Football Player Loses Wife to Cancer One Month After Saying ‘I Do’

December 29, 2011  |  

Using a wheelchair to meet her groom at the end of the aisle, Keasha (Rutledge) Draft married the love of her life, 35-year-old football player Chris Draft, in a ceremony Nov. 27 in Atlanta.  Sadly, just one month later to the date, Keasha lost her battle to cancer and passed away Dec. 27.

Video of the couple’s ceremony and reception shows what an emotional and loving celebration their wedding day was as the bride shares a first dance with her husband, cuts the cake, and tosses the bouquet to guests who hope to find a love as strong as hers.

Chris Draft last played for the Washington Redskins in 2010 but dedicated much of his life to giving back to kids by participating in different service projects including his own Chris Draft Family Foundation, which empowers families to live healthy lifestyles. His friends have asked everyone to send prayers to the families as they grieve during this difficult time.

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • DEVA


  • Dcheirs

    She is absolutly beautiful and you as a man did what some men only dream of doing You are truly a Man of Men Sir.You know you havent loss her Forever.GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

  • Erikaflygirl

    This made me cry. God bless their family and my heart goes out to them.

  • Causticstorm

    Only on Madame Noire would you find a serious piece of offal calling a dead woman a “Ho” and using her death as an excuse to, SHOCKINGLY, berate black women. Can’t get a break even in death. My condolences to the family. Take Caribbean Offal out back and shoot him like the animal he is.

  • Ada

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    Could he NOT find a censored
    version? Grandma: Is this how we are supposed to bond?

  • Lovelygurl23

    This is what 1 Cor:13 was talking about. This is real love. Someone email this to Chilli.

  • awww simply beautiful…I’m happy that God allowed them to get married and spend christmas together before he took her home. Praying for both families during this difficult time.

  • My gosh! This was so touching, in a world where hate is so rampant (and some of the comments above are proof) it was beautiful to watch two people in love, for richer or for poorer, through sickness and in health and til death did them apart, get married. My thoughts are with their family at this time… Keisha, It was nice to see that even through your suffering you were able to share such a BEAUTIFUL moment with your husband and family before you passed… R.I.P. 

  • I cried watching this, god bless their family.

  • DCNative

    Awwww my heart feeled with joy when I saw how she happy and how she had a wonderful time at her wedding. That’s what you call true LOVE!!!
    May god bless him, the family, and her friends. My prayers will be with them.

  • Tonya G

    To Mr. Draft:  Dear Sir:  I truly admire your spirit and undying lover you displayed for your wife Keasha…I hope you will find comfort in these words…Jehovah God has a wonderful promise in the bible you may want to research just for you….John 5:28, 29…a promise of the resurrection of those in memorial tombs (his unfallible memory)…since death is the wages for sin…Keasha is paid in ful…you have a hope of seeing her again……Tonya G  Bpt CT

  • nkinzi

    Why are you complaining about the cost of the wedding as if you were the one who paid for it. Concentrate on your empty wallet and think of ways to make it full as opposed to hating on the way people spend their money. Can’t even believe I have given you the time of day to try and tell your sorry self off.

  • GaryG

    I am very inspired by this: Chris Draft, working with underpriviledged kids AND supporting his love. I salute you, and pray you will get through this. Keasha: I know you can’t read this, but really, that’s commitment. RIP

  • Jackieyou58

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  • Ayana

    May the Most High bless the family and fill their hearts and spirits with love as they deal with this time of loss. 

  • Missnewnew

    That was a truly beautiful video. I’m glad they were able to confirm their love for one another in God’s eyes before she past away. It looks as though that was one of the best moment of her life. Chris Draft is blessed soul to that for her.

  • Celestial

    This is so sad. May she rest in peace. <3

  • Ilovemyfamily

    You people and your stupid comments about they should not have had a wedding are heartless. They were a couple who had been together for years. Its their money and I think it was very touching, she wanted to marry the man she loved and the man who loved her honored that, in front of God, friends and family. He loved her enough to make this happen….BEAUTIFUL!

  • Djkrockk

    I have watched this video a few times over the last couple days and each time I shed more tears than before. Im 6’3 247lbs tough guy, a man’s man…. but this man’s man couldnt help but cry for this family. Mo matter how much money was spent, this young man brought this young lady a smile and happiness in her life. In my opinion he loved her so much that gave her what she dreamed of.. which almost all women dream of… a big beautiful wedding. As i looked at the video all i see in her eyes was sheer happiness & joy. In his eyes while they was doing their first dance, i personally saw tears of joy, but also sadness. Sadness that he possibly knew the cancer was gonna take her from him. He married her becuz he loved her & she loved him, but maybe he also married her becuz he did not want her to suffer thru this ordeal on her own. A real man wants to take his wife’s pain away & sometimes that cannot be helped. I believe in my heart this young man had the best of intentions when he asked this beautiful woman to marry him knowing the difficulties that lay ahead for them. So in my closing if i could say anything to this young man is hold on to them memories, shes is a much better place now, no more pain, she is with God now looking down on you smiling saying thats my husband, he is the best. You will see her again becuz i have a feeling she will be waiting at the gates for you.


    • Shiron

      Very well put!

  • RCDavis

    Just watched the video, nice-happy-sad story,   Most of us will never get to chose how we die, only how we live, nice that they could bring some joy into the end of her life and perhaps he’ll have some consolation knowing he was able to do so now that she is gone.

    That said, what’s up with all the supernaturalists on this thread?  Y’all are trying to bring your gods into the story?  Leave the proselytizing for a bit and let the family rest, they have earned it – and don’t need you trying to make points on their sorrow and grief!

  • KLM

    Sorry for your loss,May God be with you and the family. I will keep you and both 
     family and friends in my prayer.

  • Jturner-1027

    God bless you to the husband and the family

  • Nisaboo

    Did not see the comment everyone is speaking of but surely it could not match the magnificence of this story.  Awesome! He loved her enough to give her more than likely a dying wish or he wanted her to be his wife before she left this earth.  Utterly Awesome!!!  Thats what we should focus on.  The beauty of real LOVE.  Few can truly give or receive it but it is a wonderful thing to be able to witness.

    The idiot who made the comment just wanted attention and they received too much.  Let ’em go and let God get at ’em.

  • Derique Marie

    Wow! I just sat up here and cried

  • Veronica Lacue


    • Wezzie65

      Wow life can’t get no better than this what a Awwsome vido this was 2 see the Love that God planted n theses 2 people 2 God The Glory 4 All the things He let them Share n their Lives as Husband & Wife & now she can Rest N Peace noing she got 2 Marry the Love of Her Life as well God has him covered & God will Mend His Hart back 2gether with Her Hart on Top of His….. Mr Draft U R N My Prayers as well as ur Fam…..

