Is Natural Hair Formal? According to Wendy Williams, No, It’s Not

February 28, 2012  |  

I was just having a conversation with my co-workers on Friday about Viola Davis and her natural hair. The actress wore her hair out for the world to see on the red carpet at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon event last Thursday, and to see her all dressed up with her perfectly coiffed and colored TWA really warmed my heart. While her natural locks made their national debut on the cover of the L.A. Times Magazine not too long ago (when awards season was really heating up), this was the first time she had actually showed up in front of industry heads without her favorite short wig. As a woman with an afro, I applauded her, and thought she looked stunning. But I also wondered why she hadn’t worn it that way in the past since she looked great, and if she was going to follow suit and do the same for the Oscars. While conversing on the topic and my thoughts, my colleagues in the office agreed that she looked fabulous, and explained that as a black woman in a pretty nitpicky and white-washed industry, she probably wasn’t fully comfortable with her hair yet, and clearly not ready to show it off. I felt that. But one co-worker said she could see why Davis had been so particular about showing off her natural hair in a way that had me thinking. She said, “You know, a lot of people used to say that natural hair wasn’t formal.”

At first, I wanted to contest that thought, but when I really pondered on it, many women I knew, including myself, hadn’t really felt comfortable for a while wearing their natural afros to special events and activities. And for Viola, special events are all people like her seem to go to. For my sister’s wedding, all my sisters, including the one getting married, and the bridesmaids with natural hair, went and had their locks pressed. My sister didn’t ask anyone to flatten out their curls, it was just something we sadly assumed should be done: a big ‘ol fro or head full of tight curls wasn’t wedding appropriate–straight hair was. Add that to the number of times I’ve seen influential naturalistas I know braid, press and throw a weave or wig on their bountiful heads for events, and I could somewhat understand where that sad saying came from. But that doesn’t make it true, it’s just something we’ve let people tell us and believed. Often our own people at that. It’s just like the belief that natural hair isn’t work friendly. Aside from certain types of jobs that won’t let you have your hair out (food anyone?), I’ve rarely heard anyone say that their job told them that wearing a fro wasn’t acceptable. And as for weddings and other big events, unless the bride says she wants everyone’s hair the same, why not rock them? Honestly, I think it’s just something many of us didn’t feel comfortable doing for ourselves because we were too worried that other people wouldn’t like our look.

So when Davis was asked by InStyle why she felt it was time to show off her own hair, Davis said her husband Julian Tennon was the one who helped her step out in her natural beauty: “He said, ‘If you want to wear it for your career, that’s fine, but in your life wear your hair. Step into who you are!’ It’s a powerful statement.”

It definitely is, and it probably took Viola a lot of time and thought to decide whether or not to let it all hang out for the biggest awards show out there, but she did it. As black women, knowing this, I think it would be nice to know that even if you weren’t feeling the look, we could all support her choice. Loving what your own hair looks like and stepping out with it at an event where people prefer bone straight hair that reaches down your back is something I think we can all respect, whether you wear natural hair or not.

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  • Karen B

    Wendy is the most biggest ,White people worshipper. I cant stand to watch her ignorance and black people bashing ,she needs prayer ,because she thinks she has been excepted,she is actually a joke to those same folks she worships

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  • SXQN

    I can’t stand Wendy Williams’ fake pretentious azz. I tried to watch her show once. After about 10 minutes I gave up and never watched again. YOU GO VIOLA!!! JUST GORGEOUS!!!

  • Val

    Wendy is too busy trying to be white. If she was meant to have long straight hair she would have been born with it. I wear my Afro proudly. Wendy has so many negative opinions about everyone. She needs to work on herself and look at why she hides her natural hair. Try being black and proud Wendy instead of hiding behind fake hair.

  • pam

    Wendy Williams should not get into any conversation about hair, given that she wears those ugly, fake-looking, bad wigs! Au natural looks better than that any day!

  • How dare WW disparage natural black women’s hair. She has 20 inches of some white womans’ hair sewn on her head, claiming to be “keeping it real” but too indoctrinated to wear her own hair? I’m so done with her.

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  • Katherine Leonard

    All Black woman are not into the European standard of beauty.

  • Is there anyone on this planet who listens to or considers Wendy’s opionon anything but the ravings of a very frustrated, unsatisfied woman?

  • suggz

    OH and high five, and a fist bump to Viola”s husband. No disrespect to her (she has been blessed) but i would Love to give him a huge hug for supporting her and encouraging her to show off her natural beauty so the world could see her in her Natural Magnificence as God made her. She was fabulous! I wish many more black men would be so openly supportive and vocal about loving us being US. ~sniffs~

  • suggz

    I was really disappointed to hear this comment from Wendy. But, if we consider the source who have to realize that here is a person who really isn’t comfortable in her own skin. she apparently has a lot of insecurities herself. Hence all of the plastic surgeries.  I is really sad to for us as women of color that we had for fight all of these misconceptions of Beauty.  We are a regal people, we should carry ourselves with a regal bearing.  I too struggle with my own concept of my beauty. I have gone back to au natural. and there are times when i am tempted by external sources to “get a weave” buy a pony tail, because we are going out, but, i resist and curl my natural hair (water, oil, & conditioner). and roll out. I have gotten more compliments, than my smile can handle.  More often than not from White men, for pete’s sake.

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  • Seyoun54

    I’m going to assume that wendy williams doesn’t wear his/her own hair is because she/he has male pattern baldness, like a bunch of men do.

  • Mhayesesq

    I don’t like the idea that ANYONE would ask Wendy Williams. As someone who’s worn wigs and weaves her ENTIRE career, she most likely lacks the ability to wear her hair natural, as weaves and certain wigs ruin natural hair. I’ll bet Wendy has bald spots at her edges and her natural wouldn’t look as good. She’s not an appropriate judge for anyone but those who are like her. And I think Viola Davis looked stunning. Her hair was neat, and we’re talking about the same red carpet that had women who PURPOSELY went with a messy look…

  • Msfrancescalh64

    Wendy Willams was SOOOOOO WRONG fir that comment. :(!

  • Julia Chance

    I didn’t watch the Oscars and had no idea about all this
    before reading your piece. I had to chuckle at your bewilderment concerning the
    T.V. series Room 222 and the possibility
    that Williams may have been comparing Viola’s hair to the Afro-ed actor Lloyd Haynes
    who starred on the show. While I certainly don’t agree with Wendy Williams, let
    me try to explain her Room 222


    As you noted, Room 222
    was a late 1960s early’70s-era program. It was wildly popular because it was
    one of the first shows with an intergrated cast, it featured a diverse group of
    young people (the beginnings of the youth quake in television) and it dealt
    with topical issues of the day – war, drugs, racism. This was before the
    socially relevant Norman Lear produced shows – All In the Family, The
    Jeffersons and Good Times – made their debut so it was a big deal.


    While the curly ‘fro-ed actress you mentioned, Denise
    Nichols (once married to singer Bill Withers and later co-starred in the series
    In the Heat of the Night), was one of the
    leads, there were two young black actresses who starred as students as well as
    some extras, all with some style of natural hair. They included TaTanish
    (formerly Shirley Cummings) who played Pam (; and
    Tamu Blackwell, who appeared in several T.V. shows and movies of that era
    including Claudine ( Wendy
    was more likely referring to those women, not Lloyd Haynes.

  • ETTadacinom


  • Danathurston40

    Wendingo Williams is so ashamed of her blackness, so anyone thats “proud of the skin their in”, she always has negative remarks.  Everything about her is fake.  Why is she so ashamed of who HE really is?

  • Black Butterfly

    In my opinion Viola Davis looked jusy perfect. She needs to leave the wigs and weaves be. And who cares about Wendy Williams anyway. She looks like a man with hair and big fake tits.

  • Sheenarara

    I love to see women with their natural hair. People are always gonna have something to say but this is what was given to her and she’s proud of it.

  • Chevel29

    I think wearing wigs and extensions are formal. I have been without a relaxer for well over a year wearing braids and it feels good to actually feel the air blowing thru my scalp. I been sporting a Afro for a couple of weeks. I got a lot of stares from men and women. It felt good to say yes this is my real hair.

  • tmoney

    I think Viola looked great. Wendy William’s comment is evidence of brainwashing.  However, I agree with another poster, do what works for you.  It’s dispicable that there is so much nit picking and scrutiny about how Black women wear their hair to begin with.  No other race is as scrutinized for its hair choices.  Yes there is a history of conforming and altering etc. but at this point, there are so many different versions of “natural”.  Viola’s hair looks to be dyed, dye is a chemical so does that mean she isn’t truly “natural”? There are so many different angles you could take the natural discussion so again, I wish that folks would just worry about themselves and not pass judgment whether someone has a chemical process in their hair, weave, “natural”, braids, etc.

  • DreadHeadDude

    I can’t believe any black person could twist his or her mouth to say that a black woman shouldn’t rock a natural style- especially at the OSCARS! Hell, one of us finally makes it (you know this only happens once every blue moon) so thank GOD she represented us with natural beauty and not some ratched wig or weave or looking like one of those Will and Jada kids on every single commercial you see (you know that curly fro you haters wish you had).  With this style, she wasn’t hidden behind a mop on top her head and you got to see her bone structure, beautiful skin tone, and those awesome shoulders- she looked like a brand new woman which is upsetting in a sense because she really looks like that every day- GORGEOUS! soooo all you black folks (especially you women) who believe you aren’t beautiful without a chia pet attached, please check yourself- this woman has made it- where the hell are you???? (besides up 3 hours before work trying to make that mess look like a white woman to make minimum wage) #GTFO (real)#BlackGirlsRock

  • C.J.

    *Sigh* Dayum that Chris Rock. Had he stayed out of our business we wouldn’t have these dayum debates. It’s hair and not EVERY person who relaxes their hair HATES themselves. It’s not PERMANENT like rhinoplasty or something – Geezus!!!
    Just like most people use a dryer instead of going outside and hanging their clothes or a microwave instead of going outside and cooking near a campfire, some women just relax their hair because it’s easier and available and that’s it.

    …and if someone doesn’t think that short, natural hair is cute, then that’s their opinion. Stop attacking people just because they don’t think there’s anything femine about it or they feel like it may not go with an outfit. Otherwise you just sound like “Natural Nazis”. Just do you and leave us to our supposed problems. Ok?

  • Cptsunflower

    What an ignorant self-hatred oriented statement to make.  But considering where it came from, I guess it is to be expected.  Natural hair is beautiful, Viola Davis looked stunning and regal and I loved her look.  Sometimes I wonder if Wendy is being paid to say stupid ish.  We have got to stop putting ourselves down in front of others in an effort to be accepted by them.  If they don’t accept us, then oh well.  The least we can do is love and accept ourselves head to toe for the fine dime pieces we all are.  We are simply gorgeous just like we are, nothing added or subtracted.  The funny thing is the rest of the world knows this too.  Just ask the plastic surgeons and tanning attendants.  Wendy just got her neck-down look on point within the last couple of years (cause she used to look a freakin’ messy mess).  Wendy Williams is no expert on anything but gossip and fakeness.  Cut it out gurl, it’s not cute.  Stop frontin’ for folks who still don’t like us.  Be for real.

  • Ninda

    How can we as black women expect others to take us serious, when we make ugly or rude comments about are natural beauty.  To say natural hair isn’t formal, is to say black isn’t formal.  We have to stop allowing white America to dictate what real beauty is.  We have to know “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL” if you wear your hair natural, “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL” if you wear your hair relaxed “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL” and if you wear weave or wigs…… “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL” 

  • Char027

    Viola looked soooo good on the red carpet I did not know who she was. She looks at least 10 yrs younger with the natural than the wigs. I have worn everything from locs down my back, short naturals, cornrow styles and my current combo of cornrows and a sew-in over the last 20 yrs. I don’t believe there are any hard fast “rules” about what is attractive, professional or formal. You have to do what works for you. For Wendy that’s weaves and wigs. For Viola that’s a natural. We should all just respect each person’s right to choose.

