Do You Know the Difference Between a “Hater” and Someone With An Opinion?

June 5, 2012  |  

I’m sure you’ve heard all the sayings about haters in your years: “Make your haters your motivators,” “Haters gonna hate,” “Let the haters hate,” and who could forget the catchy song, “Hi hater”? Nicki Minaj even sent love to her haters in her hit song, “Moment 4 Life” when she said, Shoutout to my haters, sorry that you couldn’t phase me. But as we know as of late, a few of her haters got under the rapper and her bosses’ skin so much that she backed out of performing at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert this past weekend.

DJ Peter Rosenberg got on stage during Summer Jam before the femmeC’s scheduled performance and declared that her song “Starships” (not Nicki Minaj as a whole) was “wack” and panned it as not being “real hip-hop.” Rosenberg has talked many times on his show, “The Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Show,” about being one of those old-fogy, take-’em-back-to-the-old-days-of-hip-hop heads and has made his feelings vocal about “Starships” for a while. Once those comments were known to Lil Wayne and his team, he told Nicki that she shouldn’t take the stage. She and the YMCMB camp didn’t stand down from their choice, and through a barrage of Tweets from Roman Zolanski and her camp, she let folks know that while she will ride with her fans until the end, R-E-S-P-E-C-T was most important in this situation. She also reiterated that point in her interview with Funkmaster Flex yesterday.

After doing some thinking, I will say that I don’t disagree with Nicki’s anger and some of the comments she’s made. There is honestly something jacked up about a radio station making money off of you and then turning around and having one of its biggest representatives say you made a wack song, publicly, before you’re slated to hit the stage for them. Doing so before her performance could have fostered negative energy amongst the crowd, and that’s not cool. In everyday terms, that’s like someone asking you to help them cook for Thanksgiving, you get ready to slave over the stove, and then a family member tells Auntie Jackie and ‘nem that a dish you made before was the wackest thing they ever tasted. I’m sure you would feel some sort of way about bringing the plate of dressing after the fact. A random example, but I’m sure you understand. However, DJ Peter Rosenberg isn’t an influential fan who could make or break her, he was a random guy with an opinion. That’s it. Why get so bent out of shape that you let this man cheat your fans out of their chance to see you?

This is not only about hip-hop, but this situation reminds me of the confusion people have between individuals being haters and having an opinion. An opinion with some truth to it that they’re not ready to face. Sure, DJ Rosenberg expressed his opinions at an unnecessary time, but these weren’t new opinions he was expressing, nor was it an opinion that I’m sure she hadn’t heard before. He didn’t say that as a whole, Nicki Minaj wasn’t real hip-hop or that she was a wack musician all around, but that her song “Starships” isn’t real hip hop. And, uh, HELLO, I’m sure even she knows that it’s not. But why care so much when you were the same person saying on the radio that you weren’t worried about pleasing old hip-hop fans anymore anyway?

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  • Wow, MN, get out of my head!! LOL… I just wrote a post on my personal blog titled “Hate vs. Opinion” last week!!

  • @msredbonebrite

    It’s funny because I just wrote a post titled “Hate vs. Opinion” on my personal blog a week or two ago, and I brought up a few of these same issues! really don’t think many people know the difference. Good points raised, I appreciated this article! SN: I love the new comment layout!


    Only mental midgets will call you a hater when your opinion do not match theirs! How do you become a hater after expressing your views?!? *confused look*

  • SickOfRidiculous

    I have made several comments regarding the difference between hate and opinions on this blog. Referring to those with a difference of opinion as “haters” has become a popular cop out. It allows those that THINK they’re being hated on to write off dissenting opinions as useless instead of listening to these opinions, taking stock and making changes that may be beneficial.

  • syx

    All this time, I consider the song to be a pop song, I consider Nicki Minaj a pop artist. Im 35 yrs old so I dont know much about the garbage played on radio today. I will stick to my downloads

