Ways It’s Good To Be Bad When You’re Young

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No one can ever be truly mature unless they have once been immature. It is the concept of only appreciating what you get if you work for it. When you’re young, life should be messy. It’s not the worst thing if it resembles one of those dramatic high school shows like One Tree Hill or The OC (hold the tragic parts, of course). When you’re young, you make decisions on a whim—an impulse—and that is how you learn to differentiate between impulse and intuition. It’s how you develop a sense of “this is right, and this is wrong” so that later you can depend on that sense, without having to actually do the wrong thing. And when you don’t have a family to look after, a house to tend to or the career that you actually plan on staying in your whole life, that is the perfect time to learn what’s right and wrong hands-on. So try these:

Swap with a friend:

If you run in the same circle as a guy your friend went out with for maybe a few weeks, or just slept with a couple of times, don’t hesitate to give him a try if you really feel a connection. Neither one of you know the guy that well. The only reason your friend dated him first was because she was the first to utter the words “he’s cute.” Your friend will be mad at first, but later in life, when she is happily married, she will realize that it really wasn’t that big of a deal. That that’s just a part of being young—a group of girls meets a group of guys and a little bit of chaos ensues before everyone is paired up correctly.

Blur the lines:

If you’re talking to an ex about getting back together, but you’ve also been casually seeing a great guy, don’t commit to the ex until he is ready to connect. Keep your options open. It may not seem like the nicest thing to do but a) you don’t know that the great, new guy isn’t seeing someone else and b) you’re young, gorgeous, fun and full of life. You should share that as much as possible until the one guy comes along who proves he is going to cherish it so much, that it will be worth giving up the attention of other men.

Sleep around:

Do yourself a favor, try as many sexual acts as you’re comfortable with—and even a few more. Satisfy your curiosity, because it won’t go away and if you discover there is something you love doing, you want to be able to start asking future partners to do that as soon as possible! Find out everything that you’re comfortable with and enjoy in sex, find a partner whose likes/needs match up pretty well, and you’ll have almost the perfect sex life.


Dress provocatively:

Not every man who sees a gorgeous girl thinks that her looks are all that she is good for. Many men recognize that the full package does exist—that a woman can be beautiful, can dress in a way to play that up, and can be intelligent. Find a man who is comfortable with you dressing Hot, because you’re not getting any younger. You should enjoy every phase of life, and showing off your curves, your abs, your perky boobs—whatever your greatest assets are—is a part of the joys of this phase of life.


Move on a whim:

Move because you fall in love with a city, or because you just fall in love! If you have a job that you know is relatively replaceable, and you know you have the ability to build a new life for yourself and make new friends, then pack up your bags if you feel like it. As life progresses, that will become more and more difficult to do.

Leave one man for another:

When your relationships become more serious—like marriage—it is disrespectful to leave one relationship and walk directly into another. It will make your previous partner feel that you didn’t actually love him, and that you were emotionally cheating on him towards the end of your relationship. But, when you’re young, if you’ve just been seeing someone for a few months, and you meet someone else with whom the connection is clearly better, don’t drag things out in the other relationship all because you respect things like loyalty and dedication. Those are great traits to respect, but they are best directed at someone you actually love. You’ll have to force yourself to be dedicated and loyal to the previous partner, whereas with the new one, being dedicated and loyal could be a breeze.

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