7 Reasons to Date a Geek

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Lame-o, dork, nerd, cornball–all names you may have used to describe a guy you would just flat out, not date. In most cases, they can all be summarized under the “geek” moniker.” Words that are rarely used:”fly” or “fresh to death,” “the guy I’m taking home tonight.”

While it’s true, geeks may tend to lack style, swagger and muscle mass, these men have several redeeming qualities. Maybe you wouldn’t have ever given Steve Urkel any play, but that was the old, less mature you.

Besides, there’s strong evidence to suggest that Urkel was the first hipster. The legions of geeks have come of age and used their collective brilliance and the proliferation of technology to make geek chic. While geeky guys are more likely to grace the covers of Wired than GQ, he also comes with qualities women love in men.

Here are seven things you can look forward to by going geek:

He’s Intelligent

Grade school sucks for many geeks because everyone’s supposed to try to be cool but these guys didn’t get the memo. As they grow up and enter the real world, however, their endless pursuit for data starts to pay off with financially and emotionally rewarding careers, and the ability to hold a well-metered conversation. Clearly, if you want an intelligent man, you can’t go wrong with a geek.

Best of all, every geek has a specialization, be it comics, Star Trek or software, he’s got enough knowledge in his noggin to qualify as a doctorate. And if you’re holding out for the “intellectual thug” I’m here to tell you, there is no such thing. It’s myth, like unicorns. Give it up.

He Listens

Ever wonder if your guy is listening to you? Have you gone on to discover that he hears less that 25% of what you’re actually saying? Geeky guys know what it’s like to be ignored, marginalized and feel unheard. The last thing he’s going to want to do is make his lady feel that way.

He Doesn’t Always Have to Be Right

One of the worse dynamics that develop in relationships is the dreaded power struggle. It plagues even the most mundane of tasks, like who gets to hold the remote. Few things are more infuriating to your sanity than a man who always has to have his way, get the last word in and never gives you the edge.

If you dated a geek, you wouldn’t have that problem. Geeks aren’t typically alpha male types. That doesn’t mean that he’s weak, just very secure in the fact that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Geeks are also used to taking an “L” and are more than happy to do it in the name of the other L-word (love).

He Has a Sense of Humor

Acknowledging yourself as a geek implies a certain level of humility and sense of humor. In fact, most nerdy pursuits are essentially forms of entertainment. Geeks are amused too–that’s why they collect comics, read scifi or study weird maps. This guy is always on the lookout for amusing anecdotes and experiences to laugh-snort at.

Find yourself a geeky dude and he’ll usually have you in stitches. You’ll be surprised how many snorts sneak out your laugh too.

He’s Ambitious

The word lazy and geek don’t typically come in pairs. Some geeks are mistakenly called so as they retreat into one geeky pursuit or another, a respite from social ridicule. But that’s a school-age experience. The geek you want is a mature man who has found his stride. His aptitude for ambition knows no bounds.

Just as he’ll pour endlessly over how to inunciate Na’vi (the language from Avatar), he’ll dig deep to discover success in his wheelhouse. In the end, geeks tend to be high performing dudes who get things done.

He’s a One Woman Guy

The allure to “live” dudes is intense: he’s confident, strong and superbly manly. All things women go for. But as the saying goes “a man is only as faithful as his options.” Now that may not always be true, one thing surely is: live dudes come with women. Chances are, you’re not the only gal telling an alpha male how funny, cool and willing to sleep with him he is. Will he have the will power to stay true to only you–who knows.

But what we do know is that those guys aren’t geeks. The geeky guy is more of an acquired taste, like beer. No, it doesn’t come in a stiletto shaped glass, is typically scant of garnish but it has a flavor all it’s own and it gets you where you’re going. Geeks don’t come with side chick problems or dozens of naked texts from random chics at 12 a.m. He’s all yours.

He’s Futuristic


Whether it’s contemplating how the next season of Doctor Who will turn out or a retirement plan that has excellent returns, geeks are always thinking ahead. Geeks don’t put much stock in crystal balls, unless of course it has a late model CPU and graphics processor.

That man is using hard data and algorithms to plan a blissful future with the lady of his dreams. Looking for security and stability in a man? Go geek.

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