What Is She Your Talking Head?! RHOA Episode 2 Recap

November 12, 2012  |  
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is keeping the juice flowing this season. After a dramatic start last week, the foolishness kept flowing last night with Kim and Kenya’s race to the crazy. If you missed last night’s episode, check out the highlights here. And if you’re not tweeting with us through the show Sunday nights, make sure you get on it! (@madamenoire)

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Kim’s Homeless, But Not Really

So the woman who was so worried about Kandi’s mansion in the hood doesn’t even have a home — except she actually does. For a good five minutes Kim kept going on and on and on about being homeless until Sweetie dropped a little gem about the newlywed actually still having a townhouse her family could move back into. That’s the point when Kim proclaimed her family needs every bit of 7,000 square feet to live in and  KJ can’t survive without a basketball court to run on. That lil’ boy just started walking, stop living above your means Kim.

Kenya and Kandi Want Babies and Rings

I didn’t foresee Kandi, Kenya, and Phaedra getting along because I don’t perceive the two smalls as petty enough to get with the former Miss USA, but they ended up hitting it off. The main reason seemed to be Kandi and Kenya’s shared desire for a ring and babies, but I also think Kenya was hiding her crazy a little bit. They’ll meet the real Kenya Moore one day.

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Kenya’s Big Butt is the Only One Her Boo Walter is Allowed to Like

Babies and rings aren’t the only things Kenya and Kandi have in common. By far, the most awkward scene this entire episode was Kenya’s dinner with her on-again, off-again man-friend. I don’t know what was worse, the look on Walter’s face when Kenya proclaimed her grand plan to have babies naturally, or her needing to excuse herself when Walter said he asked Kandi out once before. If you didn’t realize she was off her rocker before, it should have been confirmed last night.


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Cynthia and Kenya are Still Beefing

The arguing we saw between Cynthia and Kenya on the premiere episode was just a taste of what’s to come all season. Kenya, in an effort to get try to get on Nene’s good side (and hope some of her celebrity rubs off on her) talked to the “very rich” housewife about her quarrel with Cynthia, saying she hopes it doesn’t ruin anything they have. Annoyed, Cynthia jumped all in the convo talking about how Nene doesn’t even know who she is and that’s when the fireworks began—again! I don’t really understand Kenya’s beef with Cynthia, someone might be a little jealous, dare I say it.

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Nene Plays the Bigger Person Role

Nene has been putting on airs about being above all the drama for a little minute now, but on last night’s episode she actually proved it. Rather than shade Kim, Nene actually invited her to her affluent women of  Atlanta event and was even rather cordial to her inside. Kudos for Nene for letting her mindset grow with her money.


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Kroy’s Nose is Wide Open

Please refer to slide one. Kroy, ya’ll are getting kicked out of your $3 million home, your salary is $1 million/year, Kim’s is reportedly $500,000/year, and she bought you an Aston Martin last season. Why in the hizell is he buying Kim expensive jewelry. If that bracelet she wore on her wedding day had to be borrowed, that means you can’t afford it. Don’t go buying it later! Kim knew what she was doing snatching up that 27-year-old.


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Kenya’s Got Mommy Issues

We may have gotten one piece of Kenya’s crazy puzzle confirmed last night. The cast newbie talked about her mother disowning her and being raised by her aunt who she views as her mom, and while for some people that gives them a deflated sense of self, it appears Kenya went the other route. This is no excuse for her actions but a least it’s some sort of partial explanation.

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Operation Donkey Booty

Phaedra is working on yet another business: a donkey booty DVD. You can’t tell me this isn’t a woman about her money, plus did you peep her trainer last night? Hotness.

 Twitter shade

And for those who missed our live Tweeting last night, here are the best comments from our Tweet session.

@Mahoganie_Jade@MadameNoire I say give KJ a Nerf football, head to a park or Khandi’s house (sure she has a big back yard) and let him go for it! LOL

@NstntVntage@MadameNoire I think Kenya is more attractive when she keeps her mouth closed. She’s not making the case for intelligent models.

@kgdcooper@MadameNoire How can we tell Kenya to STFU just for GP?
What did you think of last night’s episode?

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  • dbatt001

    ok guys click on #4 and imagine Kenya bald, cover her hair with your hands if you like….Miss America my a$$

  • I am soooo disappointed with Kenya! When I saw that she was on the show, as a former Miss. USA, I expected more class, poise & grace from her. I was obviously sadly mistaken. She’s a classless & pretentious diva!

  • CarmyneRevolver

    Kenya makes me regret the HD on my television. That dinner scene almost made my television explode.

