Keep It Short! Ladies Who Look Better With Short Hair Cuts

February 26, 2012  |  
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Long, luscious locks are desired by men and women alike, especially in Hollywood. Yet, there’s something admirable about a woman who wears her hair in a short style. Think about it. A woman with short hair allows her face to take center stage and she has to be pretty confident in her looks to pull it off. Plus, ladies with shorter hair – at least the ones on our list – keep their makeup game tight.  In no particular order, here are a few celebs that we feel actually look better with a cropped ‘do…


Chrisette Michele

When Chrisette Michele first appeared on the scene, she had long, chocolate-brown locks. We think chopping her hair off was one of the best moves for her image. Her pretty features, especially her large eyes, stand out even more without the distraction of a long mane.



Rih Rih’s short jet black hairstyle started a huge trend. Women walked into salons across the country and asked for the”Rihanna.” It also signified Rihanna’s transition into the raunchy pop star we know today. Rihanna, being the hair chameleon she is, has had multiple hairstyles and looks great wearing both long and short looks. Still, it’s when she keeps it short and sweet that her eyes pierce and features stand out the best.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry would still look gorgeous if she was completely bald. That’s just how gorgeous she is! Yet, we love her best when she’s sporting her signature pixie cute. It allows her amazing bone structure to stand out. Flawless!


Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is another gal that looks good with both long and short hair. Yet, it’s the short cut that keeps the attention on her beautiful face. That megawatt smile stands out so much more, don’t you think?


Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada is very petite and doesn’t need extra hair to weigh down her frame. She’s also another leading lady with amazing bone structure. We think her hair styled in this cropped shag or even shorter – like during her Set it Off days – really suits Jada. Plus, she’s blessed with those high cheekbones she might as well show them off!


Kandi Burruss

The songstress and reality show star needs to go back to her roots. We think Kandi looks best circa first season with short hair. Even in this bright red/orange shade the focus is still on her face. Her huge smile is decoration enough, why add distracting hair?


Taraji P. Henson

Taraji + her signature bob = a match made in heaven! She still has a bit of length, but the style hits just below her chin. This allows the hair to frame her face perfectly. The side bang hides a bit of forehead, but her pretty face is still the main attraction.


Viola Davis

Viola Davis – presently  rocking a natural fro – is no stranger to the short hair game. She knows what works for her and this  is why her hair doesn’t go past her shoulders. She lets her beautiful complexion and genuine smile do the talking.

Nia Long

Nia is one of those women whose beauty isn’t debatable. Her hair short and swept off her face truly allows one to see that. She doesn’t need all that extra! Short and simple works just fine for Ms. Nia Long.



When Solange first chopped off her hair she finally stepped into her potential. She is so much more than Beyoncé’s little sis and is a looker in her own right. Without all that hair, nothing overshadows her and she truly shines.



Angela Basset

What’s hair got to do with it? Angela Basset is another pretty woman who is blessed with those glorious high cheekbones. She has aged well and doesn’t need to hide behind layers of hair. Some women have all the luck.


Amber Rose

Thanks to Amber Rose a slew of women are running around with blonde buzz cuts that shouldn’t be. Amber, however, has the face for it. Say what you will about her,but it can’t be denied that she rocks this look like no other.

Which lady do you think looks best with short hair?  Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jeremy

    They are all hotter with long hair.

  • Annie

    My favs with short hair were Amber Rose, Halle Berry, Nia Long, Solange, Rihanna and Angela Bassett.
    But they all looked good.

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  • Blackoncampus

    Viola David rocks the short ‘fro like no other. All of these women show that short is beautiful, but Davis’s Oscar look knocked my socks off!

  • Ifuaskme2

    I’m with the Toni comments. But Solange? No

  • Therisa2000

    I think Meagan Goode should have made the list.

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  • Depp Tiffany

    This is a very nice style an you can dress it up or play casual….im loving this look

  • Paburton

    Amber Rose is so pretty and I can’t picture her with a lot of hair. She rocks the buzz cut.

  • Interracial___match___is___wonderful___you___can___get___it___there.

  • Liish

    Angela Basset hasn’t aged well, she hasn’t aged at all… Beautiful.

    • Tswain92

      I’m convinced Angela Basset is a cyborg. I don’t think she’s aged in the last 25 years. Something is going on there.

  • Jc_nash

    Janet Jackson is another beautiful woman who looks much better with out the long weave. 

  • Daannalove15355

     .welcome  join our club.–r_i_c_h—m_a_n—a_n_d– b_e_a_u_t_i_f_u_l—g_i_r_l—S_i_n_g_l_e— m i x e d single. c ‘o ‘M ‘—-GOOD-c_l_u_b
         Happy every Day Honey!.Are you still single??

  • Lisa

    Kelly rowland=no


    ALL BUT OF THEM…BUT NINA HALLA   JADA with out pause…SOLANGE GOT MY VOTE…you feel why she did it and it payed of and she is the beautiful one 

  • Firefox

    why is Amber Rose in this set of beautiful black women? 

    • Guest

      Amber rose is cape verdean which is a small island off the coast of africa learn your geography

      • Presleyam

        Does that make Charlize Thereon black too? She’s South African! Most Cape Verdeans are not of African decent. Plus Amber Rose is also Italian/Irish.

      • Nana7

        Yes she is African but her [race] is not black. Being African and being black are two different things. One is ethnicity/culture the other is physical characteristics/attributes.  I don’t mind her being up there though. just clarifying.

      • Dyvaonamission

        Sorry to disappoint you but cape verdeans are of African decent. I agree with guest learn your geography!

  • VMA

    Nicole Ari Parker looks PHENOMENAL with her short cut.

  • FromUR2UB

    That second pic of Solange is very pretty, and her make-up looks nice on that one.  Her makeup and fashion usually look like a miss to me.  But she looks very pulled together on the second shot.

    Amber Rose and the sheered platinum look? So 90s. An update wouldn’t hurt.

  • Lwalk2

    What about Monica? She definitely belongs on this list!

    • Rnlight25

      I wad def expecting Monica! She is gorgeous, but it shines thru so much more when her hair is short. I’m disappointed she went back to the long hair look…

  • You missed Viola with her NATURAL hair  — it’s FIERCE!! She said she went natural (wigless) at the urging of her hubby and has been rocking a TWA. It warms my heart to see a celebrity sista brave enough to wear her hair unstraightened.

  • Guest

    Taraji’s hair looks so healthy!

  • Business406

    These women are gorgeous but jada Pickett looks better with long hair

  • Beck_y_975

    Where’s Toni Braxton? She is the Queen of short hair,Ive been trying to cut my hair like hers since 1992,but never had the courage to do it.

  • Mia

     No Toni Braxton? She is a woman who should never wear long hair.

    • I can’t agree more with you. I was looking at some of her old videos from her first album…she was so pretty with her own hair.

      • Superfly78

        I think she started wearing the wigs when she started he treatment with Lupus. It makes your hair thin…

  • ariesdollface

    These women are beautiful because they look confident. That comes in all (hair) styles–long, short, natural, relaxed, etc. Beauty is the confidence to JUST DO YOU!

  • Unque43

    Who is she? I don’t recall seeing her in anything.

    • Abc

      She was a really popular R&B singer in the 90’s. Google her, she was one of the first to make the short style really popular in hollywood