Stuff Black People Don’t Like: Tipping

August 17, 2011  |  

So yesterday I was reading a Shadow & Act post about a new web series called “Black People Don’t…”  a satirical yet candid discussion with black folks around stereotypical things we, as a people, supposedly don’t do.  Anyway, there was one episode that really caught my attention on the subject of blacks not tipping.  Now I know what you’re saying —  “That is a racist untruth that does not dignify an answer, blah, blah, and blah….” — but before folks get all indignant I have a story to tell.

All through high school and pretty much through college, I worked as a waitress.  In fact, my very first on-the-books job was as a waitress at Friendly’s – you know, the place that makes those SuperMelt sandwiches and ice cream sundaes.  Anyway, my first few weeks of work was spent as a waitress-in-training, which meant that I had to follow around a tenured waitress, whose job it was to ready me for waiting tables of my own.  She took kindly to me, showing me the ropes on how to hold one of those large trays without dropping it, how to handle multiple tables at one time and dropping other pearls of wisdom to make my experience at Friendly’s more friendly.  On my first day on the floor my mentor pulled me aside and gave me one last tidbit of advice:  “Whatever you do, don’t take it personal.  Black folks just don’t tip.”  Huh?  I was stunned, short of offended, not only because she was brazen enough to say that to me but also because she was a black lady.  Surely, this lady was suffering from some sort of self-hatred issues.  Boy was I wrong.

One of my very first tables of the night was a four-top of two black women, one black guy and a black baby.  Before I could get the customary “Welcome Friendly’s may I take your order” out my mouth, I was already besieged with demands for appetizers, soda, more crayons and a gazillion questions about what could and could not be substituted on the menu.  After finally taking their orders I was summoned to the table a total of 12 times for more soda, a glass of water, another box of crayons, more napkins and ranch dressing.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if they had asked me for everything at one time, but these people were determined to work me hard.  But through it all, I gritted my teeth and smiled because I knew that my due-diligence in providing the very best in Friendly’s service was going to be rewarded with a big fat tip.  Boy, was I batting 0-2.  Not only did the bothersome-foursome not leave a tip, they had the nerve to leave $2 less than the bill.

At first I thought it was a Philly-thing, until I started waitressing my way through college, this time at Red Lobster, and noticed that the poor to no tipping policy by black folks seemed to be universal. It was so bad that most of the waitstaff – regardless of color – would moan and groan when they saw a table of black customers in their section.  Honestly, I would do it too.  I know it sounds ignorant, but as a poor college student, hustling through classes and 40 hours (or more) a week at work, I could not afford to be pro-Black.  That was until one day I began to reflect on my and my co-workers’ treatment of our black customers and thought, maybe it was us.  Maybe I had been so scared by the first bad experience with the black table of four and the words of my black mentor that I had just internalized this black folks don’t tip meme and began to treat them accordingly.

So for one shift, I instructed the hostess to make my section the unofficial “colored” section of the restaurant.  This sent shockwaves through the Red Lobster kitchen, especially among the waitstaff, who thought I was foolish, but were okay with it as my foolishness gave them an opportunity to make some real dough that night.  Anyway, all night I hustled through my tables, delivering trays and trays of ranch dressing, ketchup and a plethora of napkins.  I also smiled and engaged the customers more, even offering suggestions for substitutes, which I felt might be more to their liking.  At the end of the night, I counted up my tips and lo and behold, I still made less than what I normally did.  However, each one of my tables tipped me something, even if it was just a dollar per person.

So yeah, part of it is the attitude of servers themselves, however I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other factors, including misinformation and the flat-out, “I’m just not doing it” rationale.  To those, who are misinformed or feel they shouldn’t have to tip, remember that it is customary to tip your server between 15 to 20 percent of your bill.  Sounds like a lot but not really, especially when you consider that the average server typically makes 2-3 bucks an hour.  That’s right, the person who has been on his or her feet for the past 6 hours, bustling from table to table, filling endless requests for water, napkins and more ketchup, makes less per hour than the guy who greets you at the nearby Walmart. This is because waitstaff employers are by law allowed to pay individuals engaged in occupations in which regularly receive more than $30 a month in tips, less than minimum wage.  This unfortunate reality means that wait staff must rely on the finicky, and sometimes abusive, demands of a public, who uses individual criteria of “good” service for their sole source of income.  In other words, you can have one table which is only interested in the bare minimum of food, water and bill and call that good service, while another table feels that they are entitled to work and berate you because you have a plastic nametag in the shape of a Halibut pinned to your shirt.  So whatever the reason, leave your waitress/waiter something because, unless they work at “Chez You Fancy, Huh?” on Beverly Hills Blvd, many of them are working-class folks, just like some of you, hustling and scrapping to get by.

But I will say that I’m not so sure if the reputation is ours to bear alone.  After my little social-experiment that day I started really monitoring who would and would not leave a tip.  I found that foreigners from countries where a livable wage is customary of service people, single white women with children and poor folks of all colors, did not tip regularly or appropriately.  The latter too was of course for economic reasons.  And despite their inability to tip me appropriately, they were always really nice and thankful for the service, which in the end, made my job much more pleasant.

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  • Estafador

    “remember that it is customary to tip your server between 15 to 20 percent of your bill….” its customary not obilgatory. If you give an option, then why SHOULD they take it? Because you and only you are struggling. ALl the world is struggling. You don’t want us black folk to pay less than a minimum of 15% in tip, then make it an obligation. BUT expect little to no black people in your restaurant according to the stereotype and THEN expect your restaurant to be considered racist. Stereotypes are 25% experience, 75% racism. Remember that.


    How one treats wait staff and others in the service industry says pretty much everything I want to know. Tip 20% and if the service sucks, complain to management after you’ve eaten. If you “can’t afford” to tip, you can’t afford to eat out. No big deal, eat out less frequently and tip well when you do. There’s no shame in not having a lot of money. There’s no excuse for treating others badly.

  • TJ G

    So you are saying while people too because it makes them feel entitled and powerful? That is definitely the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while. But hey, if that’s what you need to tell yourself to justify being cheap and feel good about yourself…to each his own.

  • Greg L

    I was a waiter for about 6 years in the late 80s and early 90s. I typically averaged about 15% – 17% from most people (this was long before anyone was talking about 20% being standard), and 5% – 10% from black people. I was rarely stiffed by black people. How did I do it (BTW, I’m about as white as white gets)? By giving them the best treatment I knew how, and pushing all thoughts of tips out of my mind while serving them. My only goal was to make them as satisfied as possible with their dining experience. Part of me would hate it because they are for some reason orders of magnitude more demanding than others, and their requests always come one at a time, never combined, and they seem to think they are your only table. But if at every request you ask the table in general if there is anything else you can get while you are getting that thing, after a few repetitions some of them do get the idea. And be sure to smile warmly and sincerely. BTW — the waiter at my restaurant who hated serving black customers more than anyone else? A black waiter.

  • Sheryl

    Brilliant post and still relevant today! I’m in the UK. Both myself and my husband are black and he would also moan at me for years for leaving a decent tip until our own daughter was a waitress. I think it mainly comes from ignorance and lack of experience dining out in ones own upbringing.
    I also didn’t realise that in the US, wait staff make less than the minimum wage, which is useful to know as a tourist – even though I have always tipped the recommended amount, which is higher than the UK, out of respect for what is obviously custom and practice in the US.

  • Najim Dajib

    My friend delivers pizza for a living, she has for at least ten years. She delivers in a very racially diverse area, and noticed that blacks and hispanics SEEMED to tip less than whites. So, over the course of a year she started keeping a record of the percentages of the tips she received for deliveries made on time or early, divided by race: white, black, and hispanic. (Other races were not recorded.) Late deliveries were not factored in. Whites, in the SAME AREA (thus, similar economic standing) tipped on average 27% more than hispanics, and 64% more than blacks. The idea that black Americans are horrible tippers is not a myth.

  • Paul Schmidt

    Can’t afford to tip properly then cook at home. I hate the bs excuses people give for not tipping yet still demand top service and also their checks at work. I’d love to see these people’s bosses pay them below minimum wage and then say, “Well hey you chose to the job so you get what you get. You ain’t no rocket scientist.” Then let’s see their panties get in a bunch.

  • 2hester

    I have worked in the service business for a very long time. I am very good at what I do and I do not differ my service on race or any other factor. It has been my experience that African Americans tip FAR less than any other group and consistently so. They are treated by many poorly because of this. They have no one to blame but themselves for that simple fact.

  • John

    HAHAHA! This would be the ignorant “type” she was talking about in the article. I don’t even know what to say. He has got to be borderline retarded to think what he is saying is logical. Is it hilarious though to see him try. I read his comment to my friends and we can’t stop laughing. Sorry about repost meant to put it here

  • John

    Unfortunately we were taught to offer the minimum amount of service to black people. Take theorder, bring the food, bring the check. I didn’t really like it so much because we mostly ignored them the entire time. They would literally have to get up a find any waiter so they could to get something they wanted and even then the response would take a long time. 🙁

  • Weaver1969

    Honestly, working in a restaurant was one of the catalysts for me not liking black people.

  • Weaver1969

    This article is so true. Black people are despicable. I worked in a restaurant in college and they were the WORST. I eventually stopped caring and would give all black people bad service, knowing that they wouldn’t tip anyways. They really need to learn their place.

  • Jamaicanmeangry

    Last time I tipped a dollar it was to a black female server. But she had a scowl on her face, didn’t mention specials, took forever to get drinks, failed to refill my drink at 30% full…and then again at empty, took forever to bring our food (normally not the waitresses fault but it was COLD when it arrived so I assume the orders were up and she just wasn’t paying attention or taking a break), and then at the end she disappeared for 15 minutes when I wanted to close the check…I had to close it at the bar.

    I don’t care if my server is white/black/asian/cyborg/whatever…if the level of service is acceptable-impressive then they get tipped. Usually 20-30%. It’s really about attitude…some of the most charming servers to which I am a repeat customer happen to be black men…just saying.

    And I bartended for years…”brown tip” is a real thing, and the non-white servers/bartenders will be the first to tell you about it. But this is probably a self-feeding cycle because I non-tippers and low-tippers get their drinks much slower (when customers cluster up instead of lining up)…so maybe the slow drinks to the perceived future brown tippers actually affects their tips, but in my experience, black people complain about their food and drinks much more than non-blacks. Not to send it back to the kitchen or get the correct entree sent out from the kitchen…they usually ate about 90% and then complained to the manager demanding that the meal be free. If the manager didn’t comply they would often cause a scene to try to get what they wanted. Or they’d just walk out cussing up a storm while the manager chased them out to write down their license plate.

  • hereatpsu

    I am so so tired of this HUGE myth “the typical server makes 3-4 bucks an hour’..
    NO. In the past 5 years I have spoken to countless servers who are friends and in casual conversation almost all of them mention making good money and of course, they are doing well. Yes, they have to work Fridays and Sat.. but guess what? – I drive people on those same Fri and Sat and have also driven many servers back home after their night shift.. and in many cases, they casually mention that they made 100-150 that night after working for 6 hours. You do the math. When i say countless, I mean about 60-70 people.

    • downtown21

      None of that is relevant. I don’t care how much they take home…if you got decent service, YOU OWE FIFTEEN PERCENT. If it was better than just decent, you owe more. Period. If you don’t like it, shut up and stay home. I don’t know where you got it in your head that you only have to tip if the servers are underpaid, but you’re totally wrong.

      • hereatpsu

        I think you are not understanding. People tip well and I also tip well (18%). I cannot deal with the whining from servers in blogs. I also get tipped so I understand well that tipping for good service helps you to do provide better service consistently. And *newsflash* No body OWES any percentage. If you want it to be “owed” then start a movement to put it on the bill.

        Also, IF servers do not make enough tips so their wage does nt add up to minimum wage for hours worked, then the establishment owner has to cover the balance. that is the law. But hey, lot of online bloggers conveniently leave out that fact.

  • Truthteller

    Cheap is cheap, and cheap is bad. Stop making excuses for adults behaving badly. Ridiculous.

  • adalberto leyva

    you sound racist.

  • Gimmeabreak

    I grew up in a town with few black people so I had few experiences with them and a very neutral, if not positive, attitude towards the race in general. I went to college in a more diverse city and waited tables for a few years to help pay for it. My first few tables of black customers left no tip whatsoever. I was puzzled at first, wondering if it was just an error or perhaps if I had done something wrong in serving them. After my first week and having been stiffed several times by black patrons I asked another waiter if he had any issues with black customers. He told me that I should just get used to it because black people either tip very little or nothing at all. I tried hard for a while to earn a customary tip with black patrons, even became very friendly with some of our more frequent customers but I was never able to “move the needle” at all on the tipping scale. After a while it just got really hard to put forth the same effort knowing that no matter what I did, it was not going to affect the tip I received.
    The experiences from these days have influenced my thinking every time I hear minorities (especially blacks) demanding equal treatment or equal anything…. my first thought is always to tell them to behave in a way that makes them more entitled to what they are asking for.

  • dontworryaboutit

    To me this is just crazy and racist. I am black and i tip very nicely. As a matter of fact i dont know anyone in my family who doesnt. Dont judge an entire race. People like you make me sick honestly.

    • Tim Strayer

      She’s talking about the aggregate, and what she says is very true. I dealt table games for 3 years and any dealer in Atlantic City will tell you the same thing, as will just about any taxi driver, food server, bartender, pizza delivery person, or cocktail waitress who’s being honest.

      If she said “all black people are awful tippers” I’d agree with you. But it’s extremely fair to say that some demographics tip better than others, on average. One anecdotal person or family isn’t changing that.

      At a glance online there’s plenty of [non-anecdotal] research that’s been done in this area which demonstrate a difference in attitudes about tipping between ages, gender, and race.

    • Chuck the Frog

      Give it a rest. It’s a thing that happens. I was never a waiter but I was friends with lots of them when I was younger. All of them groaned when a black family sat in their sections and they complained to me that black people rarely or never tip. I was kinda shocked. Yesterday, I went out to eat with two co-workers. I left 20%, my co-worker who is Spanish left 25% and our black co-worker left 0% on a $21 meal at a steakhouse. He makes $20 an hour and works tons of overtime at $30/hr so he isn’t poor. I know not EVERY black person is like this (you and your family members, for example) but unless you are speaking from experience outside of your tiny world, your comment is meaningless.

    • downtown21

      You’re in denial.

  • Richard

    I’m writing this from Europe. I have a family member who runs a Free Walking Tour in Dublin. To join the tour, one must reserve on his site, and on the reservation form he clearly states that the average tip is 15 EUR per person. Today, he had a group of 7 people, one African-American woman from Atlanta, a white American couple from LA, and a black South African family of 4. The black South African family left him 70 EUR (more than the average), the white American couple from LA left him 40 EUR (more than the average), but the African-American woman left him 4 euros and 66 cents (all in coins). He was furious and gave me an earful about it, and after a long about discussion it, I researched the matter and that’s how I ended up on this article. It seems African-Americans don’t just tip poorly in the US, they also tip poorly internationally. It also doesn’t seem to be a black thing, but specifically an African-American thing. Thought I’d share this anecdote with the world.

  • Single mom

    “After my little social-experiment that day I started really monitoring who would and would not leave a tip. I found that foreigners from countries where a livable wage is customary of service people, single white women with children and poor folks of all colors, did not tip regularly or appropriately.” ….Just curious did Black, Hispanics, or Asian single mothers tip better than white single mothers? (And for all who are wondering I am have so many ethnicities in me it’s not even funny.) The reality is most single moms struggle and to comment on one race of single mothers makes you sound racist or ignorant!

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  • cablegirls

    Example of “being difficult” or “not wanting to pay”:

    The scene: Large U.S. city. Last Friday night at the downtown restaurant where I waitress. Menu is steaks, seafood, some pastas, etc. A full house. Six diners: five black women, one black man, ages 35-55 or so.

    (I’ll write the conversation out in ordinary English, without trying to duplicate the precise manner of speech.)

    Woman diner: On my steak tell them to put buttered shrimp and scallops on.

    Me: Okay…

    W: The big ones. And make sure he puts enough on — I want the steak to be all covered up with them.

    Woman #2: Mm, that’s what I’m going to get.

    (The others express interest.)

    Me: We can add buttered shrimp and scallops, sure. There’s an added charge of seven-fifty. That would be for a few, to complement the steak, not so many as to smother it.

    W: I don’t want any added charge. And I didn’t say a few. A few won’t do.

    W#2: (amused) “A few won’t do.”

    Me: That’s how we price it. If you’re more interested in shrimp and scallops I might suggest…

    W: Don’t be going there. Don’t be going there.

    Me: All right.

