Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Baldwin Hills!

September 6, 2012 ‐ By Esi Mensah
Baldwin Hills Cast

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Remember the TV show Baldwin Hills? That show about young African American teenagers who come from rich families? In other words, it was the black version of Laguna Beach that aired from June 2007 to March 2009 on BET. Yes, many people thought it was corny and partially scripted, but the show was actually success and lasted three seasons. In fact, a lot of people grew fond of some of the characters on the show. It’s been three years since the show ended, and we know we’re not the only one’s curious what these young entertainers ended up doing with their lives. Most of them have completely disappeared into obscurity, while others are still trying to make their mark in various fields. Let’s have a look at what some of the most memorable characters are up to now.

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  • Keiana

    New update Madame noire. Gerren has a baby now.

  • SouljaSociety

    Man I used to love Baldwin Hills back in the day, that was my show!
    No update on Garnette though? She’s so beautiful, I used to have a crush on her.. I can’t find any info on her…..

    As far as Garren I’m following her on instagram…. That Seiko chick is friends with Karreuche (sp), aka Chris Browns side piece.

  • Erick Watler

    it’s nice to see what the cast has been doing


  • You all left out quite a few people.

  • Nicole N.

    And what do you mean “played the role”? I’m from D.C. where I grew up and still live in a upper middle class-highclass environment. No, most black people don’t but when and if a black person is poor or less fortunate and publicly is acting it out by begging, hating, or being envious it’s probably not acting it’s probably real. I hate always having to defend being a more privileged black girl. Everyone is different the show should have stayed on but so many black peole said it was fake and scripted just because they didn’t live like them. When the poor blacks are out naming their kids “Boomquesha” and “Larenteez” and being happily unmarried having sex and having babies. The richer ones aren’t always saying it’s “fake and scripted” it’s your way of life. Statistics show that Mississippi is 37% black and New York 15% black. Of course as a race we are divided, rich and poor, light and dark, straight hair or natural hair, north or south, east or west. Get over it, and another thing Harlem Heights should still be on also. Damn hating blacks.

    • Nicole N.

      I’m talking about the Stacy comment on page 4 of this article.

  • OlayinkaFab

    Good lord Madam Noire, Spelman is NOT a university!!! How do you people not know that!!!????? Spelman COLLEGE!! Every black person in America should know that by now!

  • OlayinkaFab

    Good lord Madam Noire, Spelman is NOT a university!!! How do you people not know that!!!????? Spelman COLLEGE!! Every black person in America should know that by now!

  • Taunya73

    DAMN Justin!

  • Taunya73

    so many unanswered questions about Staci


      Mitrice a.k.a.(Stacey) watch her Dateline ep.which aired 11-19-12

  • Taunya73

    Looks as though Gerren might have had a nose job.

  • What about the group Fatty Koo?!

  • anonymous

    It’s definitely Spelman College, not University.

  • mrs.j.cole

    they should do one for all of the college hill ones

  • Mel

    You guys are right, Moriah and that Justin dude are VERY good looking men. But, since everybodys talking about College Hill, Israel is the best looking dude I think I’ve ever seen on BET.

    The only CH I don’t think they did a reunion for was the one in Fla? The one that had that loud, hateful gay guy and the White Jamaican.

  • Faebae

    What happened to the guy that was promoting parties and wanted to be diddy???????? I forgot his name. And what happen to the girl that looked like omarosa?

  • Baddvixentype

    the show was horrible but justin was and still is beyond FINE!

  • Gerren looks waaay older than she actually is, SMH.

  • Jud Jud

    I used to love this show …im glad to see that Ashley is doing very well 🙂 and Justin looks sooooo good as always 😉

  • Rachel

    smdh, Spelman College Madame Noire! Spelman only offers Bachelor’s degrees! Furthermore, Spelman has graduation in May, not July. As an alumna this really angered me. However, I am proud that my Spelman Sister did well.

    • Kayo

      I wonder why you were given thumbs down for providing factual information.

  • breezy

    Great article. I also agree, could you please do an update list of college hill. Esp. the atl cast, and the south beach cast

  • olivia

    I hated Lo’rena…

  • grilinterrupted

    Madame Noire, how is Justin the most seccesful because he’s writting songs??? The Calloway girl graudated from college, was president of her sorority and now works for corporate America. Smh to what we as ppl consider success.

    • Yaya

      Thousands of people work in corporate America, even more have held office in a club or sorority. But only a few people have written hit records. But I agree, they are both doing well. And both are successful.

  • Kayo

    This show was horribly scripted.

  • Korey

    What about Garnet? And the kid that wanted to be the next Diddy?