    • Wezzie65

      Wow life can’t get no better than this what a Awwsome vido this was 2 see the Love that God planted n theses 2 people 2 God The Glory 4 All the things He let them Share n their Lives as Husband & Wife & now she can Rest N Peace noing she got 2 Marry the Love of Her Life as well God has him covered & God will Mend His Hart back 2gether with Her Hart on Top of His….. Mr Draft U R N My Prayers as well as ur Fam…..

    • Wezzie65

      Wow life can’t get no better than this what a Awwsome vido this was 2 see the Love that God planted n theses 2 people 2 God The Glory 4 All the things He let them Share n their Lives as Husband & Wife & now she can Rest N Peace noing she got 2 Marry the Love of Her Life as well God has him covered & God will Mend His Hart back 2gether with Her Hart on Top of His….. Mr Draft U R N My Prayers as well as ur Fam…..

  • LadyMichelleD

    I never got to see the negative comments below, but thank God that there are still sensitive, caring human beings who can still, feel, hope and believe in the power of love and the miracle that this woman Kesha received.  Thank God miracles still happen and chivalry isn’t dead when a REAL MAN like this steps up and does what it right in blessing the life of another individual and honoring a life commitment like this without hesitation.  Praising God for this and sending my prayers out to Him.  God will certainly bless you for this step of faith, my brother!

  • guest

    such an amazing, blessed love. True love has no boundaries, though thick and thin and til the end. my prayers are with the draft and rutledge families. god bless.



  • Reseewright

    I’m sorry for your lost may God bless you and your family.

  • Frankwhite

    Man! God Bless you and your family. You will see your true love again!


  • Lan

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  • Judy Williams Gibson

    I didn’t know Keshia…but I knew of her. That she was a beautiful young lady inside and out. To Gail and Tommy (her parents) my prayers are with you and your family. To her groom, you are a special young man in your own right and may God strengthen you each day. Hy

  • Hotboy_28328

    Now thats love!!! Very Very sweet!

  • Missmiss

    This is really beautiful but I mean I really wonder how long they were together because was there a healthier time he could have done this?! Its beautiful this was probably a lifelong dream of hers but its sad at the same time. I have a cousin thats very sick she got married when she was healthy but her husband is a mess I just hope if I am ever sick I have a true loving and caring partner. 

    • Ifuaskme2

      I’m with u on this. I was wondering the same. Had he done so earlier she would have been entitled to his medical benefits. Why did he act only when it was certain she would die?

      • lsgyrl

        She had her own career and medical benefits.  Keasha was beautiful and smart.  They found out about the cancer in December 2010.  I’m sure the focus was on her health not planning a wedding.   Does it matter anyway?   They had the wedding they wanted.

  • lisa

    that was so heartless. bastard!!!!!

  • JJamly25

    Not even going to waste my time on such negative and insensitive comments.  God blessed them to have a beautiful wedding. You can see the love the two had for each other. I hope he can find solace in knowing he gave the best he could offer to his beautiful bride. No doubt she is among the angels in heaven, having blessed the world with her brief life.

  • Luctrose

    god bless you and you are in are prayers. I am sure she did happy knowing the love of her life stood next to her at thee end. 2 be absent from the body is 2 be present with the lord. gbu

  • Tmanuel15

    How insensitive and ignorant!!

  • Caribbean in the house

    the b!tch is an afro-american ho who is planning on taking his money so why feel sorry for an ho

    • D-nyce-

      you my friend are an idiot.  There’s a special place for people like you.

      • Caribbean in the house

        i’m not feeling sorry for no afro-american ho who likes to date guys for money only

  • OH WOW i feel so hurt! Even tho i dont know these people i can feel the pain! I pray for you. Peace & blessings!

  • Malika

    Beautiful story of eternal love. This may have been her last wish. Prayers and well wishes to him & the families.

  • Jay

    Even if that is how you truly feel you should keep it to urself. That is a very insensitive comment to make after this woman has died. Maybe she knew there was a possibility that she could die and wanted to have a dream wedding like mostly every woman dreams of since childhood. Maybe he loved her so much that cost was not a factor. Also maybe they were optimistic and thought she would beat this disease. So ppl think before you speak/type. Thanks

  • I’m sorry for your loss.  May God hold you and keep you.  And may you find peace in this New Year.

  • Sandy

    There is nothing more beautiful then true love!

  • plow

    That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen or heard.  I will not let the comments on this post ruin if for her.  GOD IS LOVE.

  • Headmaster281

    May God blessed and keep. You I sung that song at a friend weeding you have my pray Love Jason white

  • Bo

    To God Be the Glory in this beautiful testimony of love!. What a beautiful wedding, but better yet what a beautiful love story! My prayers go out to the family during this difficult time but that video left me with a smile on my face because there is no greater love that what was very evident in that video. Thanks for sharing a loving testimony as we enter a new year and may all pause to remember those who have lost someone they love this year! 



    • lsgyrl




  • Motowngirl1

    Such beautiful love story I cried when I saw the video God Bless the Draft family and Chris’s wife family.. Btw to lovely you’re very ignorant and very sick person U will get what coming to you so heartless

  • Ladypazzaz

    Wow, I just got married and as they say its better to experience love than never to have loved at all. I’m sure she was the happiest woman on this earth and believe she fullfilled her purpose here on earth and was content when she passed. Tear ;***(

  • Red1975sexy

    My heart & prayers goes out to the Draft family during their loss. As I watched the video, keasha was very happy to see her dream come true. So sad to hear that she lost her battle to cancer. But thru all the tears of sorrow, joy will come in the morning. God is still good to us all, lean on him.
    May he keep you in his arms….

  • Mahoganyv_beauty

    I think the statement was insensitive, and we all have our opinions- but some of the comments your getting are just as bad, evil, mean, ignorant, and ridiculous. Please be very careful about what you type- somethings should left unwritten because it
    offends so many!!!

  • Greenpigeonpeas

    I hope you find true love in your life one day.  Their one month together as man and wife was worth more than 50 years for some other people.

  • Msmykimoto2u

    Omg i almost started crying…That was beautiful and so was she. God bless both their families….

  • Yettamallory

    Very beautiful! God bless!

  • Brnd_nnn

    That is so beautiful that no matter what she was going through he still stay by her side God will be with you and your family stay strong she is in a better place with no more pain but she is with you in her spirit and yours such a beautiful wedding God bless you

  • Lawson

    Dear Lovely,

    May God forgive You for You know Not what You have said.
    And, May You get on Your knees and ask God for His forgiveness.