    W: I want the steak, the way I said. I’m not talking about a mountain on it. Enough to cover’s what I said.

    ( Murmurs of agreement from the others.)

    The Man: About twelve and twelve is what she’s saying.

    W: About twelve and twelve’s what I’m saying. And I want the jumbos. And I don’t want no extra charge. That’s how I’m ordering my steak. Some people like their steak one way, some people like it the other way, like with the A1 or cream of mushroom, and the price is the same whatever they say they want, because it’s a steak. It costs what it says on the menu, however you want it, and I told you how I want mine.

    (Murmurs of agreement.)

    Me: I’d like to find a way to please you, but we can’t do the steak for you that way at the standard price.

    W#2: You can so.

    W: How much does does that steak cost?

    Me: Twenty-two dollars.

    W: Mm-hm, and they get it from the store for six or seven dollars, right? Which means there’s a lot of money left over in there to put on other things and you’re still making money. Unless you’re just trying to cheat people. You trying to cheat us?

    (The woman has become increasingly loud throughout the exchange, and some of the neighboring tables are getting annoyed.)

    Me: Please excuse me for a moment.

    The woman nods to herself righteously as I turn from the table. It seems to me that she and the others think I’m going to lobby on their behalf to one of the managers and get the woman’s demands for the grand steak approved.

    One of the other servers passes me to drop one of my other tables’ entrees. I thank him and find one of the two managers. In a quiet place I tell her the problem, including the “cheating us” business and that customers are getting annoyed. She rolls her eyes.

    Manager: What do you think we should do?

    Me: Out.

    Manager: Yeah, me too. You want to come with me? Just to hear? Up to you.

    Me: I do.

    I follow her to the table.

    PAUSE. Sorry, I’ve got to cut this short for the moment, but I’ll pick up and finish the story shortly. TO BE CONTINUED.

    • I read all that and episode 2 isn’t out yet?

    • downtown21

      It’s been a year already, are you EVER going to finish your story?

  • Well, I am not black, but I resent having to tip. If dinner costs 10 and in order for you to pay your employees I need to leave another 2, then just charge me 12 and stop the begging. Its like the phone company saying service costs $25 a month, but after you add all the additional charges, it is closer to $40. Horseshit

    • Ronald

      Really? You would rather your meal cost 15-20% more and you have 0 leeway on what you pay no matter the service you get. At least with this system you give your server a reason to give a crap about you and take care of all of your needs. Seriously are you satisfied with the service you receive at Walmart or McDonalds? Because that is what you are asking for.

      Also you aren’t being charged additional fees, unlike the phone company you have a choice about whether or not you tip and how much.

      Idiots like you piss me off, you think that being a waiter is like being a beggar? The truth is server’s work their asses off to make your eating experience a pleasant one and all in the hopes that they receive some small amount of compensation from you and if you don’t like paying for a service you receive then by all means stay home cook your own damn food.

      Let me give you some advice, if you don’t tip I wouldn’t eat at any restaurant more than once in any given month because servers remember the assholes and there is an old saying in the food service industry, “Don’t anger those that handle your food”

      • Jacco

        Bullshit, Ronald. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while. The meal should cost the total and the servers should make at least minimum wage. The excellent service motivation should be for an ACTUAL tip– you know, one where you’re tipping them on how well they did instead of an arbitrary socially defined number.
        I worked in fast food for a while where that system is in place and it was always rewarding and motivating to know you did well enough that someone thought you deserved a tip on top of the full price of their food.

        So get off your high horse and pretend you actually belong in the real world for once.

  • Dat’s racist! Oh wait, you’re black. Well, okay then, but if anybody else had dare tell the truth, it certainly would have been “RACIST!!!!”

  • nosey

    I always tip regardless, I tip between 25% – 30%, depending on the service. . .and I always order my food to go. When I go to a restaurant, I sense the waiter/waitress thinks I will not tip . . .and low an behold I tip them more than they should. They always thank me, but I sense the thanks is b/c they are shocked (or it could be the fact that I hear my race does not tip and I come to the restaurant being defensive). I tip b/c I am a firm believer a person should not have to wait on anyone, I would not want to do so I have empathy for those who do. I don’t know whether or not these facts are true. . . based on what I have seen I can believe it

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  • llifton

    i graduated from college in 2006 and was extremely naive to the way of the world. when i stepped out into it for the first time at the age of 22, i was a blank slate. i had no previous biases or prejudices. i assumed everyone was nice and kind and curtious, etc. boy was i wrong. everything i’ve learned, i’ve learned through direct experience. my first job out of college was in the restaurant industry as a server (six years later i’m finally leaving the industry – lots of experience). all the servers who had been in the industry for a while warned me that the black tables never tipped and ran you to death. me wanting to have faith in everyone, my first thought was “no, it’s probably just that you treat them different and give them poor service, which perpetuates and justifies the poor tip.” so i made a mental note to go above and beyond with my black tables so that i could then report back and tell the other servers my findings. that sure was a sobering experience. i was truly shocked when i had my first table of black people. they came in 5 minutes before close. i wasn’t happy about that but i forced myself to put on a smile and be overly respectful and friendly. that got me NOWHERE. they were rude, loud, obnoxious, demanding, wanted extra everything, and ran me ragged. i was overwhelmed. by the end of the meal, one woman said she was unhappy with her food and demanded it be sent back. i was shocked because it was 3/4 eaten. well by this time, we had already closed the kitchen because it was more than an hour past close. i tried to explain this to her and she insisted then that we buy her meal. so i went and got the manager. he said she had eaten the whole thing and that there wasn’t much he could do for her. well then of course, she starts complaining about her service saying that i was rude and never got the things she and everyone else had asked for (which was completely bogus – i ran myself to death getthing them what they needed). and that she wasn’t paying for bad service. so he comped her meal. well at this point, everyone else chimed in and started saying the same thing. that i was awful and rude and slow, etc. the same people who just 10 minutes before were LAUGHING AND JOKING WITH ME, and had told me i’d given them great service! i was appalled. so he wound up comping the entire check, and not one single one of them left even a penny, and i’d stayed an extra hour and a half for that. not only did it make me mad. my overridding emotion was hurt. it hurt my feelings to be treated that way. that’s one thing i want to reiterate to the people who don’t tip. it’s not the money that makes us mad. sure, that extra twenty bucks we should have made off of you could have helped, but more than anything, it upsets us. it makes us wonder what we did wrong. anyway, let me tell you, that was my first experience with black guests six years ago, and it definitely wasn’t my last. i now work in a pricy, upscale italian restaurant, and this still happens all the time. every sunday, there’s always two or three party’s of 12 or more that come in around three o’clock. they rack up the biggest bills of anyone, and consistently leave 5% – no tip at all, and keep me there through my break for practically free. what’s worse, is on busy nights like friday or saturday, they will make reservations for like, 30 or more for a birthday party. and one or two people will show up on time to sit down at the table and hold down the fort. if they have a reservation for 7, you might be lucky to have 6 people there by 8. and by the time they all get there, it’s about time for close and your section has been held all night so you’ve made no money at all. and they all order at different times and pay their checks at different times, and move seats so i lose track of where they were sitting. this DOES NOT HAPPEN with other races. it just doesn’t. it’s extremely poor social etiquette. if you are going out to eat, especially at a nice restaurant, but any restaurant, nonetheless, you should all show up on time, sit down together, and order and pay together. that’s just called manners.
    on another note. it’s not that they’re receiving poor service and that’s why they have a reason to leave a bad tip. far from it. me and every other one of my fellow server friends treat everyone the same across the board. that’s just a part of our job. i mean, what do you think? that i have the liberty of mistreating people just for the hell of it? not a chance. we mistreat people, we lose our job, just like any other industry. anyway, that being said, bad service is just an excuse to be cheap. and if you get poor service, it’s not because you’re black and we are racist. it’s probably just circumstancial. we probably had a million things going on and were extremely busy. in fact, odds are, YOU probably ran us to the point where we had no time for any other tables. but regardless, i guarantee you, the white table i was serving next to you probably got equally bad service because i had a lot going on and can only be in one place at one time. nobody intentionally gives bad service. there are too many repercussions for that. being fired, being given bad sections, etc. so trust me, the world is NOT out to get you.
    a lot of my friends that are black and are servers express serious embarrassment upon eating out at restaurants. they know that the wait staff roll their eyes and groan the moment they get seated in their section. and they don’t blame them. because they, themselves, moan and groan and hate serving black tables, too. so to make up for it, they are extra polite and leave BETTER tips than are expected to make a statement that not all are like that, and to thank them for their service. it’s unfortunate they have to suffer the effects of the rest of the population. i know it must be rough for them to walk into a restaurant knowing nobody wants to serve them. it sure would upset me. i wish it would change. do they all act like that? of course not. but do 90% of them? yes. you can argue the race card all day long, but it’s just the facts. and if you don’t want to be associated as that, then don’t act like that. but as a whole, they are by far the worst to serve. you don’t believe me? just ask a black server. they’ll tell you.
    as a last and final note: if you claim you don’t have the money to tip, think about this. i’m a server. i’m as poor as they come. if i can still afford to leave 20%, SO CAN YOU!

  • briiiiii

    I love this article. PERIOD. I googled this topic because as a newer waitress, I’ve seen this a lot. I’m white and I too was told “black people don’t tip”. I was actually offended myself because stereotyping is NOT okay. Until I soon realized they were so right. In fact, it makes me angry. It makes me angry that I’m trying my best and busting my tail and YOU determine wether or not I can pay my bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can’t afford to tip you don’t need to eat. I had 20 tables today who all tipped me 15-20% or more. TWO of those tables were black people (at different times, different ages) tipped me a buck. PATHETIC. jerks.

  • girl

    don’t blame other people for stereotyping when it’s a reality. that’s the problem: not taking responsibility for your own actions and then blaming others for stereotyping, when there’s a legitimate reason for that stereotype. i’ve worked in the restaurant industry for the past six years, and i’m sorry, but it’s a FACT. 90% tip like crap. and i work in a HIGH END restaurant. if you don’t like that people stereotype like that, blame your community. i’m sorry, but no patience for that mentality. i’m gay, and i’ll be the first to admit that the stereotypes about the gay community are harsh, but TRUE. if we want to be permiscuous and act a certain way, then turn around and blame people for saying we are permiscuous… i’m sorry, but it’s our own fault. i personally don’t act like that, but i blame my community for it. take some personal responsibility.

  • Bella

    I starting waiting tables outside of Atlanta. I was astonished when a black server told me he hating waiting on black people. That was twenty years ago. I have been in the business ever since, mostly bartending. In my experience, good and bad tippers come in every race, religion and gender. It is frustrating when I’m friendly and efficient and work hard for no tip. I don’t think people should go out if they don’t have the money to tip. I wouldn’t. But there are no outside, physical indicators as to if someone is going to tip or not. And even if someone continuously doesn’t tip me I will still be courteous and give good service. It’s what I do.

  • waitingwaitingwaiting

    thank you for writing this blog – i’ve been waiting tables since my first year at college (sadly, after i lost my last full-time gig, i had to go back to it to make rent and bills) – so, for more than a decade, i’ve had to deal with every customer in the book. and when i first started as a waitress at friday’s, i thought the “black people don’t tip” thing was just an ugly and unjustifiable stereotype – one that i did not want to believe was true in any way. but IT IS. trust me, not only do black tables tend to leave less than 10 percent as tippers – if they tip at all – but they will run me ragged for drink refills (how many strawberry lemonades can one person drink? seriously!), extra napkins, extra plates, ketchup, steak sauce, etc. and that’s if they DON’T decide to send food back or change their order after you’ve already sent it to the kitchen! not that all black people are bad tippers (i find that maybe one in ten will leave 15-20 percent, on average) but there is an element – i’ve noticed – of peer pressure. one time, i had a 4-top of black teenagers/twenty-somethings – and one of them attempted to leave me ten dollars at the end of their meal (which would have been a 20 percent tip, all told), one of the other guys snatched it out of his hand right in front of me! i round all of this behavior up to rudeness and disrespect. no need to sugar-coat it – maybe it’s a cultural thing. maybe it’s a generational thing. but it’s the reason that nobody likes waiting on them as a group. now, some white people act the same way – usually rednecks – and nobody likes waiting on them either. and as for you, Alberto, no server in the world wants to be barked at like a dog when all they’re trying to do is make their guests comfortable and happy. and if you need steak sauce, extra napkins, drink refills and more silverware, we’re all too happy to get it for you, but it’s unreasonable to make your server run back and forth ten times to your table because you can’t bother to tell them you need more than one specific thing every time they visit your table. to me it indicates a lack of respect for the person waiting on you – since they have other things to do and other customers to take care of while you’re wasting their time with you demands. it doesn’t mean you should leave more than 15 percent (though it might be nice, especially if they’re having to neglect their other tables just to take care of you) – but you should leave something – and the industry benchmark is 15 percent. and remember, we servers get taxed on our sales and our tips, so if you leave too little or nothing at all – you’re taking money out of OUR pockets. so, unless we did something wrong, that kind of treatment is horribly unfair, and it’s hard not to take personally.

  • Brian

    Also, if your server was actually paid an hourly wage (like, say, $12 dollars an hour), your food would be a lot more expensive. Think about that.

  • Sean Taylor

    They don’t tip and they are the demographic most likely to complain even when receiving the best possible service. Of course there is always the rare exception as with anything. One way to know is that the more they order and the more you have to carry the less likely it is you will get anything. I used to deliver food and once you get to know the customers you know who to really take care of and who to care less about. The blacks ended up always receiving their food last.

  • irritated

    Okay, I’m new to the whole waiting tables thing. But what I do find is that black tables are continuously demanding. They never let me catch a break, always one ridiculous request after another. Questions about the menu they never bothered to even open, water with lemon, more bread and butter (even when they don’t even eat the first round of bread and butter) and I treat them with just as much respect and service as I would any other table. And yet, I’ve had two skip out on the bill in the past week, and haven’t received a tip more than $3. All less than 10%.

  • server

    I also agree with the article. Greatly written by the way. In my experience, blacks that would come in our restaurant were horrible in almost everyway. I hate to make it sound that way but honestly they would scare other customers out. Most, not all, blacks would let their kids run around, speak extremly loud, very rude, had problems ordering, left a mess and no tip. If you thought it was bad being a black server for black people try being white. I can’t tell you how many times I was called racist names and for the stupidist things. Just for forgetting one order they said it was probably because I was racist. And, if you’re a server, don’t ever, ever, bring out a plate of any type of chicken to a black person, unless they specifically ordered it.

  • Curious sage

    I do my best to make up for the rude and uncivilized black people. I am a young black woman and I always tip 20%. I don’t spend a lot, but I always reward good service. I even downloaded an app that allows me to calculate good tips. I’ve never known an educated black person to ‘forget’ to leave a tip.

    Please do not make assumptions about all of us. The reason why these people don’t tip is that they don’t care. It’s not a money issue, it is a sign of their low social class and lack of good breeding. I was taught that tipping was mandatory and it was part of eating out, but the people who do not tip don’t know better or simply don’t care. I also frequent customer service websites where I am privy to the sorts of atrocities inflicted upon service staff.

    I am a polite and respectful customer, please do not assume that I will not tip you. I am one of many- all of my family members leave tips when dining out.

  • Annoyed

    The other day, a new waitress was working with me on a normal night. She served a black woman and her daughter, and was run ragged. At the end of the woman’s meal, the new waitress accidentally charged the woman for 60 dollars, instead of the 30$ the meal actually cost. The waitress simply ran the womans card on a neighboring table. The woman freaked out, claiming she was intentionally charged double. The manager quickly fixed it, but explained about 90 dollars would be taken from her debit card because it would take a day or two to refund the incorrect 60 charge, and the the correct 30 would be taken out immediately. the woman lost it, claiming “i dont have 90 dollars. i dont have enough to cover both charges!!!!” Why, then, did she think it was a good idea to go to a restaurant, spend about 30 bucks on food, and lets say she actually tipped 20% and the total was 36 dollars, thats almost 40% of her money. is she serious? if i only had 90 dollars to my name, you better believe that if i insisted on eating out, its going to be McDonalds, which is about less than a mile up the road. I was in total shock, and i have seen a lot. She didnt tip, of course, and i doubt she would have before the incorrect charges because, as she pointed out, she only had 90 dollars. This solidifies the arguments on here by black people claiming they dont tip simply because they dont have the money. ok. its quite obvious you dont have money, and the woman even acknowledged she didn’t have money, but yet went out to eat anyway. another example of black people living outside there means, and us serves suffering the consequences.

