You’re Not Down With Brother Obama? 20 Black Celebs Who Have Republican Tendencies

September 12, 2012  |  
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As the next Presidential election draws nigh in November, the two most popular candidates, Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney have been paving the campaign trail. With election year comes slander, controversy and your occasional celebrity political rants. Politics met entertainment with the latest celebrity rant, coming from Nicki Minaj, in which she rapped in vote of Republican Mitt Romney. This was a shock to fans and celebrity bloggers everywhere, but Nicki is not the only popular African-American face that has shown favor to the GOP.  Here is a list of some African-American celebrities who have supported or are affiliated with the Republican party:

Source: USA Today

LL Cool J

LL Cool J attended the Republican Convention in 2004 and has been a supporter of Republican New York governor George Pataki back in 2002. He has never officially stated his political party.

Source: Hip Hop Wired

50 Cent

Rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent was a supporter of former Republican president George W. Bush Jr. during his term in office. In 2005, he is noted for stating to GQ Magazine that wants to meet the former president, and “just shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him.”


Karl Malone

Karl Malone, known more famously as “The Mailman,” is a former NBA player and is registered as a member of the Republican party. Malone also donated to the 2004 re-election campaign of former president George W. Bush.

Source: Wrestle Raw

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

“The Rock,” a household name from the WWF franchise is claimed to be a registered Republican. He was formerly invited to speak at the 2000 Republican National Convention.

Source: Library of Congress

Zora Neale Hurston

As one of the most popular African-American female authors, Zora Neale Hurston supported the Republican party during the span of her life. Hurston belonged to the Republican party and agreed with many of Booker T. Washington’s politics on hard work and self-help. She also highly opposed the Supreme Court ruling in the Brown vs. Board of Education case in 1954 for various reasons.

Source: BBC UK

Don King

As one of the most popular African-Americans affiliated with the GOP, it’s no surprise that this political figure is on the list. In 2005, he highly supported former president George W. Bush and his policies amongst other Republican candidates.

Source: Touch Ya Neighbor

T.D. Jakes

He has not made his official political party very clear, but renowned Bishop T.D. Jakes  has been affiliated with the former President George W. Bush, stating that the President seemed to take his faith seriously and was a very “believable and straight-forward person.”

Source: Bleach Report

Wilt Chamberlain

Known for many, many things in addition to his basketball feats, Wilt Chamberlain is also known for supporting the GOP. He voted Republican throughout his life, and in 1992, published a book about his life, “A View From Above,” that went deep into his life and his views as a supporter of Republican politics.

Source: Exposay

Sheryl Underwood

Comedienne Sheryl Underwood is a self-proclaimed and registered Republican. She has officially stated her political preference: “I would call myself a sexually progressive, God-fearing, black Republican.”

Source: Zimbio

Lynn Swann

Lynn Swann is most famously known as a former wide receiver for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers team from 1974 to 1982. After his tenure as a football player, Swann went on to become the Republican nominee for governor of Pennsylvania in 2006.

Source: ABC News

Condoleezza Rice

Another famous political figure, Condoleezza Rice is known for being the 66th United States Secretary of State under the Bush administration and the first female African-American to hold the title. She proudly supported the Bush administration while in office, and more recently spoke at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Source: Breit Bart

Jimmie Walker

Jimmie Walker is known for being J.J. from the classic 1970’s sitcom “Good Times” and he is a registered Republican. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, Walker stated his personal opinion about President Obama, noting that he is not “a good guy for the job we need to do.”

Source: Minnesota Public Radio

Joseph C. Phillips

Best known for his role in the long-running sitcom “The Bill Cosby Show,” actor Joseph Phillips is a conservative Christian commentator and is known for being a critic of same-sex marriage. The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. member was National Co-Chair of the African American Steering committee for the Bush Cheney campaign in 2004, and was named a member of the Republican National Committee’s African American Advisory Board.

Source: Sources of Insight

Colin Powell

Colin Powell was a very important political figure for the beginning of the Bush administration, serving as the 65th United States Secretary of State from 2001 to 2005, right before Condoleezza Rice.


Booker T. Washington

You may remember him from the history books, but Booker T. Washington was also affiliated with the Republican party, having been both Teddy Roosevelt and William Taft’s adviser during their tenure.

1000 Words /

Crystal Wright

Crystal Wright, also known as GOP Black Chick, is a black conservative claiming her fame as editor of the Conservative Black Chick blog. She advocates highly for the Republican party and speaks her mind on her Twitter page, @GOPBlackChick.

Source: WENN

Stacey Dash

Actress Stacey Dash has made her conservative views public in the past few years as an Republican. Dash has publicly supported the 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney as he ran for the White House against President Barack Obama. She also regularly takes to Twitter to show support of the political party.

Source: WENN

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson, neurosurgeon at John Hopkins Hospital, was not in full support of President Obama’s proposed Obamacare back in 2013 during the Value Voter Summit in Washington D.C. The doctor took to the podium to express his views, stating that Obamacare would be the worse thing to happen to America since slavery, supporting the Republican party on their stance against the healthcare plan.

Source: WENN

Jimmy McMillian

Political activist Jimmy McMillian coined the phrase and New York-based political party, The Rent Is Too Damn High, during the early 2000’s. McMillian has been in support of the moral, religious values of the Republican party and is registered as a Republican, even announcing that he would run as a Republican in the 2012 Presidential election.

Source: WENN

Don King

Famous boxing promoter Don King is public about his support for the GOP, supporting former President George Bush wholeheartedly while he was in office. He is also known for motivating African Americans to vote Republican as well, primarily during the race between President George Bush and John Kerry in 2004.

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  • Larry L

    The last remaining vestige of slavery in the US is the Democratic party.
    Think about it.

  • Eric

    Why do you state that there are 20 when you actually list Don King twice, with 2 different descriptions?

  • Ronan WasHere O’Riley


  • macreal65

    This what I don’t get, we’ve been down for the dems since FDR. And we are almost still getting the same respect as we were getting then. They just see us as a voting block, They know they don’t have to do nothing for us…but just make a bunch of false promises and our vote is theirs! It might make you mad about what I said, and this is just a smidgen. But….am I lying?


    That’s because people need to take care of themselves. stop depending on the government to find you a job, buy your food, and pay you bills. You don’t know a damn thing about the “Tea Party”

  • dingo_egret

    I can’t be bothered to go through the whole list…I get the point.

    People have the freedom of choice. I think anyone who voted for Obama without truly understanding his politics are idiots. People who say stupid things like they voted for Obama because he’s Black…WHAT!?!? He’s also half White. He isn’t the Black messiah. Vote for the person that has your best interest in mind and reflects you position.

  • cat daddy

    50 + years of destroying Black America, Democrats Welfare has made Black America irresponsible, and dependent.
    74% of Black children born out of wed lock to single parent women, 42% of the prison population is Black, HS drop outs, crime in general the common denominator welfare homes.
    The history of the Democratic Party has been one of destruction when it comes to Black Americans- slavery, Klan,Dixiecrats, welfare, homosexuality,attacks on religion, illegal immigration all destructive to Black people.
    It was the Republican votes that passed the civil rights bill of the 60’s, after Dixiecrats stalled the bill.
    Stop hanging yourselves voting for the Democratic Party , the message is still the same only delivered by a person of color.

  • njersey5389

    How about Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Frederick Douglass? All Republicans.

  • Shawn Cicero

    republican because there money, its greed folks

  • Muletail

    what about Martin Luther King, republican?

  • lionhart32

    What a racist article. I guess the only reason to vote for Obama is because he’s black? Where’s the list of whites that voted for Romney?

  • John Gordon

    this is a dumb list –
    1) The Rock is not “black” – he is Samoan and Caucasian
    2) Several of these were Republican when the party was the progressive one….
    Not exactly a shock….

  • Theresa

    You could add Lionel Hampton and Jackie Robinson to this list. Both Republicans.

    • Plantsmantx

      They’re both long dead.

  • Victor Lee

    I don’t know about everyone on this list but Gen. Powell endorsed President Obama publicly in both elections. I have to question the whole list.

  • AwareDave

    Why aren’t Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. on this list? Both big Republicans. Malcolm X called blacks that voted Democrat “traitors to their race.” Easy to understand why.

    • Chiryder

      MLK voted Republican. He wasn’t a registered Republican. Same with Malcolm X.

      Plus, it was a different Republican party back then.

      • Ursus_Indomitus

        Yeah, the ex Democrat neocons hadn’t yet hijacked the GOP.

  • TrueGrit

    whew! That was close. almost didn’t get to 15, but found two dead guys (Wilt chamberlain and Booker T. Washington) to finish the list.

  • samsenseone

    There is a black population that is not ghetto. It is educated, successful, proud. It has disdain for do nothing ghetto freeloaders and hoods. They are not the same culture . It has no use for a leader that thrives on and manipulates his own people rather than assisting them become more than they are. .

  • Robert Garfinkle

    You forgot Jackie Robinson.. a big Nixon supporter.

  • sklawz39

    Martin Luther King was Republican.

  • YouWontLikeIt

    It comes down to ideology now … race is a thing of the past in American politics … my fellow black americans are far more conservative than most think they are … they just have been blinded by being led down the victim path … the awakening is coming soon and i welcome them into the principles that made this country what it is … only then will they be set free …

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      They are ignored/vilified by the LameStream Media.

  • TheRajLOSAngeles

    I’d be embarrassed to say I support President Barack Obama no matter what color I was.

  • Ralph526

    God Bless them! At this time in the entertainment industry they are very bold to speak up.

  • Tiffany

    By placing Booker T. Washington and Zora Neale Hurston in this category without proper explanation is not only irresponsible but also sets a tone for misunderstanding with those not familiar with early party affiliation of the black american. These two were republicans just like many black americans during their time bc that was the party who was for the betterment of the black population in the years following the end of slavery. Democrats were primarily poor southern whites. It wasn’t until Franklin D. Roosevelt became president and began to dig the US out of the Great Depression with his ABC Economics that we (black americans) switched to the democratic party. It also helped that his wife Eleanor Roosevelt was all about equal rights, even going so far as to ride in an airplane piloted by a black pilot enlisted in the military not allowed to fly in the war because apparently during that time blacks could not see at night.

    • Rgarcia339

      The only explanation needed is that the Black community has been lied to and taken advantage of.

  • K9Kahuna

    Wow…..ONLY CNN could list CondI Rice as a “celebrity” instead of the uh, obvious.

  • Mann Fairbanks

    How about Martin Luther King? You folks all know that republicans freed the slaves, and supported the civil rights movement, while democrats did not, don’t you?

    • Chiryder

      So what have they done in the last say 40 years?

      • Mann Fairbanks

        Trying to get you lazy blacks off your asses and start working. The only problem is the democrats are offering you free stuff, and you’re lazy. So it’s clear where things started going downhill for you.

        Everything Democrats do for blacks hurts them in the long run. Ev er ee thing

        • Chiryder

          So what have they done in the last say 40 years?

          I didn’t ask for your racial and political bias. What have they done in the last say 40 years for black people? How did they try to get lazy blacks off our…and start working?

          • DukeCanuck

            What conservative have done for black people in the last 40 years is what they’ve done for others… Try to convince them to empower themselves and do for themselves!

            • Chiryder

              so nothing. That’s all talk from the luxury of a podium or a news blog/article.

              I haven’t seen one step foot in a neighborhood and do something. I’m not asking for handouts. I’m asking for help. People fear jumping into a neighborhood by yourself. I would too. I’m saying there are blacks doing a lot of good in these neighborhoods and they could use some help instead of pointing fingers. Heck, the media chooses to ignore them and show some of the positivity going on in these neighborhoods.

              I see blacks marching and starting up programs to help these underprivileged black folk strive to do better. I see Republicans stand back and go “tisk, tisk you should do better.”

              and blacks are the most segregated group? Yea, okay.

              • AwareDave

                Yes, blacks are the most self-segregated group. “That’s OUR word, that’s OUR music, that’s OUR culture.” Ever hear of the white word? What word do Asians or Africans own? What does white music sound like? How many times did black people cry “hate crime” last year versus white, brown, or Asian people? We now have “the knockout game” and black people are saying it’s not a hate crime (even though it’s only black on white so far.) The “black culture” you so eagerly defend is so desperate to separate itself from the rest of the world that it won’t ever advance. “The last two elections they have REFUSED to campaign to black people.” What makes you think skin color has any precedent on politics? Why can’t he campaign to you, the individual, the independent thinker, and not to the black skin covering all that?The president isn’t supposed to cater to black people. He’s not supposed to cater to anyone except the American people. Not special interest groups, not a political party, and certainly not a certain group of people who possess an over-inflated sense of entitlement (congress). And Republicans don’t stand back and go “tisk, tisk you should do better,” they stand back and go “tisk, tisk, you shouldn’t raise your kid to think that being on welfare is normal, stabbing someone for an xbox is ok, and that using the ER as your personal doctor’s office is what it’s there for.”

                • Chiryder

                  “That’s OUR word, that’s OUR music, that’s OUR culture.'” Yea, I’ve never heard that. Whites created the word as reference to blacks so it’s actually your word. That you felt guilty about and made a point to stop using it. Then when we use it you get confused and wonder why you can’t use it. When you created it.

                  “our music.” Yea, I’ve never seen that. “Our Music” R&B, Gospel, and Jazz became the foundations for the Rock music you listen to today. “hate crime” is an actual legal term that deals with crimes with religious, gender, and racial biases. It’s not just on us.

                  “What makes you think skin color has any precedent on politics? Why can’t he campaign to you, the individual, the independent thinker, and not to the black skin covering all that?”

                  Buuut, he didn’t. He didn’t step foot in my neighborhood and listen to the needs of our community. I’m not going to walk into a all white community and listen to him talk about what he’s going to do for them. You have an entire group agreeing with him but none of has anything to do with me.

                  “The president isn’t supposed to cater to black people. He’s not supposed to cater to anyone except the American people.”

                  So what you’re saying is I’m not America because I’m black.

                  Again we “self-segregate”.

                  “And Republicans don’t stand back and go “tisk, tisk you should do better,” they stand back and go “tisk, tisk, you shouldn’t raise your kid to think that being on welfare is normal, stabbing someone for an xbox is ok, and that using the ER as your personal doctor’s office is what it’s there for.””

                  What’s the difference? Is that not “doing better?” Either way you’re “standing back” you’re not stepping for in a black community.

      • Rgarcia339

        What have you done?

        • Chiryder

          not answer a question with a question. Stop deflecting. This isn’t about me. This is about a political party and sometimes a President that doesn’t care about black people in the last say 40 years. The last two elections they have REFUSED to campaign to black people. Then when they lose the election they blame us. Like we were supposed to vote for them because they didn’t care about us.

  • HighInformationVoter

    Too bad Dr. Carson isn’t considered a celebrity. He’s a little squishy on the 2nd Amendment, but very solid all around.

  • Rich P

    Funny … another slide show on this site shows all the celebs of 2012 we are done with. They all have problems (mostly personal). Everyone on THIS slide show is respected and successful. Coincidence?

  • jmb

    it’s funny how so many blacks love obama and democrates and despise Republicans. You know that it was the Republicans who fought bled and died to end slavery. You also know that it was the DEMONcrats that fought bled and died to continue slavery. But the blacks in America don’t know that. And the DUMBacrats messiah, Obama sure isn’t going to admit that.

  • albaby2

    Colin Powell is as much a Republican as Michael Bloomberg. His ego is right up
    there with Obamas.

  • asbo-5

    Yeah, the rock aint black.

  • ItsNotTheSameThing

    I realize this article is a year old, and I also realize someone may have already pointed this out in the comments section, but Martin Luther King Jr. was also a Republican.

  • ra44mr2

    So Obama supporters what exactly has he done for you in 5years? Those higher taxes? Or maybe the drone strikes, oh wait i know what it is, the 25% unemployment for african americans THAT must be it cause you know all the african americans dont actually WANT to work. Or at least thats what the democrats say, thats why they want to give more and more welfare out.

    • McTrck

      What higher taxes? No-one cares about your feelings.

  • b

    stacy dash

  • TryThinking1956

    As soon as these handkerchief-heads get two dollars to stuff into their mattresses, they become republicans. Remember…being able to sing a song or throw a ball doesn’t necessarily make you either intelligent or loyal. Pray for these self-hating coons.

    • ra44mr2

      Its sad you think that way and would use such insulting names about others. Please explain how Republicans “hate” black people? Because they dont believe in welfare? Or maybe because they recognize the source of more deaths of blacks is in the abortion clinics? Or do you prefer the democrat party that believes blacks are too stupid or weak to care for themselves and are better kept at the bottom of the economic ladder with the barest of subsistence to keep them voting for them every 2 and 4 years? You need to wake up and see the hate, its like that old story of the cow and bird poop, not everyone that poops on you is your enemy and just because someone pulls you out of the poop doesnt mean they are your friend. Id rather have the freedom to do for myself instead of relying on the govt for everything, because if the govt gives you everything they can just as easily take it away for whatever reason they like.

  • Goober

    It does not matter the color of one’s skin, their ideas and beliefs can be the same as anyone else’s or not. Why make something else a racial issue?

  • Informed

    Same with Booker T. Washington…

  • Informed

    When Zora Neale Hurston was a Republican, most blacks were Republicans because it was Lincoln’s party. It was really only after FDR showed some benefits to blacks in the New Deal and Lyndon Johnson helped pass the Civil Rights Act that they moved toward the Democrats

  • Brad

    Unless you happen to be Don King… who is certainly not a role model for intelligent blacks…

    • lygamnt

      Why is Don King a bad influence because he worked for his money?

  • McTrck

    Except for noted conservative luminaries Condoleeza Rice and Jimmy Walker, all of these figures supported Republicans in 2006 or earlier. Two—Zora Neale Hurston and Booker T. Washington—pre-date both the Obama presidency and, uh, the Civil Rights era. Can’t we do better?

  • Chris

    If I’m not mistaken, Powell endorsed Obama.

  • When blacks who speak English correctly and take school seriously are accused of “acting white” then you can see what the results are.

  • Is this website Stormfront for black people? Seems that way.

  • Don Carter

    What! Colin Powell and Condi Rice are Republicans? Whoever woulda thunk it! You learn something new every day, I guess. (Snark) But seriously, mentioning that Zora Neale Hurston and Booker T. Washington were Republicans without explaining how the two parties have changed over time regarding their approaches to Civil Rights is misleading, to put it mildly. It buys into the ridiculous notion circulated in Ohio during the 2012 election that Blacks should vote Republican because Lincoln freed the slaves. Where is the historical perspective here?

  • gully gurl

    historically MANY blacks were republicans from the 20s to the early 70s because the republicans were the part of lincoln – hello!!!! it’s no surprise that zora would be on the list. it wasn’t until the 60s and the advent of the southern strategy with the republican party luring southern (racists) democrats – remember bull connor??? into the party beginning with the 64 republican convention that blacks started leaving the party.

    • Ravi32

      There is a massive amount of data that shows the more freedom African Americans have the more successful they are.

      The Democrats never abandoned their policy of keeping African Americans down. They just modernized it to create a dependency.

  • Jose Luis Garcia

    It is so shameful that the most popular black entertainers, who rake in millions of dollars, are Republican Sympathisers ,when the need for financial help is needed not politicaly but socialy, and yet the black entertainers, who think their wealth is down from the Republican Patry, their mind is not in sink with what they preach, so to me all of these 15 entertaines need a brain adjustment or a rude awakening.

    • Ravi32

      Maybe they recognize that freedom and self reliance empower African Americans and the dependency and victimhood culture sold by the Democrats is an opiate?

  • Anton

    I don’t vote for the party and I wish other would do the same, it is sad that blacks will vote for a democrat no matter what even though the democrats have done little to help them. The republican party has done more for blacks and equality but the democrats have an effective propaganda machine that spins lies that blacks believe and they will pass that on to their children who keep voting (D). Republicans are not much better but they have done more for blacks, but overall it does not matter, black, white, brown, Asian, both parties help the rich, the rich get richer and the poor stay poor and pay for everything with their tax money while the rich get all the breaks,

  • Anton

    People who vote straight party lines are the cause of the problem, even though both parties only help the rich on the backs of the poor a voter should never vote for a candidate based on their party affiliation. I have seen too many people vote either (D) or (R) no matter who is running, the guy could be a Nazi or for slavery and they would vote for him because he was a dem or rep. I have voted for the last 25 years and I have never voted all one party on the ticket, local, state and national. I have voted for 4 republican and 2 democrat for president in those years, I also look at voting records and never listen to the left wing MSNBC, CNN, Bill Mahre or Jon Stewert, nor the rights Fox news or Rush. The problem is we reward these guys by re-electing them instead of voting them out for all their broken promises, if we voted them out after one term they might get the message.

  • Anton

    Both parties are out to help the rich, the rich get them elected and they in return help the rich and big business on the backs of the poor. Republican or democrat, it does not matter they both help the rich. The republicans had all three houses from 2000-2006 and the democrats had all three houses from 2008-2010 and even had a rare super majority in the Senate, the democrats had a filibuster proof senate meaning they could have passed, or repealed any legislation they wanted. Obama and the democrats hurt the country just as bad as Bush and the republicans, maybe more.

  • Floyd

    Excuse me, how the hell do you put Powell on this list? He has turned his back on conservatism. He is not a Rep. no matter what he tells you. Big Fail!

  • Nabil Al-Murabit

    There were some on this list that surprised the hell out of me like 50 cent and Jimmy Walker. There were others who didn’t surprise me because their lawn jockey bona fides are well known. What has to be said is that the currently regressive party, that Wilt and that female author supported isn’t the same party today. We have to remember that the republican party that will supported, created the Environmental Protection Agency and the modern regressives want to kill it. Another thing I noticed about the Negores on this list. They were all rich. They’re free to support who they want. What’s funny is that they support a political party that doesn’t give a damn about them. What really pi$$es me off about the Negro konservative is that they won’t call their masters out on anything that they do. Where was the Negro konservative when the various states in Jesusland, tried to implement various types of voter suppression schemes? What positive solutions to the supposed problems our community faces that they have suggested? Why are they cool with a political party that uses the most racist and negative images of Blacks to win elections? The good thing for me is that I don’t monitarily support any of them anyway

  • seriously

    always good to know who to not like/admire anymore. 🙂
    i hate the republican party.

    • dannyvice

      Obviously you prefer your black people on the Democrat plantation. Dependent on government from cradle to grave so they’ll keep voting for your party.

  • neil

    Zora Neale Hurston was a Republican??Weren’t all blacks back then — before the GOP flipped about 50 yrs ago? As for Condi Rice, uh, no kidding. Is this supposed to be a scoop?

  • Tony Dockery

    There are no poor low income or on food stamps black GOP ers…..wonder why?

  • 1BoDigitally1

    This list is a waste of time. When Booker T. Washington was a
    Republican, the Democratic Party was headed by racist Southerners and is
    in no way a reflection of today’s party of inclusion. Besides, neither
    party has the best interest of the citizens at heart because both need
    corporate multimillions to bombard us with campaign promises (lies) by
    the hundreds which Americans apathetically forget once the “I Voted”
    sticker is peeled off. My father was a civil rights activist who ran as an Independent candidate
    for mayor of Hartford, CT in 1966 and he had no choice but to become a
    Democrat in order to “Play the game”. As a Democrat, he riled his senate peers MANY times and his name was Wilber G. Smith. Do some
    research. I have argued with relatives who believed President Obama is
    “The Great Black Hope” when I said; In order for the country to move
    forward, we must elect a Native American woman, who will like Obama,
    have to play by the book and will have her detractors yelling “Liar”
    from the hallowed halls of Congress as easily as they yelled for Bill
    Clinton’s impeachment, but, a president for all people. Maybe the second
    woman, or African American, or first Native American, Latino, or next
    Caucasian will bring a freshness to the table the likes of which are not
    possible with our current president. Obama has mounted a noble mission,
    but the “powers that be” are nonyielding in their pursuit of world
    financial domination. The rich used to just get richer and now the rich get way richer and the poor get way poorer.
    Our 2-party political system is a farce and will be the ruination of our
    country in time. Bloodshed begot freedom from English Tyranny just as
    bloodshed removed Egypt’s President Morsi, alas, when the people rise
    up, though there will be lives lost, true Democracy will have spoken.

  • Guest

    This list is a waste of time. When Booker T. Washington was a
    Republican, the Democratic Party was headed by racist Southerners and is
    in no way a reflection of today’s party of inclusion. Besides, neither
    party has the best interest of the citizens at heart because both need
    corporate multimillions to bombard us with campaign promises (lies) by
    the hundreds which Americans apathetically forget once the “I Voted”
    sticker is peeled off. My father was a civil rights activist who ran as an Independent candidate
    for mayor of Hartford, CT in 1966 and he had no choice but to become a
    Democrat in order to “Play the game”. As a Democrat, he riled his senate peerd MANY times and his name was Wilber G. Smith. Do some
    research. I have argued with relatives who believed President Obama is
    “The Great Black Hope” when I said; In order for the country to move
    forward, we must elect a Native American woman, who will like Obama,
    have to play by the book and will have her detractors yelling “Liar”
    from the hallowed halls of Congress as easily as they yelled for Bill
    Clinton’s impeachment, but, a president for all people. Maybe the second
    woman, or African American, or first Native American, Latino, or next
    Caucasian will bring a freshness to the table the likes of which are not
    possible with our current president. Obama has mounted a noble mission,
    but the “powers that be” are nonyielding in their pursuit of world
    financial domination. The rich used to just get richer and now the rich get way richer and the poor get way poorer.
    Our 2-party political system is a farce and will be the ruination of our
    country in time. Bloodshed begot freedom from English Tyranny just as
    bloodshed removed Egypt’s President Morsi, alas, when the people rise
    up, though there will be lives lost, true Democracy will have spoken.

  • Guest

    This list is a waste of time. When Booker T. Washington was a
    Republican, the Democratic Party was headed by racist Southerners and is
    in no way a reflection of today’s party of inclusion. Besides, neither
    party has the best interest of the citizens at heart because both need
    corporate multimillions to bombard us with campaign promises (lies) by
    the hundreds which Americans apathetically forget once the “I Voted”
    sticker is peeled off. My father was a civil rights activist who ran as an Independent candidate
    for mayor of Hartford, CT in 1966 and he had no choice but to become a
    Democrat in order to “Play the game”. As a Democrat, he riled his party
    counterparts MANY times and his name was Wilber G. Smith. Do some
    research. I have argued with relatives who believed President Obama is
    “The Great Black Hope” when I said; In order for the country to move
    forward, we must elect a Native American woman, who will like Obama,
    have to play by the book and will have her detractors yelling “Liar”
    from the hallowed halls of Congress as easily as they yelled for Bill
    Clinton’s impeachment, but, a president for all people. Maybe the second
    woman, or African American, or first Native American, Latino, or next
    Caucasian will bring a freshness to the table the likes of which are not
    possible with our current president. Obama has mounted a noble mission,
    but the “powers that be” are nonyielding in their pursuit of world
    financial domination. The rich used to just get richer and now the rich get way richer and the poor get way poorer.
    Our 2-party political system is a farce and will be the ruination of our
    country in time. Bloodshed begot freedom from English Tyranny just as
    bloodshed removed Egypt’s President Morsi, alas, when the people rise
    up, though there will be lives lost, true Democracy will have spoken.

  • doug s

    Black celebs from the 1950’s and early ’60’s, and earlier, do not count. In those days the GOP was the pro civil rights party. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican.

  • mnxx252

    50 and gwb have the same birthday

  • layla

    colin powel supported obama in last election

  • Very Reasonable Citizen

    Of course they’re down with the republicans. They have millions of dollars, companies, etc

  • me

    Colin Powell has publicly and proudly endorsed President Obama.

  • bobandrosie

    What do you know, you found 15 black people that are Republicans. Using such a racist title for this BS article shows very little class.

  • Eddie Cruz

    Blacks from pre-civil rights era don’t count. Even Martin Luther King was a registered Republican. Calling colin Powell a died in the wool Republican is a stretch.

  • notformeyet

    Both parties are evil. For me, the Democratic Party is the better of the two evils (at this time)! This is subject to change as the two parties have swapped roles over the last 100 years. I used to vote for ones I thought were best for the jobs. Thirty years ago, I felt the republican party was getting so bad, there was no need to even consider voting for them again.

  • teabagtweaker

    There are two kinds of black republicans: the ignorant, and the sellouts.

  • smalltalk

    To get to fifteen, you picked two icons, long dead, Booker T and Zora Neale, and one almost dead Wilt Chamberlain. Isthat the best you could do?

  • TexasLady

    I have always loved him and this just adds to the adoration…and I am a white senior citizen….

  • ElvisWasAHero2Most

    Surprised Jackie Robinson isn’t up here, his feud with Paul Robeson is pretty well known. Robinson was an ardent supporter of Richard Nixon.

  • latin_lover

    The Rock looks Hawaiian or Samoan or some type of Polynesian. Why is he claiming that he’s black? Is that just so white people will have to like him? Why can’t they like a Polynesian person? They are cooler people anyways. Shame on you Mr.The Rock for not claiming your true heritage. You should be ashamed.

    • ElvisWasAHero2Most

      He’s half Samoan and half Black. Should he neglect his Black side? And since when does saying you’re Black better your chances with White people?

  • Mr. Mr.

    They have all successfully escaped the plantation mentality promoted by the Democrat party.

  • WHOA

    Really-Colin Powell? Nice to know that Life in American need not be about the race card; that would be racist wouldn’t it?

  • Darien

    Not all voted for Obama because he was black. Blacks have traditionally voted Democrat so I don’t see how that would have changed in 08 plus what about white people voting for Romney because he was white…don’t forget that gem. I agree with your last remark though but the idea that blacks only voted for Obama based on race is unfair and very retarded.

  • Ann M

    You forgot Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and I believe that Malcolm X was as well. All of the first black politicians were.

  • Tresix

    Why do they have Colin Powell in here twice?


    Why is a person who is bi-racial always called black & not white?Why is obama not white.It’s because he wanted the vote.Democrats want to keep the black community under foot.Instead of saying”get out & work”,it’s handouts,welfare,etc,etc,so they’ll get your votes & keep them in power.Vote for me & you’ll get this free & that free.Next up is the Mexicans,with amnesty to get their votes.I have tons of friends & family who are black that vote Republican & to say they vote wrong is to say we’re not all free as Americans(Not African Americans,Hispanic Americans),but Americans to vote as we choose.

    Personally,I think this web site is racist.If I started a web site catering to just white people,you’d call me a racist.Why can’t we forget we’re different colors & remember we’re all created in God’s image….Color shouldn’t even be brought up.

    • Darien

      First off, Obama represents this entire country. You’re basically implying that he supports welfare and handouts and saying blacks get “handouts,” and don’t work, are you a Fox commentator? Total ignorance, but I bet your black friends don’t mind huh? Let me take you to school slow bus, ok. White people use those programs too. Blacks, like whites, are in different social classes despite the crap you just spewed. The lower and middle class are a diverse group of people my friend and I like your attempt to make it seem like Obama allows people to be lazy, takers, useless, bums, who steal money blah blah blah. Both parties have manipulated its voters, but your statements seem very empty headed, especially since other races vote Democrat too and why would the president use the black card to get elected when most blacks vote for democrats like him anyway, genius. Turn off Fox and read a book or better yet-use your brain. Obama is mixed, like you mentioned, but he only claimed White because white people saw him as black…it was the only thing many focused on.

      If you don’t like the black site aimed toward blacks…why are you here then? Care to answer? By the way, the little reverse race card you played failed miserably. White people are the majority here and have many things catering to them so stop it. When a group of people have been held down as long as blacks, you tend to stick together. If you’re going to play the game…play it right, please.

  • hillplus

    I am not a Republican. 😉 Clinton did have a Republican congress, however and Clinton was willing to work with the other side, unlike our current #worstpresidentever! And guess what, we are 16 trillion in the hole, on track to be over 20 T very soon. Obama will be the first president on history to spend 4 T in one year. You must be so proud.

    PS, I am smarter than those who voted for him, no doubt about it.

  • I think the ideals of the Republican party are better for all Americans, including black people. I’m not in agreement with some of the social beliefs of some Republicans, and of course, there will always be some bigots on that side who don’t like black people. However, the concept of hard work, keeping what you earn, and of personal responsibility, is one many Americans still value. When I see a rich person, I’d like to be more like them, not drag them down to my level. I truly believe that many Democrats, while believing they care for black people, support programs that will always keep many of them poor and dependent on the government, which is exactly what they want, as it’s good for votes. I’m glad to see some black people here that think differently.

  • OrlandoRican

    Colin Powell not in tune with Obama? The RINO just about handed him the election by coming out for him in one of the Sunday morning shows a few weeks before the election. Get a grip on reality.

  • J

    Isn’t The Rock Samoan????

    • Brittany

      half black half samoan

  • hillplus

    It’s still BOOOOSH’s fault. The reality is that Obama is a failed president. No one is better off. Least of all the black community. Watch that space, it is just going to get worse because the failed policies of this administration can not succeed. History has proven that.6 months later, more and more people are starting to see that. Their taxes have gone up and their insurance has gone up and no one is finding a job. Face it, Romney would have been so much better for this country, but half of this country is not wise enough to see. They soon will. I give us two more years.

  • Linus77

    Just want to say that I appreciate the professionalism I’ve seen so far on the articles here. Most places have articles that ooze their opinions and sides…which is very un-journalistic. It’s refreshing…I can be who I am and read these articles (so far) without feeling smothered by someone’s personal agenda.

  • Khanikins

    The writing in this piece is horrible. It’s dreadful and not worthy of a legitimate publication. Here are some of the most entertaining examples of this piece’s bad writing:

    “(The Rock) was formerly invited to speak at the 2000 Republican National Convention.”

    Invitations can change into former invitations? Like, “this sandwich used to be an invitation before it changed into a sandwich. Now it’s a former invitation.” The phrase “formerly invited” makes no sense. Maybe the author just had a typo and meant to write “formally invited.” Either way, bad writing and editing.

    “Colin Powell was a very important figure for the beginning of the Bush administration..”

    So did the beginning of the Bush administration call Colin Powell and tell him how important he was to it? Grammatically, this makes no sense. I hope the author meant to type “during” instead of “for.”

    There are other gems in this piece. I’m particularly entertained when the author writes that someone “highly supported” or “highly opposed” something. I guess that’s a way of showing that person was really into supporting or opposing those things.

    By the way, there is no such thing as a George W. Bush Jr, as the author wrote. There’s a George Bush Jr. But his father was named George H.W. Bush.

    Very sloppy writing. Very sloppy, indeed.

  • hillplus

    Yep, Obama is our boss and our dad. He has all the answers and we have been delivered from the horror that a former governor, CEO and all around successful fix it guy would have wreaked! Unemployment is at an all time low, especially in the black community.Jobs are booming! No one is on welfare any more. We are FINALLY out of debt, everyone in the Middle East loves us. Obama has surrounded himself with amazingly smart, patriotic people. PLUS, Michelle Obama has some nice, toned arms and we all know how important that is! YAY us! All hail, King Obama, who has saved us…….he is our lord and savior. He can do nothing wrong, that guy, he is the perfect American.

  • Dudley Callen

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  • Whitese7en

    It’s time to update this list and remove Colin Powell.

  • “…more people agreed with me than with you..” Right, and I’m the one with the self image issues. Geez, Louise! And I’m not concerned with Clinton’s sex life, quit taking snippits of a statement and making it the main issue. That kind of tactic only works on braindead idiots such as yourself for recruiting into the ranks of the Obamabots. Here’s a little news flash for ya, it’s how YOU got suckered into the lie. All the cute little debating tricks you libtards use to get around the truth and dodge the facts are only proof that you can’t win anything, elections, debates, nothing without treachery. And I seriously doubt you ever served, especially as a Marine since you have no honor and have to hide behind a fake moniker and avatar. I apparently have more courage than you even with you threatening me with violence. (Which by the way is on record now with the FBI and INTERPOL as well as a couple of my local authorities. Just in case I have to frag your sorry *ss in self defense it will be on record that the threat came from you) I will post my pic and use my name and you will not, that pretty much destroys your sociopathic claims of superiority. And my service was directly to the men and women of the armed forces as a civilian liason, so I did my part and did it for 8 yrs to your 6. So eat that and choke! As far a your stupid little pic of Bush, I dont see how that changes the fact that Obama has spent more in half the time. And spent it on stupider stuff like failed businesses that JUST HAPPENED to be campaign contributers. Looks like you are so stretched out back there that you don’t even know when YOU are being screwed.