  • Class of 92

    What a beautiful story!! That kind of Love is nearly impossible to obtain and Keshia and Chris had it. The love in their eyes for one another was very touching. My prayers are w their family and friends. May the Lord be w you as you face the days ahead. My heart goes out to this family.

  • Queen

    Why would you even fix your mouth to say something so stupid and heartless! You have only shown how ignorant and uneducated you are! God allowed that angel to have the wedding of her dreams to the love of her life so that the husband would remember his angel’s happiness on that day! You definitley need not comment on anything else!!!!

  • Dbenson19713

    This is by far what defines love.May God help this man throu this difficlt time.My prayers goes out to him and her family.

  • JC

    My prayers are with him and his family during this hard time…that video brought tears to my eyes

  • Quita Ccmn

    Now that’s real love, a love I have never seen before, may God bless u n ur family she was a beautiful bride she look very happy Sry for ur lost…she a Angel
    Ms. Chiquita is my name

  • my daugfhter was diagnose with cancer in 2006 and she just got married to a wonderful in this july pass 2011 he is a great man he been there alway with my daughter and still the man she married and still loveing her and son at the time her work and went to school in the evening and still came home to share his love to the family threr are good black strong men still standed and that what he was with his wife he is a God fearing man yes I am glad I have e one of those black strong men my son-law love you

  • Llerrehs

    ignorance. ur last days should be ur best!

  • Ladydi

    Honest to goodness true love.  What an amazing man of god!

  • Sexyteeluv

    This was an touching story, my prayers go out to you all and may God be with you all during this time, Just from seeing her beautiful smile, and good spirits she was truly an angel to all in her life. My eyes were filled with tears as reading this story.

  • Hamptonsfnst

    I could not stop crying and hope I find genuine love like that someday. My prayers go out to to the families of the bereaved and may God console their hearts during this difficult time.

    It’s very hard to let your loved ones go and cancer is a battle that not only affects its victim but their loved ones as well. I pray that Kesha and Chris will someday meet in the sky and be reunited again. Love never dies!

    • Caribbean in the house

      why would he want to meet the ho in the sky, when he dies he can’t bring the money with him.

  • Chick

    Such Joy! Please remove all comments that do NOT focus on the subject…abiding LOVE!  *U* Kathleen

  • Amandaarmsrtong58

    My son on June 6th lost his wife in childbrith 5 kids 6moth2-3-4-9 we will pray 4 his family nd her’s may God Bless

  • Kokko

    Lovely has obviously NEVER had a true love. Otherwise he/she would know that you would spend every dime you have saved in order to share a precious moment like that with a person whom you love and their days are numbered.  God help “Lovely”

  • “Beautiful Flower”

    What a beautiful testament to true love and obedience to God. He stayed right by her side until death did part them. Many are saying that this is the type of man they’d want their daughters to marry. I say this is the man that God made just for her and through this ceremony, He and he show us that there’s hope regardless of our circumstances and that “love” is an action word. To God be the glory! 

    To the family of Keasha Rutledge Draft, I extend my condolences to the family of Keasha Draft, I pray that God’s peace be a blanket of comfort to her family and that He restore their joy. Surely she will live on in your hearts.  Always remember, Earth knows no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.


  • Sharte259

    You’re stupid it’s love baby

  • sb

    God bless their family and may her soul rest in peace!

  • Jamie

    Keasha, you made a Beautiful bride and I’m happy you had the wedding of your dreams before your homegoing. For the family,
    Father of all mercies and God of all consolation,
    you pursue us with untiring love
    and dispel the shadow of death
    with the bright dawn of life.
    Give courage to this family in their loss and sorrow.
    Be their refuge and strength, O Lord,
    reassure them of your continuing love
    and lift them from the depths of grief
    into the peace and light of your presence.
    Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,
    by dying has destroyed our death,
    and by rising, restored our life.
    Your Holy Spirit, our comforter,
    speaks for us in groans too deep for words.
    Come alongside your people,
    remind them of your eternal presence
    and give them your comfort and strength.

    • Caribbean in the house

      waste of time poem for an ho who was going to take his money. pimps up ho’s down

  • I’m completely overwhelmed

    • Caribbean in the house

      bullsh!t f*** the beyotch

  • “Beautiful Flower”

    Dear Lovely,

    I’m interested in knowing if you believe in God. I’m interested in knowing how you’d feel if the love of your life, if you have one, died. This story is about love in action! It’s about someone who believed in his vows before he was even married to his wife. He was her husband before he was her husband and God put these two together to show the world an undying love.  Mr. Draft obviously loved his wife in spite of her illness and he stayed by her side until death did part them. The wedding was a promise that he intended to keep to the woman he must truly love and it’s a testament to all of us that no matter our circumstance, what God put together, no man can keep apart!

    Your comment’s insensitive at a minimum and it’s unconscionable at best. Here it is that someone’s lost a wife, a daughter, perhaps a sister if not by blood, surely by sisterhood, someone’s lost a friend, a co-worker, a mentor, and to this Earth’s garden, a beautiful flower and all you can say is “Damn! All that money on the wedding! What a waste.”

    Perhaps you should consider changing your name/handle to “Heartless” because you don’t do the “Love” part of your name any justice. Your words have pierced ME like a knife. I can’t imagine what they might do to the families of Keasha Draft.  Then again, changing your name to “Heartless” would do no justice either because it takes someone with NO HEART to make a comment such as the one you did.

    God bless and keep you nevertheless!

    “Another Beautiful Flower”

  • James

    You insensitive ignorant idiot!

  • Tamrw78

    Truly beautiful…what an Amazing and Goregous couple. I pray for this family, my heart goes out to you. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your precious Bride.

    • Caribbean in the house

      atleast his money didn’t get taking in the end if she was still alive

  • Strength and Love

    May God rest her soul.
    Chris may God give you the strength to get past the heartache of losing such a beautiful person. Although I do not know you or your wife, you and your wife have shown the world what true love is. I could imagine the love inside the church during your wedding. I pray that the same love you felt during the ceremony is with you during this time.

    I will pray for you and your family during this time. May there be a cure in the future.

    • Caribbean in the house

      i don’t feel sorry for an afro-american ho

  • miller19

    I understand that LOVELY is in need of Love but lets not forget the purpose of the video. GOD has a plan for all of us. This video showed that this man and this woman truly loved each other. The responses to LOVELY is what he wanted and we are all just giving him/her the ammunition to his/her stupidity. I’m sure that Mr. Draft wouldn’t want to see all the negativity to a precious moment that he will never forget. Lets take this moment and show Mr. Draft compassion and sympathy instead of negativity to a useless being.

  • Letitshine3000

    you could have saved your dickhead may have saved money..but you cant take it with you

  • Verarenee

    I pray that God gives both side of the  family the strength to carry on.  He will send the comforter to guide them and give them peace.   It hurts, but the sting of death is something we cannot get accustom to.  Just know that all is well and she is at peace, and resting with our Lord.

