5 Reasons Prince Charming’s Not Interested

September 9, 2010  |  

You might not know it, but the next time you swipe on your lip gloss, smooth your ashy ankles and spritz on your favorite perfume to go to the club, make sure you spray on enough so that any decent male prospect can’t catch a whiff of eau de la desperate on you.  Unspoken body language like that can squash your chances with Prince Charming like a bug under a horse hoof.

That’s the kind of advice that Jordan Harbinger, co-founder of The Art of Charm, gives to women he counsels on the basics of body language when dating and mating.  You’d be surprised what you’re doing (or not doing) that can keep your future husband from clearing the crowd to rescue you from those two-stepping losers you can’t seem to shake off the dance floor.

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  • Lisa

    This is article is common sense for some. However, I must say that if the environment is good, I'd like to work the room. Most of the men on the west coast are lookey loos in public settings anyway, especially at clubs. Working the room may give off a "confident" vibe and allow men to see that you are approachable and friendly,which tears down the barriers that most men have of approaching an attractive woman. Now, how you are dressed will speak volumes too. I dress classy yet stylish, so it works for me. As a sensual person I love fragrances, so I will ALWAYS wear a nice smelling perfume (not a toilette) because it last longer and is more potent. Men have always commented on how good I smell because most men love a good smelling woman. I've given a man a hug and my fragrance lingers on his jacket or shirt. THIS leaves a lasting impression on him the next day when he can still smell my scent & this makes a person stand out among all the rest. I also tend to venture towards men who wear a good smelling cologne also. It just says alot about a man (to me). In hindsight, I can see how this will work against someone who wears a fragrance that does NOT go well with their natural body scent. There needs to be a test that a person can take to see if this is the right fragrance for you before purchasing certain fragrances.

  • Lin

    Notice I said "focus on loving you". Some of those behaviors you mentioned (although I don't see how wearing sunglasses indoors is relevant here) are not indicative of someone who loves themselves. When you love yourself and respect yourself, you carry yourself in a different manner. All these rules you described are only temporary fixes. Instead of telling someone to make eye contact, perhaps that action may be a tell-tell sign that person lacks confidence and the advice then should deal with the inside of the person. Just saying…..

  • Lin

    All these rules, some of this is just plain old common sense (did it really take a whole article to write this). And some of it is just plain bull.

    All in all, just be yourself and believe in yourself. Work on loving you and that will shine forth and attract the right person, not just some guy who fell for your games…please…..smh.

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  • Thanks, hon!

  • College girl

    I can honestly say that this article was very interesting and insightful. I know that we haven't seen eye to eye on certain issues but this is a good piece.