Oh, The Faux Pas! Celebrities Who Need To Fire Their Stylists

November 21, 2011  |  
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You ever heard the saying “money can’t buy you taste?” I often was reminded of that as I watched Mary J. Blige come up in the game. As she became more and more famous, it was clear that her fashion sense couldn’t keep up. Today, Ms. Blige has found her stride when it comes to her style (hey, she’s been in the game nearly 20 years so she has little excuse).

These days, there’s no excuse for a celeb to look consistently bad. Why? Because they have stylists to do all their shopping, curating and dressing for them. The average person has nobody but herself so what gives with some of these celebs? We’ve included just a few of the fashion violaters out there. Mind you, we can’t include folks like Lil Kim cuz she’s beyond help as well all know.


Christina Aguilera

I honestly can’t remember the last time I looked at  Christina Aguilera and thought, that’s a pretty girl. Oh yeah, I do. It was about the time that her first hit single Genie In A Bottle came out. She was the posterchild for cute and talented circa 1999. But when it her second album came out, it was obvious that Aguilera was embracing the dirty, trashy look. Since then, she hasn’t managed to look classy at all. I mean, EVER. A stylist is supposed to save you from embarrassing yourself, not push your own convoluted interpretations of style to the limits. I often think that when Aguilera was interviewing stylists, she just hired the person who most agreed with the fact that the look she was sporting in “Dirty” was chic. Not only does she need to fire her stylist but she also needs a beauty expert to correct that overly blonde and ratty hair.

Jennifer Hudson 

We know JHud is basking in the glory of her recent weight loss and enjoying her “size 0” physique, but it’s obvious her stylist is not tending to her new figure. Why else has the blogosphere been going off about the lack of undergarments? Her uneven boob action as of late has got people wondering, why isn’t she wearing a good bra? Get it together JHud.

Mariah Carey

Carey may describe herself as a kid at heart but the diva definitely needs to grow out of the mall rat phase and look that she’s been sporting for many many years now. Despite her worldwide success, designers are not flocking to dress Carey who is more associated with Juicy Jumpsuits and midriff tops than Haute couture . Now that Carey is over 40, we’re hoping that she fires her 21 year old stylist (we’re guessing she’s 21) in favor of someone who can make her look more classy for a woman of her means. Maybe she should take cues from her over-40 counterpart Gwen Stefani who manages to look super stylish, youthful and classy.


Really Tiny? You couldn’t step it up a notch for Regina Carter’s extra grand affair? While everyone else was rocking gowns, Tiny stuck to an outfit she could’ve worn to the grocery store. Okay, I’ll cut her some slack. After all, she’s in the limelight because of her superstar husband, not because she wanted to be. In any case, Tiny’s nonchalant attitude towards fashion always come through in all her high profile appearances so we think she needs to hire a stylist who can get her excited about fashion again.


Who could forget the dress that Cici wore (above) to the 2011 Grammys? If anything, it’s indicative of the starlet’s obsession with looking swexy at the expense of looking fashionable. Her stylist not only needs to keep a better eye out for better dresses for Ciara but also for clothes that flatter her very muscular figure. I mean, what does the dress above do but emphasize her super duper muscular arms?

Tamar Braxton

Now, let’s not get it wrong. Tamar has great style but her awful weaves are so distracting that we can’t even appreciate all her fabulous fashion. Why is that? Is her stylist completely ignoring that mess of hair on top? We’re sure that she’s violiating some sort of stylist code of conduct by ignoring an essential part of her client’s look.  But even worse than Tamar is her sister Toni’s wigs. Maybe it’s the same person consulting on both their hair styles. I can’t get over all the bad wigs and weaves that Toni has the nerve to rock on their reality show? The family certainly needs a hair styling intervention.


The Miami rappress has come a long way since her days of just looking like another chickenhead on the block but she still hasn’t hit the style mode that would work for her. She looks fine but she can look a lot better. She needs a stylist that gets both her soft and hard core sides.


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