    • Caribbean in the house

      f*** the ho, she’s a afro-american ho

  • Lakera59

    This has truly touched my heart and it is sad that she had to go so soon

    • Caribbean in the house

      she had to go because she was going to use him for his money anyway, thats how you afro-american females are in america.

  • smitpat

    I know God is saying “Well Done My
    Son”.  Thank you for sharing what a
    wonderful person you are.  May the Lord
    continue you to Bless.

    • Caribbean in the house

      she’s a ho

  • Ladystuff2008

    Beautiful wedding may her soul rest in peace….. I keep him m her family in my prayers

    • Caribbean in the house

      she was after for the mans money like the rest of you ho’s

  • Nitalove3

    True definition of Love. God blessed her with a man to love her thro ugh and in the storm. I cried during and after this video. Beautiful!

  • Sking3939

    God keep them in this time of hurt, How excellent is thy name of God even when we dont know y we r going thru.

  • Altima_2000

    that really was not a nice thing to say. God be with you

  • Tweetybird

    What lovely wedding and such a happy couple. May the Lord give him strength go endure this terrible loss. God Bless.

  • Jessicagivs


  • Miss Boston163


  • Prominentpurpose

    What a disgrace to even utter such a contemptible thing-you are beyond ignorant!

  • Prominentpurpose

    That was simply beautiful-absolutely wonderful.

  • Lovely is a Dumbass

    f*ck off….comments like yours indicates you should not be seen or heard

  • Biggzeus

    Wow… Love is wonderful!!! I’m floored & speechless.

  • Forgive him

    Ironic that LOVE (GOD)is in your name?? The devil is a liar. And your love of MONEY over compassion is proof. I pray that you get to know GOD and not use his name in vain.

  • Kjonthego


  • Tunisiab33

    My prayers are with you and your family. Live life to the fullest

  • Christine

    so inspiring!!!!! Only God! I am so moved by this gift of love on loan. To comprehend this, is to comprehend the love of God. No words can make sense at this time, but the sister is safe in the arms of the Master. May the prayers of the faithful cover the family at this time!

  • greygoose125

    May the Lord bless the family during this difficult time – how incredibly sad.

  • Robbia

    Looks like it was a beautiful ceremony.  I’m glad God gave Keasha and Chris the opportunity to experience such happiness before Keasha’s untimely death. 

  • Mrs. Peete

    You are an insensitive, heartless idiot!  Your comment shows your a very miserable and negative person.  smh

  • Anovelideadl

    How tragic. I’m sure he made her last days as comfortable and happy as possible.

  • Anovelideadl

    Stupid idiot

    • SHANTEL M.



  • wheniwassifted

    Sad but beautiful.  Time waits for no one and they made the most of the time they had–together.  Will keep them in prayer.  She lived two dreams, her marriage to her groom on earth, and now with the ultimate groom in heaven.  My prayers are with them.

  • Crystal

    This is proof that there is True love is powerful!!

  • Karolyncrayton

    Yes, this is an emotional time and I do pray that the family makes it through.  It may take one day at a time.  May God Bless.

  • victorious

    Can we get back to what the story is about ppl. Lets move on from ignorant ppl and continue to pray for the family, They are in my prayers continue to give them peace and comfort as they go through the passing of his wife.

  • thesouthizback

    You need SERIOUS SERIOUS HELP!!!!!

    • Leadstrong

      there is not a mental institution in the world that could help her that is how serious her case is.

  • blessed

    Hello everyone…This was a bitter sweet story but beautiful and I think we are letting negative people like lovely take the focus away from this story.  Yes, what she said was ignorant but we are giving her what she wants and lacks..ATTENTION…let’s stay focused!

    • Freesouredd

      You are absolutely correct, focus on what this was for. She was beautiful and the power of love is still alive. Such a sad story, I send all my prayers to him and both families involved. The video is very nice and I am trying so hard not to cry. I have a wonderful mate too and oh my, it is really sad…I cant imagine not having him in my life. I lost my Mom to Cancer 6 years ago and it doesn’t get any easier.

  • Sandra

    this video brought tears to my eyes. if this isn’t a powerful testament to love, and the fact that there still are good men, i don’t know what is! i’m so glad that Keasha got to experience one of the happiest days of a woman’s life and she looks gorgeous, elegant and strong. and for Chris, I pray that he and his family find solace in this incredibly difficult time. his love will always watch over him and care for him from the heavens above!

  • reese

    so sad!!!!

  • A Mic86

    Let’s ignore the person with a coal for a heart and remember this man and family who are in mourning for the loss of a beautiful woman. I praise him for giving her the best day of her life even if she only lived a month. We all know for sure that she passed on, as the happiest woman on earth and that must be so comforting even through his grief that she died with love wrapped in her heart all because of him. Forget the ignorant ones, they’re bitter because they never have and never probably will ever experience love so pure and eternal. 

  • Tierral

    She was a very gorgeous bride and this just shows that nothing was gonna stop her from having her dream cometrue..God is so good that he kept her here to marry the person she love and that is amazing. I know you might not know me but my prays is with you and the family.

  • Shawanajackson27

    This was so touching!! :((((((( but: ))))))

  • Sweetnessyo

    This is an  incredible unconditional DISPLAY of Love That I Have Witnessed in a long time, wow brought the tears streaming…

  • Tonitouch22

    This really touched my heart I will pray for Chris and his family… She is such a beautiful women and she looked gorgous… She may rest in peace in not in pain… Amen…

  • MsT

    How ignorant and disrespectful can you be…

  • Beautiful wedding, you could see the love! What a blessing to have been able to share that special day before the GOOD Lord called her home!

    I am amazed at some of the responses, everyone is talking about how ugly Lovely’s post was but some responses to it were no better!

    We need to all pray for one another!

    Be blessed and be better!

  • BrownEyes69

    You are so ignorant.  Be careful what you say because it may come back and haunt you.  God, I pray for ignorant people like this Lovely person that wrote this.

  • Barneselisha


  • Ninamotivates

    True love is making dreams come true. True live doesn’t look at the situation or illness but loves from the heart & making sure that live issolid before time runs out. This was true love!

  • Tshy77fsu

    Big Dummy!! No heart, no feelings when u lose someone in ur life look for the same type of negativity. Who cares how u will feel at the time. U better get to knowing God cause ur time is near!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Dad

    So lovely when you die will you be considered a waste of life?

  • Summerbaby

    I hope that you will not lift your eyes in hell for making this idiotic comment.  You need to do the “Lovely” thing and apologize for posting such an “Ugly” statement.  Jealousy is an abomination

  • Ericjohn0812

    Thanks Chris for showing the world a man’s love does run deeper than pop culture propagates!

