Where Are They Now? 11 Singers and Rappers Who Didn’t Blow Up Like We Thought They Would…

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We’ve talked many a time about people we used to jam to in the music industry who didn’t go as far and become as big of staples in said industry as we thought they would. To put it less than nicely, they fell off. It could have been that their sound just wasn’t all that, or that their look wasn’t HOT enough (no crotch shots, no love) for the mainstream, but you won’t find these people with near as many fans as say a Drake or a Rihanna has today. Not to say that they didn’t have their share of success, but c’mon, where are they now?

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After Amerie dropped her debut album, All I Have, the future looked incredibly bright for the Korean and African American singer. She had a different look, a different voice, and a great personality. And once she dropped “One Thing,” the lead single for her second album (Touch), which hit number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, I assumed more and more doors were going to open for the singer. But while she had Beyonce’s producers for her second album, she didn’t have Bey’s success. Though Touch did reach gold status, it wasn’t enough for her label, Columbia Records. She was dropped in 2007. Since then, Amerie released another album, In Love and War, which didn’t sell well at all thanks to a lack of radio support. She has hopes to release a new album, under the name Ameriie, and she’s given herself a big makeover by chopping off her hair and slimming down her nose.

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Lil Zane

Okay, I’m kidding. I never really thought that Lil Zane was going to take over the rap world, especially not when he spent a majority of his time trying to sound like 2Pac, and the other half rocking bandanas and furs. But he definitely had a couple of tracks that had people two-stepping. “Call Me” anyone? Remember his verse on “Anywhere”? Well, after those successful turns, his star dimmed a bit, he released a few albums under the radar, did some acting (The Fighting Temptations), had a child, and even went to college. Zane is back to recording, including dropping diss tracks against folks like the Game, and allegedly has his own record label–US Entertainment.

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When Mya sashayed on the scene singing alongside Dru Hill frontman Sisqó, letting folks know that it was all about her, and that she was going to be movin’ on (you know she wears a size 4 right?), it seemed that her airy voice and dance moves were here to stay. After dropping her debut album, she released her sophomore effort, one of my favorites, Fear of Flying, and everybody was singing “Case of the Ex” with one finger in the air to emphasize that they were feeling it. But as dope as some of her tracks were, she never really rose to the heights of other big female performers and vocalists. Maybe it was because that voice was just too airy, but she decided to try things outside of music after a while. She did some movies (including some BET Thursday night classics…) and even wound up on “Dancing With the Stars,” taking second place in the ninth season. You can catch her performing overseas these days getting some checks.

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Silkk The Shocker

Speaking of Mya, who else was jamming to “Movin’ On” with Silkky Silkk? Just on a quick sidenote, did you know they dated for a few years? Anywho, Vyshonn King Miller, the little brother of Master P and C-Murder, came to fame with the rest of the No Limit Soldiers in the late ’90s, and dropped a couple of albums from time to time, including The Shocker and Charge It To the Game. He also tried his hand at acting as well, appearing in movies like Hot Boyz, and Bout It. To this day, he still acts, as he most recently appeared in a film called Reservations. Oh yeah, and if you want to see him rap in person again, good news for you: Silkk is said to be going on the No Limit Forever International tour with Master P and Romeo…Yaaaaaay.

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They were like the baby version of TLC, but without all the hits and the iconic yet quirky fashion sense. Natina (above in the middle) was like the Left Eye of the group, while Shamari, on the left, (who is married to Ronnie DeVoe from BBD) and Brandi (on the far right) took turns as T-Boz and Chilli. They had a couple stand out tracks from their platinum-selling debut, including “808” and “Bring It All To Me.” But after that they were dropped from their label, had their second album shelved for a long while, their mentor passed (Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes), and their third album, which they released a single for (“I’m Good”), was also put on the backburner. They even split for a minute with Natina (who was once engaged to and has a child by Kurupt) working in the church. But they did get back together! And then split again for good…

