Fountain Of Youth? Stars That Look Far Younger Than Their Years

September 4, 2012  |  
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With access to the top trainers, dermatologists, nutritionists and plastic surgeons in the world, celebrities have the next best thing to the fountain of youth. These stars prove that money really can add years to your life. Or at least look like it.

Sarah Hyland

The eldest daughter on Modern Family has the wide eyes and baby face of any 18-year-old but in real life she’s a mature 21-year-old.

Cory Monteith

Cory might play the popular high school footballer breaking 16-year-old hearts on Glee but in the real world Cory is 30.

Alison Brie

The peppy community college student of Community that crushes on a video game nerd is actually pushing 30 at the end of this year.

Jim Parsons

Jim is so great at playing a character ten years younger than his real self, that he’s won an Emmy for his role on The Big Bang Theory. Jim is 39 years old.

Bianca Lawson

Bianca takes the cake for actress that looks far younger than her age as a 32-year-old playing a 16-year-old on Pretty Little Liars.

Jason Earles

The Disney Star that played Hannah Montana’s older brother is 35 years old. So Miley Cyrus has been hanging out with older men longer than we thought.

Alyson Hannigan

The How I Met Your Mother star hasn’t aged a day since her years of American Pie but is actually 38.

Jared Leto

His boyish blue eyes make him look forever young but the Requiem for a Dream star is 40 years old.

Gwen Stefani

The strict diet and exercise regimen Gwen admits to having been on most of her life makes this 42-year-old singer look like she’s in her early thirties.


Chuck Norris

Martial arts have been known to add years to a person’s life but not this many. Chuck doesn’t look a day over 50 but is in fact 72.

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth made a mark for herself as the bookstore attendant that flirts with Steve Carell’s character in The Forty Year Old Virgin. Meant to be in her mid twenties then, she doesn’t look much older today but is 38 years old.

Johnny Depp

Since we all want Jonny Depp to live forever, it’s hard to accept that he is approaching 50, but he’s barely developed a wrinkle in the past 20 years.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer is making a comeback as a music regular in the club scene but looks the same age as her Jenny From The Block days. The singer is 43.

Keanu Reeves

Perhaps speaking like a twenty-year-old surfer boy keeps you young. The Matrix star has accepted a peppered beard but at 47, he barely looks older than 35.

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  • bobo the monkey

    corey monteith is dead how can he look younger than he is
    he is deceased,
    ya fricken iceholes

  • Lea

    Please show all of them without makeup and photshop

  • Gil G

    I would have guessed Elizabeth Banks was around 42-45 years old by that photo. 😐

  • darbtype

    I got screen burn on my computer from Chuck Norris’s teeth

  • Jo

    might be time to update this – in the real world Cory Monteith has been dead for some time.

  • Srsly?

    Really? A “mature” 21 year old that looks like a “baby face[d]” 18 year old? Wow, that was a stretch. Normal 21 year olds look young, everywhere! Those kinds of age differences are just stupid to compare. 5 year age difference comparisons sound like this: “omg u luk sew yung! how old r u? 23? omg i thot u wer 22! u luk sewwwwwwww yung!”

  • Andy Frogman

    These people don;t look that old, because they aren’t that old. The only reason you expect people to look older than they do at those ages is because we have 30 year olds playing teenagers in TV and movies.

  • The writer of this missed out Pauley Perrette as she is in her 40’s but looks in her 20’s!

  • Phlegm on your food

    I saw a picture of William Shatner who is 83, and he looked like a portly 40 something.
    There’s not a wrinkle on his face, and he hasn’t slowed down a bit – same wit, better humour and an ageless cadence. I’m sure he can’t run a marathon on a whim but he is a medical phenomenon.

  • Arturo Leal Robles

    Where´s Will Smith and Jennifr Anniston?

  • Powerlurker

    William Shatner is 83 years old and looks younger than the 73 year old Patrick Stewart, who still looks pretty much like he did when he was in ST:TNG (at the age of 46, which isn’t to say he looks young, mind you). Meanwhile, Leonard Nimoy looks every bit his age.

