Forget-Me-Nots! 10 Memorable Moments from “The Cosby Show”

November 3, 2012  |  
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Am I the only one who still watches The Cosby Show at least once a week? Not only do I watch, but I laugh like I’ve never seen the episodes in the past (minus three episodes that I hate).  Here are a few of the most memorable moments – whether it be one scene or the entire episode. What’s your favorite episode?

Gordon Gartrell

This episode directly lends to the notion that men will do anything to impress a woman. Theo wanted so bad to impress a girl that he let wayward Denise sew him a replica of a Gordon Gartell shirt.  One of the funniest parts of the shirt was actually what we couldn’t see: Theo said it was tucked into his socks!


THE 49th Anniversary Song

This actually was a pretty tame episode…until it happened.  Cliff’s parents came over to celebrate their 49th anniversary (I always thought it was odd they aired an episode for the 49th anniversary, of all years) with the family. They all went into the living room, the music hit and we immediately knew it was something special.  Theo with his cat daddy stroll down the stairs, Cliff with his eye popping “singing” and most importantly, Rudy with her desperately lip syncing of the “Babaaaayy” part. Instant classic.

The Wretched

While we’d been watching the show for years by the time this episode aired, it is the one that most reminded my friends and I of our own mothers.  Vanessa thought she was so big and bad sneaking out of the state with her friends to go to a rock concert.  One Murphy’s Law reared its ugly head, Cliff and Clair went to go get her and when they got home, Clair lit fire into Vanessa. It wasn’t only what she said but how she said it.  Every time I see this episode, I imagine how I would have gotten this type of tongue lashing and probably worse had I even thought about doing something like sneaking out of state for anything.

Claire loses weight

You may not remember it from the picture, but this is the episode where Debbie Allen, Phylicia Rashad’s real-life sister, played her exercise instructor when Clair wanted to lose five pounds to fit in the above dress.  Right from Debbie Allen’s entrance, you knew it’d be special: “You got to burn it to earn it, you got to sweat it to get it, you got to shake it to make it!”  Their dynamic continued throughout the episode and made you wonder if they were that silly with each other in their real lives.


Goodness, Vanessa was getting herself in all kinds of mess.  Here, she and her friends played the Alphabet game and she ended up wasted off bourbon.  Once she got home, she thought her parents were going to let her off the hook after seeing how drunk she was, but she was sadly mistaken.  The next day, Clair and Cliff, along with Rudy, played their own version of the Alphabet game. After seeing Rudy take a shot, Vanessa lost herself and realized they were drinking…tea.

The “Stevie” Episode

Not a single week goes by that I don’t say “Jammin’ on the 1s.” The phrase comes from a recording session the entire family had with Stevie Wonder after Denise and Theo were in a serious car accident with Stevie’s limo.  They all added different phrases and it turned into quite a song!

Denise discovers America

Denise, the wild child of them all, decided that she wanted to use the money in her savings account to buy her first car. Her parents disagreed and she took on quite the attitude asking what the problem was and if they were “still living in America.” Leave it to Clair to curse the child out without cursing. At the end of her lecture she said, “…because we’re your parents. And you better remember that young lady because the next time you take this attitude with us, you can take whatever’s in that bank account and discover America.” PREACH.

Who stole the babies?

Sondra has consistently been considered the most irrelevant child on the show. I mean, let’s keep it real: her character didn’t even exist until the second season. But years later, she was married to Alvin Tibideaux and they’d had twins. Well, Sondra sick so the grandmothers (Sondra and Alvin’s mothers) decided to go to the house, pick up the babies and take them on an excursion. After Alvin came home to find a sleeping Sondra but no babies, they went on a hunt to find out who “stole” the babies. When Sondra was able to confront them, she took a page out of Clair’s “Mommy” book and gave the grandmothers the “what for” when it came to doing what they wanted to do with her babies.

A Cosby Thanksgiving

Bless his heart, Cliff had to keep going out in the midst of what looked like the storm of the century because he kept forgetting something at the grocery store.  After his final trip where he finally remembered to pick up the eggs, Clair had already borrowed eggs and then…the sun came out! What an experience.


No, not challenge but chall-ONGE!  Rudy was taking dance classes and while Cliff was waiting on her, he came across another dancer/instructor who ended up being Sandman from Showtime at the Apollo. Sandman is a legendary tap dancer and while practicing in the room where Cliff was waiting; of course, Cliff wanted to show off his own tap “skills.”  This turned into a battle that from the jump, had a very clear winner. But it was so hilarious because even though Cliff didn’t stand a chance at winning, he never backed down! CHALLONGE!


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