    Eric R. Johnson

  • Taunya Curry

    My heart and prayers go out to the Ruthedge and Draft family. May God bless you all.

  • Mrs Kat_30

    I am so sorry for your lost may god bless. You Nd your family she is in a better place…

  • Tonybrown

    My Heart goes out to the family…. God be with you

  • Teresa

    I can’t do nothing but smh @ you. you need pray this was such a beautiful love story. you must no have a heart cause ain’t way someone with ah heart could say such a thing….smh you are sooo sad !

    • Teresa


  • Chablis1976

    Some of us in the world will never know love like that. Beautiful couple, beautiful story. May she rest in peace.

  • Beverly

    Lovely why would you say something like that. Living and loving someone is not about MONEY it’s about people having mutual RESPECT, obviously they loved each and her illness did not matter too him and I see him as a real man for loving his bride and knowing they would not be together in the physically sense for too long but he showed her how much he truly loved her and I think for someone to do this has a heart that is so full of warmth, understanding, sharing of love to a woman he knew was ill but wanted to marry what a GREAT MAN he is.

    Lovely go back and rethink what you said, your comment was inappropriate, people are hurting and you speak of money as a waste. Come now you should get out more and meet people from all walks of life and realize there are many good people in this Universe.


  • Marie40232888

    That was the most beautiful act of love anyone can show towards another in their what ever is going on in their life. God bless these two beautiful souls that God joined together. May he grant the groom comfort in his time of sorrow and sadness as well as her family. Cause earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal… God bless u and keep u may his face shine upon u. And give u peace until they meet again…. Amen…

  • Blackl_56

    Folks, don’t fall into the traps of the devil. Spend no more time giving attention to the negative comments on this and focus on the beauty of what love is really about. Here this is a display of what true love is yet it doesn’t get a fraction of the publicity that the 72 days of Chris Humphrys and Kim Kar’s wedding.
    I don’t get worked up all that easy but I have to admit this story choked me up as I watched the video. A beautiful and genuine display of love in an era when divorce rates are sky high. Much respect for Mr.Darft and my Mrs. Draft rest in peace. She was a beautiful bride, she rocked her dress right! May God be wit

    • Mia


    • Mia


    • Mia


  • Erinmahoneycna

    this is why people like you have a place 2 go when your time is up

  • Jeff

    You cannot take the money with you. If this gave her some joy while she was alive, that is what money is for.

  • seek2027

    dang man i cried to be honest because that happend to a very close family member of mine 7 years ago

  • Vjosey71

    That is true love. No one can touch that. Prayers go out to the family. She is smiling real hard as she is preparing for her home going ceremony.

  • Carlabtrue

    Omg!!!! As I watched this video, tears are streaming down my face!!!!! That’s true love…. God bless him, and may the Holy Spirit comfort him…..

  • Sunsarae

    May GOD be with this family during this time and all times. Shebwas a beautiful bride and she looks so happy and in love. Thank GOD they found one another.

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  • Dagriffins

    May God watch over the entire family while giving the husband the strength to live. My heart aches just reading and viewing this. Lord have mercy and any soul who isn’t moved by such a deep caring love…..


  • Tmi4me72

    WOW this story and video was the best emotional wedding of 2011, I’m glad she got to enjoy her last month with her true love that was the best gift he gave her and you could see the joy in her eyes. Do any one know what cancer it was and how long she was suffering.

    God bless!

  • Bmw841

    Lovely you are a very Evil person. All you think about is the wedding. The family is going through a rough time. Because they had lost a love one.

  • Mari42

    y would say that? that was very EVIL of u to say….obviously, he loved his wife enough to INVEST in their love before she passed. SMH

  • Sweetgrannie6

    The person named lovely that complained about the money spd. Aned in ent needs to crawl back under the rock she came from. There are couples that are married for many years that never experience the love these two share and in these days were some spend millions on weddings just for show and no love is true and only stay married for a few days,hours,weeks, or afew months. I found this couple showed true love and devotion. May she R.I.P.and he find solace in knowing abd showing her while alive what true love is

  • Guest

    I echo the sentiments of everyone about your ignorance.

  • Lazettehouston


  • Delores

    I am overcome with emotion as I was given a glimpse of true love. God is good. R.I. P.
    Mrs. Keasha Draft. God bless, keep & comfort you, Mr. Chris Draft.

  • Deeking_60628

    Damn y’all emotional good story though


  • Anon.

    I think its really beautiful and sooo courageous of him to give her that special day, even with her illness. You may say he wasted his money or wasted his time, but when you truly love someone you would only want to give them the best, even if it means they only have a short time left on earth. This wedding shows that he was selfless and really wanted to give her a great memory

  • Kenicegriffin

    Wow! this Video brung tears to my eyes. Just looking at the Video I know that young lady is in a better place. My prayers go out to the family and friends of Mr and Mrs. Draft.

  • Evette Brew

    May she smile down from Heaven forever and ever!! Ignorances is such a cruse!

  • Vanessamh89

    This has brought me to tears what a lovely story but with such a tragic end…may she rest in peace and her family and husband find peace during this difficult time xx

  • Texas7720

    When U love somebody, U will do anything to make them Happy. Love is so strong. To my Brother a real man. God  bless you and your family , doing this time and days to come

  • Tnadine1224

    At first I was not going to entertain you with a response, however the Lord laid it on my heart to pray for you. It’s obvious you dont have anyone to love you, which is why you don’t know what true love is or for that matter love yourself. I will defiantely keep you in my prayers, for you dont  know any better. I also pray you will begin to love yourself first to even come close to a love such as what has been displayed to us. I wouldnt dare curse you,for I rather pray for your lost soul. God bless you!

    PS. Remember God loves you and so do I, and there’s nothing you can do about it!

    • melaine


  • Guest

    We have some real idiots on this site that’s for sure… should leave the country if you ask me.

  • Ccwilson8

    True love…

  • Tnadine1224

    Simply Beautiful!!!! God has a plan and a purpose…My prayers are with the family I pray you find comfort during this difficult time. I also want to thank the husband for making her last days just as precious as her first.

    God Bless,
    Tenesha N. Teasley

  • Ralette73

    The nerve of some ppl! That was truly ignorant! But to these 2 lovely families,i send u my condolence. He took his VOWS and put them to use! That was so beautiful…….now if thats not love,i dont know what is! <3<3<3R.I.P Keasha<3<3<3

  • Missdivalynn

    You’re such a waste. Must be jealous that you haven’t found anyone that could give you the amount of Love that he had for his wife in her short beautiful life.