  • Izabella Dobaczewska

    Yes, because 18 is FAR younger than 21…

  • Stacey Lee

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  • Radny Hecks

    These people look their age when not acting. They then are made up to look younger while acting. A large part of the equation is you “suspend” disbelief” when watching 30 year old’s that portray high school students. We all know they are actors, not high school students. Just like we believe a 20 something Buffy is a Sunnyvale high school student, we also believe that there are vampires and creatures of the night crawling around the city cemetaries.

  • Lisa LoPiccolo

    Where is Christina Auguilera ???????

  • Richard Lam

    Funny, I guessed most of these people’s ages just by looking at their profile picture. Although there was a few that surprised but 80% of these could not hide their age.

  • Jose Palomares

    They forgot Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid)….he’s 51 and still looks in his 30s.

  • Toucan Sam

    In the real world, Cory is 10 -10 feet under that is.

  • Vernie Vernieb

    Gwen looks like a frog…

  • Vernie Vernieb

    In the real world Cory is dead…

  • MasterOfSparks

    Coincidentally Chuck Norris also happens to have a IQ of 72. If only Bruce Lee had lived instead!

  • rickok

    johnny depp looks like a old man who smokes like a fish

  • ChiTownEdge

    The title for this article should be “Evidence that Hollywood doesn’t know what a teenager looks like”

  • Shannon Hintz

    RIP Cory Monteith.

  • Anyone familiar with people who are teenagers knows these people who are in their 20s and 30s do NOT look like teenagers.

    The key element about the teenage look is the baby fat in the face.

    Almost all teenagers have that, even thin kids as it’s not about weight, but an aspect of youth.

    It’s something you lose starting around 18 and when it’s gone people suddenly think you look more adult even if they think you are young looking.

    They are just examples of Hollywood presenting older people as younger so much people don’t see that they mostly look their age.

    It goes hand in hand with putting adult sexual expectations on youth and it needs to stop but never will.

  • JonDoe

    Uh, where’s LL Cool J on here?

  • Andrea Acosta Pazmino

    was 30 🙁

  • Bonnie Miller

    Can’t believe Avril Lavigne isn’t on this list..

  • alex

    I don’t even know half those people.

  • Jasmine A. Thrash

    Sprague Grayden and Matt Bomer should’ve been on this list!

  • Richard Trausch

    Where is William Shatner? 82 Years old, looks a lot younger.

  • corinne92

    Paul Rudd wasn’t there, and most of these stars haven’t gotten a lick of plastic surgery. Sara Hyland shouldn’t be on here, like seriously. And a couple of the pics, like Jared Leto (because he hasn’t looked like that in a while, case and point the movie Chapter 27) and Keanu, which I’m pretty sure was a pic from the release of the last matrix movie because he does look close to his age now thank you.

  • Ashley Staley

    RIP Cory Monteith 🙁

  • Shannon McCreery

    Has anyone seen the last American Pie movie? Well I did and Alyson looked older than dirt. She looked like she could have been everyone’s mom in that film. I think it was just a really really good picture of her.

  • Zavier McFall-Maycock

    I just watched American Reunion, not sure about the Alyson Hannigan one anymore :/

  • Julia

    Where the heck is Andrew Garfield!? He’s like 30 and looks 18 at max!

  • Ginger

    Tom Cruise should be on this list

  • fek

    They should add Ralph Macchio, the guy is 50 but looks 30. He looks the same age as his kids. I feel sorry for his wife, she looks like his mother.

  • Hachachacha

    Perhaps I’m showing my own age or this wasn’t a very good list, but I honestly guessed every one right at their real age except for the guy from Big Bang Theory, who had me fooled. I thought he was at least 5 years younger. I guess he really deserved his Emmy!

  • Anonymous

    What about Cindy Crawford? Shouldn’t she be at the top of this list?