  • WHAT!

    wait, wait, wait. you claim you dont have a lot of money, but yet insist on going out to eat, because “just because we’re poor doesn’t mean we don’t like red lobster neither.” This has to be a joke. If you are poor, dont live outside your means. honest to god, even if you must live outside your means, do take out, dont sit down. if i cant afford to tip a meager few bucks, you better believe i would be spending 30 bucks on a lobster. dont go to a restaurant, have a server run back and forth while you dont lift a finger as you enjoy food you cant afford, and then leave without a tip, because once again, you cant afford it. I honestly, honestly cant believe this is your reasoning and i pray to god you serve one day, and people come in and run you ragged, run up the bill, the leave you nothing, but justify it by telling you they cant afford it. see, because you cant afford to top, we, essentially payed for you to come in and eat. we have to tip out at the end of the shift, and lets say, red lobster is average a 50 dollar check, and you leave nothing, then about 4 dollars of our money goes to cover the busser, host, and bartender who helped you enjoy the meal you couldnt afford. disgusting reasoning.

    • hernandayoleary2

      I said there were times I did not have much money on me, does not = poor. Just because half of America is poor doesn’t mean they don’t like good food. If they don’t want poor people, they should put a sign, no one who cant pay tips don’t come. Without the sign, how else would one know. Imagine if I was an immigrant from Asia where tipping is unusual, how would I know to tip?

      Again, has it ever occured to you, that I could have spent all my money, but not be poor, but be invited to a birthday party of someone, who insist I come despite having no money and already have eaten? You are either rich or have no social life. Yeah but you servers are going to act up. Look, I order a meager $40 lobster and you want damn near 20% in tip. That increases the price of the lobster more than the menu showed. That’s like $10, that’s more than a few meager bucks, its not like $2.

      No I can afford the food, I can’t afford to donate money to the working poor, sorry, stop trying to get welfare from me. You want money, go and work for it like everyone else.

      I did serve one day, and I did not bitch and wine the whole time. Server is a hard job to get, because it is ridiculously easy and involves tips, you can get a job as a line cook easily but server, is hard to get, so I feel no sorrow for you. You could easily get another job.

      Please, you only go to the kitchen and to a table and back, you are not running a marathon. I was a server and that was the easy sh*t I ever did in my life, compared to real jobs that involve real work and are mentally or physically demanding, all you do is walk back and forth with food in your hand.

      Explain to me how you are paying for me to eat if I do not tip.

      Even if this were true, which I highly doubt, your problem is with your boss who pays you sub min wage and tries to get you to jew me down for donation welfare money because he don’t want to pay you properly, your anger is misdirected

    • John

      HAHAHA! This would be the ignorant “type” she was talking about in the article. I don’t even know what to say. He has got to be borderline retarded to think what he is saying is logical. Is it hilarious though to see him try. I read his comment to my friends and we can’t stop laughing.

  • gina

    I am a black woman and have waited tables and black people are the absolute worse to wait on and either leave a poor tip or no tip. Black women are the worse offenders. I’ve always tried to avoid working in restaurants were blacks frequent otherwise I cannot make much money. I can understand why when I eat out, servers probably hate to see me coming. I’ve been in there shoes so I tend to tip 15-20%.

    • Kendall

      I understand why you may feel that way, being that you were once a waitress and encountered some “cheap” (coincidentally) black patrons. However, I am offended that you would generalize all black people into that stereotype. “I’ve always tried to avoid working in restaurants were [where] blacks frequent otherwise I cannot make much money.” Wow… Black people already have to combat stigmas given to us by other races, and it’s unfortunate that someone who is black would make such a statement.

      • Quanesha

        gina is right, and so is the author of this post. As a young black women working in the service industry i see this EVERY DAY. I make no money when black folk come in, and its the way the world is. Sometimes stereotypes are just that for a reason. =(

    • Tired Waitress

      I am a waitress at a relatively expensive restaurant that is open until 2 on Fridays and Saturdays. Last night I had two black tables. One was my very first table of the night. I was friendly as can be, totally on point, and received a 10% tip. The bill was 130. That I means that I got 13$ that I split with my backwater and then tipped out five percent to bartenders and bussers. So I made close to $4 for two hours of filling their requests. I had already been at the restaurant since 10 am for lunch, and made only $40 for 10:00 to 4:00. My second black table came in at 1:00 am. They were incredibly demanding I had now been there for fifteen hours. They went so far as to request different water glasses because they didn’t like the color of our house water glasses. I smiled and pushed on through service, exhausted. They left me $5 on a $170 bill. After splitting and tipping out, I made about $1. Then I came home and googled “why don’t black people tip.”

  • googleit

    Americans in the service business are so spoiled. Try getting a tip from a visiting Australian, you’ll be laughed in your face. I swear, these topics always bring out the “I’m not racist but…” people in droves! They figure if a black blogger is typing negatives about black people, then that just gives them the “go ahead” to make additions that were not even a part of the subject. Basically like I am doing now, because I am sick of seeing it!

    If you want a tip, find a new line of work.

    • Shelby

      I have gotten tips from visiting Australians. Even they aren’t as ignorant as our own Americans.

  • hernandayoleary2

    I think there are some truths and untruths. It may be true that blacks generally tip less than whites. But it is also an untruth. The whites who tip the most are basically upper/middle income whites under age 40, anyone over age 50 still thinks $5 can buy you a lunch and is therefore alot of money. Most whites outside of America do not tip, especially in Europe, tips outside the Anglosphere are basically non-existent, hence the stereotype of the rude european waiter (get no tips so they give bad service). Even Australians who are almost all whites, give really really bad tips in Oz. As in, if you give them 10 cents change, that’s your tip, even if the bill is $249.90. American whites tend to be richer, further it appears to be a white American phenomena of tipping in this 15-20% range. For reasons I do not know. No one else outside of America, thinks this way. Even the English whites see 10% as the norm, as would most blacks americans. In Scandinavia, tipping doesn’t exist as common place practice and where it does, it only exist as in I give you a few cents change and the server doesn’t give a rats butt.

    I think there are numerous reasons:
    -Black culture is more straightforward, we feel we should only tip for exceptional service rather than just tipping “because” its a cultural thing. Sorry, it isn’t ingrained in African American culture to tip, even many European cultures do not have this and even in Portugal and Switzerland it can be viewed as rude.
    The man at 2:27 explains well how I think most blacks who don’t tip feel.
    -Servers appearingly take tipping quiet personal for whatever reason, blacks historically have been excluded from such jobs, so many are simply unaware how little servers make.
    -Blacks do not feel it is their job (and rightly so) to make up the shortfall in the wages of servers
    -Many blacks, including myself, feel that if I go to a restaurant and spend money, then why should I have to pay more, I already have to pay the price plus tax.
    -Does it ever occur to servers that not everyone can afford to tip. Yes there have been times when I have been invited out by friends/family etcetera to things like birthdays where it was very hard to say no, and I was low on money. Well the server could have been superman, but if I don’t got it, you can’t get it. I feel that many servers are so preoccupied with their incomes that they think the rest of us are what rolling in piles of money. Hello, 50%of the country is statistically poor, you cannot seriously expect 20% tips and just because we’re poor doesn’t mean we don’t like red lobster neither. Our blood is still red too.
    -Blacks feel we do not owe servers nothing, we are not indebted to you whether you are a white, black, pink or green server, we don’t feel as if we owe you anything.
    -There exist a sub-culture who basically is very tight with money in the black community, they cut pennies at every corner but tend in the long run to be well off financially, and they tend to not tip as just another way to cut expenses. They are the kind of people like Chris Rock’s dad from everyone hates Chris, who knows the price of everything.
    -And finally there are some black people who feel it as a backlash against slavery, our ancestors worked really hard for a really long time for nothing and built this country so I am not giving you sh!t. You might not like it, or agree with it, but you can probably understand it to some extent, even if you are not black

    -The only other point I’d mention is recall, blacks tend to be more straightforward and vocal in their displeasure. What some servers call being worked to death, is not truly so, they are just asking for a basic level of service, in fact if you did your job right, then there’d be no need for blacks to “work you to death” as other posters claim.

  • True Story

    I hate black people… They are filthy, rude, obnoxious, and lazy. Their kids run around like crazy, just as somebody before me said. They are bad tippers and have a sense of entitlement. That’s fine let black people continue to be the recipient of the redistributive government programs; it will only continue to keep them dependent and unable to move up through the social ranks. If you want to be treated as other civilized people are treated, act civilized. I wasn’t racist, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I am now racist. It’s their own fault.

    • Shelby

      im only racist when i serve!

    • hernandayoleary

      You are right, you as a sub-minimum wage server, clearly have the solution on how black people ought to behave, act, work etcetera, and that has gotteen you your great job as a sub minimum wage worker.

      • John

        Hahaha! He is still typing his thoughts! It’s all going over his head! He doesn’t get the point!

  • Ramona

    I’ve never been a waitress, but I’ve worked in customer service for years. I’m a black female, & I agree that black customers tend to be rude and demanding. I have dealt with rude customers of all races and ages, but the group that’s the rudest are black females, in my experience. They don’t know how to say hi or thank you. When I tell them thank you after a transaction, many either ignore me or cut their eyes at me. I admit that I don’t like seeing black customers, but there have been many times when some turn out to be polite.

    Like Dutchmaster said about the Mexicans, even though many of the ones we encounter don’t speak good English, they ALWAYS say thank you & have better manners. It’s unfortunate that I’ve said this stuff, but I just call it like I see it!

  • Obviously you didnt bother to read the article,

  • ?? are tips based on the % of the bill or how hard the server worked?? ??And if i get bad service can i just refuse to pay the whole bill or just not tip?? ??IS being worked hard mean you should get a bigger tip?? ?? I have tipped big to only have the waitress not come back the rest of the night?? ?? if you vanish like a cloud in wind, what makes you think i should tip?? I honestly think too many service people, don’t know how bad they act, think they should get lots of money– just because they was nice. I don’t agree. You should always do you job, regardless of the pay- having pride in your work is goal number one. Pay is secondary- if you ever want to love you job. If you would not do your job for free, then you should not being doing that job because no amount of money is going to make you do your job GOOD if you hate it.

    • WeGetFreeRefills?

      Wrong. In Europe they get paid well and get benefits. Here servers rely mostly on tips. If you can’t afford to tip don’t go out. You won’t be missed.

  • imjussayinppl

    i think that most people who have never worked a job that majority of their income comes from tips, just may not understand how important it may be to another. i feel like if you have a job you know how much you get paid, even if that tell you will be making 2.00 and some change, dont expect more or less. so o well. and even if you dont get what you deserve suck it up and move on, its a job that you chose. but tipping is a courtesy

  • Issac Evans

    This is not true. If you work in Miami everyone tips and tip big if my meal cost 70 dollars my mother tips 15 dollars and so on. People here laugh at people who don’t tip

  • Why are the comments on this article full of white people attacking black people

    • WeGetFreeRefills?

      You never worked in the hospitality industry obviously. Why are so many people saying “I talk to black/white/Hispanic servers and NOBODY wants to deal with black tables.” Sorry but the truth hurts. They run you around like crazy, always asking for free stuff, complaining about not enough alcohol in the drinks. Then if you do what they ask they STILL stiff you!
      If you never worked in a restaurant, you will never know. But it’s easier to chalk it up to racism because it makes you feel better.

  • Ava

    actually, leaving a “good tip” is a white american custom. if you travel out if the US, you will see that most people usually tip $US3 or so.

  • gabster

    I work at a place that caters predominately to anyone who is willing to spend $10.00 on ribs. So, naturally, black people come in all the time. 99% of the time, I go out of my way to get them extra bags, turn the restaurant music down, and literally change the heating and cooling systems of our restaurant. Still, no tip. I finally had to break down and ask my best friend and my uncle, who are both black, what the deal was. My best friend looked at me and said, “Well we pay enough for the meal, so why should we have to tip?” I was so shocked at how thoughtless she was and that comment actually made me reevaluate our friendship. I mean, no matter the color, what kind of PERSON would not tip someone who was bringing them food and going OUT OF THEIR WAY to help them.
    Most of the black people I serve are very friendly and so I am not too bothered when they leave me a 10% tip. Its the rude, loud, and demanding ones that make my job extremely unpleasant and difficult. I’d like to be fair and say that white people are much less demanding and difficult and dont tip, but that would be lying.
    I have to agree with the author that it really is the nice people that keeps us going. Even if they leave no tip, waitresses like being respected and shown with kindness.

  • my goodness! what a bunch of nonsense you’ve all posted on this story. what is this- open season on blacks or something? give it a rest, people- even if you’ve experienced poor tipping at the hands of black restaurant patrons as a waiter/waitress, or outrageous behavior on the part of black customers, you’re still generalizing and stereotyping. statistical observation my a**, Gillyberth- you need many, many samples to make an honest statistical analysis, and unless you waited tables for ten years in an African country whose inhabitants are comprised primarily of black people (say 78%), what you say about the tipping habits of black people is pure poppycock at best.

  • i always make it a habit to chat with my waiter/waitress, find out something about their background. i always tip above the going rate, but tend to be more generous if they are students, or work the job as a primary source of income. if i sense that they have racial issues (yes, i am black, and you need only ask a couple of simple “trick” questions and observe the reaction to determine this), then the tip is absolutely minimal (as a courtesy), and i don’t return to the restaurant/bar. similarly, for outstanding service, i have no problem at all giving generous tips that equal the price of the entire bill, and i don’t care what race my server happens to be of.

    Blacks don’t tip well? bullshit. stop stereotyping and generalizing.

    • Shelby

      no, not ALL black people don’t tip. I have gotten a 120% tip from a black family. but sadly, that happened once, 3 years ago. Usually its 5%, or 0%. The MAJORITY don’t tip! My black co-workers agree, and go out of their way to avoid black tables.

  • trapvet

    What the author and most commenters who have worked in a restaurant have said here is 100% accurate…this brings back so many memories, mostly bad. Black people for the most part are extremely poor tippers. EVERY server (black, white, hispanic) used to constantly complain about their sense of entitlement, running you around (probably for entertainment value) and then giving you zip or a minimal tip in return. We used to joke that most of them had $2 already set aside in their wallets or purses ahead of time, regardless of how big the bill was. So to say they “just don’t know” is a cop out when they already have the tip ready before they sit down. They used to run out on the bill at a higher rate as well. Rude, selfish and a nightmare to deal with overall. You’d rather jump out a window then get a party of 8 at 10:30 at night when the kitchen is closing down and they’re all asking for substitutions and more garlic bread.

    Easter and Mother’s Day were awful. You could work for 12 hours and be lucky to get $100 in tips serving tables of 8 and 10 people.
    And many black people eat out at Red Lobster on a regular basis. To say they never go out to eat is ludicrous. They just don’t care about you or your job.

  • Jay

    I only make $2.13. Last night I was working 6:00pm to close (12:00am). There were zero people in the restaurant by 11:00pm. All other servers were cut except for me and one other server. We went ahead with our side work, then I looked up at the hostess stand and my manager was working it since it’s expensive to keep a hostess/ host on that late. I see a young black couple walk in, then I glance at the clock… 11:50pm. Our open/hours of operation sign sits on the door you open to walk into the restaurant. I thought to myself, “This same thing happens every night! A black couple walks in 10 minutes right before we close.” My manager tells me it’s my turn to take a table so I suck it up and walk out on the patio and greet them with a big smile like it wasn’t 10 minutes before we close and they are totally welcome to come in and they aren’t disturbing me from going home. I provide the same service, if not even happier service to them. I provide them with personal favorite selections and substitutions from the menu and they order exactly what I suggest. I fill there drinks 4 times and get extra sauces. I ask them if they would like to see a desert menu and if I can get them anything else. They tell me “No, we are all set. We’ll take the check.” So I run the check to them and collect it and process the credit card and wish them a nice weekend. They leave and oh yeah… it’s 1:30am at this point. I collect the bill book and it’s a scrawny $3 on a $50 bill. Right where I expected them to be. So if anyone argues why servers b***h and complain about black tables, it’s because 98% of them are exactly where the rest of us expect them to be.

  • TosaTravis

    Thank You!!  I agree with you 100%.  I too shared a similar experience when at 18 years old I started a serving job at Applebees.  This experience truly made me racist towards blacks for all the reason you detailed.  As I got older however, I learned to rationalize that there are trashy and/or uneducated people of all colors.  There’s plenty of white people that don’t tip too.  As a server and bartender I treat everybody the same no matter what.  Keeping a positive non judgmental attitude earns me more money.

