Dangling Legs & 6 Other Short Girl Problems

September 12, 2012  |  
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I’m all about body confidence and learning to work with what you’ve got; but sometimes there are elements about our physical beings that make life a little bit of an inconvenience, like being vertically challenged. While there are certain advantages to being short like people picking you up spontaneously, being able to duck and dodge in and out of large crowds, and being able to get a discount on children sized sneakers, there are times when being short can be rather annoying.

Dreading the sight of tall people

All my shorties already know what I mean. You’re at a standing room only event. You’ve nestled into the perfect spot, where by some miracle you’re able to see the stage, speaker or center of attention. You’re delighted with your good fortune until all of a sudden some man or woman, who just retired from the NBA or WNBA comes and stands right in your line of vision. Now you have to rely on your other senses because the event has turned into an auditory experience. And unfortunately, this also applies when you’re seated. If you’re not in some type of auditorium type seating, then you can bet you’ll have to sit on your knees, clench your butt cheeks for additional height or stare at someone’s back or head for the rest of the evening.

Clothes that Need to be Hemmed

Honestly, I rarely consider myself short until I’m faced with the task of buying dress pants. Finding dress pants that fit, without the need to be hemmed, is like finding a Bad Boy song without Diddy’s voice on it. You know the perfect pair is out there somewhere but it’s such a hassle to find. Tall folks may have to pay more for clothes for the additional material but the short folks have to pay more when they take their new duds to the seamstress.

People assuming you don’t need leg room

I really feel for my tall sistas in the struggle because those road trips and plane rides can be absolute torture on your limbs. For us short folk, squeezing into small spaces is a way of life. The problem comes in when people assume that just because you’re smaller than average, you don’t need any leg room/ breathing space whatsoever. Short ones, how many times have you been sitting in an already tight space, when someone decides to practically sit on top of you because they assume you don’t require the room it takes for your chest to expand as you breathe in and out? I don’t know about you, but it happens to me all the time, especially on the subway. So disrespectful.

Being  mistaken for a high school student

Naturally, people associate height with age. So when you’re going out to the club, as a short person you can be sure that people will assume you’re some type of thirsty high school student trying to get a taste of adult life. The bouncer is not looking at the maturity in your face, he’s looking at your height and therefore, you will be carded.

Not being taken seriously

I used to work for this non-profit agency in which I scheduled interviews for prospective employees over the phone. When those people came into the office, a lot of people found a hard time believing I was the person they’d spoken to over the phone. Finally, I asked one woman why she said this. She said that based on my voice, she expected me to be taller and older. Even people who’ve known me for years, make a point to say I have a lot of “spunk” for someone so small. Apparently, they didn’t get the memo that big personalities can come in small bodies.

Having to rock climb to get things off the top shelf

As a child I learned to do acrobatics to get the Club crackers in the cabinet above the stove. It was a combination of using my arms to lift my body weight onto the side counter. From there, I’d stand on my knees and completely extend my body to reach over and grab the crackers. As a grown woman, I still have to do that same routine. The struggle to get to that top shelf or cabinet is a very real one. You either risk your life trying to get what you need or you invest in a good step stool.

Knowing the comment, “she’s got legs for days” will never be directed at you.

As a short woman, you can have gorgeous legs. The thing is they’re so low to the ground people won’t often notice them, unless you’re sporting a pair of six inch heels.

All my short sistas out there, what is the most inconvenient thing about being vertically challenged?  

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  • Having to ask my 6’2″ tall son (16 yrs old) to get something from the top shelf for me. Or having my husband rest his chin on top of my head cause he’s so much taller than me. Standing face to face with y 12 yr old daughter. The list goes on. Lol

  • Having to ask my 6’2″ tall son (16 yrs old) to get something from the top shelf for me. Or having my husband rest his chin on top of my head cause he’s so much taller than me. Standing face to face with y 12 yr old daughter. The list goes on. Lol

  • Cece

    I absolutely hate when really tall people simply look right over my head, like I don’t exist. Excuse me, I’m down here! lol

  • Chassie

    1. being the type of person who likes too look people int he eye when i speak tot hem only to realize tall people rarely look down so i’m doing all the straining upward, 2. never being able to be a flight attendant, 3.jamming with my girls at a party only to be approached by a 6″4 dude trying to grind his shins on my booty

  • PowerPuffGirl

    It’s not because I’m short that I don’t get leg room. It’s because I’m sitting next to some man who has his legs spread super-wide apart! Believe me dude — you ain’t packing all that, so close your legs and keep within your space!!

  • Kisses

    I love being short….most dates are taller than me lol. I just hate that people think they can mess with me because I won’t be able to defend myself….which is why I take kickboxing on the regular!

  • Supa Nova

    Well, standing only 4″10 inches off the ground, I can say that the most inconvenient thing for me is the dangling legs. I like my chair to sit high so that I can reach the computer keyboard, but my legs always dangle. So now I use a cardboard box to prop my feet on. I didn’t realize how funny that sounds until I just typed it! Lol!