  • Dee

    gwen Stefani looks early 30s….sorry no way. She has a cold hard looking face, especially when she wears that hideous red lipstick, and always looks old.

  • cryofpaine

    Got off to a rocky start – 18 is not “much” younger than 21 – but there are some really impressive numbers there. Chuck Norris for instance. I would never guess he’s 72.

  • disqus_p2mzyF49Ho

    no eminem?

  • I thought sarah hyland was 16

  • Joanna

    oh, Johnny <3

  • Joanna

    nice hair piece, chuck… LOL

  • Joanna

    38???? wow!!!! she looks like she’s still in her 20s!

  • fek

    Lorenz Tate? Hello!!

  • kerriganmarois

    This article is ridiculous. Someone playing an 18 year old who is 21 and someone playing a 30 year old in community college. Do people think people that are 30 look that old? This must have been written by a teenager.

  • PoodleSheep

    Appear far younger my rear… Several of them I guessed were older than they are because they look it. List is fail.

  • In an article about how people look, you’d think there’d be pictures.

  • Youguyssuck

    None of these by any means look “FAR younger than their years” . 18 to 21? 29 to 39? Really? That’s nothing

  • redacted

    And the Madame Noire assertion that all of these artists have plastic surgery to thank for their looks is based on…. Nothing?

    What the heck… As long as you guys can squeeze a nickel out of other people’s reputations, who cares…. Right?

    This place is such a gross little rag, lol. Hopefully those writers with talent will leave MN and find a place at which they can be proud to work. This ain’t it.

  • mjkbk

    Anyone under the age of 30 can hardly be described as aging well–because they’ve barely STARTED aging. It’s the youthful-looking ones OVER 35 or 40 who are the true wonders, especially since so many in the performing arts ranks tend to be heavy cigarette smokers. Chances are, most of the over-30-somethings in this story are NON-SMOKERS. Otherwise, it takes fabulous genes and/or cosmetic procedures to overcome the terrible ageing effect of the cigarette. Period.

  • Ada

    A few people who I feel fit this list, all in their 40’s: Pauley Perrette (Abby on NCIS), Shirley Manson (Garbage and acted in the Terminator television show), and Dita Von Teese (Just hit 40, looks 20). Being pale pays off!

  • Ada

    Not terribly impressive. For the most part it is simply people who look healthy (good for them!), but nothing very dramatic. Also, 18 and 21 are only 3 years apart and are both immature ages. I couldn’t help but to laugh at that part.

  • robotnik

    Never heard of her. Not much difference BTW 18 and 21. Who can tell? She looks older than 21 to me. She could be 25-26.

  • Bob

    Oh my gawd, 21, she’s practically falling into the grave! Who wrote this, a dog?

  • justa

    no halle berry?

  • Cadetpink

    not sure where the content in this article is aside from photos- does anyone have any info as to what this so-called-fountain-of-youth, actually is?????

  • In most cases the reason they look young is because they ARE young. If you stay out of the sun you can look pretty much the same from 16 to 40. I had to LOL at the 21 year old that looks 18.

  • JtW

    Maybe it’s just that pic or the makeup but Brie looks mid 30s there.

  • To me, majority of these stars look their age. They look great and well kept, but their age. Only exception was Bianca. She definitely may have the secret to the fountain of youth. Sarah Hyland is a joke in this article and leading with it just tainted the entire feed.

  • JaneJane

    Madame, where is the noire?

  • NCBrian

    Oh my God – i totally look 32, but in reality i’m 33. I belong on this list.

  • TheTruth

    I honestly think it is a requirement that writers for this site be incredibly stupid.

  • What about Raphael Saadiq? He is aging very, very well.

  • You mad?

    So many bitter sounding women in the comments section lolz.

  • WJM980

    She looks 18 but she’s really….21! Wow, what a huge difference!

    • Aldric Mayson

      I also lol’d my hind quarters off over that one.