  • Sara

    Thank you for your article!  I have been a server for almost 5 years now, and unfortunately I have found this stereotype to be mostly true. It is very frustrating because, as a server, you bust your a** not only serving people but also doing tons of grunt work around the restaurant.  I believe in treating everyone with respect and I put this into practice when I am at work, I do all I can to give each and every one of my tables the same amount of service, regardless of how I think they will tip.  It’s my job, but not only that, I am representing the business as a whole and want to portray that in a positive light, even though they barely pay me anything to be there.  I just hope this article will open the eyes of all those who don’t believe in tipping well (no matter what race they are) and help them look at the service industry in a different light.  And please, for your server’s sake, if you can’t afford to tip, or aren’t willing to shell out a little extra money, reconsider your options for dinner.

  • I’m Black (although my parents are from Ghana) and I had a similar experience to the author of this article. Silly me as a college student I wanted to pay my own way through school. So I heard waiting tables would not only coincide with my school schedule but I could make decent money. For the most part everything worked out. I worked at high volume restaurants and averaged good tips but not because of Black people. They not only tipped horribly but as some of you all have mentioned tended to be rude and demanding. Mother’s Day and Easter were the worst days to work, evidently these are the days the Black church and ghetto Blacks come out in force. Most servers would simply call out these days.

    Any one who waits on African-Americans for a prolonged period of time can’t help but come away with a negative impression of the group. African-Americans need to do better folks are getting tired of their uncivilized behavior while they complain about racism. No it’s not racism we are responding to the negative energy you put out.

    • does being
      rude and demanding mean they should tip more than 15%?

      • Mel P.

        No, but it means that if they are requesting an excellent customer service at least they should pay for it. As a server your job is to take the order, deliver the food and remove the plates from the plates, not baby sit them. People don’t even realize that servers pay a tax for the food they sell, because is assumed you will received money for that sale, and if you don’t get any tip at all, you’re paying for part of their food.

  • Vtkino

    it is expected that the waitstaff get tips..that is why their salaries is low…so at the minimum…tip 15%..if they are nice and doing a great job…tip more..if not…15%..dont make excuses just to be cheap…everyone needs to make a living…be considerate..if u dont wanna tip..order to go…eat at mcD

  • Bren21nc

    I love a black man in my bed , but not in my section 🙂

    • emily


    • Mendi Mayhem

      omg lmfao

  • Bangkokhock69

    Hey Rain206 Black tables will run you crazy and they try to find excuses and reasons not to tip. You will never satisfy a black table because they are always looking or a reason not to tip. The black meal will never  perfect because if your 10 seconds late in a strawberry lemonade refills NO TIP FOR YOU!

  • Bhoughton20

    I’ve been a server for almost six years and I unfortunately do agree that in general black people do not tip very well at all. In my experience black people tip 2-10% and Indian/Asian/spanish tip 8-12% and white tip 15-20%. I work at a restaurant in a more upper-middle to upper class part of town where 85% of my customers are white. In most cases when it was busy and my service has not up to par I most always received a 15% tip from the white and they seemed more understanding of the restaurant business. Sometimes they would ask me how many tables I had and tell me to take my time because they understood. That made me put them more of a priority simply because they took the tine to understand. On the other hand when black people came in they always acted like they were the only table in the resturant. I had a party of four black women that asked me to bring a sample of all of our soups and when I brought out all SIX different soups that I had to beg the kitchen to make because they were busy making everyone else’s food, the ladies proceeded to tell me there wasn’t enough soup in each sample. So I got them a second set which by the way the kitchen staff hated me by this point and they didn’t even order soup. They racked up a $230.00 tab including alcohol food and appetizers and literally left me a dollar from each of them!!!!! I gave up one of my tables because these women were so demanding asking for samples of wine, having food made a specific way(one requested her salmon be seasoned with exactly 1teaspoon of salt/pepper) bringing enormous amounts of drink refills and sauces and even requested me to take and box all their leftoverd for them!!!!!!!!!!!!! After they paid me their $230 tab my manager felt so sorry for me that he voided off thirty dollars worth of food so that I my tip came out to $34 instead of $4.

    • emily

      unbelievable…i don’t see how yall do it. 

    • as some one who tips from 0% to 50% i really feel like i should stop going to place that need to be tipped. Because it is clear the servers do not ever think it was their service that sucked. I don’t care about your issues. I am pay cash money. my food should be hot. I should not have to find you to give you my money. My order should be right. My questions and request should welcomed. You should not be rude. Or tired. Or act like i have done some thing you don’t like. You don’t know how much i am going to tip, so acting like you could careless is not going to make me give you my money. But yea i am tired of tipping at all because it is clear that servers don’t ever think that it is them.

      • Cait

        So glad I don’t have to wait on you. Sense of entitlement written all over these posts. Get over yourself and until you work in the service industry then shut your mouth.

      • Axm

        WOW….. notice how no one, NO ONE agrees with you. I am however glad that you acknowledge the fact that you should stop going to places that expect tips. I highly recommend you just stick to places that would suit you better. At Burger King you can always have it your way 😉

        • Mel P.

          Burger King or a Taco shop will fit him just fine… He has issues!!!

      • Kim

        Seriously Adalberto, after reading all of your comments I feel sick to my stomach.

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  • Jcc226

    Please don’t generalize, some blacks (many that I know of) leave generous tips, even if the service is subpar. Sometimes the attitudes of the waitstaff are already negative so they engage in behaviors that result in reinforcement of the negative stereotype.

    • NHH11

       The blacks you know that tip well are the very rare exception…Not the norm. Generalizations exist, because for the most part, they are true.

    • bitterhappiness

      Sorry, but when you as a server depend on tips as your livelihood and you have the option between dividing your time between black and non-black customers, statistically it almost always pays out to devote most of your time to the non-black customers, and that’s when taking into the account the blacks who do tip well.  And the reason for this is that blacks as a group tip much worse than everyone else, to the extent that it’s extremely noticeable.  Tell me, if you were a cocktail waitress and you could go serve a black person a drink for what in all probability is nothing or a white person a drink for what in all probability between $2 and $4 that they’ll give you, but you could only choose one, who would you go serve?

    • that is what see as being the case.

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  • Sarae3010

    Its just like that arguement in “crash”. If you want restaurant food and dont wanna tip, Order it TO GO! Dont make someone wait on you hand and foot and then go “They coulda done better. Now I will stiff them and they get to pay for the opportunity to serve my stupid a$$.” Really? Who is so special that they deserve to make someone pay out of their pocket to wait on them?? bad service or not, not tipping at, makes the customer feel even more powerful.” Ha! Give me bad service? You’ll pay for that!” And why do we as black people, suddenly all turn into psychics come time to tip??? “Oh I got bad service, because shes a closet racist”. “Im sure, when we got sat, I saw the waitress make a face”. GET REAL! How stupid do people think the rest of the world is. Any person, white or black, can tell that its just a pathetic excuse to be cheap. Maybe we do deserve bad service.

    • Dc2138

      Shoot, I still tip on “to go” service, just not as much as when I sit down. Somebody still has to place my order with the cook, box up my food, bag it, put in the appropriate eating utensils, etc. If people can’t afford to tip, they need to stick with Mickey D’s & the like or just eat at home (where they can make a healthy, low-cost meal for their family!).

    • Anamoliya

      Actually, if the stereotype is that prevalent in the industry, faces probably were made. On the other hand, I’ll never understand why anyone would mistreat the person handling his/her food. I cringe anytime I’m out with someone who displays a high-handed attitude towards a waiter. I look at the waiter and my eyes plead, in a loud whisper, “pleeeeeeease, don’t spit in my food, too.”

      My sister and I eat out often, and we usually tip the standard 20%. (They’ll never teach this in any church or mosque, but we think of it as tithing/charity since most service people would be impoverished without it.)

  • dutchmaster

    $3.00.  “YOU CAN’T BE MAD AT A KID FOR

    • as a kid who got left alone for 10 years i can tell you that in fact my mom was not home and all those cars was broken.

    • Len

      Lol I remember I send my 9 yr old bro to answer the door to get the pizza I ordered and he gave me the $10 change I told him that was the tip for the delivery guy!!!! I felt so bad drove to the place ( luckily the delivery guy that delivered my pizza was there) gave him $ 15 bucks instead , was embarSsed! Don’t know why people have no shame

  • dutchmaster

    I’m a 22 year old white male and working my way through
    college as a pizza delivery driver.  My pizza
    shop is located in south Jersey 20 minutes outside of Philly, and the 5 mile
    radius around my shop that we deliver to covers a wide range of social classes.  In the food delivery service, there is no
    running back and forth to tables, you drop the food off at the front door and
    leave.  I greet everyone from every race the
    same way, try to make small talk as they count their money, smile, say thank
    you, and leave.  I make no hourly wage,
    just $2 per delivery plus tips.  The
    average tip I receive for prompt delivery is $4.00, but I can be happy walking
    away from a house with $2-3 if the delivery is very close. 

    Anyway, my shop delivers to all or parts of 5 different
    townships.  The town we are located in is
    made up of about 80% white people.  The
    cost of a house ranges from $150,000-$1,000,000.  I would estimate 75% of the homes are middle
    class white citizens, and these people tip the best.  They know what hard work is, and they
    appreciate the service.  These people are
    mostly white, some black, and usually tip about $5.00 and are very
    grateful.   The rest of the population is
    very wealthy, and for the most part are unappreciative a-holes.  I deliver to one community where the average
    house costs $800,000 and the average tip I receive is $1.00.  These people suck, and they are both black
    and white.

    The township that borders the where my shop is located is
    very different.  The population is only
    40% white, and almost all of the white population are blue-collar workers, and
    a large portion of them work at the oil refinery in town.   These
    people know what working hard is about, and mostly all tip very well (average
    tip: $4.00).  The other 60% is black and
    almost all of these people are very poor and receive welfare.  Everything said above about them being
    demanding, rude, and asking how much everything costs is true.  I deliver to maybe 3 houses here that tip
    more than $1.00.  So yes, all of these
    people suck and delivering to them is a nightmare.  I consider myself lucky to get out of there
    at nighttime without getting mugged (it happens fairly often, thankfully never
    to me).  I blame their poor tipping on
    ignorance and laziness- most of them don’t know what it’s like to hold a job,
    let alone one that tips.

    The last town we deliver to borders the mostly black town
    and the town my shop is located in.  This
    town is, and always has been, about 99% white. 
    It’s a small town with small $150,00 houses where everyone knows
    everyone, and a lot of people there are NASCAR fans (see: rednecks).  About 50% of the town are middle-class, hardworking
    people.  These people tip pretty well,
    about $3.00 per delivery.  The other 50% are
    racist pricks that constantly complain about how lazy and worthless the blacks
    in the next town over are, even though they’re collecting the same welfare
    checks as the blacks.  These people blow,
    and tip just as bad as the blacks.

    So yes, black people suck at tipping, but at least I know
    what to expect when I deliver there. 
    However the racist redneck d-bags that complain about the blacks usually
    tip just as poorly.  But by far, the
    WORST offenders are the people living in $1,000,000 houses that don’t appreciate
    anything and tip on the same level as the blacks. 

    In conclusion: the middle class, whether black or white, are
    by far the best tippers.

    Oh, and the Mexicans doing landscaping jobs that don’t speak
    any English all tip $5.00 or more, they’re pretty awesome, let’s keep them in

  • Shenita

    Where I worked the servers were paid minimum wage. Anything more than that came from tips which we all depended on. It’s true, the black community were terrible tippers. A usual tip from them was $1 or  no tip at all, even if the service was exceptional or the bill was high. Many of them were rude, bossy and ran me all over the place asking for this and that as though I were their personal servant. The nicer I was, the meaner they were. It was as though they had no idea how to behave in a restaurant setting. One guy even waived a dollar bill in my face trying to get me to take it from him, and then pulled it away when I reached for it. He was a mature man out with his lady and another couple. I was embarrassed for him that he didn’t seem to know any better (or didn’t care to know). There were only a few I remembered that were kind and gracious, and I appreciated that.

  • Jeffery

    It sucks but they are right black people are the worst tippers by far but I do think its more of a class thing than a color. A middle class black family is more likely to tip more in line with everyone else than the gold tooth donning thug but it still tends to be fewer and far between with the black race more than any other regardless of class and they also tend to run their server far more than anyone else and are the quickest to make a huge deal over the smallest things in order to get food comped.

    For those of you who say, I’m black and I tip I thank you and you are remembered at the restaurants you frequent because you are the exception and not the rule.

    If you think your server is racist, they probably are but its the parade of poor tipping demanding black people that have made them so.

    Truth is the only color servers care about at the end of the day is green. So when you see your server spending more time and effort on that white table than they are on yours, its because that is where they see the green.

    Its just not servers who get apprehensive about black tables, its also fellow guests. I cannot tell you how many times I have had tables complain about the noise coming from a large black group, which we can do nothing about which makes all our guests stress and hurts everyone’s tips.

    I am not going to sugarcoat this for black people because its something that needs to be said, servers see black people as cheap, demanding, loud and rude. Its sad, really, for the black people who do all the right things in restaurants to be labeled this way but its the way it is and until the bad ones are educated as well, you may not see servers attitudes change anytime soon.

    • Peaceonearth4747


    • ??demanding?? i keeping seeing this in the comments… so are people tipping badly because they tip the wrong amount or do they demand TOO much and only leave the 15% tip?

      • serve this

        15%…?? Surely you jest. I’m lucky to get $2.00 per person on a 4-top with a $100 tab.

      • Mel P.

        They don’t even leave the 15%, they don’t leave any tip at all.

  • WillDearborn

    To people that think tips should be included in the price of a meal rather than tipping be customary, would you rather have some motivation for your server to work hard or not? Tipping gives you a way to encourage your server to work harder. And for people that think its not worth %15-20 to wait on you, imagine if you have to get drinks, bread, prepare salads, take dishes off tables, in some cases bus tables, take orders, deliver orders, give drink refills, deliver extra sauces, refill drinks again, watch tables to make sure everyone looks happy, refill drinks again, take dessert order, prepare dessert, deliver dessert, prepare check, smile and bullshit, close check, give you to-go drinks, all while smiling and making conversation while they have fifteen other guests to look after. It’s not easy to do it right. 

    • Obake666

      This is the same sequence of actions required by every non-tipped server in the world that is paid by their employer. Speaking from experience, you will receive much better service outside of the country by a non-tipped serving professional than you will by an American, entitlement minded plate carrier. Plate carrier is an unskilled profession and should be remunerated as such. If you don’t tip the grocery bagger at the market or the gardener that maintains your hedges, you’d never think to tip the COSTCO tire changer…why should you tip the plate carrier in a restaurant? In truth, any gratuity should be split amongst the kitchen and stewarding staff as their positions actually require both skill and diligence.

      • BDZ

         Your argument would make sense if all of the professions you listed made only $2.13/hour before tips. And how is a “plate carrier” an unskilled profession, but “tire changer” or “hedge trimmer” is a skilled one? The “plate carrier” has to have people skills, something i suppose you couldn’t comprehend ; )

        • Robandersonisgay

          Learn to read retard….where in my above statement would you find hedge trimmer and tire changer classified as a highly skilled job. You obviously are a knee jerk reactionary plate pushing mongoloid….seriously you’re telling me that my above statement is untrue because you can’t understand the simple words that fall between periods…that’s called a sentence. How can you fail at something so fundamental? The world would be a much better place if people just took the time to educate themselves in basic communication skills. The very things you state that “tire changers” and “hedge trimmers” lack, you yourself lack.

          • Mark Hammer

             He definitely mis-read your comment in regards to hedge trimmers being highly skilled, but how about you address his (valid) point that servers make less than minimum wage and actually depend on tips, as opposed to the other occupations you listed?

        • if you read all the comments you would see that too many plate carriers DON’T have people skills– hence their bad tips. Tips are just like sales. If you not getting sales its you, and if you not getting tips its you. Otherwise why would anyone work for tips. Young servers don’t know this and Older severs will not tell you, its you. They just take their money and let you get pushed out of the biz. thats what is the point of the tip. good works earn. bad ones starve.

          • Mary

            “If you not getting sales its you, and if you not getting tips its you.” Apparently English wasn’t your strong point in high school? I’m assuming you never worked as a server? People with poor English skills and grammar, as you clearly have, come off as having terrible people skills as you cant carry on an educated conversation. I would expect, based on your logic, that you would fail miserably and “starve” as you put it, if your income depended on tips. Thank you for proving our point, an ignorant person spouting ignorant justifications as to why you “aint got to tip.”

      • very good point. Also maybe all wages need to be higher. and maybe giving bad service should get you fired. And maybe we should be tipping all those people too. but the thing is, is a tip for service or for good service. i think that is the real issue that is at heart. here.

    • well after reading all the comments, i have to disagree. No server ever thinks it was them, and i am getting this from what i am reading here. so i am do with places with tips. i will make my own food. i cook better anyway.

      • WHAT!