  • Bella

    Has Seiko been lying on the sunbeds since the show finished? I don’t recognise her in that pic at all. I’m so proud of Ashley, though.

  • a bunch of wannabe’s…should’ve did one on college hill

  • crazisexicool

    Spelman College not University…it’s called Google.

    • Taya

      Who cares?!?! It’s all about Howard University! H.U.!!! (Just joking, I have much respect for Spelman, even though I’m a proud Bison.) :=)

  • classy800

    I didn’t think the show would last but it was interesting to see a show about that area. I grew up in View Park which is the same kind of neighborhood and literally one minute away. My dad was a minister and the church parsonage was in View Park or else we could not have afforded to live in that area. Funny thing is the hood is also literally one minute away. Interesting mix of black people. Some snooty, some nice, some ghetto. Either way, I love us.

    • Calikush

      Dang, my mother in law live in View Park on Buckler, right down the street from good ol’

      • Calikush

        I meant good ol’ Yee’s Chinese food! It’s nice in that area!


    I don’t know if anyone knows…..Stacy was killed a few years ago….R.I.P my babii

    • LuLu

      Seriously? How? Can I find it on the internet?


        Her real name is Mitrice Richardson

    • lis


    • lis


    • Navy Woman 504

      she didnt die…WTH


        Yes,she did Sept 17,2009 she went missing and her body was found a year later…..watch her Dateline ep.which aired 11-19-12….like my name says TEEKNOWSHERSHOWS !!!!pointblankperiod

        • dude i just looked it up…i see nothing…btw that name was my old name i cant link back into it. where did u see info she have interviews in 2011..idk

        • CuriousReader

          That woman Mitrice Richardson NOT Staci!!!!!She just looks like her a little!!
          You obviously don’t know your shows

        • Navy Woman 504

          So sad didn’t knwo



  • helado31

    Gerren had haters? Oh please. She was just on last season’s Bad Girls Club coming off of the party bus with Pleasure P and Flo Rida looking like somebody left her at a corner. Smh. lol

    • Porsche Johnson

      I thought that was her!!

  • I loved this show, & being that im frm LA,cali Im very familar with the Bawldwin hills area & also the ” Jungles” where stacie is frm. Its alot of different families that live in both areas. Its just not all african americans its a mix of blks hispanics koreans and whites. Gerren I always knew she would stay thinking shes too cute for the “norms” but she got her match with the other girl who also had a thing for moriah

  • oooothisbiishshakingthetable

    Gerren chases after alot of NBA athletes and industry men and is a little conceited based off her twitter..but still a pretty girl and lawwd that Moriah and Justin boiii fine pieces of specimen

  • Summerbaby

    I wonder what happened to Gerren’s nemesis, the girl with Crohn’s disease who went after Moriah?

    • Porsche Johnson


  • Nope

    I’ve never even heard of this show. Either I’m getting old or my tastes are too uppity.

    • cmh1978

      nope you just don’t have cable

      • realadulttalk


      • Na Na


  • currvalicious

    Thanks for the update, I always wanted to know what happened w/them.

  • Reese

    I barely remember this show, it never interested me. I just couldn’t get into it, the sames goes for Laguna Beach.

    • jasmine

      You are not the long ranger I couldn’t get into neither of the shows you mentioned.I tried to like Baldwin Hills but, it could never click with me.

  • gracie

    I loved stacy……

  • Britney

    Spelman College ma’am.

  • Virgos Very Own

    I use to love the show! They need to bring it back

  • Gerren has on a lot of makeup in that last pic, but she’s still a pretty girl! I wanted to know more about Staci & her baby though… Justin though, YES YES!! LOL.. I thought Vanessa Bell Calloway’s son was on there, never knew her daughter was, guess I missed that season

    • browniekk

      Sheryl Lee Ralph’s son was on the show, not VBC.

      • YUP! Sure was.. that’s who I was thinking of! Thanks!

    • guest510

      I think Stacis’s baby didn’t make it. I believe she miscarried or he was stillborn. I remember Gerren talking with her about it, saying maybe it wasn’t in God’s plan for her at that time

  • Moriah is fine as hell damn!!

  • entyce

    Do one on the cast of College Hill. The one where they went to the islands.

    • allie1234

      me too. They never had a reunion show for that season.

      • Summerbaby

        They had a reunion. I remember the island girl who got kicked out after fighting, and the other girl from the states, not the bourgeois one, were both preggo at the reunion. Willie wanted to be a comedian and the other guy from Cali was still rapping. I don’t remember much about anyone else though.

        • Teeknowshershow

          Thats college hill you talking about

          • Yeah they said that they wanted an article about College Hill.

    • LuLu

      They need to do one for the 1st season of College Hill when they went to Southern U. They fell off the face of the earth.