  • chitownbadboy

    I liked viola’s boldness at the oscars, she brought a look that most sisters would’ve never rocked to the worlds biggest platform and made a bold, cool-ass statement.. as well as a nod to the 60’s when the natural was not only a hairstyle but a visual statement of the civil rights/black power movement. I’m a brother whos always been a big fan of the natural look on sisters..p.s. I’m still not exactly sure if wendy williams is even female “how U doin???”

  • Melvaquimby

    That mop that Wendy wears is not formal looking like he,she,it!!!!!!!! She need to stop looking like a man!!!!!

  • Seriously? It’s 2012, and trying to pass for white by obscuring one’s natural beauty is not a lack of formality. Viola looked stunningly beautiful and  Wendy “Weave Warrior” Williams needs to concentrate on  transitioning further to a being with a modicum of intellect. 

  • When did Wendy Williams, the queen of raunchy looks and gossip become the threshold bearer of what is formal or not? Give me a break, Wendy Williams is a no talent hack who makes a living by gossiping about others. Not only that Wendy Williams is completely fake, fake breast, fake hair, shamelessly fake. She is authority on nothing~ 

  • Quita5060

    Why Wendy, why?  I don’t have a show or anything but I think there are a lot of people who listen to me and do what I do like I did what somebody else did s owhy would you not say something positive when you have an even greater audience than I do?

  • Bon

    Even more beautiful her husbands support.

  • Faye

    It’s a sad day when a Black woman regurgitates what white society and media have said to Black women since we landed here in the 1500s – “You being you is not enough, you have to be more like me for me to respect and honor you in any way.” Well, it was a crock of *hi# then and it still is. If Viola wants to wear her afro, (which was STUNNING BTW) with an evening gown to the awards show, who the hell is WW to say she shouldn’t? I guess WW wants Viola to be “unnatural” to please people who would (and do) die to be more like the Black people they seem to hate huh… I say seem because with all of the butt and lip injections, the boob jobs, and the processed curls they do…SMH They hate themselves more than we think or give them credit for, maybe we ALL need to go natural. Then see what they say… I mean, really, they walk around in their natural state, at least the ones who aren’t trying to emulate us anyway…

  • VAM

    You know what first of all I don’t know why Madam enorie was making such a big deal over her hair on Oscar nite second who is Wendy Williams to talk about anyone hair this is coming from a woman that uses the excuse of her hair being thin that is why she wears wigs. Seriously. If you want weaves and perms do so but do not look at your natural sister and think they are not rocking it. You may not like my comment but weaves and perms is just a number of slavery and I for one can speak on it because I have done them both and did not realize I was a slave to my hear until I went natural. We are told kinky is ugly black is ugly etc… We spend billion of dollars every where on products weaves, fake nails and eyes. These products are not black owned and White and Asians are laughing at us all the way to the bank and we are so ignorant to wha tthe real deal is and the damage we have caused to ourselves that it is ridiculos. Come on sisters because I have seen some of you went your silky straight looking a mess.

  • Ddbrown_526

    Please don’t listen to Wendy Williams.  Is anything on her natural?

  • Soulshadow55

    What I found truly interesting is that in all of the after-Oscar shows that I watched, including Joan Rivers, Access Hollywood, etc. everyone praised Viola for wearing her hair natural.  All of the white commentators, Joan Rivers, Juliana Rancic, Kelly Osborne, everyone who discussed Ms. Davis’ Oscar appearance had nothing but positive things to say about her hair.  How much they loved the fact that she had gone natural, that her husband has urged her to do it and how beautiful she looked.  Even while walking the red carpet, all the interviewers told Ms. Davis how stunning she looked with her natural hair. The only person who said something negative was a black woman, Wendy Williams.  I’m 57 and I haven’t had perm in my hair since I was 28 years old.  I’ve worn braids, cornrows and two strand twists.  After admiring Viola Davis’ TWA I’m thinking about cutting off a couple of inches and rocking her style.  Black woman have been super creative since day one with our hair.  From curling irons, texturizers, jherie curls, Dominican straightening, we’ve done it all.  I don’t begruge anyone styling their hair the way they feel most comfortable, but for Wendy to make such a crude, hurtful, negative statement about Ms. Davis’ hair was just uncalled for.  If she didn’t like it, she could have, like someone else mentioned, just said “not my style but I defend her right to do it.” Again, what’s funny is that the white woman who was on the show that day discussing all of the Oscars styles said that she loved Viola Davis’ hair – it was only then that Wendy chimed in and said how much she didn’t like it and made the crack about “Room 222.”  After all of the bad press and negative emails she’s received Wendy will probably edit that part out of the show before it goes on-line or in re-runs.  If God created us with kinky, curly hair and she loved us so much to make our hair just so, how can it not be appropriate or formal enough for any occasion?  

  • Khace

    Who says that your hair has to be straight to be formal? That kind of thinking shows that the self-hate brainwashing of the past is still with us. Natural hair is beautiful hair. Black women must learn this and become proud to display it. I’m a Black man and I love it when Black women wear their natural hair. I definitely prefer it over the wigs and weaves.

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  • Tickywhan

    Wendy Williams’ comment travels much deeper than we think. It’s all around self-hate, which is obvious considering the POUNDS of makeup, weaves and wigs she wears. Maybe she isn’t a ‘natural’ beauty. I’m not being ugly but she seriously isn’t much of an attractive woman WITH all that garb, so I can only imagine. That being the case, I will not, as a proud, natural, African-American woman wear her insecurities with her. I LOVE myself and my natural coils. Wendy Williams should be ashamed of her comments. She has a right to her opinion but there are much more respectful ways that she could have CHOSEN to express herself.

  • I don’t agree with this ideology surrounding natural hair.  We, 
    Africans are pretty much the only people with this type of hair.  Why be ashamed? Why isn’t it acceptable?  It grows like this from our heads, its not by choice.  Its unique, it can be sculpted, molded, braided and pressed. We can do anything with our hair!! Its powerful yet most people first instinct is to throw chemicals on it.  Its what separates us from just any other race, and I think that is awesome!!! Its a  I don’t see any Africans going out of their way to tell Caucasians their hair is too straight, or to silky or not kinky enough.  I’ve even seen Caucasians go straight from the shower out into public with a wet head…no one cares.  So why do we care so damn much? 

    We need to really start asking ourselves why are we so afraid of our hair? Ok, so its hard to manage sometimes, but if we learned how to treat it right maybe we will find that its not difficult. 

    Furthermore whats with this rock a “Fro” thing?  That is only one style out of many. I’ve had a natural for about 10 years now and I only on rare occasions have I rocked a fro.  I might do it now and then when I go to concerts and stuff like that but I wear all kinds of styles like twist, braids, flat twist, corn rows, mohawks, pony tails and afro puffs…some times to styles in one.  Braided mohawk, twist with flat twist or cornrows and etc…  I even press my hair from time to time.  

  • Cel B1122

    Amem, Amen, AMEN!!!! Thank you for this article!! We have come a long way fighting the stigma that natural isn’t cute or formal enough.
    Its a beautiful thing to see her step out of that stigma to show her true beautiful self!!! My conversations where much like yours. Overall consences…..she broke the mold for all that Hollywood BS & walked w her head held high & her natural beauty gleaming!!! KUDOS to her!!!

  • Mean Mama

    Personally, I was impressed to see her natural hair.  And it looked fabulous.  And I want to see more African American women in Hollywood go natural.  When I am out and about and I see women with natural hair I always like it better than the straight hair.  I like locks, and twists and braids.  It is far more beautiful to see the variety and natural hair then to see just another head of straight hair.  I have a 7 year old daughter who would kill for straight hair.  I refuse to straighten her hair (chemically, although I have pressed it a few times).  I want her to love her natural hair and a beautiful part of who she is.  I wish there were more role models with natural hair so she would learn that natural is stunningly beautiful!  So thanks for doing just that Viola!

  • BlackHeywood

    Wendy is not comfortable with herself, she cannot understand how others are comfortable with being who they are and comfortable in their own skin. Wendy has has numerous surgeries to obtain her Jessica Rabbit cartoonist figure. It’s clear that she’s not comfortable being a Black woman in a White industry. Viola Davis was stunningly beautiful and she sent a message that being herself she still is a beautiful Black woman,. I applaud her and hope more Black women follow her lead. 

  • Rah Truth

    People need to distinguish between natural hair and some of the actual styles. “Natural” simply refers to the texture- not relaxed, and often not pressed. I don’t have to like every style someone wears just b/c it’s natural. And, if it don’t like it, that doesn’t mean I don’t like natural hair in general. If Wendy didn’t like the style, so what? She has a right to her own opinion just like everyone else. Get a life!

  • simplecivility

    Must we always curse each other out and negatively and mean-spiritedly go back and forth with one another? Am I the only one who is sick and tired of how we disrespect each other in our dialogue? Heart-brokened 🙁

  • Ja_sampson

    I wonder if those who say short, natural hair isn’t formal thought the same of Michelle Williams’ hair was formal.  Ms. Davis looked beautiful….and formal!

    • Soulshadow55

      You are sooo absolutely right!!!  Michelle Williams wears her hair very short with a part on the side.  But it’s very short in the back and very blonde.  No one mentioned how short her hair is, nor did anyone say that it was too “informal” for the red carpet.  Only Wendy Williams made crude remarks about Viola Davis’ tiny weeny afro. Just like you, I thought Ms. Davis looked beautiful.  Her skin was glowing (she was all nice and moisturized), her dress was stunning and her makeup was on point.  Her hair color matched perfectly with hair skin tone. The cut was perfection and all the little curls in the top were perfection as well.  She took what God gave her and made it better.    

  • Actrs2

    Wendy is the last person to listen to with her insecure, wig wearing, plastic surgery self. I don’t know why anyone puts stock into what she says about anyones appearance.

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  • guest

    Gotta agree with Wendy on this! Natural hair is beautiful, but not for a formal occasion.

    • Using_Wisdom

      “Natural hair is beautiful”, but not beautiful or good enough for a “formal occasion”?  Sounds like you have been the victim of limited vision and the product of assimilated thinking.

  • Wendy Williams is just an example of a Black Women who is not comfortable in her own skin.  We see her in the big wigs and tons of make-up…………….she’s just not happy with self.

    • VAM

      I agree and after Janet Hubert checked her and spit her out you would think she would think before speaking.

  • Ignorant….I was hoping Viola would rock her natural look for the Oscars and I was excited she did. It was a remarkable move of courage especially in Hollywood, where beauty seems to be fabricated. Also, Denise Nichols was in Room 222.  I actually remember the show, although I can’t remember how she wore her hair.

  • We have so many other, more important things going on in our community. All this talk about our hair is really getting old.

  • Ellie

    I do believe natural hair is formal at times. Personally I am one of those people who straightens my hair for a big event and thats only because the people who see most of the time have seen my a froed so they’re used to it already. For me it takes a special occasion for me to want to straighten my hair and that’s maybe twice a year. Even then I still put my hair into rollers so I can have those curls. Although, if I were a celebrity I wouldn’t care because they have so many formal events my hair wouldn’t be able to keep up lol. 

  • Looking to Wendy Williams for beauty tips is like asking a rock about being soft. 

  • Visiting comment

    That was absolutely out of touch and says more about Wendy than anything.  I think Viola looked beautiful and that includes her hair.  Why do we need to apologize for publicly wearing what God gave us.  For the record, not all of us have the same texture of natural hair.  Viola’s hair was obviously styled for the occasion.  She was not suffering from unkempt hair.  Wendy needs to keep her personal issues and need to disassociate from her black feature (for professional reasons?) to herself and get some counseling.

  • I’m
    just going to go there… How on earth is the hair that grows on your head be
    considered “not worthy” to be seen at a “formal” event. Just think what kind of
    statement that really saying … “The hair that God gave me is does is not good
    enough”.  Black women have for 300+
    years in this country have been led to believe from others outside of the
    community and those within the community that their hair is somehow less
    desirable than those women who have “long/straight” hair. At what point do you
    say enough is enough of to the following things:

    1.     Burning your hair follicles
    with chemicals that strip your hair and leave it limp as well as possibly
    burning your scalp

    2.     Wearing a scarf to bed EVERY
    night to keep the “style” in place or only sleeping in a certain way to not
    mess up your hair

    3.     Being able to scratch your
    head where it itches

    4.     Doing whatever it takes to
    keep your hair away from water 
    (rain, ocean, pools, etc…)

    5.     Making fun of “nappy  hair” like it is some kind of disease –
    be honest  that is what most think

    list can go on and on but I think you get the point. We must come to
    realization that the majority of African American women are not meant to have
    long flowing hair AND there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. Deal with
    it. Force others to deal with it. 

