How You Can Tell Your Parents Don’t Like Your Man

December 12, 2011  |  
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Your family isn’t always going to tell you when they don’t like your boyfriend. Some families are more delicate about things. They suggest rather than insist. They hint at…everything. But, you don’t need your parents to come out and say “we think your boyfriend’s a fool” for you to know it. Here’s how else you can tell:

They forget to invite him

To events that are obviously plus one events. Like their anniversary party, or vacations that your siblings are in fact bringing their significant others on. You always have to ask “can I bring___?” at which point, they will say something like “oh um, yes..I guess that should be fine.”

They remind you of other men

Your parents tell you every time they run into an old friend of theirs who has an eligible son. Or, they will tell you how successful an old classmate of yours has become. Basically, they act like you’re still single.

They are unimpressed

Usually, if your parents don’t like your man, they have already made up their mind. So, if you tell them something incredibly sweet or thoughtful your boyfriend did for you, they will just say something like “that’s nice.”

Overly concerned

They might show little interest when you tell something good that happened with your guy, but they show a lot of interest when you mention even the tiniest thing went wrong. If they hear the slightest irritation or disappointment in your voice when you mention your boyfriend, they will drag a whole story out of you.

Suggest changes for you

They seem constantly on the look out for new jobs for you, or graduate programs, in other cities. Even other countries! They suggest groups that you should join, that coincidentally are mostly singles groups and generally hint at the fact that you need to make changes in your life to be happier. They just don’t say that that change should be ditching your man.

Ask if you’re okay a lot

You might notice your parents calling more often, and asking in a very sweet, interested tone “is everything okay honey? We just wanted to check in on you..” They do this just in case they might catch you on a day that you’re fighting with your guy.

The last thing they ask

They talk to you about your job, your best friends, your grandparents, the cute thing the dog did that day and the weather before, at the very last minute, when they are about to get off the phone, they ad “oh, and how’s your boyfriend?”

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