  • Ooh, “Skippy”, that’s original. Right your own material? Unlike you I’m able to determine the relevence of issues and bring it forth rather than think of everything as being a dead issue just because it was commented on a few months ago. I’m sorry you have no creativity or originality, but being mad at the world for it is no way to go through life, son. You don’t have to take your obvious anger and frustration out on other people. It’s not their fault you’re a schmendrik. And I was not going to comment on his page at all after reading the article, but going through the comments I noticed you were randomly taking pot shots at people who were making general comments that had nothing to do with you and you were just going around firing away at anybody an everybody who made a statement you didn’t like. And you want to talk about insecurity? Please, dilweed. A little introspection, huh? I have yet to see you level one single accusation or derogatory remark at me or anyone else that you yourself are not guilty of within that same post. it’s comical how nearsighted and narcissistic you are.So you think trying to scare me off by making thrreats of violence towards me is NOT trying to have the last word? Again, INTROSECTION! Getcha some. The whole idea behind any of your posts on here was to try and get people off topic, divert attention away from the fact that you had nothing to show for your ridiculous views. You might try just not posting comments and then you won’t have to keep posting more to cover up the dip-stick comment from before.

  • Q: What do you call a liberal with half a brain?
    A: Gifted.

  • Federal Correctional Facilities are not jails, they’re prisons, big difference. So it would be physically impossible for him to be in a “jail cell” in a Federal Correctional Facility. Secondly, if an un-American, Freedom-dispising, Liberty-hating Commie like Barack Obey-me can fix elections and win twice, then Americans can fix the broken electoral system and a true patriot like Alan (not Allen) West can win an election fair and square. Never say never, nudnick. You might be served your words as a side dish with a giant pile of crow. And you should fire your friends. They were messing with your obviously empty head. It’s also obvious by your own comments throughout this thread that you don’t have any original thoughts rolling aroung in your pointed skull and unless your “friends” give you things to say you are otherwise left with nothing to do. Maybe you should get a job and move out so your mom can rent the basement apartment to someone who is more deserving of the space and oxygen. Man, what a waste of food you are.

  • And Rushbo is not a President, so your point…is not a point at all. What else you got?

  • Ok, that answers my previous question. You really are THAT stupid. And yes, stupid people DO NOT know they’re stupid. Thanks fro clearing that up for us. More to the point, Democrats campaign consistantly on a platform of keeping blacks and hispanics dependent upon them for their existence. CURRENTLY, AS IN “RIGHT NOW” THEY ARE RACIST TO THE MARROW OF THEIR BONES! And lately they’ve even targetd low-income whites. Anybody giving away free stuff is sure to get the votes. And be sure in your Stockholm Syndrome induced lie-fest to leave out the part about George W. Bush appointing more minorities into key positions of government than any other President in American history. Yeah, don’t mention that because the facts are not what you’re interested in. Further, Clinton was a philanderer, plain and simple, not fit for service to the American people. Like your lordship Barack Obama. He steals $716 Billion from Social Security to pay for Obamacare which he insists to this day is alreay payed for but has already cost we tax payers 3 times the amount he said it would and it hasn’t even been fully implemented yet and when it is implemend in January of 2014 it will still leave 30 million UNINSUREDDD!! Just a different 30 million, bcause while he’s giving FREE STUFF to the low income uninsured he’s taking it away from hard working Americans. Obama who has borrowed like a hopeless gambler and spent like a drunken sailor after referring to Bush as unpatriotic and irresponsible for spending 4 trillion in 8 years and yet Obama spends 6.5 trillion in half that time. Oh wait you’re probably not reading this any more because truth is to liberals what sunlight is to vampires. Hope you have a nice day.

    • Stentor7

      You’re just repeating talking points that the Republicans were saying ad nauseum during the election & they were all proven wrong. So 65 million people besides me were wrong, but the 60 million people besides you were right? No, what’s more likely is that 65 million people didn’t believe the obvious fallacies of logic & truth, while the more gullible 60 million people chose to ignore the facts, & vote for someone merely because racism’s still a problem in this country, regardless of what they might say publicly, the dogwhistles were out in serious numbers during this election cycle. it’s not me or the people that voted for Obama that are stupid, it’s all the people that voted for a fraud & a liar like Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan. All you do is type the same crap I’ve heard in other comments from other people who sound exactly like you, & they can’t understand why I can argue circles around them as well as you. It’s because you have faulty reasoning, your facts aren’t facts, they’re merely your opinions, not the same thing, & they don’t seem to recognize the difference between the two. I just may make a point of hunting you down in 4 years when the economy’s recovered just to smash it into your face like Jimmy Cagney with a grapefruit. Your side lost, you’re wrong, & no amount of wailing, garment rending, & pearl clutching by you or anyone on your side will change that. Your side will lose the next presidential election in 2016 because they just can’t help themselves, they’re a bunch of old cranky white people who are bigoted down to their cores, & they’re going extinct just like the dinosaurs. So will you Keith Davidson, so will you.

      • So if we’re on the subject of say guns, I’m supposed to talk about abortion? If we’re on the subject of abortion, I’m supposed to speak about immigration reform? What you call repeating talking points is actually, to those of us with cognitive function, staying on topic. And your comments make me think you didn’t read my entire response anyway, right? And you know it’s because you’ve been beaten at your own stupid little game of sniper-posting. But one thing is for sure, you have failed throughout this entire thread to stay on topic by continually going off the rails into your rant about an election which in your tiny little mind and in your narrow vision somehow means that if more evil people like you and more dead people, household pets and cartoon characters got off the couch to vote one way than the other, that somehow means your ideologies are better than everyone else’s. You actually believe that treachery like rigging the electronic voting machines makes your vision for America the correct choice. And to deny that all that did happen is only to prove how delusional you are. But then you yourself do you prove that libtards do actually know the truth and have abandoned it in favor of lies. Your agenda is clear, and there is no denying that immorality is winning. But it’s only biblical prophecy proving you wrong anyway. (And again, I could explain to you what that means, but I can’t understand it for you, and your not equipped to understand a whole lot, so what would be the point) But you do know the truth and you know it well and it disgusts you. That is how and why you take the truth and spin it and manipulate it to accomplish the goal you have of turning morality into immorality and vice versa. You reveal yourself and your simple-mindedness with your own words in comments like “the fallacy of truth and logic”. Please post that phrase everywhere so everyone can see what a complete loser and simpleton you are. And what you consider bigotry is actually the morality of God. Just because a majority of people believe that it is ok for a man to lie down with another man does not make it ok. Just because a majority of people believe to decry the mistreatment of animals is fashionable but to murder your own offspring in the womb is both morally sound and convenient does not make it so. Ok, so you have managed to convince 65 million people that voting against a certain party because they are white is somehow NOT racist, and voting for a guy because you have to undo the Republican victory over you of Emancipation by having the first black President is also not racist and not partisan. A majority of dumb does not mean that dumb becomes smart. It’s just a majority of dumb. But then I’m talking to someone who is so confused that I don’t even have to whip out the big artillery because you defeat yourself with your own words. “Fallacy of truth and logic” I am laughing so hard at you right now, you just have no idea. Oh by the way did you know that many staunch black democrats are turning away from Obama and are openly siting his failures and are saying, “Well, he’s only half-black anyway”? Did you know that? Oh wait I’m talking to someone who get their news from from the propaganda machine, AND BELIEVES IT!! LMMFAO!! Ok, here’s how I know, and now you will know you’re wrong. The Constitution of the United States of America, a document which is a thorn in your side because of all that self-reliance and freedom and liberty crap you hate so much, is replete with examples of why it is better to have a system of government where he people are represented by more than one party. But you actually would destroy America in favor of an autocracy. Now I know based on all your posts that you have very little grasp of history, or at the very least you’re attempting to be a revisionist (and believe me, any real revisionist historians who read your dribble, evil as they are, are laughing at you and spraying their milk out their noses, you DO NOT have the knack, kid) which is why it is you and not I who is bereft of any facts and instead rely on opinion so you can pretend you’ve won a debate, and is why your party is bent on repeating history and doom the rest of us to do so as well. But that notwithstanding, the fact is that this tyrannical thinking without fail leads to a monarchy and then those of you mindless drones who gleefully helped to usher it in become the victims of your own short-sightedness. That process has repeated itself continually throughout history because of this kind of imbecilic thinking. So yes, be proud of the fact that your party has systematically destroyed the most philanthropic and humanitarian nation in the history of the world; indeed be proud that your party’s policies have produced a generation of youth who can’t read their high school diploma’s but know how to shank a kid in the hall. Be proud of the fact that your party’s policies have murdered and entire generation of Americans any one of whom may have grown up to discover a cure for cancer or ways to beat poverty or an endless source of clean energy. Be proud that your paarty has done all this while claiming to be the party of enlightenment and ascension. And as far as your threats of violence upon me? Only a coward won’t use his real name and won’t post a real picture of himself. But that’s ok, the authorities and the administrators of this site have been notified. You’ll probably be hearing from someone soon. And we’ll see who goes extinct. Have a nice day, Skippy.

  • faith

    why? must all blacks support obama even if they dont agree with his policies? what is this? so you are implying all whites should have voted for romney then? mmmtcheeew. who is racist?
    this is so lame. leave them alone, they have a right to support whoever they want please

  • davey B

    I really wish we had better leadership in he U.S. How about Condy Rice as president ?

  • Rattlerjake

    This list is a joke! For one thing, Colin Powell may have claimed to be a Republican, but when you turn on your party and vote Democrat because he is black, you’re nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Mr. Right

    15 “celebs” who will probably now lose their status in Hollywood or wherever because of this article. : (

  • ljrich

    Blacks with low self esteem, and who believe being a Republican is an acceptable alternative to the Democratic party where the best interest of the Black American is represented, or at least considered. To be a Republican is to agree that you don’t matter.

    • How pathetic. Maybe some brothers like to think for themselves. Maybe some are tired of being judged by the color of their skin.

  • Booker T Washington should not be on the list, he was a republican in a different era. Back then the democrats were the racists.

  • jimmyjack

    Black or white should not matter. He is not a citizen of the U.S.@that should matter. God bless back white red yellow or any other color.

  • Àl

    Did they really vote Republican? Colin Powell did not.

  • no surprise a punk like 50 cent likes another punk George w they are both of the same mold ,,,,incredibly bad for the country…deport them both please

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  • I am white and I love Cain. I don’t like Obama’s views. Race should not be an issue. In an election hopefully you are voting based on the policies that you believe will best benefit America.

  • M.

    First off the article starts of talking about Nikki Minaj who clearly said her line was a joke, then a handful of the people on the list are dead and Powell has endorsed Obama twice….why even post something if you’re too lazy to research it?

  • Idiocracy

    Republicans ended slavery, not democrats

  • Black people have just as much right to be misguided and wrong as anyone else. This list is wrong for that reason alone!

  • SilkyWiley

    Didn’t go through all of them, but they all look like Men’s Men to me. Figures they would want to make their own way in life and not be a government zombie.

  • MrBlue

    Who is Obama’s real Daddy?

    • Darien

      Your mom

  • Tom A.

    voting for someone because of their color is just as racist not voting for someone because of their color

  • Agreed … and when 95-99% blacks abandon their democrats, we will have arrived as a people.

    • Darien

      Or more people can abandon both the democrats and the Republicans because they both are screwing things up and can join the Independents…then I think progress can be made.

  • A “C” Student who made good by sucking up to Republicans and then voted his color … twice. Hard to respect Powell now.

  • They just want to pay lower taxes — whether its Lindsay Lohan or Don King…

  • TheMan

    After reading these comments I can see that the blacks aee sharply divided. Mission Accomplished!

  • Erin

    Colin Powell supports Obama. And I am a little surprised Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t listed.

  • Lyin Ryan & Mitt the Twit

    Colin Powell has endorsed Obama twice so this article is really stupid.

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  • mel

    why is rice here? obviously she would support barack and she isn’t a celebrity. dumb.

  • mia


  • pusherhombre

    Actually, that is 13 who are not down with Brother Obama. #14 supported Obama and #15 was dead long before Obama was born. But two who could take their place include J.C. Watts, former football player, minister, and United State Representative, and Herman Cain, businessman, radio talk show host, and Federal Reserve Governor. Possibly Bill Cosby too.

  • davboz

    This amounts to a dog-whistle publicity hit-list. The New Democrat is confused and filled with cognitive dissonance over this.

  • SPOO Knee G

    go Big D!

  • It is not American to fire, or makes people lose their jobs
    over this dip *$%^. It is very much American to have each and every one of our
    own backs at this time and shakes and dusts it off. Move on with boldness in
    the face of diversity. Now, that is very much American! Trifling times, we make
    it through, that’s what it is all about, also… anyway.

  • Obama was the one whom had an unprecedented opportunity to bring everyone together, and shut my mouth up real fast, by doing what WE wanted him to do, because regardless, his base would follow him anywhere… and WE all know he isn’t the guy for the job, and he isn’t doing what he is supposed to be doing; he’s screwing it up for some reason.

  • I am a Republican also; I always have been, and I feel that I would of been very mad at anybody mistreating anyone. I really believe I would of been mad as hell about them mistreating the blacks back in the day, because it makes me mad thinking about it now, so you can kiss my @$& if you really want to believe I/we are all a bunch of racists.

  • Obama is human waist; it didn’t ever really matter ever what his skin color is, or was…

  • Cool

  • lynwit

    The mailman ? Say it an’t so !!!

  • Jeff Edgmon

    I don’t think race has anything to do with it. Either you’re for equality for all people, or you’re not. Either you’re for equality in healthcare, education, equal opportunities, protecting the environment, human rights, fighting when we have to, not when we want to, etc. etc etc.. Or you’re not. Race only matters to racists, as for me, it’s about issues, and will always be about the ((((((((((((((((((((ISSUES)))))))))))))))))))))!!!!

  • KeepItReal

    An old Brother once told me that Black people voting republican is like chickens voting for Col. Sanders (KFC). I thought it was funny when he said that to me, but now I know what exactly he meant. You’re putting your own neck on the chopping block, because they simply don’t care!

  • Duude

    Colin Powell? Gimme a break!

  • They left out MLK!

  • stephen ramsden

    it would be a lot easier to identify these race treating a-holes if I didnt have to wade through about 30 ads on every page. no thanks..

  • jake

    couldn’t you find 15 LIVING blacks? Really?

  • larryroth702

    The word “Oreo” comes to mind. Why would anyone associate with a party that does their best to exclude your vote and influence? Being self reliant should also mean the opportunities available are available to all. It’s no coincidence that the southern states went for the Republicans. Their “Code words” said loud and clear what they really meant. It’s OK to belong to another party but not one that tries to exclude you.

  • jake delhomme

    Celebrity = Rich = Republican. Poor & middle class blacks and whites who vote Republican = DUMB! Its not a race thing, these parties were developed because of income. Rednecks who vote Republican are the worse. Romney wouldnt give you the time of day. He hates you more than Al Sharpton………………..but he will take your vote.

  • Bill

    Well, LL NOT-SO-COOL J should be aware that children, young people watch him and some even look up to him as he shows no character and acts like a spoiled little child on NCIS-LA. He clearly shows that beating a wall or wire rack is acceptable if you don’t get your way. Wow, what a role model. Apparently he has no input or pull on the show. Just do as I say and get your paycheck

  • pogodog

    What about OJ?

  • Ronald

    The Republican party that Booker T. Washington knew and supported is not the republican party of today. In many ways it seems as though the party of Lincoln has sold out to special interests, some of which are so ultra-fringe as to be anything but inclusive or in step with the American constitution.
    The GOP of late seem to be a bunch of angry old white guys that spend their spare time cleaning their guns. Who are these people the GOP has become?

  • GodSaveTheUSA

    Most Blaxks don’t know they will have to pay the 700.00 a year for ObamaCare Tax, if your not on Welfare you are going to have to pay the Tax if you don’t have insurance 365 days a year.
    The IRS will keep your W2 refund check and come after you for the rest.

    There are going to be a lot of surprised people who thought all this was FREE.

    Blacks and the poor in general will hurt the most from Obamas policies, Rich people worry bout nothing. They can just live well, travel while jobs in America are few.

  • Daniel Lovejoy

    They are Republican, not TEA party. It’s too easy to to start hating based on political preference, when there are so many other issues to hate about someone. Religion, race, sexuality, they have pets (or not), they are vegetarian (or not), they have children (or not), they drive a Prius or a hummer, they are rich or poor, they have a college degree or not, the list is huge – and every reason is very stupid.

  • krys811

    It seems as if we have taken a left turn. Who cares who is sleeping with whom? At the end of the day all politicans sell you a bunch of promises which they may or may not keep. If you people were smart you would be more concerned with who is elected to congress not the white house. A president can make all the promises in the world but has to have congress agree or nothing is accomplished. As far as who votes what….well it comes down to your economic status. I mean if you’re well off or just filthy rich…..would you not want to stay that way??? Likewise if you are on the other end you would want a piece of that pie. Regardless there are no rich politicans. Obama nor cain are representative if your average black citizen. If anyone cares or knows anything about history….GOP were originally the ones who pushed for blacks to have to rights. Hello Abe Lincoln??? During reconstruction it was the rep party that was pro black whereas the dems wamted to keep the status quo. Eventually this changed and here we are today.

  • This list is crap because you can’t judge past involvement with the Republicans as a non-supporter of B Obama… It all depends on the policies and view points, I am sure some of these people supported Obama. Who would have thought a black man would have won elections anyway, we are living in a historical moment of time. Obama was clearly the better candidate over Romney

  • BizziCali

    There are some stars that are sorta out of context. The Republican party was the preferred party by many Af-americans until FDR because it was the party of Lincoln, who “freed the slaves”. So of course people like Booker T Washington and Zora Neale Hurston were Republicans.
    The fact that needs to be remembered is that the majority of Af-am became Democrats after the election of FDR, and even more so after the election of John F Kennedy.

    Finally, it should be noted that the southern states have tended to vote against anything that would benefit the majority of the Af-American community. It is incorrect to say that Colin Powell is opposed to Barack Obama since both he and Susan Eisenhower have endorsed Pres Barack Obama in 2008 and in 2012 campaigns.

    Please do better research and be aware of historical context in your reporting.


  • chaz

    Though a Republican, it is worth noting that Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama twice.

  • jayhdavis

    Absolutely untrue! I do not care what a person looks like, what color they are- however, I DO CARE ABOUT THEIR POLICIES, AND obama is a marxist, and is bent upon destroying this wonderful country! For your information, clansmen were southern, white democratic men. How about all of the Republicans who fought during the Civil War, and died, so that the slaves could be freed? and, the majority of voters for the Civil Rights Acts during the 1960s were Republicans…the Democrats fought against the Civil Rights Acts- or, you obviously don’t know that?

  • UTokyoMeGodzilla

    Republicans 15 years ago were nothing like Republicans today… stupid article.

  • ChakraGirl

    Many of you may not realize that many to most Black people were Republican up to the depression era generation. Ask your grandparents how they voted (those of you who are Black). Historically, Republicans freed the slaves, and Southern Democrats were just “good ole boys.” Things only changed in the latter 1/2 of the 20th century.

  • I am not sure what the author of this document was trying to prove. For me he only proved that we do not vote based on color and they we do consider both parties, even though Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama and Sheryl Underwood voted for him. I myself consider myself to be a independant simply because I vote across party lines; not based on the color of a persons skin. Remember all of the people on this list are well above 6 figure salaries and it really does not matter which way they vote; simply because most decisions will not affect them.

  • You need to remove Colin Powell from the list since he has endorsed Obama twice for President.

  • People can vote for who they want. If you are rich and someone wants to have you pay more money, might not be the guy for you. I can understand that. At the core, repububs
    have some good points. And lately(After the election) they have espoused them in their essence. However, their positions are not served Ala Carte. They come with a lot of overt racism, sexism homophobia, and a us vs. them mentality. Moreover, its hard for me to envision LL riding down the highway listening to Rush L, Ann C. D Trump etc. This is a guess on my part. Who is the face of the party? People use to think of Colin Powell or other people that seemed like that has some sense. Having said all that I would be embarrassed to claim identification with the GOP in its current form. May expose the Dems on another day..

  • rufus


  • Rebecca

    Give me a break! Has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen on a “news” feed.

  • We voted for Obama b/c we did not like Romney’s policies. In fact, he flip flopped, and even lied so much that we have no idea what his policies were. In any event, whatever his policies were did nothing for women, seniors, and basically those in the “47%”, I do not want to be type cast by black GOP’ers because I am a Democrat. I really do not like what I hear coming from the GOP. Perhaps that will change at some point in time. As you know, the Democratic party of today was once the GOP of yesterday. So, who knows? The main thing I want to say is Af-Am’s are not Democratic out of habit. Many of us simply do not like the GOP policies that have been presented. By the way, many white GOP’ers also voted for Obama. So cable news will report what sells,but the bottom line is it is not about race. It is about policy.

    Finally, if you are black, and you have been listening to the way GOP’ers have been talking to Obama…you should be concerned. They did everything they could not to have a black president! John Sununu was shameless, Donald Trump?! Please… Birthers? Has it dawned om anyone that Romney’s dad ran for president…but was born in Mexico? What about McCain? He was not born in America. Where were the birthers? I will never vote for someone who will do harm to me. Barack Obama is the president, if they treat our president like that, what will they do to me? We never really heard about policy. It was expected that through racial degradation, voter suppression, as well as voter depression…it was in the bag for Mittens. However, no one appreciates being treated badly, and many do not appreciate seeing others treated so shabbily. For me to become a black GOP’er, a lot would have to change.. .

    • jayhdavis

      Another idiot that can’t understand that the people who didn’t vote for obama did so because of his idealogies, associations, and policies! Period! He’s destroying this country, and I am assuming that you do not mind that-

  • For the love of country

    Wow! This sure seems like a blacklist (no pun intended) for black celebs. You should really vote on the right thing to do for our country – not on race. How about that 6 trillion deficit?That’s more that ALL US presidents combined (Bush on spent only spent 4 trillion in 8 years), what do we have to show for it? Higher dept.,more unemployment, dollar is worth less, a new tax called Obama care, 4 dead Americans in Bengazi, LESS transparency, a fiscal cliff ( can’t blame republicans, the democrats controlled house, senate, Presidency for 2 years and couldn’t get it done- first time in history!)
    The Dems want bigger government, more of us dependent on them ( did you get your “Obama phone”?). Seems to me they are holding us down, not lifting us up! My child was born $52000 in dept.!
    Now don’t get me wrong, I think it was important that we have and a black President for the first time in history, but now he has a record…and it ain’t good!
    Yes, if Herman Cain would have won the nomination I would have voted for him but not because he is a true black man ( O is only half) but because of his stance on the issues.
    The election is over, so this is too little too late and I hope and pray I’m wrong about this administration, but if I’m not…next time you should vote with your head- not your heart.

  • Noting which celebrities voted for Obama/Democrat in recent elections would be useful.

    Colin Powell is one — I expect there are at least a few others.

    Zora Neal Hurston’s politics are not accurately labeled Republican — not when we compare her political views to that of today’s GOP. For example, Hurston opposed integration because she thought white racism was damaging to black people, and that integration would not eliminate white racism. In fact, it would make blacks more susceptible to it.

    The historical record, at least before the mid-1980s, suggests that she is right. (Although, race segregation continues to structure the lives of most people in the U.S., and blacks do not benefit from it — not economically. Whites, on the other hand, reap massive unearned benefits from discrimination against people of color, which manifests, in part, as race segregation in housing and schooling, for example. Even poor whites live in more stable housing and access better social services than poor blacks — and poor blacks tend to live in more severe poverty than poor whites).

  • Keeping it Real

    Not one of them said that they opposed President Obama…Most of their support were years ago. These are false statements…just another produce of the media keeping up hate…

  • The Rock is black? I did not know that. I thought he was Samoan or something.

  • Oh My GOD!!!…….could it possibly be that these people see themselves as INDIVIDUALS or AMERICANS who can think for themselves, instead of members of a certain ethnic group that’s supposed to know it’s place and just toil away on the Democrat Plantation and vote without thinking?

  • Give me a break. Half of these folks voted for obama just because he’s black. yet you forget one really famous black republican who I do respect.. MLK.

    • The Republican Party changed radically after LBJ’s passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Pro-segregation white Democrats, infuriated with LBJ’s implementation of voting rights legislations that delivered a crushing blow to Jim Crow, defected in droves to the Republican Party.

      This is the GOP that is in place today — which is to say that Dr. MLK would NOT endorse today’s Republican party politics.

      Dr. King is a “party of Lincoln Republican” — that is, a “big government” Republican that abolished state’s rights to own slaves — a Republican that supported Affirmative Action (LBJ’s & Nixon’s policy) because of the U.S.’s history of institutional sexism and racism. (Affirmative Action was only enacted by institutions with a history of discriminating against white women and people of color. The same is true today. And contrary to popular stereotypes, WHITE women are the primary beneficiaries of Affirmative Action. Only .25% of all undergraduate scholarships — nationwide — are race-based).

      So, please do not advance a distorted view of political history based on your lack of knowledge of today’s GOP’s roots in the defense of legal race segregation.

  • Nice, a bunch of rich black people with low IQs; that is, aside from Colin Powell. And, you’ll remember, he endorsed Obama BOTH times. OK, Condi is also pretty smart, but she’s so soaked in oil profits that it’s no surprise she’s on here. Let’s just get beyond this race thing. Either someone speaks for America logically, or they don’t. Romney sure didn’t.

  • Sabe

    I’m not trying to offend anyone but seriously how could anyone vote for Hermaine Cain?? He was soooo not prepared for the job?!!!!

  • Sabe

    OMG most of you guys are idiots, RESEARCH these candidates…I GUARANTEE that you wouldn’t vote for them if you knew what they stood for, the Republicans are 90% white–there’s a reason, look it up…Herman Caine was a ploy by the Republicans to get black people to vote for them—I’m not easily fooled. Hermaine Caine was an idiot, he didn’t even realize he was being used with that giant EGO, look up what Anne Coulter said, she proved my point and she’s an insider. I’m not voting alongside skin heads although racism runs in both parties but you can’t help it that you lived in an era of segregation, also Republicans think we don’t need social programs or that the poor (which usually consists of minorities) deserve their lower class status…this isn’t social darwinism, its not christian. But they forget about the New Deal and how that was a way to get whites into the middle class, but affirmative action is racist? Also I hate that when black people ‘make it’ all of a sudden they switch parties bc they think that Republicans being ‘whiter’ will get them more status and taken more seriously. Sellouts! If the republicans met these black celebrities before they made it, would they be so nice to them then?

    ** Be aware of the owners of media sources (magazines/web pages) and their political affiliation…they may be trying to use their outlets to push an agenda/party’s ideology…(Republicans)

  • the rock is not black he is polinisian or hiwian

  • terryb

    It’s nice to see that there are some blacks with education and want to lift themselves up out of the gutter.Sad, most voted for Obama for hiscoloand they can have abortions and welfare.

  • Questioner

    Additionally, Colin Powell may be a Republican, but he supported/endorsed Barack Obama for both terms.

    This article is pretty much garbage.

  • Questioner

    Wilt Chamberlain was dead long before Obama took office. Wilt Chamberlain died in 1999. While he did have Republican tendencies, there is no guarantee that he would not have backed Barack Obama.

  • Joyce

    Colin Powell ? Really ?

  • Sylvia

    Colin Powell has always supported President Obama. Don’t try to slander him.

  • Rachel

    what does sexually progressive mean?

  • Mark2468

    I am a democrat at heart and black but I will say that if Colin Powell were to run for president I would have voted for him over barack Obama in a heart beat, Powell has this look and mewntality to him that makes me feel he would be a good leader.

  • Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama. And Zora Neale Hurston wouldn’t recognize today’s Republican party. Eisenhower and Nixon wouldn’t either, and even Ronald Reagan would be surprised at how many of his own policies now get called “socialist.”

  • jsmith0552

    What’s LL doing on this list? If the man has never stated his political affiliation (which he shouldn’t be doing anyway), it probably means he votes for who he considers to be the best candidate. So he most likely votes the person not the party which more people should do. Articles like this only exist to polarize an already polarized nation, and even worse it’s trying to cause a bigger rift between Black people which we certainly don’t need.

  • MOres

    So most of these come from the earlier 2000s, before President Obama’s presidential campaign. So it’s a little misleading to assume that most of these people are still supportive of the Republican agenda.

  • Gene

    It’s truly said that in order to get 15 celebs… you need to include the dead.

  • And yet he endorsed Obama.

  • Jas916

    One might understand why Wilt Chamberlain and Zora Neale Hurston wouldn’t be down for President Obama… They’re both dead and were long before any of us knew who Barack Obama was. And just because these celebs voted for George W or are affiliated with the Republican party, it doesn’t mean they didn’t vote for President Obama the first or second time around.

  • cain please Obam would of killed cain like he did in 2004

  • i cant stand nikki anyway never have liked the her, ll cool j a diffrent matter but oh well , it just goes to show that they didnt even listen to romney anyone who listened to this man should of known better than to vote for him he was talking about dropping a nucular bomb on iran, n ur still voting for him, i mean i know they r r enimies but what about the innocent ppl u r going to kill in the process js

  • Ken C

    I wonder why a celebrity’s political leaning is considered news worthy? The reason Cain was knocked out of the race is because if it came down to an election between him and Obama, Obama would have lost and couldn’t have used the race card to explain it. It would have taken the divisiveness and hate as a tool, out of the hands of the liberals.

  • g’daughter

    Would the article have the same title if the article did not relate to blacks? Why is slang used? If any of these Americans go to Mississippi, would the insurgent caucasians ask these black celebrities if they voted for Romney before these Klansmen attack them?

  • Why didn’t they come out for Romney like some did for Obama? Now our nation is screwed and Obama destruction in full mode. 2014 will be the next election to stop communism by Obama. Pls people start working now to help free our country from obamanation.

  • Rafael


  • Ken

    This is so funny because Colin Powell endorsed Obama.

  • Sara

    Colin Powell has declared publicly his support for President Obama. This article might want to consider some fact checking since Powell voted for Obama in 2008 and stated he will do so in 2012.

  • whatever

    There are a couple of misleading facts put out in this article. One, Zora Neal and Booker T being republicans was not uncommon in those days, it was before the civil rights movement and Lincoln was a republican and of course they freed the slaves. The other misleading fact is Colin Powell as well as Sherryl Underwood endorsed the president. A vote for one party or race cor that matter is not monolithic. We dont vote based on race. We vote based on the issues that matter to us.

  • Guest

    I voted for Jill Stein not because she’s a woman, or because Obama’s black, it’s because Romney makes me feel embarrassed to be 90% white.

  • Twish

    This is totally misleading. Back then only 2 terms after Reagan it was still acceptable to be a republican. The GOP had not totally devolved into what it has become and back then Barack Obama was not even on the map.

  • Republican believe in self resposibilty,hard work,and good choices…….Ones life can be as good or bad as their choices…..

  • Mr G

    The GOP is counting on the silent majority to go back to sleep just like
    what happened after the election of 2008, while the relentless
    unreasonable GOP and their supporters continue to spew their poison…
    The silent majority stood up during this election but it has yet to STEP
    UP…!!! Our President can’t do it alone…!!! He is making the effort
    to keep his promises but if we the people don’t hold those Unpatriotic
    Phonies responsible for keeping our country down, it’s Our Own Fault…

  • My problem with putting all your eggs in the democratic basket leave you no wiggle room if you disagree with some or all their policies. Most blacks are against gay marriage, abortion and legalizing drugs. However, republicans were painted as they hate blacks, want to stop women from getting abortions, stealing grandma’s social security and medicare, want hispanics to be deport tomorrow and thinks poor people should die. President Obama never ran on any of his policies or his healthcare victory, just on fear and it worked.

  • Cass

    This article is somewhat misleading and it perpetuates the stereotype that blacks vote based on race. Historically, blacks were Republican. This was because they were against segregation and for civil rights. Abraham Lincoln was a Reublican, as was other President who championed rights for women and minorities. So it would only make sense that Booker T. Washington and Zora Neal Hurston would be Republicans. As times changed so did party beliefs and affiliations. That being said, party alignment should be, and for the most part is, based on beliefs and not solely on race. At least two of the people lasted here openly supported Obama, even though they are Republican. Both Colin Powell and Sheryl Underwood stated they were supporting Obama. I see nothing wrong with voting for someone who has your same ideals and beliefs. I can respect them, even if I don’t agree with them, more than I can someone who’s vote is based on race, or tradition and without knowledge.

  • peaceangel


    I have written the speeches (lies and spins) of the DEMOCRATS and the REPUBLICANS who have held the highest offices in the nation and I worked in politics from coast to coast for most of them—I watched as they lied to the nation and the world over and over and over again. I have done this for four decades now.

    I watched as they tore this nation up with their “fake” infighting and today America is more polarized and uninformed than ever in our history before—-just like all of you on this site—-




    The NDAA act passed by demoblicans and signed by obama at midnite in Hawaii at his star studded $500,000 taxpayer funded Christmas vaca on new years eve 2011 (while the nation was drunk) makes it against the law to— stockpile food, ammo, weapons, water, even rain water (several ppl are in jail already for collecting rain water) and it makes our former war vets “psychotic” and a “threat to our nation” so read about Brandon Raub a brave marine who was abducted from his virginia home by the CIA and Homeland security (on youtube) and put into a mental ward to have his brain “lobotimized” like obama’s (haven’t any of you seen the scars on this former CIA operatives head???) what did brandon do—-he talked about the things I am talking about right now—check it out

    SWAT teams are arresting mom and pop vege and fruit stand owners for growing food to sell without using monsanto genetically altered (poisonous) seeds—-on youtube

    AND WITH OBAMACARE WE ALL WILL BE “CHIPPED” WITH AN RFID CHIP—you can read this in the senate bill

    GOOGLE— PACIFIC NAFTA—- A REPUBLICAN BILL WHICH WILL INTENTIONALLY SHUT DOWN THE OTHER 55,000 MFG. PLANTS IN THE US-there is a video compilation out there in which you can see Bush Sr. telling congress 22 different times twenty years ago that we have to agree to and promote the new world order and iif you are really brave go to Infowars and see ALEX JONES infiltrate the annual Bohemian Grove camp out that has hosted the Bilderburgers for 128 years along with the CIA,FBI,and all the policy makers in our nation—-this is an “EYES WIDE SHUT” like annual event in which our drunken leaders decide how to further their agenda to kill us all and put some into the 1700 Fema concentration camps built by or rebuilt by Halliburton since Bush and Cheney signed the deal
    Google “mailbox dots” and know that when you do—your mailbox dot status will change from yellow for sheeple to blue for “they won’t go with us”

  • Stentor7

    Blacks who were members of the Republican Party before the defection of the Dixiecrats in 1964 really don’t count, because I’m petty sure Booker Washington would be a Democrat if he were alive today, especially in light of their opposition to Civil Rights in the South, & racial integration.

    • Robert Byrd was a Democrat hero until a couple of years ago when he thankfully died (and hopefully went to hell)… You’ve been indoctrinated with Liberal bullshit. Who again was against the Civil Rights movement? Al Gore Sr… The entire Democrat Party. The truth hurts no matter how you try to squirm and spin it.

      We have Democrats and Republicans. Dixiecrat is a made up term coined by Liberal Progressives to deflect from the actual truth.

      Speaking of which, why to progressives call themselves Liberals again? A classic Liberal is a Libertarian. Like always, progressives openly exposed there true selves and America cringed so they were forced to steal the name Liberal. A historical as well as modern parasite that needs to be squished with extreme prejudice.

      MLK would not be a Progressive/Liberal/Democrat I can assure you. He would be embarrassed by a party that utterly depends upon racism and is actually the most racist group in America today. Its all about race, gender and sexual preference and ZERO to do with skill, ability or merit… Demorats never change.

      Projection is a dangerous Pathology.

