this string would turn it down if offered. I’m one that wouldn’t.

  • Jett

    You shouldnt be judge young adults on how they dress. Look at the nonfamous kids and/or young girls out there, they dress a hundred times worst then the young celebrities. Ill admit, worst then Miley Cyrus.

  • Michelle Susanen Shelle Keiser

    Who Cares they are famous and you promotong them for free ….go you!

  • SpottingJunkies

    Is that huge bruise on her arm from needles? Ever heard of makeup? No wonder she dresses like that.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    Sometimes I wonder why I ever returned to the United States. Our America seems to work hard at being the most conservative and constricted nation outside of Islam. Your sexually perverse fear of nudity and the natural human form is almost pitiful. In Asia, sex has never been a sin, so nudity naturally appears in religious icons. In Europe, they’ve outgrown the stifling strictures of overbearing religion and autocracy. Even their humorous TV commercials can feature full-frontal nudity, and the Paris secretaries sunbathe topless along the Seine at lunchtime. It all makes me wonder if our self-appointed arbiters of style are really that twisted, or are they just the puppets of a greedy fashion industry that would profit most if you all wore Victorian burkas.

  • VT_Farmer

    Professional Self-defamation comes at a price. The ‘Come Hither’ transposed into ‘Voyeurs Welcome’ still reads as “I WANT ATTENTION” screaming at you. OK. I hear you. OK?

  • Kim

    Ms. Stodden looks like she has more than a sleazy appearance problem. From the looks of her inner arm in this less than attractive photo, it looks like she might be an IV drug abuser. That would be the first place to start the clean up! Then again, maybe she just got done donating plasma but that’s unlikely considering her marriage to Daddy Warbucks!

  • John

    They are all so damn ugly or can’t sing so they need to take their clothes off to get attention.

  • Susan Ed

    that blonde needs to stop showing her needle track-marked arm

  • Candyblossom Twinkletoes

    For the record, I have never thought that being a sl-t was something to be PROUD of, so for everyone screaming “Don’t sl-t shame women who dress like Miley/Kardashian girls!”, I say to you:

    How about we just shame and put down women–LADIES–who have a little self respect and view themselves as something besides a s p e r m receptacle??? We’re more than our cup size or the fullness of our lips. We have good minds (well some of us do) and some of us are actually real people with goals, hopes, and dreams that do NOT revolve around diddling every sentient being of age with a Y chromosome. Ugh. It’s no wonder that men don’t want to get married these days–the decent guys, the ones who want a real relationship with a lady who has self respect, self control, real goals, a good work ethic, and a kind, selfless heart–because they get friendzoned. I say this because I married one of those men who was repeatedly friendzoned by trashy girls, a man who has an IQ of 160, a good job, and a loving gentle heart (he’s also drop dead gorgeous so YOUR loss!!). You have NO idea what you are missing out on. There is SO much more to life than being a trashy little brat who is all about s e x.

  • teriquajones

    Miss Gomez needs a bra (one with a little push). Selina, fire whoever told you to wear that dress.

  • teriquajones

    The “OMG Girlz” are cute. I like their fun clothes and bright colors. And although some of those clothes may be a little too tight, they are keeping things covered.

  • teriquajones

    Certainly this is not a picture of her at 18! If this Chicka is under 50; she’s been living too hard.

  • AL

    The human body is what it is. Our current culture and society have dictated that we must cover ourselves but I love how you get so high and mighty when talking about other’s stylistic choices. Your way of thinking is the right one, I’m sure of it.

  • Barbara Finger

    what’s the deal with no. 1 – looks like she is a drug addict by the bruising on her arm – and they look like women who think the only thing someone is interested in is sex

  • bkrfelix

    Who gives it f**k!!



  • Polly

    In these pictures the girls are all performing or attending some sort of event. It’s like a costume, not their everyday clothes. Frankly, this will probably be the only time in their lives they will be able to look like they do, so go for it.

  • MichaelB

    Selena’s breakup with the Biebs was a very good PR move. His persona is that of an immature, spoiled rich kid, probably because he achieved fame and fortune too quickly and too soon, and without a good mentor.

  • Sam

    It’s called a free country for a reason. The problem with this country is everyone thinks they need to be in everyone’s business. Both in this country and every other one.

  • Manfred Hideous

    Is it just me or do all of these girls (except Gomez maybe) look washed out and old?

  • drbeene

    Check out the face on the girl behind Selena Gomez. Hah.

  • Olly

    Wonder why women are not respected?

  • Olly

    Courtney just looks stupid. How ignorant.

  • yuliya

    this site is misogynistic garbage. all of it. there is nothing here that is valid, fair, or positive. the writers here are incredibly lazy- focusing on superficial points that they think might persuade some poor women with low-self esteem to subscribe instead of subjects that encourage body-positivity, creativity, and healthy lifestyles. why not write an article explaining that robin thicke’s song ‘blurred lines’ promotes rape culture ? or how your body shape is often derivative from your genetics and that starving yourself or trying low-nutrition diets won’t balance out the unhealthy side-effects in the long run? try writing something that will IMPROVE your reader’s day, instead of trying to bully some celebrities that don’t pay attention to your hate-spewing site in the first place.

    • Manfred Hideous

      Thicke yelled surprise, so it’s not rape. 🙂

  • Sweetgurl

    How is the first woman under 21? she looks like she’s forty with that skin and that hideous make-up :S

    • Lisa Irwin

      Courtney Stodden. 18.

    • Polly

      That girl claims to be 18, but if she is, she inherited some really bad genes.

  • JC526

    Rode hard and put away WET…..eewwwwww

  • Nob

    Stodden, Kardashians etc are not celebrities.

  • BahlSanchin

    Slutshaming: This is what it looks like.

  • angel slap miller

    bobby christina looks fine. she is all covered up and is NOT showing any boob — she doesn’t have any to show! the girl doesn’t even need a training bra!

  • bob

    she’s 18 ???????? looks like a bad 40 to me.

  • CenCalDevil

    The fake blonde chick that’s pictured as #1 is “young”(assuming young means YOUNG)?
    She looks like a spun-out “old lady” biker woman in her late 40’s.

    • Lisa Irwin

      18. Gross, isn’t it.

  • yes

    why does she have a huge bruise in the crease of her elbow?

  • Cynthis Knight

    Courtney Stodden is the person in that picture? She’s 18? I went through the whole slideshow thinking that was some young celebrity’s grandmother–seriously. She looks to be in her 60’s..

  • dumpsterdog


  • RanLo RunningOnEmpty

    The first one looks like she has ‘tracks’ on her arm.

  • Laurie A. Cook

    I think Demi Lovato grew up in the same commune as Miley….

  • Laurie A. Cook

    Aww come on….Selena Gomez? I wore dresses like that one in high school in the late 60’s…she’s got a cute figure and never looks trashy. She does however have an incredibly sultry look to her face.