    American Men – STOP asking your women to straighten their hair – It is
    unreasonable, unnecessary and sends a message that you think their natural hair
    is something to be ashamed of.  There is NOTHING on their body that you should be ashamed of.
     Flip the script ask for it – make
    that the new norm. PLEASE Keep in mind that only 40+ years ago many men conked
    their hair as well –obviously we got past that —  lets help our sisters get past it as well.

    American Women – STOP teaching your daughters that your hair must be “permed”
    to be considered “acceptable”. 
    They can see what you are doing and will think it is NORMAL behavior to
    change the physical state of the hair that grows on their head by burning it with
    lye or chemicals … and that includes carotene as well…

    your Caucasian/Asian/Latino sisters are not used to it and look at you funny –
    let them keep looking.  Don’t be
    afraid to flaunt what gift God gave you.

    think of how liberating it would be to just wear your hair the way it should be
    worn without thinking about a wig, getting your hair “done”, etc… People at
    formal events should be HONORED to be in the presence of an African American
    woman who wears her hair natural – Much love to you Viola Davis!  

  • Everything Wendy Williams
    says isn’t gospel. Her opinion is just an opinion; Viola Davis looked
    absolutely stunning. There is still a mentality out there that fried,
    dyed and laid to the side is a requisite in the glam world. It isn’t.
    That anyone bothered to turn it into an issue is the more troubling

  • Honeyb6

    I think that Ms Davis looked wonderful, I loved her hair and it was a great style for her face and body frame, there is no reason for any black woman to be ashamed of her God given beauty.  I’m sorry Wendy, I rather be on the dance floor with my natural having a good time, then a heavy wig or weave. To thine own self be true.

  • Tay1972

    Wendy Williams should be ashamed of herself. I can’t believe these comments come from her: A woman with so little dignity that she wears a damned lace front wig on national television and has the almighty nerve to reach up inside it and pull little notes and crap out sometimes!

    This kind of sentiment makes me fighting mad. Rather than basking in the glow of Ms. Davis’ accomplishment, she sitting in her chair wearing a busted blonde wig and criticizing the woman’s appearance. It’s for that very reason that I refuse to watch her show.

    • Guest

      Agree, you can clearly see whom she glorifies and salivates over on ther show – the Kardashians, RHO Orange County, Lindsay Lohan, Heather Locklear, Snookie and the Jersey Shore crew etc….and as s/o pointed out earlier, she is OBSESSED with hair and herself. She is beyond sickening to digest on even a yearly basis!

  • Maxxout

    I think she looks hot and younger. Work that hair girlfriend.

  • mamafropuff

    so apparently, wendy williams would prefer sistahs walking around in stank, gnarly lace front blond wigs. seriously, i think her wig glue has permeated her brain. 

  • Glamdll

    Wendy is just jealous because she has to wear a wig.

  • alice

    Wendy, are you for real. That was a whacked out statement. How could wearing something natural  that God blessed you with be considered “Not Formal”. Lost a lil’ respect for you Wendy.

  • JB8

    How sad for Wendy that she thinks wearing someone else’s hair is “formal.” Not only do I applaud Viola for her bravery to be herself, but kudos to her husband who understands where her true beauty lies and he isn’t afraid to tell the world how beautiful he finds his wife.  Poor Wendy, she buys her hair, her body, her image and doesn’t see the irony in criticizing a real star.

  • Wow . . . some of us haven’t left the plantation, I see. There’s not a THING wrong with our hair the way GOD makes it grow!!! I agree with earlier commentary that I’ve never seen anything sillier on a woman than these obviously fake weaves and ridiculous looking lacefronts. I don’t even want to KNOW what all that stuff smells like after a week or so, especially if someone works out . . . . SMGDH at women turning their noses up at TWAs, locs and other natural hair when they’re walking around with their heads smelling like week-old fried chicken, leftover bacon grease and pickle juice . . .

  • Just a thought

     This issue is bigger then Wendy Williams and I do not imitate any black
    celebrity. Mental Slavery unfortunately has been the plight of Black Americans
    in this country. There are black women with Afros, Permed/Pressed hair, Braids,
    Natural, Locks, Twists & Colored and now Natural sistas who are embracing
    the Mohawk or Shaving the sides of their head. How about Caucasian/Hispanics & Asian women? Every
    ethnicity has done something to there own hair and lets not forget there are
    women of all races who suffer from hair loss, trichotillomania (hair
    pulling) or Alopecia which can be due to tight hairstyles but also to iron deficiency or fluctuating of hormones..There are women out there who agreed with Wendy but I for one
    did not. I thought Viola looked amazing however I thought Viola was beautiful
    before she took her wig off. I noticed her for her acting since we are not
    seeing enough of black actresses being represented in Hollywood and they
    are not getting enough quality roles; people only spoke about Halle Berry. Do
    you honestly believe she will never wear a wig again? She’s an actress.
    Viola did not step out of her comfort zone to represent all black women in
    America. Does that mean that Viola hated herself all these years because of a
    wig? Does every black women hate themselves because of how they choose to style
    their own crown of glory??! Have we forgotten Political Activist Angela Davis,
    Whoopi Goldberg, Lisa Bonet, Lauren Hill and Wanda Sykes, Kim Coles, Janelle
    Monae, Solange & Jill Scott. just to name a few. However there are women who
    are sporting the Afro Centric hairstyles with weaves!! What about women who wear
    braids?? When these women wore their hair naturally how many millions of black
    women stopped paying or going to their beauticians for relaxers or getting a sew
    in? How many sat under that HOT hairdryer in the summer because your hair had to
    be straight or spent money on Hair magazines for the latest hairstyles?? Don’t knock all black women as having self hatred. Not
    every natural hairstyle is going to fit every woman face some can rock a short
    hairstyle like Viola other may need more hair like Jill Scott to balance their
    features or opt for a twist or cut their hair very low still
    look beautiful. If you always wore your hair without relaxers, are now going
    completely without a relaxer or wearing a weave/wig it doesn’t change who you
    were before.

    Black women started wearing weaves/wigs some did it because they didn’t
    want to relax their hair, wanted to have a styling option or others just wanted
    to have long hair BUT we all knew it wasn’t their own hair. Women who relaxed
    their own hair criticized women who wore weaves. Now women who have decided
    to go natural, are criticizing women who wear weaves and use relaxers or vice
    versa or you are woman who wears a wig and you are considered bald and you have self
    hatred. We all did it for the same reason to fit in with society, not of our own
    but of other races who unfortunately had set the standard of beauty. Growing up
    I had natural shoulder length full thick hair however even other kids my age
    /older black adults didn’t accept me because I wasn’t considered pretty enough, or that
    my nose was a bit wide or that I had a foreign last name. I am 37 years old and
    wear my hair natural and I wear wigs but this doesn’t make me more black or less
    of a woman than another.. Its your preference. Showing off your hair is not a
    badge of honor. I support my sistsa’s regardless of what their hair looks
    like and you have the right NOT to relax your hair its your choice. We are focused
    too much about what other black women are doing to their own hair. Hair Revolved
    just like everything else in life and will not change. Political Activist
    fought for Civil Rights & Equality not about hair.

    Turn on the TV and who do
    you see day in and day out Caucasians. Where do you buy your hair products from
    or buy your African/Caribbean foods mostly from? Asian owned businesses
    depending on where you live.Who do you work for and how many businesses are
    being managed by black people? Not enough…Are you investing your money, or
    starting up your own businesses? Are you spending saving enough or spending your money on buying designer
    shoes and bags? Have we come collectively as other races to support one another
    in creating business in our communities? How many sistas are supporting
    Oprah by watching her network? Have violence escalated more then ever before in
    our neighborhoods or Misogyny in our music and videos increased? Why isn’t there a movement on these issues? as STUPID as
    this may sound what if you were forced to shave your head tomorrow? Hair is
    vainty!! This issue reminds me of Light skin vs. Dark skin women OR what’s
    politically correct calling each other Black or African Americans. We are not
    even represented are respected enough in America and we put our focus on how we
    comb our hair….

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  • KrysWithaK

    P.S. I think a lot of people, black women especially, confuse natural hair with laziness. Being natural does not mean you just wake up and walk out the house with your hair looking any kind of way. It takes a lot of care and preparation and time! 

  • KrysWithaK

    I for one have always thought Viola to be a powerful actress but I never thought she was very pretty until I saw her with her natural hair. It was like I was finally able to see HER and I thought she looked absolutely amazing. I never give Wendy or her opinion much consideration. She does everything for shock value and I can’t take anything she says seriously. Especially not on natural matters. There isn’t a thing on Wendy Williams that’s natural so I’m not sure what authority she’s even speaking on. Wendy doesn’t even know she looks like! If she ever took off all that makeup, false lashes, and mountain of somebody else’s hair off her head I’d bet the rent money she wouldn’t even recognize herself. Girl BYE!

    • Faye

      “I for one have always thought Viola to be a powerful actress but I never thought she was very pretty until I saw her with her natural hair. It was like I was finally able to see HER and I thought she looked absolutely amazing.” I feel exactly the same way… I saw VIOLA for the first time and I LOVED HER EVEN MORE as a WOMAN and an ACTRESS. The self hate that WW displayed with her comment makes me feel like I should boycott her…smh

      OH and LMBO at the fact that if WW removed all that was false about herself she wouldn’t even recognize herself! LOLOL! SO TRUE!

  • AnnaRenee

    That monochrome, almost black and white picture of Viola Davis is absolutely stunning!!!  That pose is everything – and says everything about a mature black woman who accepts and believes in her own natural beauty without bothering about others’ opinion and without comparing.   YEESSS!   That photo says EVERYTHING!!!     I love you Viola!  

    Viola aint nobody’s fool.  She knew she would get a ton a backlash for that help role, but she came out blazing with her natural hair, and the color is on FIYAH!!

  • Doug

    Wow, I did not even read it all but if a black woman has to have fake a*s weave in her hair 365(Unless she “REALLY” has to have it, then Mrs Williams is living the I want to be white so that I can fit in lifestyle…I wonder what she looks like with out any extra hair from china…DOUG!

  • Koffeebrown6274

    How sad that has Black Women we despise our own unique beauty.Natural hair is versatile fun,show stopping & can be classy & corporate.Its Black Women that have bought into this synthetic,horse hair culture believing that it makes us easy on the eye,more acceptable,employable not too Black looking.To the point where we are gluing this crap to our scalps,voluntarily inflicting alopecia ,scalp disorders & baldness.When the whole time we actually have our own natural hair laying there dormant crying out for love.Whilst we slap on the Lye which burns & breaks down our natural Lioness hair and lies to it going into battle with it chemically for 4 weeks at least before it starts to revert back to its natural glory.When are we going to start loving who we are Black people of many shades,builds,full lips,hips,broad noses,strong built to last Kings & Queens? Instead of having a complex about our complexions stripping our skin with bleach & hydroquine getting the Beyonce look & skin cancer so you can wear that Blonde lace front & look er flawless.Again when are Black people going to stop buying into this form of mental slavery,working on what seems like self hatred,internal image conflict.Black people are making everybody dirt rich in the hair & beauty industry with all their internal complexities even the cleaning industry are getting fat as Black men & women Bleach their skin with Bleach used to clean toilets or drains big in the U.K,Africa & Carribean.2012 how far have we really come Black people ?? Black Herstory & History we have learnt nothing from those who have fought and died for us to be proud of what & who we are. The chains & whips aren’t being used because we do a grand job of reinforcing mental slavery in our day to day lives. Everything starts from Black everything else is just shades of grey… Recognise Me rocking my natural hair 37 yrs from birth, corporate enough yes l am an addictions therapist & social network creator and I LOVE BEING BLACK running my fingers through my twists Ms Koffee Brown Creator & CEO of Rainbow Blak Social Networks For Women Lgbtq of BLAK Origin

  • Sbasta

    We should all praise sister Viola Davis for inspiring us (her people), our stars need to stand up start breaking these barries erected by white supremacy idiots! These strong, intelligent, beautiful & miraculously blessed Black Men & Women deserve our respect, admiration, full attention and support, for they open doors & break barries while inspiring the new generations of Kings & Queens. Stay forever blessed, beautiful, intelligent & positive. Greetings from Angola, as I embrace you with love. We salute you Mrs Viola Davis.