      • Stentor7

        I see you display the typical lack of attention to detail of grammar & spelling as your other tea bag brethren. Seriously? Robert Byrd? You’re going to trot out that guy? He apologized for his involvement, unlike a lot of other Dixiecrats, & he stayed within the Democratic Party, unlike the racists who defected to the Republican Party.
        I haven’t been indoctrinated with anything, I’ve looked at the facts, evaluated the actions of the people I see engaing in those behaviours, & made my own determination, unlike you who only seem to be regurgitating Republican talking points like others I see on Fox News.
        I don’t think you can say with any degree of certitude what MLK would be, but judging by the racism I see evident in the Republican Party, I know he wouldn’t be in the GOP. Dixiecrat is an actual term used to describe all the Southern White Confederates who embraced the Goldwater Southern Strategy of “States Rights” & defected to the Republicans in the presidential election of 1964. The fact that you use the weasel-word Democrat Party in place of Democratic Party tells me all I need to know about you. You want to try & conflate the actions of people within the historical Democratic Party with the modern Democratic Party. Sorry, that dog won’t hunt, & no matter how you try to squirm & delude yourself, the Dixiecrats are in your party, not mine. The racists are in your party, not mine. The black president is in my party, not yours.
        Again, you’re projecting racism onto a party that actively encourages minority involvement, & defending a party that has openly racist members. I’ll start believing what you say when you begin castigating members of your own party that engage in that type of behavior. If you see racism in the Democratic Party, I think you’re actually looking in a mirror.

      • Stentor7

        Nice try flagging my post s inappropriate so that you can make it disappear, but I’m aware of that trick & I can always re-post it.

        I see you display the typical lack of attention to detail of grammar & spelling as your other tea bag brethren. Seriously? Robert Byrd? You’re going to trot out that guy? He apologized for his involvement, unlike a lot of other Dixiecrats, & he stayed within the Democratic Party, unlike the racists who defected to the Republican Party.
        I haven’t been indoctrinated with anything, I’ve looked at the facts, evaluated the actions of the people I see engaing in those behaviours, & made my own determination, unlike you who only seem to be regurgitating Republican talking points like others I see on Fox News.
        I don’t think you can say with any degree of certitude what MLK would be, but judging by the racism I see evident in the Republican Party, I know he wouldn’t be in the GOP. Dixiecrat is an actual term used to describe all the Southern White Confederates who embraced the Goldwater Southern Strategy of “States Rights” & defected to the Republicans in the presidential election of 1964. The fact that you use the weasel-word Democrat Party in place of Democratic Party tells me all I need to know about you. You want to try & conflate the actions of people within the historical Democratic Party with the modern Democratic Party. Sorry, that dog won’t hunt, & no matter how you try to squirm & delude yourself, the Dixiecrats are in your party, not mine. The racists are in your party, not mine. The black president is in my party, not yours.
        Again, you’re projecting racism onto a party that actively encourages minority involvement, & defending a party that has openly racist members. I’ll start believing what you say when you begin castigating members of your own party that engage in that type of behavior. If you see racism in the Democratic Party, I think you’re actually looking in a mirror.

  • peaceangel

    The SADDEST thing about this article is that it clearly points out that this writer could only find 15 FREE THINKERS in the black celebs world—there are hundreds more but it does make two points 1. most black ppl know nothing and care not about politics, as long as half their race are being fed (in or out of prison) by all the other hundreds of races who are working to support 6 decades of blacks not working 2.As a race and in their lack of info on anything about government or politics, 90% of all blacks believe the sound bites and the spin the dems put on their lies about doing for the black man

  • Zora Neale Hurston??? You can’t count the original LIBERAL Republicans or people trying to restore the GOP to what it was, though I find them wasting their time and energy reviving a long-dead political paradigm. This GOP is what happened to the Dixiecrats…bent on the corporatization of America. Those are NOT the Republicans they’re looking for.

  • Proving that opinions are like @zzh_les, everybody has one…

    The ONLY person here truly qualified to judge a POTUS candidate, COLIN POWELL, endorsed WHO… TWICE!?!

    Booker T. was repub, in a completely different repub era.

    Nora Thurston referred to herself as THE HIGH PRIESTESS OF NIGGERATI – ’nuff said on DAT!

    The rest are ignorant…

  • OTurd relies on the “stupid, lazy negro” to get re-elected. Is that really a surprise to anyone?

  • Txdkay66

    This man is Samoan. He is not African American.

  • Uncle Sams Misguided Child

    That last comment was directed at superabound

  • Uncle Sams Misguided Child

    Wow, after reading you’re comments and the responses to them, I’ve come to the conclusion that you are either being trolled hard core or you’re wasting your time arguing with retards. Their is a reason the most educated states voted dem and the least voted romney. One disagreement though: I may be mistaken, but the anti Christ isn’t really supposed to be one particular person.

    • Universal indoctrination at the collegiate level. Predicted exactly by Joseph McCarthy himself. It would be ironic if it wasnt so anti American to the point of treason. The Democrat Party is owned by Trial Lawyers and run by Union mobsters and depends on Marx theory of useful idiots to gain and hold the levers of power. As has been proven with historical accuracy those same useful idiots and an apparatchik that is made happy with more scraps than his neighbor are the first to learn the hard truth of what happens when Govt runs out of other peoples money.

      The Ponzi schemes that are Social Security and Medicare along with all of the other Safety Net social programs are already deep into the process of collapse and our last and perhaps only hope was the 2012 election. Quantitative Easing to infinity is going to create massive hyper inflation very soon. After all inflation is just another Tax. Perhaps the most punitive Tax Govt imposes. The CPI has been manipulated no differently than Stalin, Hitler or any other Socilist manipulates data to fit their agenda. “By any means necessary” means exactly that and Progressives live by it.

      Since the fraudulent election we see Business contracting even further as any rational businessman that can do 8th grade math understands the tsunami that is approaching.

      No voter ID requirement, electronic voting machines easily hacked and absentee ballots along with the truth that those whom count the votes decides the vote have destroyed any credibility in America or its self imposed leaders. Putin, Chavez dont lose elections either. What people in the World are happiest about 0bamas supposed victory? Iran is thrilled…

      History is not going to look kindly upon this generation. The progressives from both parties have officially destroyed America.

  • dave_aka_lambsev

    One day it will be mean very much to you if you did not “vote for” Jesus. Are you going to heaven when you die? Jesus is the way!

    John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  • Dwayne Johnson is not black. He’s from Hawaii. Tongan? Samoan? Something like that. Pacific Islander anyway. NOT black at all.

  • Jimmy

    No Martin Luther King or every founder of the NAACP except for WEB Dubois?

  • hatetoregister

    Including Booker T. Washington in this list is a little bit misleading. You see, the Democrats, during Booker T. Washington’s time, did not want blacks to be seen as equals. The parties operated in the exact opposite way they do today during his time. Many Republicans embraced the idea of helping blacks to become productive free citizens. After the New Deal, things switched.. Whites started to abandon the Democrats as they became disillusioned with the idea of giving up things (rights, land, etc) to blacks. They still saw blacks as inferior and viewed the shift of the Democratic party as detrimental to white interests. This caused them to abandon the Democrats. The Republican party started to shift as well. Those who left the Democrats joined the Republican party. Booker T really understood that there could be no true equality until and unless blacks were educated. He made that his focus. He was right.

  • Jabari

    Wow. That is sad, they really had to scrape the barrel to find 15 black “celebrities” that are Republican.

    4 of the people on this list are dead. Booker T Washington died almost 100 years ago. He hung out with Abraham Lincoln.

    Condi Rice and Colin Powell are republican politicians not celebrities. And Powell openly supported Obama.

    JJ from Goodtimes? For real?

    50 Cent didn’t vote for Mitt Romney.

  • stellarose

    The parties have changed so much since the days of Booker T. Washington and Zora Neale Hurston. I think we need to remember that when we go back in time and look at party affiliations that we’re not comparing apples to apples anymore. There was a total flip-flop.

  • Vote for the party that upholds your ideals and convictions not because people need to stick together in groups. Vote for yourself and who is the best person that will best represent you.

  • rmwayne

    So are they really conservative or RINO fakes who when push comes to shove side with their Kenyan communist soul brother like that other big phony Colin Powell because of their hatred for white people?

  • TOLD YOU SO, TOLD YOU SO! I’VE BEEN SCREAMING ABOUT THIS REPEATEDLY ON INTERNET…..It is simply a “MIRACLE” President Obama, Panetta, Clinton, Military, CIA kept this BENGAZI, LIBYA treasonous act leading to Obama, under the news media “radar” (except Fox News), until after Election, so as few as possible Americans, knew the real TRUTH! I’ve insisted since Sept. 11th, 2012, Obama’s Administration lied to buy time (we’re gathering the facts), when 4 American SEALS (Including Our American Ambassador) deaths were “NOT OPTIONAL” per Obama’s WORDS. Obama’s words here, “Not Optional”, alone, are enough to Impeach and Indict Obama, Panetta, Clinton, any others involved (CIA?). Now Petraeus is claiming he is resigning due to an illicit marital affair – give me a break. I hope he will crack this “BOIL” wide open next week in this ongoing Investigation. (Meanwhile, Obama is hiding out on his ongoing Asian Countries’ Junket!) How convenient. Al Qaeda will soon be on our American doorsteps, if we don’t get this resolved QUICK!

  • Wow! Some of the ignorant comments on this website are unbelievable! Maybe we should have a required civics test decide who is eligible to vote; perhaps the same one that new citizens have to pass. I’m sure that many people on this page could not begin to pass one.

    I’ll leave you with a quote from a man generally acknowledged as one of the most intelligent who ever lived, John Stuart Mill: “The conservative party is, according to the law of its existence, the party of ignorance.”

    Adios, dumbass Republicans.

  • Eugene

    This article is stupid because it starts by saying here are blacks that are not down with Obama. Then it talks about what they did in the past prior to Obama. Some are not even alive to vote. There are black republicans but what is well noted in the last two elections most voted for Obama and yes even black GOPers. Even Colin Powell.

  • Angel

    I wanted Herman Cain to stay in the race, you know that woman that said he harassed her was full of it!

  • sheri s

    Has nothing to do with race..It is sad knowing about “THE ROCK’S” younger years when he was eating pootoes almost every day and had no a penny that he is a NOT a democrat.
    Guess once you have mega money your values and views change to enrich your pockets.
    This ROCK revelation surprised me.

  • uwilson

    For Lawman 317, what do you call an idiot with a pen in his hand? Stupid Why don’t you try getting your facts together before you start calling names & putting things where they don’t belong. If President Obama is the antichrist, what are you? Why do you live where you are not happy-MOVE. It was the best person for the job, let alone he’s very smart . HAVARD

  • Manzano

    The key to which party candidate to consider relates to the history of the party as it has behaved in the last 40 years. The Republican Party has intentionally developed a “do nothing” reputation with respect to how it views and treats ordinary Americans, and has attached itself to the concerns of the racist and the wealthiest, who now have become the constituency of today’s GOP. Eisenhower is widely seen to be the last honorable Republican to serve as President. The GOP has given itself over to incorporating certain methods taken from the Nixon “playbook”…methods that led to his resignation in shame. Looking back, the record shows that the major accomplishments that benefited all blacks were achieved under a Democrat President. Medicare, Medicaid, the Voting Rights Act, the Affordable Care Act to name a few. The GOP has no recent record of accomplishments that demonstrate a heart for improving the conditions of those who are struggling. Romney is a Republican whose party subscribed to devious tactics and schemes to get him elected as President. Almost 400 million dollars was spent via Karl Rove in effort to unseat President. Nothing worked. President Obama won the popular vote and the electoral college advantage, in spite of the combined strategies of the GOP. The 15 celebrities indicated here must have something in common with the hearts of the Republican Party. Perhaps it’s all about money.

  • Stop Starting Stuff

    When Roosevelt and Taft were in office the tenets of the Republican party were quite different. In fact, anyone you included before 1980 probably wouldn’t agree with the GOP today. Colin Powell did a commercial in favor of President Obama, and Sheryl Underwood actually campaigned for him also. This article if it was meant to be informative, just contributes to the already divisive and tense atmosphere that already exists. Your agenda is obvious.

  • Layne Franklin

    Been a huge LL Cool J fan since I was 18, had no idea about 50 cent but been a fan of him for several years and guess what , Herman Cain was my man. I was with him all the way! Guess what else ? I’m a conservative Republican and I’m white. I have no tolerance for stupidity and a lot of people in America just proved they are really stupid.

  • Most of the people on the list are “pre Barack Obama” and I would probably presume since Obama is black that they switched parties to vote for him.

  • Gene

    Has beens and never heard of’s have the right to support the candidate of their choice!

  • Wasn’t MLK a republican?? Why do black people vote for policies that keep them poor and immoral? I just dont get it !

  • TL

    This is not true because Sheryl Underwood campaigned for President Obama on WBLS with Steve Harvey so this list is a farse.

  • Marian Y. Talley

    This was an extremely weak propoganda article. The supposed “Republican Tendencies” were not shown for most of the Afro-Americans listed. All are dated. When B.T. Washington and Zora Houston were Republicans, all Blacks were Republicans. The switch to being Democrats did not come until the 60’s. On your list of 15 only Condolesia Rice endorsed Romney during 2012. If these individuals were really Republicans today, an endorsement for most of them, especially T.D.Jakes would have meant much. This was a pitiful attempt to make up a news story. Sorry, Did you think we would fall for it?

  • Jimi103

    Wow a black man voting for Obama no surprise here, it’s sad how many Americans look past race as something as the past yet many black Americans vote for Obama cause he’s black, don’t believe me? Research it for once. I wish the first black president was a good one, but in 4 years its going to be another bush, but worse..

  • Is brother Obama down for us? Not as much as he should be. Wake up, he’s taking our vote for granted!!

  • Concerned –

    Seriously– Zora Neale Hurston ??? Zora was an outstanding lady but it is not fair to infer she would have voted Republican in 2012 —- have you heard about what has happened to the structure of Eatonville due to the Bush years economic crash and educational reform? Not to mention women’s rights for health care! Additionally, Colin Powell is voting Democratic AGAIN!!! If you cannot get to 15 live black folks who are CURRENT celebreties voting for Romney… is this not a concern…. one would hope we don’t vote based on race anyway…. that would negate the freedom we have as American’s to use our voices. Should we be persuaded by celebrities anyway– it is unlikely our individual needs match the needs of celebrities

  • Samantha

    the Rock is not black

  • I Know Better

    Three or four of these people are dead and several of the dead ones belonged to a Republican party that was very different from the republican party of today! I would say that just after the civil war most black people would have been republicans but that changed during the 1900’s when republicans were espousing segregation more so than democrates. For sure there were segregationists who were democrates but after secregation was struck down by a democratic president virtually the entire south has voted republican for president! People have the right to be republican if they want to but for me that is not an option because republicans don’t even show respect to black people and don’t even campaign for our votes. A few black republicans that act as GATEKEEPERS for the republicans won’t change how black people vote or what party they identify with!

  • colorblind777

    the title to this article is absolutly racist

  • mike

    It’s the measure of a person’s character that really counts, not the color of their skin. It’s unfortunate that many do not see it this way…

  • Wrong! The Tea Party movement IS the answer! The beauty of the “Tea Party” is that it is not an organized party at all. Rather it is a movement of people that are fed up with big government, liberal corruption, out of control spending, and skyrocketing debit! Here in Philadelphia a so called Black “professor” of an Ivy League institution said: “…it is easier to just call the Tea Party racist then…!”

    PS: The unemployment rate for Blacks is MUCH higher under Obama then Bush!

    • Reggie Noble

      That’s because society is becoming progressively owned by rich scumbags who exploit the working class of all races, not just Blacks.

      Also, all jobs aint equal as well.

      A job at McDonalds is not equal to a job as an accountant. Technically, both people are employed, but one is mopping up piss for minimum wage. Just having a “job” doesn’t matter. Making a living wage is what matters and both Democrats and Republicans have made it harder for the working class to make a living wage.

      • John Galt

        It is interesting to note that the “rich scumbags” you refer to are, by and large, Obama supporters! Obama’s crony capitalists have destroyed more jobs then any other group! If you are to truly see what is going on you must get past such terms as “Democrat” and “Republican”, give up racial divisions, and look at the things they do. Upholding the Constitution is our last best “HOPE”.

        • Tony Dockery

          True and you can also add the rest of the political scumbags… the congress and senate and state governors they are all bought and paid for by the crony capitalists who have bought out all of washington GOP DEm and maybe even some up an coming libertarians…All of them….thats why they were elected to protect them at the top ..and they do work diligently to earn their money…They get the good gravy we get the lumpy crap.

      • Whatsup

        Gee, do you think the disparity in pay between someone who “mops up piss” and someone who invested in themselves and has a real skill is due to education and value to society? You are very poorly informed.

      • Mr. ALWAYS RIGHT

        That is because the person at McDonalds is a person who continually made bad life choices. The accountant got a college degree and made good life choices. Why should someone flipping burgers get paid the same as an accountant? You want that kind of country then move to Cuba. I hear they have great beach front property living in a card board box. Oh and the “working class” and “Living wage” are both political code words to say “The lazy losers want to live comfortably as well”. If you’re a single mother with 3 kids from 3 different dudes working at McDonalds, it’s your fault. Not society or Government or that damn “white man”. You made horrible life choices and are paying the price. If you want to live better and make better money then you need to improve your life. No one is holding you back but yourself.

    • Brad

      The Tea Party is indeed the answer… if the question is: Who are the most ignorant bunch of blithering racists on the planet?

      • John Galt

        Is that the best you can do? Does liberty mean so little to you that you would trade it for the yoke of socialism? Are you so greedy that you would rob the average American worker, with the “gun of Obama”, for your own liberal / progressive purposes?

        The last best “HOPE” of liberty ….. and America itself is The Tea Party movement!

      • lygamnt

        Wow your really smart. No wait I mean a douche bag liberal shut up and move to california

      • Mr. ALWAYS RIGHT

        You think they’re racist because that’s what you’ve been told to think. Idiots like you are incapapble of thinking for yourselves and doing your own research.

  • Colin Powell is a racist, and he is NOT a Republican. How can anybody think that he is??

  • razerage

    Jus wanted to offer this… ” If congress would support legislation BEST for this NATION and it’s people, the Presidental election winner would make little difference”….. And this silly article’s title should remind us how the crazies run this nation.

  • RoboNiner

    If you look at history, the African-American
    community has strongly been in the Democratic column for a long time.
    Starting in 1932, FDR garnered 71% of African-American vote. However,
    Republicans still were able to get at least a sizable percentage of the
    African-American vote. In Presidential Election of 1948, the majority of
    African-Americans identified themselves as Democrats instead of

    The election of 1964 was the most significant
    moment that moved African-American population solidly into the
    Democratic camp. That year, President Lyndon Johnson was able to push
    through the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Republican candidate, Barry
    Goldwater came out against it. That year, President Johnson gained 94%
    of the African-American vote. No other Republican candidate has gained
    more than 15% of the African-American vote since that election.

    One thing that has been lost in this discussion is that hardly anyone
    takes the battle within the community on who to support during the
    Democratic Primary in 2008 into account. There were split within
    families on who to support. However, at the end of the day, the
    African-American community would have been solidly behind Hillary
    Clinton if she would have been the Democratic Party’s candidate in 2008.
    She would have beat Sen. McCain in 2008 just like President Obama did.
    If she would have won, some on the Republican side would have argued
    that people voted for her simply because she is a woman. However, it is
    much more difficult for people to argue that a person won because of
    gender than race. The risk of alienating potential voters because of
    their gender is way too great. Therefore, this argument would be less
    effective under those circumstances. If race were truly the main factor
    on who we vote for, than vast majority of African-Americans would have
    supported the candidacies of Rev. Jesse Jackson (1984, 1988), Rev. Al
    Sharpton (2004) Alan Keyes (1996, 2000, 2008), and Herman Cain (2012)
    more heavily supported than what they were.

    I am sure that
    there are some within the community that voted for President Obama
    because of his race. However, you also can’t argue the fact that some
    voted for Sen. John McCain because of his race. However, that is lost in
    the discussion because of, well, he lost. However, to try to simplify
    that the vast majority of people voted for or against a candidate
    strictly because of his/her race is ignorant at best and intellectually
    lazy at worst. It all comes down to policy positions and who people
    trust to hold the highest office in the land.

    The sad fact is
    that since Nixon implemented the “Southern Strategy” during the 1968
    election, there has not been a serious effort by the Republican Party to
    reach out to the African-American voting population since Jack Kemp ran
    for President in 1988. Former Republican Party National Chairman
    Michael Steele did attempt to make some overtures to reach out during
    his tenure. However, under the current chairman, Reince Priebus, those
    efforts have been curtailed.

    We need ALL parties to fight for
    EVERYONE’s vote. Writing off an entire segment of the population,
    especially with our changing demographics, is extremely reckless and
    short-sighted. Eventually, those votes are going to be needed. It is
    difficult to build inroads with any community, if there is little or no
    attempt to do so. If the Republican Party does not recognize this or
    fails to address this need, there may come a time when the Republican
    Party goes the way of the Whig Party, replaced by another national
    political party, and fade into the annals of history.

  • Rergs

    Slideshows are the worst thing to happen to websites

  • truthruth147

    Time for Romney to take the reins of this nation..he is right..the HELL WITH THIS 47%..dragging the nation down. Romney will send them back to the ghetto,where they belong.

  • Stephen J Colbert

    Little known fact about all of these celebrities. They all have: 1) either a first or middle name of Thomas and 2) They all have either a niece or a nephew 3) They all own or live in a log cabin. Is this just a coincidence or is there more to this story… ? Just wondering…

  • shaz

    At least people are starting to realize that we now actually have the PRIVILEGE to vote our conscience, rather than what someone else says we should vote. Somehow people think the pressure the pressure to vote according to someone else’s mandate improves, simply because the pressure originates from someone of my own color.

    It does NOT.

    Many people died to give us the privilege to make our choices based not on the color of my skin or someone else’s, but rather on the content of my character & perception of the character & skills of others. (Forgive the loose paraphrase!) As for me, I’m thrilled that more people are getting out to take advantage of this blessing and privilege to BE ABLE TO VOTE!

    We all have our views and opinions of the issues and resolution strategies, and despite the rumor spreading through parts of our community, WE ARE NOT ALL ALIKE. So hopefully those who’ve helped make the environment of our current election so hostile will calm down and allow other individuals to indulge in the privilege of thinking for themselves, and voting their own conscience. I’m praying that those trying to incite riots depending on the outcome will come to their senses no matter which way the election ends.

    God’s wisdom, peace, and blessings on you all.

  • Sailorman

    I agree with your list except for Powell. It’s my understanding that the vast majority of black Americans were Republicans until about FDR’s regime. Booker T. Washington(not ‘and the MGs’, although they were fantastic) was among, if not the greatest, black American in history.

  • Lena

    They see what they want to see and make excuses for the rest. One thing for sure is they support each other and cheer each other on through all of the hate.

  • Ruby R.

    Colin Powell may have BEEN a Republican, but he certainly isn’t now!!!

  • Lena

    Barack Obama was not the only black person on the ballot in the ’08 election, so wouldn’t the vote have been split if we voted black.

  • conservativemama

    As long as blacks fought for Democrats in the numbers they do, their lot will not improve. They already give Democrats what they need from the black community, their vote. The party doesn’t have to do anything to earn that vote. So why would the Democratic party change their behavior? Democrats have lots of other constituent groups to cater to and with every new group, blacks get pushed further back in line.

    You’re still sitting in the back of the bus, but this time you’ve put yourself there. Don’t you think you deserve better than that? You are the people who survived slavery. Why chain yourselves to a new master?

  • gfff

    so incredibly glad that not all celebs are insane……..sick of liberals using the race card

  • atchafa

    I’m so sick of this black and white thing

  • atchafa

    I think all liberals should be hung and then fed to the sharks

  • atchafa

    How do you get a dem. out a tree? Cut the rope

  • atchafa

    Get the rope

  • BosqueNorse

    I assume that all of these individuals are well in the income level that it is beneficial for them to vote republican and therefore ALL are a disgrace to the Black Race as I see it.

  • K

    “You’re Not Down With Brother Obama?” Seriously is there a racist button I can click.

  • Bam Bam Al-Shabazz

    it’s obvious this list needs some serious footnotes.

    1. Anyone who was a supporter of the republican party before 1960, is actually a modern democrat (Hurston, Booker T)
    2. Colin Powell endorsed Obama in 2008.
    3. Don King and Jakes need investigated (again) for tax evasion (oh, wait as a preacher Jakes doesn’t pay taxes, no wonder he supports republicans.
    4. Condoleeza Rice… really.

  • Tom Smith

    Powell supports Obama

  • Lucius_Junius_Brutus

    “15 Black Celebs Who Have Republican Tendencies”

    Hmmm….Will the next installment be “15 White Celebs Who Have Democrat Tendencies?”

    What kind of mindset do these kinds of questions reveal?

  • john

    This article could be called 15 Black Celebrities Who Are Rich.

  • Sister S

    Colin Powell did endorse President Obama twice, so he is down with Obama!

  • paul

    Forgot Stacy Dash

  • Ang

    I don’t think blacks will let a conservative black in yet. It’s what we need though

  • livingsimply

    This article is really stretching it. Reaching back to Booker T. Washington as a “black celeb” with republican tendencies is a little much. Anyhow, many people say that if Teddy Roosevelt were alive today, he would be considered a Democrat. Saying “Barack Obama is not the man for the job” does not necessarily equal Republican Tendencies. Saying that you like George W. Bush because “I see a lot of me in him” does not equal Republican Tendencies. And for most of these people, there is no reference to the candidate they currently support, just a mention that they liked G.W. Bush…. The title of the article is misleading, making the reader believe that these people have rejected Obama’s policies for those of the Republican party. Not so. Barack Obama is never mentioned in the photo captions; the writer did not bother to learn of their current political leanings. And, does The Rock identify as black?

  • snt2

    If you vote for Obama, are you voting for his black half, or his white half? Why is race an issue if when you flip a coin and it lands on heads he’s black and if it lands on tails he’s white? Race is NOT an issue, especially with Obama. People should be voting on his record and his policies which on the best of days is lacking.

  • Thunder

    Racist… oh wait, it’s black on black so it’s OK. Seriously, why is it even a headline when a black person doesn’t support another black person, I thought it was about choosing the best candidate – not the right color.

  • Jurah

    This is the most bullshit piece of “reporting” I have ever seen. “15 Black celebrities” that purportedly support the Republican party. Really?! There are dead people on the list that were republicans when it was the party of Lincoln. It bears little resemblance to today’s republican party. There is no need to stretch the truth to tell this story. There are Black republicans. This story however is a fraud.

  • colon powell voted for obama twice. that hardly makes him a republican. makes him confused.

  • Jenna

    Colin Powell publicly announced his support for Obama. Gonna have to update that list.

  • ssargen

    Nothing in the article said voting Republican was turning your back on black people. Where did that come from? That’s the problem, people instantly turn to racism or leaving other black’s behind as the reason for voting for the guy of the other ethnicity. It makes no sense, unless YOU ultimately see everything along racial in terms of race.

  • CNN you are so freaking racist. Who cares if they are black or white. We are all Americans. Black people can realize this president is a failure just as easily as white people.

  • Geovasval

    When are you going to stop bashing Latinos you need to understand if you want to win the So called illegals have a lot of family citizen that won’t vote for you unless you stop bullying the so called illegals and do something to fix the problem and sending them back is Not an Option

  • Geovasval

    You are all crazy Repiblicans you all sing the same old Song you don’t have a mind of ur own

  • Bless one

    These celebrities are saying these things because, they have money and don’t want their money to be taxed. Don’t forget that before you became wealth you were happy for the man to be taxed, so now you don’t care about the little, but know this that God is in control of your wealth and can take it from you. All I’m saying don’t forget where you from.

  • Larry

    This is why I
    wonder why a middle class or a poor person votes for the GOP!

  • This is not true LL Cool J has been interviewing to squash this rumor. Not sure if I can believe the the other people they claim to be republican either…

  • LLCoolJFan

    I have always been a big LL Cool J fan. As a white conservative myself it does not surprise me that LL leans right. He is way to responsible, professional, and carries himself as a Christian. He comes across to me as someone who totally thinks for himself and would not let anyone or any group decide for him. In other words I don’t see LL Cool Jay as part of the 95% that vote obama just because he is black. That is so stupid. They might disagree with every issue and be out of a job but by gosh he is a black man and I am voting for him. How freaking stupid. LL Cool J is not that kind of man. He is a great guy and makes his OWN decisions.

  • You should probably take Colin Powell off this list, since he just announced his support of Barack Obama…


    globalists are running this country and world. research it to see for your selves to see whats going on in our country now. it makes NO DIFFERANCE which one you vote for. its the illusion of freedom to the public . builderburgs and alumminiti are in control of our country. their is no free speach anymore. you and i cannot question the goverments policys any more because we will be detained . check it out for yourself please. SR.

  • Jj

    ORomney perjured himself in the million dollar Stemberg case. Can u believe him if sworn in as U.S

  • Jj

    THINK. Every is about economics. What have they done for you lately? Can your wallets take another hit? THINK.

  • Jj

    Voting Republican is fine if you are among the 5%. However, their indifference and insensitivity toward their fans is completely exposed. Voting republican means 29% tax rate for the poor and lowly, 14.5% tax rate for the RICH. Proceed to the Box Office or buy their music with what’s left.

  • Colin Powell just endorsed Obama, on October 25th. Sorry, but your list is wrong—

  • monty harris

    Some of the people listted we already know that are republicans such Rice and Powell. However Powell should not be listed because he has endorsed Obama in both elections. Booker T. and Zora are probably republican from the old party. Lets not forget we as blacks were republicans first.

  • donnafrflorida

    George wallace and david duke were democrats.. what they wont teach you.

  • Jimmy B

    Placing Booker T Washington, without the historical context is laughable. In the late nineteenth century most Blacks were Republican because “Jim Crow” was very much alive in the Democrat South. Not that Republican actually enforced the Civil Rights laws they passed after the Civil War. However, we can’t ignore the southern Democrat Party’s racist past. I mean Woodrow Wilson thought “Birth of a Nation” was a great film.

  • OmoT

    The problem with we black people is we don’t think, don’t look at things on the long run and we don’t read. Now, for you to say that black people are always looking for hand out means to me that you have bought into the white stereotype of black people. That is nonsense talk and foolishness bearing in mind that the population of black people in this country is about 12% then how can you make such a statement? We black people are our own worst enemy and you are one of our problem.

  • Juanes

    Is the Rock “only” black? The fact he’s half Samoan and raised mostly outside the US in Polynesian culture should make him Asian… his famous grandfather.

    Lets see, I suppose, according to the logic used here, there is then no such thing as Latinos? If a white latino exists, he’s either White or Black but not Latino/Hispanic or Asian for that matter. How convenient.

  • How do these folks account for 95% of the blacks voted for Obama in 2008 if it wasn’t because they consider Obama to be black? History does not support the huge number of blacks that voted in 2008! Obama got many white voers because they considered McCain to be another Dubya. Obama was in the right place at the right time and got elected.

  • lang671

    I am tired of people saying that the gop isn’t racist it is racist look at who is supressing the vote, look at the number of voters fraud, look at the state rep in arkansas said that he supported slavery and it did good for the black people, look at how they disrespect this president worse than any sitting president in american history, look how they are treating the poor, middle class, blacks, latino’s, muslims, seniors, women and other minority groups this country has gotten worse under the republican ruling ever since barack obama came into office they were plotting to make him a one term president ever since he got elected now tell me this isn’t racist his policies are similar to bush but better look at the economy is slowly coming back with the obstructionist party trying their best to flush this country down the toilet because they hate this president. People wake up this gop party today is the dixcrats of yesterday believe me and the gop party of yesterday is the modern democrat party today. history has reverse itself and look at it now another thing democratic party isn’t the party of welfare if you look over the years whose party is best on jobs, economy, healthcare, education is the democratic party did you listen to bill clinton speech at the democratic convention the U.S. is a big failure under the leadership of the republicans it always the democrats who clean up the mess the gop leaves behind now lets see who is the party for the people and who is the party for the rich, corporations, big banks, oil all the gop want to do is dereglate everything and screw our environment by drilling and drilling the gop isn’t a big fan of the environment thats why they want to get rid of that department we need to vote democrat all the way to save our nation from these corporate vultures who are telling there workers that they be laying them off if obama gets reelected thats ashame this country is becoming another china and russia

  • Just Saying

    I think that this WHOLE ARTICLE IS IGNORANT. The title “Brother Obama”. Really? African American people don’t just vote for other African Americans simply because of their race. How moronic do you think we are?

  • chris b

    I was there fool, don`t try to revise history . You and your party are evil

  • chris b

    Idiot, those guys have actually switched parties, yours is one of slimeballs and thieves being supported by idiots like yourself that hate balcks so much you can`t stand ~I want my country back BS~ code throw out the minorities out so us whiteys can rule

    • donnafrflorida

      To mty black brethern. i am a conservative. i dont believe in affirmative action because i believe you are just as capable as any none black to perform a job. i believe in limited welfare because i believe giving a man a fushing rod is infinetly better than having you stand week in and out begging for fish. i pray our brothers n sisters wake up at become free at last.

      • chris b

        I believe that you over simplify the problem. My daughter is an ER Md, she sees every day people that are going to die because the couldn`t afford a Dr. It is mans responsibility to help his fellow man. This is not about freedom, it is about sharing. With all due respect you are wrong. No one is entirely free of responsibility for his fellow man. If you are Christian, you cannot believe the doctrines that the phonies that are selling this freedom crap to you are even remotely are concerned about you . They are using you to continue their greedy domination of this country. I refer you to Gorden Allport who wrote a masterpiece in 1954 all based on research called the Nature of Prejudice. It should be mandatory reading for every American

  • I would vote for Colin Powell in a heartbeat. I’ve always liked his politics and he’s very level headed. Mr. Powell is the total opposite of Mr. O.

  • Paula

    This story is a month old….except for a couple of people no one has been interviewed after 2005. Jimmie Walker was the only one to say he didn’t think Obama was doing good. Up date your story and see where these people stand today!

  • cdck

    So this isn’t considered a racist headline and story. Black celeberties should vote for BO because he is a “brother’.!!!! It’s actually very insulting Polls show 95% blacks voting for BO again. If polls showed 95% whites voting for Romney there would be demonstrations. Just remember the % of whites voting for BO the first time is what got him elected.

  • nyblondii

    How about Jackie Robinson or Stacey Dash?

  • keleolisa

    I’m left pretty disappointed by this list. It appears to have rushed and quickly thrown together. A number of the people on the list hardly qualify as ‘celebrities’. I’ve never thought that politicians and public servants count as such. Equally disappointing is the fact that MN could not find enough people who are still living to bring the list to 15! Really? Booker T. Washington? Funny that the title of the article is “Not down with Brother Obama?” and you include Colin Powell on this list. Are you forgetting the headlines that were made by his controversial endorsement of then Senator Obama? Being a Republican does not necessarily mean being anti Obama. Some of the people on this list aren’t even proven Republicans. Just a poor job all around, MN…

  • theslowrider

    You guys really missed it on Colin Powell! He’s openly stated his support for Obama! He’s definitely a race voter. Pretty sad.

  • Will

    I am shock to find that the 15 blacks you chose in this article has 3 who have been dead for at least 25 years, 5 who will not even say they are republicans, 4 who are getting paid by the republican party and the rest are people who say they are all about money. What a winning endorsement for your party. With a list like this I can not see why blacks will not flock to GOP. NOT.

  • chris b

    I`m really surprised at the level of lying/ and or ignorance on this site. You people either make up your own truths or just blatantly lie on these issues. Lets talk about voter suppression and voter intimidation, lets talk about code phrases like `I want my country back`, the President is a socialist marxist (oxymoron), he is not one of us, all code that this nation is changing, and a power shift is iminant. Many white managers of business are seeing this and fighting desperately to prevent it. They control the money and the media, and are brainwashing whomever they can to keep their power. Wake up please before it is over(our democracy)

  • chris b

    Bull shizz friend. Those were Southern Democrats who became and now are GOPers after LBJ passed the Civil Rights acts in the 60s. Nice try, but gotcha

    • check your facts, the bill that you speak of may have been signed by LBJ, but was written by a republician.. Nice try, but gotcha

      • chris b

        And that Republican is a dem today, stop trying to bs me mf I marched

  • This is heartening.

  • Gene Martinez

    Has anyone done a recent poll to see how many actually opposed the re-election of President Obama? I bet a bunch of them do support him.

  • tad

    I am happy to see that people are saying how they fell and are not scared.