  • realadulttalk

    I need to know why Kim had an ace bandage across her chest–she knows good and well she could not breathe with that mess on.

  • KJ23

    I didn’t get a chance to watch the episode, but I watched this girl BondyBlue Youtube recap and she said that Kroy looked like a Ken doll dipped in orange soda. When I saw that slide of him and Kim eating dinner, I could not stop laughing!!!

  • rzakia

    My favorite moment of the show was when Kim and Sweetie hot-tailed it out of that party under the guise of Kim being too hot to stay when in reality she just didn’t want to be there because her landlord was there at the party. I would be sweating too if I was being evicted from a house that I just spent all this money decorating and I claimed I bought. I just can’t get over Kim and her pet donkey Sweetie.

    • LMAO! You wrong for that one. So that’s the real story her landlord was there. Funny!

    • msgeegee

      Dead @ “pet donkey”

    • Cakester

      LOL! Dead ON!!!! My question is who spends all that money decorating a rental property??!!! I know she keeps saying rent to own, but until you own it, you are renting!!!!

  • Nikkita Michelle

    I see all of the women agreed that it is foolish for Kenya to have security. You’ve appeared in straight to dvd pics and you’re paying for security. LMBO. Kenya is threatened by Cynthia’s hustle and beauty. Don’t hate because you’re over 40 and still have acne.

    • “Don’t hate because you’re over 40 and still have acne.”

      Lmao that right there is cold.

    • dbatt001

      she said “straight to dvd” ..lol

  • Queen_RealTalk

    Kenya is SUPER WHACK…#1 spazzing b/c he man got denied by Kandi, get over yourself, its not that serious, #2 if she thinks its ok to go to someone else’s party and get on the mic talking about enough of this clown show, she is a dang fool. Clearly she feels threatened by Cynthia… honestly I used to like her but her attitude is SO LAME… ugly inside, automatic ugly outside YUCK!!!!

  • Patricia

    PLease stop watching this foolishness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop watching all reality shows period.

    • I agree with u Patricia….even though I am the first one 2 say these haute mess reality shows r just darn funny

  • nicki

    The most awkward moment was the close ups on Kenya’s face, her skin is just…blechhh!

    • realadulttalk

      Yes it is!! Her aunt on the other hand was a gorgeous woman with flawless skin–she may wanna ask for some tips.

    • That’s what years of caking on the foundation/concealer does to you. She probably sleeps in her makeup. Was it me or does she just have an overall ashy look about her? It could be the orange/blonde weave that contrasts in an unflattering way with her skintone/foundation. She would look better if she went jet black.

  • Kenya has taken unstable Marlo’s place as the resident shyt starter and crazy beotch. Nothing more uncouth than a hoodrat who doesn’t know they’re ghetto. A tight weave and a big bootie and suddenly they’re Michelle Obama Oprah Winfrey black royalty.

    • Man you are on point!

    • dbatt001

      resident shyt starter—–yes gawd!

  • Cakester

    Kenya’s skin looks like an old leather purse!!!!!

    • Ki

      Her skin is bad but I don’t understand why Cynthia kept the pettiness going and why she butted into their conversation..I mean she damn near spilled her drink to get over there…am I wrong !?

      • Cakester

        You are absolutely right! Cynthia is threatened by anyone that tries to get close to Nene… remember in Africa when she talked about how Marlo was getting on her nerves with all the talk of labels then when Nene was there and the smalls called Cynthia out about it, she changed her tune… Cynthia is beautiful but I learned that she was bat ish crazy when she gave Nene that friend contract!!!! They all seem to be lacking self esteem in some sorts!!!

        • Ki

          Okay I’m glad I’m not the only one whocaught Cynthia being petty ( I mean she asked Kenya when she won her crown –petty) I was worried by the previous comments lol. But I want Kenya to step away from the makeup and invest in some Clinique !

          • gracie

            Maybe proactive!

        • guest510

          See, I took the friend contract as a joke. like something to clear the tension caused by whatever happened (can’t remember what is was).

          • Cakester

            I agree, it may have been a joke, but I felt there was some seriousness to it… and when everyone laughed about it, she did too!

  • KayBee

    Why does Kim’s furniture look like she stole it off the set of TBN? I was waiting for Paul and Jan to show up and take those chairs back.

    • princess courtenay

      i hate you!!! LMAOOOOOOOOO

    • Dee

      RIGHT! The furniture is so gaudy

    • Negress

      Stop@TBN. If she rock two cotton candy wigs at the same time instead of that Barbie one I’m done.

    • Tamz

      I’m done. Lmao!!!!!!

  • Nikki

    It’s obvious that Kenya has issues. And what’s up with Nene not wearing a bra with that dress!!!