  • DEE

    Why is anyone listening to a woman who not only looks like a moose, but wears a moose on her head daily?  I’m done with WW.  I tried to be supportive, but she has fallen down the rabbit hole.

  • How sad that “natural” is so “unnatural” to so many. I embraced being “different” as a child and learned to love all of me many years ago. Now those who tormented me because I wouldn’t straighten my hair are now all doing the “BIG CHOP” because they are going bald or broke from the cost of perms and upkeep. All due respect to WW. But SHUT THE HELL UP!! We’ve had to fight too many entities (corporate, educational systems, little old church ladies . . .) to be organically US. Leave it alone WW. Just leave it alone! AND . . . why hasn’t anyone mentioned Esperanza Spalding!! Equally beautiful natural!

  • Gail Washington

    And why hasn’t anyone mentioned Esperanza Spalding’s fro?  Equally beautiful!

  • Gail Washington

    How sad that “natural” is so “unnatural” to so many. I embraced being “different” as a child and learned to love all of me many years ago. Now those who tormented me because I wouldn’t straighten my hair are now all doing the “BIG CHOP” because they are going bald or broke from the cost of perms and upkeep.  All due respect to WW.  But SHUT THE HELL UP!!  We’ve had to fight too many entities (corporate, educational systems, little old church ladies . . .) to be organically US.  Leave it alone WW.  Just leave it alone!

  • Koffeebrown6274

    Wow mental slavery continues to reign on in 2012.If you know our History & Herstory you will recognise why l make such statements.I am a Black Woman Black British Born 37 years Natural,my mom is natural
    My sister was natural for 32 years.For many years growing up friends, partners loved my natural hair but would always say you shouldld so perm it,it would be beautiful,straight & longer

  • guest

    I had the same thing happen to me. There was this big deal for my sister’s wedding and my sister had me straighten my natural hair because she (nor her husband to be) wanted an Afro in the wedding. I didn’t make a stink so I just did it, but I was upset that I had to. If I get married, I’m making my sisters wear their relaxed hair in giant curls! 

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  • Sophie

    Wendy is silly she looks like a drag Queen with all that hair, she claims to want to empower black women how is that if you can’t even represent your own black hair. She feels the need to respesent Asian ladies hair instead.

  • Wendy needs to go shave that adams apple down and get rid of that atrocious weave of hers.  Viola looks absolutely gorgeous! I hope she stays aways from those wigs!

  • Whit Sherrell

    People who wear mounds of weave/wigs cannot understand that finally being able to embrace who you naturally are isn’t about formal or not formal, it’s about personal growth. Wendy is wig obsessed, so I would not even expect her to think that natural hair is fitting at all let alone for a formal event. I rock my fro everywhere from weddings to corporate events. If someone doesn’t like it, I can’t sweat it. I’ve finally learned to LOVE every part of me. It’s not about them! GO VIOLA!

  • OMG!!! this is coming from a drag  queen? In my book this called self hate.

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  • Toles2

    There is an old saying “Beauty is in the EYE of the BEHOLDER”.  The media/industry presents a certain image as beauty, typically slim, with silky (straight or wavy) hair, blonde, narrow nose and the lighter complexions with a few exceptions, if you don’t fit within these boundaries there are general comments you unfortunately will receive from someone who has not broaden their horizons beyond the status quo. I am not trying to insult anyone this is simply fact as I have observed and listened to people over time.  

    I have two lovely young ladies I am blessed to guide through life.  Different but very similar in look shape and size.  My oldest (14) has a face and body that lean towards European ancestry, long shiny silky/curly hair, narrow nose and slender face.  The youngest (11) who leans toward African ancestry, shorter kinky/curly hair, wider flat nose, and round face.  Both have developed early grown bodies (not fat) with the 2 B’s (breast and booty)  luscious lips, The oldest from months old was oggled over, one woman went as far to “playfully” ask “Did you get the right baby?”.  Caucasion strangers would smiling just LOVE her, could EAT HER UP.   Minority women have focused on the oldest hair.  It’s worth noting as they have gotten older both have been referred to as beautiful, but typically white women comment on the beauty of the youngest.  

    I teach them how a LADY is to behave, carry herself, treat others and last, but never least show their best outer shell accentuating what God gave them.  They understand if you act a certain it will obscure the outer beauty you have worked on.

    All that to say as a woman I must LOVE MYSELF first as long as I am maintaining good health.  Whatever others say THAT IS THEIR OPINION, everyone has one question is “Do you know when it is proper to verbalize and HOW to say it?”

    • Toles2

      And I thought Ms Davis was gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wendy Williams is ashamed of her own hair. She’s been wearing wigs and weaves for so long she has forgotten what its meant to actually show off her hair. She, if that is what we are calling her, needs to get a reality check. If she becomes jobless tomorrow she will have to figure out a way to maintain her hair sans the fakeness.
    I’ve seen executives with dreads that make formal look better then those with processed hair. Wendy needs to calm down. Viola was the best looking person on that carpet and to say she looked anything, other then gorgeous, is preposterous.  Hating @$$ tranny.

  • Cockycee

    What is the big deal. Hair is not the issue, the buckwheat look is in right now. Unkept fros, run your fingers, thru it, shake it out. And wallah, sexy

  • Yolee

    You know I’m not upset with Wendy. We already know she is not comfortable with who she is, the negativity that she spreads is because she wants others to be unhappy with themselves as well. It bothers her that women can be comfortable just loving who they are. I’ve been natural for 10 yrs and would not change it.

  • Mrsjonesva

    So we should all strive to be like Wendy with her super weave and implants looking like a drag queen?

  • Lisa

    Natural hair can be worn in any environment or situation! I think Viola Davis looked absolutely stunning! Wendy Williams needs to be more concerned about the fact that she looks like a man in drag!

  • Kween_forlife

    I’m not sure how someone who is obviously not comfortable with their own appearance (fake hair, breast implants, heavy makeup, etc.) is supposed to be an expert on what’s considered formal or why her comments are even being considered as newsworthy. This is America. We are diverse, and not everyone has to look like  a wanna be Barbie to be considered formal. I will say that while I’m happy for Wendy’s success, that is one of the primary reasons I don’t watch her show. I have my opinions and I don’t need here. I thought Viola looked GORGEOUS. I would love to see more women of all colors look a little more natural.

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  • Melissa J

    Wendy looks a hot mess in my opinion. She is over the top almost as bad as a drag queen. Viola looked like a chocolate goddess in that dress! I think that her hair is a non issue. Many women are going natural, but it shouldn’t be seen as such a rebellious thing to do. Its a personal choice that makes  women appreciate their individuality. Wendy, stop buying other people’s hair and love your own. If you have any…

  • IFS722


  • yah

    im really not surprised by wendy williams whitewased opinon,im sure images of us seem to be judged with extra harshness by her. she has no problem saying on her show how much  of a fan she is of reality tv, white reality  tv that is, but how she doesnt like all the fighting on the black reality shows ie basketball wives and love hip hop on the night that she had big ang from mob wives on, as she raved and talked about how much of a fan she was like they dont fight on there, they double team and jump on each other,curse worse than sailors. what  wendy, you can only see when black women fight.

  • Karen NBHBlog

    I for one enjoy Wendy’s show. But from what I have seen, when she goes into her audience – she really goes out of her way to compliment the African American women that are clearly wearing weaves and wigs.  But I have never seen her compliment any of the African American women in her audience that have natural hair styles that show their beautiful natural textures.  I think its sad. Wendy needs to realize that not everyone has to be weaved up to be beautiful or fancy.  I love my natural hair and would never change it no matter what the event may be. ~ Karen

  • & unnatural hair is?! Please, she looks good!!

  • Ronnye

    I had brain surgery in 2008 and, of course, I woke up with just about half of my hair shaven off. During my recuperation, I cut off the remainder and have been  rocking a short natural  do, very similar to Viola’s, ever since. My daughter is getting married in August, and I will be wearing my natural hair. I have not had the courage to dye my hair any color other than black…Viola might have given me the courage. 

    I was so happy to see without the wig, She looked absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Seniag

    Wendy looks like a transvestite anyway. I would love to see her natural hair under all the weave he, I mean she wears!! Screw her!! Viola rocked her natural hair like there wasn’t a tomorrow!! You go Viola!! You rocked that red carpet!!

  • Noel Live

    Wendy O. Williams is fake from head to toe and from the inside out.  This is a woman who constantly bashed Whitney Houston on her radio show and then claimed she was utterly devastated when she heard the news of Whitney.  I would not pay any mind to what she says.  Most of it is said for ratings anyway.

  • Bac2ua

    It makes my stomach cringe a little when I hear and see how our society has brainwash women, especially blacks, to believe that straight hair is beauty and it’s the norm to the point where we forget that our hair natural grown in a curly pattern. I think natural curly hair is just as formal as natural stright hair. I wish women would embrace their uniqueness with their unique hair types.

  • Titi

     There is too much emphasis on black women’s
    hair once again we are subjecting ourselves to how we feel about ourselves
    physically black women are more than just their hair and everyone is absolutely
    entitled to their own opinion, however all of this verbatim going back and forth
    of about wearing a weave, perming or having your hair natural is
    ridiculous!! Google or watch YouTube of black hair and see how many
    results pop up…. Women in general have the right to comb their hair as they
    see fit.. I for one have natural hair (African kinky texture hair) not the type
    that is soft or slightly curly but I do wear a hair piece because
    I have alopecia. I grew up seeing my mom with her afro and women also wore afro
    wigs and women relaxed/pressed their hair. Women wore their hair naturally
    back in the 60’s & 70’s and even now.. Singers like Diana
    Ross wore fashionable wigs that were afros or natural. Men also relaxed their
    hair, and hair styles just revolved. remember the Hair Pick?? You like what you
    like. If wearing a weave or wig is something you would never do then that’s
    great!! If every black woman decided to go natural tomorrow would that change
    the way we view ourselves entirely? Is that going to bring more businesses to
    our communities, are we going to see more of ourselves on television, movies or in the arts? Are our brothers going to have more respect for their black sistas?
    How about those music videos? We can go on and on about hair and and different skin tones!! All this talk about Viola’s hair no one has discussed about
    her acting and she is beautiful woman regardless.
    Wendy made her comment and that’s her opinion. I wouldn’t come out
    and say that she’s insecure or she looks nasty. Her opinion doesn’t justify who I am but She’s a black business woman and she’s made it. ..Not every hairstyle is going to fit you. I would love to have my hair locked or have a low crop hair cut but It wouldn’t suite me so this is silly bashing each other and will
    just snowball. Should women stop doing their
    nails, wearing makeup or spending money on unnecessary designer bags and
    shoes? How many black women spend their money on these things?!! does this mean we
    are insecure and less confident. When Alex Wek hit the
    scene many black women were not willing to accept her, when Solange decided to
    cut her hair and completely go natural she was criticized by many and when
    Willow Smith decides to cut her hair to a crop style her parents were criticized
    for it. Hair is a billion dollar industry and growing..People will always judge you no matter what you look like.. don’t
    justify yourself because you choose to comb your hair the way you see fit we are
    more than just our exterior. Daytime is showing
    more black women in the media screaming and bashing each other more then ever
    before and media industry are making their money off of us!! We are more than our hair at the end
    of the day you are still a Black Woman in America you do what makes YOU feel
    happy, successful and beautiful…

    • isome

      Surely you thought what you wrote sounded good, but in fact it didn’t come out that way.

      The politics of hair is a symptom of the larger problem African Americans face in this country, and some others.

      Some may not recognize the importance of an unprocessed thinker like Wendy Williams denigrating natural hair on a nationally broadcast tv show, but that in no way marginalizes it’s impact.

      Hair is just hair… unless it’s nappy/kinky hair on Black women, then it becomes something to be ashamed of. Many commenting here have decided that it is no longer an acceptable way to live.

