From Prison to Paid: Celebrities Who Did Time Before Their Shine!

December 24, 2011 ‐ By Kschlicher

"tim allen"
5. Tim Allen

Yes, long before he was the Tool Man, Tim Allen was a coke dealer. On October 2,1978, Tim Allen package was arrested in Detroit for possession of a pound and a half of cocaine. Under Michigan law, he could have been sentenced to life in prison. Instead he turned state’s evidence, the legal term for ratting on your cohorts. Allen reportedly ratted out at least 21 co-conspirators, and in exchange, he was sentenced to just five years under the more lenient, at that time, federal law. He was paroled after 2½ years, and after dropping his last name, package, he was able to shake his past and start fresh.  Allen eventually fought his way to fame by first staring in comedy acts in 1975, and eventually landing on the TV with the television series Home Improvement (1991–1999) on ABC, playing Tim “The Tool-Man” Taylor.

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  • reese

    Bill Gates has they think reckless driving.  He wasn’t in prison for that.  He would go to jail and they are missing alot others like Terrence Howard’s assult of flight attendent who asked him to bucket seat belt because seatbelt light was on.

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  • pretty girl swagg

    Kim got arrested when she was still black, now she as light as a albino, whats up with that kim

    • I guess that goes with the territory, you due the crime you do the time. Or they’re was know crime & you and you due the time. We still have a flawed system…The way of the beast.

  • Lawman

    Don King , Number Runner , Back In The Day . Still Gangsta !

  • Jenna J.

    Tim Allen is a Rat??? NO WAY! I cannot see him ratting out anyone! oh well! 

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  • Dah

    This doesn’t mean you all should go out and date a x-con on the “come up”

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  • Jay

    Yall forgot lyfe jennings, love that man, not necessarily what he did, but his music for sure.

  • Sue

    Sheesh!! Tim Allen better have some type of protection around him! He damn near ratted out his entire squad. And why is Bill Gates arrest so secret? Hmm…I wonder what he did?

  • Sugar_Spice

    Tim Allen was kind of cute!

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    • Humphtk

      U know this is a hoax..why tease those who seek employment? Shame on u!

  • Junctown

    What about charles s dutton….didn’t he kill a man too..

    • Love_Sexy

      I did not know Charles S. Dutton had a record let alone murder someone.

  • Love_Sexy

    Wow!….Bill Gates has a record?…..LOL!….I knew about Danny Trejo being an ex-convict and turning his life around……50 Cents is really bless to be here after being shot 9 times….I hope he truly praise God for that.

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