Surprise, Surprise-Conde Nast Says No Thanks To ‘Vogue Africa’

July 20, 2010  |  

Cameroonian photographer Mario Epanya went all out in his campaign to make Vogue Africa a reality. In order to get publisher Conde Nast to see the potential in the magazine–that would pay homage to African women–he created fictional covers, featuring gorgeous images, but it looks like it wasn’t enough.

Conde Nast has turned down Epanya’s bid for the magazine. “DEAR ALL. The Wait is over. Condé Nast said NO to an African license of VOGUE. So this is the last cover. Enjoy, but it’s a beginning of something,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Vogue is currently published in 18 countries and one region. Condé Nast has not officially commented on their decision. Ironically, Vogue Italia featured Epanya in a full feature.

Obviously, Vogue can still get away with a few editorials featuring Africans and African Americans sprinkled here and there. Although their “Black Issue” flew off the magazine racks in 2008, are you really surprised that Conde Nast rejected the idea?
Want to see more of the fictional covers that Epanya created? Click through the next pages…

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  • Tiffany

    Africa doesn’t need a Vogue. It’s insulting to lump an entire continent in one magazine. There are different nations with different standards of modesty, beauty, and communication. Sudan, for example, would be offended if there were models wearing skimpy clothing. On another website on this same topic, someone made the great point that a Vogue Africa magazine would probably feature non-black models, “mulattos,” Arabs, and white “Afrikaners,” thus watering down African beauty and what and who is
    truly African. A flame war would erupt if that were to happen. So avoid the whole thing entirely.

    There are already African fashion magazines that make Vogue look stilted, flat, and lifeless. Brooke mentioned that Black American magazines are struggling. That’s largely due to the cruddy content and lack substance contained therein. Black American
    magazines lack professionalism. That is largely due to being bought out by white corporations. Ever since Essence was bought out by Time Inc. the content
    has suffered considerably. For one thing the age target market – 18 to 49 – is
    way too broad. You can’t be everything to everyone. Essence has been watered
    down to mere pablum. It wasn’t until I purchased an issue of Africa Arise that I truly realized just how bad the quality of Black American publications has fallen. The solution is to subscribe to African magazines and other publications from the rest of the African Diaspora: Black French magazines, Caribbean magazines etc. It’s high time to stop seeking validation from white establishments.

    Africa is ABOVE Vogue. And so are you.

    Here is a list to start you off:

    Style Mania – a Nigerian fashion magazine
    FashizBlack – for fashion enthusiasts. <<< This magazine puts Vogue to shame! You’ll love it!
    Beauty Mania – also Nigerian
    Munaluchi Bride – American
    FAB magazine = Fabulous. African. Black.
    Zen magazine
    New African Woman

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  • You made some decent points there. I did a search on the topic and found most individuals will go along with with your website.

  • nashawn

    well honestly i don't know too many women in my circle that reads vogue. I don't buy vogue so I don't care but those covers are beautiful and if a mag that put women on the cover that looks like me were to ever hit stands her in the US i would buy it. I'm tired of reading essence I need something new.

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  • sbsmiles

    I would like to see more beautiful brown faces on the covers of high fashion magazines just as much as the next person. However, Conde Nast is looking at the venture from a business perspective. The company has cut quite a few of their magazines due to the lack of financial resources to maintain them. There would be no financial incentive for the company to make an investment in a magazine that targets a small portion of its reading population. In order for them to re-consider a venture like this, you would have to show profitability.



  • you know me

    I see why the women are beautiful but that graphics are the worst. I cant see the vision!! Its always power in clarity.

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  • brooke

    oh please, people stop saying you will boycott because 99% of you probably dont buy vouge anyway. i agree with the company “africa” just isnt a big enough market, i mean seriously its not like blacks are the ones buying this or any magazines. you see how the black mags are struggling to stay alive. i agree, sorry but even i’m not interested in vouge africa.

  • moe

    other people hate black beauty!!! they dont want to see a black woman being in a mag. They would rather see them in a foodstamp line, with babies and no baby daddy. And our men in handcuffs, or running up court or down somebody field, they are not ready for positive role models.

  • lovie

    If it was sold in the US and I could understand the language I would buy this magazine. I am tired of seeing all these magazines with white women I can’t identify with.

  • CR

    SO WHAT? We don't need validation from Conde Nast. If there was ever a Vogue Africa, white women would be featured in it anyways so it doesn't matter. Vogue is not made for us. They only feature a black cover model when it is appropriate for the moment- ie- Michelle Obama, on becoming First Lady, and Jennifer Hudson when she won the Oscar.


    They're just like the black men in american they only parade around half breeds and light skinned woman that meet white standards so what's different about this!

  • Nice work ,i hope he continue this way

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  • MsDtown

    The boycott begins now….no more Vogue for me. Instead yall check out Arise mag…. total FABULOUSNESS!!

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  • Tr1sh

    Wow, Africa is BEAUTIFUL and they reject the homeland?! I agree with all, BOYCOTT Vogue! They act like they don't know where they came from! Shame on them. These covers are Beautiful

  • Listeni

    AFRICAN [ not African American ] women are so naturally beautiful.They are one of the most beautiful races on this earth.It's "hands down" if you ask me.They can't be touch in the REAL beauty department.

  • fashionfein

    even though it's considered the FASHION BIBLE and its gonna hurt..I can no longer use my hard earned money on

    VOGUE magazine…that is all!!!

  • DC_Diva

    I will boycott this magazine.

  • Kristen Barnette

    If Vogue Africa were a reality i would purchase a lifetime subscription!!! Vogue's short-sightedness is no surprise.

  • Alicia

    if you look at the Vogue franchise each country has thier own unique spin. if Africa wants to be considered they have to highlight, within the realm of fashion, media, and entertainment, what's unique about them. and it'll take more the a few sistas on the cover to do that…

  • lola289

    There are already fashion magazines in Africa! I am proud that they said, "No!"

    I just hope there won't be a backlash…

  • Janet


    he must be racist then!!

    i would like to know why he doesnt want Vogue Africa!!

    those covers are beautiful!