  • Star

    This was the most eloquently written, objective and intelligent discussion i have seen written on the internet about the entire situation, and anywhere else for that matter. It seems as if we have suffered from a major ignorance infusion in our society and it is very well received as long as you support the favorite artists. I would have hoped some of my favorite blogs would have addressed the situation in this manner, and saw this situation for what it really is. Hoping that in some form or fashion the artists would receive THIS message and in turn make strides to step up their game. Sadly, the fans are satisfied with what they are given, as they are driven by the thirst to be associated with absolutely anything. You may have expected this tantrum- like behavior from a Willow Smith, a Diggy Simmons, or Mindless Behavior type artist. But coming from a woman of almost 30, who portrays herself in song as tough, “un- phased by haters”, and a woman standing alone and doing so much of what other females in her industry can’t do or aren’t able to accomplish, she certainly backed down quickly and stood behind a man when she could have taken the opportunity to show millions that she is indeed “the truth” and NOT to be played with.
    All in all, thank you for this analysis. It was well thought out and I certainly hope that this information is spread, just as it is and for what it TRULY is: a wake- up call. This is not a bash on Nicki, but rather a call for ALL artists to accept their criticisms and turn it into major improvements so they can be the true artists that we pay them to be. All too often we are quick to put people on a pedestal and confirm their feelings of “hateration” while they charge you full price for garbage they put out, lack-luster shows, and the mistakes they make along the way. This message not only extends to the artists, but to the masses as well. Challenge yourselves to do better, and you will know exactly when to accept better. ;o)

    • rasmerom

      That was a very eloquent comment Star. You should contribute a post for us sometime 🙂

      • Miss Anonymous

        I agree.

      • Star

        Thank you very much! That is very flattering! I would love to! :0)

  • Kellz Gaming

    first of all the song is whack! A lot of her songs are stupid. She is better off as a guest rapper on other rappers songs. I think there maybe two song by NM that I like. Other than that she has no substance. Don’t she know a radio station can make or break as an artist.

  • It’s one thing to have an opinion. He has already made his opinion known on the radio station. on stage before she was about to preform is the wrong place to diss her. She has already said she felt bad and is planning a concert to make it up for her fans.. It’s about respect..She was the only female preforming, that’s alot of pressure. She wants to be taken seriously in a male dominated field. Nothing wrong with that. Lil wayne and no other YMCMB artist got any flack because they all were pulled not just her. It’s only like that because she is a woman.

    • Kayleenah_phd

      Respectfully, I have to disagree with your final point. The reason why she is singled out is not because she is a woman, but because it was her slot. She was the artist slated to perform, not Wayne or Baby etc; they were her guests. The only other YM artists that were slated to perform were Tyga (who did because he was not aware of the orders from Wayne) and Khaled, who is a DJ and not an “artist” per se so I doubt anybody felt let down by his absence. I feel like her making it into a woman vs man thing is a way to make the situation so much bigger than what it was; an artist vs a DJ. Also, it is a way to make the issue global so that she can gain more support for Wayne’s decision. Even during the Flex interview she mentioned her homosexual fans and teaching them that “enough is enough”. Taking it to sexism or homophobia is just too far. I understand her feelings were hurt but there is no need to make it racial (by saying that Rosenberg “ain’t even black”), gender based or based on sexual orientation.

      Sidebar: Great article MN! You hit the nail on the head!

  • IllyPhilly

    *crosses eyes and makes that gotta fart face* Salty balls-South Park!

  • It’s always an attention thing with her. Just as well she has an army of brainwashed barbies behind her.

  • She’s a spoil idiot…. She really don’t care about her fans if she did she still would of perform… When you are an artist People are going to say whatever they want. If your going to be in your feeling then the music business is not for you…but she is versatile, not a lot of woman can do what Nikki do

  • Miller

    First let me say, and I have been meaning to say for a while in regards to the comment

    “Some people who comment on Madame Noire could easily be deemed as
    “haters” sometimes, but there are a great many who inspire new, unique
    story ideas, make us rethink the way we do and say certain things
    (anybody noticed we’ve calmed down on “ratchet”??)”

    I am liking this site a lot more, and wanted to go as far as to say ” yeah let that white man have that ratched site (bos) and MN do more to bring the community together. I kid, I kid…not ( is that hating lol). I try to focus on writing better things myself.

    As far ” hating” goes here’s where I stand. Yeah there are some people I don’t like BUT as long as there’s truth to the comments and I can make legitimate arguments… you have to s u c k it up !.

    As long as I can give a person their deserved props when need be.

    Then there is having an opinion, and that’s where some find shelter in combating unfavorable responses about their favorite. Now that’s what make you want to bury the word in the pits of hell !

    The Nicky and Flex situation. Two things. Hot 97 was wrong period. On Nicky’s behalf she had to make a quick decision. There was no time to think on top of Wayne saying no. She went with her first mind. My first mind would have done the same thing. If I had time to think the outcome would have been different !

    Random- When I read hot 97 responded ” Nicky was not the headline Hot 97 was” I was dead and didn’t need to read further !

  • Janell

    And if she would have performed then mad other dj’s would feel they can say whatever about her. It’s easy to say what you would do when you’re not in that situation. Her fans know her and understand why she did what she did. Talking about it all after the fact won’t change her decision. Let’s move on. It’s done and y’all keep dragging it.