  • Laurie A. Cook

    Criminey…Courtney Stoddard now looks like a 40 yr old facially with a 20 something body and ridiculous boobs.

    • 41progress41

      nope…40 year olds look younger than that. If they are healthy.

  • sssalvo

    Courtney Stodden is 18 in this picture? She looks 40 and like she’s been stripping way too long. Oh, my.

  • Jay Thomas

    Why are we all so stuck-up that we are telling people how to dress? If this is what they want to wear, then so be it. Who am I to judge?

  • oho


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  • Oliver

    This is sad. How old are they again? Momager is pushing these girls too far, too fast. I can hear it now (But Mom this is what I really, really, really want to do). Does Kris ever say no when it comes to her younger girls? I realize this is generation X but can’t we treat our children better? Not sex symbols? Even though that was not the intent of these photos you know some guy or girl are not looking at these photos in which they were intended. I think these girls need a little more time on the front burner. Hold them back until the water starts to boil.

  • Cleareye

    Courtney Stodden and her lookalikes are nothing but sex toys, one step above an Inflate-a-mate. Try to imagine having an intelligent conversation with one of them. But hey, they’re smart enough to know they have no other talents and virtually any woman could look like them if they sacrificed enough.

  • dada

    Shes made a mess of her life, and went from popular to everyone doesnt want to see ur face

  • juggler

    looks too much

  • Teresa

    Whoa if that first woman is under 21 she needs to dress differently in order to look younger – think they have the wrong starter photo.

  • Deedee

    Look at her to marks and bruise smh

  • danzepepper


  • Name

    Courtney Stodden looks 40 in that picture.

  • concerned citizen


  • grad

    Who is “Courtney Stodden”? She looks like she’s 50. And who’s “Doug Hutchinson”?

  • Tara

    Weird….everyone on this list is female. There are no rules governing how men should dress, I suppose.

    • Lisa Irwin

      Umm, I would assume thats why the article is called put some clothes on that GIRL

  • wtny64

    How can anyone be concerned about the ‘OMG’ choice in clothing with hair like that?

  • wtny64

    Ms Stodden is 18? Going on 40? Yeesh. A reverse Dorian Grey.

  • wtny64

    Ms Stodden is 18? Going on 40? Yeesh. A reverse Dorian Grey.

  • Carol Cain

    stodden looks like she has track marks on her arm and she looks old old old already. better to burn out than fade away,,,

  • Carol Cain

    stodden looks like she has track marks on her arm and she looks old old old already. better to burn out than fade away,,,

  • buddhaman

    With those ugly horrible legs Selena really shouldn’t wear short skirts.

  • Bri

    I’m surprised no one noticed this blonde has needle tracks on her arm. So sad!

  • NiaIma

    No seriously this article is ridiculous. Über dramatic. If you believe these women reveal too much that’s one things, but they’re all grown so their age has nothing to do with it.

  • Margaret Carnegie

    this “young girl” looks to be over 50!

  • Mesha

    That Stodden girl, I didn’t even know who she was until I read it was her, and I only know her because of that Couples show.. But she looks like she’s in her 40’s. When I saw the pic I thought ” Well this girl doesn’t look young at all!” Poor thing!

  • Guest

    If not in your early 20s, when are you suppose to dress like this? Certainly not in your teens or in your 30s. If you don’t want your kids mimicking these outfits at a young age, then there is a such thing called parental guidance. Either explain the message it gives or how it’s inappropriate for children to dress this way or here’s a thought: don’t buy your children these clothes/allow them walk around dressed provocatively. But these ADULTS are entitled to show as much skin and cleavage as they want. Parents have a serious issue with blaming their kids morale and self-image on celebrities these days, the problem is your parenting skills (or there lack of) not celebs.

  • phreakincool

    Please, please, please stop calling Courtney Stodden a celebrity. What has she done? Nothing as far as I can tell. She looks 25 years older than her actual age. Like she’s been driven hard, with city miles on her.

  • Kate F.

    This one looks like she is fifty

  • Kanryou

    I’m upset that you would put Selena Gomez on this list. She definitely holds herself respectably, and is one of the best role models young girls have today

  • Really?!

    None of these women are u seepage they all are over 18 this article is a joke. Only disturbing one is that one who was 16 who married a 41 year old but come on, it’s obviously her and her family are complete trailer trash. Everyone else on here used to be talented young starlets and now they are talented you g adults. Give them a break for gods sake!

    • Lisa Irwin

      The Jenner girls are 16 and 14. And the 16 yr old married a 51 yr old.

  • Lvalcantar

    Way to police women’s bodies like the rest of the world. I thought the point of this site was to offer an alternative to that.

  • Brittany

    Yea, lets be classy and show our track marks. Now imma go shoot some dope so I can be classy!
    -_- really…. This is retarded

  • t.brucia

    I hope she never has kids…

  • sara

    Did anyone else notice the track marks on the Stodden girl?

  • bongo boy

    what is your problem with these young hot celebs choice of clothing? If you got it flaunt it. you fat n ugly or something?

  • B

    Why does Courtney Stodden appear to have what looks like track marks on her arm, or has no one else noticed the huge bruise like area in the crook of her left arm??

  • Garth Häävelschlockë

    Stodden look s 40 already…

  • “Look, we’re all about promoting freedom of expression here…” except when we’re really not at all.

    ridiculous. more power to these people. especially if it gets people like you all in a lather.

  • greendemo

    Why is America holding on to its Puritan heritage? When are we going to move forward? The human body should be celebrated, not condemned.

  • Teresa Daulton

    Courtney Stodden looks like she is in her mid 30’s not 18. That young and already looks like shes been rode hard and put away wet. :/

  • Bob Dole

    This sounds like an article written by a lady that’s past her prime and is jealous.

  • NottaBigot

    Why do they have a photo of the Jenner girls in this? The photo shorn is them in long sleeve tops and shorts. OMG< I have a photo of my Mom in the 50's in short shorts so it's nothing new. Bikinis show more.

  • NottaBigot

    Why do they have a photo of the Jenner girls in this? The photo shorn is them in long sleeve tops and shorts. OMG< I have a photo of my Mom in the 50's in short shorts so it's nothing new. Bikinis show more.

  • Patrick John

    Hey Courtney, I love the way your track marks match your eyes…

  • Goober

    Too bad the younger Jenner girls are going to be exploited like their older sisters.

  • Goober

    Courtney Stodden looks 35.

    • pekingthom

      More like 40-five

  • diane

    i feel sorry for all of them

  • diane

    and trashy.who cares about what they wear.

  • diane

    they are all ugly

  • Kelly England McDonald

    Class, style, and good taste are ageless. It has less to do with the age of the girls and more to do with the image they try to and do project. Many of them seem to dress to show as much and get as much attention as possible. You can be beautiful without showing all of your “assets” it would certainly be nice to see some female celebrities appear like they have some modesty and decorum. Like it or not these young women influence young girls…who emulate them in dress and style. As a mother of a teenage daughter it would be refreshing to see some celebrities who don’t look like they are ready to hit the corner.