  • Anonymous

    what about alexis bledel! she’s 31 and she looks like she’s 15

  • crixe

    I’ll agree that Jared Leto doesn’t look anywhere close to his age he looks late 20’s 30’s tops but not 40. He also has really small hands 😕

  • 12know

    With a couple of exceptions, I don’t think most of these stars look that much younger than they really are. Personally, I’m thankful that I don’t look my age (58 but can pass for 38).

  • Dig a hole

    Pharrell Williams, LL Cool J, Halle Berry ?

  • Haley

    I recommend really rethinking your web layout. This page by page gallery setup is awful to maneuver through and outdated.

  • Chuck Norris has a picture in his attic in which he appears to be 110.

  • Chuck Norris has a picture in his attic in which he appears to be 110.


    I am surprised you left out Summer Glau and Meredith Monroe; both who played characters 10 years younger and actually looked younger than the rest of the cast

  • Frank

    Chuck’s hairpiece makes him look way older than he is


    Alyson Hannigan shouldn’t be on this list. She’s definitely showing her age on HIMYM.

  • Moonchild

    I am surprised to see Susan Sarandon, Jennifer Aniston and Gywneth Paltrow omitted. They should (and can afford) to take advantage of beauty treatments (botox, etc.). Maintaining their appearance is an investment in their livelihood.

  • Bradley Lincoln

    I would put Helen Mirren on the top of this list. With exclamation marks.

  • other003

    IMO Allyison looks really hot in the picture of her.

  • Kim

    Why is Elijah Wood not on here! Have you seen the guy?!

  • Tito

    Chuck Norris only looks 50 because you’re looking at a 20-year old photo. The guy looks every bit of 72.

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  • Audra

    “Sarah Hyland – The eldest daughter on Modern Family has the wide eyes and baby face of any 18-year-old but in real life she’s a mature 21-year-old.”

    omg! wow she looks soooo young; like she is like 18 or something, but for reals she is 21?? omg that is like sooo much older than she looks! wow, thank you Julia Austen for pointing that out to all the readers, omg i totally thought she was like a WHOLE 3 years younger then she really is! wow that is insane she must have a great nutritionist and plastic surgeon to look THAT young! i bet you that ALL the 18 year hope they look as young as her 3 whole freaking years into their future!

    is the columnist serious?……

  • ” any 18-year-old but in real life she’s a mature 21-year-old” LMAO! seriously? Wow! she looks like she could be 18 but is actually a WHOLE 3 years older!! Where do they get the idiots who right this stuff?

  • Dommy

    Haha what about Cher??

  • Where’s Will Smith? Or the girl who played Angela in Boy Meets World?

  • John U

    Allison Hannigan looks at least 40. Why do they keep thinking she is younger?

  • Ernest

    I am surprised about Alyson Hannigan and Jim Parsons. They are older than they look.

    Maybe Oprah and David Letterman should be in this list as well as Conan O’Brien and George Lopez too.

  • apocalypto

    OMG!!! She plays an 18 year old but is actually 21, no way!!!! If you actually give a crap about any of this, get a life. Go outside. Absorb the wonder of God’s creation. Leave the idolatry to the mindless pagan animals. If this offends you, look in the mirror….harder!

    • I was shocked by that too. I thought she looked at LEAST 3 and half years older than she actually was…LOL

  • cuchobear

    Alyson Hannigan might be 38 but she’s still annoying as much as a 20-year-old brat.

  • Mr. Lucky

    These kids are not STARS they are on a TV show or get small parts in movies.

  • Anon

    Avril Lavigne should be on here.

  • BetterOffNed

    Jim Parsons is famous for making fun of smart people, he is a tool and a terrible actor. This article is incredibly stupid, I’m 30 and still look about as young as all the 30 year olds on this list. Seriously, this has to be the most superficial, not to mention ignorant list I’ve ever seen.

  • I look younger then I am & I’m not rich or famous. My parents looks their age (very old.) I love how shock people are when I tell them my age. I love it.

  • I cant believe these actors all look inbred and know one notices ? do you have to have a freaky look to be a star ?

  • Hiat

    I thought it was hilarious when they coupled mature with 21 year old.

