You Can Call Me Crazy: 7 Women Who Acted a Fool On-Screen…And We Loved It

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I think we’ve all learned from watching television that the last thing you want to do is call a crazy person, crazy.  Juice anyone? Everyone’s definition of “crazy” is different for one, and plus, calling someone that isn’t nice, even if men like to say that about women on the regular. But the women on this list from some very influential, good and bad movies played crazy so well and almost so real that it was scary. These are just a few of many, so feel free to add more in the comment’s section. So, crazy? I GOT YOUR CRAZY! Just keep a’clicking…


Tasha Smith as Angela in the Why Did I Get Married franchise

You could kind of say she had a reason…Well, honestly I can’t remember. Did Marcus ever really cheat anyway? But if you know this popular Tyler Perry franchise, then you know loud-mouthed Angela (“Get the b**** number, Marcus!”), always suspecting her husband of cheating, always cursing and acting a fool on him. And if she had a bone to pick with you, she wasn’t one to hold her tongue. Maybe that’s why everyone loved her? She never hit anyone upside the head with a pan, but she was quick to embarrass a few people and ready to throw down whenever. Yeah, you can call her cray cray.


Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes in Misery

This is one of those movies you have to see, but probably will only watch once. Comedy crazy is funny, but straight up “I’m-so-crazy-I’m-gonna-shatter-your-ankles-to-make-you-stay” is pretty disturbing. Annie thought she was the luckiest woman in the world when she found famous writer Paul Sheldon after a car accident in a blizzard that left him incapacitated near her home. She nurses him back to health so that he can continue writing. But when he plans to kill off one of her favorite characters in his next novel, she goes postal and makes him burn his manuscript and write a new one. Chaos ensues, folks get ankles broke, strapped to beds and more, and as sweet as she seems, she goes sour REAL fast.


Lynn Whitfield as Brandi in A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And that is SOOOO true when it comes to Lynn’s uber-crazy character of Brandi in this movie. Women have been getting dogged forever, but you never…ever…ditch a woman on her birthday! When Martin Lawrence’s character of Darnell did that so he could snuggle up with Mia (Regina King), a childhood friend and prospective boo, Brandi went POSTAL. She tried to frame him for battery by beating herself up, busted his car UP, and eventually tried to kill him. Tell your man, if you think I’m crazy, check this chick out…


Glenn Close as Alex in Fatal Attraction

You can’t talk about crazy women without touching on this raving lunatic. Another loved (make that laid) and left alone type story, Michael Douglas’s character of Dan thought he was just going to have his cake and eat it too, but when Alex became too attached and he knew he wanted to do right by his wife and child, he tried to cut all ties. Bad idea bro. It was the early ’90s, so because they didn’t have Facebook for her to simply make a “men ain’t s**t” status on Facebook, she decided to try kill his family AND take out his little girl’s rabbit too. I love how confused and blank Close’s face was in the last like 20 minutes of this movie. Someone was going to pay. Even if it was just the rabbit.


Angela Bassett as Bernadine in Waiting to Exhale

I don’t think anybody had a better reason to go postal than Bernie. And granted, she only acted in a complete rage for a few scenes, but I think she’s the only crazed chick on this list we cheered on. After 11 years of marriage and two kids (and 732 times in the sack allegedly), and don’t forget the career she gave up to help her man start his business, her husband decided to leave her for a white woman. Ouch. In probably the greatest scenes of the movie, she walks into his closet (eyes blazing), rips down everything she can find, takes his stuff, throws it in his Benz, and lights that thing on fire. And if that wasn’t enough, she later goes to his job and slaps the shiznit out of his mistress. I loved it all.


Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest

If you think your mother is crazy, then you probably haven’t checked out the cult classic movie, Mommie Dearest. It’s a biographical film about actress Joan Crawford, which came out of the autobiography written by her daughter, Christina Crawford. When she wasn’t spending time cutting her daughter’s hair off in a rage, she was trying to strangle her, or better yet, trying to beat her for being caught with wire hangers in her closet. I’m all for uniformity in a closet, but nobody needs to get beat for it…and if my mother would have woke me up in the middle of the night screaming, “NO WIRE HANGERS EVER!!!!” and looked like THAT, I don’t know what I would have done…


Mo’Nique as Mary Lee Johnston in Precious

You know you play crazy well when you can cop an Academy Award for doing so. She was probably the most memorable part of Precious, and not in a good way (but in a good way?). She was so scary and heartless as Precious’s mother Mary Lee, and so manipulative that every time she came on screen with her hair wrap, cigarette and yellow teeth, you were just as scared as Precious was. When folks tell you they should have aborted you, throw pans at you, and tell you that you aren’t s**t, you’re not only the worst mother of all time, but you’re a gold medalist for the crazy awards.


Jennifer Jason Leigh as Hedy/Ellen in Single White Female

Nothing is probably more crazy than when someone goes out of their way to look exactly like you, act like you and have the things you have–including your man. Hedy was a big ‘ol liar who wanted to make Allie (Bridget Fonda) her replacement twin and best friend, and felt that Allie’s relationship would get in the way of that. She killed puppies, attacks her friends and even stabbed a brotha in the eye with a stiletto to keep Allie on her side, and it was all a fail. The movie is definitely iconic in the sense that so many other films tried to copy it, but nobody could play a crazy roommate like Jennifer Jason Leigh!


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