  • BailHai84

    Courtney Stodden is only 18. She looks 40.

  • Amber Blare

    i can see how pale she was by looking at her scalp….

  • FoxtrotUniform

    Who the hell are most of these people? Regardless, adult or teen, people wearing revealing clothes? Yes please.

  • Alex

    This article is ridiculous. Stop hating on women for pulling off looks you wish you could. The last thing we need is more woman on woman hate. Let them/their mommas worry about it. You people need to just worry about what the hell you walk out of the house in.

  • kjjmac

    Am I the only one who thinks Courtney Stodden looks more like 50 than 20? She is not an attractive young woman at all.

  • Rebecca N

    Celebrities and their careers thrive on controversy and attention, so you cannot blame them for wearing outfits that bring attention to them.

  • PoodleSheep

    I eat tacos in bath tubs full of pancake batter.

  • DarthSimone .

    Has Miley had a botched open heart surgery we need to know about!…………Geeez, couldn’t find a tween bra in the Juniors section at Wal-Mart….Me either!

  • fiona cosham

    Ok I jusrt wasted 10 mins looking at this and half of the girls I have never even heard of. And… since when do you have to be 21 to be “an adult” you can get killed for your country way before that!!!!!!!!!!???????

  • Courtney Stodden………….Got track marks much

  • straighthorse

    two PiGS….

  • mary

    Courtney Stodden doesn’t look a day under 60.

  • Bruce

    damn the silicones are almost exploding

  • HOLY CRAP- this is the most offensive thing I have read all day. You imply these women are children. Some, are not. The ones that are, should NOT be being torn apart. Since when did it become appropriate to talk about a womans dress as if that implied her worth? Since when did it become appropriate to imply a woman is either stupid or ‘trash’ because of them hem on her shorts? For the love of god, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing that creates an entire culture of “well you dressed that way, so you practically asked for me to sexually harass you.” and your doing it to, as you imply, CHILDREN. Shame on you.

    Oh, and second of all, none of those outfits were offensive.

  • HOLY CRAP- this is the most offensive thing I have read all day. You imply these women are children. Some, are not. The ones that are, should NOT be being torn apart. Since when did it become appropriate to talk about a womans dress as if that implied her worth? Since when did it become appropriate to imply a woman is either stupid or ‘trash’ because of them hem on her shorts? For the love of god, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing that creates an entire culture of “well you dressed that way, so you practically asked for me to sexually harass you.” and your doing it to, as you imply, CHILDREN. Shame on you.

    Oh, and second of all, none of those outfits were offensive.

  • where are the parents she ready for adult movies

  • whats sad is young girl look up to these people and they giving the wrong impression. obvious tramp

  • hookers in training

  • look who the parents are is there any question why she dresses the way she does

  • parents are not role models these days they have the kids but dont want to raise them

  • called lack of parenting and morals parents just dont want to be parents they have the kids but dont want to take the time to raise them

  • randrand run


  • george

    ever notice the people that complain about girls with too little clothes are the same people you WANT them to be clothed?

  • e

    These girls look great. We should celebrate beauty instead of trying to oppress it.

  • nathanielpoe

    Ageist, much? Whatever else you may think about their union, there’s nothing wrong with Doug Hutchinson being 51. Unless you’re already planning on ending yourself Logan’s Run-style before you hit 30, or simply vomiting profusely when you look at yourself in the mirror when YOU’RE 51, then ease back on the damn age prejudice.

  • blah

    I really don’t get you Americans. You make fun of girls and women that wore shorts that are too short, yet you’re practically naked when you go to the beach. I see it as all these women are in the same boat so why not wear these types of things when you practically go naked just because your near water, and don’t give me bullshit about ‘it’s a beach, what are you suppose to wear.’? Don’t be a hypocrite, you’ll just look flat out retarded.

  • Jim

    If ya got it flaunt it!! They’re fine now, but that doesn’t last forever, smoke ’em if ya got ’em. It’s obvious they like the attention.

  • Mac

    Stodden, Momsen…Miley……come to me.

  • OldUncleDave

    If Courtney Stodden is really only 18 I feel sorry for her. She already looks like a 30 year old junkie with plastic boobs.

  • phoenix virgo

    I’m confused let the girls get old naturally, and look like courtney stodden and then they can wear the stuff when it looks disgusting. Or wear it when it still looks good, not that everything is good

    There’s such a thing as dressing over your age as well, and most of these women aren’t little girls anymore.

  • Courtney Stodden looks like a 50 year old transgender male. Her parents should be embarrassed, not over-joyed with sending her off to marry over-ripe has-been Doug Hutchison. Someone please get that girl some help, some clothes, a face wipe, and possibly a cheese burger.

  • Courtney Stodden looks like a 50 year old transgender male. Her parents should be embarrassed, not over-joyed with sending her off to marry over-ripe has-been Doug Hutchison. Someone please get that girl some help, some clothes, a face wipe, and possibly a cheese burger.

  • what

    The first broad looks like she’s in her 40s or 50s. below 21? come on now!

  • “Super short skirts and heavy make-up (on Nicki Minaj level) definitely doesn’t scream teenager”…..What world are you living in? That is the age where girls try the hardest to do so. Does it make it right? No but teenage girls are the ones who push the limits the most….ahhh the days of youth….

  • cowcharge

    That Stodden chick looks 45, a badly-kept 45.

  • It’s not the dress, it’s her fake boobs and either over-tanned face/or over make upped face. How old is this poor thing…she indeed does look middle aged trying to look younger with too much make-up. I also had no clue who this person is. So many folks thinking they are well-known when they are not and social media thinking that we all care about these one shot wonders!

  • doncanard

    y’all are a bunch of prudes. Class ? As in social class ? Conformity anyone ? Like the ladies said, free ya mind and ya booty will folla

  • tubaman

    what a skank miley cyrus is,yuk!!!1

  • tubaman

    what a skank miley cyrus is,yuk!!!1

  • tevra

    I’m out of here – when an article is about celebrities but starts with the G** D*** Jenner/Kardashians then I know it is bogus BS

  • dart

    It’s nice that you’re so concerned and offended about how these women dress that you post lots of pictures of them for everyone to ogle. Can you say “hypocritical”?

  • MRS

    That person is not young and you can see her fresh scars from her boob job. Her foundation doesn’t match her skin tone either. Disgusting

  • Taylor Momsen is a rocker not an actress. She dabbled in acting but rock n roll is her chosen niche. As a rockstar she looks just fine. Leave her out of this bullshit.

  • Systemic Necrosis

    Taylor Momsen…Zombie in a teddie!?!

  • Systemic Necrosis

    The OMG Girls (page 6) look like they are out of the movie “Escape of the Psycho Clowns.”