  • mark davis

    How about Tom Cruise? He is 50 but he looks like he is in his 30s or early 40s

    • apocalypto

      yeah, what about Tom Fooze!!! I demand that you vapid smut peddlers include Tom Fooze!!! I am so adamant about it, that I am going to comment about it!! TOM FOOZE NOW!!! Or I will light myself on fire! I demand that the proper idols are idolized! It is the whole reason for my existence! JUSTICE NOW!

  • Bianca Lawson is 33, not 32, btw. It didn’t take much researching to find out these stars’ ages. BTW, I think Sarah Hyland looks 15 or 16, not the 18 she plays on TV. She reminds me so much of Mila Kunis. Also, I believe I looked much the same between 18 and 21. Hell, I can still pass for 18 now at 29. These stars haven’t necessarily had plastic surgery or other work done, as you imply. I know I haven’t. The fact that it says that right under Alyson Hannigan kind of pissed me off. I don’t think she’s had work done. Maybe some great make up and sunblock, but not work. Just sayin…

  • AJ

    You guys forgot Kristen Bell.

  • sara

    Chuck Norris looking younger!?! Yes, plastic surgery will make anyone look younger and freakie!!!


    the latter picture is ARYA from the cast of Game of Throne she terrible look younger than her age

  • Maria

    No Ian Somerhalder?? he looks 10 years younger thatn he actually is

  • shmellyorc

    its not fountian of youth, its called plastic surgery! lol!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Andrew Garfield??….. definitely should make the list!!

  • nymous

    jane fonda??
    she definitely doesnt look 74

  • Della

    Leonardo DeCaprio is 38. In the trailer for Django Unchained, he looks like a 17yr old with a lot of facial hair.

  • Namani

    OK the Alyson Hannigan one is CRAZY. NOT HUMAN.

  • Tony A.

    Uh…Alison Hanigan? Did you guys SEE American Reunion? She looked like she was 60.

  • Jessica

    You’ve got to be kidding with Elizabeth Banks!!!!!!!! Even in the photo you’re using, she LOOKS HER AGE of late 30’s with her wrinkles under her eyes!!!

    • apocalypto

      If you know who the eff Elizabeth Banks is….RE-EXAMINE YOUR LIFE!!!

  • Aadip

    Um, how about Amy Adams? She’s 38.

  • Steve

    Is this article a satire?

    Saying a 21 year old looks 18? 3 years? What the hell?

  • SunshineSlayer

    Some of these are just truly stupid. Ralph Macchio would win this btw.

  • JLanceCombs

    “A mature 21 year old” LOL.

  • Renzo

    Forgot Ralph Macchio. He’s 51, but looks 29.

  • CinnamonBee

    Where is Pharell Williams ?!!!!! >____<
    He's in the early 40s.

  • I can vouch for Jared Leto. He looks extremely young in person and he’s very petite, television actually makes him look older. I’ve seen him in concert before with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars.


    What about William Shatner? That dude looks incredible for 81.

  • John

    interesting views on people but I will never come to this site again as that stupid Khols commercial played on every stinking page. Ughhhhh. STOP EMBEDDING VIDEO

  • MikeCumpston

    This site is very poorly done-slow and difficult to navigate.

  • pnut166

    Where is Patrick Stewart ? He`s 72, but hasn`t aged a day since the early 90s.

  • Stars Who Look Far Younger Than Their Years


    Stars THAT Look Far Younger Than Their Years

    Who pertains to people.

    That pertains to things.

  • G

    Winona Ryder, Seth Green, Christina Ricci, Rob Lowe…

  • Haushinka

    Why isn’t the singer from Green Day on here? Billie Joe Armstrong looks about 28 but he’s 40.

    • Winona Ryder used to look good for her age, not so much anymore. Her body frame still resembles that of someone younger, but that’s it.

  • sophiethefairy

    Can I just add, Ian Somerhalder? He looks in his twenties but he’s 33! Crazy!