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The year was 2003, and around that time, Cassidy was coming on to the scene with his cute self. He dropped the album, Split Personality, with the cut “Hotel” (hey, R. Kelly) and in 2005, Cassidy also released the album, I’m a Hustla, which came with the popular single of the same name (which included a sample of Jay-Z). But after the fact, Cassidy got into legal trouble following a fatal shooting he was involved in (and had to serve eight months in prison for), and not to mention that he was also in a car accident that scarred his face permanently. Because of all these distractions, a career that seemed to be going in the right direction was brought to a halt with the quickness. Since then, he released the much ballyhooed “Drink and My Two-Step” track, but that was about it after a while. He released two more albums, one under Carmelo Anthony’s Kross Over Entertainment (and that one only sold 5,200 in its first week out…ouch). He’s done some acting (Next Day Air), and most recently in July, he released a new mixtape for his fans. Can we call it a comeback???


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1996 seems like so long ago, but that’s the year the trio (who occasionally replaced members with the late Orish Grinstead) of Kameelah Williams and sisters LeMisha and Irish Grinstead released their debut album, No Doubt. They had originally come out years before and sang on the song, “This Lil Game We Play” with the group Subway. Anywho, they dropped classics like “Get It Together” and “Steelo” as a new and improved trio, but they had no hits greater than “Where My Girls At?” which was produced by Missy Elliott. After that, they had other good songs like “I Still Love You” and “Star,” but slowly but surely, the group became defunct. Kameela, who became the lead vocalist when they dropped their debut album, went on to become a solo artist and have a baby with Musiq Soulchild. She’s working on a solo disc now. Irish and LeMisha tried to release music with their sister Orish, but she passed away in 2008 of kidney failure. As great as their music was, they could never maintain the mainstream success they garnered from songs like “Where My Girls At?” and wound up being one of many black girl groups to dissolve. But I will say that the 702 album from a few years back was THE business.

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Chingy Ching got a raw deal when he came out. Unfortunately, he tried to be the “It” St. Louis rapper after years of Nelly holding things down and dominating the charts. But he didn’t let him have all the shine. After Chingy signed with Ludacris and Disturbing tha Peace, he made chickenheads everywhere who loved to do the chickenhead happy when he dropped “Right Thurr.” With “One Call Away” coming in soon after (and a feature from Jason Weaver), and “Holidae In” with Snoop Dogg, it was safe to say that his debut album, Jackpot, was a platinum-selling success. He looked damn near unstoppable. But if hip-hop has taught us anything, it’s that everybody can fall off sometime. Aside from his second album, Powerballin’, Chingy’s CDs since his debut have been unsuccessful commercially, and he fell out with Ludacris and DTP (though they would reunite later) in the midst of it all. Oh, and let’s not forget that he found himself caught up in a scandal with a transgender model claiming they had messed around (even though she lied). He had a few more somewhat successful songs, but it was safe to say that the Chingy train was finally pulling in the station…Nice muscles though!

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Changing Faces

The ladies of Changing Faces, Charisse Rose and Cassandra Lucas, got their start working together as background singers for the R&B diva, Sybil. But when they teamed up and got some help from R. Kelly, that’s when they finally got their big break. “Stroke You Up,” “Foolin Around,” and “G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.” were their biggest hits and they were definitely the late night jams and hits finding their way on to a bevvy of mixtapes back in the day. But by 2000, the ladies were teetering on irrelevancy with songs that were barely charting. But don’t sleep on them, because Rose and Lucas announced that they have a new project coming out this year and that they are back making musical magic with R. Kelly. We’ll have to wait and see if the results are worth the long wait!