  • Colin Powell ?..better add more letters to the (R)…(RINO)…Republican in name only…after all he voted and endorsed the imam hussein obama….Condi Rice?..if she ever throw her name in the presidential race..I’d vote for her,she’s got more experience than the man-child community organizer…

  • Yat

    I get tired of the South being pegged for racism. Morgan Freeman can do anything he wants with his money, but he chose to open a nightclub in Mississippi–must not have such awful memories. Lionel Ritchie, if the south was so bad, could have moved his whole family out of Tuskegee, AL if it was so awful for Blacks there. True, there are some prejudiced people here, who make sweeping generalizations, but when it comes to one-on-one, human interactions are not based on color. I grew up in the segregated south and was required to say yes ma’m and no sir to Black adults just the same as white adults, and if I had used the “N” word, my mouth would have been washed out with soap while a hickory switch was applied to my other end. President Obama is using the Blacks as a voting block–he cares nothing about bettering their lives, only keeping them dependent so that their votes can be bought. He has never lived one day of his life as a Black American and he does not share their heritage or their struggles, but so many do not look past the color of his skin.

  • How many Republicans did you see sicking the hounds and fire hoses on the Freedom Riders?

  • Chuck

    Two prominent Black Americans were omitted from the list of Republicans… baseball’s Jackie Robinson and a fellow named Martin Luther King Jr, some of you may have heard about him..

  • The Rock is black?

  • JoliPapillon

    Is the male, who also engaged in unprotected sex with said woman, absolved of any wrong(s) he may have committed during said sexual act? How is he not equally to blame? Shouldn’t he have protected himself also? The male in your situation also had the wherewithal/foresight to use a condom also. This is a two-way street, sir. They are equally “slore” ish.

  • ab

    Just because they backed republicans when bush was president doesnt mean that they do not back obama now.. bush isnt running in this race (thank god)… so anything concerning him is irrelevant!! This whole article is a bunch of bull!!!

  • Linda Laster-Bivens

    If this was all that could be found, that would lend credence that the only reason the african americans are voting for Pres. Obama is that he is black- wow- that is sad but unfortunately may be true.

  • Gary Johnson

    You were doin’ pretty good…until you got to Colin Powell……Bwahahahahahahah

  • 15 individuals classless people will call race traitors.

  • I think a lot of black celebrities became a lot more involved in politics once Obama came on the scene and made it “cool”. So even if they were republican supporters in the past i’d guess that theyre probably voting for Obama come NOvemebr

  • misleading title… these guys were REPUBLICAN during a certain point of their lives.. who knows what party they’re down with today…

  • delfairchild

    ThirtySix percent of all annual US abortions are performed on black women with the help of the Democrat’s Planned Parenthood. Yet the majority of blacks vote Democrat. Why?

    • Um, your statement would have more veracity to it were it not for the fact that abortions are ELECTIVE, not mandatory or forced…as is the sexual act that led to the pregnancy, for the most part. If they had a sign above the door stating how they love aborting minority babies, you’d have a valid point.

      A better argument would have mentioned the racist history of Margaret Sanger and her impact on the birth control movement which spawned Planned Parenthood.

  • MaryD

    At this time in America, I really dont care if you are a Democrat or Republican, I just want you to
    Vote for President Barack Obama.

  • NCGal

    Good to see people espousing the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. and judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. These people are putting their livlihoods on the line for their beliefs, knowing they will be judged harshly by their community. That is true courage and character.

  • John R.

    All this tells me is that African Americans can be as stupid as whites when it comes to politics. John R.

  • alio

    When obama ran for office, all the people who voted for him felt this was a new era where the different races could finally live together in peace. NOPE, since obama has been in office the racial problem is worse than it’s ever been.

  • alio

    It was my ancestor, Abraham Lincoln, a REPUBLICAN, who freed the Slaves.
    Martin Luther King was a Republican. Dems want to keep you down on farm.

    • Democrats have painted Republicans as racists too long it will take time
      to undo the damage. Plus pandering to the minorities through welfare food
      stamps and other entitlements have created the 47 percent Romney so aptly talked about. Which is true it is so hard to bring them back. I noticed most blacks who are rose from down up without assistance from government tend to be conservative.

      • H Scott

        Stop living in the past. What the republican party was, is not what it is now.

        • D

          You are right but the GOP is not racist like the DNC is. Think about it people. Michael Steele was the African-American who lead the GOP. The DNC has NEVER allowed a black man or woman do anything in its leadeship, or the presidential appointments. Obama was not even the DNC’s first choice. Go figure. Republicans are the ONLY reason the Civil Rights Act ever passed. The Dems FOUGHT it hard.

          • chris b

            You are either an idiot or a racist, maybe both, The GOP party of today is RACIST

      • chris b

        Your wrong racist, the Southern dems the evangelical bigots, are now GOPers don`t try to lie

    • Shawn.l.

      You do know that the republicans of yesturday are NOT the republicans of today? You are not foolin all of us buddy.

      • Really? And I suppose you thing Democrats of today are the same as yesterday too? Right? Hell naw, they are Marxists. The Tea Party group and the libertarians are the R party of yesteryear and the Mao and Stalin are the party represented by your party of today. Think not? Where do the roots of Kwanzaa come from? The black panthers, the 7 pillars of Marxism. Again, you have been duped and it appears you do not care.

        • chris b

          You even know who Marx was you idiot. There have never been Countrys that have had a Marxist Govt for any period of time. Our President is a moderate, not even a liberal. Your idiotic God faking idiots are being taken to the cleaners by the rich, sucker

    • H Scott

      First of all King was not a republican, second of all the
      republican party you speak of is dead.
      It died long ago and the views, beliefs and passions since the
      institution of “The Southern Strategy” has forever changed that party
      to one of bigotry and racism. Since then
      the republican establishment has been moving more and more to longing for the
      days of “Gone with the Wind”, and those days are – gone with the

    • chris b

      I met King he was a Dem, and a friend of JFK, hated by JEH stop the BS

  • Actually we “the blacks” DO know the WHOLE story of how the democrats you are referring to are NOW REPUBLICANS as a result of the enforcement of the civil rights laws by President L.B. Johnson and the recruitment strategy of President Richard Nixon…but hey much like some of your current republican leaders, don’t let the ACTUAL TRUTH get in the way of your rhetoric…

    • Well, consider this: the quality of life for the averageblack denizen of a liberal city or state is far lower than in conservative states. Compare any metric you like between LA/NYC/Detroit and Charlotte or Atlanta or Nashville or Raleigh or Jackson.

      • chris b

        That is why the Fed had to step in and handle all the suits about the farming racism going on in the South???

    • You mean the same Richard Nixon who
      aggressively supported affirmative action-type programs all throughout his political
      career? Or the one who helped get the
      1957 civil rights bill passed? Or is it the
      one who slammed democrats as the party of “Maddox, Mahoney, and Wallace”? Wait, you’re talking about Nixon’s use of the
      Southern strategy, right? Then you must
      mean the Richard Nixon who said “people in the ghetto have to have more than an
      equal chance. They should be given a
      dividend,” and chose Spiro Agnew, a man
      known for opposing racial discrimination in public housing, as a running
      mate. Obviously these were appeals to a
      dying generation of segregationists.

      • clb

        You should try picking a LIVE republican instead of these dead, moderate republicans who would have no say at all in today’s republican party. The GOP has changed and ain’t going back to moderation for the foreseeable futute (as in, not in our lifetime)!

        • there is not 1 republician who treats it’s following as bad as a dem, color today still as yesterday means nothing to us. we would love to see every man and woman have an equal chance at a productive life. Dems push welfare and want to keep them where they are, if you can’t see that, then maybe you need to go appy for a free obamphone.. keep giving them something FREE and noone who receives it will grow beyond that point

          • chris b

            Bull Shiz. I am a registered Rep, and have the ability to talk with some of you racist liars. You are either dumb as a rock, or lie like you candidate. They are not only racist, but want to demean women and take us back to the 1890s

            • vivianclare

              And where is your proof? Your allegations prove you are just another parrot of the Left, who hasn’t bothered to use your brain for the past 5 years or longer. Just WHICH policies do Republicans expouse which “demean” women? Are you referring to the fact that Republicans believe we can pay for our own birth control? Waaaagh Wagaaaghh Waaagh! We also pay for our own aspirin, tylenol, antacids, antihistamines and a whole host of other things. I’ve paid for my own BC pills for over 30 years. How is this demeaning to women?
              Democrats demean women constantly by acting as if the only thing women have on their minds is having free and easily available abortion. Who care if we have jobs, income, opportunities for our kids, sufficient transportation, food and clothing, as long as we can get those free abortions!!!! Give me a break!

              • chris b

                Equal pay for women, sticking a probe up their vaginas before an abortion. If you actually knew the law, you would know that is actually rape SH. They want to kill medicare SS, and cur medicaid, pell grants head start how are women going to actually work ??????? They want to do away with min wage and unions. Try reading their shizz before you try and BS me

      • chris b

        You mean Nixon the paranoid that got kicked out of office for Watergate??? He was nuts

  • poof

    so are we now suppose to vote for a person primarily because they are black? Such nonsense! Everyone has the right to vote for whom they please. You can vote for who you like and leave other people to vote for their choice of president. I’m pretty sure nobody, myself included as a grown person likesto be told what their choice should be.

  • poof

    so are we now suppose to vote for a person primarily because they are black? Such nonsense! Everyone has the right to vote for whom they please. You can vote for who you like and leave other people to vote for their choice of president. I’m pretty sure nobody, myself included as a grown person likesto be told what their choice should be.

  • anonomyssy

    Minorities and women for the current batch of Republicans is like chickens for KFC…foolish.

  • stumpjumper68

    when will idiot media stop referring to Bush as George W. Bush “Jr”?

  • another lie,i dont think so!!!

    What evidence do you have to support your statement? And as for the black people should read our history comment ,I can only assume you are white,why would I believe anything you say or write you have lied and,raped your way through history with impunity even before America was america,you kidnapped people from Africa who quite frankly built this country,did you forget about Cortez ,Columbus and the list go’s on,tell me how do discover a continent already inhabited by indigenous people? The first lie,and you insist we read our history you wrote

    • Black people sold black people into slavery and are still doing it today. Facts man. Get them.

  • Funny how when people become wealthy they turn Republican. It’s called greed trumping a sense of social responsibility.

    • Maybe it’s knowledge of how wealth is
      really created trumping atavistic racial resentment.

  • Guest

    Fuen people become wealthy they turn Republican. It’s called greed trumping a sense of social responsibility.

  • Army vet

    Life is what u make it. B yourself, love Jesus and quit worrying about what other people think. We as a nation allow politics divide us. It’s time to stop. God says love thy neighbor. It is not our right to judge. We will all stand before and take account.

  • Carborendum

    The Rock is NOT black. He’s Samoan.

  • Joseph Kelsall

    He looks as though he’s 50 cents on the Dollar to me!

  • True_Watchman

    John Sununu said Obama was lazy…Romney called him a boy…Graham said he was uppity….the GOP believes he’s not American…and what’s wrong with being a Muslim?….faking his birth…..Beck called him a racist, so did Limbaugh….he’s the anti christ to white christians….the devil incarnate to black conservatives? What the hell is that?

    Your categorizing yourself thus limiting yourselves from seeing beyond yourselves and your idealogues. Think free. Be free.We are foolish to claim we are democrat, libertarian, a liberal or conservative….we have an innate quality that masters all – common sense.

  • ravonal

    Should have included Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Owens, and Jackie Robinson.

  • acadia1106

    You both are wrong, you can’t compare the GOP of today with the GOP of the past, the switch happened in the 50’s with the 53 civil rights act. The dems supported it, and was signed in by democratic president, johnson, the GOP opposed the dems not specifically in this issue but on the idea the states had the right to control their schools. In the end this is where the dems lost “solid south” and the GOP became the party of the racist, segregationist like strom Thurmond switched parties famously as did they other racist. And that’s the history, the idea hat the dems or gop have held the same views for hundreds of years is preposterous.

    • Ian Kable

      You evidently need to brush up on your 20th century American history.

      I understand. I was schooled in the public school system as well and didn’t know anything about American history until I became an adult and learned it on my own.

      • acadia1106

        Hash: SHA1

        Saying you need to evidently need to brush up on your American history, is not an argument, it’s an opinion.

        – From the New York Times

        “In 1964, Mr. Thurmond switched parties to back the Republican nominee for president, Senator Barry M. Goldwater. Four years later Mr. Thurmond held the South for Richard M. Nixon’s nomination and election, after assuring Southerners that Mr. Nixon, as president, would go easy on civil rights.”

        As I stated it was the signing of the civil rights bill by Johnson, in ’64, not 53 (I was thinking of the ’57 civil rights act which delt with voter laws) that first push Thurmond over the edge, although he had backed Republican candidates before this was the first time he officially switched party affiliation. Finally, the South would completely turn from blue to red in the 60’s because civil rights initiatives were at this point being led by democrats who were in power. AGain, the GOP of today is not made up or remotely akin to the GOP of LIncoln. Case in point The GOP of Lincoln’s day were considered “the progressives”. In any, vain, I’m sorry you found your public school education lacking. Mine was more than adequate to get me into at a top 30 college and score exceptionally well on the SAT’s.

        • chris b


      • acadia1106

        Hash: SHA1

        Saying you need to evidently need to brush up on your American history, is not an argument, it’s an opinion.

        – From the New York Times

        “In 1964, Mr. Thurmond switched parties to back the Republican nominee for president, Senator Barry M. Goldwater. Four years later Mr. Thurmond held the South for Richard M. Nixon’s nomination and election, after assuring Southerners that Mr. Nixon, as president, would go easy on civil rights.”

        As I stated it was the signing of the civil rights bill by Johnson, in ’64, not 53 (I was thinking of the ’57 civil rights act which delt with voter laws) that first push Thurmond over the edge, although he had backed Republican candidates before this was the first time he officially switched party affiliation. Finally, the South would completely turn from blue to red in the 60’s because civil rights initiatives were at this point being led by democrats who were in power. AGain, the GOP of today is not made up or remotely akin to the GOP of LIncoln. Case in point The GOP of Lincoln’s day were considered “the progressives”. In any, vain, I’m sorry you found your public school education lacking. Mine was more than adequate to get me into at a top 30 college and score exceptionally well on the SAT’s.

    • Umm. Johnson was not President in 53.

      • acadia1106

        Hash: SHA1

        Uhm … read the rest of my post. I later corrected, on two points,

        Johnson was president for the 64 Civil Rights Act, and the correct year for the 50’s civil right act, was 57. Being as I could not edit my previous comments for errors they stand as of now. But, yes, you are correct and I do know that Johnson was not president in ’53.

        Furthermore, I would like to re-iterate that again the GOP today is not the GOP of the past, nor will it likely be the same party in 60 years or the next 100.

      • acadia1106

        Hash: SHA1

        Uhm … read the rest of my post. I later corrected, on two points,

        Johnson was president for the 64 Civil Rights Act, and the correct year for the 50’s civil right act, was 57. Being as I could not edit my previous comments for errors they stand as of now. But, yes, you are correct and I do know that Johnson was not president in ’53.

        Furthermore, I would like to re-iterate that again the GOP today is not the GOP of the past, nor will it likely be the same party in 60 years or the next 100.

      • chris b

        Ike was. who actually set the table in the 50s for the CRA of 64. Ike was a moderate, and believed this country had to settle the race problem to move forward

    • chris b

      The Dixie crats did not support the 64 civil rights act they left

  • I see Madame Noire has been invaded by some white repug trolls.

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    I challenge anyone here to tell me, without referring to the ‘What to Tell Yourself if You’re a democrat’ self affirmation book, what the democrat party has actually done for blacks. Don’t repeat what your gimmedat bible feeds you, but what they’ve actually done to improve the situation of blacks. Free phones do not count.

  • Deshawn

    Yeh! I’m down with Brother O! And the only cure is to vote him out!

  • Hey if you are going to use dead people, Just the facts Martin Luther King and Medgar Evars were both GOP.

  • Parties have switched

    Citing Booker Washington seems kind of absurd. The parties switched bases gradually sometime between, say 1896 and 1932. During the civil war, Democrats were agrarian centered and for state’s rights. Republicans represented northern business interests and being city folk they were more socially liberal.

    Now Republicans still represent big business and have become very socially conservative. Democrats continue to look out for the poor, as they when they were agrarian centered, but that dynamic is gone since something like less than 2 percent of the population is farmers. There base moved to cities and likewise became much more socially liberally. Till recently for example southern democrats were still exceeding socially conservative, aka Regan democrats.

    Two of my favorite liberal Presidents were Lincoln and Wilson, but they were Republicans. Wilson was opposed by a New England isolationist, representing business interests, Henry Cabot Lodge. He was a Dem. These people i think would be unlikely to belong to the same parties today, especially Booker T.

    • Krista

      Woodrow Wilson was a Democrat; Lodge was a Republican.

  • 10Megatons

    I will preface my remarks with a few facts. First, I am white. Second, I am a conservative independent. Third, I spent 20 years serving this country, and that includes everyone in it regardless of their color or whether or not I agree with their personal views. I am not in the business of telling people who to vote for or what party they should support – these are personal choices, but I will make an observation. Back in the 1960’s when LBJ was pushing his social welfare programs, he was heard to remark that with their passage, that ‘the Democrats had just secured the black (He actually did not say black – he used the n word) vote for the next 100 years’. In other words, he and many of his fellow democrats, including many in the party today, were and are not interested in actually helping black poeple. They are simply trying to buy your vote with a welfare check or some other assistance, and at the same time, successfully convincing a lot of people that they cannot make it without the government giving them a handout. I am all for a social safety net that helps people get by if they lose their job or physically cannot work. What I am absolutely against is the idea of able bodied young men and women who get paid to do nothing, and I certainly feel no obligation to support them with my hard earned money – Nobody ‘owes’ anyone anything. I am also tired of being the scapegoat for those who cannot get their act together: I have never ‘oppressed’ any black person, nor have I ever done anything to ‘keep someone down’. My attitudes on this apply equally to my fellow whites that would rather work the system than actually work. Last, I think people who are so obsessed with with the issue of race, to the point it is all about race all of the time, are either mentally ill, or have something to gain by keeping up bad feelings between blacks and whites. Please consider what I have said with an open mind, especially the last part. Look beyond mere words, party platforms, and campaign speeches, and see what people really stand for, not just by words but by deeds. Make an informed, intelligent choice before you vote.

  • Canopy

    First of all condoleeza rice was given away by the blacks in the 2004 race draft. Second, booker T wash!? Really reaching here aren’t we? How many dead black people can we convince ourselves would actually agree with the conservative policies of today rather than realizing the party was much different back then. Oh sorry, you guys don’t understand sarcasm, sorry. That’s also the reason you actually believe minaj was serious. Do some research on the song and it becomes readily apparent she was not serious, in fact mocking your sad party.

    • Judicious_1

      Weak attempt at Dave Chappelles “Race Draft”. Contrary to liberal ignorance, nah stupidity, Conservatives aren’t racist and have a sense of humor. The only thing that has changed between the two parties is, the Democrats aren’t hiding behind their lies. The Party of Perverts, and Baby Killers. Why else would they remove God from their platform?

      By the way, #1 Black American Republican – Martin L. King, jr. Too bad you can’t refute that.

      • Dr. King IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM would be affiliated with the current republican party as its membership consists of the same people or political descendants of the democratic (better known as DIXIECRATS) he fought against. Cmon, if you are going to reference history, at LEAST TELL THE WHOLE STORY…but facts are clearly not favorable to your opinion..

        • Judicious_1

          Nice try! Dr. King was a Republican and died a Republican. For you to say that he wouldn’t be one today, only favor your opinion. Not so sure Dr. King would want you to speak for him.
          All I said was that he was and you are saying he was but wouldn’t be now. Who telling the truth and who’s adding their own commentary?

          • chris b

            Met the man, he was not GOP fool, he was a liberal who believed that all should be equal, not what your party says today You know that 47% shizz that yo boy said in front of his richy friends. You there, or you one of the po uninformed that they use?

        • In MY day, George Wallace was a democrat. And a democrat in southern alabama meant keeping black people segregated. Because this posture became so unpopular during the civil rights era, the democrats hijacked the republican position and by propaganda reversed the party line. I was there.

          • chris b

            So was I, Dems didn`t highjack shiz, that came from JFK passed by LBJ mostly at the insistence of his wife, and caused him to be condemned by the Dixie crats. Those bigots left because of those two men, and formed a part of the GOP that has taken over and cost us over 6000 dead in the middle east

      • Shawn.l.

        Whats wrong with you, the republicans nor the democrats are the same as when Dr.King was alive,who you foolin?

        • newsunce

          I find it ludicrous that anyone can be so self-righteous
          that they cannot see that putting all people into categories based on race, religion,
          or political affiliation is “not” something to be proud of. Bigotry
          isn’t just about race, look it up, then own it.

      • chris b

        Read the neuro research about the liberal and conservative mind(if you can read). You guys are efed up says the research. Sorry

    • deb

      glad to know she is not a part of it prefer Condi Rice

      • Yat

        You know, I am the same age as Condi Rice and also grew up in Birmingham. I am white; she is Black. She grew up to be Secretary of State and a professor at Stanford. I am a secretary. This should not be possible if the issue were all Black and White. (Of course, Condi is a lot smarter than I am, and I am proud of my fellow Alabamian–this is just an example.)

  • robodoc

    Here are the facts: Slavery, the ultimate form of racism, started in the South. The South was run by democrats who violently objected, i.e. the civil war, to the abolition of slavery. The South fought against the North, largely Republican, and a Republican president, Lincoln who ulimately freed the slaves and abolished slavery. If they had their way, many dems in the South today would prefer that slavery still existed. Take Gov. Geo Wallace , democrat from Alabama, and his stance on segregation forbidding blacks and whites from attending school together.
    Make no mistake, the democratic party has never been a friend of the blak race. It continues today, as the democratic party shackles blacks with the chains of entitlement.

  • Canopy

    Uhhh. This article was written by a conservative. So in what way is a dem playing a race card?

    • Guest

      This article is a necessary response to the constant race baiting by the left – AND- a small show of support for Americans that speak up for what they believe instead of being threatened and guilted into towing the liberal line.
      Stacey Dash anyone? Speak your mind as a black woman in America who disagrees with the left and get threats?!? Plenty of white celebs speak out for Obama and they don’t get railed on twitter and other social media. Give me a break. It’s simply about respecting other people which was one of the things made America great.

  • neither party is for us…we need to accept that reality..

    And when we speak of historical figured like Zora Neal Hurtson we MUST do so within proper context. Most Black folks were Republicans (the party that ended slavery) up until the Election of Roosevelt in 1932. The switch was made solid with Goldwater in 1964 and perment with Bush in 2000.

    Moreover, just because one is registered does not equate to party loyalty. Negroes need to stop acting like the Black tea party cause folks ain’t down with President Obama

  • ACertainJeNeSaisQuoi

    Idk where people get this crazy idea that the GOP of today is the same as the GOP of the pre-civil war era and a little post-civil war. That was forever ago. The republicans didn’t fight for civil rights because they wanted black rights..they really didn’t care one way or the other whether the south or west had slaves or not. They fought for that because they wanted the Union back together (because they knew US would be stronger all together than it apart), and they knew that using the slaves would make people more willing to cooperate and if they didn’t then it would bring war and make a lot of people think, “well hey! All you had to do was stop with the slavery and this massive war wouldn’t have happened in the first place!!!!!” Also, the GOP didn’t see any need for slaves. Most of the GOP was still up north and had the industrial revolution. And if you look at it, the Republicans of that time and the Democrats of that time kinda switched. Democrats back there were all about religion and things like that and Republicans weren’t. However the Republicans today stand on religion and the Democrats don’t so much. And that’s just one example. Also, even Abraham Lincoln was racist. He wasn’t ahead of his time… of course, he did warm up to things, but he was definitely racist first.

  • ACertainJeNeSaisQuoi

    The republicans didn’t fight for that because they wanted black rights.. they fought for that because they wanted the Union back together and the GOP didn’t see any need for slaves. They had the industrial revolution. And if you look at it, the Republicans of that time and the Democrats of that time kinda switched. Democrats back there were all about religion and things like that and Republicans weren’t. However the Republicans today stand on religion and the Democrats don’t so much. And that’s just one example. Also, even Abraham Lincoln was racist. He wasn’t ahead of his time… of course, he did warm up to things, but he was definitely racist first.

    • Boogalie

      I am new to this site, but noted your comments. If you an find the time, read the Lincoln Douglas debates, pretty insightful of who Lincoln was. Semper Fi.

      • chris b

        Semper Fi your butt, Lincoln the Republican was a moderate as was Teddie R.Today`s GOP are a bunch of theocratic idiots being led to the slaughter by the rich that use them to gain more control of Govt. Case in point middle class incomes have stagnated for 30 years


      Civil Rights act was signed in 1964, genius. Even Robert Byrd wasn’t interested in getting the Union back together in 1964. Although he did still see the need for slaves. At least until he realized that that it was politically expedient to denounce his Klanish leanings.

      • acadia1106

        There are two civil rights acts famous of this era, the 53 and the 64. There is not just 1 civil rights act

    • Bull! Most of the abolitionists were Republicans! Most of the legislators who voted for civil rights were Republicans. Nixon f-ed up by inviting the Dixiecrats, but damn, that doesn’t mean their still around or that the GOP as a whole should be painted with that brush!!!

      • chris b

        The party changed after LBJ passed that legislation, the Southern Dems left, and the moderate GOPers were forced out. How do you AHs explain the Southern Stradjedy that the GOP uses in elections today

      • chris b

        Sorry man but they are still around, and not just in the South, Go into a gasw station on Long Island and look at some of the racist crap hung on the walls

    • Joey B

      In my experience, I only experienced racism from Blacks. They think nothing of making fun of someone’s race. Just the other day, I was walking out of the public Library when a group of black teens hanging out in front made a “ching-chong-ching” sound as my Asian wife walked by. Of course, if the roles were reversed, the Asian youths would have be on trial for their lives for a hate crime. In 25 years of a mixed race marrage, and I lived in NYC, western US, and “the South”, I never so much as gotten a strange look from a white person, but mostly from Blacks. Equality goes both ways…as long as there are people that are more equal than others, we will have a problem. And this saddens me.

      • chris b

        Joey my wife is black and I am white. I hooped in East New York Bed Sty and Rucker. I know the black and white . You are full of it. I never experienced racism till I got married. Try again

  • Auri

    I had no idea the Rock was black. I suppose Tiger woods is black now too.

  • i am registered to vote and i’m voting for President Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Ceres

    You do know that by today’s standards that Lincoln would actually be a /Democrat/, right?

  • cordeg

    You’re missing out on a LOT of big names here, some of which many Americans would recognize as real “celebrities” and others who were pioneers in African American empowerment but whose names have been lost to most Americans by virtue of a horrible educational system run by overwhelmingly Democratic local school boards across the country who don’t want kids to learn how much of African American history was driven by Republicans.

    Here’s a good head-scratcher: how is it that the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress managed to “forget” to make a big deal about the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth in 2009, during the presidency of the first African American president for pete’s sake!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! You’d think it would have been a PERFECTLY TIMED celebration, wouldn’t you? Oh, yeah, except then the Democrats would be forced to explain where the heck they WERE on civil rights for African Americans during Lincoln’s era and for more than a century afterward. Mystery solved.

  • GeorgeChipLeveto

    Part 3 just disappeared, at any given rate both Grover Norquist and alarge portion of the republican legislaters that have pledged to him have defaulted on their pledge to our Constitution, and the House&Senate committee on Ethics has not moved as our Constitution states.. Thisall started in secret meetings held behind closed doors, nowe theres more as far as secret meetings be aware they the republicans have also agreed to block obama on all fronts, to make him a one term president and to go down in history as the first Blac resident that was a Lame Duck and accomplihed nothing…Sen Mich McConnel (R-Mass) Sen Eric Cantor (R-Vir) have held such meetings! Research it you’ll see. They are purposely filierbusting any proposal or bill brought before them in order to halt its passage, Do you understyand they; the same ones that get to see insider trades and buy stocks , pledged to some fictitious agreement against our Constitution ,with secret meetings are holding our president hostage with their racist ,bigotry actions blocking him, they can-not afford a black president to help or cure the economic crisis.I’m on FB if you think you need to say something…

  • GeorgeChipLeveto

    I hope this goes out to everyone who had a comment here, First of all I’m white not real white other wise I would’nt be telling you what you may; or may not know, Theres a lobbist in Washington DC, name Grover Norquist who has persuaded the majority of the Republican legisislaters to pledge allegiance to his policy to never raise taxes, seems rather insignificant right,well as he persuades them to do this,he is also giving them funds and anything else they need to run a sucessful campaign against his democratic opponent,if they fail to heed their pledge and happen to vote for a raise any type of tax they have defaulted on their pledge, and will be paid back by having Norquist funding another of the same party run against them fully funded next election, a type of election extortion and its already happened to several legislaters . part#1

  • NWFL Conservative

    These folks are obviously not “real” black folks like Obama or Holder, choke, choke These folks are obviously “uncle Tom’s”

  • How did they vote in 2008? I know for a fact the Colon Powell supported obama

  • BigBlackCock11

    Jimmy Fing Walker? If that does not say it all I don’t know what does. If Colon Powell is such a supporter where was he at the RNC???

    • NWFL Conservative

      Why on earth would we take anything seriously from someone with a username like yours?

  • tcotrel

    You forgot Lionel Hampton.

  • Middleclass

    Whoever wrote this article – please do us a favor don’t write anything else about black people until you study black history. this has to be the worse piece of journalism I have seen outside of Faux News.

  • wmwest

    You forgot to add Martin Luther King who also was a registered Republican.

    • Magus

      No he wasn’t.

  • Chris Robertson

    This should be called 15 more reasons to vote Democrats!

  • bbf


    By Dr. Alveda C. King – Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    In 1960, Senator John F. Kennedy defeated sitting Vice President
    Richard Nixon in the bid to become president. The black vote
    swung the
    tide! My grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., or “Daddy
    was a Republican and father of Dr. Martin Luther
    King, Jr. who was a Republican. Daddy King
    influenced a reported 100,000 black
    voters to cast previously Republican votes for Senator
    even though Kennedy had voted against the 1957 Civil
    Rights Law. Mrs. King had appealed to Kennedy and Nixon to
    her husband, and Nixon who had voted for the 1957 Civil Rights
    Law did not respond. At the urging of his
    advisors, Kennedy made a politically calculated phone call to
    King, who was pregnant at the time, bringing the attention of
    nation to Dr. King’s plight. Moved by Mrs. King’s gratitude for
    Senator Kennedy’s intervention, Daddy King was very grateful to
    Kennedy for his assistance in rescuing Dr. King, Jr. from a life
    threatening jail encounter. This experience led to a
    black exodus from the Republican
    Party. Thus, this one simple act of gratitude caused black
    America to
    quickly forget that the Republican Party was birthed in America
    as the
    anti- slavery party to end the scourge of slavery and combat the
    of racism and segregation.

    • Magus

      Alveda King is a liar who simply exploits the name of her uncle that she barely knew & who would find her politics repugnant.

      MLK Sr was a Republican until he switched parties to support Kennedy but MLK Jr was never a Republican. He was too left-wing even to be a Democrat. MLK Jr was openly socialist.

  • aramssim

    I’ve been treated disrespectfully by black people many times because I am white, but I’ve never returned the disrespect. Black people are so quick to consider themselves mistreated and to mistreat others because they are a different race, they continue to use the “race” card.
    As long as they see themselves as the victim they will be needy and oppressed. They have so many opportunities merely because they are black. They are so prejudiced, that they encourage the stereotype.
    My family of origin was outspoken against racism (from whites toward blacks). My brother, as an adult, did much to bring equality to blacks in Cincinnatti. We were activists in teaching and exemplifying love and equality for all the races, especially the black race.
    Then we moved to an all-black (wealthy) neighborhood. My kids and I were treated rudely and made fun of because we were white. We held no negative stereotypes for blacks before we moved in. We learned that racism from blacks against whites is alive and well!
    We still continue to hold to our values, that God created everyone equal, but we are not naive about the racist attitudes that many blacks justify holding toward whites. It is dishonest to only acknowledge racism one way, and not the other way. The longer I live, the more it seems that more blacks are like that than I realized.

  • I thought this article was full of crap and now I am sure of it…I met Shirl Underwood and see was anthing but a strict Republican she has came out to say “VOTE FOR OBAMA”…foxnews and it’s affilliates… really..

  • Funny how so many people think they’re experts on black voters and the black community. The democrats you speak of were pre-1960’s, before they quit the party in protest of LBJ’s 1967 Civil RIghts Act and joined the RNC during the Nixon administration. Black voters base their decisions on what the RNC is doing TODAY, not what they did 150 years ago.

    • ConservativeRedneck

      It’s part of the democrat history just like Lincoln freeing the slaves is part of the Republican slaves. Funny how so many people think they are experts on the white voters and the white community!

      • Natty

        Dude, the republican party at the time of Lincoln was the more liberal party, the democratic party was the more conservative one. Things have since flipped. So yes, Lincoln was a republican, but he wasn’t considered a conservative like the current republicans are.

        • ACertainJeNeSaisQuoi


    • Exactly. Well said.

    • ACertainJeNeSaisQuoi


  • Roy

    Typical liberal smear! When you refuse to acknowledge the truth, the name calling and lies come out. Don’t you know what the word “truth” means?

  • An important name should be at the top of the list. The Rev. Martin Luther King was a registered Republican!

  • It just shows skin color is not the problem….size of your bank account is. People, black or white or green, NEED tax breaks, too. Them that got it want to keep it, and to heck with the rest

  • They forgot Martin Luther King Jr!!!

  • fatjoe

    amen as mitt’s campaign said they r not going to let fact checkers
    stand in there way of there message

  • you forgot Jackie Robinson.

  • LBJ1

    With the exception of Colin Powell who by the way indorsed Barack Obama in 2008, the rest of the bunch shown are not the most enlightened group, if the were they would know that calling yourself a black republican is an oxymoron in itself with the emphases on “Moron”.

  • PMichel

    Since it didn’t take 4 years for the economy to tank, it surely couldn’t take 4 (really less) for it to rebound.The investments made in the country, the auto industry, etc actually allowed the US to recover and although it is going in the right direction there is still more to do. Romney would have let the millions of auto industry jobs die because that is how he sees business. Venture capitalist only see profit/loss sheets and screw the human capitol. If you think Romney is telling the truth, calculate what it would cost to invest in infrastructure when our kids are adults. President Obama’s capital investment now, not only preserved our infrastructure but it preserved and created necessary jobs. Today’s road project is projected to cost 4-5 times as much when our children are responsible. Real business owners know that a major failing of business is the lack of timely capital investment. We definitely do not need a president who’s big picture does not include working class American
    families. I am a black woman business owner and since I know I can meet
    my family’s needs , profit is not my only factor in how much I am
    willing to “sow” into my country. I cannot support a man for President who only “sows” into companies and people if the number at the bottom of the page has the right percentage points.

  • News Reporter

    Colin Powell???????? He supported BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and Still Does!!!! The guy has ZERO support of any Republican candidate. WTF?


    LOL, All these Dweebs became Republicans AFTER they became millionaires because they love the tax breaks the fat cat party is so good at dolling out to the rich and famous. Listen to the drivel they spew, like MITT the TWIT, and his 47% GAFFE. He spews garbage and stupid people believe it instead of doing a little research and finding that the 47% includes Veterans, the Disabled, and people on social security. Why is it OK for members of congress, many of whom are multimillionaires to get FREE healthcare and it’s not OK for the WalMart or Target employee that makes $8.00 an hour. Why does he pay 15% income tax and I pay 31%, he can afford 31% a lot more than I can on the 55 grand that I make. By the way I also have to buy my own HEALTHCARE.

  • political correctness in this country is stupid. “stupid is as stupid does” comes to mind. Take a look at the policies of the candidates for each party and see how the policies align with your own policies. Take a blind test and vote for the candidate that aligns better with you than without. Anyone who votes for obama because he’s black is STUPID and anyone who votes for Romney because he’s not black is also STUPID.

  • When I was working to get John F. Kennedy elected in Texas as the democratic president I visited lots of elderly black americans – know what, most were republicans and I asked them why they were republicans, their answer – Abraham Lincoln was a republican and he freed the slaves! Bless their heart after all those years they still believed in being a republican. I still say it’s not the party, but what is inside the people who run for their position in congress and the president and their own agenda: what’s good for the people or what’s good for them and their backers. At 85 I have watched politics all my life and I’ll take the man who really and truly votes for the people not the ones who want to line their pocket and that of their friends and corporations for their greed, power and control of the masses.