  • Systemic Necrosis

    Courtney Stodden looks like a 60 year old with botox, a boob job and bad taste.

  • Its the fashion industry fault for making all type of children’s clothes so skimpy so they can make money.

  • Yeah, it was weird to see that she’s underage… She looks like one of those Real Housewives over forty cougars. Isn’t it ironic that they are called, “real”…

  • saintsinno

    I’m pretty sure that Courtney Stodden does not qualify as a celebrity, since know one has ever heard of her and she should be under the “Young Drug-addict” topic.

  • R DuBois

    Butter Face

  • “raid the nursing home…” ? What narrow minded zygote wrote this?? Do 51 year old men have any business marrying teenagers. No. Are they ready for Ensure and Depends? Again, no. Too bad we old farts are the ones who have all the money.

  • brainy

    They’re “young?” That lady is at least fifty. There is more makeup caked on that lady than a clown. Miley Cyrus… average but put on a pedestal. Salena Gomez.. pretty but not gorgeous. What turns me off about her is she acts like her stuff doesn’t stink. She actually acts like a celebrity. How funny that is to me. I had lunch w/ her once & I sneezed the word vannity under my breath. She was a cute kid & that’s why she got put on disney. What talent does she have though? Beauty? lol. I see beautiful ppl everyday. I wish ppl. would stop falling for this “celebrity” ploy. These people are no better than you. So keep buying into this stuff when indirectly it puts you down and puts them on a pedestal.

  • anonymous

    people need to stop judging each other for the way they look.
    the way a someone dresses and cares for their appearance has absolutely no bearing on who they are as a person. as human beings we like to assume that we know someone just by looking at them but we dont. we like to attach stereotypes to certain appearances, and in some cases they are true, but that doesnt give us the right to tell someone how they should present themself. its none of our god damn business how they look.

  • Now that is a tramp.

  • Got to stop you on this one. Selena is gorgeous and this is great.

  • Now they just look stupid.

  • I can honestly say FUGLY

  • Courtney Stodden is 18?! I thought I was looking at some hot 40-year-old cougar. WTH?!

  • whatever

    Why is it Bobbi Kristina needs to get some class, but the Kardashians underage twats are just told they need to find their clothes???? At least Bobbi is on her own, 20 years old and able to make her own decisions, but the Klassless Kardashians under age girls actually have parents who are suppose to be settign good examples but only seem to perpetuate and encourage the vile dressing of these two girs! NO they and their family needs to get some class!
    And how are the under age twats celebs, but calling Bobbi K. a celebrity a stretch??????

  • Rob

    Selena is generally known for the elegance of her clothes, and she is plenty old to wear anything.

  • rc137

    Unidentified woman, bad hair, too much makeup, bad boob job makes her look old.

  • as soon as an article is about celebrities and contains at least one Kardashian I stop reading

  • JamesAllen

    -OMG girls are a little young for what they’re wearing.
    -This Courtney Stodden chick is a shame on so many levels (her parents signed off her marrying a 50-year-old man? No wonder she looks like a hot mess 2 years later) that I can’t even look at her clothes really.
    -Taylor Momson (whoever she is) looks like she’s trying way, way, way too hard.

    Other then that, all the rest of these look fine. They’re young women, not kids.

  • This girl does not look younger than 25 or 30…maybe even older….her face is hag like!

  • Rick

    Is it a requirement to be fugly in order to get on this list?

  • Awaiting the total skankification of Selena Gomez. Won’t be long.

  • fatlady

    in that first one…wgas about her age…is that big bruise in the crook of her elbow the result of injected drugs?

  • Miley needs help growing up.

  • I don’t think the Jenner sisters belong in this category.

  • Rod Levenduski

    I say you conservatives should mind your own business. If these young women want to flaunt there bodies and look likehookers I say let them. At the same time let them reap the rewards of their behavior. It’s their reputation and personal apparance. (This should not be construd as a condemnation of an actress wo is plying a role in a show. A woman, or man, can act like scum without actually being scum)

  • Corrica

    She has on more makeup than clothes.

  • is it just me, but who cares? Most of these people are at, almost at, or over 18, so theyre really not young..

  • Zhenchu


  • this whole article is bitter and pathetic. let people dress how they want instead of being so obsessed about what others do with their bodies.

  • lol this comment is sad. how a woman dresses has nothing to do with her value because her value is not in her flesh. nice try tho.

  • CC

    I’ve never seen Courtney Stodden on TV, but indeed she looks like she’s in her 40s. My sense is that it has more to do with her attitude, and her bleached out hair than anything else. She sure is a beauty in any case! Right, I’m 59, lol!

  • David Dunlap

    Looking at Stoddards arms…looks to me like she has stuck a few needles too many in there!

  • I had no idea who she was, i had to google her to find out…before i
    googled, i thought ‘theres not a chance in hell shes under 50’.
    Black women looking for white men??? blackwomen loving white men??? _______blackwhiteplanet.c0m_______ is the #1 black women white men dating site. No one night stand. serious relationship

  • what gives with the mark on her arm?

  • John Raymond

    Man it sucks waiting for all the crap on this site to upload. Yawn……I am so bored waiting. See ya.

  • Believe it or not, I was going to say……actually she looks like she’s 50. Seriously.

    • My first thought was what is this 50 year old doing in this story lol.

  • Jeff

    Look at her elbow, she just shot up.


    Clothes? She needs a bag over that mug!

  • toes

    this is stupid. they can wear what they want

  • this woman looks 60

  • yaymccheeks

    Just ’cause you have money doesn’t mean you ain’t cheap!

  • observer

    ya she looks old and beat down… cant imagine what other parts of her look like haha

  • Who?

  • Yikes!

    Wow! She looks like 20 miles of rough road.

  • Amanda

    Almost all of these girls are over 18, so I don’t see the big deal. They are legally adults, they can wear whatever they please.

  • Selena looks good! Why is she on the list?

    • Rob

      I don’t know. Besides, even if she were 15 this would be a classy dress for the age.

  • Well the “OMG” in the OMG Girlz is correct!!

  • Courtney’s only 18??? She looks every bit of 60 yrs old. And from the looks of her arm, she shoots dope!

  • Shelley

    In this picture, she looks like she has bruises on her arm. Shooting up will do that.

  • Janette

    That Courtney Stodden child looks more road hard and put away wet than a real 60-year old with too much plastic surgery. Unfortunately, you can’t tell an 18-year old much of anything, like how wretched she’s going to look when she really is a 60-year old.

  • courtney stodden is gross. she looks used up already.

  • jeff1138

    I get a weird feeling this was written by a rejected woman who wants to dog on all other girls she feels less attractive than

  • I don’t know (or care) who she is, but she looks like she could be the oldest cast member on Cougar Town. Are those healed track marks on her arm, or is that just bad tanning?