  • Mr.G

    my heart got heavy and couldn’t help but cry my eyes out!….R.I.P Keasha Draft…and stay in there Chris Draft God knows your heart!

  • RedButterfly81

    What 2 people would like this heartless reply? Grow up you ignoramus! Your life is a waste fool!

  • RedButterfly81

    This is so sad and more black men need to be more like Chris Draft, he’s one of the true examples of what black love should be. It takes a big heart filled with unconditional love to do what he did for this woman. So sad she couldn’t live longer to enjoy that happiness, may she rest in peace. My prayers goes out to Chris and the family for their loss.

  • Latoyanicole21

    That was not a waste. U are so cold hearted. It could be u one day

  • Essiehickmon

    My heart truly goes out to the family. I lost my mother seven years ago to cancer and we made everyday special for her til the end. Why not spent a million it shows the love that lie deep within. People like herself probably prayed for God to give her the strength to sustain her wedding and enjoy every bit of it! It’s super hard to do something you always dreamed of doing, knowing your days have been cut short and are numbered. So it’s a blessing that God Graced her through it and allowed her to see the Love of people and Him all at the same time! Really hate to see things like this but do know God will strnegthen you in your darkest and weakest time! Please pray, seek God and Listen to Him!

  • Nenalopez82

    Very sad my condolences goes out to him and the family on both sides.. #SupportCancer 100% I lost my aunt to do the same condition.. This made me cry she was beautiful and u could tell how Happy they was..

  • FromUR2UB

    What a very touching story.  Man, this is so sad.  But, I hope they managed to pack 50 years of love into their one month marriage. .

  • Donna Wisdom

    Omg my prayers go out to Mr. Draft and his family. May you find peace in knowing that she is no longer in pain.

  • jhill

    Beautiful erm needless to says i havent a dry eye

  • Smorgan965

    This world is filled with ignorant people.  I am beyond myself that someone could say something like that. It was beautiful and may the power of God be with their family during this time.  May you rest in peace Kesha.  The smile on your face is priceless and you will be forever remembered.  R.I.P

  • PDJ2222


  • Ivan

    WOW!!!! I’m a big dude that doesn’t cry much at all… But this… WOOOOOOO! This has the tears coming up.  I’m glad she lived the remaining time of her life happily married and even more happier that her husband made it all come true.  This should be a good example of good men doing good things… HE is a real man in anyone’s book.

  • college_boi

    WOW I know there are rude, obnoxious people out there but you just took the award for the day! congrats…

  • Shantel Collins

    What a horrible thing to say…SMH

  • Ajones

    This is what I call true Love. I sheded tears for the homie. I am glad that I am an example of a real man

  • Bam10bam

    My Condolences to the Draft Family. If she didn’t do anything else-she got a PRINCE CHARMING & Every woman Dreams of a moment like that. May God Bless you.

  • Velmar75

    not really bcuz it was love they were marrying for and love goes a long way…

  • Lashawn Butler

    My heart is with the family during this time. She looked amazing & I’m sure she’s still smiling down @ her husband


    Was this recently?

    • Qtpie1230

      Yes they married last month and she passed 2 days ago.

  • Avidreader

    Negative commentary
    such as the one above is sickening. Money is no object when the love is real on
    both sides. Perhaps they were together for a long time before hand and even if
    they were NOT if you know you don’t have a lot of time left you love and live
    like every day is you last!!!!!!! Who knows, your last could be today? I pray
    to God that it isn’t but just imagine that some of your last words were that of
    ignorance, small-mindedness and of a simpleton nature I already know you don’t
    know what there mean so I’ll wait while you get a dictionary and pray for you.

  • Tbless

    May God wipe every tear and hold all near to thee.  May they look to the hills which cometh our help and find strength..Such a beautiful woman, may she rest in peace and blessings to the families.

  • I can’t believe how ignorant you sound.

  • Tameka0829

    My prayers & condolences to the families of this couple. Life sometimes can be short, but God always has a plan for then everlasting! May God bless this young woman’s soul!


    It’s not about money it’s about love you dummy!!!

  • Lashunda

    What a story

  • Onpoinebooking

    I hope and pray you never lose anyone close to you to Cancer heartless pig!!!!!!!

  • oh my that was touching

  • Jdgravely

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I know it’s a hard time but if you put it in Gods hands he will take care of you. It took a real man like you to still marry a wonderful women like you did. God said you got a heart of Gold and he got you safe in him. Yes the days ahead might be hard to come but it’s a man name Jesus that can him you with it. May God Bless You Love, Justin D. Gravely

  • Simoneporter80

    prayers go out to do you and family may god give you strength as you move forward in your life

  • Mrsadams1207

    Okay was I suppose to NOT cry? Because I can’t help it. that’s so beautiful!!

    • Monaay123

      what a very nice video sending my prayer and condolences out to the family  it nice to see that she was happy on her special day  my god be with  her husband and family R.I.P keasha 

  • toni

    my prayers, condolences & heart gose out 2 both families on such a sad occasion I hope u all stick 2gthr in helping each other pull through rip luv 4 now until that day

  • Shana

    It was nice to see that she was able to have a nice wedding and become his wife before leaving this earth. Someone said all that  money what a waste, but it can never be a waste when this man loved his woman so much to give her a wedding even though he knew her condition. It’s sad that she that she had to leave, but I am pretty sure Nov. 27 will be a day he’ll never forget.  

  • Getit!

    Weave on gremlins is a waste. Making it rain is a waste. Love is eternal.

  • Getit!

    I am so deeply touched. What a way to celebrate her life. Anybody who was anything to her surrounded them on that day and shared their joy. That till-death-do-we-part love is real. God bless the memory of that lovely day.

  • xiomara


  • Arkansas

    You ought to be ashamed of yourself for saying something like this, just straight ignorant!!! There love was more than likely worth more than any money in the world…That’s true love, evidently something you know nothing about.

  • Kim

    This had me in tears.  MY prayers go out to their families as well as the groom.  So sad.  I’m glad they were able to marry each other before her passing.

    • Broadaway2

      I was in tears as well, I hope I am lucky enough one day to experience this type of love. The kind that lasts a life time.

  • Divineone11

    i’m glad she got the chance to have her day:)

  • MIA

    What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. No matter how short their time was, they both were blessed to have found real love! That is the way I felt after becoming a young widow 2 years ago. What a beautiful love story,

    May God bless her beautiful soul and keep him strong as he grieves and begins the arduous journey of rebuilding his life.

  • Jessica Williams

    Soar with the angels beautiful sister! my thoughts and prayers are with your family in their time of mourning.

  • Jewjewbeed

    God bless him real good.