  • Biff Tannen

    Chuck has had a lot of plastic surgery

  • James

    Is that an article? Sorry, my mistake because I could have swore one time of the day, that in order to become a journalist you had to write an intelligent, thought provoking piece that would be a good read. Not one line with a massive photo graph. This is terrible.

  • ive just about had enough of this separate-image-on-a-serparate-wepage-waiting-for-this-to-load-bs

    • Bman

      I agree. The spot to click on for next image is way too far down the screen. Never seen a website built so badly lately.

  • Nobody

    I’m sorry but, you’re missing SO many people!! Tom Cruise (looks no where 50!), Gerard Way (frontman of My Chemical Romance, still looks in his mid-twenties when he’s actually 35 and had NO plastic surgery because of his fear of needles!)
    Just had to add, Cory Monteith was a HUGE surprise!!

    • I would have put Cory Monteith at 20-25, maybe. But I guess I’m not that surprised, since the cast of the original Beverly Hills 90210 were in their mid to late 20’s. . .except Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea), who was already into her 30’s.

  • Jenn

    Just a small complaint about how this was presented. Could you not use a slideshow??? It’s incredibly annoying to have to refresh the entire page to see each photo. JMO of course 🙂

  • tweetledumb

    well this just prooves one thing…being an actor is not very stressful

  • Dexterous

    of course Chuck Norris looks young… he’s Chuck Norris

  • most of them dont live longer and they can look older all of a sudden rather than age gradually !!

  • anana

    you forgot Avril Lavigne!!!!

  • Daisy

    Jennifer Lopez is full of so much filler and plastic she couldn’t age even if she wanted to.

  • Jux

    Terrible website. But the worst offense was to not include Winona Ryder on this list.

  • Pauser

    Gwen Stefani looks great here, but if you see her in high definition, she has many lines around her eyes and looks her age — not that she still doesn’t look great.

    • doramin

      Yup. We need a category for stars who look their age but look damn good FOR their age.

  • barlow

    Who is the gal in blue at the beginning?

    • Lambsilencer

      Alyson Hannigan

  • giannabananna

    They’re people so the headline needs to be “stars WHO look,” not “stars THAT look…”

  • gd


  • Morley

    Keanu is 49 not 47.

    • Jude

      He’s actually 48. He was born in 1964.

  • sick and tired

    some people just have the DNA,i am 36 and have been told i look like im im my early 20s

    • random

      Hah, same here. In fact I was walking across a campus five years ago, when I was 36, and one kid pulled me aside and asked me if I was a Junior and could I please vote in the Junior class elections hah. I got asked for an ID for an R-rated movie at 28. And the other day, a work colleague of one of my friends from HS (same class) saw us together and couldn’t believe we were from the same HS class (was absolutely certain I was 23 or 24).

  • sick and tired

    if they would stop with the freaking ads things would load faster!!!

  • IP

    Mary Louise Parker from weeds is almost 50, and she totally looks younger. If you look at old pics of her she hasn’t aged, she’s just changed slightly.

  • how about Kate Beckinsale? She’s 39 and looks like a 20ish year old girl.

    • Chi

      After seeing her last movie I have to disagree. You can see the lines on her face. The sad thing is, she might have staved off the aging if she quit smoking a few years earlier. Looking at her, she would have been one of those to age really well. Pity.

      • Fabel

        Omg, LINES in her face! The horror!

        She’s still a beautiful woman, and, ya know—39 years old. Most people do have a few lines by that age.

        • Chi

          One, I’m not an idiot. Two, I never said she wasn’t a beautiful woman. I simply noted that she looked older than the 20-ish Claire says she resembles. I believe her cigarette smoking might have something to do with it her skin appearing the way it does. Smoking does have an effect on a person’s skin and causes breakdown of parts of it to produce accelerated aging in an individual.

          Three, I brought it up because I’m dreading Kate Beckinsale going under the knife like so many actresses because I believe she’s a beautiful woman. Do I need to list the many actresses that used plastic surgery to make themselves look worse rather than possibly changing the habits that contributed to why they felt they needed plastic surgery in the first place?

