Forget-Me-Nots! 10 Memorable Moments from “The Cosby Show”

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Am I the only one who still watches The Cosby Show at least once a week? Not only do I watch, but I laugh like I’ve never seen the episodes in the past (minus three episodes that I hate).  Here are a few of the most memorable moments – whether it be one scene or the entire episode. What’s your favorite episode?

Gordon Gartrell

This episode directly lends to the notion that men will do anything to impress a woman. Theo wanted so bad to impress a girl that he let wayward Denise sew him a replica of a Gordon Gartell shirt.  One of the funniest parts of the shirt was actually what we couldn’t see: Theo said it was tucked into his socks!


THE 49th Anniversary Song

This actually was a pretty tame episode…until it happened.  Cliff’s parents came over to celebrate their 49th anniversary (I always thought it was odd they aired an episode for the 49th anniversary, of all years) with the family. They all went into the living room, the music hit and we immediately knew it was something special.  Theo with his cat daddy stroll down the stairs, Cliff with his eye popping “singing” and most importantly, Rudy with her desperately lip syncing of the “Babaaaayy” part. Instant classic.

The Wretched

While we’d been watching the show for years by the time this episode aired, it is the one that most reminded my friends and I of our own mothers.  Vanessa thought she was so big and bad sneaking out of the state with her friends to go to a rock concert.  One Murphy’s Law reared its ugly head, Cliff and Clair went to go get her and when they got home, Clair lit fire into Vanessa. It wasn’t only what she said but how she said it.  Every time I see this episode, I imagine how I would have gotten this type of tongue lashing and probably worse had I even thought about doing something like sneaking out of state for anything.

Claire loses weight

You may not remember it from the picture, but this is the episode where Debbie Allen, Phylicia Rashad’s real-life sister, played her exercise instructor when Clair wanted to lose five pounds to fit in the above dress.  Right from Debbie Allen’s entrance, you knew it’d be special: “You got to burn it to earn it, you got to sweat it to get it, you got to shake it to make it!”  Their dynamic continued throughout the episode and made you wonder if they were that silly with each other in their real lives.


Goodness, Vanessa was getting herself in all kinds of mess.  Here, she and her friends played the Alphabet game and she ended up wasted off bourbon.  Once she got home, she thought her parents were going to let her off the hook after seeing how drunk she was, but she was sadly mistaken.  The next day, Clair and Cliff, along with Rudy, played their own version of the Alphabet game. After seeing Rudy take a shot, Vanessa lost herself and realized they were drinking…tea.

The “Stevie” Episode

Not a single week goes by that I don’t say “Jammin’ on the 1s.” The phrase comes from a recording session the entire family had with Stevie Wonder after Denise and Theo were in a serious car accident with Stevie’s limo.  They all added different phrases and it turned into quite a song!

Denise discovers America

Denise, the wild child of them all, decided that she wanted to use the money in her savings account to buy her first car. Her parents disagreed and she took on quite the attitude asking what the problem was and if they were “still living in America.” Leave it to Clair to curse the child out without cursing. At the end of her lecture she said, “…because we’re your parents. And you better remember that young lady because the next time you take this attitude with us, you can take whatever’s in that bank account and discover America.” PREACH.

Who stole the babies?

Sondra has consistently been considered the most irrelevant child on the show. I mean, let’s keep it real: her character didn’t even exist until the second season. But years later, she was married to Alvin Tibideaux and they’d had twins. Well, Sondra sick so the grandmothers (Sondra and Alvin’s mothers) decided to go to the house, pick up the babies and take them on an excursion. After Alvin came home to find a sleeping Sondra but no babies, they went on a hunt to find out who “stole” the babies. When Sondra was able to confront them, she took a page out of Clair’s “Mommy” book and gave the grandmothers the “what for” when it came to doing what they wanted to do with her babies.

A Cosby Thanksgiving

Bless his heart, Cliff had to keep going out in the midst of what looked like the storm of the century because he kept forgetting something at the grocery store.  After his final trip where he finally remembered to pick up the eggs, Clair had already borrowed eggs and then…the sun came out! What an experience.


No, not challenge but chall-ONGE!  Rudy was taking dance classes and while Cliff was waiting on her, he came across another dancer/instructor who ended up being Sandman from Showtime at the Apollo. Sandman is a legendary tap dancer and while practicing in the room where Cliff was waiting; of course, Cliff wanted to show off his own tap “skills.”  This turned into a battle that from the jump, had a very clear winner. But it was so hilarious because even though Cliff didn’t stand a chance at winning, he never backed down! CHALLONGE!


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  • toya


  • gjones1

    What about the episode where Claire tells Elvin about himself and the one where the husbands try to outdo each other with gifts for their wives. I agree, there needs to be a part 2 for this.

  • Did we forget Dabnis Brickey and Bud?

  • There are so many good episodes I understand that you couldn’t put them all in cause some folks are bringing up good episodes. I like the one where Theo and Cockroach shaved their heads to get in a music video and didn’t get picked lol

  • JJ13

    My favorite? The Thanksgiving episode! Cosby’s facial expressions carried that WHOLE episode! His EXPRESSIONS! Comic legend!

  • OldSchoolMe

    What about when Sondra and Elvin decided to open the wilderness store?! Claire got p’ed off when Sondra decided not to go to law school? “After all the money we spent at Princeton? Sondra you owe us seventy nine thousand four hundred and twenty two dollars and eighteen cents and I want my money NOOOOW!!!”

    • OldSchoolMe

      OH! And when Vanessa broke curfew and got it on with Jeremy in the car? That episode had me dying!!!