  • Dwayne Johnson is black?

  • jslsr56

    I know gas is $4 a gallon, the Middle East is on fire. we ar ein illegal wars and Obama is on the golf course or campaign trail. I learned in the US Army that a bullet don’t give a sH$t about he color of a man’s skin. How about personal responsibility and content of character as the measurement of a man not the color of his skin. Come on people wake up they are dividing us by externals to get us to willingly be concurred and oppressed

  • sony_dc

    Someone posted something really smart here – don’t just get your information from hearsay, but do some research on both parties/both candidates. There are people who just vote “Democrat” because they think democrats are for the middle class and the poor. My family immigrated to this country so we can work hard and have the opportunities for the American dream, and to me that is what the Republican party represents. For me, democrats are all about growing the government sector, instead of growing the private sector – helping small business owners. I think President Obama winning in 2008 was great for this country because he opened the door to other minorities of becoming future presidents of this great country. But now its 2012 and we need to look at what’s happening to this country and vote for the candidate who will bring this country back up! President Obama had 4 years but now it’s time for a change, and I think Romney (rather you like him or not) will turn this economy around.

  • I was working in California, in 1996, building machine tools. Being near a USMC training camp, we had a few former and retired military in the plant. One black-American gent who worked in shipping always dressed “the dress code” and took a few references to Blazing Saddles in stride. He was dating a good looking girl who resembled Ann Margaret. Later on the company hired a
    black-American who had piercings, and wore his clothing loosely, underwear showing, etc. Eventually the new guy began a relationship with the Ann Margaret look-alike, and not long afterwards a fight on the loading docks ended the employment of both men.

  • Black people who claim to love black peple and love Jesus all voted in lock step solidarity for a man who publicly admitted he would allow his own grandchildren to be aborted if necessary. Black christians, as we hold our Bibles, will all vote in support of gay marriage just to keep a black man President. Black people can look both at Detroit and their black president and still say, with a straight face, that white racism remains our biggest problem. Sadly, we as a race of people have no moral intelligence, integrity and courage. God help us.

  • why then dont you go to movies and watch 2016 in Obamas own words what do you have to loose; but freedoms. cant change itack.

    • fatjoe

      ok if u watch farenheight 911

  • emma

    It is good that there are black folks who do not support Obama. That means the ones who do are doing so because they support his policies. One more note. “the Rock” is not African-American he is Samoan.

  • Like I said, you gotta to a White Blind Person not to see racism at Tea Baggers Rally and the McCain & Palin Rallies. But, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could easily see and smell the Stank of Racism at these EVENTS

    • ask yourself why i Obama using the race card and how did Sharpton the biggest race hustler become a news reporter in am election year.

  • Obviously, you all don’t know Bishop Jakes because he has also spoken very favorably about President Barak Obama and made comments about his book “The audacity of hope” in his sermons but you are right even with comments about both presidents he says he is in the middle.

  • This article is so misleading that it smells. Several of these supposedly repub Supporters have been dead before Bush took office. And several Supported Bush but how many of these actually supports the Mormon, Romney. Thats the six-four thousand dollar question, HOW MANY BLACK CELEBS ACTUALLY SUPPORTS ROMNEY

  • 09dogg38

    Just produce the video and you’ll get the money.Of course you can’t SB.Because it doesn’t exist.No arrest,no mess to clean up when they meet.No Taking a dump on police cars.Just a nice respectful gathering of people that still believe in America.If you have proof otherwise,please produce it.That’s a video I’ll look forward to watching.Get a life.

  • 09dogg38

    Just produce the video and you’ll get the money.Of course you can’t SB.Because it doesn’t exist.No arrest,no mess to clean up when they meet.No Taking a dump on police cars.Just a nice respectful gathering of people that still believe in America.If you have proof otherwise,please produce it.That’s a video I’ll look forward to watching.Get a life.

  • F. Wozzeck

    Dreadful article. First of all, the Rock isn’t black. Dr. Condoleeza isn’t a “celebrity,” she was “only” the first African American and second female secretary of state, was national security advisor, and a provost at Stanford as well as an accomplished pianist and neither is Colin Powell. And really, talking about Zora Neale Hurston and Booker T Washington, like they were still voting when Reagen was president…….Third and finally, The voting rights act was not so all African Americans had to vote for their tribe, it was so they (and every citizen regardless of race) had the choice to vote and vote for whomever they wished too. African Americans are not taken seriously because of their primitive camp mentality and their magazines being filled with celebrities and ANOTHER tiresome Ebony magazine issue about Michelle Obama’s wardrobe…..Why is it that EVERYONE ELSE can vote for anyone they want and it’s called patriotism but we are “Uncle Toms” when we are outside of the camp. If we are really honest, 99 percent of the vote for Obama by African Americans are simply because he is bi-racial. And TD Jakes, are you kidding me……..don’t get me started on the Black Church and it’s 10,000 BC ultra-conservative social attitudes

  • Dwayne Johnson is not black He was born in Hawaii but his background is Samoa. His dad is Samoan and his mom is Hawaiian..

    • your information is incorrect. His mother is Samoan and father is black. He is a famous wrestler and Rock was there in the Hall of fame even gave the speach look it up.

  • i dont vote obama because he is black,i vote for him because he is not a republican.

  • Brigid

    You needed to include Thomas Sowell. He’s not just a black intellectual, he is one of the finest minds this nation has ever produced. He is hugely influential and a giant of the conservative intelligentsia. Also, Alan West, Tim Scott, C.L Bryant, and Alveda King! Don’t forget Clarence Thomas!

  • Jose Perez Hernandez

    It is disappointing to see the Rock among this list. He doesn’t belong among a list of supporters of a cultish mob that used to be a party led by moderate conservatives..

  • Notice how Steve Golac lists events fifty to 150 years ago? There’s a reason for that. The GOP was founded as an anti-slavery party, but it abandoned blacks and embraced increasingly racist policies after the Civil War. A Republican-dominated Supreme Court approved segregation in Plessy v Ferguson. Republicans began forming “lily white” parties in southern states around the turn of the last century. Hoover embraced openly racist policies to recruit southern whites into the GOP. Eisenhower tried to reverse things by supporting integration, but from Goldwater’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to Reagan and Bush race-baiting (Willy Horton?) to the “Birthers” the GOP has gotten more and more racist. Oh, and rememer Klansman David Duke being the Republican candidate for governor of Louisiana?

    As for the Democrats, they were intensely racist 150 years ago, but by the 1930s the national party was reaching out to blacks, giving them higher civil and military posts than ever before, etc. The court that struck down segregation in Brown v. Board was led by Republican Earl Warren, but the other 8 judges were Democrats. Oh, and those racist Dixiecrats Golac mentioned? Guys like Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms? Why gosh, they jumped over to the GOP when the Democrats started pushing hard for civil rights. A few like Byrd stayed Democrats, but they renounced their earlier racism.

    So don’t fall for Golac’s trickery. It’s a deliberate and extremely clumsy distortion of history.

    • Greg Eatroff, you conveniently leave out some key facts in your
      dissertation as you try to prove an untenable position that Republicans are
      innately racist over and above Democrats. You say, “The Republicans began
      forming “lily white” parties in the south?” Oh really? The truth
      is, there were no Lily White “parties”, plural, and Republicans historically have always been and are still FOR the rights of ALL Americans. Allow me to illustrate. The phrase “Lily
      White Movement” was given derogatorily to one faction “within”
      the Republican Party by Norris Wright Cuney, African-American Activist and
      Chairman of the Texas Republican Party. Cuney was the son of a rich white senator
      and plantation owner, Col. Philip Cuney and one of his slaves, Adeline Stuart. The movement is largely credited with driving blacks out of the Republican
      party during the early 20th century, setting the stage for their eventual
      support of the Democrats. Immediately following the civil war, all of
      the Southern states enacted “Black Codes”, laws intended specifically
      to curtail the rights of the newly freed slaves, also known as the “Freedmen”.
      Now pay attention, Mr. Eatroff: Many Northern states also enacted their own
      “Black Codes” restricting or barring black immigration. Also in the
      1870s through early 1890s, Democrats in Southern states used various methods to
      suppress the votes of blacks. Republicans responded by challenging the election
      results and overturning them in order to count the votes of blacks. However the Civil Rights Act of 1866 nullified most of
      the “Black Code” laws and the federal Freedman’s Bureau was able to regulate
      many of the affairs of Southern blacks. Groups such as the “Union League”, which
      supported the Republican Party with funding, organizational support, and
      political activism, and the “Radical Republicans”,
      which strongly opposed slavery during the war and emphasized civil rights
      and voting rights for the Freedmen, sought total equality and complete
      integration of blacks into American society. It is also noteworthy that
      DEMOCRAT President Andrew Johnson vetoed the Civil Rights Act of 1866, not once
      but twice. It was by a two-thirds Republican majority in each chamber that Congress
      overcame Johnson’s veto the second time and the bill became law. So, I guess there
      are two real lessons to be learned here, the first is yours, Mr. Eatroff, and
      that is don’t try to revise history, smarter people than you are paying
      attention. The second lesson, is that when the Great One, Barack Obama had the
      majority in both chambers of Congress for the first two years of his
      administration, the blessed and enlightened, NON-RACIST Democrats never even
      presented a single measure to address immigration reform. But the history
      lesson YOU tried to give today proves that if there are any active racists in
      politics today, it is most assuredly sir YOU and your DEMOCRATS! Have a nice

      • No sir, he was not a Democrat, David Duke ran as a Republican for Governor of Louisianna, when he was a Republican state senator he sold Mein Kampf out of his office. Again, you talk about the parties as if they never switched places on civil rights in the 1960s. When LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act he said this would cost Democrats the South for generations and it did. Twits who know no better claim Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act and Democrasts voted against it. But that is a convenient distortion. Dem and Rep House and Senate members from the South and Southwest voted together against the Act, and members from the North, Midwest and West coast voted for. It was the 1968 Nixon campaign that brought in the “Southern Strategy,” of blaming everything on Democrats, integration and welfare.

  • dicker1307

    blacks and women have always been predominantly democrats!!! and anyhow what’s the use of arguing with some stranger on the internet?… you people are stupid just f’n vote already!

  • jptlonggolf

    Colin Powell ain’t no republican and he certainly ain’t conservtive. backing Obama took him out of my Friends list.
    Makes me sick that these people are singled out for being of Color instead of just being smart concservatives or republicans.

  • Superabound, you cannot prove one thing you’ve posted. it’s all made up! Every bit of it is completely false and you know it. So then the question becomes, why? Why do you get out here in the blog-o-sphere and just repeatedly puke up things that are 100% false? You must want something specific. I’m guessing it’s “free stuff”. I’m right, aren’t I? You like Obama and the Democrats because they’re constantly promising “free-stuff”.

    • fatjoe

      what free stuff r u talking about
      please provide proof

      • 45 Million people on food stamps (16 million more than on the day Obama took office) Extensions on number of weeks allowable for unemployment. Reductions on the work requirement placed on welfare by Congress in the 90’s under Clinton. Pretty much everything Obama has promised to people who don’t want to “pay their fair share” while he demands that the only people who really ARE paying their fair share must “pay more”. If you argue with what I just said then you are arguing against the facts.

  • Anti- White

    I wished you could stfu!

    thank you!

  • rhetoricus

    Colin Powell is an Obama supporter.
    Very duplicitous list you have here. And you can’t assume that pre-Civil Rights Act Republicans would support the GOP of today, wherein former Dixiecrats are now all Tea Partiers. According to WSJ’s latest poll, Romney is pulling less than 1% of the black vote. Nice try, folks.

  • ladypatriot

    Yep! You said it!

  • Qarlo

    Martin Luther KING SR was a Republican, MLK JR was a Democrat. They both voted for JFK. You people need to do your research and accept the fact that your party needs (and has always needed) some serious reformation.

    • tlp

      WRONG! Both SR and JR were Republicans. Just ask King’s daughter.

  • eyeEEsha

    First of all, I’m well aware that the Republicans freed the slaves and of their part during the civil rights era. I don’t need a history lesson. Thanks. And I don’t think that my statement was Pro-Democrat or Anti-Republican so calm it down. No one is debating the historical significance of the Republicans to African Americans. I just personally don’t believe that the Republicans of yesteryear and the Republicans of today really hold the same values when it comes to race relations. And I also know the racist history of the Democrats, but I wasn’t talking about them. I also think that as far as values go, Republicans have a lot more in common with the black community and if it wasn’t for the racist vibes that the Republican party seems to give off, I think they would have no problem winning almost every election. You might not feel this way and that’s fine. I’m just saying I don’t think you can really compare modern Republicans or Democrats for that matter, to those of years ago.

    • eyeEEsha I dare say the only reason many people believe that of today’s Republicans is simply because that’s what they’ve heard so much that they just take it as status quo. You know what they say, “repeat a lie enough times and people will begin to believe it”. Unfortunately Republicans and southern whites have been the victims of this cruel and unfair tactic, which comes primarily from liberals and the leftist Democrats. Odd that they are always the ones who start pointing the finger and bringing race into every discussion and yet it’s the Republicans who are labeled the racists. It just doesn’t make sense that a demographic of people would start out not racist and somehow become racist over time. I think it’s more likely that people who start out racist may be prone to lose their racist tendencies over time due to the simple fact that racism is by definition such an ugly and socially unacceptable thing. I do not purport that the Republican party, or the South for that matter is free and clear of racism; God knows I see racism rear its ugly head far too often where I live. I’m just saying I can tell you with extreme confidence that it is not as prevalent as the liberal left will have you believe. Listening to people like Joe Biden say “They gawn’ put y’all back in chains”, and Sheila Jackson Lee accusing the Republicans of speaking in racist code words, they would have everyone thinking that if you’re white and Republican, and especially if you’re from the South, then there’s no way you’re not racist. Absolutely rediculous and patently false. Just sayin’

      • Piper

        What in the he** are “racist vibes,” other than your personal opinion?

    • coolerking

      The only racist vibes the Republicans give off are the ones media elements, the Democrats and people who don’t know they are being manipulated as “victims” by the Democrats ascribe to them out of thin air.

  • Janet Rice

    This article is whack. Some of these “Republicans” were affiliated with the party long before the mass exodus of conservative Dixiecrats from the Democratic Party in the early 1960s. Others might as well be independent. Just because they supported Bush in a past election doesn’t mean they aren’t “down with Brother Obama” now.

  • You get crazier with every comment you make SB – obviously, whatever you’re smoking, snorting, or mainlining is starting to take full effect! Are you just hallucinating, or outright lying – or can you even tell the difference? If there had EVER been “hundreds of tea party signs” with racial slurs, we’d ALL know about it – the media was just LOOKING for any obvious signs of racism….they NEVER found them!

    • The signs got reported, Sheila — it’s just that people like you ignore those reports or dismiss them as lies. You’re very good at “dropping things down the memory hole.”

  • The Rock is black? I always thought he was a white guy.

  • usmc1063

    What this article has failed to promote that prior to the 1960’s the majority of Black Americans stood firmly within the Republican isle’s That is a little know fact atleast on the liberal side of the coin. It wasn’t until LBJ secured the majority of the Black vote with so called appeasements in his Civil Rights Act “IE Government handouts” in the mid 60ties. Since then each democratic President aterward added to the pot. Where once welfare was a shameful handup, it’s now considered execatable way of life.

  • robert

    they are all blue eyes with color skin.

  • Thrixdog

    I notice how you cut off Colin Powell’s description without putting that he supported Barack Obama in 2008’s election.

  • I’m A Proud Republican. and Will Forever Be. Democrats helped Bring the Fall Minority Communities and Other Disadvantage Communities in the USA.Some People In The USA need to wake UP Forreal. Its a LIE that That Dem’s Were helping the Black Community…psssfhht Some Help. Its because of them Partly Why Child Support & Section 8 & All those ” PROBLEMS ” Exists in the Minority Communities. read on. Research.Educate Yourselves People. and Don’t Forget To Vote.

    • ulackreason

      I initially came to see the comments because many writers have an agenda one way or another, but then I remembered something. I had this vivid dream of the Glorified Christ standing at His throne and it took my breath away and terrified me at the same time considering the sinful life I have lived. I do believe I am a Christian and believe in my eternal salvation but I weep for this country and all of us because I see the Revelation quickly coming and I wonder how many of us are so blind we will be so busy with all of these pointless issues even while the Deceiver is having a field day with us. Remember his time is short and he comes like a roaring lion seeking to whom he may devour. His greatest trick is his deception (Which I believe is making up -down, black-write, blue-green, etc.) Consider what are the most important things to you and expect it all to end by next week while planning that you will be here for another 50 years.

  • The Rock isn’t black, he is a pacific islander… Samoan I think.

  • Obama has had 4 years… Is this the direction we as a country should be moving in?

    • Black teen unemployment, now at 37%, is near Depression-era highs (Labor Department).

    • Almost 1 in 6 Americans are now poor — the highest ratio in 30
    years — and the total number of poor, at 49.1 million, is the largest on
    record (Census).

    • The share of Hispanics in poverty has topped that of blacks for the first time, 28.2% to 25.4% (Census).

    • The number of Americans on food stamps — 45 million recipients, or
    1 in 7 residents — also is the highest on record (Congressional Budget

    • Total government dependency — defined as the share of Americans
    receiving one or more federal benefit payments — is now at 47%, highest
    ever (Hoover).

    • The share of Americans paying no income tax, at 49.5%, is the highest ever (Heritage Foundation, IRS).

    • The national homeownership rate, now at 65.4%, is the lowest in 15 years (Census).

    • The 30-point gap between black and white Americans who own their
    own homes is the widest in two decades and one of the widest on record

    • how many times have the republicans blocked unemployment benefits? i can name at least 3 times

    • What were those numbers when Obama came into office? I mean I don’t agree with everything that Obama has done while in office, but it seems like people thought that he would turn this country around in four years. It took longer than four years to get us into this mess.

  • In his book
    “Dreams From My Father”, Obama wrote disdainfully about
    blacks who complain about being poor, yet continue to vote
    for Democrats — like Obama — who keep them poor. On page
    147 of his book, Obama described what he and his fellow
    Democrats do to poor blacks as “plantation politics” when
    he wrote: “A plantation. Black people in the worst jobs.
    The worst housing. Police brutality rampant. But when the
    so-called black committeemen came around election time,
    we’d all line up and vote the straight Democratic ticket.
    Sell our soul for a Christmas turkey.”

    We have all seen floating around the Internet the definition of insanity.

  • Way to go Steve!! That’s what I’m talking about. Thank God for truthful men like you!

  • What a breath of fresh air, Steve you do know your history. Thank you for that.

  • Colin Powell publicly endorsed Obama in ’08 and has criticized Mitt Romney heavily this year. He doesn’t fit the list.

  • Prisons have more black because of the areas they live in and conditions if this were true then there would be no prisoners in any other country so that comment was pretty ignorant on your behalf.

    • sabrina

      if we would make the right decisions in life than regardless of the area we live in, we would contributing to our communities and not make moves to destroy as we feed our flesh! stop passing the blame, and own the fact that our young women don’t value themselves to wait on marriage and thus raise uninformed young men that continue the destruction and the end up in jail!

    • vivianclare

      So, you’re saying black prisoners have committed crimes because of the areas they live in? That’s baloney. Justice is supposed to be blind – you commit the crime, you do the time. Period. Who cares what color people are. If you’re mugged, attacked, raped, etc., does it ACTUALLY matter whether than person is white or black or purple?

  • Of course these people will be on the side of republicans anyone who makes money likes to side with them.Lower taxes for the rich is there agenda so why not I for one not very proud of these people for forgetting where they come from but who can blame them.More tax cuts for the rich more money for them.

  • KdNicewanger

    Right. Because there’s nothing a Hungarian Jew likes more than jihadis.

    Defend a false belief with a lunatic conspiracy. Good one.

    • DocFreeman

      Try doing your own research on George Soros. I have 69 pages of his opinions and what he has done also you can get Whistlblower Magazine at WND vol 19 NO12 dated December 2010 for $.99 which list many of his organizations and what he is trying to do. It will 99 Cents well spent.
      Subject: [madamenoire] Re: You’ re Not Down With Brother Obama? 15 Black Celebs Who Have Republican Tendencies

  • TheyMadeAmericaByHaroldEvans

    Where’s Spike Lee? lol. I’m sad to say that I paged through this waste of bandwidth…

  • Otto

    One white mans perspective…

    Is it better for black people to have a slice of the pie in one party, or both? Yes, Republicans have been ignoring “black issues”, but there is a reason for that. Black people vote over 90% Democrat. From the perspective of us on the right, black people are not in play.

    Compounding this is the fact that many black people who come out as conservatives are branded uncle tom’s.

    Black america has been utterly taken for granted by the Democratic party for decades. Are you happy with the results?

    • I said it earlie that blacks need to be represented by all parties, but it isn’t just blacks voting democratic. Most minorities even Asians vote majority democratic because the repubublican has the view as the white party and is getting whiter.

  • Don’t let russell simmons walk with this “I’m for the little man” bull, just because he found a new way to exploit the community. Working with michael steele and charles dutton to deny votes people have fought and died for is disgraceful.

  • J Straw

    So you guys couldn’t even come up with 15 without including the Bush presidency war criminals Rice and Powell? How pathetic. The rhetoric and record from the Republicans speaks for itself. There’s a reason Romney has exactly 0% support from African Americans in the polls.

  • Yawn

  • maryhowland

    oh i don;t think so’ there are republicans in hollywood that have not yet told it because of back lash from the movie writers and directors. many have come clean on it. the others are following the devil.

  • Adrian

    Who cares? I am a democrat and I voted for a republican twice in our state elections.

  • oz33

    i’ll give u one example of being racist: always referring to barrack as black he aint blak honey he’s biracial u r not acknowledging his white mother now that’s RACIST!

    • KES

      He barely tolerates his white relatives! He even calls his Kenyan Grandfather an Uncle Tom (some names he used are much worse!) for some of the views he held!

    • no, black people with a drop of blood have always been considered blacks white people who were in charge made it that way so that birarcial slaves would be considered black and also considered slaves.

      • snookum2

        excuse me, but my mother is white and my father is black. I don’t look black, but many people try to guess my ethnicity. Once I was asked if I was Lebanese! I am an American. Period. You Reese, are a racist.

  • Damage6

    Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Rachel Madow, Keith Obberman, The Black panthers, 90% of the CBC going off of their public statements, and most particularly YOU.

    • oz33

      don’t forget tingles!

  • BeAccurateplease

    ‘What a misleading article head Out of the 15 Blacks named, 13 of them are not claimed to have opposed Obama, only that they had Republican tendencies in the (distant) past. Only Republican sycophant Condolezza Rice and somebody named Jimmie Walker (?) actually state opposition to Obama.
    Even Republican appointee Colin Powell endorsed Obama in the last election.
    p.s. your ads are also very irritating.

    • guest

      hmmm…you make it seem that if you are black you should automatically see his skin color and vote for him…

      • Samurai_Sam

        Unfortunately this is too often the case.
        If it weren’t then BO wouldn’t be running ads that say “Blacks for Obama”.
        Have you seen any White’s for Romney ads? Of course not because the media would write that up as racist.

  • Really????

    Are we to infer from this artilce that ALL black people are Democrats/Liberals? I am a registered Democrat but I have some “conservative tendencies.” Most black folk that I know whethter they’re Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. believes that people should work, spend wisely, pay taxes and on and on… Can Blair write an article “15 White Celebs who have Democratic Tendencies?
    Perhaps, Blair should study American History as well.

  • Really? Really? You had to have one page for every listing? You couldn’t just make a collage of celebrity’s pics and list each celeb’s description? Having to click into 15 pages with your crap banners to load over and over again is not cute, booboo. It’s ghetto. :3

  • dave_young

    If you voted for Obama last time to prove you are black, vote for Romney this time to prove you aren`t stupid. Thanks for that.

  • Bro ConDem

    Not one on your list of 15 is a surprise to the African American community. Rev. AL or Farrakhan as Republicans, now that would have surprised Black America. I am a Conservative Democrat which means that I do not support homosexual rights, Human Rights apples to all we don’t need special rights for any special class of Americans.

  • Before the Republicans decided it was in their best interests to pursue a southern strategy, appealing to former segregationist Democrats, the Republican Party was the party of Civil Rights. They have since turned their back on that heritage and forfeited any claim to be the “Party of Lincoln.” The Democratic Party is now that party. You also failed to mention that Colin Powell endorsed President Obama in 2008…

  • Martian Luther King jr! Republican !

  • Emily

    I used to be a Republican because my family was and still is but as I’ve gotten older I identify as a Libertarian. To me, the government is ineffective and not efficient and I believe life is best when our government has little involvement in it. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of my peers are very misinformed about how government and the economy really work. I am white and it seems to me that it is acceptable that white people can have any poltical beliefs that they want but black people have to be liberal or a Democrat. While I typically disagree with the extremes on both sides (Republican & Democrats) that’s what makes this country great… we are a wide spectrum of people. Racism has no place in politics (or any where!) and I feel like the government tries to pit us against eachother. Read How an Economy Grows and Why is Crashes… this book helped me understand the economy and it is a great read!!

  • oz33

    at least these black celebrities have a brain and don’t just vote for someone based on his/her skin color! i also applaud them for not voting democratic just because most of hollywood does!

  • TD Jakes does NOT lean right! He too quietly genuflects at the alter of Obama!

  • cfmurray

    I have one other question. Why should it make any difference if ANYONE gets a tax break, if you’re not paying taxes yourself? If you have taxes taken out, and then get it back at the end of the year, you’re not a taxpayer at all. At best, all you’re doing is floating the federal government a free loan.

    • Superabound

      Are you talking about all the billionaires that pay ZERO taxes, or the 2/3 of all corporations that not only pay ZERO taxes, they actually get money back from the government in the form of subsidies? They pay NEGATIVE taxes, billions and billions of negative taxes.

      • ThatGuy

        I’d just like to point out the fallacy of your argument. If 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes, and all the rich people pay no taxes, and 2/3rd of all corporations pay no taxes, then where the hell does the tax revenue that funds our government come from? The tooth fairy?

        • Superabound

          It comes directly off the backs and the blood, sweat, and tears of the middle class and the American bluecollar worker.

      • serfbaja

        There are ZERO billionaires or corporations that “pay ZERO taxes”….NONE! Really, this is such BS you are spewing. Subsidies are not “negative taxes”. Think they are….great….you got a “subsidy” in the road you drive to work on (ask the O)…your share is a few thousand….the police dept that protects you…a few thousand more….the public schools you attended….a few thousand more….you didn’t have to pay private companies for those services. When the govt givea a “subsidy” to a type of company (farms for instance) they do it for the greater good of the American economy (and sometimes to by votes…if you are the O).
        You really ought to get a tiny amount of education on economics before you post on the topic

    • mikecoatl

      According to your logic, Mitt Romney shouldn’t be that concerned about taxes, since he doesn’t really pay them.

  • forgot the most important Republican. Martin Luther King.

  • Is there an assumption that black people are supposed to hold to uniform political beliefs because of the color of their skin?

  • There’s one thing I notice, all of these endorsements are pre-teabagger GOP. I want to know who’s in the thick of it now since President Obama has been elected they’ve sent around emails depicting Blacks as monkeys, apes, making watermelon and fried chicken epithets, etc… Which one of them is standing with TODAY’S republican party who welcomed White Supremacists to CPAC?

    By the way, the one of Zora Hurston is comical, the GOP haven’t been THAT republican party in over 4 decades.

  • Curly Bill

    Wow. So voting should be based solely on the race of the candidate?

  • You are a moron. What the hell is a “real black man?” Most black people have white ancestry. The amount of melanin you have does not define a person I’d rather take green eyed, red haired Malcolm X than Clarence Thomas.

  • reese

    So what. Black people can vote for whomever they deem the best choice. I happen to think Obama is a better choice than Romney, but that is my choice and they have the right to vote for who represents them the best too.

  • Back in the day, most Blacks in the south were Republican, as was MLK…no surprise there as whites in the south were Democrats. That was back in the day. Nixon changed all that with the Southern Strategy and pretty much told Blacks to get lost. Today the Republican party is full of the old hateful, racists southern whites who left the Democratic party after the Civil Rights Act passed. In other words….today’s Republican party is NOT the same as it was when MLK belonged to it….today, he would be a Democrat.

  • Katerina

    I think that it’s important to note that the Republicans of yesteryear are vastly different than the Republicans of today.

    • Curly Bill

      No, they aren’t.

  • Haber

    If you’re black and still support the GOP then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you.

    The people they view as “needing a handout” and “receiving hand-outs” are black people. They very honestly do not consider white people in that category.

    • Curly Bill

      That is entirely incorrect.

  • Meowhiss

    Powell endorsed Obama in 08 that low life P O S !!!!

    • Superabound

      Powell saw the failures and lies of the GOP first hand.

  • i really wished you could

    do black folks REALLY think that racism comes from the right? really?…lemme explain something here…republicans (albeit not perfect) are freedom and business oriented..99% of us dont give 2 shites the color of your skin..we sure as heck dont want to pay for welfare programs when there are able bodied peoples sitting at home while we work our butts off to pay our monthly bills. ever wonder why obama wants everyone to be on welfare? blacks have been duped again into believeing they need government to save them from the big bad white man. when i lived in rural Tennessee(3 years ago), there was ZERO racism there. now i live in california and it runs rampant…TN= mostly republican conservative…CA= democratic guys do the math.a black man who works to provide and do his part would NEVER be ridiculed for being black where i’m from. he would be uplifted and praised as an example of a good American. so please, black folks, do yourself a huge favor and ponder the things ive said as it is the way almost ALL whites think..atleast whites who work to provide and do their part.

    • reese

      Just look at the tea party and their is racism on both sides. And why do you speak of welfare as it is a black problem. If it was just about welfare than why not target the welfare recipicants instead of blacks. The majority of blacks are not on welfare and there are more whites on welfare and latinos as well. So why plaint it as a black problem? Also if you look up hate crimes statistics or discrimination California is lower than Tennessee and lot all democratic they have had republicans governers for years like Ronald Reagon and Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is racism on both sides you must of missed all the racist comments coming from the tea party some how. Obama isn’t telling anybody to be on welfare you have a choice and he supports education. If people choose to be on welfare that is their choice and we know that welfare reform went though and most states have limits where you cannot even be on welfare for more than two years. Also it is the states that decide the terms of the welfare and not the president which is why each state has different laws. Obama has no affect on the welfare.

      • Curly Bill

        Please quote one racist statement coming from the Tea Party. Just one.

        • PDoG2006

          Amen. I’ve yet to hear one. Andrew Breitbart offered $100,000 to anyone who could produce such evidence at a Tea Party Rally when racism was supposedly “rampant”. Yep, you guessed it…never had to pay out.

          • He died quite unexpectedly is why he didn’t pay.

            • Do you know the true details of how he died quite unexpectedly just like the gay sexual partners of Obama when he went to the gentleman’s club in Chicago? Do your research.

              • How, about the Racist Repub & Daley Supporters murder of Mayor Harold Washington of Chicago. Wow, didn’t he die unexpectantly

            • Brigid

              That is 100% false, they just upped the offer to $100,000 within the past few days.

              • 09dogg38

                Well have you produced proof yet?

                • 09dogg38

                  Sorry Brigid.Replied to the wrong person.I was trying to reply to the racist.verna.My apologies.

                • 09dogg38

                  Sorry Brigid.Replied to the wrong person.I was trying to reply to the racist.verna.My apologies.

                • You got to be a totally blind person if you couldn’t see the racism in the tea Baggers or how about the Signs and racist Comments during the Palin & McCain Presidental Rallies. They made Black Camera and Police uneasy, I know this for a fact. How about the those rednecks and their one House N—-, bringing guns to Obama Rally

            • 09dogg38

              I’d be wondering why he died so suddenly.His organization is still there,they will pay.Just produce it.I’ll send along your condolences to his family.You should just sign yours ALL HEART.

        • serfbaja

          “Welfare”….I’m certain Tea Partiers use the term…which everyone knows is a dog whistle for reacists and means…..wait for it….”people of color”.
          That’s about as close as you will get to proof of racism among the tea party folk

        • Tea Party!!!!

        • Run the search terms “tea party” and “racist” through Google and you’ll get plenty. Here’s one statement from Inge Marler, member of the Ozark Tea Party Steering Committee:
          “A black kid asks his mom, ‘Mama, what’s a democracy?’
          “‘Well, son, that be when white folks work every day so us po’ folks can get all our benefits.’
          “‘But mama, don’t the white folk get mad about that?’
          “‘They sho do, son. They sho do. And that’s called racism.’”

          Go ahead, Curly — pretend that’s not a racist statement.

          • I’ll chime in and agree with you. It definitely IS a racist statement. Invented by racist liberal Democrats to propagate a lie they absolutely cannot prove because it is patently false. Debinked. Next.

      • You are right. I heard all the tea party nuts -didn’t copy! There are more whites on welfare – but we have both who need help – and it is the responsibility of all christians to help the poor, homeless and needy – “The Bible tells you so.” There is racism in both political parties – not particularly because of the party both because of the content of the heart and soul of the individual. I am white and born in the third world state of Alabama when known as democrats of which there were two kinds of people: Good who believed what God said he created all in his image and and all were equal and believed in “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And the one’s who hated the republicans after the Civil War due to the Emancipation Proclamation of the slaves – which really didn’t do the job. After1965 and the Civil Rights Act, most of those old Dixiecrats switched to the republican party and carried their old hates with them, so in the long run it really is what is inside a human beings character – hate or love of your fellow man not the party. I have always been shocked at man’s inhumanity to man. And I have always been a democrat and tried to help all the downtrodden that I could.

        • Thom

          The Republicans were the minority in Congress at the time of the Civil Rights Act. A majority of them voted for it. A majority of the Democrats didn’t. The combined vote tally got it passed. The Dixiecrats remained loyal to the Dem party and got Jimmy Carter who ran as a moderate elected. It wasn’t until his failed presidency was over that SOME of the Dixiecrats fled to the Republicans. Those old hates you refer to…I’ve never seen them. Maybe they’re scatter shot, but they aren’t the norm.

          • cordeg

            See my comment above for a more thorough recitation of the REAL history of the so-called “party switch” during the modern civil rights era.

            HOWEVER, I do need to correct you on ONE thing: the majority of Democrats DID vote FOR the Civil Rights Act of 1964, just not as BIG a majority as in the Republican ranks, which backed it more strongly — as they of course would, since the Republicans had been the SOLE force behind the Civil Rights Acts of 1868, 1871, 1872, 1875, and the overwhelming supporters of other civil rights acts up to and including the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1960. The Democrats were the “johnny-come-lately” actors in the story of civil rights. Subsequently, they decided that fighting civil rights wasn’t profitable, and the SAME subjugation of African Americans could be achieved by pandering to them and forcing them to believe their only hope was in dependency on government support. African Americans can do ANYTHING just as well as every other American — all they need is NOT to be oppressed by their new government masters. They don’t need favors any more than Asian Americans, and could have been just as successful in America if they had not been robbed of their birthright by Democrats from slavery to debt peonage, to sharecropping, to segregation and finally to being sold the crap from Democrats that only by subservience to the Democratic Party can they have any hope of being anything — THEY ARE ALREADY SOMETHING BY VIRTUE OF THEIR BIRTH. Anyone who tells them otherwise is STEALING from them.

    • Superabound

      “when i lived in rural Tennessee(3 years ago), there was ZERO racism there.” Ahaha you are a joke. And a liar. Ive spent my entire life in Tennessee and Mississippi and let me tell you, racism is everywhere. Complete strangers will drop the N-bomb in conversation with me like its no big deal, they just assume that since im white im as racist as they are. The saddest thing about racists like you is you dont even know youre racist. You think the prejudices you have are normal, you think its the “default” because you were raised and taught by other racists. I actually feel kinda bad for you.

      But anyway, if Republicans are “pro-freedom”, then why are the only laws they pass ones that take freedoms away? Theyre taking away a womans lawfully-given freedom to choose, they created the Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Security, airport scanners, government wiretaps, SOPA, PIPA, indefinite detention, waterboarding, theyre against legalization of marijuana, the list goes on and on. It seems like the only freedoms they care about are gun ownership (which i personally support as well), and the “freedom” for billionaires not to pay taxes. Republicans dont care about freedom.

      And please, show me one shred of evidence that Obama “wants everyone to be on welfare”. ONE.