Cassandra – Source: singersroom.com Cherise Rose – Source: info2know.wordpress.com

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Duuuuuuude! Who didn’t love at least one of the members of Immature, later known as Imx, back in the day? Personally, I always held a flame for Romeo, but most folks were kissing and clutching their Batman posters pretty hard (thanks Right On!). They released a few awesome kiddie albums, including On Our Worst Behavior and Playtime is Over (which had the hit single, “Never Lie” ), but kept it going as they grew up, changing their name to Imx and releasing a few more albums. They didn’t have their Immature success, and by 2001, they gave the group a rest. They’ve all been doing their thing since then, especially front man Marques Houston, who has acted in numerous films on his own, had his own TV show (“Cuts”) and had some solo success with songs like “unclothed” and “Clubbin.” But  Houston (“Batman”), Jerome “Romeo” Jones, and Kelton “LDB” Kessee came together in 2011 for a quick photo to let fans know what’s up. See below…

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Lil Flip

Grown a** men and these “Li’l” names. I’ll never understand it. Anywho, in the early Millennium, before the Mike Joneses and Paul Walls were coming out of H-Town and all the suburban kids knew about them (but of course, way after Bun B and Pimp C), Lil Flip was holding things down. He had been around since the late ’90s (remember “The Way We Ball”?), but really received major popularity when he dropped the album, U Gotta Feel Me. It had hood classics for days, including the still popular “Game Over (Flip),” and the track “Sunshine.” This was also around the time that he worked with David Banner on “Like a Pimp” (love that rachetness!). But since then, after two more discs, like many rap artists, his star has also faded amongst those outside of Texas (though he’s still relatively huge down there with his fan base). But don’t get it twisted! He’s still out here recording, and has plans to drop a new album, a book, and even a line of alcohol soon enough.

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  • Jocstar

    Sadly enough, Natina from Blaque is dead now…R.I.P

  • Tealtalizing

    Natina he one in the middle died from an accident

  • Mansa Keita

    Mya didn’t blow up? Yeah, okay. If two platinum albums and a gold album doesn’t classify as blowing up, I don’t know what does.

  • Amanthasay

    Natina also died a couple of years ago so I don’t know that it’s appropriate for them to be on the list??

  • HabibtiKhalisa

    Come on Madame Noire, no mention of Ms. Jade? Total? Pastor Troy? Lil Mo? Amil? This list should have been WAY longer.

  • MissGee

    Dang! Who knew LDB was gon get so fine??

  • Kimmie

    You can also catch her at the fridge eating all of her feelings about her failed career. She aged VERY poorly for such a beautiful girl and clearly she doesn’t workout either. If she stayed in shape, kept making new music and worked with better producers she would have eventually caught back on. Now, she’s performing at baby showers, weddings and basically tending bar! lol

    Another problem she had was sleeping around with a bunch of men in the industry that weren’t doing sh*t for her career or financially. She was so used up before she even solidified a spot in the industry she had NO power! She basically, f*cked her way into being at the status of a video model, because she didn’t use discretion in picking who to deal with and when. A token for young women new in the industry don’t try to f*ck your way to the top especially if you’ve tried it and looked around and noticed that you are in the same damn spot you were in before you “got down” with the last person! People make all kind of promises and you have the most power if they want you, but haven’t had you!

  • Kimmie

    Mya has those Miss Piggy legs! 🙂 She was so pretty when she was big in the US.

  • Inny, Meeny, Miny, Mo!

    Why do people think if they get a nose job it will change the game for them? Sad commentary on music. I hope the looks before talent dances right out of the legitimacy of, “true vocalist” and performers! Amerie was a talent based on exotic looks. It always sounded like she was struggling when she sang. I heard her sing live and was like wooooowwww…..really?

  • Ms. Fox

    Amerie didn’t have Beyonce producers.. Rich Nice was Amerie prod from the first time she got in the game. They had a fallout cuz Rich gave Amerie sound to Beyonce on that song Green Light (You can hear it clear as day) So she never had chemistry with another prod like rich and her career tanked.

  • Jackie Rayne

    Alright Houston!! Lil’ Flip can give a show though! I remember the last time i saw him live and club hush, the good days.