        GOOD! stay home, and save the money that you would have normally left as a tip, because you tip, right? judging from your countless other posts…..

    • It seems that waiters would get more money if it (20% tip) was included in the bill and that’s what I think is fair. I work in a job with no tipping involved and I work hard and do a good job; to say that waiters NEED tipping to make them do a decent job is insulting to waiters.

  • gotchangeofatwenty?

    For what it’s worth- as a white guy from a lower middle class family, I’ve had several siblings who have waited tables, and they have beaten into me that you ALWAYS tip.  It is not an option.  If you are not happy with the service, you can complain and go a little light on the tip (10%-12%) but you don’t skip the tip.  If you don’t have the money, don’t go.  If you have the money, the tip is an unwritten part of the bill.  I would be mortified if I realized the party I was with didn’t tip.  I have gone back and apologized and double tipped when I had forgotten (it wasn’t accepted). 

    Not saying Im better, its just the religeon I learned.  Not leaving a tip is like stealing.  And it’s not about race either.  I have a friend who’s white and loaded, and the other day we were getting my car from the garage in some place in the city and I tipped the guy $3 (not generous, not cheap) and my friend looked at me surprised and asked how much I’d tipped.  He said he tipped garage attendants $1.  I told him he might want to change that if he was ever coming back.

    So in theory, it’s probably a taught thing.  I bet black siblings of waiters and waitresses tip just fine.

    • so it is stealing not to tip. So what is is when i get the worst service, but i still tip. Or how about when i got to places that do have tipping? like fast food? are they ripping me of when they act like it is a chore to take my order. Or how about when i go buy food, the baggers and the clerk act like they are giving me the food free. I am paying cash money and the baggers and clerk are tossing my food around like it a football. its gotten so bad that i now bag my own stuff. and only shop at midnight.

      • Pat

        You’re whack. Are these really your arguments for not tipping? Because you’re paying “cash money” and the clerks throw your food around like a football? ahahahahaha, how is that even related? I want to meet you because I cant believe a person like you really exists. where do you live? honestly? do you have friends? do people frequently tell you that you are ignorant?

        • Mendi Mayhem

          Thank you for so eloquently saying exactly what I’ve been thinking while reading this persons replies here. Many chuckles were had. 😀

        • Suzanna Lytle

          he is probably trolling from his mommy’s basement.

    • I read somewhere that most restaurants prefer to hire mostly white people so black people are less likely to have siblings in the industry. Not sure how true that is but in my experience of dining out in central Florida it is very rare to be served by black wait staff.

  • Bmore2

    I have been in the restaurant business for almost 20 years. I have dishwashed, served, and managed. I will happily say that the best tips I ever received (both in percentage and amount) were from black tables. I will also say that the worst tips I ever received (both in percentage and amount) were from black tables. All that matters is that you treat people with respect and they will respect you in return. I know that black tables require additional levels of service, but, often enough (and I’ve worked everywhere, from the ghetto to the ritz) this service will pay off. The server must put his ego in check for the good of the tip.

    • Peaceonearth4747

      My experience on serving the black community had nothing to do with ego. However I am glad you made good tips while working. Waiters and waitresses deserve it for the hard work they do.

    • i think your are the only person that know this. from all the other remarks. and i would like to add, what is more likely… that millions of people run around not tipping or that one server is getting bad tips because they don’t know what the customers wants in return for that tip??????????????

      • rich

        answer: millions of black people are running around not tipping. you seem to hate servers, is your ex a server or something. lay off it, but im thankful you decided to stay home since you admitted you cant afford to go out to eat, and therefore cant afford a tip either. i thank you.

  • Alexian

    Oh, so this has turned into a “Black Bashing” parade? Half of the comments on here don’t even have anything to do with tipping. It’s so sad when people have to resort to believing sterotypes, then BLANKET an entire race of people with them. So some of you say it’s “in your experience” that Black people don’t tip. So I guess you mean EVERY SINGLE BLACK PERSON you have ever served has tipped you badly? I find that VERY hard to believe. I’m a young black lady who ALWAYS tips. I often tip much more than the 15-20% just out of generosity, or the fact that I can afford to do so. Plus I usually do so with cash, as I have learned that servers prefer it. The only time I don’t tip well is if the sevice was obviously terrible – like for instance when the only times you see them is when they take your order and then when they bring the food. You sit there with your drink empty for the duration of your meal because they haven’t come to check on your table AT ALL. I guess that would include those servers who think they are OWED something without actually having to work for it…

    • I do delivery takeout and it’s a common sentiment amongst my coworkers that black folks don’t tip as well as most. Statistically speaking, of the individuals I remember by name and face, those who are black might tip slightIy less. It must be said, however, that one of my most frequent customers in one neighborhood is black and routinely tips $5 or more on a $20-25 order.
      I was thinking about this the other day as I took a delivery which cost $14.75 to a lady in a small duplex. Her daughter, about 8 or 9, was watching from the stairs as she gave me $15, thanked me, and closed the door. It’s a suspicion confirmed by friend and coworker of mine–who is also black and who himself didn’t know he was supposed to tip servers until working at a restaurant–that a lot of people really just don’t know they’re supposed to tip. Their kids pick it up and the trend prolongs itself. Doesn’t have much to do with race so much as generational habits.

      • I agree with this. I think it’s largely a part of the black culture. Many blacks probably don’t eat with other people that tip. So, they don’t get the sense that they are supposed to do it or should do it by seeing other people do it. And no one is going to criticize them for not doing it. People learn what is expected of them from others. Sometimes rules are unspoken (or nearly unspoken), making them very hidden rules that are hard to learn for those that have not been exposed to the practices. Tipping can often be an unspoken rule, I think.

    • Right This Way

      I came here because as a host (im a white guy) at a restaraunt, I’ve heard this too- but only from black waitresses.  They ask me not to seat large groups of black people at their tables.  My immediate instinct was to think “you probably treat them poorly” but I wanted to go online and check it out for myself.  While I found this discussion informative, I am more than disappointed that it has turned into a black-bashing discussion.

    • Mark Hammer

      You are conveniently ignoring the fact that it is widely acknowledged that blacks as a people do not tip.  You do?  Well great, you are an exception to the rule and definitely deserve a pat on the back.  But most DO NOT.  My girlfriend is a waitress and I hear it from her all the time, that black people usually stiff her on the tip and are ridiculously demanding.  I’m sure you’ll just write it off that she must be racist/doing something wrong but if you were capable of looking at the world without your “poor pitiful me” glasses you’d realize that black people aren’t the victims that they all think they are and receive this “black bashing” because of the way they act.

      • Ollivander11

        “I’m sure you’ll just write it off that she must be racist/doing something wrong but…”


        Yes, you are.

        Keep trolling with your white nonsense on a black-run website. Flaunt your ignorance, invalidation, and your white privilege denial that allows you to be completely oblivious just how racist your entire post is. Or maybe you do know and you don’t care.

        Typical incurious and intellectually lazy person. You’re so quick to take everything as face value. People have come
        to this site with all honesty explaining that they were raised not tip or to
        see tipping as an option or other reasons why they don’t, but instead seeing this behavior as a symptom
        of a more complex issue you’ve decided to see it as genetically
        inherent behavior of black people.

        If your girlfriend really hates to serves black people there are plenty
        of places she could move to like Idaho or any Small Town, USA and get
        nothing but the jolliest and fattest of tippers. Or get another job.

        • now that is what i wanted to say.

        • katyll

          OK, so now you know that tipping isn’t optional, and that you have to tip a minimum of 15 percent. Will you do it and STFU?

      • as some one who is not white or black. and who has worked in hospitality and who goes ever so often. i have to say every one is wrong. just look at how many people commenting about how they was treated. i keep seeing the words worked, and can’t help but feel that severs, some anyway, resent serving- which can only bring down the tip- if the person tipping values their money more than they like the service they are getting. Also if you don’t like serving some people, your acting like you is not fooling anyone. And your not going to get tipped. Your fake over the top smile or your snobby way is only hurting you tip amount.

        • cc

          So now if someone is smiling, they are fake? People don’t have the luxury to pick and choose where to work anymore.I have read a lot of your posts and it disgusts me that a server treats someone poorly based on ONLY race, class etc!! As a server most of my regulars are black and they take good care of me. I would consider myself as someone who “likes her job”. Some days are better than others. Some tippers are better than others. There have been times I have busted my behind and have had people make fun of me, call me names and not tip,even run out on the bill! I still smile! I can agree, as a server,it is frustrating when a guest in the restaurant is treating you badly and you’ve done your best like I have. Some people a just miserable If someone sucks as a server you need to tell a manager. As far as a fake smile goes, we are told to leave whatever problems we have at the door. With that being said, my life isn’t easy. My 33 year old husband has a life shortening disease that is getting worse by the day.He has muscular dystrophy He can’t even hold our 5 month old son. He can’t walk or feed himself.We’re always going to doctors. I watch a beautiful man deteriorate everyday! We have to smile no matter what.So I’m sorry if you’re offended by a fake smile but some people don’t have a choice!

        • Mendi Mayhem

          You are deranged.

          • Suzanna Lytle

            yeah this person doesn’t seem to be able to accept the reality that’s being presented to them.

    • Girl I see it is almost every comment is from whites saying they are tired I didnt even know that many white people came on this site.

      • jon

        huh? that made no sense.

  • Tmh1234

    This is so refreshing to read form an African American writer. even black people know black people dont tip, but if i, a white woman says that, I am racist. If a black person says black people dont tip, they are accurate! they just dont tip. I received 5 dollars on 150 the other day and gave it back to them, telling them they needed it more then me, obviously. And they did, because they took their 5 dollars. Dont come to a place you cant afford, which you clearly cant. It costs me money to wait on black people, because I tip out, on average about 30 dollars a night. when black people are only giving me 2 dollars on 100 dollar bills, IM paying that money to the busser, host and bartender. I AM PAYING FOR BLACK PEOPLE TO EAT, AND THEN LEAVE NO TIP. Because of where I live, philly, the black population is much bigger than other places I have worked, and because of this, I was literally driven to quit. I could not take it anymore, and i am not racist! some of my closest friends are black. but come on, you have a fake nails, a new weave, juicy sweat suite, and a coach purse, and an iphone, a 200 dollar tab, and you cant leave 20%? really? really? REALLY!?!?!??!

    • Gillyberth

       You know, I am not racist. In fact, I inherently believe in the equality of all men (and women). I would help a black person just as quickly as I would help a white person. But black kids have very little chance because they lack the kind of parental guidance every other race has from their parents. Blacks are notoriously bad parents. They hardly supervise their children. I’ve lived in poor areas where black kids between the ages of six and twelve were out at all hours of the night, even as late as 3 am. The parents are hardly more mature than their own kids. It’s truly an example of the blind leading the blind. I seriously doubt “the White Man” had any kind of formulated plan to keep blacks subjugated after racism was abolished. They all have their conspiracy theories, that white politicians introduced crack into their neighborhoods to keep them repressed and addicted, that we actively avoid giving them credit or major loans as a way to keep ’em down. Well, if that were true, and it has been going on for 60 years, evidence of this would have come to light. Simple fact is, black people are satisfied with the level of muck and dredgery they are in. They like it. They thrive in it. They rap about it. They glorify it. And at the same time they blame “white people” for it. Black humans have the same exact brain as white humans. How come they keep dragging their feet and blaming everyone else for their own laziness? What other race has done this to themselves? At some point, as a race, they will lift themselves up on their own laurels and achieve things through their own desire and force of will. I’m not saying all black people are incapable of this, I’m not. There are a TON of amazing black people who rose out of the mire that is the ghetto/hood and made a name for themselves. Sadly, this is probably like 10% of their race as a whole. The rest are content to breed, live a gang and drug filled life, mooch of the government, destroy the English language, and basically ruin every single one of their babies lives one by one, as each is born.

      • tmh

         well put, and i couldnt agree more. In Philadelphia, i experience nothing but what you have said, with very, very, very, very few exceptions. I serve, go to school full time, and get little to no tips from black people. the same black people who probably make more than me off welfare. how is that fair? im working 5 full time while in school full time, and i am not rewarded. at least financially. and my hard work doesnt pay off, because i leave the restaurant making 90 bucks, even though my sales were 1000 because of the lack of tips. peoples advice? Get a different job. truth is, serving is all i can do because it is the most flexible job. so hut up, and tip. at least I have a job! someone above said they leave 2 dollars no matter what, because that is all they have. well you have the 70 to spend on a margarita and chicken picatta!?

        • do you really think people on welfare go out? People on welfare don’t dine at tipping places. they like Peter Piper and Checkey Cheese. Because its for the kids. which is why they are on welfare in the 1st place. kid make you poor. Any how as a person who gets bad service a lot. I find it sad that in all likely hood i am getting the bad service because i am not white. So should tip too much just to prove them wrong. and will that make any change in their mind about my people?

          • cc

            The answer to that is yes! I have had a woman try to pay me with an EBT card. It’s sad and I hope her little ones don’t suffer as a result.

          • just saying….

            im sorry but the truth is that a lot of people black,white,mexican,asain,and all races on welfare abuse the system. NOT ALL, some really need it but lets be real many find ways to cheat the system. Oh and yeah go ahead and leave a big tip, my family and i go out to eat where each plate is $70-$100 and were mexican so sometimes they aren’t the nicest but when we leave a big time its amazing how their attitude change we do it to prove them wrong you should try it sometime

            • disqus_ml0gcbFiDm

              If u can’t afford to go out…..stay home……pretty simple!

      • ThisBartender

        –Unfortunately, 99% of the time, when people begin a statement with “I’m not a racist but…”, there are inevitably some stereotyping, generalizing, and degrading comments to follow. Your comment was no exception. 
        “Blacks are notoriously bad parents. They hardly supervise their children…Simple fact is, black people are satisfied with the level of muck and dredgery they are in. They like it. They thrive in it. They rap about it. They glorify it. And at the same time they blame “white people” for it. Black humans have the same exact brain as white humans. How come they keep dragging their feet and blaming everyone else for their own laziness? What other race has done this to themselves?”
        How many times did you group all black people in with the negative stereotypes you’ve depicted here? Your reminding us that “Black humans have the same exact brain as white humans” doesn’t negate the clear bias and disrespect that you have displayed in your comment.
        –That said, as a former waitress, current bartender, student (and fan of rep music), I would like to say that I agree wholeheartedly with the writer’s analysis. Overall, the worst tips and the worst attitudes I have received as a server have come from blacks. There are exceptions, sometimes there is one person at the table who knows their co-diners won’t tip and they heap on extra tip to try to balance out the deficiency. I also agree with another commenter that social class plays a big part in tipping averages as well. These are things that you have to deal with in the service industry, and yet, that doesn’t make it okay. I decided a while back to switch to bartending where, if you decide to stiff me at my busy bar (while complaining about the potency of your straight-up drink), I will decide to conveniently not see you loudly signal me for your next drink–for the rest of the night.

        • anon,

           cognitive dissonance…

        • i need to know. is a buck a drink good or bad? Because even if the drink is 5.00 a buck is over 15%. Also i would like to know, if a bartender wants to be tipped, why do they rush off and not even watch me put my tip in the tip jar? not that i ever don’t tip bartenders. i only ask because i feel silly tipping when they I have to stand their with money waiting to drop it in and be seen doing so. i am just asking.

          • Mel P.

            Why do you need the bartender to see you put the tip in the jar? You suppose to tip because you want and you received a service, not for public recognition..

          • rich

            once again, are you a real person?

      • So how in the hell can you say just 10% of black people are good WRONG and this is a black website you and the other white woman can buzz off.

        • Mary

          ummmm, that seems a bit racist. white woman arent aloud on this black site? black people dont tip? how come you can tell us white women to buzz off, and us white women can’t make a (clearly supported) statement that black women and men dont tip? hmm. seems odd.

          • Suzanna Lytle

            Dont take it to heart some people don’t like getting a reality check.

      • as a non-white i can tell you that your wrong. Black people and Brown people beat their kids when they get out of line. My whole life i have noted that most white kids are let to run wild and most black and brown kids are told sit down shut up and act like a chair. To be seen and not heard. and to act right or face pain. so i dont know what your are talking about.

        • Mel P.

          That’s parenting, we are talking about tipping.

