7 Reasons Why Celebrity Relationships & Yours Are Not So Different

November 23, 2011  |  
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Sure celebrities have access to private jets and are paid to wear designer clothes, but when it comes to relationships in Hollywood, and relationships in your town, there are more similarities that you might think.  Of course, celebs face issues on a more magnified level because of their visibility, but all women and men are biologically different and therefore come across similar relationship difficulties regardless of social status.  Take a look at these 7 reasons why relationships across the board are actually more similar than different.


1. Is the grass really greener?

Just like celebs, relationships can turn into a pretty nasty competition.  We all hope to find a man that we physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically match up with.  But what if a man with better values is out there?  All of these “what-ifs” can ruin a relationship for good, by concentrating on what’s missing, and not what strengths your man has.  This feeling transcends any cultural or social boundaries and haunt celeb and “mortal” relationships alike. When relationships crumble after someone breaks trust or cheats on their partner, there is no going back.  Be mature enough to value what matters and concentrate on what your guy excels in, not what you wonder that guy over there looks like in his undies.

2. Long work hours

Just like celebs, us “mortals” work demanding hours that take our time away from our loved ones as well.  Sure, we’re not out filming in Italy or prancing around the Bahamas on a book tour, but the time apart from family does end up taking its toll.  Although most people don’t have the means to hop on a private jet and be by their loved ones side in a blink of an eye, on a smaller scale it’s important to make the most of your time with your man.  Everybody has to work and has obligations that keep them away from their man, just like celebs, but it is no excuse to end a relationship.  Be sure to make quality time together, even put it on the calendar, and make your time together count.

3. Insecurities

Touching on the last point, being away from your partner can lead to awful insecurities about what they are doing with their time.  When we are “out of sight”, unfortunately the saying goes that we can also be “out of mind.”  Celebrities are bombarded with beautiful actors and actresses when they are on set or filming a music video, but there are also beautiful people in your workplace or around your town that you might inevitably run into.  Insecurity is a deep issue that needs to be worked on from the inside out.  Pretty people are everywhere; that is not going to change.  It’s the trust and communication in the relationship that must be strong in order to fight your lack of confidence.

4.  The Cougar experience

No longer is the Cougar only prowling the streets of Hollywood.  Cougars, older women dating younger men, now show up in almost every town in America.  And why not?  Starting with Mrs. Robinson, and lasting over time to unions such as Sheryl Crow and 10-year her junior Lance Armstrong and Eva Longoria with 10-year her junior Eduardo Cruz, cougars are here to stay.  So don’t be alarmed when you see an older woman with what looks to be her son out for a walk, most likely they are “more than friends” so look away if you must!


5. Money Rules

Just like the previous point about Cougars, older men are also scoring young, hot women by the barrel load!  This, unfortunately, usually has a lot to do with money, just like in Hollywood.  Older men can provide financial security and a sense of protection that attracts young, gold-digger type women.  Let’s be clear that there might be a young woman, genuinely in love with an old man, but lets also be clear that there is typically a bank account involved in the love affair.  The obsession with money and what it does to someone’s ego, confidence and life is alive and kickin’ in Hollywood, and outside of LaLa Land too.


6. Not a priority

In Hollywood it is not uncommon to hear about a divorce due to “irreconcilable differences.”  Sometimes this can happen when a couple “falls out of love” or one partner has a booming career while the other one gets lost in the shuffle of success.  With so many daily distractions and lures, relationships seem to fall by the wayside of the glitz and the glam.  In this same way, some marriages in the “real world” suffer from being ignored.  After so many years of the same routine, it can become easy for a man or woman to lose the spark to keep the relationship alive.  It takes work and an enormous amount of time to keep a healthy relationship last forever and some couples do not make it for this reason.  Communication is key and a conversation should always be had if you are feeling this way in your relationship.  If both partners are willing to work at it, great. The next step may be to seek out therapy or 3rd party assistance. 


7. Abuse

This does not necessarily mean physical abuse, but emotional abuse as well.  Hollywood notoriously deals with spousal abuse and many kinds of substance abuse almost daily.  Magazine covers and entertainment news reports often cover the recent celeb who spent the night in the hospital with wounds, or is checking in to rehab for the fifth time.  Although our lives aren’t on TV, it doesn’t mean the same abusive relationships aren’t happening in your back yard.  Any kind of abuse, whether you are the most popular pop singer in the nation or a sales clerk at the supermarket, should not be tolerated by anyone.  If you know anyone dealing with abuse of any kind, check out this website to find helpful tips, intervention techniques, and an anonymous person to speak with.  Also visit DoSomething for more tips featuring an open comment portal that might help you, or a friend break the cycle of abuse.

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