  • Half of the women on here are not little girls. A good bit of them are
    in there early 20s. So of course they are going to show skin they are
    their glory daysNice try though..black white dating????? ___blackwhiteplanet.c0m___ is the # 1 black white dating site to find serious relationship or marriage. black women loooking for white men.I had no idea who she was, i had to google her to find out…before i
    googled, i thought ‘theres not a chance in hell shes under 50’

  • Geez Courtney Stodden looks haggard! Nice boob job scar in her pit there too. She needs to quit tanning, eat a sandwich, and put some clothes on.

  • I dont care what anyone says, she is smoking hot!

  • I dont care what anyone says, she is smoking hot!

  • joblo

    Please. Selena is 20 years old, hardly underage. Her outfits are age appropriate, even modest by Hollywood standards.

  • RJ

    I still can’t get over how Stodden looks like she’s 30, not 18. Maybe that’s how she fooled out Doug…

  • Duffy Johnson

    If these young women are minors, a little decorum is in order. If they’re adults, let them do what they want without criticizing them. Most importantly…WHY DO YOU CARE????????

  • ron

    should be called HOGZ, not OMG, they are historically FUGLY.

  • ron

    are those really track marks on the inside of her elbow?

  • Amanda Connelly

    It’s ‘tow’ the line you idiot. Not “toe”. Seriously. Idiots are writers now.

    • OriginalExtraCrispy

      No, it’s toe. Google it.

    • Rob

      It’s ‘toe the line’ as put your toes to the line to get ready to race.

  • You’re kidding right? Most of these girls on this list are over 18, and almost all of them probably buy their own clothes with their own money. Why do we feel the need to dictate what is appropriate for women who are not our children or partners to wear? They are individual, sentient, human beings and unless they come into your place of business asking for a job you really have no right to judge.

  • Goober

    Venessa,,,,1969 is long way over. Get a grip.

  • Goober

    Taylor Momson…they will find her one day with a needle in her arm dead and foaming at the mouth.

  • Goober

    The fact that Selena dated Bieber say it all.

  • Goober

    What are OMG girls trying to do?? If they are looking to be symbols of trash, they nailed it.

  • Goober

    Miley Cyrus =No body= 0

  • Goober

    She will end up like Mom.

  • Goober

    More Kardashian girls becoming famous just because of their names. I guess Kris doesn’t care that the world sees her kids as trash.

  • Goober

    Courtney Stodden will be burned out before Lohan. I am surprised Hustler has not signed her yet for a pictorial or video. Hef won’t have her because he says she is “too overdone” for a woman her age.

  • oh look Leatherface’s sister

  • No one cares what you think, if the spoiled chemical runoff between your waxen ears can be called thought at all. I’m sure Taylor Momsen would offer you a hale & hardy, “F**k you & mind your own business, grandma.” She is the future & you are the antebellum past.

  • Courtney Stodden. You describe her as young, beautiful, and stylish. She’s wearing what amounts to a long gray tank top. She’s got silicone sacks for breasts. Her hair is dry as dust AND receding at the front. And, she has the face of a sun-damaged 50 yr old. Rich? I don’t know. But, if so, you got ONE right.

  • There is no such thing as a young hottiie dressing too hot. They could go out without a stitch on and it wouldn’t be too hot.

  • commonsense

    That bruise… haha she’s high and probably all the time which is why she looks 40. She’s the ultra neo-Paris Hilton.
    That body is pure genetics and silicone. Her parents want money. Happy Wedding! 50+16???

  • Don

    Lindsay Lohnan is one of them..

  • Don

    This woman’s face looks horrid and too old for that dress….

  • Be You

    Hmmm, I wonder why there’s no topless males on this list. Oh yeah, because we’re in confused and sexist America that pressures women to be stay YOUNG, BEAUTIFUL, & Overall APPEALING to the males eyes & Supports the notion that Sex/Sexy Sell, BUT then make articles like this. I seen one raunchy outfit this entire list and these women are grown soooo who really cares.

  • Bridgettweeter

    Courtney Stodden Looks like she is every day of 45. WHAT the has she done to herself? AND why would her parents stand by and let her?

  • OldUncleDave

    Who is that old junkie broad in the first picture and why is it in an article about young celebs?

  • OldUncleDave

    Who is that old junkie broad in the first picture and why is it in an article about young celebs?

  • DrBobNM

    funny commentary on the photos. Stodden looks about 50.

  • Most of these women – such as Miey Cyrus – are not children. They’re legal adults, and can show off as much T&A as they want. Stodden, on the other hand, looks like a disgusting succubus. What a mess.

  • LongJohn85

    I used to not like Miley Cyrus at the 18/19 yr age but now in this pic, I would clearly enjoy every piece of her now!

  • Abbey

    Also, whats wrong with tight clothing? I understand if some people dont like tons of cleavage (though I dont mind it), but now wearing tight clothes is “too hot”? That makes no freaking sense. Tight clothes or not, a body is a body. Stop being so extremely conservative.

  • Abbey

    Kendall and Kylie, at least in the picture that is shown, look perfectly fine. Kendall is barely showing any cleavage and Kylie isn’t showing any. Oh no short-shorts and low cut tank tops! It’s so scandalous! They are not little kids, stop being obsessed with how they dress. Freaking waste of an article and my (and everyone’s) time.

  • Bowan

    pic 6 lol lol lol omg lol

  • bowan

    that suppose to be what? stylish beautiful? i ask in whose reality ?

  • David

    Stodden has man-face

  • alnga

    As a famous commentator would say “sluts”

  • Miley Cyrus will be a great ex-wife to have.

  • ZeroOne

    I’m not sure how I got to this list but I get the strong feeling it was written by an older bitter woman who’s well past her prime.
    To the woman who made this list, here’s a tip: If you don’t like looking at these girls, not looking at them is even easier than looking at them.

  • Looks like crap

  • ray

    She got tired of
    her own stud so looking for a new and improved one, that is why she is

  • She”s only 18??? She looks much older. and those Huge implants are too big for her slim body. what”s with the bruise inside her elbow? It looks like she”s been shooting up.

  • Guest

    That chick looks like an ate up daytime stripper

  • davninho

    cyrus should wear some bra

  • randy

    this whole list is just dumb

  • Pauper

    Who the hell are you to dictate what is or isn’t appropriate for others
    ??? A HUGH problem in society is idiots like you trying to force their
    values on the rest of us !! Keep your puritan, mormon-ish opinions to yourself … the vast majority of the rest of us are tired of being dictated to by the profoundly stupid !! >:-/

  • Pauper

    Who the hell are you to dictate what is or isn’t appropriate for others ??? A HUGH problem in society is idiots like you trying to force their values on the rest of us !! Keep your puritan, mormonish opinions to yourself … the vast majority of the rest of us are tired of being dictated to by the profoundly stupid !! >:-/

  • Living out Loud

    Kris went absolutely beserk when her husband died. She’s got her little girls up there now. OMG! I hope this is the barest they get, til they get older. Good luck. Wow. Kim is already making films and is already outed as not liking kids much. On t.v. she pretty much lets us know she wasn’t ready. Oh boy. Good luck. : )

  • wgaf

    Who would think that courtney is a cleb? She looks 60 going on 70

  • The OMG girls scream “bad taste”.