      • nosey

        I don’t believe you are a racist, but i have to say black brains are not the same as white brains, when I was taken engineering classes, I noticed the white people picked up the subject quicker than I , I literally have to take out loans I could not afford so I can spend time studying, I still was only average at best, and I felt like I spend so much time studying, I didn’t grasp the subject as quickly, Also, I have my degree and I have met white people who don’t have their degrees who still know more than I do. I think some have given up and become too complacent not necessarily do to laziness, but maybe feel all work for nothing. . .or b/c they were raised by parents who who are immature and that immaturity reproduces more immaturity, I still try to compete w/ my white peers, but I have to say their brains are bigger than mine, again, I have my degree (white employees do not). . .I still have to study to understand concepts. . . no that I am going to give up. . .but you want the person you don’t have to train as much (which to me is fair), If I was in management, I would keep the person I would not want to train, It is hard for me to compete. . .and I feel like I try, I don’t blame white people, I do blame myself, but I can’t say I don’t try, efforts doesn’t isn’t always enough

    • As some who tips big and who tips small. I wish food bills came with place to write how bad the service was or how good it was. Because it is clear that the amount of money tipped is not giving the message. I as to see magmnt to tell how good and how bad now. But thanks to all the remarks here i will start leaving a card. in the card will say this: the bill is 50.00 so the tip should be about 8.00. But here is a 20.00. but it is not a tip. it is so you can buy your self a clue as to how bad your service was. I really makes my blood boil that of the thousands of times i have been out. I have only gotten good service 1% of the time. But almost all service people think its the customers. Even a place like Ruth Chris has only gave GREAT service 50% of the time. And it cost a lot to eat there. At those prices the service should never have a off night.

      • Mel P.

        So, why you keep going to a place (Ruth Chris) if the service is poor? It seems that you like to be treated poorly.

      • katyll

        If you’ve eaten out a thousand times and you think you ‘only got great service’ ONE percent of the time, you’re either a lunatic or a self-entitled royal PITA who is tight with a buck. So which is it?

    • nosey

      b/c I tip 25 to 30 % I can only speak for myself, I have never worked in a restaurant so I don’t know if these facts are true. . .I will say I believe the statement. . .I don’t think you are a racist if you are stating facts, and I agree, if you can’t afford to go to this place, don’t go. . .I am not offended, I just want you to know I do tip more than I should, however I don’t get my hair and nails done, so maybe this why, b/c they are getting nails and hair done and they truly don’t have the money

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  • kelly

    I have been really curious about this subject and took time to chk it out I agree with alot of what you had to say Have been in this industry for 24 yrs and find diversity in every culture I know in my experiance middle age blk woman dont like me i am a middle age white woman i used to beat myself up because I take pride in my work i wish things where different but i dont see it changing is very hurtful i have kids and grandkids to support and cant do it on 3 dollars an hr

  • Gillyberth

    There is a comment I’ve heard at every restaurant I’ve worked at, and it’s this: if you have to ask how much things cost before deciding to order them, you probably shouldn’t be out eating in a restaurant in the first place. If I have $20 in my wallet and I’m hungry, I’m not going to Fleming’s or the Cheesecake Factory. I probably wouldn’t even go to Applebee’s. I go to a fast food joint or the grocery store and make the food myself. (As if 90% of typical black people would even consider learning how to cook for themselves).

    The fact is, the majority of black people are lazy. They want to blame everything that happens to them on the white man. Well, simple fact is, a whole BUNCH of black people have grown up in the very same circumstances they are in and excelled at life. And you don’t even have to play basketball or be a rapper to make it. It all comes down to education. And black people do not outwardly seek education. They inherently distrust “us”. They would rather live off credit cards or welfare, have 40 babies so they can get even more welfare checks… You know, I work with a couple of hard-working, honest-to-goodness educated black people, and they are sterling examples of what their people can become if they can stop being lazy and blaming all their problems on everyone else. Sadly, if you try to seek an education or speak proper english you are an “oreo” or a “wanna be white”. How horrible is it when your own race makes you feel like a traitor when you seek to educate your mind. And that, my friends, is why we have nothing to fear from them in the long run, except to stiff you, mug you, and basically leech off society. As a race they are unable to unify. There are an exceptional few awesome black people. The rest will never unify to uplift. They are just. Too. Lazy.

    • if i ask how much some thing is, its because i want to make sure to have enough to pay for it and tip and also so i know how many more things i can order. if i have 100.00 dollars the food can’t come out to 100.00 because i would be short the tax and the tip. And i can’t do math in my head. So i find what you say as just plain silly. Stop worry about me and give good service and don’t treat me like less than human and i will tip upwards of 50%. Treat me like i mugged you sister that one time, and yes i am not going to tip you. and i will ask to speak to the manger and tell them your service is lacking. and i will never go there again.

  • Anonymous

    I swear to you all, it has maybe %5 to do with the waiters attitudes. I really look at this as an excuse. Because in my 3 years serving experience, I have never treated anyone differently when serving them. Yes, i will moan and groan in the kitchen, but I’ll get you everything you need and be absolutely pleasant. its the nature of the job. and in the end, many of my black patrons will say, “thank you so moch for such wonderful service, we had a great time!” They leave, I pick up the check book and start the drum roll to opening it…to find around %5 most times.

     I’ll be honest for some reason it seems black people usually stop at $5 no matter what the bill.

    like you said though, the lower class tables all tip poorly, but I have black tables come in and buy $80 worth of cognac in addition to the food and its still the same!!!! you can’t tell me that guy doesn’t have the money to tip me properly.

    also, just to fill people in, i make $2.13 and hour. I don’t get that $2.13 an hour. All that does is pay my income tax for the most part. my paychecks usually run between $0 to $5.00, so your tip literally puts gas in my tank, food in my fridge etc etc. not to mention i give %1 of my sales to the busser, and %1.5  to the bartender. So if i have $1200 in sales I give away $30, whether you tipped me or not. So what if everyone only tipped we %10? My $120 would drop to $90 real fast. Some places you tip out even more.

    • Gillyberth

      If you have never served in the food industry, you don’t know how much tips mean to a server. Also, to anyone who says, “Get a better job”, who’s going to serve you your happy hour drafts and margaritas? Mexicans? Is that what you want? Serving is an honest profession and we work hard at it. To belittle serving is a total sign of ignorance. For one day I would LOVE to switch places with a Blue Tooth and Tie-Wearing exec, and see just how long he/she lasts in a restaurant on the weekends. A) We need your tips. B) We REALLY need your tips. C) We serve you food. I haven’t done it yet, but there’s another saying… “Don’t f**k with someone who handles your food.”

      • Lhsigala

        What the hell do mexicans have to do with this u racist a**

        • Joel

           Shut up LHS with your “racist” nonsense.

      • >> “Don’t f**k with someone who handles your food.”

        That’s one of my sayings. And I tip a minimum of 20% every time, unless I don’t think the service was good. For those doing statistics, I’m a white male — middle class. Not wanting people to mess with my food is not the only reason I tip well, though. I also do it because I know the waitstaff person’s wages have been adjusted low, because the restaurant is expecting the patrons to tip, because they always do, on the whole. Tipping is part of the cost of eating at the restaurant. Customer’s that tip are going to take into account the tip when they are thinking about whether they want to pay the cost to go out to eat. The restaurant can keep the cost of the food lower, to compensate the customers’ tipping, if they make the waitstaff’s wages lower. They can afford to do that, when the patrons compensate the waitstaff’s wages by tipping. The tipping system usually ensures good service, especially if a patron establishes herself as a good tipper at restaurants she frequents. It’s a great way to give feedback to a waiter, or compensate yourself, as a customer, for poor service. Money talks very well. And people listen to money.

        • but only if you go to the same place every day all the time. And both server and customer know they have not seen each other and will not see each other again. Which i think is the real issue. and is what is making this whole thing go a round round.

      • Mexican women in Mexican taco places don’t get tipped. But they give fair service. so yea about that.

    • no matter what if you don’t like me, it comes across. So if you act like it was a drag to serve me. why would i tip you any thing over 15%. But yes too many people don’t know that when eating out. Your should be 15% for the food. +15% for the the drinks + money for the host, bus boy, and DJ and bouncer. i think these fees need to be place on the bill with an area to explain why it is not being paid if it is not being paid.

  • Smart_ash43

    After reading everything n every comment I would like to say this…I serve black people good…just like white people…they still don’t day I experimented n got this tip table…I gave all my tables that tip table when I presented the check…that day I got all 20% tips except from blacks…one black woman pulled out the tip table read it n still dint leave any tip…some people can’t be educated…I’m tired of bullshit that nobody treats black people good..fuck that…I treat them good…but I don’t work for it was a greatest n best service ever n no tip at all…black people are worse on Sunday after church…n white people tip as charity..n charity is in the name of people won’t do it for nobody..not even in the name of God…cuz they never happy with nothing…while I’m at it…I’ll tell you who I think is bad…rednecks, Mexicans, Indians, Arabs, and Asians…

  • Gillyberth

    There is something I have learned over nearly 10 years in the restaurant service industry: black people tip horribly. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen the tricks and ploys blacks (yes, I said blacks, it’s not racism — it’s statistical observation… it’s why there’s a stereotype to begin with) use to either a) work their server to death as some sort of “hah hah we’re still pissed we were slaves so now you work for us” and then leave an insult-level tip as revenge, b) you order the most expensive food on the menu, eat 2/3rds of it, then complain about every single thing until the manager comps your entire meal (you get to eat for free, yay!), or c) you just don’t plain tip. Pathetic.

    Tonight we had a party of 12 black people (three adults, 9 kids) come in. The let their kids run throughout the entire restaurant like crazy, completely unsupervised, while servers (with heavy trays of hot food and heavy plates) did their best to not run into them or over them. I almost guarantee you if one of those kids were accidently hit by a server, the adults would actually LOVE it… it would give them a chance to make a scene and get something for free, if not more than that. I’ve seen ’em do it before, and it’s not beneath them.

    One day, a sweet little girl, just out of high school, and her first job, accidently dropped a small piece of bread onto a table where a black woman and her daughter were sitting. A fleck of butter hit the girl on her glasses, and the black mom made a HUGE scene and demanded to see the manager and threatened to call the paramedics. She made the manager file an incident report. Guess what? She’s been back with her daughter multiple times and reminds the staff of the incident every single time and gets her daughter’s meals and her own meals free. Our white manager DARES not refuse her. Some lawyer would be SO ready to pounce on that.

    I’ve had black people run me to death, they need extra everything. They never read the menus, they ask a million questions (when the answers are on the freakin menus), they are the sloppiest eaters, they always leave a mess, and they NEVER EVER TIP. If they do, it’s as an insult. They are rude, loud, obnoxious, and an all around nightmare to serve. You think we can’t stand serving you because of the simple fact that you are black? No. We came to that conclusion because you did stuff to start the stereotype in the first place. Stereotypes just don’t come about by themselves.

    But nothing will change any time soon. We have a black president, but black people still white people owe them something. Well, my family was just as poor as any black person, and we NEVER owned slaves. But we didn’t whine and complain and use one excuse to hold back an entire race. Cosby is ashamed of all of you for a reason.

    • So no matter what happens during a meal one should tip? And if you work your sever “hard” you should TIP more? And if your RUDE or not liked by your server you should TIP more? So 15% is not earned? It should be paid no matter what little you do? And if my server bring me eggs that looked like they was scraped off the grill i should be polite and send them back to get spit on and still tip?? And not be rude and ask why would you bring me food that looks like this? but i am the rude one and the one in the wrong?

      • cc

        It depends. Was it you or the server? If the server is a jerk then no. If you are overly obnoxious the server might just not care anymore. They will then move on to take care of the other tables they have been unable to take care of because you were running them so much. I don’t know how you are when you go out but you sound like you go to some places who only hire server for looks and not experience.Also you can’t totally blame a server for kitchen errors. I fight to give my guest the best service no matter what. I have been in the industry for almost 20 years and I have never seen anyone spit in someone’s food. That is a classless disgusting thing to do to someone. You best bet would be to stick with chain restaurants(that’s what I do) where they have cameras. Most of the time a cook doesn’t even see it got sent back because we re-ring it in.

      • gillyberth

        A) Your server is never rude to you. If a server was rude, they wouldn’t last a day. If you say they were rude you are either lying, or you did something asinine to piss the usually level-headed server off. And it’s never overt rudeness, it’s subtle. Amazing how a server can glare into the eyes of the cheap-a** customer and just zap ’em with that “Oh I know you’re a LAZY MOTHERF**KER and you’re working the system”. By that point, I don’t even want a tip. I want nothing from you by that point. I just want you to GET THE F**K out of my restaurant so NORMAL people will tip.

        Don’t act all mad, “this is rascist bulls**t!”. No, it’s not. It’s universally accepted. Black people do not tip, and if they do, it’s an INSULT. Like a dollar or god-forbid 5 dollars. I am not racist in any other respect. I no longer call it racism… it is STATISTICAL OBSERVATION.

      • CallsItLikeISeesIt

        Spoken like a NON TIPPER…………..
        I always make sure my people have good food and that it is to their liking within a minute or two of it arriving at their table. My customers always get what ever they ask for-it’s my job to make sure they are treated well, are greeted and treated in a friendly and accommodating manner, and to make sure that they are getting good service. I do this for everyone. and still I get no tip from black people/black families…………

      • Johnny

        You’re obviously a stupid spick. Go to hell loser.

    • just saying….

      I have worked in the restaurant business since i was 12 at a family owned business and i can not agree more with you !!! Everything you listed is true. Just yesterday i had a lady complain about the price while she was on the phone she was so loud !! To make things worse she did it right in front the owner. There have been many events that have happened where black people have given me reasons to think of them as cheap, loud, and rude. I have had (black) men try to hit on me while i clean windows, a(black) man come up to me and say he was “gunna go smoke some weed before he eats” . Black teenagers throw things at the windows while are costumers are dinning. They want extra sour cream, extra meat, extra shrimp, extra everything but refuse to pay for it. Why ask for things if you don’t want to pay ? They let their kids do whatever and get pissed if you ask them to control their damn kids! (obviously i don’t ask them that way). I don’t understand why they feel they can do whatever they want. And then they pull the race card… I sat a group of 4 black girls in the back of the restaurant next to white people and mexicans and had the nerve to ask if we sat them in the back because there black. Are you kidding me ?? Black costumers lie to get there meals free. Try to leave without paying and the list goes on !! I could right a book of events that black people have done that surprise me. Don’t get me wrong white people can do really stupid and rude things in restaurants as well as mexicans and all other races but black BY FAR are the worst. I am not trying to be “racist” all my friends besides 2 are black. My mexican parents adopted a black teenage girl before they had me. I have black cousins and aunts and uncles. I don’t have anything against black people but this is just the truth about them. No one wants to serve them NOT because there black but because of their actions. Sorry i know its harsh but the truth hurts

    • server girl

      AMEN…And to all the black people who tip me poorly and run me to death…at the end of the day my white tippers make up for your typial annoying behavior and Im reminded of why I dont want my son to have black friends…thankfully I was born white…Praise the Lord. Keep your silly tip…it stinks like yo jerry curl.

  • Mike Benson

    Its a big relief to see that black folks are here admitting the truth. Thank you. The ones that arent, “nigga please”. You know good and well that most black folks don’t tip. Stop with the denial. I served 72 people tonight. I had two stiffs. Both stiffs were from black folks. I’m ok with getting stiffed twice, it’s not the point I’m making. I understand that not all blacks folks stiff you, but as a whole, they will leave you with zero. These are facts that if spoken about will dub you racist. The ones of you that tip thank you, it’s appreciated. I asked my coworker to see if he knew how to decipher the strange phenomenon, he says that “their feeling of entitlement is genuine”. Think about it. This is not good.

  • Jack

    Tipping is, and always should be, optional.  That’s why it called a tip, and not a line item on the bill.  It sucks to not get a tip, but that’s the risk any server takes.    

    • Jjdukedevils69

      lol at optional…i work in a tipped business. and believe me we remember habitual stiffers..keep goin there..they DO SPIT ON UR FOOD, THEY DO THROW UR BAGS, THEY DO F**K UR CAR UP, AND U DONT GET THE ALCOHOL U WANTED….WE DEAL WITH U A**HOLES, BELIEVE ME, WE GET OUR SATISFACTION. THAT IS OUR RELEASE. 

      • Crissy

        I hope this person can be identified and terminated.

    • Jjdukedevils69

      and i did a study on tipping for valet…on average over 3 months, asian people tipped 2.96 a car, white 1.96, BLACKS .49 CENTS…..AND THERE WAS A BLACK GUY THAT CAME IN 4 TIMES AND GAVE $20 TO EVERY VALET OUT THERE. 95% OF BLACKS ARE SAD. I ACTUALLY LIKE U NOT TIPPIN….I/WE ALL GET OUR REVENGE…MAKES MY DAY

      • Jjdukedevils69

        my first post didnt go thru. blacks are always dsick for some reason…maybe cuz u eat out too much and cant afford it. we always remember habitual stiffers. U DO EAT SPIT, WE DO THROW UR BAGS, WE DO REV UR ENGINE OVER REDLINE FOR 5 MINUTES….U STIFF, LMAO, U PAY

    • Huhucsh

      Yes, it’s not illegal to not tip, it’s optional on how much you want to leave… but you are a moron to not tip just because.  How embarrassing is it that people don’t want to wait on a certain group of people because they get treated like crap and don’t get paid for it.  Black people should be embarrassed but they have no shame

    • Hamptonyachts

      What kind of answer is that?