  • MrsJonesBeauty

    Awwwwwwww that was a beautiful video of their wedding. @ Lovely, I hope you enjoyed your 14 secs of fame!!! You are a waste of space…..* youshouldhavebeenanabortion*

  • Jessica Williams

    that is such a heartless thing to say. don’t be that way. it’s not always about money.

  • Natasha T

    Damn! All that come and egg that wasted to make your dumb, heartless, ignorant evil azz, now that’s a waste!

  • This should make us so grateful of what we have. When you have your health you have everything. He was a very thoughtful and loving young man to give her what she wanted and him too. He just wanted to make her happy and to give her so much more before she past.
    A lot of people will say some dumb and unthoughtful things….It is not about the material things it is making someone so happy even if it is just for one day….May God be with her, her husband, and their families and friends…..

  • Cynthia

    And again I thank God that I’m a 14 year survivor!  The love between them  was evident.  My prayers and condolences are with the Rutledge/Draft families.  

  • USA all the way

    If only people would do and treat others with kindness all the time. But for those who do selfless actions God bless



  • Natasha T

    That is so sad and my prayers goes out to Chris and her family. It’s always the ones that don’t deserve to die ends up dead. I’m crying because this video of their wedding is beautiful, RIP Keasha.

  • Applesnsunshine05

    That’s horrible he lost her only a month after marrying her. And the video was just so touching I saw the love between the two. Goodness this is just heart wrenching.

  • Sho

    My first thought…’he should have married her ages ago’ i will like to know…’what was stopping him’…pause, no answer…that way she could have been more fulfilled, but it is what it is. may she rest in peace with no more pain. 

    • Imp

      Exactly my thoughts. Why wait till she was at deaths door to wife her up?

      • Caribbean in the house

        because she was after for the man money so thats why death came to her. she was going to use him anyway.

  • Monique 1mom

    My dilemmas are very minute compared to this story. So sad..many blessings to the family!!

  • Sunny

    what a beautiful video, and beautiful representation of lasting, unconditional black love! i got teary eyed 🙂

  • JM73

    Spoken like a true ass….there. you were noticed today.  happy now???

    • Sweetnessyo

      JM73 I was just thinking  the same thing! ATTENTION SEEKING IDIOT!

  • Caribbean_gurl16

    It’s just sad that true love like this never get a chance to last. Death is not a nice thing..

    • JM73

      Yeah, i hear you, but at least she had the love for the time she was here…some people won’t ever experience a fraction of that love. ….Right Lovely aka Caribbean in the House???

       I apologize for venting on your comment but I just lost my brother the same day she passed. Some people……smmfh

      • Caribbean in the house

        i am the real caribe & let me explain something to you. caribe {caribbean} is my name & when i say i’m in the house it means ”i’m on the the site” o.k. so i don’t know who the hell is lovely. i’m a man not a b!tch. if i was a afro-american nappyheaded ho, i would be out selling myself or something but i wasn’t born a b!tch.

    • Jewjewbeed

      Yep. But that day will come when death will have no victory nor sting.  God bless them real good.

  • Yourfavoriteclassyratchet

    You are just upset not only will you not have such a beautiful wedding but no one will have the love and compassion this man had for his wife and you’re not even ill.I mean you are ill,but being an evil,bitter slore is not a medical condition.

  • MEL_MEL450

    Wow. That was a real nice video. I hope and pray that he can be strong in his time of lost. Be strong my brother.

  • guess

    Where is the compassion… Some people are so ignorant…SMH…

    • Realshaker

      Enough time wasted on the heartless scene hijacker….. This wedding the people and all is so wonderfully beautiful…simply gloriously blessed…The expression of true love…..Glad I’ve seen it. God bless her soul, husband and the one’s left here in her love….

    • Caribbean in the house

      i have no compassion for afro-american negro’s

  • Me

    You are so ignorant. He gave her the wedding of her dreams while she was alive to enjoy it. May you never fall ill to this devastating disease. And, hopefully, you didn’t get those Jordans you camped out for…

  • Caribbean in the house

    why feel sorry for the afro-american negro chick who was going to divorce him & take half of his stuff anyway. you see, god knows what he is doing because cancer is god disease along with aids. its a curse you see. well atleast she won’t take his money, divorce him & go to the next man. pimps up ho’s down.


      You sound just like that other idiot,LOVELY, that just posted nonsense!  If you want people to think you’re intelligent, don’t post, don’t talk, don’t breathe!

      • JM73

        It probably is that wretched troll…

        • Caribbean in the house

          no its not that troll, i’m caribe & i don’t like afro-american negros

      • Caribbean in the house

        wrong culture stupid, i don’t sound like no afro-american negro & the nappyheaded ho deserve it anyway.

      • Caribbean in the house

        i’m a man & don’t get me mixed up with no afro-american negro b!tch

        • FromUR2UB

          More like a Caribbean in the NUT house.  Ok.  You got some attention with your little tantrums.  Now go change your diaper.

    • Oh Please

      I love people with monitor courage!! Spouting nonsense from behind there monitor in their jammies with the feet in them, wishing anyone ill will because they have not future or even a hope of a future!!

      • Caribbean in the house

        i do have courage spouting truth on the computer & i don’t do afro-american negros things like being behind a monitor in my jammies withthe feet in them. don’t get my culture mix up with your puzzy cultures who can’t defeat the white man. if you want to meet me i will have the noose ready for your neck & i don’t like afro-american negros

    • Natasha T

      Hey go f**k yourself you ignorant azz troll! This is a bittersweet story and if you don’t have the heart to say something nice on this story, it’s best not to comment at all and f**k off! I rather for a**holes like you to die than this poor woman because the world needs less of you running around!

      • Caribbean in the house

        f**k the bitter sweet story on a nappyheaded ho afro-american negro beyotch. its good for her anyway, she was planning on using him anyway & it got back fired. atleast shes doing the white man a favor & die cause they don’t like negros.

    • Jessica Williams

      you really should watch what you say and beg God’s forgiveness for lying on Him.

      • Caribbean in the house

        i will but not for an afro-american female because they are no good but money hungry ho’s

        • Charmn1978

          I take it that your man left you for an African-American women?!?!?! I see why … hahahahahahahahahahahah

          • Caribbean in the house

            i don’t like afro-american females because they are ho’s plus i’m a man. i will never give up my beautiful caribbean/westindies women for no afro-american silly named negro beyotch.

    • Broadaway2

      I cant believe your aid ridden heartless soul, and if God took the time to curse your worthlyness then I know why and you deserve it and more! I hope you live a thousand years to suffer alone.

      • Charmn1978

        oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo … That was beyond the Devil’s Lair cold!! OUCH!!!

      • Caribbean in the house

        go get raped or something b!tch & i hope your negro worthless azz live 2,000 yrs to get rape by the white man.