  • She has to dress like that in order to get anyone to pay attention to her at all. What has she done for herself?? Nothing. She’s just the daughter of a celebrity — not a celebrity, herself. She should spend less tiime on her outside and spend more time straightening out her insides. She needs to figure out who SHE is.

  • Jeff H

    Are those track marks on her arm? Big spot that doesn’t exactly look like a bruise or shadow in the pick of Courtney Stodden,

  • rogiedodgie

    10 years and then the ugly tree.

  • I wouldn’t touch her even if she was naked on the bed, to fake for me and high price

  • Denise Dspain

    The Courtney girl look bad on many levels. I think the super bleach blonde, dark roots, super orange tan, white lips and eyes and the huge fake boobs are a little much for anyone! It does make her look like she is way older than she is and not in a good way. She looks at the least like a 35 year old that smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day and laid in the sun from morning until night. People need to tone down the tanning!!!

  • ahnacapri

    I guess if you have it flaunt it, because in a couple years she is going to be dog ugly.

  • paham

    Selena Gomez –

    YES! Young. very attractive and HOT; but not cheap. Age appropriate is only part of the mix, but it is an important part of the mix that makes “hot” and “classy” come together; and that is dynamite.

    This young lady has got it, and none of the others presented do. Where she gets it from doesn’t really matter,but that sense of attractive and style can last her a life time!

    Me – I’m decidedly an old guy, happily married for 40 plus years, but the day I cease to appreciate a lovely young lady kindly shoot me 😉

    P.S. My wife says the same thing about attractive young guys; fair is fair after all.

  • ANOTHER blonde Kardashian, being pimped out by Good ole Mom , and dirty old man hubby, that she will divorce in a year or so…When the next filthy ole man who has lots of money comes along and offers her more pimpdom!!! SOS..

  • Kara Brynn

    STOP CALLING TAYLOR MOMSEN’S MAKEUP GOTH, for God’s sake she can’t DO makeup to save her life and Goth makeup takes actual skill! As a young (19), modest, Gothic-makeup artist, I am so DAMN offended by that little skank being referred to as Goth!

  • AHHHH.

    its their life let them do what they want.

  • mobe

    Are you telling me this blond with the dark roots is in her teens OMG she looks like crap and looks at least like she is in her late 40’s what the heck is this girl taking old age pills or something and wearing that tiny skirt Yuk. She better change her life fast pretty soon she will be late 20’s looking like late 70’s or worse

  • this chic stodden looks shitty.and old not young like the heading said

  • budhill50

    Way too Hot?? I Call them Sluts.

  • Lucky13

    She is a celebrity? What exactly do we celebrate about her?

  • Courtney Stodden can not be as young as she claims. I showed her picture to several coworkers who did not know who she was. Not a single one guessed her age at less than 40. 2 that started at 40 and I said no, guess again, they went up in age, not down. She is attractive, for a 40 or 50 year old woman. I disagree with the inclusion of Selena Gomez. She does wear short skirts and shorts but nothing out of line with her age. She certainly doesn’t flash skin and body parts around like the sleezey Hollywood types like Lohan, Hilton, Kardashians, or Spears. Most of the others I agree with, they are little more than media and attention hounds, no talent and making up for it by flashing skin in an effort to look grown up and appealing. And as my 15 year old daughter would say “EPIC FAIL!!”

  • asfdasfd90821

    Am I supposed to know who any of these people are? The only one I’ve heard of is Miley Cyrus and I wouldn’t have known that was her if it hadn’t said so under the photo.

  • Jake

    how is it your biz with what the wear? Are we under sharia as well? 4ok ya’ll that created this article

  • Mizbehavin

    You have to be kidding! She’s YOUNG? She looks like she’s at least 40-50…

  • I hope you’re joking

    Oh dear me! How dare these women attempt to express themselves through clothing and dress in a fashion that makes them feel confident?! Oh you poor viewers, how dare they dress in a way that you find to be too ‘proactive?’ My goodness, what is the world coming to? Women trying to dress in a way they want to.

    Quickly, someone get them a burlap sack to cover themselves with, and a paper bag to disguise their faces too, before they shame their families even further. Make sure those ankles aren’t showing next time, ladies!

  • garys1216

    Agreed she looks late 40’s at best

  • annonnnamus

    What is that mysterious brown patch where her arm bends

  • 1 she wears way too much makeup 2 she looks like shes 55 3 tits are fake no fun there and 4 check out the nice bruise where a maybe needle went in hmmm

  • damatriarch06

    WHAT is the problem!? This chick looks old as hell with no class. Ugh!

  • Doug

    What has Selena Gomez EVER done that is scandalous, racy, or even pointed in that direction!!

    • Learn2Read

      nothing, if you bothered to read instead of just looking at the pictures it says quite clearly under the picture “One of the more reserved ladies on our list.” and “Will her recent breakup with the Biebs push her into uncharted, half-naked territory?” The name of the article is “Put Some Clothes On That Girl! 9 Young Celebs Who Dress Way Too Hot” Doesn’t say anything about “scandalous or racy” Just says celebs that dress hot and in the picture they chose she is in a skimpy outfit and dressing hot.

      • Rob

        You think Selena’s dress is “way too hot”? only if you compare it to the 50’s. Take a trip to the mall an the weekend, you will see enough to make this look tame, which it is. But then you could dress Selena in a potato sack with a belt and it would still show that she is a beautiful WOMAN.

  • Selena aint even got shapely legs either

  • Red Raleigh

    Too hot? You’re kidding, right? These are some of the most unattractive women (girls?) I’ve seen. Their misguided fashion sense only adds to that.

  • SoSezYou

    Sounds like a few people here just want these kids to be what they were at 10 and just can’t accept the fact that they have grown up. Go to the local mall if you want to see skimpy outfits…it starts with Hollywood but the kids follow along with their parent’s debit cards.

  • I don’t think Courtney Stodden should fall under the realm of ‘Celeb’–the girl is a joke.

  • Joe

    Yikes, the blonde with the gray dress looks like she’s had plastic surgery

  • kcgoat

    whoever wrote this article is trying to make america like a muslim country,

  • I likes Courtney. She’s definitely a c0kk toy.

  • Must be a PRUDE that does the writing for this crap. These girls appear to be trying get rid of the good little girl image that they’ve acquired by being in children’s shows. If they don’t break that image, quickly, they will relegated menial crap forever.

  • Who is she ? Why is she famous ?

  • Courtney Stodden at 18 looks like a desperate 40 year old clinging to her lost youth. There’s more city miles on her than a NYC cab. She has a botched boob job, her makeup looks like a clown did it and she did a bad job covering up the needle tracks on her arm. Horrifying.

