Solid As A Rock! Couples Who Are BANNED From Calling It Quits

September 29, 2012  |  

We all know that celebrity relationships and marriages just don’t seem to go the distance. I mean, we have another one “biting the dust” on an almost weekly basis. But there are a few – just a chosen few – relationships that we’d be really upset to hear about if they called it quits. A couple of these may surprise you but trust me, there’s a reason behind everything! Check it out!

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  • Native_Noir

    Flex and Shanice Alexander! 🙂

  • Kellz

    Denzel def does his wife wrong…so what if shes still there

  • Negress

    Once a couple is married, I back them all the way. What God has put together let no man put asunder. Sometimes when people put their own mess together I pray that they don’t tear each other asunder.

  • LHarris

    Loved the List! I totally agree with all the points on Will & Jada. They are blk love! Of course, POTUS & First Lady. I would add Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee..that was LOVE!

  • Chanda

    That list was lovely! Also Iman and David Bowie. Been together for a long time and at this point too old for a bunch of foolishness, LL and his wife Simone, and Ice T and Coco. I know some of y’all don’t care for Ice and Coco but Ice has been smiling ever since he’s been with Coco might as well stay together.

    • Kelz

      That broad is in it for the perks…sorry but that’s not love!!

  • T.I. and Tiny…. Yes I know they are both ghetto as heck. But I love them two together. He’s a great family man. And I could just tell they love each other.

  • Jaeda

    First of all this article is about marriages and what Jay-z and Beyonce have is a business arrangement ask daddy knowles lol, Beyonce wants you to think that Jay is her first EVERYTHING and up until the past few years Jay wouldnt even look at her in videos or pictures and I for one hasnt seen any public displays of affection correct me if im wrong but their relationship doesnt seem real # just my opinion

    • Nikki

      WOW! Some people really are just ignorant. Their marriage is a “business arrangement”? That’s just plain insulting…

  • iReezy

    Aww I just love that Grant and Tamia are making it last. I love her songs about him (“Still” is one of my all time favorites). I agree with this entire list (I’m SUPER pro Jay & Bey lol).

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  • Amber

    No Jackie and Doug Christie??? (sarcasm)

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  • This makes me wanna listen to Unbreakable by Miss Keys!

  • Not So Sure About This

    So now we are using known cheaters as the epitome of good marriages in the black comunity. Wow, Denzil and Bill cosby are both admitted cheaters and Will and Jada apparently live alternatives lifestyles. If this is the role models for young black folks then I say the bar is set rather low. Tamia and Grant and Beyonce and Jay and def the President and the first lady. All the others whatever!

    • denzel was unfaithful to his wife,pauletta?

    • Tesa

      The bottom line is no one knows what goes on in the marriages but the two in the marriage. Irregardless of the indiscretions they have stayed together and committed to making it work. It isn’t for anyone to understand or judge and frankly not sure about the role models either but that’s their business. For the others Michelle and Barack, we only see what’s on the surface yet we put them on a pedestal. Does it look fabulous yes, but looks are deceiving. At the end of the day none of us know anything more than what is on the surface

  • Tamara

    I’m NOT a fan of Beyonce at all, but we can’t ignore the fact that her and Jay Z’s relationship is solid. It always seemed arranged and one side (Jay Z’s part), but now it seems genuine. I think they make a great couple

  • IllyPhilly

    If they stay together, good for them, if they don’t good for them. Most of all, if they gave their fans blank checks for being emotionally involved in their relationships-GREAT!!! Otherwise, why do we, scratch that, yall care? Yeah, I commented on an article I don’t care about, what!!?

    • Gimmeabreak78

      Bwahahaha! I must say I admire your gumption. You know the “why did you comment on this post” enforcement team will come along in 3, 2, 1…

  • Yokessm

    I don’t care for jay-z or his wife at all, their love give me nothing. I do however wish everyone a blissful and eternal union.

    • me


      • Yokessm

        Yeah I so want jay-z, I dream about him every night.

    • nic

      THANK YOU!!!

    • i get what you’re saying. he’s not likable nor is he attractive.

      • Africanpride

        Jay z is not bad looking. How can people call him ugly then call lil wayne attractive? Their relationship just doesn’t do anything, it even looks like they are just in it for the convenience and status that comes with it. There are many private couples but you can still get something from them. But, Bey and Jay are just bland. You ever know nowadays, bcos couples who’ve been together long enough still divorce, it takes that one thing that will make both go their separate ways. But, Good luck to all of them, wishing them the best.

        • nikki

          Yeah, jay z isn’t the worst looking, it’s just those damn lips…

        • ok. i have never and will never utter the words “attractive” and “lil wayne” in the same sentence. LOL.

  • Tangereina

    Angela Bassett and Courtney B Vance! Sam Jackson and his wife (I forget her name) need to be added to this list too!

  • Ann

    Denzel & Pauletta, Michelle & Obama, Grant & Tamia, Bill & Camille I think they are the best. I hope and pray they stay married. Will and Jada, they are not my favorite.

  • I love all of these couples together!! Black love is beautiful!!