  • Guest

    I think its whatever YOU are comfortable with, is Wendy okay w/Katy Perry’s blue hair b/c its “straight” like hers? Voila do you, black women do you, we are all unique, beautiful and should hold our own standards. With Wendy we realize who holds the purse strings, she really should use her platform for something decent instead of dogging black people while upholding the Kardshians!

  • Iyabo

    To me, saying natural hair isn’t appropriate for formal events is like saying cotton isn’t appropriate for formal events, or blue isn’t appropriate. Hair is hair. Like with colors, or fabrics, the styling is what determines the level or formalness. Unless it is uncombed and matted down, I can’t imagine when natural hair is inappropriate in any venue

  • Ladyk527

    Wendy hair looks like when Gina from martin got her head stuck in the headboard. People should really get with the times. Perms are not good for our hair and neither are weaves.

  • Y’all forget that Wendy’s real hair is a “wisp” according to her, and that’s because of her illness. I just think it’s bitterness and a big mouth combined. Another reason why I stop watching her show–TOO MUCH MOUTH.

  • Dionerobertson

    Hair is like much like what your…smile is.  It can be friendly, coy, pouty with a twitch of your muscles.  Style your fro, twist your locks, place your braids in a ponytail, run you fingers in your weave, place your wig……wear any and all hairstyle with confidence.  That’s how you get the good hair days.     

  • Cassandra Perkins

    Thank You-Thank You for you response to Wendy Williams negative remarks about Viola’s beautiful natural(something she has no knowledge of) hair.I lost a lot of respect for her-she has a lot of gall. Not all of us want to look like a” Black Barbie”–with wigs,botox, lipo and fake breast-Thank God there are many of us(young and old who LOVE our natural hair and selves and proudly enjoy our lives-formal or informal. I believe Wendy was refering to the old show “227”-staring Marla Gibbs-who use to play the maid Florence on “The Jeffersons.  She wore her hair in its’ natural state on occassion. As the saying goes :”Somtimes it is wise to be thought a fool-than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt”:

  • Jolie

    I’m not shocked nor surprised at Wendy’s reaction. She herself is shallow and uncomfortable in her OWN skin, I would never expect her to embrace the courage Viola exhibited. Her antics show me every episode that she is a woman who constantly needs validation that she is good enough, so she’ll joke around, tear others down, act a bafoon, do whatever she feels she needs to do to get that feeling. Anyone who is so quick to judge the lives of others has issues within themselves that they feel are too difficult to address.

    Also…it’s sad that a black woman wearing her own hair makes headlines.

  • Vixen777

    Correction:  Natural state of being, post is from Texas

  • Vixen777

    Wendy is wrong to blast Viola on wearing her naturally.  If God had wanted Black women to have long, straight, silky blonde locks he would not have put our BEAUTIFUL selves in the mix as we are.  This weave, wig, woven tresses look to me is passe and, from what I can attest to, we should embrace our natural selves.  Everything about us the WW is copying:  BIG lips, BIG butts, Black skin/tans, and Black men.  What’s that about imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I went natural and like my short do. I did so because I really believe these chemical straighteners are killing our black women – LYE – on your head seeping into your brain.  I’ve know 5 women who have passed away with BRAIN tumors due to years of relaxing their hair and coloring.  Please look at the “Happy to be Nappy” movement – Nappiology – that is encouraging us to return to our “roots” and be proud of our natural state – Texas

  • Yoda

    How can Wendy Williams state that Natural Hair isn’t formal, when she wears more weave than 5 women on one head?  She’s fat and wears clothes that don’t flatter her.  Someone actually makes a huge accomplishment that has a beautiful style, and well toned…she criticizes?  Funny…I guess we’re gonna get a crying episode about how she never met her like she did with Whitney.  That lady sucks!

  • I had to comment on this. Being a gay balk male of multiple heritages, my locs (it will be 16 years in April), are not ONLY apart of my body, my brand, but apart of my spiritual soul as well. When I am scared or shy, I hide behind them. When I am feeling regal, like a king, I tie them in ornate loc formations like an ancient prince, dazzling EVERYBODY that views my creations. So it bothers me that someone would say that natural or loced hair is not formal. Now keep in mind, I have attended many weddings and civil unions, and that is the time that I feel my free flowing locs should be “done-up” in a more appropriate fashion, in honor of the event. Wendy is a trip and a half, but after all IT IS HER OPINION. It warms me heart to read sooooo many lovely comments on natural hair care,loving natural hair,etc. The world is becoming more and more excepting to those of us that REFUSE to mend to “societal norms”, and just be who we are. I am loving this movement, it has made it easy to just,….be me. Congrats to all the sisters that have started,continued, and are thinking about the “Natural Journey”. It takes a lot of hard work, and you will be confronted with a side of you that you never knew existed. You will have to be stronger in your will to ignore the looks, stares, and ignorant comments. But the FINAL RESULTS are simply beautiful,…trust me.

    • Malikastone

      Seaki! I’m so glad to see you and your beautiful post here, and I agree with you 100%. I used to follow your YouTube channel, and I miss it, your energy was so lovely and the topics were so real! Hoping you’ll make a comeback, hun. Be blessed 🙂

  • Quiet As Kept

    It’s just hair! I’ve been natural for 5 years and I’ve worn mine long, short, braided, twisted, rainbow-colored and blonde! And guess what else? I still rock CUSTOM MADE wigs from time to time when I want a straight look because I’m not going to subject my hair to constant heat. Hair is a beautiful accessory to me and completes the look I’m going for. I applaud Viola and the encouragement she received from her husband. She looks amazing, but there shouldn’t be all this hype about her wearing her natural hair.

    OAN: Madam Noire, I love reading, but do you have to have typos in every single article?!? I have a writing and editing background and would be more than happy to proofread for you.

  • This whole issue is because she is dark skin. I loved the look, if wendy said she had  a lot of bronzer on her face, I would agree. Nonetheless, She looked amazingly beautiful and her hair is beautiful  it’s her hair so what’s the fuss Wendy?

  • T

    Wendy is dead wrong why is she trying to tell the brokest women in the USA to wear expensive wigs instead of their own hair? Wearing wig and weave all the time gives women health probs, lupus is linked to wig wearing (scalp can’t breath) when you scalp can’t breath, your health suffers. Its’ like wearing a close fitting plastic shirt all day…Wendy is going to get a backlash from this but that’s what she wants, publicity.

  • cleva

    Black women are still afraid of their NATURAL selves.  

  • Lindiwe

    I’m South African. We love our African hair. Almost all our local divas are either dreadlocked, natural or even bald. They seem more real and grounded like that & seem to be taken more seriously when “they know who they are”. Western definitions of beauty do not dictate their success. It started with the late “mama Afrika”, Miriam Makeba. Now, it’s divas like Lira, Zahara, Simphiwe Dana, Thandiswa Mazwai, Zonke Dikana, to name a few. Viola was simply STUNNING! The hair-style & colour opened up & brightened her face. She was radiant. The dress & colour was perfect for her skin tone.

    • Chef

      Not all South African artists. What about Mshoza, who explained her “passion for whiteness,” in an interview defending her desire to actually become “white” not just bleach her skin. Her hair looks very long and straight as well.

  • Marcia Cloutier

    Why would anyone take fashion rules from a girl from Jersey where TV would have us believe big hair, big bling, and animal prints are the height of fashion.

  • Sindee21_2003

    See link for my reaction to Wendy Williams’ comment:

  • Monica

    I don’t understand what the big deal is about Viola wearing her natural hair.  If this was Lisa Bonet, Tia Mowry, Halle Berry, Essence Atkins, Jada Pinkett or Tracee Ellis Ross.  Or any other lightskin lady in Hollywood wearing the hair on their head that GOD gave them.  This wouldn’t be a topic of discussion!!!!!

  • Coming from a woman (she is a woman, right) who wears a stable of horses on her head… I think it’s safe to say …. Miss/Mr. Wendy… SAT DOWN!!!

  • Sracierrasmith

    I’m sad that it took Viola Davis decades to realize her natural beauty is exquisite, however I’m happy that it happened.  That sister has and always will be stunning to me.  I don’t condemn Wendy for saying what she said, because a lot of people I know think it; so why not put it out there?….  It’s a shame that we still have this mentality that natural beauty isn’t beauty at all, but eventually we’ll all come to terms with it.  I have a shaved hair cut and it’s been this way since 2009; initially I cut it into a fro (although I was afraid to do that too), but I love my hair or lack there of, it’s the way God made….Natural….

    I love this post!  Check out my website to see how short and beautiful my natural is:

  • Lorenzo

    Wendell Williams has done it again. Mr. Williams has attempted to denigrate a moment of achievement and pride by another human being.  Let us not paint this picture in black or white, nor should we grant Mr. Williams the satisfaction of being relevant in an industry that she so desperately desire. His comments are from his heart (a very dark place). He is self loathin and petty. Unfortunately he does not love himself and find it extremely hard to find love in others. I have never watched his show nor do I intend to, but it seems that he likes the taste of leather or has a shoe fettish.  

  • Whoisbsquared


  • Danielle

    Viola looked beautiful; hair, makeup, dress!  You go girl!  Wendy needs to stop talking so much.

  • Me

    I think if she was going to do that, she just should have worn it black. I did not like the color of her hair because it didn’t compliment her skin or the dress. But the short style is fine and I think it works well with her face shape; my mother has worn her hair short for years and I love it. But I do agree with some who say that a woman’s hair being natural does not automatically make it a good look … That said people need to just do what works for them. Natural hair chicks are no deeper than the ones who wear a weave, and not every chick with a weave hates her self and is trying to assimilate  … Stop making hair political and just take it as a way for people to express themselves. 

  • Mikkalotious

    Since Wendy feels she must critique everyone and everything….why doesn’t she take her nutz out of her mouth and rock her natural crown….instead of those horrendous wigs she wears. My hair is relaxed and I have worn a pony tail (hair piece) for years….my hair is thin and I like the fullness the hair piece provides…. I will be honest…. it does take real guts to be comfortable with wearing your hair in the natural state. I myself don’t care for dreds or braids on me. I have never worn them either but, I have seen both styles on other sisters and they look beautiful. As far as a low afro or something like that…naaa…my forehead is too big for all of….my forehead is like the beautiful female artist ” Sade ” … Now imagine her with a low fro…didn’t think so…anyway she has beautiful hair. Part of it I believe is the fear of all the attention from the ” others ” and the stupid questions they ask…part of it is a lot of OUR men may say they dig the natural look but in reality….they like the long straight looks including weaves, wigs and hair pieces. Some bruthas are truly ok with the natural. My guy doesn’t care…sometimes when we are just chillin’ at the crib and my hair is fresh out of the doo- rag and I may say I don’t feel like combing my hair…his reply is  ” don’t “…. true love right…lol… I will at least brush it down… can’t see sporting the ” Don King ” all day and I don’t think he would dig that either… just my thoughts~

    • awet

      Right, Wendy’s weave ALWAYS looks AMESS! If my hair looked liked hers, I would not have the nerve to say anything about anyone else’s hair much less be on national t.v. like that. 

  • SweetPea

    It really is time that women stopped hatin`on each other. This natural vs relaxed/weave/wig fight is so tiring. Cant we all just do what works for us, and appreciate each other?

  • Sickofthehairthing

    I love Wendy and I don’t care that she wears a wig because it is her money and her choice. I also think V’s dress was nice but she was not fab. To me she had on way way to much bronzer  which made her face look a weird color and rest of her body was a normal shade of brown. The hair issue is sooooo dead. Ladies wear what you like !! IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

  • Weavy Weave please

    Really what did anyone expect from a woman that has enough straight hair on her head for at least 3 people! There is not to much on Wendy Williams that isn’t hers by nature but hers by receipt. Does not surprise me in the least that she said something like that but that is probably why I don’t watch or listen to her!

  • 334ladyM

    While watching the Oscars red carpet, I was waiting on ANY one of the commentators to compliment Viola’s hair and her look. Not one of the talk shows, (Today’s show, GM America, Fashion Police) said anything about Viola’s look.  I think they all ignored her look because they (White America) just dont “get it” when we wear our natural kinks.  She definately should have been on one of them damn best dressed lists. 