  • Deondrae Cool

    I think it was the house party 3 sound track. That was the 1st HIP-HOP Tape I bought I was only 6-7 Immature was a hit

  • IMMATURE MADE IT BIG AS KIDS, SO YEAH THEY BLEW UP. (sorry caps lock). other than that i agree with most on the list. but why no mention of Lloyd banks, ciara (she hasn’t fallen off but she hasn’t become a big star either), jonell monae, india arie, (most neo-soul artists), kelis, chamillionair (dope emcee screwed over by the labels), 8ball and mjg was poised to break out of the southern niche category only to go right back to regional isolation when they left badboy records), all of those Midwestern rappers that sounded like bone thugs n harmony just vanished while bone kept on going, AZ; nas blew up (kinda) but AZ didn’t, three 6 mafia was about to become huge only to tragically disintegrate (it didn’t help that they drastically changed their dark style), dead prez (though that might have been a pipe dream), v-nasty & Kreayshawn (for obvious reasons), ANY black alternative act that got critical acclaim only to be ignored by both black and white people, i could go on and on. the urban music industry is a graveyard filled with promising careers.

  • Mahogany

    Who do you’ll think Beyonce’s “Ring The Alarm” was about? AMERIE!! This girl had much potential, slamming songs, and looks and then all of a sudden she drops off. Doesn’t make sense. All this happened around the time that “B” came out with that song.

  • ty

    natina died a couple of months ago

  • pooh

    Damn LDB look good !!!!!

  • Giovonni

    Hmmm nice article… Looks like you focused mostly on artists that came out during the 90’s, and that falls right in line with the music I grew up on and get nostalgic about BUT you left out Sisqo. You brought him up briefly with Mia’s clip, but damn, he was the biggest “fall off” I think of anybody expected to have a long and prosperous career from the era you focused on. I mean hell he was part of Dru Hill, the successful group that took over where Jodeci left off, then launched his own solo career with the massive hits “Thong Song” and “Incomplete”. The former having somewhat of a cult following to this day. With his swagger and unique hair and dress, there was no way anybody could have predicted such a swift and massive fall as what Sisqo encountered with his second album. Hell, I can’t even remember one single from that record, and I doubt anyone else can. His career has been dead ever since, while people like Usher and Chris Brown just keep chugging along. Sisqo should be number one on this list.

  • Please include ALLURE next time. Best girl group ever.

  • I gotta keep adding as I think. Changing Faces had IT if you ask me. The two distinct voices, Mmmmmmm. And Amerie…you were beautiful, please don’t take it to the extreme okay?

  • Starting to really love your writers. Blaque? So good. I purchased their 2nd album as a digital download on Rhapsody years ago and it was quite good. I suggest the track ‘Blaque Out’. Also, Amerie and Mya deserve to be platinum selling anything they put their voices on, both are quite talented and breaths of fresh air. Check out Mya’s more recent albums though they are still hot, just not US released.

  • ch

    Nothing lasts forever. All these people got off their butts and followed their dreams into a career and had their time to shine and they have moved on. Will they be forgotten? We will all be forgotten with time and life and death. The stars of today will be has-beens tomorrow. That’s why they need to check themselves when the money and fame come in because it will end someday.
    All y’all young people reading this- go and live your dream now. Right now!

  • This is a very poorly written article.

  • I say Cassie.
    I really expected her to be more of a lasting R&B success.

    Also Ray J, although I was never really a fan.

  • Talentless ghetto Gas.

  • JolieMelodie

    Ummm you guys got it twisted. Amerie didnt come out with Beyonce’s producers, Beyonce took Amerie’s producer Rich Harrisson (who had produced Amerie’s first album All I Have) and he produced Crazy In Love. But the drum stuff was musically Amerie’s signature to begin with.

    Then everyone started saying she had ‘copied’ Beyonce when ‘One Thing’ came out.

  • nick

    Ameerie should’ve let her hair and nose alone.