      • DividedFallen

        so Obama will get rid of the patriot act,Dept. of HS, scanners, wiretaps, sopa, pipa, detention, waterboarding and leagalize weed? I’m voting to Obama then.

        • Superabound

          I doubt he’ll get rid of the Patriot Act or Dept. of Homeland Security. Theyre already entrenched and enshrined in government, and it would mean getting rid of lots of jobs. The wiretaps have lessened, although he still supports amnesty for the telecoms which i disagree with. He doesnt support SOPA or PIPA. He doesnt waterboard, and he might actually legalize weed if he can get the support. I think some Republicans might actually be starting to come around to legalization as well, i know Libertarians already do.

          Honestly, Obama has governed almost entirely like a classical Republican. Its just that the current GOP is unrecognizable to how it started out. Its not a legitimate political party anymore, because it doesnt seem to be interested in actual governance. You cant argue that you should be in charge of the government if you dont believe in government, and that everything government does is bad. Its like putting the patients in charge of the asylum.

          • serfbaja

            “he doesnt waterboard…” WAJ! Instead of waterboarding (something every special forces soldier in the USofA has had done to him) he blows them away with missiles fired from drones…and now he has deployed those drones over the USofA.
            You and most of the other posters here are blinded by racial politics. The O has taken more freedoms from Americans that any other president…including FDR. Wallowing in racial hatred (pretending to hate the evil “Republicans” but you hate white democrats just as much) does nothing to help Americans get better jobs or raise their standard of living, yet you keep it up and pat yourselves on the back for being…what?…brave?…independent thinkers?…”good”? All you are is a great big clic and you hate anyone who isnt part of it

            • MP3

              “yet you keep it up and pat yourselves on the back for being…what?…brave?…independent thinkers?…”good”? All you are is a great big clic and you hate anyone who isnt part of it”

              I’ve found that most Republicans hate Independents more than the other guys do. What the hell is wrong with not wanting to vote Republican? Why can’t I agree or disagree with both sides? That’s the problem I have with some(not all) Republicans. It’s a you’re either with us or against us mentality. I remember one time I commented on some video about how both Dems and Repubs have problems, and some Repub replied with “What are you, some kind of commie?” I’m tired of this crap. Why do you have to ride and die with an ideology or a party?

              • Gee, that’s weird because “I’ve found” that most Democrats hate Independents more than the other guys do. That’s the problem I have with some(not all) Democrats. It’s a you’re either with us or against us mentality. I remember one time at band camp I commented on some video about how both Dems and Repubs have problems and some Dem (only one so that must mean it’s the whole party that thinks like that) replied with “What are you, some kind of commie?” I’m tired of this crap. Why do you have to ride and die with an ideology or a party?
                Get off the computer and go out and meet people.

            • Superabound

              Wrong. The most freedoms were taken away from Americans under Bush when he signed the Patriot Act. In fact it is the Patriot Act which is allowing Obama to do those exact things you are criticizing him for.

              • I F DEMOCRATES are so for the poor and blacks why are the blacks stll suffering under the black leaers , why do theyonly come out for elections and start talking about poor and schools. and then they disapear until next elections any black that left the real race party is pretty muc independece thinkers .. black preachers telling you who to vote for is real racist.

              • In what way have you been directly effected by the Patriot Act? I mean besides having not been blown up or beheaded.

                • Superabound

                  An assault on any liberty is an assault on all liberties. Law-abiding American citizens have been spied on. Warrantless wiretaps. Indefinite detentions. The Patriot Act has been used to assault American freedoms, not protect them. And its been used by both Republicans AND Democrats, but lets never forget who created it and signed it into law.

                  The Patriot Act doesnt keep me safe from violence. The police, and my own vigilance does. Terrorists are a million times less dangerous to me than any random mugger, and ten million times less dangerous than a random disease. Youre more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to be killed by a terrorist. So do we need to take away everyones rights and freedoms to wage a war against lightning?

          • Listen to naacp are talking about latinos they are selling you down the river The next big lawsuits are going to come from Latinos.

        • Al Kahuna

          barry isn’t gonna get rid of anything that helps him lie about generating millions of jobs. he just never makes clear that the only jobs he “generates” are gub’ment jobs.

          • Superabound

            Actually Obama has cut almost a half-million government jobs, while creating more private sector jobs in one term than Bush did in two. In fact, he created more jobs in one term than Republicans did in their past THREE terms, he created more jobs than BOTH Bushes combined. Obama has grown government at a much smaller rate than any other President of the past 60 years.

            But those are facts, and seeing as how youre probably a big Fox News fan, i know how much you hate the facts, and would rather just hear things you agree with, regardless of how wrong they are.

        • Al Kahuna

          and, of course, many other jobs in china!

      • DocFreeman

        Where in TN did you live. I have relatives there and have not heard an racial slurs. I guess because so many famlies have black and whites in their family

      • White people in TN drop the N word, really? How is that different than black people in Los Angles or Detroit dropping it? Come on now, give me the “it’s ok because they are black” talk.

        • Superabound

          Then the obvious goal should be for black people to say the N-word LESS, not for racist white people to say the N-word MORE.

          What is wrong with your brain that makes you think the solution to a problem is adding MORE to the problem?

        • Superabound

          What i really want to know is why exactly do you want to be able to say the N-word so bad? Whats your personal reason?

      • Sofia

        Go see 2016. Not only does he want to redistribute the wealth. He wants to take every ones right to prosper. Obama is a socialist and I assure you if you’re screaming discrimination now you will hate living in a socialist country.

      • Sofia

        In Tennessee, it’s the other way around. Blacks are racists against anyone who is not black. I know this first hand. I’m Hispanic. Not an illegal or an immigrant. A natural born Hispanic/American.

      • Re all the laws taking freedoms away, why didn’t Obama and the Democratic congress and Senate vote those laws down. When Obama was elected he had 2 years with a Democratic controlled Senate and House. Why didn’t he get rid of the Patriot Act?

        Why didn’t he get rid of the Dept of Homeland Security? SOPA, PIPA, etc. all those things you state the big bad Republicans created.


        • Because the President can only sign a bill after it has been passed by our congress – he doesn’t legislate – or do not not pay attention?

          • Guest

            The president’s official legislative power is the power to say “no” and make Congress start over again

          • Fiesty

            Wrong for this Presdent! He prefers “Executive Order, and the electric Pen” . As close to acts of a Dictator as you can get

        • Neal Seifert

          The president’s official legislative power is the power to say “no” and make Congress start over again.

          • fatjoe

            unless theyhave enough votes to overide his veto

        • fatjoe

          because all politicians r bought and paid for by the same
          for all u folks writing in this blog look up the word
          facism in the dictionary this is type of goverment we have
          thomas jefferson said a democratic society will until the people
          figure out politicians can be bought

        • Superabound

          Obama only had a filibuster-proof supermajority for about 6 months, between Franken finally being seated after his elections recount, and Scott Brown taking over Kennedy’s seat after his death. And he had to use all of that time to get the ACA passed.

          So to answer your question of “why?”, the answer is because he simply didnt have the numbers in Congress to do it, due to the unprecedented number of obstructionist filibusters coming from the Republican party. They filibustered every single bill, INCLUDING their own. They basically shut down the entire legislature, and refused to do their jobs, defrauding the American taxpayer who pays their salaries. Let me ask you this, would YOU still get paid if you categorically refused to do YOUR job? Of course not. So why do you let these clowns in Congress keep their jobs and keep cashing their paychecks (which YOU pay for)? Hell, they already go on vacation every 3 or 4 weeks.

          • Realist

            Obama should refund the salary he collected in the Senate.
            All he did was write books and run for President.

            • Superabound

              All Republicans in the Senate do is go on vacation and have sex with young male interns. They should refund their salary as well.

      • fatjoe

        so true

      • i agree.

      • Boogalie

        Hey Supe, let me give you the tip of the site: Generalizing is one of the cornerstones of racism….see MLK, judge by character, not color…Semper Fi.

        • Superabound

          If i generalized to the point of racism or offending anybody then im sorry for that, but i was factually and accurately recounting my own personal experiences.

      • Joe da Barber

        Before Obama…27% received gov. assistance. After Obama..46% receive gov. assistance. You d the math. It’s called “redistributed wealth…to him

        • Superabound

          I think you mean “before Bush”. The recession happened while Bush was still in office, due to 8 straight years of his failed polices. As did 9/11.

          And right now under Obama, stocks are up, corporate profits and CEO pay are at record highs, why middle class wages have stagnated. So if wealth is being “redistributed”, its obviously being redistributed in ONE direction: up.

          Think about it logically: if wealth redistribution exists, then the people its being redistributed TO would be the ones with all the money, and the ones its being redistributed FROM would be the ones without any money. So tell me, who has all the money in this country?

          • The recession happened primarily from the mortage meltdown that was brought on by Democrats forcing banks to give risky loans to people with low incomes and bad credit ratings, which were later bought up and back by Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae (GOVT backed organizations). Repubs in 2005 and 2006 testified before congressional pannels warning of the future meltdowns and were blown off by dems like Mohnahan (SP?). Try researching the CSPAN videos of that on Utube. The NY times even did an article in 1999 warning that the clinton admin. was doing that policy, and that it could have disasterous results if there was an econimc downturn. So it’s all Bush’s fault that gas prices were $1.84 when Obama came in and are double that now….I know the answer always some one elses fault for bad things, and credit for Obama for good things. That is a real leader there.

            • Superabound

              Well you just proved you a) have no idea what youre talking about, and b) swallow every dose of propaganda your puppetmasters give you, hook, line & sinker.

              The meltdown was not caused by poor people. Poor people, collectively, do not even control enough wealth to have that effect. Poor people have always taken loans and bought houses, the risk is ALREADY factored in to the payment strategies the banks use. Every poor black family in America could have defaulted on their mortgage at once and it would not have crashed the economy.

              The meltdown was caused by the rich financiers and Wall Street cronies that control the wealth and economy. Deregulation allowed them to deal in EXTREMELY risky and fraudulent deals like credit default swaps for years. What happened is the initial downturn in real estate profits, caused by the growing fad of upper-middle class and rich white people becoming amateur “house flippers”, buying up a half dozen homes and paying for the next with the profits for selling the first, and when the market took a hit, suddenly they couldnt sell that first house, which means they couldnt pay for the next, or the 5 more after that. It caused a domino effect of well-off people defaulting on MULTIPLE million-dollar houses at once, not poor families defaulting on a $50,000 mortgage. And when this happened, the banks froze up, because as it turned out, they didnt actually have the capital to back up all the checks they were writing. If the banks had be operating according to regulations, and backing up their loans like they were supposed to, there never would have been a problem, just a slight speedbump in the real estate industry and thats it. But it was the fraudulent practices of the bank that caused the infections to spread into the greater economy, and the global economy.

              The fact that you are blaming everything on poor and minority families who have nothing, control nothing, and have no political power, and completely absolve the criminal banks who not only caused this mess, but begged for bailout after bailout of taxpayer money, and THEN, behind closed doors (and only revealed by Ron Paul’s bipartisan audit of the Fed) got an additional $16 TRILLION (the size of the entire US debt) in secret, zero interest loans, also paid for by the American taxpayer, just shows how effective their billion-dollar propaganda campaigns are. And how right William Casey was:

              “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”– William Casey, CIA Director, Republican, Nixon and Reagan appointee

              • JoliPapillon

                OMFG! This! School em, bro!

              • ulackreason

                Well you are partially correct but it is much more complex than that. The reason these speculators were bidding on derivatives and credit default swaps was because they believed that since the federal govt in the form of FNMA and FreddieMac were completely guaranteed from loss since these were govt agencies and the federal govt can always in the worst situation at least print more money. And it was a nationwide, not so color specific system of letting anyone, regardless of income have loans that on the applications showed that there would be an up coming default based on economic factors, especially if the applicant was on a interest only mortgage and could not possibly build equity or value above their cost. Then you had the housing market going upside down because houses were too easy to forget. The bad thing about supply and demand is that this theory is just like any other mathematic theory and if supply goes up too much, demand goes down. Housing market crumbled and then those that were already struggling are in houses that end up being worth half of what they paid. I think the federal government is mostly to blame even before the greedy bankers because they set policy that allowed the greedy people to participate in this and none had the foresight to understand what the full ramifications of the worst case scenario could be. Just like the govt, be it fed, state, local to ready shoot aim.

                Sorry but I am not a english major but come from the financial sciences so -please forgive spelling and grammer.

    • Surely you jest.

      • PATROIT

        Verna-Surely this was not said in JEST. Get on your computer and look up facts.
        Stop listening to the MSM who are 99% liberals who only have one agenda. {THEIR OWN}

    • TDez

      How did you come to the conclusion that Obama wants everyone on welfare? What makes you think that blacks believe they need government to save them from the big bad white man? Your ignorance and rascism belies your satement that you don’t give “2 shites about the color of your skin,” and since you cannot possibly know how “ALL whites think” you need to have a seat.

      • ladypatriot

        TDez, you are the one who is ignorant. This is fact. Don’t listen to just the democrats. Listen to , read from ALL sides. Look up the facts on the internet, and not just from the democrats. Do yourself and our country a favor and educate yourself.

    • Amen brother!

    • Anti-White

      we can’t escape you fuggin whites! gtfo and stfu!

      • zax

        Yes you can “escape”… go to the airport, buy a one way ticket to Africa and live with your mud hut savage relatives!!!!

    • You gotta be a White person, How in the hell do u, White Man know about how much racism is in Tennessee or anywhere. If u want to know about racism ask a Black Person not you

      • Al Kahuna

        The only black people who could answer intelligently about racism are close to 100 now. Since then, the only racism has been in the minds of so-called “african-americans” (among others). This ridiculous term is a joke in itself. I’m more of a hyphenated American than 99% of ANYONE you will ever meet who calls themself a ???-American, but I’m white, so I have the mindset of working for a living and earning what I have without worrying about the gub’ment taking care of me. This is the only way I can always be sure that I will always be successful without having to rely on the handouts of people like myself who actually provide the money for any and all gov’t. programs that exist. There are plenty of people of every race that feel the same as I do, unfortunately, there will always be the 47% or so (and growing) who exist solely from the hard work of others who take pride in themselves and refuse to exist simply by accepting what the gov’t. “gives” them. It’ll never change, so y’all just keep complaining and keep on living in squalor and I’ll keep working for you and paying my taxes so you you’ll have a place to live that you can piss and moan about for generations to come. Good luck with that and, by the way, make sure you never, ever make any effort to change. That way your kids and grandkids will never have any idea what it’s like to be a productive member of decent society. Wouldn’t want them to feel bad for being a worthless drain on the economy like every predecessor in their family for generations before them. Just teach ’em to stand in line and get that Lone Star card or whatever they call it where you’re from and they’ll be so phukin ignorant that they’ll think that IS their job.

    • ConservativeRedneck

      To bad on this site you can’t add a link in Obamas own words how he feels about the blacks and the poor. To him, they are simply tools.

      • LMBO…the funny thing about your ignorant comment is that people like you think the republican leadership holds you all in high regard…They’ve been feeding the same garbage to yall since reconstruction and you have NO CLUE…poor whites are in the same category as poor blacks…republican leadership doesn’t care about religion, or the struggles of the poor underserved white man…they care only about how to make themselves rich (which if you are the religious “know-it-all” the conservative creed requires of you, you’d know that is wrong within itself…)

        • ConservativeRedneck

          Unlike the socialist left, WE believe in individualism. NOT entitlement mentalist the left is so well known for. We believe in a STRONZG defense and a LIMITED government. WE believe that the successful should be role models and NOT the poor. We believe an individual deserves a hand UP and NOT a hand out. So sad that you like so many other want to live on the plantation without even THINKING about leaving and and much prefer to be a tool.

        • Only people with inferiority complexes like you who can not overcome it
          depend on the government. Clarence Thomas Herman Cain Johnny Thornton Steve Gardner and others had to overcome much more difficulties
          than you to reach where they are today. They do not complain but give thanks
          to their hard work and faith to reach where they want. It is so much easier to
          blame the bogeymen {Republicans and whites} for your failures. Id rather be
          blunt. Have you seen many Asians and Latinos blame their situation on others ? At the rate the economic pie is decreasing you will find yourself behind other minorities with your attitude.

    • BigBlackCock11

      As a proud, educated, and wealthy black man (who also happenes to sport a massive cock…thank you Jesus:-), I just have to say the diversity represented in the crowd at the RNC says it all. Bringing out Ms. Rice and a few other “people of color” is not goin to cut it anymore. I was actually quite surprised they did not have an olde tyme minstral show complete with blackface performers closing the convention. Republicans are clueless, this is why brother Obama will soundly trounce Mr. Romney in November!

    • Most black people are conservative, but it is just that the republican party overall just doesn’t seem to be inclusive and they seem to promote fear. I think that most people would vote for them too if their candidates would have plans that helped everyone in the country and not just a few. That’s just my view. I don’t consider myself a member of either party though, because I think that it’s stupid that our society supports two parties that have been bought by corporate America.

    • Canopy

      Why is the “not” in not “a good guy for the job ahead” in your reasoning for Jimmie walker being conservative NOT IN QUOTATIONS!?? Oh right because he DIDN’T SAY THAT. He said Obama is “a good guy for the job ahead.” If youre gonna try to misrepresent someone’s quote, at least lie and put what they didn’t say inside the quotation marks. That way you’re sure to fool your sheepish followers since they don’t research anything and wouldn’t believe the “liberal media” anyway. This is just plain dumb. And how many dead people do you have on this list for f**ks sake?

    • Guest

      unfortunately, yes. THe DNC “forgot” about God and 3 times tried to keep Him I wish people would learn more.The GOP is not the enemy.

    • julius

      Republican vs. Democrat is no longer a race thing . It is offensive for whites to tell US (blacks) that we no longer have to vote democrat anymore, just because. Thanks republican whites!!!!!!

    • True_Watchman

      Your pretty puerile in your delivery. This isn’t about blacks needing hand outs..the majority of SNAP recipients are women with children and its split across the board racially. Or do you not read studies and reports? Racism is rampant where ever you go. It is an ideologue, not a geography. Because you don’t see it driving down the street, its resinates in the heart. Think. Does Obama WANT everyone to BE on welfare? When have he endorsed that notion? That he wants EVERYONE to be on welfare. Please elaborate.

      The only one duped here i your parents, thinking you would be a brilliant child…turned out to be an absolute buffoon.

    • tsmith

      I’m a white 52-yr-old male and I agree wholeheartedly. When I’m with whites only, I never hear them saying anything racist, but I do hear the ones that work to make a living say things indicating resentment of freeloaders. And a lot of those freeloaders they resent are white.

      • Yep, best man for the job.. Color is of no matter.. Signed White man from town

    • alio

      Totally right on

    • chris b

      Since 1990s there is no way you sit around on welfare, you get 1.90 something an hour to work at menial jobs if you need assistance. Lets stop lying AH

    • Herbie Drye

      stop belly aching!…… Blacks worked for 400 years in the Hot blazing Sun while getting their asses beat for FREE to make this USA a great country.

    • chris b

      See the avatar AH, and I see racism every day right here on LI. Called real estate racism

  • MLK was a Republican.


      Whoever wrote the caption under the picture made a huge mistake. There is no George W. Bush Jr. G.W.Bush didn’t father any boys.

    • Superabound

      Thats Martin Luther King Sr., Martin Luther King Jr. was a Democrat. And MLK Sr. switched to the Democratic Party and supported Kennedy 1960. Thats when the GOP adopted the “Southern Strategy” and became a majority racist political party.

    • Lena

      Another lie. He wasn’t affiliated with any party.

    • MLK SENIOR was, you dummy!!

  • dikfor

    What are your thoughts about President Obama support of killing babies that survived an abortion process? Please keep your answer concise and on point. Thank you.

    • Soul Sister at Heart

      He voted for it 4 times!!! What kind of person does that make him??? I can’t respect someone who would choose to kill the least of us just because by some miracle of God they survived being murdered the first time! So sad!!

    • Spanky

      On the subject of partial birth abortion,I have anger at anyone at any time for infanticide. How can we not agree despite political differences that this is barbaric-and can we expect God to not condemn our nation for such gross wickedness?.

  • You neglected to list probably one of the most famous and greatest black men of history, MLK, who was also a life-long Republican.

    • Soul Sister at Heart

      Submandave, I am going to have to correct you on that my friend. Dr. King was not just one of greatest black men of history, he was one of the greatest MEN period! His triumph belongs to ALL American’s, not just one race. He sacrificed everything for freedom ad equality. I wish we had more Americans like him in today’s society.

      • Curly Bill

        Absolutely. And he was Republican.

        • Superabound

          Why do i have to keep correcting you idiot Tea Partiers about this? Martin Luther King JUNIOR, the one youre thinking of, the one whose birthday we celebrate as a federal holiday, was a lifelong Democrat. His FATHER, Martin Luther King SENIOR (a completely different black guy), was a Republican, but only up until 1960 when he switched parties and supported Kennedy.

          Please try to get your facts from actual HISTORY (its very easy to do these days, we have the internet), instead of political propaganda and hate sites.

          • Mike

            Wrong again!

            In a 1958 interview, he expressed his view that neither party was perfect, saying, “I don’t think the Republican party is a party full of the almighty God nor is the Democratic party. They both have weaknesses … And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.

          • Democrats keep Blacks in their place. They destroyed the cities they control and yet Blacks foolishly vote for them. Democrats use the welfare check to keep the brain dead in check!

          • maryhowland

            thank you.

      • DividedFallen

        When did we stop listening to this man?

      • DividedFallen

        When did we stop listening to this man?

    • I am honestly curious, so anyone who “down-marked” my comment please let me know why. Do you disagree that MLK was one of the most famous and greatest black men of history, or do just not like me pointing out that he was a Republican?

  • who cares those people are stupid like this article and your face

    • Curly Bill

      Well there is a well thought out argument. Booker T.Washington was stupid?

  • This is a very good list; thanks for sharing it with the Black Enterprise audience. However, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice are well known Republican political appointees, not celebs who happen to Republican. They shouldn’t be on this list. It’s also important to note that the Republican and Democratic Parties of Zora Neale Hurston’s day (to say nothing of Booker T. Washington’s), especially before the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, have very little in common with their counterparts in 2012. As has already been stated, before JFK, most blacks were members of the GOP, “The Party of Lincoln.”

  • L R

    You people posting negative comments about black republicans are hilarious. So much justification about what the GOP used to look like, so many excuses about how these people really are not black enough (i.e. polynesian, etc). Hilarious justifications to discredit political choices by people of color who do not think like you! Let’s face it, you really believe that if you are black and you don’t vote for Obama, then you are a discredit to the black race….that is sad:(

    • reese

      I agree with you on this there needs to be blacks in both parties. I believe because so many blacks vote democratic that democrats offer us nothing because they figure we are in the bag. And republicans offer us nothing because they think no matter what they do we will vote party lines. Both democrats and republicans need to be competing for our votes.

      • Curly Bill

        That is the exactly the point. No one should let their vote be taken for granted.

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  • Colin Powell endorsed Obama in 2008. Many pundits say that was the last nail in McCain’s campaign coffin. Also, as other people said, the only thing the republican party of today has in common with that of Ms. Hurston/Booker T. Washington et al is its name.

  • mac

    For the record…Nicki Minaj finally came out yesterday and said that line wasn’t serious…

  • Chya

    Whoever listens to the Steve Harvey Morning Show would know that Sheryl Underwood is a HUGE Obama supporter.

  • Anonymous

    Republican Party 1954 does not equal Republican party 2012.

  • pj

    Even Martin L King was a Republican!!

    • Carla

      That is so not true pj

      • Your downvotes say it’s true. Thanks for playing.

      • Curly Bill

        Yes it is.

  • Get a Clue!

    If we as a race were where we should be, meaning educated and earning the amount of wages we wanted we would be Republicans. Their views are truly in line with the majority of the black community but they throw shade at us so we’ve moved to the Dems. I am voting for Obama not because he’s black but because is has shown that he is trying to improve the country for the working class not just the upper class.

  • disqus_WfmNqv9gsC

    I wouldn’t knock those where were in the Republican party back in the day because it was a completely different party than it is now.

  • who gives a shitObama ain’t done Jack for this country and never should’ve been elected in the first place, but younger hollywood has to shill for democrats to get hired or keep their mouths shut until they’re established.

    • sammi_lu

      “Obama ain’t done jack”..hmmm smh, I would challenge your comment but something tells me from your inability to compose a sentence or effectively convey an opinion, that it would be a total waste of time.

    • Tisha

      Are you serious, let me tell you some of the things; stopped the “get of rid of Head Start “plan which would have put millions of children out of the head start programl, provided more slots, raised the pay of staff, and provided funding for teachers to go back to school. Do you get financial aid, unemployment well fought to continue the funds flowing, saved the automobile industry which saved my Aunts job, need i go on cause I can. See the middle class can see what he has done but if you have a lil change you will not see it as much as us poor to middle class people do and working in social services i see it so please do your research. Don’t get me wrong we have a ways to go but im more than confident that were headed in the right direction.

      • L R

        You said: we have a ways to go but im more than confident that were headed in the right direction.
        I say: yes, were headed right off the cliff of over-spending! This country cannot sustain this bizarre level of spending to save everyone’s job, house, car, business, health, etc etc. We need to stimulate the economy with jobs not govt handouts and bailouts using MY TAXDOLLARS!

  • ki

    if we had honest, respectable, righteous republicans running i would vote for them. I am a god fearing person who does not support moochers of tax dollars or those people who use government assistance as a hand out instead of a hand up. also this homosexual trend people got going..not for it one bit! this “war” needs to be over and any person who has god in their hearts would end it as well!! and as far as abortion goes…dont do the do if you not ready to get the job (blessing/child) done!!

  • Gigi

    LL, say it ain’t so!!! Most of these don’t surprise me. And it must be noted that before JFK, the republican party leaned more to the left than it does now. Lincoln, a republican president, freed the black slaves. Therefore, blacks that could vote, voted republican.

  • Trisha_B

    You don’t vote base on race. If Barack was black & had views like romney, should we all run to vote for him b/c he’s black? NO! This list is so wrong. Just b/c your republican doesn’t mean your turning your back against black people.

    • Soul Sister at Heart


      • SPOO Knee G

        Amen! Amen!!

        • Susan Bailey

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    • Superabound

      Hell, Herman Cain couldnt even get enough votes to win the primary.

      • Sorry to say, he was on a huge upswing in the primaries, until the media came out with their hit pieces with sexual harassment, debauchery and bigotry. Not only would have I put my vote in for him then had he stayed in the race, I would have supported him all the way.

        • I would have had to find out more about his plan for the country.

          • davboz

            Keesha, that may have been the most logical, adult comment here.

            • Thanks. I personally didn’t agree with what I had heard from him during the primaries. If hadn’t agreed with most of Obama’s policies, I wouldn’t have voted for him either.

        • Timo

          Yes sir! You have it right!!! Cain, Clinton…let’s say the charges against Cain were true….Cain, although black, conservative=sexual harrasser-Clinton, white, but liberal democrat=all these sexually harrassed women were sluts and had it coming! The media double standard regarding conservatives and liberals hasn’t changed in 50 years!!!!

          • 100% right

          • Stentor7

            Wow, the disconnect here is stunning. It wasn’t the Democrats excoriating Clinton for his sexual peccadilloes, it was the Republicans who engaged in a years-long witch hunt against a legally elected President because they were using any excuse to deny him the legitimacy of his office. The Democrats were saying that this isn’t really the business of the American people, this is his private sex life.

            The double standard you point out is predicated on the fact that the Republicans make such a big deal out of it, unlike the Democrats, so when they are caught engaging in that behavior, they are hypocrites as well as liars.

            Black people voting for a party that is inherently hostile to them because of the Republicans inclusion of so many racists is what the Democrats find puzzling, & downright kooky. It’s as if you’re all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, like chickens brainwashed into voting for Colonel Sanders, or cows brainwashed into voting for Ray Kroc. If the worst of them had their way, you’d all be second-class citizens. People tend not to associate with a group of people who wish them harm, the fact that you still do speaks volumes about all of you, not them.

            • Al

              Shut the F up! YOU sound like an idiot!

              • Ali

                Cain would have won. He should of stuck it out! Who cares who he’s done, heck Ida done him

              • 2ysur2ysub

                I’m with Stentor… your unreasonable response above this suggests that you can’t handle his truth. I don’t think people should have to be Dem or GOP, but when one party more than another uses race to rally Whites and “traditional” America, you have to be a self-loathing minority to go along with them. Sad. Some people earn their fame by their values. Others earn their fame by their “affiliations.” You decide which of the above has what.

                • And one has to have some serious self loathing to go along with a political party that seeks to keep minorities beholden to them by promising free stuff and covering up the fact that the other party is the party of Emancipation and that the other party is the one that passed more legislation to ensure the civil rights of minorities. And don’t give me this crap about it’s not the same party. IT’S THE SAME PARTY. Just like it’s the same Democrat party that did more to hinder women’s sufferage both then and now by still trying to convince women (and minorities) that they can’t get along without them. I know reality bites but you can’t re-write history, Jackson. It is what it is.

                  • Stentor7

                    The fact that you use the word “Democrat”, instead of the correct usage “Democratic” in this context tells me you’re just another conservatard with nothing meaningful to contribute to the argument but talking points & logical fallacies like false dichotomy & false equivalence. Some time ago the right determined that they were going to needle the Democrats at every opportunity by using the weasel-word democrat instead of the correct conjugations, sort of like calling someone Bob when they’ve asked you to call them Robert. It’s juvenile & bullying, but very typical of their childish behavior.
                    The historical Democratic Party of the 1920s is not the same party of 2013, for one thing, most of the men who opposed women’s suffrage back then were the same stripe of Dixiecrats who opposed civil rights in the 60s, so don’t hand me that baloney, that dog won’t hunt here. Those people are in your party now, the Republican Party, home of the plutocrats & theocrats, & they left a long time ago when Barry Goldwater was your standard-bearer & offered up “States Rights” as a way to oppose segregation from being federally enforced.

                    • Do Conservatives a favor and post your previous comments everywhere so everyone can see what little information your owner sends you out with. Making false statements and spinning everything in the universe is the democrat way, I get that. But it’s not Democratic. Nothing dems have done in the last 100 years has been altogether too Democratic, with the exception of some things JFK did, but your people took good care of him, ay? Your actions and that of democrats everywhere justify and validate our corrrect useage of the word democrat. Because as you have stated in so many ways and in so many words, there is a great disparity between being a democrat and being Democratic. So your banshee-like raving about it is only proof I am “Right” in every way and we have struck the desired nerve. It puts you face to face with your hypocrisy and the evil nature of your twisted agenda. Suggesting that there are all these cross-overs from the once wicked, but now angelic democrat party to the always and forever evil Republican party is…well I don’t know…Should I laugh at you or feel sorry for you. I almost feel guilty continuing to joust with you because it’s kind of like picking on the mentally handicapped kid at school, and contrary to the false information under which you are enslaved, I and most Republican Conservatives are not bullies. I can sort of understand though, how being roughed up early and often can make you feel like you are being bullied. Poor guy. Some day you’ll start operating from the side of reason and truth and you won’t get trashed so much, as you have gotten trashed today….by me.

                    • Stentor7

                      You just type sentences with no real understanding of what they mean, it must just be stream-of-consciousness talking points up there in that jughead of yours. Do you even know what specious means? I think not, because you seem to project all of the qualities that the Republican Party & Tea Party are currently exhibiting upon the Democrats, but it won’t wash because I know the truth, you’re out of ideas, out of arguments, & out of rhetoric. Just because you say you are right, in no way proves that you are, it’s merely your opinion, & nothing you say will make it so. If I saw you in person, I know you wouldn’t be quite the badass you pretend to be, they never are, but I do know that if I ever did meet you in the real world, I’d probably push you into a mud puddle for being such an idiot, & a pompous one at that. You’re an expert at wanting the last word, but you know you can’t get it because you are not only not right, you are also incorrect, & it burns you up something fierce. So go join the rest of your brethren in the dustbin of history, because you & your kind will be extinct soon enough, the Republicans have lost 5 of the last 6 popular votes in presidential elections, pretty soon it will be the off-year elections as well, then slowly the Republican party will sink into a bubbling pile, just like the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz.

              • Wow, great come-back. You sure proved your point and showed us.

            • Big D,

              First off let me say if a Republican cheats on his wife he should be run out of town. But, Lets not forget it is not the fact that Bill Clinton cheated on his wife. The fact is he lied on camera(perjury) to the american people and he did the act while at work. That makes it my bussiness. ( If you get caught on your job having sex with a co-worker. Do you keep your job? There are still a number of americans in this country that think that character matters. By the way what did his wedding vows say. If you can’t keep your word to your wife, The woman you love. Why do I think that you are going to keep your word on anything else you say.,

              • SPOO Knee G

                right on Big D! it really is as SIMPLE as that…case closed babies. Right On…Right On…Right On now. If you can’t keep your word to the women you love…you ain’t gonna keep nothing! You go Big D.

              • Lying on camera is not perjury, brain trust. That’s just lying. Lying under oath is perjury. And yes, many people keep their jobs after being caught having sex at work. Depends on the company and the professional level. If you are a lawyer, doctor, professor, etc. then no, you probably aren’t going to get fired if you are doing an otherwise exemplary job. If you work at Walmart, then yeah, you are probably a goner.

                Clinton was a good president. That is why most people thought even asking the question was a waste of time. If he had sucked or had been shown to be defrauding or misleading the country in some way, he would never have survived that ridiculous impeachment.

                • Lying to a Grand Jury IS perjury, which is what Clinton did. Remember the finger in their face, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Yeah, perjury. Not fit for service t the American people. Get over it and quit defending someone who couldn’t keep his vows to his wife and obviously did not have what it takes to keep his word to the American people.

              • Stentor7

                Well then you’d better get busy because Newt Gingrich is still in town, & last time I checked he cheated on two wives, not one.

            • Jade

              Stentor7…it’s people like you, who make me sigh with relief that sanity still exists in this world! Superbly put! I agree wholeheartedly.

              I am an Independent, with strong democratic leanings. I am not for or against any party because of race, religion [or lack of religion], or with the hopes of joining in with those whose stances might allow me the indulgence of some personal vice. I go for those who comparably have the most sense, wisdom, balance, and the best nose for true justice and equality.

              We can either chose an imbalanced, unjust, and unsustainable existence – or we can choose a balanced, just, and sustainable existence. I chose the latter…and am unequivocally puzzled by those who do not. Not because they don’t agree with me, or I don’t get that people are gonna have different views. But because those who would choose the former – are choosing, ultimately, to sabotage their own happiness, and destroy their own lives. Apparently, they don’t realize that – or don’t allow themselves to think that far ahead. I just don’t get it.

              We are all connected. Even in a completely secular understanding. Everything we do, affects everything and everyone. Its pretty simple; follow that thought to the end, and you comprehend the necessity of equality, justice, and sustainability. Yes, people have a right to and are inevitably going to, see things in their own way; from their own experience and interpretations of their experience. But there is still a such thing as things which are independently and objectively, true. Things that anyone, with honest and thorough thought – would come to see and heed, if they cared at all. Common threads that ring true for us all. This is one of them…and why I don’t understand those who are stubborn in their ignorance and immaturity, to the contrary.

              • Stentor7

                Thank you, I sincerely appreciate that comment.

            • Please tell me you’re not really that stupid. With your own words you hang yourself. All this that you say, does it not point to you suffering from Stockholm Syndrome as well? You could not be more bass-ackwards on the subject of who makes a big deal out of the issues. A good recent example, although there are many over the last 20 years and longer, is Republican Senator Marco Rubio takes a drink of water during a response to the SOTU address and is mentioned on CNN 155 times within a 24 hour span and that number is still rising several days later. On the other hand Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has been accused by is alledged victims (not Republicans, mind you, his VICTIMS) of engaging in sexual intercourse with minors in the Dominican Republic and CNN made mention of it 6 times in a month. Let’s review: A republican takes a drink of water and it’s a problem. So much of a problem that it’s worthy of mentioning it 155 times in 24 hours; a Democrat is brought up on charges of sexing it up with a kid, and it’s not a problem, in fact let’s make mention of it only 6 times in a month and then only to say falsehoods like the Republicans and Fox News are politicizing another issue again. WTF!!! How do you politicize corrupt politicians who are dipping their wick in children????!!!!!. Whether Menendez is guilty or not, isn’t it more news worthy than a person taking a drink of water??? And with CNN getting busted taking orders from Obama’s White House staff to ensure that certain news stories are only presented in a way that reflects poorly on Republicans and only reflects positively on the President and the Democrat party, and some stories are not to be aired at all, Come on! NBC doctoring the 911 call from George Zimmerman, MSNBC doctoring a video clip from a Romney/Ryan rally, CNBC needlessly slandering Gerald Celente, the list goes on and on. FACT: The leftist media, which is almost the entire mainstream media in the North American continent, is corrupt and in the tank for Democrats and especially Obama, then liberals in this country cry foul because Conservatives have one news channel, Fox News, which they can turn to and wich delivers news from all viewpoints, fair, balanced and unafraid. No, sir. I KNOW I’m right by being on the right. They call it the RIGHT for a reason. Have a nice day.