    • SK

      I don’t know which shows you watched, but last night’s Fashion Police definitely mentioned Viola’s look and she was on the best dressed list. George also commented on her hair and said he loved it. I didn’t watch the other shows, but I definitely don’t think she was ignored by E!

      • Allie

        Exactly E! mentioned her hair as well

    • T

      VD got lots of play, where you been? All over the world, Lady, I suggest you google before you make such ignorant (lack of knowledge) statements.

      • OMG,…EVERYBODY, and when I say EVERYBODYloved Viola’s look. The fashion Blogs are STILL lamenting about her “stunning entre’ onto the red carpet

  • Gailanita29

    Wendy Williams need to shut her mouth. Everybody’s style is different and we all know that Wendy Williams hair is fake. I have had dreads for 6 years now and I embrace them. I have no problem with people perming their hair or even wearing weaves if that is what they want to do, but natural hair should be as much welcomed as perms and weaves.

  • tastythoughts

    she need to go sit down in a dark room and reflect on her life….efff outta hair (lol pun intended)…clearly we have been brain washed for far too long to believe that natural isnt pretty enough….what u mean formal? man puh lease

  • maggie

    Not formal?? I have seen natural hair braided into a crown-like style that exposes the face and accentuates a neckline.  As a natural hair woman myself, I think that non-natural hair women get a little insecure that a “curly/kinky” head of hair can pull attention away from them with flat/european style hair.  Almost all of us grew up with the same belief that a higher level of beauty can only be attained with altered Afro-kinky hair. 

  • Nikkita Michelle

    I love Wendy, but I’m embarrassed by her comment.  How can someone made in God’s image wearing exactly what God gave them be anything but formal?  As black people we set many of the trends you see out there on the red carpet.  If natural hair wasn’t formal before it is now!  Viola looked beautiful.

  • Cecebatistuta

    Viola looked amazing…. i cant believe ya’ll taking someone who wears fake stiff @$$ wigs opinion on what hair looks good… i am yet to c wendy williams’ “hair” look hottt… more like a hot mess… lol

  • sistapoet

    Viola, you did YOU, and did it damn good, Your HAIR really made everyone aware, that we as Black Women have a right to decide how NATURAL we wanna be to rep our pride, the Oscars, Grammys, whatever, it don’t matter, straight ain’t always the way that’ll make a Sista look good, YOUR husband was right on, sometimes you as a Sista’ have to do YOU & forget about White folks idea & Wendy’s big mouth, Wig wearing, yellow note tucked view of what is beautiful… 

  • whateva

    it’s 2012 and we still dogging our own hair, I’m sure god created us to buy hair, unbeweavable

  • Phe

    I think Viola rocked that hair! I am glad she had to confidence to pull it off. You have to have that confidence to go against the “norm”. Just because Wendy don’t like herself under all that mess, don’t mean it mean it’s not beautiful. Loving my sisterlocks even more after reading this.

  • Wendy Williams is a cartoon-character, and between you and me I don’t take advice on my hair from Scooby Doo.

  • Kelliesmother

    Viola Davis looked stunning – and on top of that her husband loves her that way – pretty girls rock! 

  • I’ve been a fan of Wendy Williams show since it first came out, but I’m not one of those die hard fans that agrees with everything she says. Especially when she asks the audience “Right you guys?!” If I was in the audience I’d be the main one saying no I don’t agree and I wouldn’t have a problem explaining why. Just lately I’ve noticed how Wendy kind of back tracks or puts up a front when she has a guest on the show who she, a couple days earlier, dissed on Hot Topics i.e. Latoya Jackson lol. I swear she barely tried to let Latoya get a word in but I’m glad Latoya stood her ground and said her piece! I’m still a fan of Wendy but I can also agree to disagree with some of her view points.

    As far as Viola Davis’s look, why is it that just about every talk show that I watched embraced Viola’s look and boldness overall on the red carpet except Wendy. It was just crazy to me, because the same way that Wendy reacted to Viola’s choice to go all natural, others can react to Wendy about wearing wigs! To each their own. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion as long as they see it as such and not as a fact because it came out of their mouths.

  • Mack203

    Was Wendy even invited to any Oscar’s activities?? She’s bitter & has no right to discuss anyone’s appearance.

  • Whatchoo talkinbout willis

    of course wendy williams’ plastic face plastic hair & plastic body wouldn’t agree w/Black self love

  • Kizzee28

    Wendy Williams was true to form in her comments about Viola Davis’s hair.  Wendy’s commentary is akin to what women with natural hair encounter in their daily experience.  Notice the white woman who is a stylist was singing praises to Viola’s look at the Oscars; and who cuts it down?  A black woman!! Go figure!

  • Bloomcandy

    What you don’t understand is that Wendy has serious issues with her looks, i hate to call people ugly but she is ugly inside and out.  To feel good about herself she has to put someone down. She has an inferiority complex. Almost everyone she has to talk bad about is more beautiful than her. Take the late Whitney, Janet and Viola. Even with all the wigs she never comes close to looking like  a woman. I stopped watching her show a long time ago, we can make or break her, all we have to do is boycott her show and until she changes. She is not getting any ratings from me and yes i get her on twitter.

    • clt

      To quote the late Whitney “we are all familiar with how you look Wendy, umhmm!”. You made me youtube that interview where Whitney had to curse her out, and Wendy showed herself to be an obsessed fan.

    • christielove

      Wendy also hated on Beyonce,I was glad that when Whitney Houston and Beyonce put her tranny looking self in her place.. wendy is probably jealous because shewould not be able to pull off that beautiful natural afro like Viola did successfully.

  • kikilikejoye

    Her hair is so nice .and so personality….I like it …in ??in’terracialsocial.COMits for some black and white  singles who want to find true love 

  • Justsayin

    ladies ladies ladies…. never take beauty advice from a transvestite seriously.

  • currvalicious

    Wendy Williams is hair obsessed anyways.  Everytime a woman (white or black) sits on her couch, the 1st thing she asks is “is that all your hair”?  Which to me is rude, b/c how do you know whether or not the guest wants people to know whether or not they’re wearing tracks or whatever.  And she’s always complimenting white women on their hair.  It’s extremely annoying, @ least Mrs Davis is natural from head to toe.  WW is all fake (hair, boobs, lipo) all over the place.  Granted, she states she has thyroid issues and her hair is thin, but w/that being said, she needs to chill, bring it all the way down.   As for Viola Davis she is the truth!  She didn’t win an Oscar, however she won to me!  Hollywood loves her, I’ll take her over Halle Bery anyday, as a matter of fact they need to take Halle’s Oscar and give it to Viola!
    @wondertwin:disqus @wondertwin:disqus

  • I thought Viola looked great!

  • jackieOsassin

    that’s a shame to hear that coming from wendy. i wouldn’t say that any texture of hair (straight, curly, coily, kinky) is unprofessional or informal as long as you know how to dress it up. i can throw a hairband on my natural hair and make it look fun and sprightly with one look and with another i can dress it down with some twists and pearl earrings. as long as you’re not leaving the house looking like kizzy from roots and expecting to be taken seriously with your hair so unkempt and neglected, there shouldn’t be a problem with wearing it to a formal event. i say go viola! : D

  • Anonymous

    Is natural hair formal? Man get the eff on with that mess? The real issue is black natural hair formal enough for white people and the answer is who gives an eff. It’s our hair and we’ll do what we want to it and where it how we like. If any person, black, white and any where else on the scale doesn’t like it…..too bad.

  • Smacks_hoes

    Here comes the natural hair nazi’s. My weave is like my bestfriend. Not that I hate my natural hair it’s just way to much work. Sorry but I’m not about to rock a fro. I just would nvr be caught dead doing that. I’ll take my weaves any day. My natural hair is pretty long. I love it when it wet and curly but when it dries I can’t tame it. Ill just take the easy route and stick with the weaves. That’s just me though

    • letmethinkonthis

      Natural hair nazi?  I could be equally as ugly and equate wearing weaves to self-hate, but why bother?  I have worn both, but honesly, psychologically, I feel better with natural hair.  Plus, after seeing Good Hair, and thinking of the spiritual, and economic ramifications of me buying weaves, I just rather not contribute futher to the oppression of my community.  But you stick with the easy route…that’s just you though.

    • Sickofthehairthing

      Good for you. You do have every right to wear “your hair” the way you want!!!!!!   LONG LIVE HAIR CHOICE!!!

    • Hun,…i have been natural most of my adult life, and I feel you on taming unruly hair, which is why i loced mine in the first place. Its just hair!

    • ariesdollface

      you have every right to wear your weave the same way that Viola has every right to wear her short fro…w/o any degrading comments from anyone, which i THOUGHT was the issue here. opening with “here comes the natural hair nazi’s” strikes me as really counterproductive. that’s just me though.

  • Phoebe

    That insult came from a woman who looks like a clown or better yet, Janice from the Muppets ( I dare you to google it and se the uncanny resemblance).
     She is overly done in every facet. At least Viola is comfortable in her own skin. Wendy on the other hand ,wears so much makeup, weaves/wigs and had so much plastic surgery done that when she showed a picture of what she looked like in her teens/20s you would not recognize her.

    • SunnyLadee

       OMG!! U are soooo right!!! They could be twins!!! LOLOLOL!!!!     Viola is stunning…

  • go girl!!!

  • Klynnfun

    I was done with Wendy after her fake comments about Whitney Huston.  What a drag queen!  Her feet look like a pair of boats, and that is not a nice to say, but she need to shut her mouth.  Viola is beautiful and I love the short hair, the color is very nice also.  Wendy is becoming more stupid every day.

  • Merriegirl

    I don’t like this hair style for her. 

    Just because a woman’s hair is natural does not mean that it looks good on them. There are other natural styles that would have worked better with this dress. Whether she is wearing a weave, wig, perm hair,or natural hair it needs to look good. & this is not good.

    • Daneira

      SHE liked it for herself, had the confidence to rock her own hair…and that’s all that really matters. Whether you like it or not isn’t the issue…Wendy’s asinine and uninformed opinion is.

    • 334ladyM

      Chile boo.  What other hairstyle would you recommend for a teeny weeny afro?….. WEAVE? Of course you would……………… SMH………….find some self worth. 

  • Wendy SIT DOWN. 

  • Sexychic1959

    Wendy Williams made an idiotic statement regarding Viola Davis’ hair. Viola looked beautiful and regal with her gorgeous dark skin and natural hair! As a natural woman (and damn proud of it), I feel sorry for Wendy because she wears bad horsehair wigs and thinks they look cute!

  • Brittshae17

    This comment coming from a woman who looks like a man….really?!?! She can’t talk about anybody when 50% of her body is fake!! Viola looked beautiful!! It’s funny how people say that her hair wasn’t appropriate, but if she were a cancer survivor that recently went through chemo, then she would have been beautiful!! Whatever!! Viola rocks!!

  • Amija

    First of all, don’t nobody talk about Miss Viola!  

    Second of all, if Wendy didn’t look a hot mess, I might give her some credibility, but look at her.  Nuff said!

    And finally, I have been natural for a year and a half now.  I wore wigs and weaves for awhile, now I’m just like, eff it, it’s my hair, it’s what God gave me so it can never be wrong!


    She’s 46 and looks ten years younger and model ready :))

  • grimyteddy

    Who cared what that young man thinks. Is it formal to tuck objects inside your weave and pull them out in public? Wendy has got to be one of the worst coons on TV. Please.

  • NoMysteryHere

    I think she looks ethreal. This woman is absolutely beautiful. I do hear what Wendy is saying but that is why Wendy is not in the fshion business and no one is taking tips from her. High fashion is about thinking outside the box. You don’t rock tht predictable hair style or color because you’ve seen it in the past and it matches oh so perfectly. You rock something different and yet somehow it still pulls together. I feel that Viola has achieved this with her look. Its is HER look. Its not a #8 carbon copy. Nobody remembers the carbon copy, but everyone will remember that Viola rocked the h*ll outta that dress with her braid out!

    • omg,…I was thinking the same thing, she looks like a wise,beautiful  goddess ,….ethereal,..great word!!!!!!