  • Tessie

    A No Limit tour, please do not come to Philly, we aint lovin you like that!

  • Charlie Barrett

    Who the heck are those people again?

  • vern

    RIP Natina!!

  • Desmond

    I hate to be the barrier of bad news but , Natina actually is dead ! .. I just recently found out myself, I was sad & Shocked.. and Her & Left Eyes Deaths were actually similar !

  • Sabrina Scott

    A female rapper Ms. Jade i thought she might get it Tweet too

  • cj

    All these black people no whites… WTF..maybe white just dont fail

  • Well the girl from Blaque (Natina) is now deceased so no reunion for them…

  • saucy

    all three of them are hott!

  • Erika

    Dang! Yall making me go on Youtube and relive the 90’s…

  • Pugiron

    LOL you thought these fools would hit bit? Mya okay but not the rest of these losers!

  • Sheketra

    I was sad Houston wasn’t on the list. Remember him? He had an awesome song out and then he went left and gouged out his own eye…whatever happened to him?

  • besides

    see the above mentioned. it was probably a good thing they fell off. music has changed and so has the imaging. they wouldn’t have made it anyway. oh well

  • babygrl313

    class ’98 – “Regulate”! lol. we goin wayyy back? what bout NEXT? – “Buttaluv” & “wifey” ~ JS? “ice cream” “love angel”..so far

  • Amerie (or sorry, Ameriie) looks bad. I still like her, but not the new look.

  • DJ Psycho

    Amerie, baby, U went and changed on me.

    OH….and y’all got the story backwards – Beyonce nabbed AMERIE’S producer Rich Harrison, after she went solo….and in my opinion, jacked her sound.

    • DJ Psycho

      Amerie…hon….not happy with the look. Plastic surgery is 4 suckers….

    • Thank you, Amerie worked with Rich Harrison first on her debut album in 2002 way before he started working with Beyonce. I need the media to hop off Beyoncé’s nuts for a minute and look at the facts. Bey bit Amerie, not the other way around.

  • Amerie is gorgeous before & somewhat after. But I think the music business wanted her to be more of a dancer and show her “Hoe’ish” Side smh. Glad she didn’t give in, she is underrated

  • I thought she would have been much bigger. She can sing and by most
    standards would be considered a very pretty girl. I’ve always wondered
    what the disconnect was. She just never resonated with me, save one or
    two songs.I am beautiful woman and I love good
    man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I joined —blackwhitеPlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with beautiful and excellent
    people! I loved that man! Me and my best friend even threw a fake wedding for us to Destiny Child’s first CD in the backyard!!

  • Remembering good jams

  • Bella

    Where is EnVogue?? That is one of the best girl groups of all time! They should have had Destiny’s Child status because they all were lead singers and equally beautiful!! They had great songs and videos! They are so underrated!

  • tata111

    What about Thruth Hurts, Tweet, Blu Cantrell, Anothony Hamilton, Flowery, Foxxy Brown..and so on……..

    • tata111

      Also Jill Scott, Avant ,Donnell Jones………..

      • Chanda

        Jill Scott?!! Where have you been under a rock! Get it together girl.

  • Siddy

    HOLY FINE BATMAN(no pun intended) them boys grew into goodlooking men!

  • Ifuaskme2

    what about Kem and Bilal?

  • Ifuaskme2

    These acts are EXACTLY where they should be. In obscurity.

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  • iReezy

    Woah not at all feeling Amerie’s new look! I do hope for a comeback, though.

  • CassidyLover

    Mainstream or not, Cassidy is the truth. His fan base loves him regardless.

  • eyeEEsha

    Time has not been kind to Lil Zane. I used to think he was so fine. Maybe that was just a really, really unflattering picture of him lol

  • Chanda

    So basically this is a list about singers and rappers that weren’t around long enough to become annoying. You know that if they really became household names and had endorsement deals we’d be sick of them by now. All over the place. Maybe many of them are fine with where they are now.