  • RandomGal

    Where is Will Smith!!!!!!!!!!

  • mandawg

    Yeah, 21 to 18? Not that big of a jump. And just because someone is 21 doesn’t automatically make them mature. Remember how Sarah dumped on Lea Michele?

    • I thought the same thing: 18 to 21 is hardly a significant change. Re: dumping on Lea Michelle: Perhaps little Sarah is aspiring to the likes of Joan or Melissa Rivers?

  • Hispanics, blacks and asians do NOT get wrinkles! It is disgusting!

    • Morley


    • Tara James

      That is a fun myth, but not true. My both of my (Black) grandmothers had faces with deep wrinkles (but they were no less beautiful).

    • AngieP

      Who the hell lied to you???

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  • Tatami53

    What is the point or purpose of this stupid “article”? Sarah Hyland has the “wide eyes and a baby face of ANY (?) 18-year-old”… but in “real life” (?), “she’s a mature 21-year old.” She looks 18, but is a “mature 21-year-old”? In what way does she look “far younger” than her years? What a joke! And, I’m sorry, not EVERY 18-year-old has “wide eyes and a baby face.”Does this site purposely feature stupid articles just to rile people up? Give me a break!

    • Micah Carey

      100% correct

    • i bet you look 53 Tatami even if you’re only 17

  • the first one is really stupid, 21 looking 18, that’s like the same age. Actually it’s genes not money or makeup or surgery. I still get carded sometimes and I haven’t been 20 for 24 years, have no gray, and have tight abs and muscles (of course that part takes some work).

  • Sinfrax

    I can’t believe William Shatner isn’t mentioned! He’s 82 but looks nowhere near it.

    • p3orion

      Alyson Hannigan “hasn’t aged a day”? Try watching the show on HD. She looks every minute of her age, ESPECIALLY when they try to make her look younger in a flashback.

      Then again, I haven’t seen “How I Met Your Mother” all season. I no longer GIVE A DAMN how he met her.

      • Niggaire

        Then you watched the rest of the series for nothing and are missing the only season that matters (the series finale of which you find out wtf this bullshit is all about). That is just foolish.

    • xSpektre

      What about Sarah Silverman!

  • Yian Pap

    So people who are 30 look like 16 and the author of this article thinks it’s because of their money? How stupid can you be? They paid money so that can look 16 instead of 30?? Would they need to? Maybe if they were 40 or 50, but 30 and wanting to look 16? Too bad money can’t buy a brain for some bloggers…

  • Guest

    Jennifer Beals

  • dmd

    this awful website hass too many ads!

    • LittleMissCantBeWrong

      It’s called AdBlock. Look into it.

  • britchick91

    Chuck Norris is the biggest shock to me

  • OMG how DO they do it?
    Pushing 30 ans still youthful.

    • Botox? :-p

    • Tara James

      Thanks for the laugh, so right lol!

  • Really? Most look they’re age, a few I guess they were much older.

  • JimmyThr

    No one really knows how old Keanu Reeves really is, we all know he is an immortal

  • Mella

    Gabriel Mann from “Revenge’ should be on the list. He’s 40, but looks late 20’s/early 30’s.

    PS. Johnny Depp looks his age without the make-up.

  • jgalt


  • a notable mentioned should be Rob Lowe. That man hasn’t age since his days with the Brat Pack.

  • GT

    Wipe the faces of these people with a moist towelette to remove all the coloured mud, and have them refrain from pouring coloured chemicals into their hair for two months… then you can say something sensible about whether they look younger than their age.

    And that’s before considering that almost all of them have those plastic chiclet-teeth that look like they’re wearing a mouthguard.

    • Keanu doesn’t dye his hair. He’s got grey in his beard and a few gray strands on his head. My dad has very little gray and he’s in his 70s.