  • I’ve never really had a problem with my height, I fit everywhere and most clothes fit me well. on the other hand, finding pants that fit is a huge problem and like the writer says, we have to get them ‘edited’ lol. other than that, I am fortunate that I haven’t encountered any unfair systems at work.

  • Coya009

    I’m only 5’1, but in my mind i’m 5’7.Its only when I have to reach for the bread off the top-shelf or I’m grinding on some dude knees I get smack back into reality.

  • sabrina

    Sorry; I’m pretty sure my tall behind numbered 2 quite a bit of people in life. My apologies.

  • Candacey Doris

    This is all true. My niece will be taller than i am by 12 most likely. I can’t find a goo pair of pants for anything (having a big butt doesn’t help) and the short jokes are really annoying. One day those jokes are going to make me snap.

  • Papillon

    I get bummed out by the reports that say short people earn less. I already get paid less because I’m black and female, now I gotta add being short to that too? That’s a triple whammy that will greatly impact my ability to accumulate wealth over a lifetime and none of it is in my control. I know life is not fair, but dang!

  • Gigi

    I come from a family of shorties. We have 3 step stools in the house. And hemming pants – that’s my biggest issue with being short. And being 36 and mistaken for a high school student is fun sometimes, but I wonder if it hinders me when I am conducting business.

    • RJA

      LOL @family of shorties and not one but 3 step stools

  • im tall and i sure as hell didnt retire from the wnba !!!

  • PA-TX

    How about being 6-7 months pregnant and, despite having a small frame and staying within the recommended weight gain, ppl thinking you are due any day now. My tall friend who was actually due any minute looked less pregnant than me. Smh!

  • jackieOsassin

    the plight of gaining weight. i don’t know about you other shorties out there but it’s like my weight has fewer places to go on my body due to my height so it just sort of settles in my gut.

    tall people have evenly distributed weight. me and my best friend (she’s 6′ even) are the SAME WEIGHT but she wears a size 6 and i wear a size 14. T______T

    • Gigi

      So true! Not to mention carrying a baby. When I was carrying my daughter, I was as wide in front as I was tall.

    • Guest

      Really? For me it’s the opposite. I’m 5’2 and wear a size 2/4 and a size 6 in shoes. All of my tall friends wear a size 8 and over in clothes and shoes.

  • OMGitsMelody!

    LOL @ dangling legs. Yep, I experience that quite often. It’s ok. I love being fun-sized.

  • Nehemiah53

    I don’t understand the problem because to most men the height of a women don’t matter that much and for sure height don’t matter as much as looks so that being said it must be in women heads they must think we men are like them but we are not hung up on a tall mate.

    • Gigi

      It’s not about a man. It’s about the inconveniences of being short. Men were not mentioned in this article.

      • Nehemiah53

        Ok I got one question please help me why do women whine about every thing I don’t mean any harm there are short men as well but I have never heard a man
        complain about being to short or not having so call good hair or being dark skinned or having a big butt or having a small butt or breast to small or breast to large or lips to large or noise to large etc. however the so call independent women are always complaining about something that god and nature gave her why? Please help me.

        • guest

          Well as a man i wouldn’t expect you to understand because society hasn’t held you to certain standards like the ones you mentioned. It may seem silly to you, but those are sadly some of the things women are judged on.

          • Nehemiah53

            Well I see where you are coming from but as I said some of it is in women head because men don’t care if she is short or tall, long hair or short hair, good hair or bad har as long as she is good looking and fine and a pleasing personality will help!

        • MLS2698

          I see you are still not over that break up, huh?

      • Nehemiah53

        Gigi my point is why complain about what god and nature gave you, men are short but you don’t here men writing article complaining about being short. What this amount to is women want pity and are all ways complaining about something and at the same time talking about how strong they are.

  • MLS2698

    I know this is sort of off topic, but Cee Lo’s feet don’t touch the floor from his chair on ” The Voice.”

  • RJA

    I hate having to look up to my nephews and even my 12 y.o. niece :(… in my defense, my niece is overly tall LOL

    • Drew Smith

      Yeah, yeah, RJA 🙂 Tell us anything! I heart short women. “Look up at your king!” That’s a joke.

      • RJA

        Its true LOL

  • Serene

    The worst thing is that people always, always mistake me for a young girl…and it’s like you really aint looking hard enough honey boo boo…all they see is height and nothin else baby girl is workin with lol!

    • Cleo

      Lol I know, people always think I’m 12 or 13.

    • yes! i get sick of being treated ike a child. btw,i’m 4 feet 11. :D!

  • Cleo

    I love being a short girl, I really do but some stuff we have to deal with is no joke lol. Pants being to long, have to push the car seat up all the way just reach the pedals, tall pepole constantly making short jokes

    • CarlaKah

      I know! I’m 5.2 myself! At comedy shows I always want to sit at the front and my friends almost never let me because wel… you know comedians are!