How to Meet A Man While Out With Your Guy Friends

November 15, 2011  |  
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You love your guy friends. They give you an insight into the mind of man. They fill in as your “date” to plus one events. They are protective of you like an older brother. But, if you’re out with them, let’s face it—people assume you are a couple. Which can be a real problem when you’re trying to flirt with someone new. Here’s how to let your guy friend be helpful—rather than hurtful—in your search.

Be fair

This is absolutely rule number one; be 100% certain that the friend you are with doesn’t have more than friendly feelings for you. The whole situation will just break his heart then, or make him feel like an idiot.

Do the approaching

Sorry if it’s not your usual style but, if you are with a guy friend, you are going to have to go out of you way to approach a guy you’re interested in. No self-respecting man is going to go up and hit on a woman that is standing with another man. You have to give him the go ahead. Even staring seductively at him a lot won’t do the trick. He might just think you’re bored on your date or you’re an unfaithful girlfriend.

Get your friend’s help

Navigate the two of you closer to the guy you’re interested in and encourage your friend to strike up a “manly” conversation with him. Once the three of you get to talking, you or your friend can somehow make it apparent that you are not a couple.

Take advantage of your friend

Having a male friend around is the perfect opportunity to show your romantic interest that you understand men—that you can hang with the guys—and that men like being around you. Tell funny stories of things you and your friend did together. Play up the fact that you’re not a high-maintenance girly-girl.


Leave for a little

This does two things. It gives your guy friend a chance to talk to you up to the other guy. It also gives your friend a chance to see if the guy is actually going to say something sleazy while you’re gone.


Listen to your friend

He is a guy. And, if he is your friend, he is probably a good guy and can spot another good guy when he meets one. Also, men can surprisingly have better douchebag radar than women can. Your friend is a man—he knows the tricks men pull. So, while the guy you’re flirting with might be pulling a blanket over your eyes, your friend might see right through that. If he tells you the guy is a prick, give that one up.


Return the favor

Don’t just leave your friend hanging once you’re in full-on flirtation mode with another guy. Ask him if he sees a woman he thinks is attractive, and do the same thing he did for you—go strike up a conversation with her. Pull your friend into the conversation and make it known that you are not a couple. He can take it from there and you’re free to go back and flirt with the other guy. Sounds like the perfect plan, no? Have you ever  tried any of these tips?

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