  • Your 15 minutes are up, girls. Put a bag on that head! And stay away from open flames or all that silicone will melt.

  • DiamondDNice

    Miley is 20 and getting married she can wear what she wants. Vanessa Hudgens is 23. She can wear whatever she wants. Regarding Kendall and Kylie. Young but honestly, i live in the beach cities and 95% of the teenage girls wear less for most of the year because it’s on the beach. It’s bikinis all the time hear and most people don’t freak out.

    Enough you prude puritian taliban. More then half of these people aren’t even celebrities. But seriously stop passing judgement.

  • DiamondDNice

    the one in the grey must be 50. Not exactly young. And i have no clue who she is. That’s a “celebrity?”

  • arabrab

    I would hate to be hanging since shes been 18….sorry, she’s definitely not a GIRL!

  • Stodden is the only one with the body to pull of the clothes; the rest are either too under developed or just plain fat/ugly.

  • Robert Smith

    Got fake boobs may as well flaunt them

  • Does Miley wear pantie’s, or she full on commando under that dress.

  • Raul

    Courtney Stodden looks like she went from 18 to 58 in less than one year.

  • GrizzMann

    Still too covered for me!

  • wow three boobs AND trackmark bruises

  • Covie Checkers

    The OMG Girls are disgusting. Who would let them out of the house looking like that? Are they doing the whole lady gaga look? They obviously need better role models. Most of these other girls are legal and hot, let them flaunt it.

  • Nan

    Okay these three girls are WAY too short and chunky for skin tight skinny pants. They look like little stuffed hams. The only people who look good in skinny pants are tall skinny girls. Short girls, not so much. That little ballet skirt thing on the left covers up nothing.

  • Nan

    Courtney Stodden is young? I thought she was like 60 in this picture, so I was extremely confused at first by the “young” comments below the picture. The tanorexia is already making her skin look like it is sagging and drooping and wrinkled. Look at her armpit area! Her arm skin looks like a deep fried 60 year old. That eye shadow is not helping at all. She reminds me of the old crisped up lady that lived downstairs from Cameron Diaz’s character in the movie “Something About Mary.” She’s going to look like the crypt keeper by the time she’s in her 20s.

  • howdydudey

    nice track marks

  • she looks 45

  • I wish more women would dress like her.

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  • marti

    Janch I can’t agree with you more, they may be rich but looks like trash from here.

  • Whats that bruise on Stoddens arm (inside elbow). Looks like she’s been mainlining. yuck

  • 2 funny. They are crossing in to adulthood and trying to prove it. This is nothing new. THIS IS COMMON. Get out of the dark ages.

  • kickdemout

    Sure to be censored. By by.

  • kickdemout

    I was expecting to get a, you know, but instead I got a wave sickness and pity for our state of the nation.

  • kickdemout

    Besides you morons, Cyrus cut her hair and I suspect is a very troubled child that needs watching.

  • kickdemout

    Jesus, that first pic looked like she was mainlining. Yuck!

  • Toucan Sam

    How can a chick with a rack that nice still make me want to vomit?

  • Who is that first woman on the main page with blonde hair and grey dress? Cause she’s obviously 40-ish. That’s no little girl. And going through the rest of the pics, a lot of them I honestly find them to be pretty tasteful. And most of these women are over the age of 18.

  • Who’s the woman on the main page with the blonde hair and grey dress? Cause she obviously looks 40-ish. And anyone over 18 is free to make their own decisions, even if they don’t have any class.

  • Tina Hymon

    This lady in the grey dress is on the needle.

  • rocklesson86

    The only one that looks bad is Courtney and Miley’s now look. The rest look good. Furthermore, Vanessa Hudgens is 24 so she should not be on this list.

  • J C

    Gomez is so youngin HOT!

  • Ilio

    How stupid. Condemn and EXPLOIT these people at the same time. And this has to be one of the worst racist RAGS being produced today as a publication. Circular file.

  • disqus_hWXXMesBuZ

    Why does this say OMG they are under 21,when did being an adult start at 21,i thought it was 18 and none of your god damn business.

  • Oh, cool your jets! Ladies looked fine. Lovato, looked the best. (to me) If anything? Their all overdressed.

  • Jack

    It’s pretty obvious the writer doesn’t get out much. This is how girls dress now a days. At least all the pictures shown here an’t even that bad.(Meaning not all that reviling). The only one that even comes close on this list is Taylor Momsen. You have no idea how many little hoochies go out with less cloths on then that.

  • 277Volt

    I’m a 40 year old guy and Courtney Stodden looks like a cougar to me.

  • Vanessa John

    lol… cout… just turn 18 mand looks older than demi moore… lmao……

  • nic

    omg….. om good god the carnies are in town…………………

  • so trashy.. setting a poor example of how young women SHOULD dress . Have some self respect . PLEEEEASE!

  • Miss Truth Hurts

    I don’t know or care who Courtney Stodden is but um when I first saw her pic I though it was a pic of a 50 yr old woman….Um….she’s how old , NOW? and you better not say ANYTHING under 50 her damn self!

  • Sabrina

    that was a stupid list and whoever picked the “scandalous” pics failed miserably.

  • Vandellish

    Vanessa Hudgens is blazin hottt!!!!

  • Get a life man, never seen a pair of boobs before. I am a guy and I went picnics with female friends and we all took our tops off in the parks and no big deal. America is too strangely hypnotized about boobs. Once you squeeze them, they all feel great.

  • dyingdaydreams

    An extremely amusing artical… sex sells. Hard to argue with that. What I would argue is what rules of “Appropriate” are being applied here. The american media and people have never had any hesitations to dishing out loads of positive attention to women who flaunt their bodies as long as they look good; regardless of age. I would say it is less fair to judge these girls/women, and more fair to turn the mirror on american society and media circus. We live in a sea of opinions and people who constantly establish under and over-tones that if you aren’t sexually appealing then you are not good enough. And in this day and age, they apply that same yardstick to even younger individuals.

  • Kemikaike

    No complaints here!

  • Nothing wrong with their attire…

  • Steve Davis

    A Total Tart, Parents approved of her marraige, Money

  • I don’t know who this girl is in the grey t-shirt dress but she is not hot and one of her breasts is way bigger than the other one..

  • Skanktastic

    I don’t care how old you are, nobody should dress like this. And there’s nothing “hot” about it. It’s gross (except maybe to creeper sex-offenders).

    • manwholoveswomen

      i have to sign in to vote down, so i will just comment “thumbs down.” your not the judge of clothing lol where are you from the middle east? i love beautiful womans body’s

    • asfdasfd90821

      Sex offenders? You mean, all those adult males out there who would like to have sex with some of the adult females in this list?

  • sensrbtch

    aint gona hapen! da japs luv dis stuff, an wil pay da monies to lok at da bvibmbos.

  • bevus


  • f0rtylegz

    I’m shocked! We need sharia!