  • HOT DAMN!!! When did LDB become fione?!

    • My2Cents

      I know right? I was a huge Immature fan when I was younger with all of there posters all over my wall…Romeo was my husband but now, LDB has it going on!

  • baddvixentype

    im still banging my 702 albums

  • baddvixentype

    IMX took my breath away! who knew LDB would be that fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrice

    Awe… This article is all about the soundtrack to my high school years… makes me real nostalgic.

  • ugh

    I hated Lil Zane Tupac Wannabe!!!

  • Destiny

    Ugh, I don’t think amerie should of cut all of her hair off! That was her trademark!

  • reese

    Where is 112 and total and the group silk?


    AWESOME! I was wondering what happened to Changing Faces, the other updates were interesting & great too.

  • Yaya

    Ya’ll forgot Next and Deborah Cox. Nobody’s Supposed to be here, Too close and We can’t be friends were my SONGS!!!

    • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

      The problem (at least what I observed) with Deborah Cox is that she would drop an album, disappear for years, drop an album, and then disappear again. I feel like that was a pattern with her and what I attribute to her lack of sustained success.

  • status quo

    You missed one Joe budden. Amerie sure looks terrible-that was beautiful young lady.

    • Jenn

      Joe Budden has a ton of mix tapes with slaughterhouse…He’s still good and lookin good!

  • Tagirl

    This was a great list.

    -Amerie-I did think she would be bigger. I still love, “Why Don’t We Fall In Love,” “One Thing,” and I like “Take Control Of Me.”
    I wonder why she changed her looks though. She was gorgeous. Hey if the music thing doesn’t work out, she can always put her Georgetown degree to use.

    -Mya-Her first two albums were good. I also loved “Fear Of Flying,” it was a great album with some really good production. However, her third album, “Mood Ring,” was for the birds.

    702-I still jam to 702 to this day. They were a unique group. They were just dope. “Get it Together” is a classic. “No Doubt” and “Steelo” were bangers. Still listen to them. ITA, the “702” album was great. “Where My Girls At” was huge but they also had some really great songs like, “You just never know,” “Tell Your Girl” and “Gotta Leave.”

    Changing Faces-I was just listening to “Other Woman.” Those girls know they can sing.

    Blaque-loved “808” and “Bring It All To Me”.

    Immature-Every little girl loved them. I still remember the “I Will Never Lie” video. They were hot. Never really bought into them as IMX. After they started rocking perms, it was pretty much a wrap. But Marcus has had some nice songs over the years.

    • Tamz

      I still play “Why don’t we fall in love?” That’s my favorite summertime love song!!!

    • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS chile, Amerie’s first CD still knocks!! Her last I’ve was actually pretty good too… & 702 ” I Still Love You” !!!!! Lawd today!!

    • I’m with you on all those groups except Immature. They had a few songs I liked and Romeo was cute, but I never really crushed on any of them like that. Back then I was more of a Kris Kross fan. I liked Immature on House Party 3 tho. I always wondered what happened to the lil one in House Party 3 that LDB later replaced in the group. He looked Asian, he was a little cutie.

  • queta

    most of this list is stupid how many artist put out #1 after #1 some people do it because they love it not for the fame smh. i dnt understand y silk the shocker is on her no limit ran the 90s and have a long catalog from solo to 504 boys to tru i think yall need to do better research. and mya has did other things like school and being in broadway plays and dancing.

  • observant1

    What about Lil Scrappy?
    Nivea, Rasheeda, OJ da Juiceman, Christina Milian?

    • HeyIJustMetYou

      Girl STFU with them “never beens” with the exception of Nivea and Christina Milian.

  • And shockingly LDB is the best looking one…. WOW!

    • Danes

      LOL, I know right?! Who woulda thunk LDB would turn into the cute one. 😛

      • baddvixentype

        thats what i said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had to take a double look like “well hellllloooo LDB!”