  • DGF627

    FYI, the lovely and amazing Denise Nicholas starred on Room 222, she also sported a bob that was flipped under on one side and flipped over on the other. WW was probably referring to the ‘fros of the characters Jason and Bernie. Great diverse show.

  • Wendy Williams looks like a drag queen. I would never take her beauty advice.

  • wondertwin

    Why even bother repeating anything Wendy Williams says?  She probably sniffs the industrial strength glue she uses to adhere those 20 pound weaves to her head before going on the air.

    that being said, even those of us who wear natural hair spend plenty of good money on products to soften and elongate a tight curl pattern.  Among the natural styles, the “ideal” still seems to be something less than completely kinky…it is what it is. The “good hair” mind set still thrives in the natural hair world. still better than relaxers and weaves in my opnion.

    Overall I love a healthy looking head of hair.  if it’s relaxed and looks healthy, great! If it’s natural, moisterized and cared for, super!

    weaves, I honestly don’t care for them. which makes Wendy Williams’ opinions worth even less to me.

  • guest

    She looks a lot younger without the wigs. Wendy was jealous because she CAN’T  go without her wig.

  • Um Wendy Willliams dissing someone elses hair? She looks like she uses actual horsehair and it’s too long and blond for her masculine features, making her look like a man in drag. Viola looks stunning.

    • currvalicious


  • Courtneyerinward

    I am natural and sort of agree, big poofy curly hair is a great look but not really formal more like hippy-ish…I would go for a neater smoother look for a big event like that.

    • malatrex

      No disrespect but you sound like a fool.

      • Pryncess

        Thank You, I was thing the same thing. Did not realize that there was such a thing as formal hair. Courtneyerinward is totally wrong, please expire what is formal hair.

  • This is a silly question and Wendy Williams made a silly comment!  My hair is formal if I want it to be!

  • Laurie4

    Viola looked beautiful and classy, effortlessly…as opposed to Wendy who looks like the damn horse she stole her “hair” from.

  • First of all, does Wendy Williams HAVE any natural hair???
    Second, Viola Davis was REGAL and STUNNING in her natural hair. 
    Third, I can’t believe any one in 2012 is still trippin’ about black women’s HAIR!! Did anybody see Chris Rock’s epic “GOOD HAIR”? This is a ridiculous discussion to STILL be having, especially among black women. 
    Finally, who in the Universe is looking to Wendy Williams for approval of their expression of SELF or tips on how black women should look??? COME ON!!!!

    • GUEST


  • T_henry_stanford

    OK.. Let’s substitute the words “formal” with acceptable!  Formal for what???? Acceptable to whom???  Is the QUEEN OF WIGS AND WEAVES making a comment on acceptable..  Look at this sister’s physic!!!  Look at this sister’s body tone!!!   LOOK AT THIS SISTER’S DRESS!!!  She rocked as an AFRICAN AMERICAN REPRESENTING AN AFRICAN AMERICAN MOVIE!.  Until we as African American’s become comfortable with our natural hair, who esle can.  What other culture can obtain this “natural” state with their hair…. NONE!!!!!  Must everyone wear blond weaves past their shoulders to be “acceptable”.   If every women in every culture did not weave. wig,  perm, color or do any chemicals to their hair… where would WENDY BE????

    • clt

      Thank you for your point so much. Viola is the total package. She appears to be in excellent shape and is toned without her belly hanging all out. I don’t knock wigs or weaves, but Wendy is fake from head to toe. When is the last time “Kev” actually looked at her? I appreciate this comment from a man. I had hair loss last year after a divorce and had to cut my hair very short. I work for a financial company, and considered a wig, but just didn’t want to go there. My hair has grown back, it’s still natural, and I’ve never gotten more compliments.

  • AJ

    Look at Whoopie with her locks, hosting the Oscars and attending events all these years. Viola looked beautiful and that’s what’s formal. India said it best “I am not my hair”

  • sunsetssplendor

    As unpopular as this may sound I struggle with this myself. I am all for wearing my natural transitioned wavy/curly hair out but when I attend formal events (i.e. balls, parties) I revert to the flat iron. My natural hair just isn’t as tamed to me and that’s fine when I’m rocking a sundress, sandals and relaxing but when it’s time to have business I don’t feel comfortable. Perhaps when I learn to totally care for it I will have a different opinion. However I think Viola’s hair is lovely.

    • guest

      I can truly understand and I felt awkward  in the beginning.  My son didn’t like it all and he hurt my feelings every chance he got, but I kept going.  I was so nervous about my hair all the time until an employer started dictating to me what kind of wig or sew I should wear, (and it wasn’t suggestions, they demanded it of me) I was like wait a minute… Do I like myself or not. God placed it on my boss’s boss heart to tell me I didn’t have to wear the wigs et c. he liked my hair the way it was. People still talk to my hair (LOL stare at my hair and not look at my face when talking) but when they realize they don’t intimidate me they eventually stop. As time goes on I think a person goes through emotional transitions about their hair and this time next year may mean something totally different for you, even me for that matter.  I do hope I won’t give up on my natural hair.

    • ariesdollface

      I think your struggle is a lot less unpopular than you think. many (not all) black women rocking naturals had to get to a point where they felt completely comfortable wearing their hair ALL the time, to EVERY event. this happens primarily b/c other people try to judge you or make you feel a certain kind of way about wearing your natural hair and you FEEL that. sometimes it’s our own issue(s). either way, having that struggle isn’t the problem; people like Wendy are. It’s not about what you do with your hair…it’s yours. it’s about telling another woman how she is allowed to wear her hair in whatever state she chooses (that includes relaxers, weaves, wigs, etc.).
      i think the consensus is that Viola looked STUNNING!!! Wendy is a loud mouth w/more than one issue with her own blackness.  

      • guest

        well said!!!

  • Tdove29

    I thought she looked beautiful! It looked good on her to me. Wendy opinion is just that HER opinion. You never know how ones word can affect someone…people need to watch what they say! Wendy is mean and cruel most of the time and I don’t find it entertaining!!!

  • Psherman46

    It is about being true to yourself. No one has to like you but you. Viola look gorgeous. I’m tired of seeing all these women wearing weaves down there backs and personally I feel sorry for them because they don’t know how it is to be free.

    • Pglparadise

      Viola Davis looked gorgeous! How one wears their hair is a personal choice & we all have to respect each others choices. I’m on my 3rd cycle from relaxed & back to natural over the past 15 years or so. When I get tired of the relaxer I cut it off & start over. For me I love having that choice. I agree with all points about WW if your not feeling it, just say it’s not for you don’t make light of Viola’s choice

    • Happy2BNatural

       I agree with you PSherman46. I had my last perm in October 2009. I wore treebraids and weaves during this transition because I was afraid of what people would think of my natural hair. I finally got the courage and started wearing my natural hair this month. It has been the most liberating experience of my life. I look younger and I feel so much better about myself. I am truly happy with the hair God gave me. I thought Viola looked wonderful and I really wish Wendy would keep her opinions to herself.

  • naturalsyren

    Viola looks simply stunning. The color looked great on her and she stood out from the rest.


    Honestly, if you had to choose a spokesperson for black people…Wendy Williams would not be the brightest choice. Anything WHITE is formal–that’s the message we are giving. How the hell do you tell someone that they need to cover up their REAL hair in order to actually look presentable? I don’t think people realize how twisted that message is. HELLS YEA MY NATURAL HAIR IS FORMAL–it’s more formal than any cheap wig or weave you could put in my hair to whiten me up!! 

  • Dream

    I was really disgusted when I heard that comment. All of our lives we are bombarded with the message that the European Standard of Beauty is the way to go. It sucks when a Black woman encourages that stinkin’ thinkin’. I’m really disturbed that she feels that way and feels the need to share her nonsense with the world. SMH

  • Catoapril

    It is always appropriate to be what you are. Why can’t she wear the hair texture she was born with? And her natural hair looks better than any of those wigs she usually wears. And a thumbs up to her husband for his loving her for what she really looks like. What a good man!

    • guest

      Exactly Catoapril… Apparently there is a memo out black is beautiful but only with certain stipulations… I can only sigh at all of this foolishness and run my hands over my beautiful 4c natural hair and walk away.

      • Macdee


  • I find the love-hate relationship we have with natural hair exhausting. I’m a woman who hasn’t permed her hair in the last fifteen years and wore it no longer than half an inch for the first four years.  Overall the reactions were favorable, but I couldn’t escape incorrect assumptions about my sexuality, the type of job I could have, or silly questions from others sisters about how I was able to comb it. 

    I think it’s a shame that within our community we refuse to accept each other’s choices to express ourselves as we feel comfortable. I understand where it comes from, but there is a point at which you have to start defining yourself for yourself. Not societal standards. Not history. Not again. What is deemed appropriate may be defined by the styling option, NOT the texture.It’s time we stop  enslaving ourselves by perpetuating the myth of the inappropriate nature of natural hair. 

    Bottom line: Wendy was flat-out wrong. Viola was beautiful and I applaud her (and her husband) for daring to show the spectrum of beauty on an international stage.  

    Curious…did she have a problem with Esperanza Spalding’s fro, or not? If not, that’s a whole other topic…

    • Ginasings

      I was very ill this time last year and my hair fell out. After surgery and taking months to recover, I wore wigs. My hair has grown back but I refuse to put chemicals in it anyone. My daughter who is natural and very knowledgeable in this area (she hoped to create her own natural hair care line) had been helping me. My oldest daughter wears wigs and helped me through that process. My youngest daughter is a licensed cosmetologist and is guiding me too. I’m so happy to be natural and I don’t care what others think.

      • Beautiful…and may you be blessed with continued health.  

      • Gailanita29

        I wish that I could like your post 1000 times GINASINGS.



    • Honeyb6

      I agree with you Viola was and is beautiful and I love that her husband encouraged her to be her true self and not what others want or expect. I have more respect for my sistas that are true to themselves and their hair then those trying to be what their not. jmt

  • I thought Viola Davis looked absolutely gorgeous.  Her hair complemented her and made her stand out.  I don’t put a fly’s worth of stock in anything that Wendy Williams says.  I weep for the horses that sacrificed themselves for those ridiculous things that she wears on her head.

    • TamTheTasteMkr


    • Colliz6

      LOL!!! #truth

    • G.H.

      Amen!!  Didn’t she look gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.  She looks like a different beautiful woman.  Those wigs did not due to her justice at all.  I love it, love it, love it.

      Wendy is probably jealous because she has some type of scalp disease and it sounds like she’s bald.

      I haven’t had chemicals in my hair for several years now.  I decided last year to stop covering up the little gray I do have and continue to let my hair grow out to its natural state.  I will be rocking twist or something natural from now on.  I am excited!

  • Abc

    I never realized viola was this pretty

    • Natural Woman

      Neither did I…until I saw her magazine spread, the one with her natural hair. She is BEAUTIFUL and should have left those wigs a looong time ago!

  • Cha-Cha

    Viola Davis is a gorgeous black woman… and she rocked that short hair. I like it much  better than that wig. I say whatever makes you happy… do you! If it’s short, long, straight, curly, kinky or you are completely bald… rock it with confidence and keep it moving!

    • Cha-Cha

      And on another note… Wendy looks like a man in drag half the time.

      • Muse_0809

        I so agree with you on both counts; I’ve often thought Wendy would probably look less draggish if she wore less makeup and hair. Also, I think Viola looks younger with her natural; often it is the other way around.

      • Jc_nash

        Only half of the time?  LOL!

  • Jewels

    everybody knows that Wendy is pathetic.  Viola looked stunnnnnnnning…… the hair, the make up, the dress…. oh so beautiful.  so happy that she stepped out of her shell that night… even with the fact she did not win the award she was winning that night with her look…. inside out beautiful.

  • I’ve seen Room 222 and the show is hilarious. The ‘fros were the boss in the show. Wendy needs to sit down somewhere with that comment. I’ve been natural over 9.5 years and have worked in the Cheveron Building here in Houston. I’ve had many corporate clients and not once has anyone ever said or told me my ‘fro was unprofessional. Besides those wigs were not working for Wendy. That was evident yesterday when she walked the red carpet. She was fierce and stunning. Wendy may just be jealous.

