Love To Love Ya: Can You Identify The Signs Of A Man In Love?

June 26, 2012  |  
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According to Science Daily, a study conducted by Syracuse University suggests that it takes approximately one fifth of a second to fall in love. Although falling in love may happen quickly, it seems like it takes a little longer for your brain to catch up with your heart, and even longer for your emotions to give you the nerve to finally utter the words. Women tend to be a little more vocal about their emotions than men, but if you watch closely, his actions will show you before his lips tell you that he loves you.

He’s always looking for reasons to spend time with you

Did you ever notice that he’s always looking for an excuse to be in your presence? “Wanna do lunch?” “Do you need a study buddy?” “I was in the neighborhood, I figured I’d just stop by.” Sound familiar?  People who are in love look forward to spending time in the presence of their love interest and go out of their way to make time for you, sometimes when they really don’t have much time available.

He shows genuine interest in your goals and aspirations

This seems to be the generation of the go-getters. People are constantly talking about their innovative new ideas, ambitions, and aspirations to better themselves. So much so, that it is easy to tune them all out after awhile. If his face lights up brighter than yours when you talk about your big plans for your future and his enthusiasm is high, chances are he’s beaming because he’s envisioning himself in it.

He sits on the phone with you for hours on end

Men aren’t really known for sitting on the phone for extended periods of time just for the heck of it. Most of the time, some guys can barely carry on a conversation and will call expecting you to find something to talk about. But when you frequently feel like your face is going to melt due to the heat coming from your cell phone because the two of you have been burning up the phone line for hours, or you’re not even holding the phone but letting it rest on your face at some point after a long time, his feelings concerning you may be growing from “like” to “love.”

He can’t stop smiling

He’s always grinning like the Kool-Aid man when you’re around, sometimes for absolutely no reason at all. Or, better yet, you always catch him trying to fight the urge to smile or stare at you like an adorable creeper. “What are you smiling about?” you ask. “Oh, nothing,” he replies still smiling. He’s not lying. It’s not something its someone and that someone is you! Yeah girl, you’re special…*winks*

He’s goes out of his way for you

When he helps you because it’s convenient and the opportunity just happens to present itself, that’s one thing. But, when he goes completely out of his way for the sole purpose of helping you, that’s something different. You know, like spending his only day off to help you move or driving you all around town so that you can run your errands because your car is in the shop. Especially since gas is not cheap these days! But, then again, I hear love makes you do crazy things.

He makes complimenting you a habit 

You’re always blushing in his presence because he constantly finds ways to shower you with flattering comments. And no, I don’t mean with words like “sexay (spelling error intended)” and “hot,” if those are the only words you’re hearing chances are he’s in lust, not love. A man in love will always want his lady to feel good about herself, so he’ll always let her know just how amazing and beautiful he thinks she is.

He shows interest in just about every aspect of your life

Where many guys aren’t interested in the details, he wants to learn all that there is to possibly know about you. He doesn’t want to know your life story just because he has a special spot in his memory bank where he likes to store trivial information, duh. He wants to know his lady like he knows himself! The things that make you laugh, cry, smile, frown, are all matters of importance to him.

He’s willing to compromise for you

He doesn’t allow you to walk all over him, but he’s willing to bend in a situation for the greater good of the relationship, it’s usually an indicator that he’s developed some more serious feelings for you. And if that isn’t proof enough…

He tells you he loves you

Okay, so not to seem like captain obvious or anything, but the number one sign that a guy has fallen in love with you is when verbally professes his love for you. Telling a person that you love them for the first time can be a pretty big step, but overcoming that nervousness and anxiety and making yourself vulnerable to the person by proclaiming your love to them is an example of what love is all about.

Jazmine Denise is a New York City based Lifestyle & Relationship writer. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

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  • Marina Calis

    Please ladies…do not believe all of these…if the man is a con artist he would display the same characteristics…these articles are here to deceive…do not believe the hype.Go with what you know,watch him over a course of time,take heed to the 6th sense and pray…Good Luck

    • Kath

      “heed to the 6th sense and pray…Good Luck” – Dead on this one! Lol..

  • Kath

    Well a friend of mine has done everything except no. 9. and he had better not do that. I just wish their was a way to tell him, am not AT ALL, interested in you, but I would like for us to remain very good friends. Sometimes I really can’t stand men. A woman doesn’t always want to become your friend because she has some kind of crush on you. You need to start understanding this.

  • Bobtheunicorn

    This boy called called Peter (I can’t say his last name he could b on this site as I type) has done most of these things for me and ended up getting snogged in the end so… Yeah, YAY I have a boyfriend!!

  • shey

    How do i know if this guy is for me

  • Me

    Yeah men can only continue to love ya if you’re photoshopped and then you’re one of a million

  • Me

    Signs were there but never worked. Most just want to fool around . Relationships these days aren’t worth it.

  • TheTruth

    i agree with this list especially the point about talking on the phone for hours. the last guy i dated had serious communication problems but the new guy I’m talking to texts me all day everyday & we have great hour long conversations & he’s interested in every aspect of my life 🙂

  • Guest

    I’m in love with my boyfriend of a few years, and we are still rocking with each other. It does change…but CHANGE doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a BAD thing (for the single “hopeless romantics”) . Who knows, maybe there are men who are like this 24-7 lol…but if you ask me, most of it sounds like the “honeymoon stage”.

    • Kai

      Maybe there should be a list entitled, “He Still Loves You If…”lol.

  • Ken S.

    This can also be a list for 10 things men will do to sleep with you

  • Guest

    these signs are sooo captain obvious.. lol well thks for clearing up that my dude doesn’t love me


    these seem about right.

  • Happygolucky

    Wow! I think its sad how most of these comments are do negative and skeptical. These are supposed to be signs that he might love you, not a clear cut answer. These are things that you can pick up on in your relationship. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I think this list is adorable and can’t wait until it happens to me. 🙂

    • Kai

      I sooo agree with you! This list is very accurate as I compare it to my own romantic experiences. The guys that weren’t really in love with me, but in lust and/or weren’t really emotionally available did not do ALL the things on the list maybe SOME but not ALL. And I think that if a man does ALL the things on the list, it’s a pretty sure thing. A man is not going to go out of his way to be helpful to you unless he genuinely cares.

    • Kath

      Lol.. Just don’t be gullible. Can’t say you weren’t warned.

  • bluekissess

    B. S

  • Just call me Shey

    MOST of this sounds like the honeymoon stage lol

    • MissEngineer

      I agree. Men are different. I’m not trying to be negative but let’s rephrase this title some way. These are new love signs. How about the signs when he’s comfortable and the relationship is beyond the newbie stage?

      • Just call me Shey

        I don’t think you sound negative at all :]

  • Kristina

    I’ve had men do these things for me and thats only because they wanted to get in the panty draws. Once that happens they quickly change. I don’t know any men who stay like this for a long time, once they get you use to you they change. That’s why I change my men every 3 to 4 months. I need the relationship fresh. I need that lust, that yearning feeling, that obsession, that new toy smell.

    • nola

      You mess with different men every 3 to 4 months? Sound like a ho to me lol Hope you wrap it up before you start catching nasty stuff every
      3 to 4 months.

    • Kath

      Lol..Inconsistency is always the order of the day eh? Go on girl!

  • Yaya

    He farts in your eye.

    • dimpz

      lmao!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    • bluekissess

      These “list” sounds ridiculous.

      He blows his morning breath in your face