        • eyeEEsha

          Right? LDB wasn’t even on my radar back in the day. He definitely aged very well

    • Kayo

      Too bad he is cocky as heck.

      • LDB arrogant? Get out!

        • Kayo

          Yes. Just follow him on Twitter, you’ll see.

  • CriticXtreme

    When he talks, acts, he sounds like he does when he raps.

  • The 90s was the best decade evah, period! I remember when everyone was jamming to Cassidy’s “Drink And My Two Step” back in high school.

    • ay yi yi

      Blank..stare..Cassidy did not come out with that song in the 90s

      • Please see both above comments.

    • Kenedy

      Lol…you just sold yourself out…..Cassidy didn’t even come out with that song until around 2007 or even later.

      • Destiny

        She said that 90 s music was the best, and she was referring to being in high school when the song came out… You ever think about that?

        • Please see above comment.

      • (Sigh) I know that, the song came out in 2007. I was referring to the other groups in the slideshow. Those are two separate statements.

  • Lil zane got them scary hands!!! YIKES!


    Really like ‘Changing Faces.’ Mya and Amerie . . . meh! Can someone please tell me what happened to Zhane (“Sending My Love”)

    • nycplayboy78

      Zhane, Brownstone, Jade, Black Girl….The list goes on and on…..

      • Elle Royal

        now u talking Brownstone, Jade….awesome! entertainers haven’t learned how to work their gimmick is all. They take the approach that they are on the level of a superstar instead of the gimmick that they are.

        • nycplayboy78

          I know that’s right and you betta holla 🙂

  • BABY, when I tell you NOBODY couldn’t tell me that Silkk The Shocker wasn’t my husband back in 1998!!! I loved that man! Me and my best friend even through a fake wedding for us in the backyard!! HA!! Lmaoooo I swear, but I was only like eleven!! Don’t judge me ya’ll!

    • TanTan78

      Child, I was the same way about The Boys. Tajh, then Hakeem, sometimes Khiry. But, never Balial. He was too young.

      • LawGirl713

        Excuse me, but Hakeem was MY man. Tahj was my sidepiece. I don’t remember you in my 5th grade fantasy of finding love notes from them. JK! I LOVED them, but dropped them when Perfect Gentleman came out with that 1 song. Then moved on to Hi-5. Yeah, I was pretty noncommittal to my boy bands. I heard that The Boyz moved to Africa and are against anything “The Boyz”. Dunno what happened to PG, and the lead singer of H5 died. 🙁

        • TanTan78

          I mourned for you and my cousin; she was in love with Tony from Hi-Five, too. Tajh is on facebook, though.

    • sundaerobin

      Too bad he couldn’t actually rap though. I think Silkk The Shocker will go down in history as one of the worst “rappers” (cause he is definetly isn’t an MC) in my history book. I can see you finding him attractive though,but chile,when I say that boy couldn’t ride a beat for shit,I aint lying! I have never heard someone so off beat when they rap in my life! Bless his heart though.
      RIP to Silkk’s non-existant delivery

      • LOL he did always rap like he was telling a story that didn’t rhyme!! But that was my boo though!! HAAAAAAA!!!!!


    Great list, Mya and Amerie were average singers thats they didnt have a huge career.

  • bluekissess

    R.I.P has beens

    • queta

      rip never beens

  • They are all super talented and should have blown up much more then they did.

  • psylocke_2001

    Lil’ Zane has baby hands. It looks as if he has some sort of dwarfism.

    • sammi_lu

      Yes he does!! I was just staring at them for a sec before I clicked thru the same way I can’t help but stare at Cee-lo’s abbreviated arms..lol

  • goddess8281

    Nicole Wray should have blew up as well. She dropped a mixtape last year on itunes with 7 Aurelius producing called the Dream Factory Sessions. “Lost” and “This Kiss” are my favorites. The songs are on YouTube.

    • Keva

      I used to love nicole wray!

    • rickdeezinyajawz

      You forgot that song “lollipop!” It was in the movie State Property 2! Yeah I know, horrible movie, but that song rocks!!