    • doramin

      Tell me about, last time I brought up the subject of dyeing my hair everyone in the barbershop rounded on me and told me I was damn lucky to still have hair. Guess I stick with the George Clooney ‘do.

  • They should add Pauley Perette from NCIS to that list. Her character; Abby Scuito is in her late twenties, but she’s actually in her mid-forties.

    • I was thinking just that as I was going through the list. I was shocked when I found out her real age – she looks nowhere near that.

    • Ada

      She is one of the few people I can think of who actually fits this list! She looks 25!


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  • etdcbkm

    What about Cheryl Cole? She is 29 and looks like she is 22. Yet she has perfect style for her age. It often confuses me. She is incredibly beautiful!

    • britchick91

      she looks her age without make up

      • Spike

        She looks her age WITH make-up tbh.

    • Ash

      She looks 29 with or without makeup

    • Izabella Dobaczewska

      That’s only a 7 year difference anyway, that’s barely anything,

  • Chuck looks like a 90 year old man in real life. Stop with the photo-shopped pictures his publicist sends out. This man has liver spots all over his face and hands, he can barely walk and it takes him forever to walk up the stairs, I should know, I was behind him as he struggled to walk up a flight of stairs.

    • doramin

      Chuck has got two hip replacements. That chop sockey can really do a number on you.

      By the same token, I wonder how Jackie Chan moves when there’s no camera.

  • a.ndrois09

    jason earles is 35 wtf he looks 17! creepy!

    • serenegreen

      He has a condition that makes him look young. I think Andy Milinakis has the same condition or something similar. I can’t remember what it’s called though.

    • I disagree. I always thought he looked old on the show. Now I know why.

  • Sarah Hyland? Really? There isn’t much difference between an 18 and a 21 year old.

    • Mel

      THANK YOU. And she may be young, but that girl has the tongue of an old viper. She destroyed Lea Michelle on Fashion Police in such a b!tchy way.

      I had to stop at #4 because this list was ridiculous (and totally not relatable).

      • do you look far older than you real age Mel?

    • p3orion

      And “a MATURE 21 year old”? Is there any such thing?

      • Deadeye Duck

        Some of the troops that have served in Afghan/Iraq that age are mature far beyond their years.

        • Susan Bailey

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        • boobs420

          oh shut up, just because they enjoy killing innocent people doesn’t make them mature.

          • Deg

            Alright, whatever, Boobs.

      • Candy K

        There most certainly is. Over half the people I know (I’m in my mid-twenties now) were engaged or married to their significant others by 21-22. Even a role model of mine met her husband in her teens and married him at 19 (he was 21, I think). They’re delightfully happy with their marriage, three children (ages 7, 4, and just turned 1) and having just bought a larger house! He runs a local company that deals with mature trees, selling and transplanting. She home schools. She very recently stated with glee and praise of her husband that he makes their marriage easy and a joy!
        Just because a mature 21-year-old doesn’t exist in mainstream media doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

        My best friend and I have never abused alcohol. Neither one of us even got tipsy when we turned 21, although we tried a couple of drinks. Don’t pursue sexual relationships with men we’re not married to (she’s married now, I’m still waiting). We take care of responsibilities and do our best to be honorable people.
        Again, just because mature 21-year-old people don’t exist in mainstream media doesn’t mean they don’t exist at all.
        Used to be people married before 21 and that was ok because people matured faster. It was expected of them and society cultivated it. Now, society cultivates promiscuity, rebelliousness, and immaturity, so it’s harder to find.

    • Betty D. Matta

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    • Ash

      Right! You’re SUPPOSED to look 18 when you are 21, lol. The only ones on this list that fooled me were Jim Parsons and Jason Earles. I thought they were both in their mid 20’s easily.

  • Get Real

    Chuck Norris? Take off his toupeé and use some side light and the man looks older than 72.

  • Me

    Wow! Everyone under 40 suprises me. And i thought only black didnt crack. Jlo, gwen, keanu, johnny were not necessary. But everyone else. I am stunned!

  • Haven’t Started looking yet but Paul Rudd better be on here