    • Jake

      then pack your things and travel to pakipigstan and afghanpigstan

    • You need therapy if you think rules foisted from the outside ever penetrated someone’s heart. Someone so starved for attention has some serious heart issues. Fix those and you won’t need any laws. Self-respect would compel them to dress like they actually valued themselves.

  • omfg. courtney stodden. this child needs help.

  • 17_woods

    Are those needle marks on the first pic?

    • dollbert

      looks like it… I thought the same.. and I mean she looks like a 57 yr old who has done facelift and surgery.. look at her arm wrinkles and boobs and face… I think it’s *not* this courtney studdey or whoever it is .. lol married some old pedo at 16? rofl.. anyway… guaranteed a misplaced pic and this woman is as old as the one next to her… wife of Stallone or something?

      • Cherry

        Unfortunately, that IS Courtney Stodden.

      • Cherry

        she’s got better pics though. That one looks really trashy.

    • I think it is her spray tan bunching up. It might be starting to wash off or she needed to be someplace before it was dry. Somehow I feel sorry for this girl. I mean WTF marrying a 51 year old with your “parent’s” approval.. Aren’t parents supposed to keep kids from doing something stupid that they will regret?

      • Heck no — they’re pimping their daughter out. They see dollar signs and they say “where do I sign?”. Same thing as most young stars. Just plain naive (at best) and heinous.

  • Janch

    Seems like Courtney Stodden is in a league of her own. She actually looks like she’s 50 years old.

    • Scott S

      she’s gonna look pretty rough by 25

      • CALIGULA


        • BobBurg

          And you scream at us as “Caligula”?

    • I had no idea who she was, i had to google her to find out…before i googled, i thought ‘theres not a chance in hell shes under 50’

      • Half of the women on here are not little girls. A good bit of them are
        in there early 20s. So of course they are going to show skin they are
        their glory daysNice try though.Black women looking for white men??? black
        women loving white men???_______BlackWhitePlanet.c0m_______ is the #1 black women white men dating site. No one night stand. serious relationship

    • rrs

      Yes I agree, she doesnt look her Age,and she does not act like it either, she wants to grow up too fast! And going in the wrong direction,and being married to that much Older Man ,isnt helping her image either! Dont grow up to fast young woman.

    • Mike

      Are they saying that when this picture of Courtney was taken, that she was 18?? That chick has done a lot of drugs if she’s 18!! Hell, she looks 40 minimum!

      • I’d say drugs is accurate. Look at the bruising on the inside of her arm.

        • I was thinking the same thing…the chic is definitely out there mentally…ever hear her talk ?

          • Susan Bailey

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        • LS

          I thought it was an old lady with tracks too!

    • OrthoStice

      My thought exactly.

    • I thought that maybe it was a mistake,then when I read it was Courtney and only 18 I was shocked. She looks old and not even a good old.

    • I thought she was that old too and wondered, before I even read the paragraph below “Why is she in this? She’s over 21” See what tanning does for ya? :/

    • Betty D. Matta

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    • DLW

      What a pig! Are there people out there who actually find her attractive??

    • michele isanski

      everytime i see her she looks older

    • Guest87

      Check out the track mark bruise on the inside of her left arm at the elbow…..very sad.

      • LS

        At least wear a long sleeve shirt

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    Many of these girls have been over 18 for a minute now. Can’t tell an adult how to dress.

  • tina

    This list is ridiculous. Half of the women on here are not little girls. A good bit of them are in there early 20s. So of course they are going to show skin they are their glory daysNice try though

    • guest

      oops didnt mean to like this post. teenager or not, there’s no excuse for some of these outfits these girls be wearing

      • Guy123

        Its none of your business how people dress

        • when they put themselves out there in the public eye- they make it people’s business. alot of these people get paid alot of money to be famous so they can roll with the criticism.

          • Like they give a crap what some nobody says.

            • Being non-famous certainly doesn’t make you a nobody. It makes you inteligent enough to know what the business does to people and avoid it like the plague. Some of us aren’t for sale.

              • Don

                Is she an actress or what?… What is her name?..

              • no it doesn’t you can’t be smarter than them if you spent so much of your life reading, posting, thinking about them now can you? the parasite isn’t better than the host in fairness.

              • SpawnyWhippet

                Lets be honest, the main reason ‘some of us’ aren’t for sale is because nobody is buying

                • Rabbit

                  Someone is always buying. If it is sex related people are down for it.

              • Stephan Larose

                HA! yeah, you’re not famous because you “avoided” fame. What a crock! “Oh no, I’d be so mortified of having millions of people desire and admire me, what a predicament!” Avoiding the mirror lately?

            • Rabbit

              They lol ever heard of twitter wars lol

          • george

            BULLSHIT, you’re just a fat skank who’s jealous. PERIOD

          • Calin Vaquero

            Is none of your business!!! Get over it!!!

        • Absolutely. It makes the rest of us look that much BETTER.

        • Kilgore Trout

          It’s everyone’s business when you go out in public like that. It’s like people with vulgar bumper stickers on their cars or people that curse in public. It’s fine if you do it in private with consenting adults (ie- in the same way prostitution, drugs, etc. should be legal for consenting adults), but don’t force everyone (ie-children) to be exposed. Have some respect for others.

          • Stephan Larose

            I fail to see how it affects children to see people scantily clad. I think the worst thing for children is to be taught the Christian-guilt, super-unnatural, taboo version of sex where you’re supposed to feel guilty and bad about it and hide it from people like you should be ashamed. That’s just backwards, maladjusted and dysfunctional. Let the kids look, they’ll probably be smart enough to make up their own minds about whether they like the style or not.

          • Tia

            Huh people like you kill me .. I need to watch what I say and do and wear because you are offended. No, I’m going to do what I want if it makes me happy good. If you don’t like roll your eyes and look the other way. Some people really need to learn to mind their own business. How does what I wear or say affect you in anyway????? Ugh….

        • MikeH22020

          I guess my question would be that if it is none of anyone’s business, why do they feature how they dress in articles?

      • asfdasfd90821

        “these girls be wearing”? WTF?

      • ZeroOne

        As they are the one’s wearing the outfits and not you, I don’t think they need you to excuse them for anything.

    • You read my mind……

    • LowPressure

      What is that mark on her fore arm?…Her lipstick is like from the 60’s…


        Looks like some has had some grab her very hard. That is not good!

        • TFH

          Looks more like she was giving blood at the nearest blood bank. NOT!

      • xeeeseee

        She is bruising like a 60 year old woman because that is exactly what she looks like. She looks horrible for her age, which means she will not age well.

    • Brandi

      I agree

    • mrbrockpeters

      If sluts want to dress like sluts who am I to tell them otherwise? Besides, how is this any different from the days of Monroe and Mansfield? Half of Jane Mansfield’s pics have her fat juggz ready to spill over her dress.

      Let the good times roll!