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  • NoMoreMs.NiceGal

    I worked my @ss off last night.  The black people in my section were treated just as everyone else was, with politeness and respect.  NO MORE!!!  The couple at the end, who ran me so much, and then left $2.00 on a $98 tab just gave black people a “no-pass” from here on out.  It actually cost me money to wait on them, (I still have to tip out a bartender, busser and food-runner….more than 4% total.  So, it cost me over $4.00 to wait on them….).  DONE!!!  NO MORE POLITENESS….DON’T CARE!

  • Hockeybum28

    Im a server and totally agree with this argument. I can’t stand black tables. Don’t they know their tip is my only income?

    • NoMoreMs.NiceGal

      They don’t know….ignorant….and if they do know….they don’t care!

    • So its not your actions driving the amount of the tip? Or should i tip even if you service is done with disdain for me?

    • snapsnap

      seems like Blk people are cheap and looking for something for nothing EVERY where. even at the cleaners. I have stood in line behind four blk people and three of the four tried to scam the poor old lady behind the counter! claiming they where over charged or something was lost and even said they “prepaid” even though its a pay when you pick up If society broke down and the police lost power to serve, i believe blk folks “MOST” of them would start looting and robbing. I truely believe that. plus blk people have NO SHAME when they do wrong. They have an excuse for everything.

  • annonymous

    ALL you people need to spend ONE DAY waiting tables for $2.75 a hour, and see how YOU feel when you get nothing off a $100 bill from a table of black people. If you cant afford to tip, or dont wish to, then dont go out to eat!!!

    • NoMoreMs.NiceGal

      EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS!!!!  (however, $2.75?  Here in Texas, it’s $2.13….you guys are livin’ large!).

      • guest

        charlotte,nc is $2.13 too. I’d like to also mention that as minimum wage goes up that number doesn’t. ITS BEEN THE SAME FOR YEARS!!!! 

        • Mendi Mayhem

          Same in Missouri. It’s $2.13 an hour here today, just as it was when I got my first waitress job 15+ years ago!

      • emily


    • Wait, i have worked fast food. and i have worked as a line server. and i have worked in landscaping. And all kinds of brainy things and back braking things. And fact is, if you don’t like your job… its you. not your job. Pay is not the driver. Otherwise police and firemen would make tons more. they dont. because deep down they would do that job for free. or even pay to do that job. Bosses pay as little as they can. What ever job you take you take for your own reasons. not for the pay. and if you don’t like your job you should ask yourself why you took it.

      • Mel P.

        What??? If you work as a server is because the tips, is not because you love or enjoy to be cleaning tables. Are you Hispanic by any chance? I am, and I worked as a server and my experience is that black people and Mexicans are the worst tippers ever. Maybe that is the reason that you don’t agreed with the conversation on here.

        • no name

          I have a friend who is a Pizza delivery man, He tells me that Mexicans or anyother nationality from Latin America tip very well.

          • Weaver1969

            This is true. Hispanics tend to be very good. The blacks on the other hand are absolutely awful at tipping and generally all around awful at life. I really don’t care for them.

        • Cornell Kimball

          I’m white and In my experiences/knowledge, Hispanics tip very well. I’ve never worked in a restaurant, but friends who do or who have worked as servers tell me Hispanic customers almost always have tipped nicely. I live in L.A. and we have Hispanic friends — whenever we go out to eat with Latino friends and it comes time to figure the bill, they always tip at or above the expected rate.

        • Estafador

          that was incredibly racist. It’s stuff like that why blacks don’t want to help pay your rent.

      • Kim

        Um idiot the reason anyone takes a job is for the money! That is how you survive!

      • Brian

        No one wants to serve tables. It’s a means to an end.

      • Mendi Mayhem

        Someone gave you a “brainy things” job?

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  • Honkey Town

    Regardless of color, if you go to a restaurant where there is serving staff, you tip based on the service. If you don’t want to tip, then go to a cafeteria or take your ass to McDonald’s.

    • if you act like you hate me. why would i tip you even 15%. I round down when you act like have done something wrong for just coming to your table.

      • Rolled Eyes

        Adalberto, you have unrealistic expectations and entitlement issues. To be honest, you also sound like you have some mental health issues. Servers should be polite, prompt, and efficient. Your food should be warm. These are reasonable expectations of service. You can’t reasonably expect a server to not occasionally be tired, or to pander to your every need. You need food, they serve it. That is the transaction. Regardless of whether or not you perceive their service to be ‘good’ (how can they know what your standards are?) the ridiculously poor pay rates these people receive are reflected in the lower prices you pay for your food. It is your responsibility to redress this disparity by paying a reasonable amount as a tip. If you don’t want a tip-based economy, work to change the American culture in this regard. In the meantime, chill out and attempt to get some perspective and empathy.

        • Cait

          Well said

        • Mel P.

          Thank you!! I think this guy has some serious issues. I am Hispanic and it seems that he is too, but I’m not blind about the the fact that most Mexicans tip very poorly and are super demanding, regardless of the service.

          • adalberto leyva

            i am not demanding, just want to be treated like a human and i want the food to be eatable. and i will gladly pay and tip for those things. but if they are not given, why should i tip?

            • gogotron

              Man, it’s “edible,” not “eatable.”

        • adalberto leyva

          then should i tip when i buy music because the artist are ripped off by the label?

          • Destiny

            Two different things! The artist isn’t running around getting you things that you need to enjoy your dinning experience, the server is so tip them! You do have mental health issues.

          • tim

            U should tip cause that’s how I make my money to take care of my family

          • Dustin

            a cd at a retail store is not a service. now it would be fair tip a live band or musician. let the adults talk

  • It’s funny, but the article that linked me to here called a black hockey player African-Canadian and you do not use that kind of terminology any where in your fine piece.  Very nice work.  And, although I am not a person of color (and didn’t even realize that the hockey player referred to IS a black guy), I had never heard before that black people don’t like to tip. Just my 2 cents worth ha-ha.

    • CallsItLikeISeesIt

      I used to waitress in college and now I am waitressing again after 20 years ….
      I had two tables today, black couples, that I gave excellent service to and TA DA……NO TIP.
      I had to think back to when I waitressed in college and then I remembered that black people never tip………..I thought ‘am I right about this???’ …so I surveyed the other waitresses…..N.O. Black People Do Not Tip………and I make less than $4 per hour.
      I am a widow with a child to feed and all told, I didn’t even make minimum wage tonight…………………….So, what do I do? Demand that I be allowed to add a gratuity to the check?

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  • Rain206

    i am black and not all blacks are raised a certain way but i have a reasons for this

    a) blacks don’t get the social graces – in my family we HARDLY went out to eat at a resturant. Only for super special occasions. In order to know how to tip, how much to tip, and how socially things are done you need to be taught. We learn by example-everyone does. If you are hardly ever eating out at resturants you just dont tip. in my family we ate at home or out to fast food. Neither of those you tip.

    b) the service. As you stated in your article you would moan and groan even before you talked to the party you were going to serve. when waiters already have the attitude you will not be tipping they give poor service. Anybody regardless of race can feel when they are not treated with respect. when your not treated with respect tipping it the last thing on your mind.

    i was taught to tip by a white waitress. I was about 17 when she told me when someone provides you with a service and you feel is was up to standard you tip. She was respectful and insightful. I learned a lot from that waitress. i think it simply not knowing.

    • Kellen

      I gave all the black folk excellent service and they still treated me poorly. The better the service, the ruder they were. We “moaned and groaned” because we knew what was coming. If anyone was racist, it was them. Yes, that’s true, they probably never learned how to behave in a restaurant setting.

    • Jjdukedevils69

      you just answered the whole issue….THEN DONT GO OUT IF U CANT TIP

    • hereatpsu

      This extends to stiffing drivers too.

  • I agree. Coming out of the military in the 90’s…I was a white male putting myself through college and waiting tables at a restaurant in Atlanta. Black folks would work me the same way and their kids make a mess and leave me a small tip. Once a group of 15 left me a penny on the table. Now that was racist.

    • Weaver1969

      They are nothing more than animals. You can’t blame them for not being able to comprehend how to function like normal people in society.

  • Lauren

    I came across this site because I just had a discussion about why I didn’t tip. 

    I just didn’t know.  My family was pretty poor so we NEVER went out to eat.  The Root did a survey and found out that it has more to do with the waiter’s attitudes toward the people when it comes to black people and that when it comes to white people that they see tipping as charity and therefore it makes them feel entitled or powerful to do so.
    I don’t understand why waiters aren’t paid minimum wage in the first place.  Isn’t that what minimum wage is for in the first place?  I’d rather pay for a more expensive meal (if the proceeds went to the waitstaff) than have to go through should I or should I not pay a tip.  If the waiter isn’t good enough, that’s what managers and write ups are for. 

    • Lyco05

      I would like to know whom would be working as a server if it paid minimum wage with no tips? If you have a choice between scanning groceries and serving… Which would you do for $7.25??? If the kid at McDonald’s can’t get my order right half the time can you imagine going to Cheese Cake Factory and having the same service for $50/person? The reason people serve is for the tips. Pay servers minimum wage and watch the service you get the next time you go to Friendly’s or Red Lobster.

      • NoMoreMs.NiceGal

        I work at Cheesecake Factory…..I am still confused by your comment.  Please clarify.

      • candytripn

        This is just dumb.. in california, servers make minimum wage and get tips.. they decided working 40 hours for less than $200 when get stiffed by jerk offs was unfair

        • Tony Todd

          Not every state has the same laws, genius.

        • Suzanna Lytle

          in Georgia wait staff gets paid 2.13 a hour before taxes.And they get taxed for ever ticket they write weather they get tipped or not.

    • Rain206

      i agree white see tipping as a charity or what is expected when you go out to eat. Blacks see it as an option and if it’s an option to give someone more money out of your wallet….you see where i am going with this.

      • stiffersgettheirs

        yea i see where you are going….same 90% of other blacks. wrong direction

    • Tyronejenkins

       You have some nerve “Whites see it as a charity?” Speaking as a “white” person I see it as a duty. Paying for a service. If the service is good you tip better, if it is poor then you tip accordingly. T.I.P. is an acronym it means To Insure promptitude. Also to let people know that may not. When you work in a job that receives tips Uncle Sam wants his cut whether you receive the tips or not. It is called allocated tips and if you make “X” amount on a ticket then they take a percentage of that and tax the server on that amount. If he/she didn’t make that amount they have to pay the taxes on it anyway. I worked at a casino and there it was expected to make 15 cents for every dollar and uncle sam wanted 8 cents out of that 15. So if you are not tipping and your waitress or waiter is ignoring you now you know why. You are costing them money out of their pocket.

    • Jeffreyyoung57

      How can lauren say shed be ok with paying more for a meal if it goes to waitstaff?? That’s what a tip is lol. I did deliveries where service isn’t much of an issue. Basically, do I get it there in a reasonable amount of time. No chance to even taste the food. Still the blacks never tip and whites almost always do. So, what’s the reason here? If its not service or food quality its the individual. Blacks are just cheaper.

    • Djinn

      wtf entitled I tip because waiters/waitresses don’t make enough money, they need that tip and aside from that I work in the industry I know what it’s like to get stiffed. It’s not charity they worked for it I’m not more powerful because I tipped someone I’m a bit more broke

  • RG

    It is what it is people! At the restaurant I work in the Mexican kitchen staff will come in on days off or after work & not tip a dime. We’re talking on a $200 or more bill. Such is life. I don’t hafta like it but I def won’t treat anybody bad because of it. To all servers making behind the scenes racist comments, shame on you! Two wrongs dont make a right.

  • Zen

    The article is itself racist, and arrogant- who are you to say "ALL" Black people do or do not do a particular thing?? I hear this crap all the time, often from black celebs who for some reason think they are the voice of an entire People. "Black people don't swim", "black people don't ski", etc. Furthermore, if all you're doing is bringing me my food, I can do that myself. What outstanding service are you providing that requires a tip? And if youre working a job where you need tips to get by, get another job!

  • Parisa

    My boyfriend is Black, and I am Middle Eastern… It took a lot of coaxing to get my boyfriend to start tipping better. At first, he was so unaware that he didn't even realize which places he should tip and which places he should not tip. So I'm going to say that a lot of it may be based around ignorance – some people were not brought up going to dine-in restaurants. I know it sounds silly, but it is totally true. I think when I first got with my boyfriend, the nicest place he had ever been was maybe TGI Fridays once or twice. It's an economic thing as well as a cultural thing. Anyway, I was a server and bartender for several years. And yeah, Black people tip LESS, but I wouldn't say not at all. Well some don't. But of course, as a female server, usually all of the Black men were giving me decent tips. Black women, not so much, because they aren't trying to impress the cute server. Another interesting thing is that it's much different at the BAR vs. waiting tables. Black men tip just as well as other types of men – at the bar. Black ladies, again, not so much. But when you are a server, or bartender, you just have to deal with it. Keep it moving. Europeans are so so so so so so much worse, equally as rude as a hoodrat and they literally tip NOTHING. It's terrible. And they spend more too so it's even more shameful, lol. Racial differences are a reality, and it's not a big deal. As a server, tons of people are going to grace your tables. If you serve them all quickly and efficiently, you know you've done the best you can do, and that's all that matters. Tips will come! Even if not from the 4-top of Black people.

  • Sandi

    I jusr finished reading the article on "Tipping" fron the ATL Post and intend to throw my two cents into the frey. First admission I am an Afro-American female, second and I do tip, generally according to the tipping rule 15/20%, third but I do not like tipping as it is presently operated, let me explain why. The establishments that wait staffs are employed by are reaping benefits from both their employees and their customers. They have managed to create an atmosphere that seemingly pits customers against wait staff. It is their businesses and they have elected to pay their wait staff a meager hourly wage with the expectancy of the customer helping them pay what they should be be giving their employees. Customers make choices in establishments depending on variables and as such we are the guests of the establishment owners and I feel it is their responsibility to service us, their guests without making us pay the wait staff to service us. Tipping by customers should be by choice and not by coercion or duplicity.

  • Sponk

    Not sure what the point of this article is. Seems to be implying that the initial observation that blacks don't tip was incorrect, but the "evidence" for this is that, after intentionally only serving blacks for an entire evening, you still made less in tips than average. Huh???

    As to the suggestion that maybe it was the wait staff's attitude towards serving blacks that caused the low tips…um, how about the wait staff had an attitude because of the poor tipping? You said yourself that your first all-black table was about as bad as it can get. And the tip (no pun intended) that blacks don't tip came from a black woman. Yeah, clearly she was racist (?)

    Of course it's a generalization and doesn't apply to all. That doesn't make it less true as a tendency, as this article clearly shows, if only anecdotally.

  • Jennie

    I routinely tip 18% and the full 20+ for exceptional service.
    On the other hand, if some table is running the server ragged, that's a reflection on the server. Did the server ask "Is there anything else I can you" before running off to the next table. Stop by to see how everything is going. Make a deal with your crew that when one of you has a spare minute, they should grab the water pitcher and start refilling (gasp, even if it's not your table!) If you see there are small children at a Friendly's type restaurant, bring extra napkins and the crayons as a matter of course. And if they leave less than the bill, then it's pretty clear that the author wasn't on top of the table beyond dropping the bill.

  • Jessica

    Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always been a big tipper. Just today I gave my waiter a 5 dollar tip and my meal came to only $6.75. Probably because I have friends who are waiters and they’re always complaining about getting crappy tips so I always try to leave a pretty good sum.

  • homie

    I always tip and I'm black. I also work with the public and I understand how
    when people see a name tag they assume they can talk to people any
    kind of way. Sad to say but a lot of people want something for nothing and
    have the feeling THAT'S YOUR JOB. I have never been a waitress and hope
    that I never have to be— nothing against the profession but I don't have the
    personality for the job. I've never liked the idea of strangers knowing my name.

  • Krew1012

    but no body it talking about white people right now. focus!