    • Annajackson6

      Truly if it is Gods disease which it isn’t then why would God give my daughter cancer at only 3 months old at stage 4? Be for real and use your head for more than a hat rack! May God have mercy on your soul!

      • Caribbean in the house

        DON’T bring little kids into this argument. i don’t mess with god children’s

        • Charmn1978

          Now a fool has a heart!!!!

          • Caribbean in the house

            not for no full grown adult afro-american negro b!tch & not little girls

    • Jeanette vital

      a real hater no love for you you will get yours when you  have children ask god for a big heart you will need it you made the devil happy now go to hell and meet your maker !!

      • Caribbean in the house

        & i have no love for an afro-american negro’s just like the cu clux clan & i hope the south will rise again soon. your kids are also suffereing from the white man beatings anyway when they grow up in america. you go to hell & tell dr.martin luther king he is still a puzzy & that we shall over come song isn’t working when it comes to the white man putting the negros down.

    • You sound just like Lovely, you should get together with her you two mutants would make a good couple.

      • Caribbean in the house

        sorry, but i don’t go for stank puzzy afro-american negros females, i’ll stick to my beautiful caribbean/westindies women them.

    • Avidreader

      The internet is
      good for masking the face of the ignoramus, like the one above. You obviously
      have only been exposed to the lecherous types of relationships that you noted
      above, which is why you are so cynical. I hope that you can find a true love
      like the one shown in the video. They could have been together for years and he
      may have not always had money. Think outside the box if ignorance, please.

      • Caribbean in the house

        if you think i’m hiding behind a computer then come see me in person, i am located in hempstead long island n.y. 11550. come because i have my high powered weapon ready [not your daily use afro-american 9mm hand gun] for your negro azz & if your planning on running to the weak NAACP, puzzy CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER i’ll have the NOOSE ready for their necks. lets start a racial war negrros because i’m not afraid of no still a puzzy to the cu clux clan afro-american negro.

    • Latoyanicole21

      U got some nerves. I pray God have mercy on ur soul. And u are racist. God bless u

      • Caribbean in the house

        & afro-american negros are not themselves racists against my caribbean/westindies people in the 1980’s when they first came to america. its an retaliation to them & i have an VENDETTA against them. i will carry out my orders until the day i die, i will do this in the honour of the cu clux clan my IDLES.

    • RedButterfly81

      Please die and go rot in hell you little, heartless POS!!! Put a gun to your empty a$$ head and pull the trigger! That poor woman didn’t do sh*t to you, just trying to live her short life to the fullest, lets see you get cancer a$$hole!

      • Caribbean in the house

        same to you & when you reach to the other side tell your dead civil rights leader when they where alive they should have fought back & not die in vain being a puzzy to the cu clux clan members. born a puzzy die like one.

    • Dad

      I find it strange and dumbfounded how God takes those who’s desire it is to share love and leave heartless people like you around to live.  Some plagues never cure.  Walk the earth and be a curse in every step you make. 

      • Caribbean in the house

        same to you negros when god telling you to love your enemy [the cu clux clan] & forgive them for what they have done to you & if you don’t then its you negro’s going to walk the face of the earth being miserable because you can’t forgive & forget. if your too puzzy to go & beat up the cu clux clan then you might as well submit yourselves onto them.

    • Brinstar

      You sound like a bitter child with a two inch salute to the world. Sad.

  • Sevn

    What a touching video, i love it! May God take the Draft/Rutledge family through their loss, she seemed like a good person to know.

  • Chele

    Beautiful wedding, Beautiful bride!  May GOD bless you and the family. 

  • life01

    Are you serious? People like you make my skin crawl.

  • lovely09

    How beautiful! May GOD bless them, and  may she rest in peace.

  • ADH

    She appears to be a beautiful person (inside and out), may her soul rest in peace. 

    • Carribeankitty

      Let pray for this woman who dont know better as Jesus said Father forgive them for they dont know what they doing . lets get our focus back on MR&MRS please its not about this girl who spoke ill manners

  • Will

    wow. you are so ignorant.

    • Bernettarichardson

      Yes you are

      • Shellster51

        Yes you are!

    • Annvh1

      Seriously Lovely, you are a fool. That young woman died. and all you can think about is wasting money on a wedding. you have no scruples. you must not go to church, have a job, probably on public assistance. will never have a wedding of any kind, cause you are insensitive. i hope you will be able to handle what God has in store for you. will be praying for you and you mouth

      • Honest-Question

        Whats so ignorant about Lovely’s comment? Why spend so much money on a wedding when u are dying? Church going has nothing to do with it either…So can somebody tell me why they went through with the wedding?

        • Jay

          Even if that is how you truly feel you should keep it to urself. That is a very insensitive comment to make after this woman has died. Maybe she knew there was a possibility that she could die and wanted to have a dream wedding like mostly every woman dreams of since childhood. Maybe he loved her so much that cost was not a factor. Also maybe they were optimistic and thought she would beat this disease. So ppl think before you speak/type. Thanks

          • heavenangel

            all of you ppl with negative comments all should be ashame of the responses yall wrote on here if you dont have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut lord have mercy on selfish ppl like all of yall may god have mercy on yall ignorant ppl what would yall say if death knocks on yalls door

        • Lyasmin

          You’re both stupid!!

        • Monielisayah

          Because they damn wanted to thats why. He gave her her wish and besides it was private not open to the public. Let the man be in piece!!!

        • FromUR2UB

          I don’t think either of you meant it the ways it sounds.  When people are terminally ill, sometimes you do those things that lift their spirits, make them comfortable and give them some pleasure.  People often become very depressed when they know they’re dying.  Their loved ones will typically do anything in their power to bring some joy to the dying person and make the time they have left, pleasant.  You want them to leave this earth feeling that they mattered. I don’t wish this upon you, but you’ll understand someday.  

        • Cortrie

          I feel that was something she wanted anhad that chance. So it was not anyones money ,but her husbands. So thats no ones business. Where they had their wedding. Wedont know when our time.U can buy a car today pull off the lot an lose ur life. We as ppl need to sweep around our own front door. The man lost his wife.

        • 330pinkmonkey

          You are a cruel , heartless individual….

        • Dcheirs

          Because they could thats why!!!

    • Sweetnessyo

      Ignorant? Let’s try mentally challenged…….

      • Sweetnessyo

        I recant this statement, The mentally challenged have more ethics. Your probally an inbreed

  • Keshiareigns

    Jesus…may God be with him and the family during this hard time….my eyes wailed as I read this…very sad. Pink power!! We will find a cure

    • Sharonflomat

      may God be with u and ur family.God gives and takes.i pray for the strength and may God confoth u.