      • goddess8281

        I didn’t forget it. I just don’t like it that much. Lol

    • Have you ever heard that song “I Wanna Kiss You”? I think it was on the Love Don’t Cost A Thing soundtrack. I loved it!

    • Eyes Better Not Wander!! That was my song!!

  • chanela

    BS! there is no way that mya wears a size 4 with those thick legs n thighs!!!! my thighs don’t look as big and i can barely fit a 7. wth?

    • psylocke_2001

      Yeah she’s definitely not a size 4, but back in the day she was thin.

    • SexNdaCity

      They were referring to a line in the song “Movin On” from way back in the day when she probably was a size 4…

  • Tamia, Grant Hill’s wife. I thought she would have been much bigger. She can sing and by most standards would be considered a very pretty girl. I’ve always wondered what the disconnect was. She just never resonated with me, save one or two songs.

    • goddess8281

      Ikr and she had Quincy Jones backing her. But I do know that she has an illness, so that might have contributed to her lack of success.

      • Really? Where you hear that at?

        • Kenedy

          I think she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

          • Wow… but hey, she still looks good. AND she STILL can sang!

    • Tagirl

      Tamia’s music is the absolute truth. Period. Her first two albums did well. The third album, “More,” was in limbo for a while because that was when she was diagnosed with MS. She wasn’t able to promote that one. But it was a good album. Then she released “Between Friends,” which is a really great album, on her independent label. It went gold(which is very successful for an independent label because they amount of money they get to keep). Yesterday, her latest album, “Beautiful Surprise” came out.

      She’s so R&B, so soulful and always tells great stories. She’s underrated and underappreciated.

  • Naffy70

    I thought singer Glen Lewis was going to be bigger than he was.

    • psylocke_2001

      Me too. It’s a cold world the entertainment business.

    • Jojo

      I heart Glen Lewis

    • Sabrina Scott

      Was really feeling Glenn

  • hh

    cassidy still the man

  • VVRoni

    @Bossip: Y’all dropping names of Blaque members like we know which is which???They fell off, we don’t know them, dang! So please identify who is where in the picture (eyeroll)…

    • Chanda

      They did. They mentioned so-and-so was on the left or on the right, that Nadine was in the center. It’s up there.

  • Erica

    Omg look at Silkk. I used to love him!

  • Linda

    I loved Immature

    • goddess8281

      Me too! My fav songs were “feel the funk”, “never lie”, “I can’t stop the rain”, “pager”, and “bubbling”.

    • Kenedy

      Extra extra….read all about it….with Keith Sweat…damn, i miss them too….Marques Houston is such a huge cornball right now, but i still miss them….Romeo was my boo, lol

  • Looking at this make me miss the 90’s even more

    • nycplayboy78

      AMEN!!!! I was in high school from 1992 – 1996 and the music was THE BEST!!!!!

      • poetsgroove

        Damn right! C/O 96!!

        • I LOVED them, but dropped them when Perfect Gentleman came out with
          that 1 song. Then moved on to Hi-5. Yeah, I was pretty noncommittal to
          my boy bands. I am beautiful woman and I love good
          man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I joined —blackwhitеPlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with beautiful and excellent
          people!”Lost” and “This Kiss” are my favorites. The songs are on YouTube.

        • nycplayboy78

          Wassup Classmate 🙂

      • Elle Royal

        you’ve must of never heard disco….now those where the times….

        • nycplayboy78

          I am a child of the 80s and I came into MY music in the 90s..So I don’t know about disco or that era…All I know is that my parents had the baddest Angela Davis fro’s in the world and I look at those pictures and get so jealous..Wishing I could grow a fro like my old man had in the 70s 🙂

      • IJS

        Whoo Hoo Class of 96 also!

      • IJS

        Whoo Hoo Class of 96 also!

        • nycplayboy78

          Waddup Classmate 🙂