              • Stentor7

                Your argument is specious as the definition of right is ambiguous in that being correct in no way implies that you are on a specific side, so it sounds like you were just making a weak joke, but if you were serious, then you have little understanding of the word. I see your sentences strung together, but they mean very little in the context of your argument, so it’s mostly meaningless blather. You can call someone stupid as many times as you wish, but it in no way imparts any extra veracity of logic to your arguments.

                • hillplus

                  I am embarrassed for you

                  • Stentor7

                    I’m embarrassed for any individual who has to post comments to a dead page. Get over it, Obama won, all these other people have moved on. Stop trolling through ghost town articles.

              • ANASTASIA RAY

                I know this post is old, but…REALLY!? You think FAUX News “delivers news from all viewpoints, fair, balanced and unafraid?” They are consistently opposing anyone with the slightest liberal views, to the point of being downright rude. I’ve tried to watch, but it’s really hard not to get angry when I know three year olds with better manners! Talking louder and over someone before you finally cut them off so you can laugh about them doesn’t make you “fair and balanced,” it makes you look like a jack@ss.

        • exactly!! I would have happily voted for Cain..never for Obama.

        • Sailorman


        • Windmill

          My husband and I were excited about Cain because he shared our views.

          • So, you stay at home, while he goes out and has sex with white women?

          • Libs destroy everyone who threatens their power. They conquer divide hate covet lie destroy for power. Repubs need to read rules for radicals too. 2014 can b repubs victory over power grubbing libs commies. Start. Helping now.

            • alice

              No you are thinking of rethugs… they are the party of hate, bigotry, lies (remember the WMDs??), their solutions for our problems is keeping gays from marrying and women having control over their own bodies… rethugs are everything that is wrong in the world!

              • Alice, no one in the United States is saying that a woman should not have control over her body. Do I like abortion? No not really but I am realistic enough and compassionate enough to know that there are times when abortion is the only answer. Now do I believe that there should be abortion no matter what? Well, what is wrong with that woman using birth control, which is widely available. I know people who had 3 or more abortions because they can’t be bothered to use birth control. I was with someone at an abortion clinic ( as a supportive friend) and one lady there, the staff knew by name because she had been the so many abortions. Well that is just wrong.

              • No, troglodyte regressives like you are what is wrong with the world, and I’ll tell you why. The party you call the party of hate, bigotry and lies is the party that emnacipated the slaves, remember a guy named Lincoln? Yeah, Republican. Bush appointed more minorities to key positions in government than ANY President in history. ANY, including your precious Demon-crats, a party whose voting history proves they did more to fight against the rights of minorities and women’s sufferage than the Repubicans ever thought about doing. You are like a little bird in a nest with your head thrown back and your mouth wide open and what ever the leftist propaganda machine shoves down your throat, you just swallow it and beg for more. As far as WMD’s Bush followed the will of the people and followed international law by seeking multilateral assistance and while the Islamic controlled UN was stalling their response for over a month, Saddam was able to get his WMD’s out of the country. If you think Saddam did not have WMD’s why don’t you tell that to 8,000 dead Kurds who he gassed in the streets and in their homes in 1988. Have you seen the pictures of the dead babies laying in the roads? Thought not. Now, gays have assaulted the religious rite of marriage and have repeatedly sought to dismantle the family unit and consequently the basic fabric of society. I do not hate gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transgenders. You can chew on that or choke on it, I don’t care which because you are made of the right ingredients to look inside me and assign moral or spiritual conditions to my heart. You’re not authorized to do that. But the truth is, the GLBT lifestyles are destructive. Both to themselves and to others. On the subject of abortiion, if women want “control of their own bodies” as you put it, they should not give control of their bodies over to a man who will impregnate them and run. They should consider keeping their legs closed if they do not want to get pregnant. That is the best way to prevent having to murder your own offspring out of convenience. And in fairness to these women, a man should keep it in his pants, because he is just as complicit and just as culpable in the whole affair as she is. While you abortion activist are so busy fighting for your so-called right to kill your babies, you’re also out there screaming in protest to the poor treatment of animals. Hypocrisy of the most evil order. Have you ever watched a little baby human writhing in pain on a table after having it’s arms and legs ripped off? Or watched it squirming and struggling for breath after having it’s lungs burned with saline wash? These are human beings, they’re not a Volvo station wagon or a old pair of shoes. They’re not a useless lump of flesh. Up to the moment they were murdered they could smile and dream and play with their toes…..they were human….and they were killed in what SHOULD have been the safest place on Earth…their mother’s womb. God have mercy on your wretched soul. And I mean that…may God have mercy on all you who support this horrible act of barbarism. Don’t you ever call a conservative Republican any names until you have condemned this act which even animals do not commit. Done with you.

                • Stentor7

                  You’re so full of crap your eyes must be turning a deep shade of brown. The historical party of the Republicans, is not the party it is now, mostly because of the defection of the Dixiecrats into your modern Republican party during the elections of 1964 & Goldwater’s welcoming of such bigots under the guise of “States Rights” so don’t hand me that tired old crap about how your party emancipated the slaves. That wasn’t you or any of your ancestors, it was my ancestors because I came from a state that was squarely in the midst of the abolitionist struggle. Your arguments would be laughable if they weren’t so genuinely deluded. You’re lurking around a deserted webpage making comments to people who will never answer your snarky tripe, thus ensuring you have the last word. What a gigantic sense of insecurity you must have, an inferiority complex on the order of something I usually attribute to little boys in junior high who are still virgins, & don’t know any better.

                  • And to think all you have to do is just go away. But you keep responding and then accuse me of having to have the last word. You are the very definition of “Twink”.

                    • Stentor7

                      Because you want to have the last word, so why should I give you that satisfaction you sad little boy? Oh, & you’ve proved me correct in that your spelling is consistent with every other conservative wanker I’ve ever known who doesn’t know the difference between right, & write. I do write my own material ‘Skippy’ & I know how to spell properly, something you can’t claim. Go away douchenozzle.

                    • And consissten7 with typocal libtard behayvier yoo hav n0 legitamate responce to the trooth and the fax so you resor7 to spell-chekking, and yoo do not have the braynpowr to recognize a typagraffical Erorr witch is commin for poeple who unlyke yoo can tipe faster than two werds a minit. Sireously, Every single libtard eventuwally getz round to spel-chekking when they run out of their party-perscribed comebax.
                      And with comments like “Your statements are not only wrong but they are incorrect too” and a system of beliefs (if one could call something that simple-minded an actual ‘system’) that says holding to truth and logic is a fallacy, you better not get into too many battles over grammar and syntax there, Sparky. And even if that’s not what you meant, it’s still how it came across due to your lack of communicative skills. And as a reminder, I was not joking about reporting your threats. You are on record. Now, for the moment you have obviously been sweating, straining and stroking your lucky baby’s-foot for. You shall have the last word. So after you brush that one remaining tooth, you can go and brag to your one remaining friend, which is probably your poor unfortunate and most likely suicidal dog. And later you can celebrate with an extra Hot Pocket and a four-pack of Red Bull. I’m sure your mom won’t mind springing for it, since she pays for the entire rest of your miserable existence anyway. But for the rest of your cowardly, baby-killing, talentless, depraved, occupy-mom’s-basement, originality-starved, pre-programmed, party-slave, Obamabot life you will know that the only reason you have the last word is because I granted it to you. The really sad part is, you will no doubt actually type in your little meaningless last word for your own narcissistic, self-absorbed, ‘why-don’t-people-like-me’ need for satsifaction even though I, having dispatched you with superior efficiency, will never see it because you have succeeded, as all liberal diptards do, in turning a fun few days of Obombie-slaying into a tedious chore.
                      NOW. YOU. HAVE. BEEN. DISPATCHED. Stay down, loser! And don’t kick your dog, it’s not his fault that you’ve been beaten by a superior foe.

                    • Stentor7

                      You’ll never be superior to anyone with an average intellect because you’re wrong, you know you’re wrong, & all you do is resort to ad hominem attacks which I am only so glad to return because I’m not afraid of idiots like you & actually enjoy beating down with their own retarded logic. Dream on doucherocket.

            • You sound like someone shot your butt off at 2nd Amendment rally

        • KCB

          I don’t see how anyone with half a brain could vote for that cartoon character Herman Cain. He was an embarrassment to theGOP and to Black people as well.

        • Mike m

          That’s because white liberals get very offended when blacks think for themselves. Blacks should be seen and not heard. They are good for two things: photo ops standing next to the white liberal and voting for who they are told to. THe rest of the time they should shut up. The Chris Matthews of America would love to have Obama as a neighbor as long as he didn’t bring in any others. As Biden would say — he’s clean cut, articulate, non-threatening, and good looking. I guess Biden sees his boss as “one of the good ones”.

          • Stentor7

            The very fact that you’re projecting racism onto two people you know absolutely nothing about suggests to me that you have latent racist tendencies, but are unable to deal with them consciously, so you sublimate your anger into seeing it in white Democrats. See my above comment about associating with a group of people who would make blacks & other minorities second-class citizens. So as a word of advice, maybe we’ll take you much much more seriously when you start to chase the racists out of your own party first.

            • Mike m

              I saw your above comment. It was pure garbage. I know enough about Biden based on his words. Would you defend any public figure who made racist remarks because you don’t know him/her personally? It sure sounds that way. Judging Chris MAtthews as a person is easy. He’s on tv five nights a week revealing to a very small audience the kind of person he is. Last week he said he was glad Hurricane Sandy happened because it might have helped Obama get reelected. The man is pure garbage , but I’m sure you’ll defend him. He’s been a foul disgusting human being for many years and there are many of the far left that are not much different. He equates any criticism of Obama as racist. Calling him lazy is racist. That tells me that Matthews sees blacks as lazy people. Only a racist like Matthews would judge an entire group of people like that.

              • Stentor7

                I have a lot of problems with Chris Matthews that have nothing to do with any racist comments, but I fail to see how that comment in particular can be considered racist. Instead of me defending him, why don’t you defend your reasons for calling him racist in the first place instead of just name-calling? It would be interesting to hear exactly why, from a logical point of view, that you think his comment was racist. I don’t think he was calling Obama lazy, so I’d like you to point out exactly where & when that happened, & why you can generalize that to the sweeping conclusion that is most certainly false on its face because it’s an obvious fallacy of logic. Your conclusion begs the question, that is to say you’re using circular logic to answer your own question, also a fallacy of logic.

            • But it’s perfectly ok for you to project your filthy puke onto people, huh? Psychopathic Narcissism. That’s what you suffer from.

          • blahblahblah (Faux Nooz propaganda) blahblahblah (Faux Nooz propaganda)blahblahblah (Faux Nooz propaganda)blahblahblah (Faux Nooz propaganda)blahblahblah (Faux Nooz propaganda)blahblahblah (Faux Nooz propaganda)

        • Cain had nothing but STUPIDNESS to offer… Regardless of his sexcapades…

        • “If you lose the race to the GOP presidential nominiee, Blame Yourself”

      • doug63

        Cain dropped out because odumbofurer was digging up dirt on him, he can’t dig up dirt on Mitt Romney because Romney is a good man I don’t think Romney ever had a bad thought in his life.

        • Superabound

          What is “odumbofurer”, that is not a word im familiar with.

          But Cain dropped out because hes an attempted rapist and a philanderer.

          Mitt Romney has a criminal rap sheet a mile long. Money in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, China. Investments in IRAN. Impersonating an officer and falsely pulling over innocent motorists (a felony, and something a serial killer in my city did recently). Tax fraud. Animal cruelty. Assault on his classmates. Holding campaign fundraisers on foreign soil, another felony, which disqualifies him from holding or even seeking office. Trying to coerce Mormon women to give up their babies or face excommunication. He committed perjury when testifying in court during the Staple’s CEO’s divorce proceedings. Committed felony perjury to the SEC when testifying about the length of his employment at Bain. Arrested for disorderly conduct. Dodging the draft by hanging out sipping lattes in Parisian cafes. Reckless driving that resulted in a person’s death.

          Id be surprised if Romney has ever gone even ONE YEAR without committing some sort of serious felony. We already know he cant go a single day without telling a pack of lies.

          Oh, and that car wreck he was in? He was seriously injured, and pronounced dead in the hospital. Then came back to life. Exactly like the Bible fortells the Antichrist will do in Revelations. It also says he gets his wealth and power from “the Dragon”, and as everyone knows, the Dragon is the symbol of China, where Mitt gets his wealth and power. If Romney ascends to the Presidency it could usher in 1000 years of darkness, and the supremacy of his personal, non-Christian religion.

          • Jed Stevens

            Ahahha .. keep drinking O’Liars Kool Aid!! This is all BS..Geeeesh..stupid Liberals

            • Superabound

              Its funny how every time you show a Republican the ugly truth about their chosen rulers, their brains instantly shut down and regress to childhood. Which is why you people ALWAYS start talking about Kool Aid, a children’s drink. So go away and fantasize about your favorite dyed sugar water and let the ADULTS have a real political conversation.

              • chuck

                Oh, I could tell you why the oceans meet the shore . . .

              • Oh…you mean when we show libs the ugly truth about Obama, we are called racists? Anything but ADULT chief.


                i hear what you are saying and I agree

              • Ron

                OK, as I said before , You’ve covered romney , now cover obama with the same detail and clarity . . .if you can ?

              • Stentor7

                Fun Fact: Kool-Aid was invented in my hometown by a man named Edwin Perkins in 1927, his wife Kitty Perkins (nee Shoemaker) was a good friend of my grandmother.

          • craftmate

            Where does Obama keep his millions?

            • Superabound

              Probably in a bank or some kind of government pension.

              • B.S. He surely isn’t that stupid. Hes of all people knows USA money is not worth anything.

                • chickinlove008

                  Did you sign the secession petition? I bet you did. And btw, can you give up some of your portion to others who are in need of eating? Thanks lamb chops.


              Well it ain’t over seas

          • craftmate

            Oh and by the way. the car that has been built by Obama’s bail out money. 90% of those cars were built in China. and Obama has promised to hve more built there. So much for American jobs.

            • Superabound

              Youre an idiot who believes propaganda without even a second of critical thinking. Every single entity involved has come out and proven that Romney ad about Chinese cars is a flat out lie. The only cars they manufacture in China are the ones sold in China. The ones manufactured here are sold here. Are you really that economically stupid? Do you not understand how completely retarded it would be business-wise for them to manufacture cars here in America for a high price, and then sell them in China for a low price? No, they make Chinese cars for Chinese people IN China. They make American cars for Americans IN America. Think for two seconds.

              • jeniabqcall

                You are an ignorant fool. The Chairman of GM just acknowledged that they are shipping jobs to China. 13 new plants in China, Learn something.

                • cynicalolelady

                  Read, people. Chrysler is adding jobs here in the states IN ADDITION to
                  building more cars in China. They are being built where they are being

              • So if I drive a Toyota does that mean I live in Japan? Just wondering…………

                • Superabound

                  Well first of all Toyota isnt an American car company and was not given any bailout money. In fact if the American companies HADNT been bailed out, the only cars youd be able to buy right now are Toyotas and Hondas. The American auto industry would be dead.

                  But anyway, you just proved my point. That Toyota you drive (like a traitor) wasnt manufactured in Japan. If was manufactured in America. Unless youre talking about high priced European sports cars and other specialties, cars are typically not imported across the ocean for regular customers. Its not financially viable. They are made inside the country where they are sold, to avoid shipping costs and import tariffs. Learn how business works please.

                  • Jeff

                    You are a dumbass. The 2001 Chevy Suburban I drive was manufactured in Mexico. Do some real research instead of believing everything Daddy Barack tells you.

                    • Superabound

                      Damn, maybe you should stop being such a traitor and buying Mexican cars. My truck was built in the good ol’ US of A, because unlike you i actually believe in America.

              • Lawman 317

                You are not correct once again the European owners of Diamler Chrysler said that all new manufacturing plants will be based in china for cost effectiveness, so in fact Obama is creating jobs just not in the United States

                • Superabound

                  Just because Romney’s favorite hobby was exporting jobs to China, doesnt mean thats what Obama is doing. Besides the fact that its YOU people who say the President shouldnt and doesnt have any control over private business, and that government cant create jobs, every single bit of the auto bailout money has gone to American workers and American factories to create American jobs and American cars. That Romney ad has been proven wrong by everyone. Even Romney admitted it was a lie by pulling it.

                  I know you people desperately want America to fail, so you just LOVE any BS story you can find about America losing jobs, and about Americans not being able to succeed, but let me remind you that you people falling for your own propaganda is EXACTLY why you lost this election in a landslide.

                  And if you have a problem with my frequent use of the phrase “you people”, im sorry, im just taking after my hero Ann Romney.

                  • Honey…. if she’s your Hero, I feel terribly sorry for you. She simply parrots what Mittens whans her to say. She’s like a Stepford WIFE…. and she said on NatIonal TV that milatiry service was for “other” husbands and sons/daughters… she felt her families missions to France’ cafe’ and wine country chatu’ was honorable military service for her people. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth and her blatant elites attitude…. neither she or Mitt the Twit had a clue as to what America or her middle classes need. Did you ‘really’ think “YOU People” was a term of endearment????? Wake the Fk up Lady….

                    God did us a huge favor by opening America’s eyes in the wake of Sandy, b4 he could buy the WH. Another little fact: He donated 5K for relief for Sandy But purchased 25K in fireworks for is little victory bash in Boston. That pretty well sums in up for his TRUE views on his countrymen. We need a real leader not some pattie, who’d sell out his mama to make afew extra dollars. Or who’d force us into his cheating church mode. Check out CRUD and Streicycle…. he didn’t pay ANY taxes from 1997 to 2007 via the Morman church.
                    I think it’s a real hoot that the one piece of real estate he wanted to buy….
                    He couldn’t, in spite of the Crooks money. LOLOLOL

                    • chickinlove008

                      Yup. Romney is so out of touch he might and these hoodlums support him are cut from the same white collar crime cloth.

                    • Stentor7

                      Newsflash shayla, that was sarcasm, he was being sarcastic in his supposed admiration for Ann Romney.

              • you are a pathetic ignoramus with your rantings….i don’t even know why I bother replying to your stupid post…this is it…you are hopeless fool!

              • truth hurts

                Are you really that f@*kn retarded and believe that bu!! sh;+ your saying.. never read something so s+UP!d… damn you people are pathetic. Do this country a favor and go away.

                • Superabound

                  Wow, what an appropriate user name you have. Apparently the truth i just told hurts you so bad you cant even type correctly anymore.

                • Superabound

                  But if either one of us were to do this country a favor and go away, it should be you, since this election just proved that you are clearly in the minority. Maybe you can go live in the Cayman Islands, or Switzerland, or China, or Iran, or any of the other places that Mitt Romney keeps his money hidden from Uncle Sam.

            • Hes going to little as possible to create ANYTHING to help AMERICA . That is not his agenda,simple as black or white, right or wrong, yes or no.He will do things to take freedom away & muslim takeover.

              • chickinlove008

                Connie. Really? What are YOU doing for America besides what I see in your pic/avi because it looks like you’ve been doing a lot of the eating of your fair share of the harvest. You could stand to lose about 30 pounds and get to work maybe start with feeding the homeless or something like try portion control?

            • Well tell that to the thousands of Ohio autoworkers who must be manufacturing imaginary cars.

              • chickinlove008

                Yeah, and they voted Obama. Electorals baby. Gotta love it.

            • chickinlove008

              I guess when Bush left the country with a 1.8 trillion dollar deficit, Obama was supposed to just go pouf and it was all gonna disappear and not spend one cent to move forward. Just hang out in the white house for 4 years and do nada, zip, zilch. He was just not supposed to spend one cent. Would it make you feel good if he hadn’t spent one cent because not so smart ‘craftmate’ we would still be in a 1.8 trillion dollar deficit today. Wake up. Here’s some free coffee. Get that brain thinkin like it should…

          • Patriot333

            I have always had a theory that liberals were born with a large portion of their brain undeveloped. The porion that governs common sense and reasoning. After reading your pathetic garbage about Mr. Cain and Gov Romney, I am now positive that my theory is correct.

            • Superabound

              Yeah man, liberals totally have underdeveloped brains. Which is why every great philosopher, writer, humanitarian, and scientist of the entire 20th and 21st centuries has been a liberal, while every drunken toothless redneck sisterbanging racist methhead hick has been a dyed in the wool “Ahm-takin-are-cowntrey-back!” Tea Party Republican. Lol, nice theory retard.



              • @Superabound Are you really this stupid, or is it some some of Tourettes-like condition where you randomly just spout out stupid things?

                • Superabound

                  Big surprise, a lifelong conservative propaganda fed sheep resorts to childish ad hominem attacks instead of cogent or relevant rebuttals when faced with the cold hard facts.

            • Superabound

              Snooki and Lindsay Lohan are both Republicans. Stephen Hawking is an atheist liberal.

              • dannie29

                Lindsay Lohan is also A” DIKE”

              • Mike m

                atheist liberal? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

                • Superabound

                  Clearly you have no idea what either “atheist” OR “liberal” means. Arent right-wingers the ones always saying that all liberals are godless heathens?

            • Stentor7

              I’m really glad to see that absolute stupidity sees no color.

            • chickinlove008

              What theory professor who the f cares what your theory is. Shut up you random poster with what theory?? LMAO. That is so ridiculous it’s really funny. I needed to laugh (at you).

          • jeniabqcall

            Hey idiot everyone with a 401K has money overseas. GM has opened 13 plants in China with our tax money. There is NO dirt on Romney.


              yup sure did all on a REPUBLICAN WATCH!

            • Superabound

              Lol keep believing your own propaganda, that worked out SO well for you in this election.

              People with 401Ks have money overseas because of people like ROMNEY incompetently and traitorously investing them. The average Working Joe doesnt know how to manage investments. Theyre too busy paying bills and raising their kids. Romney has DIRECTLY, personally, and entirely of his own accord invested millions in Iran and China, which makes him an enemy of the United Sates.

              And GM hasnt opened any plants in China with our tax money, thats one of the obvious, blatant lies Romney told (and was immediately proven wrong about) that cost him the election. The election is over btw, you dont have to keep pretending all the lies he told were true. He lost.

            • NO DIRT???
              So… How come he showed only ONE year of tax returns???

          • Lena

            Talking to them about Mitt is like giving medicine to a dead person, it won’t do any good.

            • Alex

              ROFL!!!!!!! That is a real good! Could not have said it any better!

          • you couldnt have said it any better,but hte rich dont get punished.there needs to be investigations on every issue you raised.he is actually trying to buy the election.obama would have done a hell of alot better but the republicans said that they were gonna make him a one term president and they are doing every dirty trick in the book to win.every time he and joe biden pushed legislation through the senate the house,ie paul ryan and john bayneer didnt even bring it up for discussion.its 2012 when does the racisim stop?????never!!!!

            • Lawman 317

              Who bought this election ? Pull a stat of Adolf Obama’s campaign spending

          • Whats the difference between 1 or 2 LIES or 50. Bigger pile of BULL SH -T !!!

          • Ron

            OK , You’ve covered Mitt Romney , now cover Your boy Obama !

          • Lawman 317

            Are you trying to talk about Romney or the antichrist himself Obama. Ask yourself this what do you get when you put a terrorist in charge for four years- a country in need, What do you get when you put a terrorist in charge for eight years- a country in ruins.

            • Superabound

              You know what, youre absolutely right, Bush DID leave the country in ruins. Im glad you recognize that.

              And im sorry, but between Romney and Obama, only Romney has been pronounced dead after a fatal injury and then come back to life, just as the Antichrist was prophesized to do in Revelations. He also gets his wealth from “The Dragon” (China), as also stated in Revelations. He is also from a devoutly non-Christian religion, that has fought THREE separate wars against America, on American soil.

            • Alex

              Why not you address all the terrorist that past us presidents put in charge of countries or helped militarily. Let me start, Saddam anyone?

              • That’s a long damn list, especially once you include military training and gifts of arms.

            • BOY, you really put the DUMB in RealDumbLiKKKlan!!!

            • This dude here exemplifies why most people in this country reject the hysterical rantings of the GOP and it’s leaders. The alternative universe that they inhabit is made up by the very wealthy, like Roger Ales, Koch brothers and other creepy aristocrats. They get all these hillbillies scared to death of some big black communist conspiracy and peddle all sorts of ridiculous stuff on hate radio, the internet and tc channels like Faux Nooz. There are always enough uneducated, gullible types to populate the GOP “rank and file” but most Americans see this crap for what it is, pure BS.

          • Is super-whatever-thing a kinky thing?

            Kool-Aid not too sweet I hope!
            You sure got a mouth on you, do you eat with the same mouth that stuff comes from?
            “I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” – Barak Obama

            • Superabound

              A “kinky thing”? No, its the title of a song. Why are you so obsessed with illicit sex? Guilty conscience?

          • you should check things out before you post things…don’t believe everything you hear or read…Romney should sue the mainstream media and Obama’s campaign organization for libel and slander…The accusations you posted here about these gentlemen are so ridiculous that anyone with a brain would check them out first before accepting them as facts….

            • Superabound

              Every single allegation made towards Mitt Romney has been verified and fact checked a thousand times over. His campaign was the one that was staffed by members of the largest mainstream media companies on Earth. Clear Channel is owned by Bain Capital, and Romney’s campaign was staffed by Fox News employees. Media doesnt come bigger or more mainstream than that.

            • Yes, right after they sue Trump, Orly Taitz, Arpaio, and 5000 other GOP fruitcakes for slandering the president with charges ranging from conspiracy to be born in Kenya as a Muslim to being the anti-christ. Romney and his whackjob party need to continue doing what they are doing, cuz I guarantee you, they will continue to get what they are getting, which is irrelevant.
              Goodbye, remember the Whig Party? Well, do you?

          • Amen… Knew allot of that stuff, But totally blown away with the fact that soooooo many of his backers are completepy unawares of any of it.

          • chickinlove008

            It’s a german nazi expression. He should know…

          • chickinlove008

            Mormonism isn’t even a religion, it’s a cult.

            • Stentor7

              Damn straight, any religion that hides its beliefs from non-believers is a cult, or makes you wear ritualistic underwear is a cult.

        • Superabound

          Mitt Romney appears to have profited from a marketing company that was contracted by the state of Massachusetts after receiving $5 million in financial backing from Bain Capital, Mr Romney’s investment firm.

          Paul Ryan’s brother, who is a former Bain consultant, was at the time of the investment a senior executive at the marketing company, Imagitas, which was co-founded by another former Bain executive.

          Both Mr. Romney and Tobin Ryan, who omits his work at Imagitas from his corporate biography, also apparently stood to benefit from the $230 million sale of the company in 2005, while Mr Romney remained in office.

          Massachusetts law requires that all state employees divest themselves of financial interests in private sector contracts with state agencies. At the time, failure to do so could have resulted in a $2,000 (£1,273) fine or a 2.5-year prison sentence. The potential punishments are now stronger.

          Asked repeatedly by The Daily Telegraph throughout this week whether Mr Romney had indeed profited from the company, had been aware of the potential conflict of interest, or had taken any action to avoid one, his campaign and Bain Capital declined to comment.

          • Bull..Why don’t you spend your time finding out why the President and his Administration let four people fight a seven hour battle on thier own and to only stay there and die. I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to them to know the Country they were about to give thier life for left them on thier own…Disgusting…

          • chuck

            Extramarital sexual encounters = bad. Convoluted story that takes 5 paragraphs to explain and ultimately is much adu about nothing = [shrug]

        • Lena

          Burp really loud and maybe you will regurgitate some of that kool-aid and be able to think clearly enough to realize that Mitt sins like everyone else.

          • davboz

            Actually Lena, if there were ANYTHING beside a dog in the cartop carrier, to dig up on Romney we would have heard about it. What they’ve succeeded at is demonizing being a success and a good businessman. Funny that they made evil in the voters’ eyes the very principles and skills we need the most.

        • I don’t think you ever had ANY thought in your life…!!!

        • Vicki S

          “Romney is a good man”? Yeah, right. Besides his serial lying, while piloting Bain (during 1990-1994 and beyond) Bain/Romney advised Philip Morris Tobacco and British American Tobacco very successfully– Marlboro cigarettes were dropped to $1.60/pack, thereby making them affordable for teens, and thanks to Bain, BAT has 24% of the cigarette market in Russia. Romney shares the blame for thousands of tobacco-related deaths in Russia, and who knows how many will be the count for the US. He is an insult to our church.

        • OMG….u r dillusional. He’s been raping businesses for years!

        • How would you know that since he won’t share more than 2 carefully selected years of tax returns. You have to know he is a cheat and a liar.

        • I don’t think romney EVER had a thought in his LIFE. I am thankful to the heavens that he lost by a landslide. Very dangerous man with elites views. Did you know that he proffess’ to be a Pro-Lifer and would revoke all abortions … rape, insest and possible death of the mother (he’d reverse Roe vs Wade). But he has no quama about racking in mega millions from the very act he so dispises… Abortion. Check out Streicycle. It’s a multi billion dollar company, who Mittens/Bains Capital purchared 75 million dollars in shares from. They are the sole contractor for the bio-hazardous removal for fetus and fetal remaims for the 700+ abortion clinic’ in the USA. That’s somewhere’s around 400,000 LESS little pitter patter of baby feet a year. I believe that women shoul.d have the right to choose what happens with their own bodies. And it’s absolutely insane to expect a woman to have and RAISE a child of rape. Or to expect the woman to have ‘contact’ with the rapist while the child is growing up. Talk about cruel and unusally punishment. That a good way to NOT have a healthy and stalble relationship with the mother/child or the child and rapist father. AND with his dismantling the Planned Parenthood…. he’d be talking one of the most important means for the mother to have well baby clinic’ and help raising this child…. Guess his main focus is to force the having of the babies, but then makiing sure there’s no safety net for either of them.

          My biggest problem with him is he’s a blatant liar about most of what he’d said. He guts business’ and steals their pention plans then guts the liquid assets and finally out sources the jobs from the belly up company to China.
          He is a pestulance on our nation, tptally UNAMERICAN and completely unworthy of being our President,,, now or forever. He maybe welthy (mostly from ill gotten gains and cheating the US out of funds). You simply can not make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…. much as you’d like to. And to add insult to injury…. His boys (all 5) are just like him and little parrots to do their father’s bidding.,

        • cy31b

          Which Mitt Romney are you talking about? Is it the Mitt who declared he was a “severe Conservative” during the republican primaries or the moderate Republican etch-a-sketch during the general election campaign? We still don’t know what his thoughts are, except that he wanted to be the president of the United States, and run the government as though it is a for-profit business.

      • jeniabqcall

        Because the left trumped up sex offences against him. Allen West is a true patriot and I only hope to live long to see him as President.

        • Superabound

          Those sex offense charges had been around for years before the “Left” even knew who Herman Cain was. He was just some pizza guy. His only nemesis back then was Papa John, or maybe the Noid. So maybe you should go blame them.

        • I hope I live long enough to see him as POTUS as well… I’D BE IMMORTAL!!!

        • dannie29

          I guess you will live to be 200yrs old

        • Now that *is* funny*. Gotta love it.

        • OMG……u r kiddin……rite!!

        • Cy31b

          Allen West has stated that there are 79 or 80 Communists in Congress, and they are all Democrats. He has also told Democrats to “Get the hell out of the United States.” He sounds like Old Joe McCarthy on steroids. I’m glad he lost in this election cycle.

          • davboz

            He is most likely correct.

      • Mr. Right

        Yeah, becuz all his former lovers came out of the dressing room to tarnish him just in time to ruin his rep.

    • LLCoolJFan


    • No, we should vote for him because he had views like Romney.

    • peaceangel

      Samuel L. Jackson did—he said so

    • Romping Willy Billy

      I didn’t realize Barack Obama was a “Negro” until after he won the first election. Then the press toned him up to be as black a shade of color as they could get away with. It was really quite shocking as I thought I had voted for an American. Then came the birth certificate controversy, his support for gay marriage, and the report that he was attempting to distance himself as far apart from Michelle as possible. And can you blame him? What is it that they say about black women of color? They behave the way a typical wife will after the honeymoon even she has been asked to go out on the first date and even before she has been presented with a proposal to get married.


    • Yeah, but dems make themselves look so great, and they are demolishing our country!

    • JasonX

      Actually most blacks appear to be racists because they voted for Obama based upon skin color. That is the truth because it sure cannot be because of Obamas stellar job creation in the black community. Liberals/Dems are the ones who keep blacks down and enslaved in the welfare system by promising more free stuff to their districts. If only most would wake up and see that they are being used. I don’t think that will ever happen however.

    • D.

      That’s right people voted for O because most people are stupid.

    • Charles

      Its not base on race the republicans does not stand with the regular ordinary person that’s it

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    • jaye

      that’s nonsense… of course you’re turning your back on black people… the republican parties platform is anti poor… anti gay… anti people in general… these blacks are supporting the republican party because they’ve come into some money and they feel that republicans will enable to hold on to more of it… it’s a selfish stance pure and simple…

  • Tesa

    Question, if Barack was a Republican would Black people still vote for him? What is most important? His party affiliation? His race or his policies? Which criteria determines if he gets the vote?

    • b

      His party affiliation for sure. As I’ve stated above, some conservatives are openly hostile to blacks and latinos, and these people just can’t bring themselves to do it.

      I know blacks who are conservative on taxation, abortion, same sex marriage, and others, but will vote democrat because of the GOP’s bigoted element.

      • L R

        You seem to assume that all republicans are bigots and that there are no bigots in the democratic party. Boy, are you delusional and brain-washed:)

        • reese

          No, I don’t think so the difference is that the democrats at least distance their selves from the comments. How many republicans did you see coming out against the comments from the tea baggers?

          • So to explain bigotry you use a bigoted word to describe your bigoted enemies the “tea baggers” ? Let’s define the word: Redundant.

            • Lena

              Your fake name is bigoted, is it not.

          • Could you please point us to an example of these “bigoted” comments? Everyone keeps saying it about the Tea Party (so it must be true!) but I never heard any of them.

            • Michelle Knudten

              How about sending him back to Kenya? Can’t get more bigoted than that.

              • ColoKat

                I think that remark was about HIS being born elsewhere and his brother saying he was born there. Don’t think that it’s a bigoted remark when there have been a lot of questions raised about what his brother stated. Going back to Kenya means to me, that if t’s true then he CANNOT be President and if it true then America has had the biggest cruelest trick ever played on it’s population.

                • It has.

                • Sailorman

                  His paternal grandmother said he was born in Kinshasa.

              • “S” Ray

                What if Obama were born in Sweden and we wanted to send him back to Sweden? Would that mean we are bigoted?

              • LoriB

                And you should get sent back to where?

            • Rush Limbaugh started his shows for a while after the election with a musical number “Barack the Magic Negro,” how could that be interpreted as bigoted? Or the County GOP Chair in California who sent out a mass e-mail showing Obama as a chimp, as a beggar and calling him the food stamp President surrounded by water mellons and fried chicken and malt beer, right after taking office. Or those signs showing Obama with the bone in his nose in a grass skirt, that’s just real, right? Or Mitt saying in Michigan that “no one asks me for my birth certificate,” and the crowd cheered. Remember any other President where the right asked for a birth certificate? Because he’s different maybe?
              This is also all about assumptions, and that ability to simply show no respect for him or the office. So a Congressman yelling “you lie” in a State of the Union Address, for the first time in history, is cheered by the right, even though it was the congressman who was lying. If someone one on the left had yelled that out when Bush was giving his SotUA (and actually lying), he would have been run out of DC by Fox, Rush… The outrage is very specific and always benefits the right wing media and political class, that’s called propaganda and you are part.