    • Natural Woman

      I watch the WW Show…often times she is TOO opinionated and needs to let some things go unsaid (and without her facial expressions).

  • just because a woman wears her natural hair doesn’t make it cute. short hair doesn’t suit everyone. I don’t think it suited her, but i give her props for wearing it. if you have real or fake hair it still has to match the outfit and pull the outfit together. 

    • Caremassagee

      It suited her better than my big head would have, so i rock my sisterdlocs instead. Im just a little confused on match outfit pull it out part. Please exspond for me. Should she have placed some greenish color in there along with contacts to get the eyes matching to. lol… im just saying!! 

      • no certain hairstyles compliment certain outfits, and that goes for any hair whether it’s real or fake. 

      • Amija

        I feel you @2369f15b89edd4d8c8a3702225195aa6:disqus .   

      • Dionerobertson

        Disagree.  the brown/red shade was the LICK with her skin.  Beautiful bare shoulders and then that popping green.  This is how one goes Green!!

    • Whatchoo talkinbout willis

       uh, it certainly was prettier than the hideous shiny wigs she wears

      • i know but people just assume natural hair=automatic cuteness. No bish it needs to be styled and needs to match the outfit. 

        • NYC G

          And who exactly assumes that. Besides it looks good on anyone as long as they style it correctly. & THAT is most women’s problem.

          • that what i just said. thank you for repeating me

        • Keli

          I would say it’s the exact opposite. Folks seem to think that straight hair = automatic cuteness…or weave/wigs = automatic cuteness, or blonde = automatic cuteness…when in fact, that is most definitely not always true. In fact, in my personal opinion, 99.999% of weaves and colors look a hotazz mess…and I’m beyond tired of seeing folx wearing lacefronts. They ARE the devil. 🙂

          No matter what us ladies deem to be acceptable for ourselves, we do, on some level, have to accept and respect the choices others make for themselves…but at the same time, kinda like you said, whatever you do, take care of your hair, and maintain it. “Make it look good” is a subjective statement…but underneath all that styling, we just need to be sure that whatever we do, we do it well.

          Unfortunately, though, there doesn’t seem to be a way to do weaves well…but that’s just what I think.

          I also think Viola looked absolutely stunning! Hair, dress, and all! 🙂

          • Tay1972


          • SimplyVirgo21

            Some weaves and lace wigs do look good, ones that I’ve seen. Toya Wright, Meagan Good, Lauren London, Ashanti, Christina Milian, and more actually rock cute weaves so what are you talking about?

        • Nisaboo

          You are so lost you dont even know where you are or where you are going.  Natural hair is hair that is God given – so now HE doesn’t know what HE is doing until man can style it – REALLY!!! 

          I sincerely hope that if you have children you have given them more of an insight as to who they are in this world.   Since most of us have been conditioned to immediately make a change with our hair (perm, straightening, weave, wig) – as soon as we become of an age to make that decision for ourselves (that is if our parents had not already made that decision for us) – we often times have not thought it ok to just leave it as is – myself included. 

          I applaud Viola because of what I just stated – you have to shake some things off on the inside in order to wear your natural hair without warrant of being misjudged by others – I know and have lived that.  Do you know of any other culture that must do that just in order wear their hair in its natural state?!!!

          It amazes me that Black folk have or even give an opion on ‘natural black hair’.  
          On a deeper level it is the same as color issues – I dont like dark skinned people or light skinned people think they are better. 

          We have to stop and not feed into what has been fed to us for too long.  Embrace what we are – whether you choose to indulge or not.  But we really need to not comment on this natural hair thing.  It really is not our issue – its our hair!!!

          • All I mentioned was sometimes sometimes some styles don’t work for others. I don’t know wtf you’re talking about. Because did you not see where  I gave her props? 

            • Nisaboo

              Try not being defensive and try reading and comprehending what I sad and you will know WTF I am talking about.  You gave her props – SO WHAT!! – for you and anyone else.  It is not an issue of giving props or being down with natural hair.  It is so much deeper than that but we get caught up in the BS and loose sight of the issue – WE ARE FOREVER TRYING TO DEFEND WHO WE ARE WHEN WE NEED TO PUSH FOR ACCEPTANCE OF WHO WE ARE BY ACCEPTING EACH OTHER FIRST!  The world will follow our lead…they always do!

              • Stop interpreting things that aren’t there.  Now i’m not allowed to criticize her because she wore her natural hair? Really now? I give her props for wearing it in a weave/wig dominated world but I don’t think it matches the dress, it’s too informal for my taste. That’s all stop reading into things that aren’t there. You over analyzing what you think i meant when I know what I meant when I wrote it. So please calm down.

        • Pmccall1986

          how do you style natura hair to match an outfit? What do you think she should have done (not including wigs or weaves)?

          • the way you would style any hair…….. maybe she had no other choices since her hair is so short. 

          • Plmcdaniel

            i thought her hair was cute, and went nice with the outfit. why dont some bw just admit(including some naturals) that they still have an negative view about kinky hair, and subconsciously think its inferior. they still believe in that “good hair” myth. im going to need n*****s to let the slave days go WE ARE NOT PROPERTY any more.

          • guest

            plus they are judging way to hard, her hair was cute, and the color, and it looked nice with the dress. neatly combed afros dont equate to undone negroes.

        • DEE

          Can you be any more ignorant, Kayla?  

      • DEE

        Amen to that!  Those hideous wigs never did Viola justice.  She looked like a brand new woman.  Wigs should be reserved for those hideous monsters like Kayla.

        • Nyc G

          Yea, they made her look really old.

        • who said anything about wigs? I swear you natural nazis kill me

      • AnnaRenee

        Seems like if its straight then its alright no matter how stupid and morbidly shiny it is.  Even white girls hair dont shine like some of Viola’s wigs.  BTW I hope she tossed those hot messes in the trash.  Im waiting patiently for Viola’s hair to grow – cant wait to see what she does with it at each stage of length. 

        Hey natural stylists – here’s your chance to make Viola’s hair rock!  Contact her.   Cant hardly wait to see her rock it out.

    • Natural Woman

      Viola looked MUCH more beautiful with her natural hair (TWA)…than she ever has in ANY of those wigs!  She is stunning with HER hair, and it indeed “suits” her. More Black women should embrace their own hair…one can be beautiful without “store bought” bone straight hair!

      • guest

        honestly i think MAJORITY of black women looks better with kinky hair, it brings out their beautiful bone structure more, and compliments them better. how are face is built, it was never built for straight hair.

    • DEE

      Wendy, you fake hair wearing man, is that you?  Only a seriously brainwashed troglydike could twist their self-hating brains to suggest that natural hair–the HAIR ONE IS BORN WITH!!!–is not suitable for everyone, or has to go with an outfit.  That’s like saying black skin doesn’t suit everyone and some ppl should really invest in bleach.  Ignorant heiffer.

      • Nisaboo

        PREACH !!!

      • i said short hair, not natural hair in general,not all natural hair is short. learn how to read before you go off on someone.

    • Chick

      so meaning you should cut your hair or add extension into your hair or even do liposuction to have a butt for a dress style? that doesn’t make sense. if its about the outfit, the woman should make the dress and not the other way round. It has become so twisted that people are doing stupid stuff just to fit a profile. I think she looked fabulous with the hair and the dress complimented her…not the other way round

      • lol. Putting words in my mouth. Who said anything about liposuction? If you think she looked fabulous then that’s fine, that is your opinion. keyword OPINION

        • Erin Gray

          Personally i like her hair short. and i believe she does have the face shape for it.

          I think people are misunderstanding you though, but your right. certain face shapes look better with certain hair styles, it has nothing to do with texture.

          I’ve seen some HUGE afros engulf some women so much that you can barely see them, you can only see the hair. for women like that maybe a short afro, or a updo would look better.

          you hair should compliment you, not distract from you.

    • Char027

       Red and green have always gone together well. Therefore, I thought that the reddish color absolutely complemented the green dress. Further more, strapless dresses look good with short hair that shows off the neck and shoulders, so again, she rocked it.

      • ok that’s your opinion and I have mine. 

    • Deebuggs2001

      What if you only have short hair? Do you wig or weave it up…we have it twisted, if God has blessed you with short hair rock it and make it work for you. That is exactly what viola Davis did and she looked gorgeous! She did not look cute, babies look cute.  We have been sold too much bs…we compare ourselves to others too often and now we are brainwashed. Go Viola…let the weavers and wiggers do their thing and you keep doing yours!

  • keepinitreal

    Well everyone is entitled to their opinions. And Wendy Williams ALWAYS has a big opinion and alot of times its wrong. BUT anyway, I feel that what she did was say, that WHAT GOD gave us as black women, ( natural Hair) is just not good enough to be shown, so we have to “whiten” it up a bit, so we can be  “accepted” Sad isnt it? I mean beauty is only conceived of as straight hair? I will take natural anytime, over some hot nasty wigs, that make you look like Morticia. I just feel that we can be positive about processed hair, or wigs. Whatever floats your boat is what I say, but to say that natural hair is not good enough for these awards shows is just showing that we as black women are STILL being considered “less than” when it comes to what GOD  has given us. SMH at Wendy Williams. SOMETIMES some things are better left unsaid. 🙁

    • Renatagray

      My feeling is you have to consider the source.  I will hold back on my comments about Wendy Williams.   Viola Davis and her husband gets BIG POINTS!  WE All Know, that there is a look that hollywood / media pushes. I applaud her confidence… She was and is BEAUTIFUL!!!  She did not conform… I Love It!!!

    • Renatagray

      My feeling is you have to consider the source.  I will hold back on my comments about Wendy Williams.   Viola Davis and her husband gets BIG POINTS!  WE All Know, that there is a look that hollywood / media pushes. I applaud her confidence… She was and is BEAUTIFUL!!!  She did not conform… I Love It!!!

  • Galenafiel

    It’s pretty hard for me to take such a statement seriously from a woman who looks like she might melt if I held a lighter up to her.

  • Guest

    Not really a fan of short natural hair. I love it when girls grow it out and have big, beautiful braid outs or twistouts. 

    • Cjlane67

      Too bad.. Natural hair at any length is beautiful. White media has convinced white women to no love themselves. Some Black Women have played into the bullshit too. God wanted us to love ourselves in his image. The advertisers have the majority twisted. Sisters, love yourself and discover the beauty within and stop worrying about what people think.

    • lulu

      eff off, i’m not feeling this emerging trend of people only seeing natural hair as beautiful only if it’s in a twist out or braid out of some sort or manifesting a curl in a way. Afro Natural hair in all it’s forms is BEAUTIFUL.

  • Who made Wendy Williams an arbiter of taste?  Her self-hate and negativity is pathetic.

    • IllyPhilly

      Her face is made for the radio.

  • Same Old Crap….Really?!?

    Natural Hair is not only formal…but R.E.A.L……  Go Viola!!!  Maybe Wendy Williams needs to go natural…and leave the fake/obviously NOT REAL hair pieces alone…..

    • IllyPhilly

      Agreed and she’s not the first to do that at Oscars. Can’t recall her name, but she was in Hotel Rwanda

      • REGAL

        Her name is Sophie Okonedo…yeah, that sister likes to keep herself natural from head to toe.

      • Dionerobertson

        Sophie Okonedo; she wears her hair to shoulder length.  What appears to be shorting Wendy’s taste is very short natural hair.   

    • ShutpWendyYOUMAN!

      I don’t like Wendy to me she is gutter and abusive I was so happy when I listened to her interview with Whitney and Whitney blew her a** up and told her to “Watch what the f*** you say” she dissed her, I was glad and now she was crying when Whitney died? She shows her jealosy and how evil and bad minded she is.

    • Lexy

      Agreed! What is not formal is big a** obviously fake hair. Like wendy williams if that walked into an interview I would say no mam versus her natural hair. Straight hairlines from bad lacefronts looks ghetto. So I would natural is classy

    • Jc_nash

      I doubt that Wendy Williams has enough hair to make a nice TWA. 

      Sadly, I really don’t think folks should take her style tips to heart as long as she dresses like she is in drag.

    • Ericacmorris

      Now I love Wendy to death, but this comment is BS… Wendy is hatin, and she’s just mad b/c her hair is thin and she doesn’t have any..