  • Krew1012

    the is the gods honest truth. been a waitress for a while and majority wins in my eyes. i am black and im not afraid to say a lot of black people dont how to tip! 15-20% people get with the program I GOT BILLS TO PAY! there are other groups of people that dont tip well, but like i said majority wins : / Sorry but the truth hurts sometime. Note: this does not include every black person, mostly really young people and older people, about 45 and older)

  • D'Wolf

    Odd that you say single mothers with kids don't tip. My mother made it a point to take one of three kids out ever few months so we knew how to behave in a restaurant. I recall when we went out once, the waitress doted on a table of young businessmen but was perfunctory (or less) to us. Part of my lesson that evening was on appropriate tipping — the tip reflected the poor service. I wonder how well the businessmen tipped.

  • Cid

    Provocative article…but what about the self-fulfilling prophecy? I have encountered too many servers who (obviously) have a chip on their shoulder serving Blacks. Perhaps it's from past experience or innate racism, but either way, I don't deserve the treatment. So, if these particular waiters decide to already assume I will be a bad tipper and treat me with ill, I will return the favor with a sad tip.

    Real talk, I know some Black folks that vehemently do not tip and I try to reinforce how it makes all Black customers look bad BUT I have to catch myself. Servers need to stop generalizing and treat every POC or White equally. I will not take into consideration how some Blacks do not tip, so therefore I let my (poor) treatment as a customer slide. Stop generalizing servers! I know it's a utopian thought process, but start treating us equally and remove the chip off of your shoulder.

  • stoney

    There is really no excuse for not tipping (unless a person is rude to you then i suggest asking for the manager) If you cant afford to eat out in a restaurant dont eat there take your food to go. But i also blame the industry for making the wait staff rely on tips for most of their pay. I work in the nightclub industry and bartenders always complain that blacks and foreigners dont tip and because of that most of them have attitudes towards all the customers which makes the next person feel like they are being miss treated and what happens the bartender usually end up not getting a tipped. Its a crazy cyle and its all human nature. If i had a job that relied on tips you better believe i will not let the non tippers ruin my attitude cus that can effect the tips i get from the other customers. Bottom line: quit before u get an attitude cus at the end of the day u are not gonna make any money in that field if you dont have a thick skin

  • If you dont have money to tip then you should eat at home I dont care how horrible the service was. you still received a service….Poor people kill me.

  • keisha

    I’ve been waitressing for more than 10yrs.Thanks for this story.This is true majority of black don’t know how to tip.And they will run the mess out of you.bcz they know they can.I’m black myself.I love all people don’t matter what race.I love working and converse will any and everybody.But,if all people waitress 1 time in their life.Tipping wouldn’t be a’s hard work.yes,waitresses only get 2.15 hour.bcz we rely on tips.A lot of ppl have different reasons that they waitress.Single mom are college student especially.Bcz cash everyday in our pockets.And stop talking to your waitresses like were uneducated.You don’t know how many degree’s she/he has.Your not better then any one.Bottom line Don’t go out to eat if can’t afford to tip.Stay home and feed the bad damn kids a pb&j.Instead of letting them run around dropping food smearing the windows and dropping their drinks.For us waitress to clean up.I know you have some home training.If not stay the hell home.Serve your own self.Cheap…If ppl tip like they supposed to will make min pay are more.If your waitress is busting their butt.They deserve to be treated and tipped correctly..If your poor stay home any race.

  • NicJam

    I usually never comment but when I read this article, I had to day something. I have waited tables off and on for about 14 years and I have to say she told the truth. I think that EVERYONE at some point and time in their life should have pay a bill waiting tables. If people don't tip you then you don't make any money. It is HARD to put in all that time running all over the place literally "serving" people and have someone make you feel like you should kiss their butt for one dollar. It is absolutely true that black people overall don't tip. When I say this I am not talking about EVERY black person. But overall they don't. If you do tip that's great but we are not talking about you. We are talking about the ones who DON'T. I'm black and proud of my blackness but as a whole BLACK PEOPLE DON'T TIP. It is what it is. When I waited tables I felt like this; there is Karma to waiting tables and what you put out there will come back to you. Yes, this table just ran me ragged and tipped me pennies on the dollar but if I had a good time and didn't lose my cool then I would write it off to Karma. And let me tell 95% of the time that money would come back. I've heard the argument that maybe they don't have money to tip. Well, I really do get that and it is a legitimate argument; except for the fact that there are literally THOUSANDS of alternatives to a sit down restaurant. My suggestion is go somewhere that you are not served. Problem solved. You will not be expected to tip and you will not have wasted someone's time and energy, but you will still get your food. It's sad that we are having this discussion but it is a reality. When we as WHOLE start tipping, then there will be nothing left to say.

    • Gia

      What if those people don't want the food from a fast food restaurant and would rather have, for instance, something from Red Lobster. You can't tell someone where to go and get their food. I tip, and I hate it with a passion, because waiters have a chose where to work. I only tip $2 every time, nothing more and nothing less. That's all I got, take it or leave it.

  • Blackman

    If you can't afford to tip 20%, don't eat there.

  • Watch this video on why "Black people don't tip!" Its hilarious and entertaining!

  • Trey H.

    Having been a server in college as well, it became my position that if you truly engage the customers (some light banter, especially towards the kids and the ever present smile – but make it real), people were more apt to tip better…Again, this was just MY observation….truth be told, I wasn't the greatest server but I knew how to talk to people and make them feel like they were my ONLY customer(s)….Some tipped REALLY well while others stiffed me…goes with the territory, I guess….additionally, when I moved to a different restaurant that had a different mix of people, tips got better….I suppose it depends on location as well…

  • Pissed server

    Soo I want you all to look up the article “The Tipping Divide”. It’s a study that was done on the way black people don’t tip….I am a server and a code server and black and they don’t do me any better. Just know this black people…I have been serving for a long time and around a lot of good servers…and whenever ANY black people come around we ALL pray we don’t get the black people….ALL OF US!

  • luckylady

    tipping is optional not a requirement! and to say if I don’t I shouldn’t eat there is stupid. I try to tip as much as possible but if I don’t have the extra to spare it is what it is. I completely understand that people support themselves this way but u knew what came with the job when u filled out the application! and there are some places that include gratuity in the bill that u would miss if u don’t pay attention but to dictate how I spend my money is ridiculous and to blame it on race is sad.

  • Disgusted

    Eating out is very expensive. I hate tipping. 20 to 25 percent? You're kidding. Most waiters seem to hate their jobs. I especially get irate when the waiter is rude and ignoring you until the last 60 seconds, then they smile and act so nice and helpful, because it's time to pay. If you don't like the pay, get a job that pays. People get jobs as waiters because they think they're going to make huge tips, not because the salary is low. There are plenty of minimum wage jobs available, but they don't want to take those.

    I think the rule should be absolutely no tip except for exceptional service, and then tip the amount that you want to tip. The restaurant knows if they add the tip into the meal price, people wo't come there.

  • queenvirgo

    This a lie. #fact i always tip more than 15% Most men I’ve been out with always bi tch about the tip. I always think like what if it was me so if I have it the waiter waitress is getn it. Otherwise stay yo arsh home.

  • cyrena

    I have been a waitress for many years and I have worked in low end and high end places. This is my conclusion….first let me say that I am black. So with that being said and working in this profession most black people don’t tip. It’s the black women more than the men who don’t tip, ask for the most, always want something free and have horrible attitudes. The going rate for most servers is 2.13 an hour. So if you didn’t know before you do know. I just think as a ppl we should do better. 🙂

  • Chatoria

    As an African American black jack dealer I totally agree with this article!! As much as I love our people I hate to deal to them because no matter how nice you are the majority will not tip!! The killing part is when they play the help a brother out and I got you role, I disregard that line everytime!!

  • Alexa

    Um no it has nothing to do with the service and everything to do with the black community. It’s time we all stop making excuses and stop saying everyone who points out the obvious is racist. If we do not hold ourselves to “white” peoples standards which really has nothing do with white people and everything to do with educational and cultural standards and make the excuse that we are a minority then WE are the ones holding ourselves down. I am a woman who is black, white, and Spanish and proud to be all but tonight I bartended at a black baby shower and made $69 working 8 hrs. on an open bar… This is beyond anything I have ever seen… I probably made at least 300 drinks for well over 50-60 people and I got tipped $20 by 2 people so this means most people didn’t tip at all on an open bar. My service was above and beyond as it always is. The basic rule of open bar is $2 per drink…$1 if times I hard I understand but I find myself repulsed at how tacky all of those people were to not even tip $1 on every other drink knowing that this is how I support myself, and my family. If you have the .money to eat put you better have the money to tip.

  • Apple

    Ok I tip when I’m out because I once worked for tips. However,I dont consider it my responsiblity to based off what someone has agreed to work for or to make up for the resturants pricing and cost because they want to attract more guest.

  • Misslm

    I agree ! Im currently a server n let me tell u! I work at a buffet, carrying all those dirty plates ,serving your drinks. Im working hard SO If you cannot afford to tip do not go out to eat. Point blank period.

  • I am a African-American female and I always tip. I was taught that was apart of their salary and to never leave less than $5 no matter how small the tab. Plus I usually feel bad like they aren’t getting paid enough so that plays a strong part in it too. So for me 20% or more is my rule.

    Unless the server is horrible, then I’m telling! Lol!

  • Brittney

    Growing up, I was taught that you should leave a few dollars for servers…but I wasn’t taught that delivery people, hair dressers, Etc were ‘supposed’ to be tipped as well…and who chooses which service jobs should include tipping because there are many rules that come along with it..its a social standard…. if you didn’t grow up tipping’ then most likely you won’t..

  • Mimi

    I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m black and I tip everytime I go out, I even tip the pizza delivery guy without any hesitation. If I can’t afford the tip I get it to-go .

  • Nine

    It’s just not part of black culture to tip. No big deal! Hopefully it will catch like it has for foreigners where its not part of their cultures. For every one black person that says they “do tip”, there’s 500 who don’t and doubt they are going to comment about it either. No need to get all offended and make excuses… Spread the word, edjumacate yourself and your peers on tipping.

  • The truth shall set you free!

    Blacks do not tip that’s a fact!!! I had educate my ex in this area and he was 32 years old geez. Blacks in general are greedy and remind me of crabs in a bucket always clawing and climbing on one another. They are the only race that constantly puts one another down light against dark boogie against ghetto fat girls aka thick against skinny natural verses weave give it a rest. learn to adapt to the game of life and maybe things will go better for you.

  • Janay

    Not all critiques are false. If its true we as black people need to call other black people out for their tacky behavior. Progress and do better. That’s all

  • Shawn

    I am so tired of waitstaff speaking on Blacks not tipping. There are Black people that do tip, and I am one of those Black people. I typically leave between 18 and 20 percent of my bill depending on service; however sometimes service does not warrant a tip, so before you start stereotyping Black folk, take a look a you and the service you provided. If you have it in your mind that Black people will not tip, you probably provide the type of service that does not warrant a tip.

    • Sundoulos

      I tend to agree with your statement. I always tip & I start off with a base amount. Depending on the services I receive, I either increase or stay at the base. This sense of entitlement type of attitude from waiters/waitresses (& even management with these gratuity fees), when the service is less than stellar is what makes it bad for everyone involved. Not tipping is not in exclusivity to black people; trust me, I have seen other races that are worse than we are. If you want to charge gratuity for a certain number of people being served, then you as a manager pay them; don't require the persons served to pay them, especially when they hate to see you coming & use the excuse of having other customers to serve. If the customers are receiving better service than the gratuity party, they should leave the better tip.

  • Steelcitychick

    @DCCaskie….I totally agree and cosgn! I was brought up in a family if tippers! Yes I’m black!

    When I go out for supper, I make sure it’s in my budget to leave a healthy tip! These waiters/waitress’ are doing their job of waiting on us! Yes, I do leave a bigger tip for those who made my dining experience enjoyable, but I tip everyone regardless!

    It’s all a matter of how one is brought up and the values they are taught! If your taught to value people and the serves the are performing for you, you will appreciate them, and compensate them as such!

  • CriticXtreme

    This is BS because I tip and many times over 25%. And when I do tip high, then I get a hello. Many times, I get mistreated by my own people.

  • sabrina

    That is why I do not go to restaurants because I know that if I do not tip appropriately or the correct amount I am indeed putting someone "out." I expect much when I go out and other patrons as well. We all expect our waiters to be at our beck and call, but some do not at least get the satisfaction of "tips" to help lick their wounds at the end of the day.

  • Tami

    I tip when I go out to eat. Sometimes, when me & my partner are figuring out the bill & trying to decide how much of a tip to leave & someone says they only make $3-4 an hour, I always wonder why someone would work for that little bit of money.

  • hiveship

    I loved your article. I think some of it is generational as most Blacks now have grown up going to restaurants and should have experience in the rules of going out. I always was mindful of "us" not tipping and would always over tip(sometimes 25%) to over compensate. I think we have gotten a lot better. It is also true that Euros do not tip b/c it is not something they do culturally. I have seen waiters chase after European customers in Beverly Hills that did not leave a tip…hilarious.

  • jonathan

    Another thing I noticed about black people, besides their bad tips, is how indecisive they are. They always take forever to order while I am standing at the table. Why is that? It's like they say they are ready to order, and then when i am standing there, that's when they start to read the menu line by line. It's so annoying.

  • Jon Davies

    Good article. As a server of more than a few years, I must say that this stereotype holds water. I'm always happy when the exception happens, but it's not often.

    C. Ball, you might like (and relate) to this waiter on YouTube who says what so many of us in the industry think and feel. He teaches people how to be better customers! His most recent rant was on customers who run you ragged for free stuff (something you commented on in this piece), e.g., more bread, coke, lemons, etc.

    He's funny, cute, angry, bitter and truthful.

    I've seen his channel grow from 20 subscribers to over 2,000! He deserves more, I think.

  • Tipper fa Life

    I am black. It takes deplorable service for me not to tip. If I get a slight attitude but the service is aight, demerit to 15%. Standard is 20% – more the decimal one place to the left and multiply by two. Exceptional service, 25% and maybe a couple dollars more. Tip these people man. As the sista noted, the hourly wage is way paltry.

  • JVC

    Although I typically tip 20% or more if the service is excellent, and yes I am black. I am not driven to tip based on anyone's career choice and the fact that the hourly wage is as low as it is. One would think if you are aware that the largest portion of your salary is based on tips that you would do your best to ensure that you provide good service to customers, black, white, green or purple. There are always going to be those that can't be pleased no matter what you do, and will not ever tip, but that is part of the job.

  • Victor

    I always tip and I never over work my waitress or waiter. I understand that job does not pay well and tips are the real money. "Treat People the way You Want to be treated"

  • Darryl

    I tip acording to good service, if idon't get good service, then you won't get a tip. Some wait staff people don't deserve a tip.

    • Michelle

      Not only is he a non-tipper, he clearly has never worked in the food service industry.

    • Chris

      Why do all of the worst tippers say this. It seems that, "Good service", to your kind is unachievable. . . it's always, "the server had an attitude.", "I didn't get enough refills.", "The service was slow." . . .I think I'd respect you more if you were just honest and said , I'm just cheap/broke and although I know it's wrong, I just don't tip at all or properly. Although it would be a minimum level of respect because you should just stay at home and make your own food if you haven't been eduacted on proper tipping etiquette.

  • Darryl

    Some wait staff people don't deserve tips.

    • DCCaskie

      Certainly I agree, but let's assume that all things being equal, and in the context of Charing's experience of conscientious, friendly and professional service, most do their jobs as well as you or I do ours. In that case, we should tip.

  • DCCaskie

    I read this article with interest. I especially noted the following line near the end: "and poor folks of all colors, did not tip regularly or appropriately". My view on this: I think that the understanding of tipping is something learned by family and peers. It's true that Europeans generally don't understand tipping, although it's becoming more common that they will, in fact, tip something. If you've grown up around people who don't tip, or in a household where self entitlement is the norm, then you don't tip. I would bet that most people living in the USA know what a waiter or waitress makes, so ignorance is not an excuse any more. Lastly, in my opinion, if you're poor, but believe you have enough money to afford a meal out in a restaurant that has table service, then you have enough money to leave a tip. If not, then I suggest you don't eat out.

  • Nick Rick

    Funny how quickly they got rid of Charing's story about Tavis Smiley from yesterday. I guess any positive stories on Smiley or West can't be seen in a black publication. There's probably a real juicy story behind it. I doubt they'll even post this comment.

    • C.Ball

      LOL Nick. Nothing juicy. I write three columns a week, Monday-Wednesday. The Smiley story was Tuesday's piece. However, the story is still archived on the site. Just use the search option. Thanks for reading.

  • Doug

    Screw that I tip always and I am black. You can hold that generalizations for your circle of friends, I know all my friends tips and have been accused of over tipping.

  • mike

    I love how you try to justify black people not tipping with the "attitude of the servers" excuse.

    • C.Ball

      I love how you stopped reading at that line, like it was the end of the article, and then posted a comment. *shrug*