              • Timo

                Were you taking a nap for 8 years or totally out the country?????Pres. Bush was escoriated with every expletive under the sun…why even his name was used as a slam in reference to feminine genatalia, and you go sideways because somebody in congress had the audacity to address the huge elelphant in the room which was that Obama WAS lying!!!! And right this moment, all his folks in the media are scrambling to figure out how to “fix” Bengazi, which makes Watergate look like a Kindergarten prank by comparison.
                Fact: any U.S. citizen can be required to show their birth certificate for many reasons; you can not get a driver’s license in the state of California without showing one. You can not get a U.S. Passport without showing one. To any 3rd grader it would be obvious that the attack at Bengazi was related to 9/11, not some silly video that came out months before! But maybe my bar is too high. Character, authenticity, humility, and honesty DO matter, however in 4 years I have seen none of these qualities from Pres. Obama. Ask yourself one more question; Hugo Chavez-(Venezuela’s dictator in chief, in case you forgot)- Putin from Russia, and Castro from Cuba are very enthusiastically supportive of Obama and would vote for him if they had the chance! That should really give you warm fuzzies right???

                • Lena

                  Except no president was required repeatedly to prove where he was born. I don’t recall an effigy of Bush hanging from a noose or being burned.
                  Women in W. Virginia spoke openly to the media and said there is no way I’m voting for a N___er. I guess if you pretend not to notice after a while you don’t notice, but that doesn’t mean its not happening. John McCain even corrected a women that was being disrepectful towards Obama at one of his campaign stops. As long you deny there is a problem, the problem will always be there. Dare I name the problem?

              • Sandiegosherlock

                The issue of the birth certificate is based on lies and fraud on Obama’s part. He is the least known about of all presidents. He made the big deal about it buying time to have one made.

                • jeniabqcall

                  His birth certificate has been proven to be a fraud, the hospital wasn’t even open when Obama was born

              • ColoKat

                hear you stating these things, but never heard nor saw them……as for the Romney joke-Obama and Biden have said much worse!

            • Lena

              You’re kidding right.

          • tlp

            A tea bagger is the guy that lays his testicles on your forehead. The correct terminology is tea party as in the Boston Tea Party. Get your terms straight.

            • Reese is only a rabid liberal troll. If he keeps getting fed, he’ll keep coming back for more.

        • gfff

          liberals are the true racists and bigots……….if they don’t hear you spew the same rhetoric as they do…..then YOU are wrong………….hypocrites

        • razerage

          he never stated there were no bigots in the democratic party, only stated there is a bigoted ELEMENT within the republican party… *are you delusional or brain-washed* please reread if you’re unsure

      • gfff

        the war on women/a democratic invention…….the war of religion/a democrat pursuit……..the war on Capitalism/ a democratic agenda………Obama is inept…a consummate failure………just lots of bull crap.and lies….he has accomplished …NOTHING……but brought us 6 Trillion dollars in more debt..with NOTHING to show for it……..NOTHING…….Romney 2012

    • victoria

      I dont think so. Many blacks did not support Hermain Cane.

      • sammi_lu

        I wouldn’t have voted for Herman Cain if he was democrat, from my city, or even my kin!

    • reese

      No, blacks vote democratic mostly and have voted for white democrats against black republicans consistently. If he was republican he wouldn’t have the platfrom. He would of never made it though.

      • Natasha Garcia

        I agree with you. But thats a mistake that Blacks make. The dems, teach people subliminally to rely on the government to survive, and that we deserve and are entitled to handouts. The poor is kept poor this way. Reps main agenda is low/no taxes for the super rich, because they dont want to fund welfare/ss/medicaid. Both parties have good and bad, but neither party is the ANSWER, when we all wake up and smell the coffee, then we will see whats been right in front of us. And NO>>.the tea party is NOT the solution!!!

        • Lena

          Natasha it may be a mistake for you but you don’t get to speak for the millions of us working, you know holding down jobs, providing for our families, paying taxes and being self sufficient. Subliminally how? Do they whisper in our ears while we sleep or maybe they put something in our water. What a joke!

          • razerage

            Thank you for replying in an adult manner… Natasha made an assumption as to why (some) blacks (?) vote for the democratic party and you simply stated a fact. The strange thing about this subject is if *ONLY* AAmericans voted for an AAmerican President there would have NEVER been one… *Look to change congress and progress will follow*

        • twistedthought

          thats bullshit boo because blacks are not the only people who are poor in this country and if you get your head out of the sand you would see that. It’s blacks like you who accept societies label and live it to the fullest! The way this country has been trying to control blacks for the past thousands of years has now rolled over into its own backyard. So no it’s not just blacks who are not “smelling the coffee!”

        • Ron

          I agree with all that You said except the last sentence . The Tea party was ,imho, hi-jacked by the republican Party . . . and turned on it’s ear . The republican party completely ignored and shunned Ron Paul . . . if they had and should have endorsed Ron Paul , We would not be discussing obama and romney. . .

      • gfff

        blacks vote for blacks………don’t kid yourself

        • Lena

          We have voted white in every election except one so don’t fool yourself. When we voted republican (not me) we voted white, when we voted democrat we voted white. Now all of a sudden our vote has become a problem for you, could it be that our candidate is the problem for you because that (his color) is the only thing that has changed about the way we vote. We are still democrats. Another black, Cynthia McKinney, was on the ballot in ’08. We could’ve voted for her but we didn’t. We did what you did; we exercised our right to vote the way we wanted to vote.

        • Kill

          That’s insulting! Do you know how many African Americans supported Hillary? Many!! We’ve had no choices other than white men and now it’s a problem that we have a choice of an African American? You have issues! Young people helped more than anybody to put the President in office, thank God! I voted for the President and proud of it, but I wouldn’t vote for Herman Cain if he was the last Black man on earth!! Don’t forget Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton tried to run! If Blacks only vote for Blacks, what happened there genius?


            Haha I hear that! And yes Hillary was very well supported by African Americans. People are just mind-fucked right now and they have forgotten how to think for themselves just constantly jumping on bandwagons!

          • me0my

            well theres 12 % black ppl so if every black person voted for al sharpton or jesse jackson it wouldt matter. theres 72% white ppl so a hell of a lot of white ppl voted for barrack too. sad to say its going to take a few more years of obama and his “free” healthcare before everyone realizes how bad its going to be. guess who pays for free healthcare……. the working class.


          So I guess whites vote for whites? Sounds really dumb doesn’t it?…shut up Like U.S. has had 10 black Presidents…lol shut up please

        • Alex

          ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank GOD people like you are insignificant in my life. Blacks vote for blacks huh!? So tell me, how many black presidents regardless of political affiliation did blacks vote for? Never mind! I think you are to stupid to know the answer to that after posting such a moronic comment!! LOL!


        Nope you are wrong! There are ALOT of blacks who vote republican. You don;t have to vote democratic on everything! This political party crap has alot of people dumb as hell right now. Wtf it’s just good cop bad cop!

        • I counted 160 black people that voted GOP, so there, that’s a lot, especially if you are in an elevator.

    • Spike

      I would vote for him if he were a conservative and could tell the truth. But since he is not conservative and is a LIAR there is no way I could vote for him. His communist leanings make it impossible for anyone with a brain to vote for him.

      • gfff

        glad you’re voting for Romney

      • Spike, U R a Very intelligent voter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Stossel

          I just happened to stumble onto this page with hopes of insight that I had not known. not wanting to be a man of ignorance I constantly look for the truth – Thus why “Youre not down with brother obama,.. blah blah republican tendencies” (this page) had chirped my interests, knowing full well of many of the GOP’s exploits I was curious to see what African Americans would actually support another white puppet. But atlas I find nothing but more of the same ill-informed faux news/Limbaugh trash. Through every talking point, no matter how critical the facts against your bogus claims are.. you people “republicans” still amount to poorly dribbling such blatant one talking point arguments, linking us the same debunked “Odumbo” sites and other unsupported bassets. I know there will never be any actual intelligent retort to anything I post, which I must admit is a great shame. Its just too hard to argue with someone who is soo washed up in propaganda from one media mogul.

          1. Obama inherited Bush’s (SR + JR) debts
          2. Murdock is an Australian-born domestic terrorist of the United States
          3. Name one race other than whites that has FCKD our beautiful planet more in the last 3000 years. (protip: you can’t)

      • Kill

        *head to desk* Communist? Lol I thought he was a socialist born in Kenya with terrorist ties trying to take down this nation? Lol OBAMA2012

        • That is also true, Kill. All you have to do is a little research – it’s all out there, you could find every bit of the truth if only you’d look. Remember the verse, “Seek and ye shall find.” Try that.

      • razerage

        No, I think you have a more underlying problem … there ARE people (such as yourself) and organizations that have openly said they will do EVERYTHING in their power to make this President fail… *What a Fr=king shame for such a great nation* Hate and Fear has no place in any Presidental Race

    • craftmate

      We all know what that answer is. If he ran as a Muslim (which he is) they would vote for him. How far does your food stamps go now? Didn’t he promise to help you? Name one thing Obama has done to help the poor people of this country. Were you better off before he became president? If you answer truthfully the answer will be yes. You were much better off. As soon as Obamacare comes into full effect the medical care you receive for free now will cost you hundreds of dollars. If you don’t pay for insurance you will be fined and if you don’t pay your fine you will go to jail, just like if you don’t pay for a traffit ticket, only you will go to prison for not paying for this one. Wake up America.

      • razerage

        what a FOOL you are….

      • KCB

        Wingnut alert!
        -What average middle class citizen recieves health care for free?
        -Name one thing Obama did to help the poor people of this country? Bank regulation
        -Obama is not a Muslim. There’s pictures of him on the Internet eating a ham sandwich.

    • ColoKat

      I don’t care about race (i’m white married to a black), I don’t care what his party is. I care about America falling in it’s S & P rating, I care about America being portrayed as an apologetic country, I care about jobs and rising umemployment, I care about job security, I care about Religious Freedom, I care about financial security when I retire, I care about raising my kids in a country where LIES have become “accepted”, I care about America’s oil dependency on middle eastern countries that Hate America and want to destroy it’s very existence. So, IF Barack Obama had showed the majority of the things I care about-then it wouldn’t matter, but he hasn’t, doesn’t have a plan for these things except more of the last 4, and seems to enjoy rubbing shoulders with celebrities than doing his job. VOTE Romney 2012

      • gfff


    • BosqueNorse

      To me, and I believe it should always be His Party affiliation.

    • reuben

      No,not since reading the AP poll, that states 79% of republicans harbors some type of racial hatred.

      • atchafa

        I find that to be a good thing. Get the rope

        • razerage

          Sorry you fell that way… by alls means use it, its your only way out

    • SeizeDaBooty

      We switched from mostly Republican (post-Lincoln) to mostly Democrat after Kennedy exposed the new-Southern Republicans in winning the presidency. If the Republicans had gotten Barack elected the first black President, we’d have switched. The Republicans should have jumped on getting Collin Powell to run when they had the chance.


      There were alot of white people that voted for Obama too so you need to stop. It’s just that the white people that voted for him won’t admit the crap..but thanks anyway lol!

  • Patricia

    Booker T, really?? Before JFK, most blacks were Republican. And listing Colin Powell and C. Rice, they worked under Bush. You guys are stretching for material.

    • pure_igenue

      Thank you Patricia…I just got done saying the same thing! Someone clearly did not pay attention during African American History class! 15 pages and most are listed with too many incorrect statements.

    • Totally agree. seeing this content-free analysis of black Republicans going back to Booker Damn T is ridiculous; it’s clear that *this* GOP is an entirely different beast. Shame on MN.

    • eyeEEsha

      I was thinking the exact same thing. The Republican Party prior to the Civil Rights Movement is a completely different party than it is today. Lincoln era Repubs wouldn’t even recognize the party today.

      • Carla

        I agree the Republican party was so different then besides they are the party that abolished slavery but these today repubs are totally off

        • Lincoln,the republican that he was,didn’t free the slaves because it was the humane thing to do,he did it because the enemy wouldn’t lay their weapons down.Some Blacks do believe if a white man and a Black man was selling ice,they’d buy from the white man because his ice is colder.Sad,the more things change,the more they stay the same.

          • guest

            seriously why do you think the enemy picked up weapons in the first place…to keep slavery.duh. therefore lincoln and the republicans had to declare war on them because they weren’t going to give in to their demands to expand slavery.

        • maryhowland

          you are the one that iis off. give an example of your claim. i have not heard the republicans on here being racial. it has all come from the democrat side.

          • hmm well for one taxing the poor more and lowering the tax of the rich yeah something that’s not beneficial for the majority of blacks.But im not saying rep are racist they just don’t care about poor people thats pretty much it.

            • “Not beneficial” equals racism? And how do you figure it’s not beneficial to grow the economy? By your theory anyone who levies taxes is racist since some class can always claim they should pay less.

              It’s not about race until you make it that way.

            • vivianclare

              This is an insane claim. Republicans are NOT more taxing the poor more than the rich – this is just crazy. And your reducing of the argument to “caring” – what the hell is that? I don’t care how much politicians “care” about me, I want them to pursue policies which result in a growing economy, which is the only kind of an economy which can provide increased opportunities for everyone. Under this President, we have the highest African-American unemployment in decades. Democrats, in their continuing love affair with the abortion industry, have helped annihilate generations of African-Americans who never even had a chance to live. Many Republicans welcome a flat tax which taxes all at the same rate. This way, politicians cannot play class warfare. Democrats exist PURELY on class warfare, playing off different people against each other in attempt to form entire voting blocs that will continue to support them no matter what. If you don’t have a growing economy, you give more power to entrenched interest groups, which favors the biggest corporations, the biggest unions, the folks who have had money and privilege for years. You encourage cronyism at every single level. All of these result in fewer opportunities for those at the lower levels of society, by driving small businesses out of business, and restricting employment to people who “know” someone.

              • What trash. Under Eisenhower the top marginal tax rate was 90% and corporations paid 33% of all taxes, and the economy grew better than the entire Reagan administration, we built the interstate highway system, cut the defense budget by 33% and we paid off the national debt from WWII and the depression. Under Reagan we dropped taxes on the top in half, increased them on the middle class and poor, cut social programs, doubled the defense budget (mostly enriching contractors), tripled the national debt, deregulated Savings and Loans (causing their collapse in 1989), cut infrastructure funding, and started the grand shift of income from the middle class to the top 1%. Clinton raised taxes on the top 1%, cut taxes for small business and working poor and set up the pay-for-play system to limit future deficits in his first budget, with no GOP votes in either House of Congress. The GOP said Clinton’s budget would destroy the economy, but we had the longest, strongest economic growth since Eisenhower, we ended with surpluses, so the GOP tried to claim credit. with the GOP controlling the White House and congress in 2001 we immediately went back into deficits because of tax cuts, unnecessary wars, big pharma payoffs, deregulated banks destroying the economy… So once Obama takes office in the 14th month of a 20 month recession, the deepest and longest since the 1930s, he was responsible for anything bad in the economy. Two days before Obama’s inauguration the Bush administration released their 2009 budget deficit projection, $1.3 trillion. How can Obama be blamed for a $1.3 trillion budget when the estimate came before he was President?

      • Curly Bill

        Keep believing that, it is entirely incorrect.

        • Superabound

          It says right there that Booker T. Washington was an advisor to Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt started the Progressive Party.

      • dave_young

        What has changed over the years is the new plantation mentality of blacks and their servitude to democrat politicians. The GOP has NOT changed, the attitude of blacks has changed.

        • swb338

          You’re disregarding the fact that both parties have factions that change over time. How could your party not change when it was joined en masse by all the racist Democrats who switched parties during the Civil Rights era and the dog whistle Southern Strategies of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan? Let’s be clear – certainly not all conservatives or Republicans are racist, but most of today’s anti-black racists use the politics of conservatism to advance their interests and beliefs, and in this era they consider the Republican party their home. This is making it increasingly difficult for Black Americans to identify as Republican. It has nothing to do with Black people’s attitude changing.

        • chris b

          Plantation mentality ??? EF you you racist AH. How about your Southern Stradjedy you racist piece of dogmeat

      • It’s the DEMOCRATIC party today that would be completly UNRECOGNIZABLE TO JFK now…if you’re trying to paint the Republicans as a part of RACISTS now, you are TOTALLY misinformed! Condi Rice & Gen.Colin Powell had ground-breaking positions of authority in the Geo.W.Bush admin….

        • eyeEEsha

          I wasn’t talking about Democrats, I was talking about Republicans and I never said anything about Republicans being racist. I’m definitely not misinformed about the role that Republicans have played in the Civil Rights Movement, during Reconstruction or the Civil War. I simply said that the party is different than what it was 50 or 60 years ago.

        • Powell endorsed Obama, again.

          • voter1

            It proves that black people cannot vote on issues because they cannot see past their color. This is true from your local alderman to the president of the United states.

      • Qarlo

        AMEN. What people fail to realize is that Republican and Democratic policies have changed drastically since the beginning of the 20th century. Republicans used to be the liberal, big-government party and Democrats the conservative, small-government party. So to say Republicans have always been a “pro-black” party just because Lincoln was Republican is not only erroneous, but obviously a stretch because as we all know, the modern-day bigots of America vote left.

    • reese

      You beat me to it. Blacks starting supporting democrats with the civil rights movement.

      • Curly Bill

        More Republicans than democrats supported the Civil Rights Movement. Over 80% of Republican voted for the Civil Rights Act, only about 62% of Democrats did so.

        • Superabound

          The vote was divided between North and South, not Democrat and Republican. The North voted a majority for it, the South voted a majority against it. But more Northern Democrats voted for it than Northern Republicans, and more Southern Democrats voted for it than Southern Republicans. The votes are a matter of record, look it up.

          • So what. It’s still a fact. More Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act than Democrats.

        • Qarlo

          Where’s the source to this OUTRAGEOUS allegation?? FYI, during the Civil Rights Movement it was the Republican southerners that ATTEMPTED TO STOP BLACK PEOPLE FROM VOTING! HELLO! Earth to Billy Bob! Are you serious?! You people need to wake up and smell the history books.

        • The Republicans then nominated one of the GOP senators who voted against the Civil Rights Act for President, and Dixiecrats like Strom Thurmond who’d opposed the bill switched to the GOP. Who do you think you’re trying to fool here?

    • Curly Bill

      Remember, JFK advocated a “go slow” approach on integration (and did not want Sammy Davis Jr.. at this inauguration because his wife was white). RFK (then Attorney General) was the one who ordered MLK’s hotel rooms to be bugged and his phones wiretapped.

    • TeamObama

      And colin powell endorses President Obama 2 terms….soo much for the republic party there lol !!!!!!

  • Big Mike

    This list needs to include Nicki Minaj, rapper Scarface, Stephen A. Smith.

    • baddvixentype

      who cares about any of them???

      • Big Mike

        Damn, you’re right.

    • Nikki Minaj already admitted the line in her song was a joke.

  • MsD

    Wasn’t a very similar article written like two weeks ago?

  • Lorae

    Didn’t you guys do this story a just few weeks ago? And why do folks call Dwayne Johnson Black instead off mixed or (samoan) Polynesian? He seems much more comfortable with that identity and I can’t recall anything he’s done in which he plays an identifiable black man. Somehow he’s always looks racially ambiguous (scorpion king) and has nonblack siblings/interests. And no shade intended because I’ve been watching him since his early wrestling days (when he had the stereotypical aggressive black man angle), but I’m curious….

    • Gigi

      The Rock’s father was black man. He posted a pic of him on his FB fan page.

  • Big Mike

    There is nothing wrong with being a republican. i will say this though – they need to come out ad denounce the crazy and racist part of their group. Not all Republicans are like that, but it’s enough of them to get their entire party shed in a bad light. Some Independent will vote democrat just to not be associated with their nutjobs.

    • victoria

      I agree. The platform is more my style. The racism mucks it up.

    • L R

      And there are just as many crazy nutjobs on the democrats side too! Extremists on both sides, but i’ll pick a conservative over a liberal anyday, anyway, anywhere!

      • Superabound

        The “both sides” argument has been proven false over and over. The GOP is currently an extremist party, whereas the Democratic party is moderate. In every country where there are terrorist attacks, they are perpetrated by the extreme right-wing religious party. America is no exception.

        Even neuroscientists have proven that conservative ideology is born out of fear, violence, racism, xenophobia, and lower IQs. Im sorry, but for someone like you, from a party that doesnt believe in everyone being equal, you need to accept that the parties arent equal either. Republicans are far more prone to being violent nutjobs and having extremist political ideologies. Im sorry if that hurts your feelings, but its empirical fact.

        • serfbaja

          “Abortion until delivery” (and allowing the baby to die if it happens to survive)…”1.5 trillion dollar deficits”…”unionized public employees”…”occupy wall street”…”free birth control and abortions”…”free college education”…”war on fossil fuels”…”massive cuts to US military”…”massive growth in govt”…”force Americans to buy health insurance”…”steal GM from the bondholders and give it to the Unions”…”announce departure date from A’stan”…all Democrat ideals
          But Republican are extreme?
          “Extreme”….”you keep using that word….I do not think it means what you think it means”

          • snookum2

            I know this is discussion took place so long ago. Unfortunately I just came across it. I love that last sentence Serfbaja! My kids and I often quote that movie. “Republicans are Extreme… they are so.. mean” No more rhyming. I mean it!

      • Superabound

        The “both sides” argument has been proven false over and over. The GOP is currently an extremist party, whereas the Democratic party is moderate. In every country where there are terrorist attacks, they are perpetrated by the extreme right-wing religious party. America is no exception.

        Even neuroscientists have proven that conservative ideology is born out of fear, violence, racism, xenophobia, and lower IQs. Im sorry, but for someone like you, from a party that doesnt believe in everyone being equal, you need to accept that the parties arent equal either. Republicans are far more prone to being violent nutjobs and having extremist political ideologies. Im sorry if that hurts your feelings, but its empirical fact.

    • Mike, there are racist idiots who support both parties, but, IMHO, the big difference is that the Democrats have been successful selling the “Republicans = racist” message. For example, I challenge anyone who believes having to show an ID to vote is racist to explain why Kroger isn’t racist for making me show them an ID when I buy a six pack.

      • i am full on white and i happily show my ID to prove i am who i say to be able to vote.
        I do not feel it is racist at all to ask for ID and Kroger folk must think you look “old” enough to buy the brew. I haven’t been carded in years there but i always am at Walmart… different policies.
        Oh and my hubby is Mexican and has no problem showing his ID either and feels everyone should have to.

      • Superabound

        Buying a six pack of beer isnt a Constitutionally-guaranteed right, and the Budweiser corporation isnt fighting to make it harder for people to buy Coors.

      • Superabound

        Plus people already have to show ID, its called a voter registration card. The GOP is trying to make it so people have show additional ID, IDs that cost money that you have to pay the government, and they pick and choose WHICH IDs theyll accept based on political affiliation. Hunting licenses are allowed (more likely to be a Republican) even though theyre insecure and dont even have a photo, whereas student IDs are not, even though they are VERY secure and have photos.

        Republican House Leader Mike Turzai flat out ADMITTED that the purpose of all these voter ID laws was to “give Romney the election”. You cant even argue about it, they admitted it.

    • Damage6

      So when is the DNC going to denounce the racist, crazy, self avowed communists, those openly calling for violence etc etc etc in their own camp? There are bigoted and intolerant fringe on both sides. The problem is anyone on the right who expresses their views based solely on policy issues is decried as racist and any overt expressions from the right to reign in their–much smaller–fringe elements will be greeted by a chorus of “See! See! I told you they’re nothing but a bunch of racists,” by every leftist pundit and commentator. The majority left sympathizing media has been caught again and again slandering and outright lying to perpetuate their false narrative so many times there’s no way people on the right will be willing to give them more fodder to spin into their false narrative.

      • Superabound

        Name a communist.

        • serfbaja

          Bernie Sanders….thought not registered Democrat he caucauses with them and has never been repudiated.
          Theres one.

          • Superabound

            Bernie Sanders isnt a Communist, hes a Socialist. Are you such an uneducated baby that you dont even know the difference between the two?

            Can you not tell the difference between Capitalism and Feudalism either?

            Why dont you go take an economics course or two before you continue to embarrass yourself in public

        • Damage6

          Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Roger Bloom, a large percentage of the occupy wall street movement Bernie Sanders, Ted Turner, Ward Churchill all proudly self identified as either Marxist or Communist.

    • archer

      The dems should call out their racists as well…this would eliminate most of their party, though.

    • David Funk

      Which crazy and racist part of the republican group. Are you talking about the party leader who wrote that he selected his girlfriends, and eventually his wife, based on race? Opps, that would have been a democrat party leader.

    • serfbaja

      Name a single “crazy and racist” person, or policy, or “part” of the Republican party. If you could you would find that they had already been repudiated by most Republicans. We hold racists in distain (no matter what color their skin is)

    • Whatsup

      Oh gee, thanks. Nothing wrong with being a Republican. Whew, what a relief. The real racists are in the Democratic party but you are too blinded and brainwashed to realize that. You probably don’t even realize that it was the Democrats that were mostly opposed to the civil rights act and Al Gore Sr. was vehemently opposed. Didn’t know that, did you?

    • Tony Dockery

      Most of the GOP are theological idiots and they do not represent anyone who actually has to work for a living they side with big business when it comes to working americans. The bad old unions are out to destroy them big old profitable industries…They make billions the CEOs make millions the shareholders make millions and what do the workers get..Left to the industrial giants they hate OSHA they hate matching SSn they hate having to pay a minimum wage or offer any benefits except for them at the top who go to work in suits they all get paid handsomely…If they can design a factory that would be total robotic controlled that will not even need human workers they will…We are not needed..You think it they were set free to make their own rules and not pay taxes or answer to the EPA or be libel for anything that would poison or kill or maim or have any governmental controls do you think they would care about us at all.

    • Goober

      I would like the names of some of these “racist” Republicans, then I would like a list of names of the Democrat racists? Then w can compare. Really. How about some facts?

  • Hello_Kitty81

    I’m black and I’m an Independent, I vote republican and democrat, but I’m voting for Obama, not because he’s black like me and you and he’s from Chicago like me, I’m voting for him because Mutt Bombney comes off as a rich d-bag (my opinion).

    • L R

      Then obviously, you are also indignant about all the wealthy, extremely wealthy supporters of Obama…and by the way, it’s Gov Romney, not mutt bombney. Try to hide your liberal bias a little better!

    • Durward

      So your not voting for any real reason then?, no outlook to the future of your country? no policies that sway you one way or the other? it’s just a popularity contest to you?
      How Pathetic, no wonder the USA has become a bureaucratic tyranny.
      You don’t even know for sure who Obama is and you’ll vote for him?
      The world is galloping towards WW3 because of him and you’ll vote for him?
      Racism is promoted from the white house and you’ll vote for him?
      I’m Canadian and think you are all nuts, your media is worse than Xinhua news, if you re-elect this nitwit Marxist your country will never recover in your lifetime.
      If Canada measured unemployment they way the USA does we’d have full employment if the USA measured it as Canada does your unemployment would be 18%, wake up, Obama knows nothing of economics, expecting him to get you out of this is like expecting the dentist to fix the space station.
      Your probably one who thinks the stock market rise is because of something other than the fact the dollar’s value declined and now purchases less stock for the same amount of dollars giving the impression of a value increase in stock, it’s bait and switch, it’s robbing all of America to benefit the very very rich(Soros, Buffett) who can afford to short sell currency.
      Stupid Americans, your enemies will come knocking and your allies won’t be there for the big one because this Marxist has shown he can’t be trusted.
      Outside America with it’s insulated media he is a laughing stock, a world joke, as is America under him, no one respects this administration, they are the children in the room of statesmen, Putin is more respected than Obama and his unelected Czars.

      • Soul Sister at Heart

        You are right Durwood. I have dear friends from abroad- St. Vincent and Switzerland. None of them are even remotely alike. However, they all agree that president Obama is a weak leader and actually asked me, “What’s wrong with Americans that would elect him?” They are hoping we elect a different president this November. They are sad for our country. I really hope that people will not base their vote on such silliness as “Romney is a rich d-bag”. That kind of thinking is not only comes across as prejudiced against success, but will be our country’s undoing. Obama is rich too and quite frankly, if our country is so foolish as to re-elect Obama, then I guess he really IS the president we deserve! A pop culture president for an pop culture America. I don’t know anyone Black, White or Hispanic that is doing better than they were 4 years ago or even 1 year ago. We desperately need someone who understands economics.

        • reese

          They are in minority because we saw how Obama was respected and how low they thought of Bush. But it doesn’t matter because they can’t vote and wasn’t living here during Bush years so they should concentrate on their own countries and Americans will handle this. We all have one vote and I might not agree with your reason for voting, but I don’t have to explain or justify my opinion to you and neither does anytbody else. I wonder if you voted both times for Bush who got our county in this mess it was striving before he got in there, but he talks tough so he must be a good president?

          • thephranc

            Bush is loved around the world and even more so in Africa. Obama is tolerated or fawned over, not respected.

          • Whatsup

            Obama is absolutely the worst president we have ever had. Dishonest, evil, dumb amateur. Bush was and is a far greater person than Obama could ever hope to be.

            • Tony Dockery

              Bush was a joke and Obama was the punch line….Both have bombed at the box reruns please!

          • zj sky

            “who got our county in this mess it was striving before he got in there”

            I assume you mean “thriving”? How was the country thriving? He took over in 2000 and dealt with an economic crisis spurned on by the dot com bubble burst. How do you not remember this? In addition, he was Governor before becoming President and therefore had very little if any personal sway or responsibility for the huge amounts of spending and debt layered upon us by previous administrations. In office, he absolutely can be faulted for his expansion of govt and his explosion in debt. However, if our economy was thriving it was all smoke and mirrors and the econo collapse of 2008 proved that. BY the hoo, Dems controlled the House and Senate at that time. Including then Senator Obama – what votes did he commit that added to the problems?

            In addition to this, before the housing and financial markets crashed, we saw 52 straight months of job growth during the Bush presidency. Things were not all rosy but to claim that he got us into this mess and to imply that things were good before he was elected is just not true

          • Mr. ALWAYS RIGHT

            Really? Bush got us in to this mess huh? OK, what policy of Pres. Bush got us in this mess? Please, do tell? Only a uninformed brainwashed fool thinks Bush got us in to this mess. Who held the Senate and the House when things went bad? Who held the House and Senate when Obama came in and made it even worse? Better yet, answer this simple question. What role do the Senate and House play in our Government? Answer any of those questions and you’ll see how stupid your comment is.

      • Tony Dockery

        The presidents rhetoric has always been on those subjects but have you noticed he hasn’t really delivered…
        He has lied about everything he campaigned for, even health care was supposed to be single payer .didn’t happen he let them at the top(health care industry cappos) write the new rules..
        His people are still poor, unemployed under educated and he still dances to the same toon old Bush danced to he panders to the rich.
        He wanted to be the first black president period and he lied and cheated us to get there…Now he has a place in history and that was all it was about. And so it will be always no matter who is president …A lot of promises have to be made favors returned and butts have to be kissed and we are of no relevance.

    • Check Obama’s bank accounts before making that kind of statement. Obama is a billionaire and yet he can relate to the poor, baloney!

      • Goober

        he’s really not a billionaire but he has become a millionaire since becoming president. That is because he is involved with some of the richest leftists in the world. They denouce rich Conservatives and Republicans but revel in their own wealth..and want to be the only ones who are rich. It is up to the American people to change this thinking. There is nothing stopping any one from becoming a wealthy American. The Opportunities are there…you have to want the success to come your way.

    • I am hereby exposing you as a raciest!

    • Whatsup

      You sound so jealous and stupid. Because Romney, a self-made man is rich he’s a d-bag, but the crack addict down the street collecting welfare and robbing people is great because he is poor? You are not an independent, you are a welfare recipient who has never, ever voted anything but Democrat. How do you like being under the thumb of Democrats? If you were smart, you would NOT be dependent on anyone but yourself to get ahead in life.

  • realadulttalk

    Why do we assume b/c someone is black they should be a Democrat?? There are plenty of black Republicans…you may be sitting beside one right now.

    • Mallet Head

      “… you may be sitting beside one right now.” Or there is an 85% chance you aren’t since that is the % of blacks who vote democrat (95%) for Obama.

      • realadulttalk

        Being a Republican and voting that way are not the same thing and I never stated anything about voting…so, uh…yeah. Was there a point you desired to convey to me?

        • albaby2

          What was YOUR point?

          • albaby2

            I didn’t think you were smart enough to figure it out. I was right.

          • Victor Lee

            It’s obvious that Real’s point is just because someone is registered to a party doesn’t mean they will vote along party lines all the time.

            • albaby2

              Uh,no. Just the majority of the time. 95% is a pretty good indicator of their voting preference.

      • Whatsup

        that’s nothing to be proud of. Just shows how easy it is to manipulate people to vote solely on race. Never mind he is ruining the country and really isn’t very black.

        • aprilglaspie

          And Duane Johnson is?

          • Bulldog

            I didn’t think The Rock was black.

            • Goober

              Actually he is Hawaiian with Samoan heritage.

              • lygamnt

                actually the rock is half black. His dad is pro wrestler Rocky Johnson

                • escritora

                  Actually, Obama is half black, too! His mother was white.

              • Lamendir

                duane’s father is descended from american slaves that fled northward to canada.

                • Ralph526

                  According to his Gramma, Obama was born in Hawaii, Kenya.

        • Victor Lee

          America is still very polarized along racial lines. Many whites didn’t vote for President Obama simply because he is part African.

          • Guest

            Just like many, white and black, voted FOR him BECAUSE he is black. It goes both ways. I did not vote for him simply because I don’t agree with him politically…but I follow stuff like that when making the huge decision on who I think should be the leader of our Great Nation. Not because of race. That kind of thinking makes it HARDER for black people to progress since it becomes the feeling that things are based on race alone and not qualifications.

            • JJ13

              he has pretty much guaranteed that we wont be seeing another black president for quite a while.

              • Just Me

                I wouldn’t be so sure about that…….I would vote for Ben Carson if he was up against any Dimocrat.

          • Mr. ALWAYS RIGHT

            And how do you know this? I love how black people know so much about what white people do and think. I mean why even think for themselves when black people tell them what they think? #stupidcomment

          • Just Me

            Victor I am with guest…..I at one point was heading towards Obama, but the more I heard about him and his policies I changed my mind.

      • al.k

        Most of them need to understand his Arab roots, he is not black! but also republicans haven’t done anything to be proud of, either way both the demos and the repubs are both owned and controlled by the Illuminati, so you party goers are as phoney in your belief as our liar in chief.

        • Mr. ALWAYS RIGHT

          LMAO!!!!!! Yeah because that makes so much more sense. I guess it’s true that crazy people don’t actually realize they’re crazy. Your comment is case and point. lol

          • al.k


      • dingo_egret

        95% of Blacks voted for Obama…really? Where did you get that statistic from?

        Please post because that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. There was chunk of the Black community that didn’t even register, let alone vote.

        • Mr. ALWAYS RIGHT

          The number is actually that 95% of voting blacks voted for obama. Most likely 2 or 3 times.

          • al.k

            Now that I agree with, voter id is the only way for elections.

        • John Galt

          I believe that the actual statics are something like:

          For those that self identify as “Black” and voted in the 2008 presidential election, Obama scored 98% of the vote, in 2012 Obama scored 96% of the “Black” vote; the approval rating in the “Black” community was / is 99%. When analyzed in whole, a statical anomaly becomes readily apparent!

        • Bilal Chebbani

          It’s actually true…..but 92% voted for Gore in 2000. The Democrats overwhelmingly have the black vote by atleast a 9:1 ratio!

          However, I really don’t think they should count very old school African Americans for this list, since the GOP of the past is very different from the GOP right now! The Democrats used to be the racist party back in the days!

    • Jose Luis Garcia

      HEY realadulttalk! is your Mama black? çause im all by myself here

    • Brad

      I’m sitting next to a cat… who is apparently smarter than five percent of black voters…

    • ironman2819

      The only black republicans I have ever heard of, talked to or come into contact with are those who have made money or attained a level of influence that would be in jeopardy if they were anything but republican. They played the “you got to go along to get along” good ole’ boy network.

      I have never met any non-white republicans who lived in the lower income levels or those whom led incredibly earnest and simplistic lives. Even those whom were proselytizing and bible thumping in the deep south were republicans in name only.

    • albaby2

      Probably because 95% of Blacks vote Democrat.