  • LoveCOSBY

    You didn’t include Theo’s the Real World? That has been named as one of the best episodes of TV of all time. And then you get Elvin Tibideaux’s name wrong? Alvin Poissant was a consultant on the show, not Sondra’s husband.

  • Cleo

    My favorite one is the Halloween episode when Robert and Vanessa start going “steady”

  • God’s Child

    Favorite episode: When Vanessa’s dance squad “friends” called her a rich girl and she got into a fight with two girls. Cliff was got so excited and said, “You took both of them on?! Allllright! If the man hadn’t pulled you apart, do you think you would have won?!” LOVED IT!

  • sexy4life

    How could anyone forget the 1st Season 1st Episode when Cliff tells Theo, ” I brought you in this world and I’ll take you out.” HILARIOUS

  • kierah

    Rudy’s sleep over with the girls and Peter. Cliff’s face when it was Peter’s turn on the bucking horse…

    • MLS2698

      Iheard that Alecia Keys is supposed to be in that episode? I can’t figure out which child is her. Her name is even in the credits, but I can’t see any resemblance.

      • Dee

        Alicia Keys was the little girl with short hair. She almost looks like a boy.

        • Miss K

          There were sooooo many young/child celebrity cameos on this show!…I was just watching an episode this morning with little Stacey Dash as one of Denise’s friends who wanted to see Dr. Huxtable because of a “private problem”. Great episode!

      • clove8canela

        She’s the one named Maria.

    • ebonyhud

      I was literally rolling on the floor! Poor Cliff!

  • kierah

    This definitely looks like a house that got some cranapple juice in it! – Lance

  • kierah

    “You are my mother and I am their mother. And don’t you go no further, mother!”
    The epi when Clair and Elvin’s mom stole the twins!

  • kierah

    My favorite part about The Cosby Show wasn’t even the comedy, There have been loads of funny shows. This show made it a point to teach about our culture. Think about it what other show featured Joe Williams, Lena Horne, B.B. King, Mariam Makeba, and Judith Jamieson. I had never heard those songs by Ray Charles, James Brown, and Big Maybelle.

    While channel surfing, I always brake for The Cosby Show.

  • One of my all time favorite episodes is when Vanessa is in a singing group with her friends. She is my favorite of all the children, made her parents go through raising her.

    • Kma81

      I liked that episode too especially when cliff says “aren’t you all swollen in places you weren’t swollen before?” And then Clair takes the tissue out of Vanessa’s bra… Classic!

  • sis

    You hit all three of my faves! Gordon Gartrell, The Wretched (Bigggg Fun! lol), and Thanksgiving… In … That … Order. I too watch this show like I never have before. Last year there was a marathon on a channel I don’t get so I packed up my jammies and went to someone else house to watch the Cosby Show all day long.

  • Laine

    I remember the episode with the shirt !! And also one of the newer ones, with Olivia ( Raven Simone) in it. Claire baked a cake, and then Cliff took a piece without asking, and filled the cake up with paper towel!

  • KJ23

    I LOVED the list, but as a mother now I completely understand that episode where Claire felt drained by her family and was like: “I have nothing left to give, Cliff.” So she went to that horrible resort in the middle of winter. My all time favorite one!!

  • Breakdown


  • Nenah

    I didn’t click on them pages but I was watching The Cosby Show on TV Land yesterday on a fluke. Claire was trying to lose weight and she hired Debbie Allen to help her lose weight. Claire was about to beat her up over 2 croutons. The Cosby Show was a funny show. The fact that it was a positive black family made it great.

  • Soul sis

    My absolute favorite episode will always be when Theo is introduced to the “real world” to teach him a lesson about responsibility. Rudy as the banker always had me cracking up! Never gets old.

    • sis

      “You’re in luck because here … at furniture city …” LOL I loved Clair as the owner of the furniture store!

    • i totally agree…harvey & mrs griswald….she drinks heavily…lol!

  • Shonnastarr

    I always liked when Vanessa and Denise fought over the sweater and Cliff tried to stop them and they pushed him off of the bed.

    • God’s Child

      Yessssssssssssss! Absolutely hilarious!

    • toya

      “They took me out!” lol

  • What about the Sammy Davis Jr Episode where his grandaughter ai wanna say was having a baby. Or the episode where Claire broke her foot and they decoreated it with shingles ad bells and everything. And the pregnant men episode where they birthed sub sandwiches.

  • Memories

    I was definitely thinking about the thanksgiving episode during the hurricane. I chuckled a little when the image of Cliff’s face before he went back out into the storm crossed my mind lol.

  • The Gordon Gartrell epsiode was my all time afterwards with the anniversary episodes and the Stevie Wonder coming in second.

    • Kma81

      Yes the Gordon gartrell is one of my favorites too! I still laugh like I’m watching it for the first time!

  • Common Cent$

    This list was perfectly put together and yes The Wretched episode is my absolute favorite Claire was 2 seconds off of Vanessa lol.

  • WOW! this list is on it! But there are so many more that could be added! i think a part 2 is in order already!

  • BklynDiva

    So funny because I just had this convo with a friend yesterday. Something about ‘The Wretched’ episode makes it my fav! And when Claire gets in Vanessa’s face and screams, “GO TO BED!”…. Chile, I’m a grown woman and I still jump, LOL!

    Best show EVER!

    • kierah

      B-I-I-I-I-I-G FUN!!

  • IllyPhilly

    Yooo I was just thinking about the Vanessa (one of many for V) episode. I remember when I seen a rerun and thought, “Yo, ish got real on the Cosby show for a minute.”

    • sis